Prince William gives interview to BBC to mark Queen’s 90th birthday

Prince William gives interview to BBC to mark Queen’s 90th birthday

Prince William has given an interview with the BBC to mark Queen Elizabeth‘s 90th birthday. In the interview, the Duke of Cambridge talks a lot about his views on responsibilities and duty and what that means to him and how he intends to proceed with his life. He also talks about his family and choosing to spend more time with them than working.

BTW William and Prince Harry toured the Star Wars set at Pinewood Studios the other day. I’m including some photos of that event at the end of this post.

William BBC interview

I’m not quoting the whole thing, but here are some quotes from William’s interview which I found interesting. And a couple of my own comments thrown in.

Has the Queen made a point to guide William:

    “She’s hasn’t, no. She’s more of a soft influencing, modest kind of instruction or guidance rather. I don’t think she believes too heavily in instruction; she believes in finding your own path, but with very good examples and guidance around you to support you. And I think that’s what she’s found to be the most effective for herself is that she has been able to, over the past since 1952 the many years, understand how best to, how best she can make an affect with her role. And I think it’s all about finding your way with the right people, the right support, close family around you to guide you and I think she sees that more important than instructing.”

To what extent does William share the Queen’s devotion to duty:

    “I think royal duty is extremely important. I think it’s part of the fabric of what the Royal family and any future monarch has. It’s something that is very important, and I take duty very seriously, I take my responsibilities very seriously, but it’s about finding your own way at the right time, and if you’re not careful, duty can sort of weigh you down an awful lot at a very early age, and I think you’ve got to develop into the duty role. It’s something I take very seriously, but with my family and with my role of air ambulance for instance, I think there’s a number of things I’ve got my fingers in many pies at the moment that I want to keep an eye on. That will change as life goes on and I will take on more.”

Is William a reluctant royal:

    “To be honest, I’m going to get plenty of criticism over my lifetime and it’s something that I don’t completely ignore, but it’s not something I take completely to heart. I’m concentrating very much on my role as a father – I’m a new father and I take my duties and my responsibilities to my family very seriously, and I want to bring my children up as good people with the idea of service and duty to others very important. But if I can’t give my time to my children as well, I worry about their future. Plus the serving the community with the air ambulance, I’m very, uh, I find the air ambulance role very important to me; it’s serving the community, working alongside extremely good professionals in the medical profession, and then there’s my royal responsibilities which I still keep going. And when the Queen decides she’s going to hand down more responsibilities, I’ll be the first person to accept them.”

Does William’s three part life have the full support of the Queen and Prince Charles:

    “Absolutely. My grandmother and my father are 150 per cent supportive behind everything that I’m doing – and Harry and Catherine. They very much understand whilst my grandmother is still extremely active at the helm of the Royal family, as the monarch, my father is incredibly busy with his charitable activities and other responsibilities, there’s the time now and the space to explore other means of doing a worthwhile job. And for me, the air ambulance is an incredibly important part. It’s not going to last forever, but I think it’s important.”

Do the Queen and Charles think William should be exempted from royal duties at a young age because they had to take on duties at such young ages:

    “No, I don’t think it’s that, I think it’s more they understand there’s the flexibility right now whilst I’m still relatively young and they’re still very, very active. There’s an order of succession and I’m at the bottom at the moment, so there is the time and space in the future to take on more into that role.”

Um, William, you’re second in line in the order of succession. That’s not “at the bottom”.

How long will William remain at EAAA:

    “I have a contract and when my contract runs out that will probably be the time that I finish.”

William’s contract runs out in March 2017. So all that training and money spent and William will only work there for two years. Yep, that sounds like William.

What sort of king does William hope to be:

    “It’s something that occupies a lot of my thinking space as to how on earth you would develop into something modern in today’s world. I’m in a unique position and actually a very privileged position to see some of this now which is that I’ve got my grandmother who takes a very passive role in how she believes her role should be, she’s above politics, she’s very much away from it all and keeps [garbled words]. And I’ve got my father who minds an awful lot about many of the causes he’s involved in and really digs down into his charitable areas as much as he can, so I have an equal idea as to how my role could benefit everybody in the future. … I think in the Queen I have an extraordinary example of somebody who’s done an enormous amount of good, and she’s probably the best role model I could have in front of me.”

I get that this interview is to mark the Queen’s birthday and all, but wow, William totally just threw his father under the bus with that last sentence. Also, William is essentially saying that taking a passive role instead of an active, involved with charities role is the option he is striving toward. So don’t expect him to be active in his charitable duties, I guess.

Does George understand he’s a royal and have William and Kate prepared him in anyway for his future as a royal:

    “As far as we’re concerned, within our family unit we are a normal family. I love my children the same way any father does and I hope George loves me the same way any son does his father, so we are very normal in that sense. And there’ll be a time and a place to bring George up and understand how he fits in the world. But right now, it’s just a case of keeping a secure, stable environment around him and showing him as much love as I can as a father.”

[transcription of video below]

Because any time this topic comes up I get push back on my opinion on it, I’ve been thinking about what annoys me so much about William’s attitude toward balancing parenthood and royal responsibilities. And it’s this: William does not understand his privilege.

William is a straight, white, rich, male, royal, future king. Check your privilege, William!

I’m sure being a future king and having grown up in the public eye comes with it’s unique stresses, but William lives a very privileged life and he just does not seem to comprehend that.

William does not know what it’s like to be put down, insulted, or attacked for being female, not straight, or a person of color. William does not know what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck, to barely make ends meat, or to be homeless and starving. William does not know what it’s like not to get preferential treatment due to his royal status. William does not even know what it’s like to get thrown under the bus to boost the image of his older “future king” brother.

William doesn’t understand that he lives in such luxury that he can spend as much time as he wants with his children because he doesn’t have to work 40+ hours a week to keep his family afloat, that he can hire as many nannies and household staff as he wants so he doesn’t have to do any of the hard work in the home, that he can afford all sorts of vacations to far of lands because again he doesn’t have to work for anything that he has, that he can put off his responsibilities and “find his own way” because everyone else around him will support him and he doesn’t have to support himself or his family.

William can visit his homeless charity, he can visit a cleaned up slum, he can talk to women for an hour, but he just doesn’t understand the privilege that he has.

Now I’m not saying that William shouldn’t spend time with his family, I’m not saying that William shouldn’t have nannies and other household staff, I’m not even saying that William shouldn’t take vacations. I’m saying that William does not understand his immense privilege and that the way he talks about putting off his duties until the time comes and taking time to spend with his family is a LUXURY that the rest of the 99% of the population DOES NOT HAVE.

And one may say that my opinion on this topic comes from a place of not having the luxury and privilege that William has and therefore I’m envious or whatever one wants to come up with as an argument against my viewpoint on this topic, but think on this: This place of “not having the luxury and privilege that William has” is the place that 99% of the taxpayers that fund William’s lifestyle come from. William needs to find a way to connect with them and not alienate them with his out of touch way of thinking and speaking or else he won’t have a throne to sit on when his time comes.

Check your privilege, William.

Here are the photos from the Star Wars set. Harry and William were shown around by Daisy Ridley (Rey in The Force Awakens), and also got to meet Rian Johnson (the director of Episode VIII), John Boyega (Finn in The Force Awakens), Chewbacca, Kathleen Kennedy (the producer), and Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker – or as he will always be known to me, The Joker).

William, Harry, Daisy Ridley at Star Wars set
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William and Harry play with lightsabers
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William speaks to Mark Hamill
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Harry in the cockpit with Mark Hamill
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William with BB8
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Harry hugs Chewbacca
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

161 thoughts on “Prince William gives interview to BBC to mark Queen’s 90th birthday

  1. He talks about spending time with his family like some celebrity parents – they want to be hands on and all that, not realizing they are so out of touch by implying that not spending time with their kids means one is a bad parent. But you’re right, he’s a white, rich male who doesn’t understand his privilege. All in all, I think we can expect no improvement from him (and Kate I assume) on the work ethic department if he wants to remain passive in his role. So despite the bad press, nothing will change I guess. Oh well.

  2. Here, here.

    I think William has no concept of what the monarch does. The monarch is not a passive observer who sits back, lives in luxury, and cuts ribbons as he often whines about. No. The monarch is involved in the political process, whilst not making decisions, but what the heck does he think he’ll do? No PM meetings! No understanding the process! No involvement! Not gonna fly, bud. He also seems to think that royal duty is important–and note, NEVER to himself, just important in general. William, you are criticized for your position and the perks you receive whilst doing nothing to earn them. Not. A. Thing. IMO this won’t change when he is king, either, if that ever happens. He’ll probably lock the family up at Buckingham Palace and we’ll be lucky to see hide or tail of them.

    You who have so much privilege in this world who can give and do so much prefers to whine and do nothing and talk about oh, I’m a dad! I can’t work! You know what? I’m a stay at home mom. My husband and I make sacrifices so we can make that work. He works his butt off, thank you very much, so is he being a bad father since he’s actually working while you and Kate sit on your butts? God knows you’re not showing up to your EAA job! Not like you need it! What about other people who have to work and take care of their families? argh, he is so oblivious and not in the royal way, either, just of life in general and it infuriates me!

    Did you see the things he said to Daisy Ridley, about the face mask? How it’s an improvement over the real thing? What an ass. He thinks he’s funny, people guffaw because he’s royalty, but he has no concept of how not to be a boorish jackass. Apologies for the language but I’m like KLDFJSLHFSLFJSLGHERGLSD Ahem.

    He has a role model but will not learn from her. She will be gone sooner rather than later William. You had better take advantage of her vast resources while you can…

    Carry on KMR! You rock!

    1. It’s not just that he has no concept of his privilege, he actively believes the opposite. He sees the world the world in terms of the things he doesn’t have and the opportunities he’s been denied. If you told him to his face he was lucky, his first reaction would be to shake his head and disagree.

      1. William needs to be cut off from his privileges for a year and try to live on his salary at EAA. He would have a different perspective.

        You would think he would ask his in-laws about living without. His MIL grew up in a council house after all. She would know.

        1. Any attempt, now, to bring Will to heel would just reinforce his victim mentality. Since he’s never been held to account for his mistakes, he’s concluded he hasn’t made any. He is perfect, and all the people he’s surrounded himself with say so. Especially his mother in law.

      2. You are so right! He doesn’t think he is privileged. He also seems to have no empathy for people. Did he learn nothing from his mother?

    2. He would think my husband and I are horrible parents because we both work. 🙂 Honestly, listening to him in mind numbing. He is so out of touch.

      Long live the Queen!

    3. Daisy Ridley is beautiful and has more beauty and talent in her body than the woman that William married and procreated with- he would do well to remember that before he makes fun of how someone looks.

  3. Love your observations KMR – spot on. He has no appreciation of how privileged he is, nor does Kate. All he seems to do at he moment are fun things and things that other normal people would love to do. I would love to have dinner with the Obamas- love them or hate them they have worked hard to get to the very pinnacle of power, and from what I see they both work really hard to have a normal happy family too. You can be a very good father and still work hard. Will doesn’t have to do the shopping, mow the lawn, do the DIY around his many homes etc, so his weekends are free.
    It’s shocking that the whole training and Anmer things were set up for the air ambulance, and it’s another thing he’s going to give up. If he doesn’t then really step up the Royal work he is going to look even worse.
    Boy does he need to get and listen to some advice.

    1. The way William talks about working making him a bad father because he’s not there for his kids really bothers me. Working a full time job does not make one a bad father. Abandoning his kid because of his hatred of the kid’s mother makes one a bad father. As do many other things. Working, in and of itself, is not a bad thing and does not make one a bad father.

      1. It’s an easy excuse and makes it more palatable I think in the eyes of his PR.

        Look at William, such a devoted dad, he wants to be there as much as possible!

        1. Yes. It’s a cheap way to garner public sympathy from people who don’t really think about it. But when really thought about, it’s actually very rude.

          1. Yup. As I said in my earlier reply it really gets my goat. Parents who work are not as good as those who don’t, eh, William?

            *flails in rage*

          2. I don’t understand why you would get pushback for stating that Wills enjoys enormous priviledge. For someone his age he has no perspective on how his life has afforded him incredible wealth, support, and opportunities despite not being very bright or resourceful. I find him very irritating and wish he would just go away. He is clueless, spoiled and doesn’t have to report to anyone. What a life!

      2. I also don’t understand why bespoke agricultural programs, gap years (and you know he’ll try to take another in 2017) and co-piloting jobs are “important” and a proper reason to be away from his family and avoid royal duties. But actual royal duties which would require a few hours of work in a week even if he did hundreds in a year, still leaving him months of free time, well that’s TOO much. That’s less important. If something’s going to take you away from family perhaps it should be in service of the institution that provides them with your homes, your staff, and the millions that you spend on top of it. I don’t get why he isn’t called out on this in particular.

        Then he and Kate she also be shamed for implying that working parents are bad parents. It’s especially offensive considering the nature of 99.9% of their “work”. Safaris, visiting film and tv sets, galas, 20 minute sit downs, mostly sitting, standing, waving, having their photo taken, poorly making small talk, being ill-prepared in general…

        1. Hi, Dorothy,

          You nailed it. The work he does actually do (Kate, too) was summed up brilliantly by you.

          I’m tired of William taking every opportunity that he can to hammer home the point that he needs this private time now with his kids! If he is going to honor his grandmother on her birthday, why not discuss the impact she has had on the Monarchy and not turn the entire thing into a story about “Me, Me,” Me.”

          If William were really serious about his air ambulance job and not gertting out of hours there on a steady basis, I think I would give him more credit for his work. But, the way things are going and the (GASP) idea that he’s leaving that gig soon, anyway, made me shake my head and want to scream!

          He really thinks the public is stupid, doesn’t he? He has no clue as to how others work their butts off and see their children less than he does, but do it because they want to earn the money that is needed to survive each day and give their kids a better future.

          Earth to William, we are getting sick to death of your tired, old refrain.”

          1. Jenny, I haven’t read all comments yet and I was kind of avoiding the irritation of William’s answers’ analysis, but it seems to me that this interview was aimed as a damage control for William and only used HM’s birthday as a pretence. I mean, why else would William accept ‘difficult’ questions by ‘that awful man’ Nicholas Witchell, as Charles has called him in the past.
            Having said that, I agree that ultimately the interview didn’t succeed in its purpose.

      3. A father working or a mother working is a good example for a child of a work ethic. Not a bad thing at all.

        I think we’re hearing William’s new excuse to avoid his royal duties. He had the college excuse, the twenties excuse, the military, the EAA. Now that the EAA is coming to an end, he needs to find a new excuse just like Waity.

        Come to think of it. If a bad father leaves his kids to go to work, what does that mean for going to Eaton where dad only comes on a few parents’ weekend? Does this mean George and Charlotte are going to be day kids at school? William is very inconsistent in his thinking because I bet he and Waity are planning on sending their kids to a private boarding school. *exasperated sigh*

          1. LOL. That would be my guess. Kate wants a third one and both of them want to delay the inevitable for as long as possible.

            Some folks in the USA complain about welfare mothers popping out kids to avoid working. Wow. Here is the royal version. LOL.

        1. I’m really interesting in seeing if George and Charlotte go to boarding school. I mean, do you only have to be a hands on parents for 10 or 12 years?

          1. Lol, sorry I have to laugh about that. If W&K are transforming to anything like the Mediterranean kind of parents, well, as we say here in Greece, only the first 50 years are difficult! 🙂

    2. I really think he says things like working too much makes him a bad father because he would say anything to justify his actions (or inactions). Like how he invokes his dead mother frequently. Somewhere in the interview he mentioned loosing her at a young age. These are merely appropriate canned phrases, nothing more.

      My concern is that William doesn’t understand that learning to be a good monarch starts now, not later. He has to out in years of work to learn the job and to earn the goodwill of the people. He seems to think he can start working harder when Charles is King (or when he feels like it). No, he should start now. He is in his mid-thirties with a part-time job and a full-time nanny. He has no excuses for doing such little work.

      1. If he doesn’t understand that he needs to start now, then I fault Chuck and the queen for not sitting him down and smacking him upside the head and giving him The Talk or a come-to-Jesus moment. There is no excuse for this 34 year old man to not understand what it takes to be a monarch, nevermind a good one. He doesn’t need gentle guidance- he needs a good swift kick.

        At this point in time, the queen and Chuck are to blame.

        1. I agree he needs a swift kick in the ass. I do not understand how he doesn’t realize he will be Prince of Wales sooner rather than later. Eventually becoming King. Billy Boy now is the time to learn to be the Prince of Wales. Not later. Your no longer a young man. You are husband and father of two. Instead of whining about your privacy. Step up and be a man. Do your duty.

          I will say this if Diana were alive I do not think we would see this Man Child. She would have had a sit down or kicked him the ass long ago. I’m not saying it’s all the Queen and Charles’s fault entirely. I think they pander and coddled him for too long. They contributed to this monster. Now they have no control.

      2. While he needs to learn; he needs to work. How are people going to trust and respect him the instant he becomes POW or King? These things don’t automatically come with the title. Are you hearing this Kate?

        William was born royal. Surely some idea of the role has been observed over the years. Does he talk to his grandmother and father? Who doesn’t have an idea about the work of a close relative? I realize there appears to be some distant relationships in this family, but Will acts as though he is required to perform neurosurgery.

  4. Greetings Everyone

    Thanks KMR for your unstinting work….

    MY COMMENTS TO THIS SHAMBLES WERE ON THE PREVIOUS ONE WITH THE PHOTOGRAPHS (generational one) CHECK THAT OBVSERATION OUT….. if you want an assessment straight to the point on all of these issues.

    KMR what happened to your site today – I was unable to be connected for hours and had thought that “someone” had intervened and closed down your site. Seriously.

    Thanks – must away

    Please if anyone is interested check out my earlier post (first in a while)

    With good thoughts to all except the bone idle, pampered tosser featured in this PR stunt.
    Sanctimonious prig with a flakey mrs who would not know a days work if it bit them on the butt.

    The Wild Rose….

    1. I’ve been having some database/memory problems with my site the last two days. As soon as I see it’s down I restart the server, but I don’t always catch it right away unfortunately. It’s been very annoying.

  5. That last picture almost killed me. C3PO and Willy crotch cupping together!

    That interview was an ultimate suicide. He just set fire on his own ass. Trying to justify his action by saying that the Queen supports him 150% he meant to say the laziness is what he wants to do, it is not a mistake, and he has no plan to change.

    I find it amazing to find that there is a future king that takes his God gifted birth rights for granted as much as he does. Other future monarchs do not seem to have this problem. I wonder if this is a mistake when educating him as a child? We all remember that Diana used to take him to soup kitchen and homeless people, meeting AIDS patients, etc. Now, we can see the result of this education in Harry very clearly. But with William, something is really off. I wonder what the problem might be. It is obvious that the EAAA excuse is a big bull. Peter Pan Syndrome? Is he living in his own dreamworld?

    If duty really weighs him down, he can hand it over to someone who would love and appreciate it.

  6. I believe he’s been pulled into line & allowing him to finish his EAAA contract is saving face. I also think the story of them returning to KP & putting George into Wetherby next September is accurate.

    The game is up. It’ll be interesting to see William & Kates next move.

    1. Did you notice he was noncommittal about the end of the contract? He said that when the contract runs out it will “probably” be when he finishes. This means nothing.

      1. I thought that may be because he’s smarting at having his toy taken away. I don’t think it’s his decision to make anymore. I really hope not anyway!

        1. I hope you’re right. It seemed to me that he was giving himself wiggle room again. He’s probably staying up nights plotting Plans B-Z to keep him from actual work of any sort.

          1. He’s William the Dabbler; he dabbles at this and that and then goes on to something new and shiny that attracts his attention for awhile and will constantly continue this cycle of behavior. He’ll do anything it takes to avoid buckling down and committing himself to his real duties and responsibilities. His excuses and arrogance are really deplorable.

      2. Beside blaming everything and everyone, Williams other *talent* is giving himself three ways out of any situation he doesn’t like. Somehow I think this has always been William. I picture Will and Harry as children and think Harry got the blame for everything. (i.e. Mummy, Harry broke the…)

        KMR, I think this was one of your best. Your summation of Will was on the mark. He seems like someone with five bad ideas, he picks the best one floating around in his head and considers himself a genius.

        I hope for more public backlash on him. Until he starts getting more and more bad media coverage nothing will happen. I fear baby #3 announcement in late 2016 or early 2017 since he and Mrs. Lockjaw need a way out.

  7. TO: KMR

    Are you sure it is your server? The only reason I ask is because even when trying to “google” your site it was closed.

    Several times I tried to comment on a couple of publications (in the comments section as well) however all mine were blocked.

    I am wondering if there is “selective” targeting on dissenting people who do not worship at the altar of the dimwit duo.

    I was so concerned I filed a complaint as I have been targeted by some really nasty Kate Bully Brigade members.

    As I have limited time frames to do anything – I can only respond when I can get a connection or I am anywhere that an earthquake aftershock or storm is bearing down.

    Got to run now…. things are rattling, the wind has got up and will get worse.

    The Wild Rose

    1. It happened to me yesterday Wild Rose. I am American. If anything the FBI wants to increase my file (ha ha, seriously, I am so benign), rather than MI-5 or whatever agency covers that type of thing in your country.

    2. Wild Rose, if its not too personal, what do you do? I run the gamut of thinking you’re a ship captain (how fun!) maybe deep sea catching, to FEMA-like help after a disaster, Coast Guard…

      1. Hey there sunny and anyone else who is interested in my rather odd life…

        Can I address something first though –

        If you do not mind I will give a little of my background however because of some of the people who not only help and support me in different ways, the ones I share work with, family members who disagree with my path there are certain things that I cannot identify because of their privacy issues and my protection of myself. If that makes sense.

        Hope KMR does not mind…

        First and foremost I am just a person like anyone else, a lady, born and raised in a Commonwealth Country, raised by my Grandmother (who instilled duty and service to others above self) until I was 5 years old. I then took over the care of my two younger brothers, protecting them as best I could, growing up in one of the most notorious and poor areas of NZ. My parents were unmarried, however suffice to say I am one of many children from both parental sides. Complex is a word that does not quite cover it.

        Once my Grandmother passed, my brothers needed someone to step up – it was me. They were 4 and 2 1/2 years old respectively. State care would have been a help however, even at a young age I refused to give up on my brothers. It was pretty harsh, especially never knowing who was going to be around, if there was going to be food, where could we hide so we were not in my mother’s line of sight – cupboard or hedge children I suppose you could call us.

        Anyway – out of that I grew to learn, my only salvation were books. I read everything, I listened when I could get to school, I taught my brothers and later two sisters how to read and write, covered up the marks, tended the sores and did what I could to protect those I could. Life’s start – until I saw my first picture of Her Majesty which somewhere in my rather labyrinth of a mind the “service and duty” aspect of me cemented itself. I was 8 years old.

        As you can imagine, running around with poor children, with an enquiring brain (even if I did not know it then), none of us having good food, so what little we had we shared with the neighbourhood kids, clothes, battered books – hopes and dreams.

        Through the shambles the reading paid off which led me to work in the New Zealand International Telegraph Office, I learnt morse code, read tape, typed at 140 wpm blind, helped out at soup kitchens, City Mission, in between doing a different work shift every day of the week, at that stage my maternal Grandfather came into Port for the first time in 20 years – an English Gentlemen, who was the Captain’s Tiger (P.A.) on a Merchant Ship – he had been at sea since he was 14 years of age having left the UK under similar circumstances, lied about his age and sailed the world. All the while doing what he could for others along the way.

        From the International telegraph I then joined the Military, went on to take up Nursing which unfortunately was cut short as the day I was due to join my next hospital my brother was killed in a motor bike accident – it was Christmas.

        My course changed again, I nursed my Grandfather who was at the Seaman’s Mission for aged sailors throughout the world. Kept up with 2 jobs, charity work, then after my Grandad passed away I ended up taking a break, worked as a Wool Classer in two countries, continued to be involved in nursing following that – actually nursing the dying. Basically, I believed that those who wished to pass away in their own beds rather than a hospital or hospice I helped out with a network so I could sit/wash/read/talk to the person who was passing – do all the homecare things so the families could have the “good part” rather than the more tough stuff, like all end of life care. Many people would like to be able to nurse their loved ones, however it is hard to see their mum, dad, granddad etc in that vulnerable way so – that is where I came in and took that burden so if they had slept in their bed for 50 years and that was where they wanted to pass, well it was my small contribution to lives that mattered. A duty of care to which I could do the “not so nice” bit and achieve a balance for both.

        In between some of this wool classing, nursing etc I became a fully trained Court Stenopgrapher. Working in Criminal, Family, Civil, Coroner’s Jurisdictions, both High Court and District Courts… again another network which is a private area.

        NO I AM NOT AN ANGEL…. I am real, I am feisty, I just care… or in layperson’s terms I give a damn.

        My other connections are through the Military, Navy, Maritime especially (Ships, Captain, Maritime Pilots) cannot go into anything further there.

        Have done voluntary work – need ships to help out at times of course, work alongside Mission without Borders but independent of any organisation.

        I call it my “Circle of Kindness”. Doing what I can, when I can – and wherever I can. At times I can get to stay in NZ, others I am away for lengthy periods. I am not wealthy, I save every little bit of money earned, so that I can pay my way, wool for knitting, food parcels etc.

        The upshot is I am just another person in this world trying to help out where I can. I am not on Facebook, nor do I have a twitter account, nor am I a Charity in my own right.

        If I see a need, I try to help, whether it be delivering books, food, clothes, blankets, organising the transport, attending Military Services where and when I can or if I cannot get there I mark it in my own way. I have travelled extensively throughout Europe, UK, Ireland, The Pacific, Asia etc – my partner has supported me all the way as I have him (long Military Service (Navy), Merchant Navy – Ships Captain, suffice to say Maritime Life is the core) and a Maritime Pilot. However – he is a very private person as well. Unfortunately that is way off limits to discuss.

        Either way the pair of us in different ways serve our Queen, believe in duty and service above self.

        Sometimes we are in different places, countries, continents, but it always comes back to making the most of what little we have to make the world a little bit better for others.

        I hope that gives you a bit of a background – I cannot really define what I do or am as there are so many threads to my life.

        KMR – I hope you do not mind this post however do believe that it is relevant to the point that just because you have adversity in your life, you are not exempt from living life, or giving back just because of hardship.

        That is why I take very direct exception to the billy boy and the fake kate because there really is no excuse for it. If billy boy has issues about his mother, do something about it, trying to be cushioned or wrapped up in cotton wool will do neither him, his mrs or their offspring any favours. It does more damage than good.

        Hope this is not “over sharing” about my life – not intended to be a biography rather an insight to why Duty and Service are important to me.

        Must make a move now, coffee is lukewarm, there is a Cyclone bearing down on Samoa, a place I know very well – always something to do!!

        Will check in when I can next get a secure connection. Keep up the great work KMR and thanks for asking sunny. And G. – makes you wonder doesn’t it? Still having a bit of trouble getting to some emails.

        Life is hard, yet life is good even when it is not.

        A Basket Full of Happiness to you all – find something that makes your heart smile and enjoy.

        The Wild Rose

          1. Greetings Rhiannon, RunawaySnarker and Birdy of course…

            Many thanks for your kind words – also for sunny who asked the initial question.

            Hope you do not mind however I have only 30 minutes to tidy up emails, they got word to me about 20 minutes ago by Satnav (satellite navigation) that my fourth (4th) family member has passed away – early this morning NZT so I will be out of range and unable to maintain a stable connection for a while. Literally at sea..

            Please keep up with the updates so when I get to my next port of call I can try and check them, as we are moving from here within the hour. There is only a narrow window due to weather conditions. I will check the KMR site for ROYAL UPDATES if I can and your comments will certainly lighten my day.

            Agree that we do not all have the same views Birdy – that is what makes us so special. A community/family of people who share a common bond, is worth it though.

            Thanks again – and short answer is NO I am not able to get back Home to see my close family member laid to rest.

            My life does not work that way – you are where you are, that is the only way I can move through grief is to help where I can, whether it be washing dishes, packing up food parcels, distributing what I can.

            However, 4 family members in less than 6 months is hard to take, that included a mother, two Uncles and now my Aunt. My Dad passed when I was young, as did my brother and sister, my Grandmother when I was 5 years old as I mentioned earlier but on it goes. The other side awaits us all.

            Take care out there, I will certainly take heart that you will be keeping on top of the ROYALS for me!!

            Once the ship sails … communications get hairy.

            So, fair winds, calm seas, and a basket full of happiness to you all, with all the love your hearts can hold.

            The Wild Rose

            Who appreciates all at KMR very much.

          2. Add mine to that! No wonder you have a problem with people such as Billy and Cathy, they’re polar opposites of people such as you. They have it all. Always have. Always taken it for granted. I loved reading your comment and hearing about who you are. A free spirit who cares, what a combo 🙂

        1. Thank you Wild Rose and please keep commenting you bring a very personal perspective. I don’t always agree with yOu, but your sense of duty to others leaves me very humbled. Sail safely.

          1. Birdy, that is why I dearly love this blog and Lola’s. No worries about disagreeing with each other or with either of them. I’m a believer in the statement ‘if two people agree about absolutely everything, one of them is not necessary’. William Wrigely Jr. (paraphrased)

  8. Another interview, another failure. Big Boy just doesn’t understand how PR works. He simply doesn’t want to be the heir to the throne and King. I think he knows that Harry is the better man for this position. But as he is so arrogant he doesn’t want to admit it – not in front of others and not in front of the mirror. Time will tell who will be King after Charles. I for one am not sure that it will be William. I am still waiting for a major incident that will force the Cambridges to step down. Something is boiling under the surface….

    1. He is so darn flippant. I think he knows on some level, if he wasn’t royal and the heir to the heir, he would be a total nobody. I think Will even knows Kate would not have given him a second look if not for the Prince in front of his name. Perhaps, this is part of the reason for his detached behavior with his wife (among other things).

  9. I have a young child and my husband and I would love to spend more time with him. We live simply and only work about 80% each but with commute and lunch hour, it’s still 8 hours away from him everyday.

    William could use this opportunity for supporting longer parental leave, shorter working day, more daycares at workplace so parents could see their children in between their work. I feel disrespected as a parent as I (like millions around me) have not been given the same right as him to be with my child and he, like others in his place, don’t even mention it.

    1. I agree, he could have taken up these issues and it’ll line up perfectly with the devoted dad shtick he has. But sadly he will never get the clue.

    2. I know, right. If William cared about his position at all or understood his privilege at all, he could do a lot for dads in the UK. As you said, pushing for longer paternity leave, more childcare in the workplace or at least near enough so parents can visit their kids during lunch break. But he just doesn’t get it.

      1. Exactly! Another thought is drunk driving. My niece/ goddaughter died at age 25 years old. She stupidly got in a car with two friends who had been drinking. She was the only casualty. There is still so much education to be done on the subject. Another would be support clinics/groups for children who have lost parents at a young age.

        He keeps saying he wants to honor his mother. Shut up and put up.

        1. G, I am sorry about your niece/goddaughter. Such a loss.
          You are so right when you point out that William could do something meaningful about his mom’s death by working to bring attention to the horrors that drunk driving bring. I also support the things others said about how he could work to ensure that dads and mothers could have more paid time off from work and sites where they can have their children watched safely that are near their places of business, so they could be with the kids during the day, too.

          Again, how sad to learn of your loss. Twenty-five years old! God bless her.

          1. Thank you, Jenny. That was very sweet of you.

            Good idea about more support for working parents. If they think family time is paramount they should consider other parents – not just themselves.

        2. Oh G. How awful for you and her parents. You are so right that Will needs to take up issues close to his heart to work on. Drunk driving is such a good example of where he could really get involved with personal experience. Single parent families would be the other, as well as kids who have lost parents. But all of those issues need work, research and care for others. I think he is so wrapped up in how bad his life has been he fails to see that his life could be a whole lot worse. I lost my father when I was 9 so I do not in any way underestimate how that affects a child, but it cannot be allowed to become your whole focus.

          1. So many good causes he could support! You all made such great points.
            But alas, William seems unable to capitalise on his own personal experiences and turn them into something positive for others but also to himself. If I go to the armchair psychologist territory again, I’m sorry, but it seems to me that he’s still in defence against the world and that he has to do a lot of healing.

      2. He lacks complete self awareness. I doubt anyone has ever tried to counter him. I’m waiting for the humility. Because no respected and fondling remembered leader or role model or public figure can happen without humility.

  10. Hello KMR,

    I am sorry but I did not get your point about “work shy” William. I do not think lack of public visibility means you are not working behind closed doors. We have no valuable information about his professional schedule apart from royal correspondent who backlashed him before the indian tour and fell in love with him during the same tour.
    He’s second heir, he has the opportunity to have a quality time his grandmother (At her time she was qualified of being bad mother because her duties commitment) and father did not have. I would like to have substantial proofs he is lazy (schedule, non anonymous and valuable witnesses as political members).

    1. Did you read what I wrote? I didn’t mention William’s lack of public visibility. I discussed William’s blindness to his privilege.

      1. Hello again KMR,

        Yes I did and I understood your words on blindness were there to feed the discussion about his work. Am I wrong? If yes, I am sorry to have wasted your time.

        1. Yes and no. The way he discusses his work and family plans are wrong. He could frame the issue and not insult people. Yes, it is tied to his work, but I’m talking about how he speaks about what he’s doing, not what he’s actually doing. It doesn’t matter what he does, he could do 10,000 engagements a year, but if he speaks in a way that makes it clear he does not understand just how privileged he is, he will insult people and alienate them. In this instance, in this post, I am talking specifically about how he speaks about himself, not what he does.

    2. @Mary,

      “I do not think lack of public visibility means you are not working behind closed doors. We have no valuable information about his professional schedule…”

      Seriously? Actually we do-the court circular. And the knowledge that he is barely ever at his pilot job. As for working behind closed doors- anything is possible, but not PROBABLE given his behaviour for years which is to slack off from work and royal duties. He has earned his reputation as workshy.

      In his interview it is clear that he doesn’t see that it is his job to do anything yet. He’s saying he doesn’t want to do anything right now, he’s waiting his turn. He is saying it in his own words. You don’t believe him, that he doesn’t want to work? He’s telling you exactly that, using his family as an excuse *not to work*. What self-respecting, adult man doesn’t want to work for his family? He’s not working, for their sake, or anyone’s else’s. Certainly not for his country, nor barely even as a pilot.

      His ignorance and incompetence on the public stage also show that he is doing no work of substance in public or behind the scenes. Contrast that with Harry who clearly shows that he knows what he’s talking about and is working at it. We also have evidence of his work behind the scenes. There is *no* evidence that Willy works behind the scenes. Besides, isn’t he supposed to be piloting?

      Until there is substantial evidence of this invisible work, I’m not going to believe it just because it’s possible. In a world of infinite possibility dragons are possible as well.

      1. Hello MavenTheFirst,

        Thanks for your comment. What is the past behaviour you are blaming? Do you have proper examples please?
        About his interview, I have not the same interpretation as yours. I understood he will not have the same amount of public duties as other senior because he wants to be focus on his family. It does not sounds like a refusal but finding a balance as he can do it, his father is first heir.

        1. Well, Mary, if you want to find evidence of past behaviour there is lots of it in previous comments and on blogs all over the internet. The list is huge but if you want to research it, the information is out there.

          He is a *senior* royal soon to be Prince of Wales. *Second* in line to the throne. Not working. Yet he takes the taxpayers’ money earmarked for a senior royal.

          Also, can you show evidence that he is family oriented except for his words? Because the first thing I think about is the 4 days at Easter where he flew to attend an ex girlfriend’s wedding, without his family. This family man and future head of the Church of England left his family and duties behind to party. There are no excuses for that that I would believe and I’ve heard many. Kate also said that he was barely there for the first 6 months of George’s life. Some father. And it’s not like he was working a lot.

          It’s one thing to want balance in your life, but fathers and husbands work for their family. He is 34 years old. He barely works. How is that a balance? Diana did royal duties from the minute she married and when she had two babies. Did she not concentrate on family as well? Didn’t Charles? Anne? Don’t the Wessexes? All who did/do so much more work than William.

          What makes William so special that he needs more time than a commoner father? It’s like saying all other fathers and mothers have done it wrong and only Willy is trying to do it right. I don’t understand how anyone can excuse him once they know how absent he is from responsibilities. I’ll believe in dragons first before I’ll believe his lies.

          1. And he blew off attending the memorial service for the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret several years back for a skiing holiday, l believe.

          2. Also skipping the Paralympic closing ceremony to ‘prepare’ for a upcoming tour. While really sneaking off to France for vacation (that is where the nude photos of Kate came from)

        2. Mary, I kindly suggest you take the time and research your own question. While it is perfectly fine to ask a question, and many get answered here at KMR, William is almost 34 years old. It is too much info for someone else to provide you with all the facts concerning Will and his work history.

          1. I think the William fans still like to think of William as the handsome golden-haired prince from 10+years ago, that they will sit and question and re-interpret verifiable facts that are out there on public record. And if he is such a devoted father, wouldn’t he want to be there for his first-born child’s first vacation? His only daughter (who has his mother’s name by the way) first Easter? I am not saying that he doesn’t love his kids or is not close to them- what I am saying is that he uses them as an excuse to avoid taking on his duty.

          2. People sadly are blind followers G. They praise a person without knowing anything about them and if you suggest they do research, they get defensive :(. Mary wants proof that William doesn’t work, yet she gives no proof that William works and is a hands on dad.

    3. His job is to be publicly visible. His father is nearly 70. Despite the longevity of this family, William could quite likely be the king at any stage in the next decade. But he is taking his future for granted. His professional duties are recorded in the court circular. His royal duties are minimal – even he confirms it in this interview! And when he is carrying these out he appears to be there only in body rather than spirit. His father is not King yet so has had 30+ years of opportunity to spend quality time with his family, so I’m not sure I understand your point about that. Charles didn’t miss out on family time because of royal duties – it was other issues which caused that!

      And how ironic that so soon after his younger brother made a fantastic speech about women’s rights, that William would suddenly (while on his Indian holiday) speak about women’s rights and encouraging men to become more supportive of women and girls.

      This man does not have a single original thought in his head and KMR is so spot-on with her assessment. Nail on the head…. He is so blinded by his privileged, sheltered life and his mother’s death would have exacerbated this situation, with his family becoming even more protective and people making endless excuses for him. A lot of people lose a parent in horrible, unfair circumstances, but do not have the luxury of choosing family time over earning an income.

      What a disgrace.

      1. “that William would suddenly (while on his Indian holiday) speak about women’s rights and encouraging men to become more supportive of women and girls.”

        Actually, it worse than William making a speech after Harry did. Because William didn’t make a speech, and did not speak at all about supporting women and girls. His press team put together a post about it on their website, but the engagement was a private one with no press allowed and William did not give a speech.

        1. And therein is the nub of the problem. William ‘works’ (the bare minimum) only to tick a box, to get a headline or a photo. There is no heart to the man. He doesn’t care before an event, nor I suspect, does he give it a seconds thought once the box is ticked.

          He’s as thin as paper. No heart, no soul. Compare that to Charles & Harry who roll up their sleeves (literally with Harry) and delve deep into their charities, and put in the research and the follow up.

          William is as Kate – just their for the PR.

        2. That whole thing makes me so irritated….women’s rights is such a deadly (literally) serious issue in a country like India, it is galling to have someone so empty commenting on it (or worse, getting a press team to cobble some rhetoric together).

          1. One word: Bollywood. Lots of ‘behind the scenes’ hard work went on for that gig huh?!

            Total disgrace.

  11. I have no words, for him his attitude is normal. I don’t know if he has really the support of the Queen and of his father (they won’t say on media : we don’t happy with him) :but when we can help our grand-mother who is 90 years old, you don’t think of yourself, you just help. It is simply not moral.
    A parent who works is not a parent who doesn’t love his children. He wants to put his family first (where was he in Easter?), he wants to be a model for his children…
    I wonder how his children will react when they look after their parents on internet.
    When he says he doesn’t want to intervein in politics, I wonder if it knows what the role of her grandmother is (meeting with PM, diplomatic relationship) and if it knows that the trip in India was not an opportunity to take vacation but to help relationship between India, GB and Bhutan. He throws shades at his father, I don’t think there is a peaceful relationship with his father, it will be interesting to see how he will behave when/if his father will be King.

    I don’t know if he and his wife will support to really become a full-time royal. About his comment “I am at the bottom of the order of succession” : so theoritecally, he must be 3rd in number of engagements.

    I just saw glimpses of Star Wars’ engagement : I find it very interesting when Harry : “Why am I always the bad guy?”. I would like to know how William really feels when his brother is criticized, I think William feels superior (than his brother and his wife).

  12. He talks about duty like it’s something to be dealt with in the future. Seriously, he’s what, 33, 34 years old? You should have already “developped in the duty role”.

    Someone in Celebitchy made a very interesting comment about how William apparently sees duty as a position, not as something that you have within yourself. I think this is spot on.

    And funny how he visited the Star Wars studio in his capacity as president of BAFTA but couldn’t bother to go to the awards show.

    On a lighter note, that pic of Harry hugging Chewie is giving me life.

    1. It is very odd that William, at 34, still thinks he’s a young man who’s figuring out his life. He’s 34, married, with two kids. Any other man who didn’t have his life together by that point would get a hell of a lot of criticism from everyone. If the BRF is anything like my family, all of William’s other family members (uncles, cousins) will be side-eyeing him and talking sh-t about him behind his back until his, in William’s case, father and grandmother cut him off. That’s what my family did when my married with a son cousin was still pulling this sh-t.

      1. Well evidence would suggest that is happening behind closed doors – Emily Andrews Throne Idle article said Williams laziness was the talk of Sandringham over Christmas, where the RF had gathered.

      2. I thought it was odd too he seems to think he is so young and shouldn’t have his life together. He also called himself a new dad. Which I think with an almost 3 year old and another almost 1 you are not considered a new dad anymore. You are a dad with young kids. It is just like Kate saying she is a ‘new to her job’ after 5 years. You are not new to a job after 5 years!!! It just shows how screwed both their perspectives are. They have not concept of reality since they have never lived in the real world.

        Btw, William always seems so smug in interviews.

        1. Well, he must consider himself as a baby compared to his grandmother or even his father. For all we know, he may think of them as immortal.
          Reality check: his grandmother is elderly and his father aged. He could end up as King sooner than he thinks.

      3. KMR: I agree, they should cut him off, that’s the only way he’ll learn. Unfortunately Charles and HM seem too permissive when it comes to family – although I really doubt they “150%” support his laziness.

        1. Now we’re actually getting our facts from the horse’s mouth: William loves the life that he is leading now and he will never change. His father & grandmother are supporting him ( morally & financially) so who are we, commoners, telling him what to do. Unbelievable, he’s so arrogant!!!

  13. He’s still bandying around that buzzword “normal” and people still buy it. They think normal means “like the common people except with bags of money”. He thinks it means “having no expectations of me, complete liberty”.

    Although a state of such privilege hasn’t helped him, I think it’s mostly about character. If it were mainly about privilege, every member of privilege would be a lazy, amoral slacker like him. But they’re not, and that included members of the BRF. It’s his character that is lacking.

    He has no empathy and is a self-absorbed narcissist. The only thing he works at is maintaining the lie that he cares about anything other than himself and he needs a huge PR onslaught to keep that happening.

    He’s really revolting at this point, what he says is revolting. His behaviour undermines the oleaginous stuff slithering from his mouth. As long as people remark his behaviour, he could never be convincing. Unfortunately, most people just listen to the soundbites and believe. He wants us to believe. He’d make a great fascist.

    1. I wrote a whole long diatribe about how I hate royals’ use of the word “normal”, but I cut it in favor of just calling out William’s privilege. I can’t stand when royals use the word “normal” because it’s BS PR to try and pull at the heartstrings of the masses when to the royals it means something completely different.

      1. Ah, I see your point, KMR. You’re right, the ‘normal’ thing is a deflection from the real issues like his overweening privilege (and a family of enablers).

      2. Furthermore, “normal” isn’t an absolute concept, it is completely dependant on context. He insists he want a “normal” life but what exactly does he mean by that? Because eit is not normal to live a life of leisure and self-indulgence for the majority of the people that support his privileged lifestyle through their taxes.

        1. Exactly! That’s what I’ve said in the past: “Normal” is relative. My “normal” involves a father who abandoned me because he hated my mother more than he loved me, and a mother who was abusive. So yeah, I don’t want my “normal” for any kids I have. There are millions of children, like the ones William just met in India, for whom “normal” is being orphaned and living on the streets. William’s idea of “normal” is rich kid with no responsibilities playing country lifestyle. That maybe be “normal” for his friends, but it certainly isn’t “average” for the majority of people on this planet.

    2. Maven, between you and KMR you are both doing some great writing. Especially, “like the common people except bags of money” and “having no expectations of me, complete liberty”. Also, “I think it is mostly about character”. I hope I have quoted all the correct writers of these statements.

    3. Yes! It IS about character, or rather lack of it. However, boundless privilege and no accountability for all his stuff-ups contributes to it.

      William holds all the cards because he has a phalanx of royal PR to misdirect the public, plus a sycophantish and enabling royal press corps who preserve the royal image. William, it seems, doesn’t need to account for himself to anyone. Once he is Prince of Wales with that super-large Duchy income kicking in (which is reality belongs to the public), he’ll really put up the walls.
      The interview was an example of a sly, barely articulate man spouting a few poorly prepped sentences and with clearly no sense of duty. The UK needs to decide whether it needs or wants as its funded representative an hereditary ‘leader’ who is a fool.

  14. The Queen and Charles are happy with william and kate… Sure.
    Is that why they let Ingrid Seward of all people write her critical article? Is that why william is doing ANOTHER interview in less than a month claiming he is not work shy and all about duty.

    It was interesting — William did not like it at all when witchell brought up Kate’s laziness.

    They have two really options at this point, shape up or ship out.

    1. Yes, it *is* interesting how often the supposed support and approval of the queen and Charles is slipped into the Dolittle interviews. Why even mention it unless to give their choices (aka slacking/workshy ways) authority and validation? Until I hear it from the queen’s or Charlie’s lips I’m not buying it.

    2. Absolutely right. I don’t believe it at all – Ingrid Seward, who is so in HM & Charles’ pockets she’s covered in fluff, wrote a scathing piece about William. That came with direct approval, in my opinion.

  15. I find the following disturbing:

    “And there’ll be a time and a place to bring George up and understand how he fits in the world. But right now, it’s just a case of keeping a secure, stable environment around him…”

    Willy at 34 is still wanting a time and place to find out where he fits and now he wants that same path of fecklessness for his son. They are already treating George the way Willy wants to be treated- no expectations, no mindfulness of his role while all the while, “remember peasants I am a future absolute ruler of a King so treat me accordingly”. He’s creating an entitled slacker in his own image.

    What the hell does a “secure, stable environment” mean? He’s implying a lot with those words, words that have a whiff of PR buzz and paranoia. Don’t all loving parents try to provide that for their kids? *Even when they work*? Geez. Such a special cornflake.

    1. “Don’t all loving parents try to provide that for their kids?” – Nope.

      Actually, the “secure, stable environment” line was the only one in that whole section that I agreed with. Raising a child is not about being “normal”, whatever that is, it’s about keeping them safe and secure and giving them the best shot at life that you can. But not all parents do that.

      There are many, many parents who only care about themselves and treat their children like sh-t, abuse them, let them come to harm in some other way. Or the parents just don’t have the means to support their children in a way that is “secure and stable” due to poverty or whatnot. There are many, many parents who don’t try to or can’t give their children a “secure, stable environment” to grow up in.

        1. We actually don’t know, do we, what his version of “stable” is. I think he uses buzzwords that will persuade. That’s all. He really is protecting himself and his way of life.

      1. I talked about *loving* parents. I talked about *trying* to provide a good environment. I would say that is a general assumption with some validity. We could now ask what does William mean by “secure, stable environment”.

        1. I agree with you Maven. A loving parent will try , for various reasons like finances or mental health they may not succeed. Parents who put their own needs first, second and third are not loving parents.
          Everyone goes on about what a terrible childhood Will had. His childhood was much better than many peoples. Both his parents adored him even if not each other. He was used and affected by ‘the war of the Wales’ but he also went to a school he says he loved, had a fabulous extended family not least the queen, and so much more. Sure his life while Diana was alive was not picture perfect, and her death would have had a terrible impact. But many many children lose a parent in tragic circumstances when they are young. He has allowed this to rule everything he seems to do in a way that I don’t think is helpful to him as an individual.

          And just my personal advice to so many KMRers who have very young kids. Even if you are the most loving and caring parent with the benefit of hindsight most of us accept that we make mistakes, could have done better and have things we regret. I laugh about these this with my boys ‘mum when you made us do that/be friends with so and so….’ Etc.

        2. ‘Safe, secure’ could well mean, from William’s perspective, being away from prying eyes and people who might do the children harm. ‘Stable’ might mean being untroubled by anything except a carefree existence.
          William has control issues, for sure, but by cocooning his children he will do them more harm than good. I agree with others that both he and Kate play the kiddy card way too often to draw a curtain over their daily activities which I’d hazard a guess as:
          Kate = excessive daily exercising, speaking with her mother and sister, shopping (online/in person), and on a smaller scale attending to royal matters presented by her staff, and seeing her children for a few hours per day.
          William = getting up late, chatting with friends and planning personal activities, watching tv/video/games, attending to royal matters presented to him by staff, being on occasional call for EAA shifts, seeing his children at particular times.
          I do not believe that they are hands-on parents simply because their characters indicate a pair who cannot see beyond their own needs.

          1. “…but by cocooning his children he will do them more harm than good.” I absolutely agree. They will grow up to resent William being so controlling over them.

          2. He seems to work at EAAA less and less. The pre trip, the trip, the Star Wars visit, Interviews (not sure when they were done) , Obama visit – well the Obamas will have been working all day, but Will probably needs a day of the rest first.

  16. The truth is that I don’t view William in a wholly negative light.I’m just not that impressed with him and his wife.They don’t have the ‘star quality’ that the media keeps on touting about.They are not that special.They’re just OK.It appears that they don’t have that drive,the passion for their work that we see clearly in Sophie,Charles and Harry.
    And here’s the thing for people to be dazzled by the monarchy,we need to see it’s members going the extra mile for their causes.It’s not all about glamorous gowns and tiaras.
    Perhaps in the coming years the Cambridges will become impressive,but for the time being they’re meh and overhyped.

    1. I thought about W&K and their “star” power after seeing the photo of Princess Sofia and Prince C-P leaving the hospital with their baby.

      People tend to follow royals because they are impressed with their work ethic, have interest in the charities/causes they represent or are good looking royal people. W&K have none of this. How many of the royal couples the same age are both photogenic? The SRF siblings for sure. But, W&K don’t have the “star” power. Whatever they once had is fading.

  17. Greetings Everyone –

    Have about 20 minutes until my next run ashore….

    So I will make it quick as I can type (at 140 wpm by the way – trained Court Stenographer)

    This interview is an excuse, for an excuse, to cover the excuses…

    Not one original thought, not one answer that was nailed down except to say that he has no intention of changing his way (words to that effect) and b@gger the consequences.

    billy boy and his equally pampered mrs live the life of Riley, they use the “children excuse” and have only used the Queen as backing them up to put the Queen in a position where he knew full well that she cannot answer. It was an obvious, calculated and utterly disgraceful.

    He has portrayed himself and his wife as a couple of snivelling, insensitive and entitled “semi-adults” or more like “mid-teens” to be further pampered and cajoled through life, so he can coast along for as long as they see fit.

    Her Majesty has seen through this, as I refer to the distance in the photograph of the Queen in that generational shot with the heirs. Again he and his child look photo shopped in, or angled to show prominently that Her Majesty and Prince Charles are the past and his “Court” or the Anmer Bunker to be more precise is the only going concern.

    Someone made a comment earlier about a shift back to KP and the kid going to Wetherby – I would hazard a clear guess that the Queen has nailed him and his equally lazy mrs to the wall and it is a “not negotiable” issue.

    His prattling on about the Queen’s support was to blindside, to separate out his father whom he dislikes intensely, and just by looking at the “uncomfortable” way that Her Majesty was actually holding the “golden charlotte” you could see that it was a forced frame up.

    I am sick to death of those making excuses for both him and his equally self entitled mrs (the look on his face said it all when her name was mentioned). He also chose a sympathetic interviewer who would make them look good, to skirt over the glaring issues and short comings that these two have been called out on. Martin Bashir would not have let it go…. (just as example only).

    billy boy and kate have been coddled too long, they are taking the p@ss out of the masses, especially with the derogatory statements about being there for his children, and teaching them about being good people, duty and service when in fact him and kate just blow off any sort of responsibility unless it is for their own ends.

    In actual fact – I believe it was a backhanded slap to his father and the Queen on how they have raised their children. Dangerous territory – very dangerous.

    Prince Harry at this juncture would be the only salvageable member of the 30 – 40 yr old generation to have the balls, stature and credibility to manage a Kingship after Prince Charles.

    Many years ago I had hopes for billy boy – however the peter pan issues still cloak him like a gloom that you cannot shake. It is his crutch and the fake Kate enables and is enabled to live in this parallel world that they believe no-one can touch.

    Well – reality bites. The Crown is only as good as those who serve it. Serve it for the people, not themselves. Time is no longer on billy boy’s side, kate has already shown her true colours – therefore in my most humble opinion, the people will not stand for this kind of arrogance.

    Have much more on this subject however, I must away – have to do a blanket and rice delivery. Lukewarm coffee to drink and a handmade wreath to finish to lay at the feet of the fallen.

    A basket full of happiness to you all.

    The Wild Rose

  18. I would love to know what William does with his time. He doesn’t work many shifts or do many royal engagements, and it’s not like he has to do the washing up and grocery shopping. Just curious what his typical day looks like. Is he a couch potato? Is he surfing the Internet? Does he spend all day playing with G & C?

    1. And that’s the BIG question. What does William do all day? He is desperate for us not to know. All the fuss about his kids privacy? Wrong. Its his privacy. His constant cries of MUMMY! His privacy. We know he hunts, plays polo, attends weekend house parties, and rides his motorcycle. As for his indoor activities, I suspect he plays video games, binge watches shows and drinks.

      1. I wish that interviewer would have asked him this very question!!! But then it would just be –lies. He is desperate for the public to not know what he is really doing. I have a feeling we would be shocked and disgusted!!

  19. Absolutely loved this post KMR. You are so right, he does not understand the privileges he has. I haven’t read all of the comments yet,so if I’m saying what someone else already has, I apologize.

    The only strife William has known has been of a personal nature. Even then he was completely wrapped in cotton by the family and staff and catered to. As you said he’s never had to struggle for anything. Unfortunately, in getting to know the MIddleton’s William still hasn’t met a “normal” family.

    The Middleton’s have put on a grandiose show for William. He’s seen them all hanging out together, vacationing together (to exotic islands that people in his group travel to) but he never saw Mike and Carole when they were just starting out in their marriage and working and taking care of their kids like everyone else. He’s seen them after their Party Pieces “success” (paging Uncle Gary) so in his mind “normal” is staying at home with your kids and taking them on wonderful vacations as much as possible instead of actually getting up each and every day and going to work.

    Party Pieces may well be managed day to day by an employee of the Midds. Or Michael is doing it all and some how I see this more as Carole’s baby.

    The only way William and Kate will ever understand how good they have got it is if it is all taken away from them. Then they will realize they have no clue as to what a “normal” life really is.

    I only watched the under 2 minute clip on DM and had a reaction of anger and sadness. Because he just doesn’t get it or won’t own up to it and there is a chance for so much potential between he and Kate in their positions and they just squander it all away. It just doesn’t make sense.

  20. Would you hire this man? He doesn’t look at you in the eye when speaking and he doesn’t sound convincing that he can do the job.

    Can you imagine Kate listening to this guy and his “stories” over the many years ..?

    And yes, interesting to watch his reaction when Kate was mentioned. His body language (eyes) is far more interesting to observe than listening to his words. He looks resigned to the fact that she lied, too. Something is going to boil over about her one day. (Patience. Patience, dear ones.)

    William does not like his father. He’s a child of divorced parents. Worse when your father marries his mistress. Wait until William become Prince of Wales. I sense it will be a “Diana” thing all over again except it will be William vs. Charles.

    Love Prince Harry! He’s a natural.

  21. What William doesn’t understand is that he needs to practice Prince Charles’ role. That role is going to land in his lap sometime in the next decade and if he hasn’t practiced that role to the point of mastery he is in for a world of hurt.

    It shows how insulated William is from the rest of the world if he thinks that thirty-four still is young enough to be without a steady career. He would be in for an earful in any commoner family if he was that age with a wife and two kids faffing about playing at working. Heck, other men would think he was less of a man. He would lose their respect.

  22. “I’m at the bottom at the moment”. I don’t know if he deserves praise for trying or if he should stop giving interviews to prevent him from sounding stupid. I think he means bottom as in the last choice out of the family (or spare in other words). When everyone’s done their duty it’s up to William the unofficial spare to step up and look good.

  23. William, time and time again, over the past few months has been forced to address this issue. Not only the issue that he’s been branded work shy, but also the issue that he is seen by the public, the very people that fund him, as a over-indulged child. He is going to be 34 in two months, THIRTY-FOUR. Diana was 36 when she died. He is well past the age of his behaviour, but he is also well past the age of it being rectified.

    In these PR exercises he keeps stating that over his life he will receive a lot of criticism so he takes it all in stride. He is dead wrong. While he will receive some criticism, he should not be receiving THIS criticism. No other royal, not even Air Miles Andy, has faced this kind of backlash over their behaviour. Not the Queen (clearly), not Charles, certainly not Diana, not even the family scapegoat, Harry. This is unique to William. And in ever interview he gives he says the same thing, same body language and same smirk– bottom line is that he doesn’t give a right rip about what the pleebs think. HE is the royal, HE will do whatever he wants and that fact that he’s had to justify it to anyone is making him see red. This is William’s universe, the sun revolves around him and we’re all just lucky enough to be part of it.

    I honestly believe that he thought he’d ride the Diana train forever. The amount of goodwill that was afforded him simply because his mother died, albeit tragically, and because he then bore a striking resemblance to her is completely unprecedented. He was afforded privacy and privilege beyond the wildest dreams of most any royal. His victim/martyr mentality was simply fed by this and he thought mummy’s popularity would translate to him forever. Nope, end of William.

    Whatever happens in the long term is going to be a direct result of what happens over the next decade. William could be the end of the monarchy. He and Kate wanted to modernize it, their own words, but instead he’s taken it back hundreds and hundreds of years. He’s the over-indulged, petulant, pompous little toff sitting about thinking those around him are lucky that he even exists, and sometimes even graces everyone with his presence. Unfortunately for him that’s not the way that this monarchy works anymore and he needs to realize that. He’s a disappointment of the highest order. Even if he were to turn it all around this instant he will go down in history as the coddled prince that needed to be prodded into work and duty. And this is being juxtaposed with the Queen and Diana, so that is certainly not helping his cause.

    Good luck to you, William. You will need all the luck you can get if you hope to salvage your reputation and your future with Britain and The Commonwealth.

    1. That’s a very good point you bring up, Katie. This type of criticism is unique to William, and possibly the most disastrous for the monarchy. He honestly seems to think he can shoulder the work later, as if people will let him get away with it. He clearly has no concept of his future role, and clearly no care for it. His disdain is dripping from his mouth between words. Sadly, he’s lost his looks and his favor. Don’t worry Harry, you’re not the bad guy anymore.

  24. W&K are lavishly compensated for the disproportionate amount of work they do. The last “holiday-tour” showed that – 40K wardrobe, jewels for Kate, free clothes for Will, control over the event cadence, lavish accommodations, all FREE. Not to mention their free normal lifestyle back home. Plus they never will have to worry about being able to afford to send their kids to university or pay for any medical expense on top of all the other things they get for free. What I don’t get is why they take so much and give so little in return. It’s lies upon excuses – Kate’s adjusting, Kate’s pregnant, Wills a pilot, Wills taking a gap year, Will and Kate want to be stay at home parents, the Queen says it’s ok, etc. Why do they get to unilaterally decide how much work they should do to justify their lifestyle? Secondly, ok, if they are only going to do a few engagements a year – show up prepared, speak intelligently, don’t show us your body parts we don’t want to see, don’t insult people with your ignorance, observe decorum, dress the part.

    1. THIS. There is always some lame excuse why they can’t work. And it will continue. When he finally is expected to take on more duties it will be: we are new at taking on THIS much work, our children really need us right now because they are teenagers, Priince Charles doesn’t want us to overshadow him, Waity is older now and doesn’t have the energy to work much, I was overburdened with duty and the death of Mummy and I’m in therapy-and can’t work much, Party Pieces needs our attention also. And on and on and on. An endless landscape of lies and excuses for not stepping up to the plate. One thing and one thing only will fix this–no work – NO MONEY and NO Senior Royal perks!!!!

  25. KMR, you caught me in the feels in your words and description of the debrief of William’s interview.

    Thanks for the pics of Harry. My husband is adorable.

    That’s all I’ve got.

  26. This is absolutely amazing. It’s like a time capsule. This article is from just before William’s 21st birthday. It says in part “One man has the power to finally destroy the British monarchy. No, not our best republican thinker Roy Hattersley, nor our best republican rabble-rouser Tony Benn, not even our constitutional moderniser Tony Blair. The man who will finally herald the Republic of Britain is a soon-to-be-21-year-old named William Windsor – or, as the history books might record him, William the Last.”

    My God. The press has known that William will not be King since before he was even 21. This is stunning. The press MUST be aware of more than they are telling us. It is only a matter of time before it all comes out. I am starting to believe that William is plotting to end the monarchy. It feels like he actually wants a republic after Charles as a way of getting back at his dad/royal family because he resents how his mother was treated. William may be doing this either consciously or subconsciously but either way this is not going to end well. KMR, I thought you might be interested in seeing this article that is more than a decade old and comparing it to what is happening now. I find this fascinating.
    It continues to say “A prince who hates the press is a prince who cannot do his job. “William knows that,” a close friend of his told me last year. “That’s why he wants to walk away from it now.” ”

    If this is true, then it would have been for everyone’s best interest if William had stepped down long before he married Kate. “Charles Windsor apparently remains convinced that William’s current attitude is just a teenage phase – but William is 20 and has been resolved within his own mind on this issue for four years. How long can a phase last before it becomes a settled, immutable belief? Charles has, according to Christopher Andersen (a contributing editor to Time magazine, and thus no tabloid hack) tried to get other people to intervene to persuade William that he must be monarch. Mark Dyer was William’s bodyguard during his gap year, and he was asked to talk William round. They had many long conversations, but William was unwavering and clear: he will never be king.”

    Sorry if I have posted this already. I posted it on some other blogs and can’t remember if I shared it here. You can find the article here:

    The only part I really disagree with is the article’s opinion on Harry, but I am a Harry fan and he was only about 18 when this article was written. He has matured exponentially since then. The army did amazing things for Harry. It’s a shame that people didn’t see how valuable Harry is and that they underestimated him years ago. If they knew then what they know now maybe they would have let William walk away. Harry isn’t perfect, but if he finds the right wife he would make an excellent Prince of Wales. But she would have to be dutiful, preferably someone with work ethic, and someone who will understand the balance between public and private life. Someone who doesn’t have such a privileged attitude, as KMR describes William of having in this blog post. I would add that Kate also has William’s privileged, entitled attitude as well even if she wasn’t born royal.

    I’d love to know what you guys think. I’m an American, but for those of you who are British or a part of the Common Wealth would you accept William walking away with George and Charlotte now? I think it is the only way the monarchy can survive.

    1. Well, I’ve been saying that he’s going to walk away after HM passes for a while now and I still believe that. He’s not committing to anything in his answers in interviews. He can’t look the reporters straight in the eye. I wouldn’t be surprised if he worked this all out with Kate and that’s why she gets so stressed when she has to work because she doesn’t want to either and knows that it will all be a wash.

      I just hope they enjoy themselves while they can because Party Pieces won’t pay for a whole lot. Eight million pounds 14 years ago wasn’t a lot of money and if he really did pitch in to purchase Bucklebury he’s not sitting on too much now. Not nearly enough for the lifestyle they are both accustomed to.

      You’re right, the media knows something and I think they are holding back out of respect for HM. The workshy William stories may be their way of trying to get him back in line, but at some point his continued obstinance is going to backfire and they are going to let loose with a torrent of stories.

    2. Gosh, those quotes are very revealing. Sadly, the press has not presented a debate about royalty’s role in contemporary society and the unsuitability of an hereditary anything. Like a poor parent, it prioritises its own interest before that of the public. William and Kate’s indolence does raise questions so their laziness has some use.

      I’m sure Charles thought William would grow out of youthful petulance but by 34 it would seem to be ingrained and enabled by all, and in particular, his family. I don’t think William will walk away. He is too used to the flattery, status and privilege attached to being heir-presumptive. I think he wants to shore up his wealth (Duchy of Cornwall money goes to him as next Prince of Wales) and do as little as possible. By that stage, people will expect nothing from him.

      I live in Australia, currently part of the Commonwealth. The Queen is held in great affection here, generally speaking, due to her longevity and service. She has always been in most Australians’ lives and still is: her portrait hangs in schools, her face is on currency, and our system of government is based on the British system. Even our flag has the Union Jack on it. However, it has been generally acknowledged that after the Queen’s death, Australia will make moves to become a republic during Charles’ reign. When a Republic referendum was held and defeated in 1999, even Prince Phillip stated that we were mad to reject it!

      On a personal basis, I respect meritocracy so someone like William inheriting the leadership of a country is both absurd and appalling. I’m not sure why a monarchy should survive, or if so, in its current form. It is certainly antiquated; unless Charles can fashion some relevance for people it purports to serve, it is inevitable to be retired at some point, as have many monarchies over the world. Nor do I see a replacement needed though Ireland has done pretty well with its choice and subsequent behaviour of its two female presidents.

  27. Sadly I think if William was to abdicate or take himself out of the line of succession, he would claim it was for his family. He would probably be praised and loved in a way. I think it would be romanticized like Edward and Wallis was, when in truth it wasn’t a fairytale love story. But I think William would say something about how it saddens him, but he has to take care of his family and their well-being. When he truth he would be doing it for himself. Do you think Kate will push for him to be King? Or more so Carol-who has been orchestrating their life since day one?

    1. In the article above it states Will has £8m of private wealth from Diana. But elsewhere we learn he and Kate spend £4M a year. He won’t stand aside he and Kate love the trappings, first class travel, unlimited clothing allowance, two vast homes etc etc.

      Edward and Wallis did not have the fairytale ending often portrayed.

      I assume the Coo on wealth wil move on after HM, why would Australia, a vibrant multicultural and amazing country want as HOS a man who visits every 5-10 years? What they and others do instead is their decision, and no doubt complex, but in the 21st century long after the end of Empire, it makes. I sense to continue with the stayus quo.

      Will and Kate are lazy spoiled kids, they need to grow up.

  28. Cookie very interesting read. He has always been William the Reluctant. William is independently wealthy man via his mother as well as Harry. So he could walk away and keep himself afloat. For how long who knows???? I just don’t think he has the balls to walk away. He can cry about how he doesn’t want to be King. Throw a tantrum about it. Whatever he does. The question is now that George and Charlotte have come along is William going to put them through the warped fish bowl existence? So far no. He keeps them locked away in a gilded cage of his paranoia. He hates the press. We get it. Or will he be William the Last. Your move William…

  29. I thought George was at the bottom of the succession totem pole. I know he is young but he is being introduced to the world as 3rd in line to the throne. Whatever his mother tried to teach him obviously didn’t sink in.

    1. Clearly not a single good thing that Diana tried to impart upon William sunk in.

      But, Diana herself called much of this years and years ago. She said that William will be good, he has the capacity to do good, but Harry, Harry will be great. “You’ll see”, she said; have we ever.

  30. I saw the change in this arrogant man/child’s face when he was asked about the duchess but I’m not sure what to make of it. Any ideas anyone? At least Wimpo is talking and being seen however inanely, I was toying with the idea that this man/child is clinically paranoid. I think the viper ma would fall apart if he walked away from the throne. And what would waity be w/o her title and ‘status’. Honestly, I myself would go batcakes if all I had was my husband’s status and privilege going for me. That’s a very empty life I think.

    1. royals, he started blinking like crazy. And I just can’t stand that he can’t look this reporter in the eye. He is lying his narrow backside off. I don’t know if his reaction to the question about Kate is because he was ticked off that they questioned her work ethic or that he was ticked off because he has to cover for her as well as himself.

      It’s all going to start crumbling down around them if they don’t do something to change it all.

  31. Argh! I just typed out a comment and lost it. KMR you are spot on with this post. Absolutely on the money. I could exchange sob stories with this pathetic excuse for a man and not break a sweat. He is suffering from a bad case of pms, poor me syndrome. Loathe some phony little tyrant. He’s just a jerk with a title and this inane stupid asinine pr puke flowing from his arrogant lying mouth makes me ill. Charlotte and George certainly are very handy dandy little excuses it appears, unless of course something more interesting is on the horizon. And I’m sure that EAAA would happily do without this idiot who wanted to play with whirlybirds and screws his team members over. Time and time again. He and Kate really do live in Disneyland with fairy dust in the air. Utterly and completely clueless. And useless. Just my thoughts.

      1. Exactly my thoughts when I read this this morning 🙂 KMR, maybe you became a source of inspiration for some writers? 🙂

  32. KMR they are copying you!!!!
    I agree with all you said, totally. I was raised by two working parents, my mum worked a lot, more than my father, she used to be back home before dinner, but I didn’ t mind, I had my parents for the whole week end and I kinda knew they were working for us kids as well, to pay the mortgage, bills, private school and so on. My working parents set the example on me, I wonder what kind of example is that for George and Charlotte Will’ s one? And my working parents, like evry parent does, wanted to spend much more time with me so bad. But they couldn’ t. Will doesn’ t understand that the more you are given the more you are expected: top managers, CEOs, enterpreneurs spend avery very long time working, away from their families and kids, to fulfill their duties and to get that lifestyle they actually live. Will is sure he’ ll never lose his position, the point is that people nowadays struggle to make ends meet, they may be sick and tired of him and his lifestyle. Will should be afraid of the revolution caused by his lazyness and petulance 🙂 the press was fawning not long ago, now things are definitely changing so fast

  33. After watching the interview I have to say that I don’t have a problem with the way W&K are handling their life. They can do whatever they want, as long as they want it, wherever they want to. I don’t mind if they go on holiday each month or have two houses, the number of staff of amounts spent on clothes don’t bother me. BUT it makes me angry when they show up at events with charities or whatever and aren’t prepared, seem to be bored, only stay for half an hour… It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. And their appearances lack of quality in every aspect.

    1. Can I politely ask you Greta if you are a UK tax payer? Because without being rude the people who are paying the piper are the ones who decide the tune. UK taxpayers who are finding the economic climate tough resent being told they must find this lazy pair. I gladly pay for HM, Charles ( who I really dislike but accept he works) and Harry but I really don’t like having to pay beyond that or indeed for this ridiculous pair.

  34. WIlliam is laying the groundwork to be a very distant king…to me he is saying, I have a life of privilege and luxury I am going to do what I want and the heck with everyone else. This is my right and I was born to it and I embrace it so buzz off all you little people.

    1. Perhaps they should look at some history books …they could start with the French and Russian revolutions, then consider Greece. They should look at Jamaica and Barbados who (rightly in my opinion) want their own HOS. HM and Charles are criticised and have made some serious errors of judgement over the years, but they listen and work and correct themselves. The Queen is a ‘war baby’ like my mother and is essentially frugal. Charles is undoubtedly pampered and spoiled, but he also works hard. Will and Kate are equally pampered and spoiled but they don’t work.

  35. So I’m starrting with my comment before I read everyone elses from the top.

    My thoughts are the same as Bill’s: yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah. In other words, nothing worth saying at all.

    Now I can go to the good part up top and start reading 🙂

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