New portrait of Queen Elizabeth with Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince George

New portrait of Queen Elizabeth with Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince George

The Royal Mail commissioned a special portrait of Queen Elizabeth II with her direct heirs – Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince George – for a special collection of stamps to mark the monarch’s 90th birthday, which is tomorrow, April 21. This photo is not a part of the set by Annie Leibovitz taken the Monday after Easter.

Queen's 90th birthday stamp with heirs
[Ranald Mackechnie/Royal Mail]

The Four Generations photo was taken by Ranald Mackechnie for the Royal Mail in the White
Drawing Room at Buckingham Palace. The photo shoot was so secret that Mackechnie didn’t event tell his wife about it.

In order to get George to be the right height, he stood on paper-covered blocks. And though William and Duchess Kate constantly complain that George is “naughty” and “a little monkey”, Mackechnie says he was a delight to work with:

    “He was absolutely charming, as you can see from the picture. You only have a short window of opportunity with small children, but Prince George was on good form and everyone seemed to enjoy seeing him enjoy the day. He was fascinated by my lights and all the kit, and he was quite happy standing on the blocks. I took maybe 80 or 100 shots, but when I saw this one I knew straight away that was it.”


The photo was taken in June 2015, which makes things so much clearer for me. I mentioned on Twitter as soon as I saw the photo that it looked like George was wearing the same clothes, but in a larger size, that he wore to meet Princess Charlotte at the hospital and for her first photos. I thought this photo had been taken recently, which made me think William and Kate purchased the same clothes in a larger size, but since the photo was taken last summer, these clothes are probably the same exact clothes he wore on those other two occasions since he wouldn’t have grown that much between those occasions. Makes so much more sense now.

Queen's 90th birthday stamps
[Ranald Mackechnie/Royal Mail]

This portrait was taken for and is used in stamps to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday and is part of a set featuring photos from various points in her life. If you’re interested in purchasing the stamps, you can do so at the Royal Mail.

PS. In the Four Generations photo, the Queen is wearing the Queen Mother‘s Scallop-Shell Brooch.

PPS. In the Four Generations photo, William’s hair is totally Photoshopped to make it appear that he has more hair than he actually does.

Queen's 90th birthday stamps 2
[Royal Mail]

104 thoughts on “New portrait of Queen Elizabeth with Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince George

  1. The local newspaper featured a balcony picture from last year’s Trooping the Colour, and someone left it out on the lunchroom table today. One of my coworkers walked in, looked at it, shook her head, and said, “Charles really needs to give it up on the combover. It looks like a bird’s nest.”

    Then she glanced at William and cringed.

    So, yeah, blatant Photoshopping here is blatant.

    George is a cutie. I like hearing from someone that he’s a charming little boy rather than a holy terror (thanks, William and Kate, for your perpetually sweet and loving words about your child).

  2. I must say it was so nice to hear about Prince George from someone outside the family. This photographer related such an adorable description of George. It was so sweet. George seems to have personality plus in this photo which is one of the best shots of him I have ever seen. George probably is quite the character and seems to be such a natural at so many things. I bet they all are quite proud of this little guy. I felt this photographer not only portrayed him with his words but also via his photography skill. A delightful photo of all 4 of them. Thank you.

  3. Great photo!

    And wow KMR! You respond to news and post really quickly!

    As for George, I think it’s a great photo of him and he looks so cute holding on to Dad’s hand.

    As for the comments about George? I find myself wanting to roll my eyes as he’s a little boy, they run around and sometimes make a mess, it’s in their job description!

    I get the feeling Kate had very little contact with small children before having kids? As for William and George, it seems there is an attachment there and the hand holding in a new environment shows (to me) that George has confidence in William and trusts him so he must see William often.

    1. Cathy I so agree with your comments. I am of the opinion that Kate has not been around small children prior to her own. One would have thought she would have with her parents business. I do believe that William does have a close connection with his children. That is one of the legacys that his Mum passed onto both her children. That was a good observation that you made about the trust George has in his father by the hand in his father’s. Thank you.

    2. Well said. George is the highlight of the picture, such a cute fellow.
      And the colour coordination in shades of blue look very nice here and a good contrast with the gold in the background. I love this dress of HM.
      It’s good Kate is missing from this so we can focus in something different for a change. Yes, William and George look good together.
      I just wonder why the Royal Mail had to take this portrait last year for an occasion which is in 2016. Wouldn’t it be better if it was a recent picture? And why all this secrecy? I can understand the photographer and the people who surround BRF in general, being put in a lot of strain due to this hush hush practice.
      Looking forward to Leibovitz pictures too!
      Thank you KMR for all the speedy coverage. We can’t keep up with you!

      1. With regard to the photos taken in 2015, I’m assuming there would be quite a long lead time required for production of the stamps.

        1. It’s rare that anything is done at short notice though the Palace can pull stuff together when needed.

          Everything the royals do is planned a year in advance and executed accordingly.

          Only William, with his need to do stuff his own way, upsets the apple cart of planning by either refusing to do stuff until the last moment or keeping the Palace in the dark until last moment possible or not telling them anything until it’s a fait accompli.

          Even the Diana funeral wasn’t spontaneous though it looked that way. They simply used the funeral plans of the QM scaled down to suit the status of Diana.

          1. Herazeus and Jen, thank you for the input.
            I totally understand that ‘everything the royals do is planned a year in advance and executed accordingly’.

            It makes me think that this is yet another proof that this year’s declarations from an aide (aka Jason) about Kate ‘feeling her diary for 2016 to increase commitment’ is a total tosh. A royal cannot just fill their diary and walk into events straightaway because it simply doesn’t work this way. It takes a lot of preparation and foresight, two words whose meaning is unknown to Kate.

          2. I often have the feeling that a lot of Will and Kate’s engagements in Britain are cobbled together at the last minute to put out whatever fire is burning. I know normal planning for royal engagements is months ahead of time but that isn’t the feeling I get from them. This may be part of the reason they are usually so bad. Some of this may also be do to the fact that they don’t tend to announce things more than a week or two in advance. Whether that is done because of Will’s secrecy obsession or because it takes that long to get these two jerks to commit to something remains to be seen. Personally, I think its the later.

      2. Great photo, I agree, Elina. Prince George is just darling! He had an adorable face and quite a personality! I really think that he and William get along very well and loved seeing their interaction with their hands!

        This photographer knows how to work with kids! I loved the fact that he put George up on the blocks! Such a fun gesture!

        And, I know this photo was the Queen and future heirs, but I am also glad that Kate was nowhere in the picture.

        KMR, you are working non-stop. Best wishes to you and a big thanks, too.

        1. Absolutely Dolittle she’s an amazing lady. Just wish she would sort out Will and Kate. I’m so proud to have her as my Queen which is how it should be. Without the love of their people a constitutional monarch is meaningless.

        2. I think different people can have a different favorite part of the photo.

    3. Oh … I have to agree with you regarding Kate having little or no contact with small children before having kids! That’s when some parents look really awkward even with their own kids.

      I’m writing from experience. My cousin married his wife who had minimal contact with small kids. When they had their only son years after, she was really clueless about taking care of a baby. When her son was crying I suggested she changed his diapers as it really felt soiled. She took out her little notebook (where she jots notes and times her baby’s feed etc) and told me it wasn’t the time to change his diapers. Not for another 2 hours! She was that clueless! She even went to the extent of asking me (a teenager at that time) what she should do about her son crying …. O_O

      I am not surprised if Kate is the same …

    4. I agree with you Cathy, It is in their job description. It is also in little girls job description to not be little ladies at all times LOL.

      I think that George looks adorable here, but the box looks oddly strange to me. I can understand them wanting him to be the same height and everything, but you would think that they could have found something else around instead of the box.

      Sarah B, I am just face palming at the stupidity of your cousins wife. That is just insane. I am so glad that you were around though for the little one.

      1. I thought the same thing about the box. It would have looked better if they had used large, oversized hard cover books with classy covers (ie. leather). It would have fit better with the rest of the “set.”

          1. I read in today’s Times newspaper that George stood on cut-to-size jungle gym mats, not books.

            By the way: George’s outfit is more or less exactly what William wore at Harry’s christening.

    5. Based on candid photos of Kate with George at the park & shopping I would say kate seems more awkward/unsure of herself/out of her depth with George. William does seem more at ease with him and George seems happy and trusting of his father.

    6. I agree, Cathy. Goerge is darling! I get the impression he’s quite a little guy! Full of fun and a mind of his own. I think his Dad loves him very much and their touching of hands was very sweet. Tis photographer did a wonderful job! He captured the essence of the child so very well. I hope the Cambridges use him again.

      Is it me, or does anyone think that George and William look photo-shopped in, though. It’s as if the photo of HM and PC were taken in a different shot.

      So pleased to see the photo, KMR. Thanks for always being so on top of things.

      I love little George’s smile. Standing on the blocks, well, too cute!!!

    7. Just because George has trust in William and shows comfort with him does not mean he must see William often. My nephew only sees me twice a year (he is 4). But every time he does see me, since he turned 1, all he wants to do is hold my hand and spend time with me. He is very comfortable with me and trusting, but we only see each other twice a year. So, you don’t have to see someone often in order to be comfortable with them. William may not see George as often as you think, but George can still have a bond with him. I am not saying that is necessarily true, but I just wanted to point out that a child being comfortable with an adult does not mean they see each other often.

      1. This is true. I do think William has spent more time at home since Charlotte was born. Before that he was constantly not around with documentation of that. I have little cousins that adore me, but i see them only once or twice a year. They just trust.

        This is a moment in time. Maybe George was crawling all over his nanny in the backround or being adorable with Charles and HM?

        If anything I want to say this makes George look like he can handle “work” for his age and enjoys it. Why more like this isn’t an option for him to take on I don’t understand. It’s the best thing for him.

      2. I agree.

        For such an important milestone for the Monarch – George should have been formally dressed, – jacket/ suit set and lazy whiny should have had a better suit as Prince of Wales. Contrary to lazy middleton PR -he and family of four, are not regular – receiving millions of unearned pounds /palaces.

    8. Re Kate having little contact with small kids prior to having one: Probably. Did she have any friends with small kids? If not, there probably wasn’t any place where she would have contact with kids.

  4. I love this photo! How cute is George? Could squeeze those cute cheeks.

    Heavy photoshopping on William.

    You are a great writer, KMR!

  5. I love the whole set of stamps . If I had to pick a favourite it would be HM with Charles and Anne. Looking forward to seeing the AL photos, perhaps with Kate’s alongside, so we can see how brilliant she is?!!

    After this busy week of Queens birthday, Obama visit and the Te Deum I think all will agree with me KMR should take a week off! You really are astonishing, but you must have some rest.

  6. Thank you KMR for this lovely photo.
    George seems to have fun standing on those blocks. He looks happy and is brimming over with health. Good job nanny Maria.

  7. Since this is such a special occasion why didn’t Kate buy new shirt & shorts for George? It’s not everyday that his portrait become a stamp. This is not the time to be thrifty, for goodness sake! She can spent thousands of £ for her wardrobe & can’t spare the time or money for her son’s new clothes for this special official portrait? Maybe there’ll be excuses that George likes this attire or he’s comfortable wearing this but come on he’s not even 2. People will always be comparing this photo & the other 2 photos that he has worn this same outfit. Doesn’t he have any other clothes with different colors or designs? This is so unbelievable & getting onto my nerves!

    1. I wish she did buy him a new outfit. Yet that would take away from her clothing allowance. It’s all about Kate you know. George seems to me like a spirited child. Which I love. He has that glimmer in his eye. I hope Will Not and Duchess Do Little do not dampen George’s spirit or Charlotte’s.

      1. Yes, despite my complaint about George’s same outfit, I do love this portrait of the present & future British Monarchs. George is beyond cute & adorable but he looks more like a Middleton than a Windsor. Just my opinion.

        1. I love the picture. I think Her Majesty looks wonderful. Charles looks good too. George steals the show. He is so darn cute. I agree he looks like a Middleton. Looks like his grandfather.

    2. It appears Kate isn’t exactly the doting mother she wants us to believe. How many women/parents over the decades have purchased something new for a special photo of their child?

      Many wardrobe changes and an enormous invoice for HER clothing for India/Bhutan. It seems she only likes new clothing when it is for HER. New clothing for Kate and the invoice to someone else is top priority for snowflake. It makes things pertaining to PG seem like an afterthought to Kate.

      1. It is disgusting how much money was spent on her wardrobe and accessories for the India/Bhutan tour. They could have donated that to charities throughout India.

    3. I agree with you for the most part, but in this specific instance, I can understand why she chose that outfit again. That outfit clearly has significance to someone, and this picture (at the time) could have been the last chance to photograph the current monarch and three future kings. Even though I know more pics have been taken, this one is destined to be a stamp, and so they chose to commemorate this outfit.

      I also don’t think Kate has quite as much control over certain things, like George’s outfit for this particular picture. I’m sure this outfit for this picture was pre-approved by someone, and it was carefully chosen for a specific reason. This photography session was for a significant reason, and I’m sure that it was carefully staged and thought out by someone high up (someone in Queen Elizabeth’s staff, not Kate & Will’s staff).

      1. I think Kate would have been asked to dress George in blue. She could have chosen a more 21st century outfit but she seems stuck in the 1950’s .

        1. This photo was taken in June last year, 10 months ago. I’m sure George has grown up so much now. W+K has kept him hidden so we won’t know how he looks like right now. The official photos taken are always months old. We’ll see the real George during the trooping of colors & maybe Charlotte will be there.

  8. I loved this photo. Georges’s smile is everything (I am still laughing, delighted), and he standing on the blocks, wonderful. I agree he seems to have a strong personality, and for this reason every time I hear William and Kate complaining about him I get very upset. He is like any other little boy, curious and very active. His mother only speaks good about him when she is saying: “George would love to be here” or “George wants to be this”. I don’t know how Kate is as a mother but crearly George trusts his father and to me this is very good.
    P.S. William’s photshopping hair, ridiculous and unnecessary. It does not help you try to simulate a situation which does not exist.

  9. I loved this picture. It had to be formal because of posterity, but I adore the blocks little PGTIPS is standing on. Gives the photo a sense of humour. Plus his radiant smile is a joy. Ditto his personality shining through. He might be a handful for his self absorbed parents, but my personal preference is always a kid with personality rather than a silent lump of a child without one. Ps, not talking about Charlotte since we don’t know her personality. That said, I really hate how WK describe him. It never sounds like they enjoy him. Naughty/little monkey can be cute depending on context, but whenever WK use these words to describe PGTIPS, it’s in the context of bad eg why can’t PGTIPS come to India to enjoy the rhinos? Answer because he is naughty and would be running around. Implication being that he would not behave himself around the Rhinos.

    I will say this, Kate the photographer hasn’t managed to produce a photo of PGTIPS where he is smiling so radiantly and sincerely.

    KMR: I think this photo was taken on the same day as the joint portrait of PGTIPS + Charlotte taken by Kate. Same clothes, same hair slick to the side.

    The hospital photo has different hair and shirt.

    And William’s photoshopped hair is very funny.

    I wish they’d used a less serious pic of the Queen with Toddlers Charles + Anne. There are pics floating around from that particular session where Anne and Charles are laughing and everyone is looking directly into camera. The gifs of Toddler Charles, especially at the age photo was taken show a very facially expressive child full of smiles.

    1. The hospital photo has the same shirt actually. It’s just under a cardigan but if you look close you can see the same piping. He also wore the same shirt with a cardigan to the Queen’s Christmas lunch in the car with Harry.

    2. It would be quite delightful if George turned out to be spirited, that is, the exact opposite of his parents. Perhaps that’s why they have difficulty with him?

      1. Based on pics, video and comments, i think he is. Imagine that, someone says no to William. That’s why they find him difficult. They have to work with him rather than he fall into line as they wish.

    3. KP said at the time that Kate’s photos of George and Charlotte were taken in mid-May at Anmer Hall. This one was taken at BP in June. I just think they reused this same outfit and they’ve styled his hair like that in almost every photo shoot they’ve done.

      I do think it’s odd that this photographer was able to get a smile out of George that his mother never has. Aren’t children usually more expressive in photos taken by their parents because they are in a more natural setting with someone familiar?

      1. KMR I thought the same thing that this photographer was able to get Prince George to smile not just a little one but a huge smile..cheeky as has been the description. And he talked about the energy so I gather his experience was a very good one. Even the very latest photo of George has no smile taken in March of this year. Yes I am very much impressed with this photographer of the postage stamps for the Queen.

  10. I have not been around many young children either before my eldest niece came along. I just work around them as much as I can. It is a different deal that aunts strike.

    I like the photo of HM and the three heirs. George holding Wills hand and pointing his feet towards William is cute. George looks cheerful. William looks a little hunched. I agree George does need a new set of clothes. I think that is the third time I have seen that outfit which I am not really thrilled about.
    I like the photo of HM and her two eldest children and the one of the HM as a toddler with her father.
    Thank you for the post.

    1. I saw this. What an arrogant lazy boy he is – needs to grow into his duty? He’s a married man with two kids, most men his age understand duty better than him. He’s busy being a pilot and a father – being a father does not preclude him working full time, like every other father I know and many mothers. He really needs some serious advice from someone about how to answer these questions. He’s doing it his own way.
      Actually I have to say the Queen is at fault too and Charles, they need to get a grip of the severity of the problem or there will be a backlash.

      1. I’m tired of the *doing it his own way* crap. Many people can see around it and since HM and Charles seem to endorse the behavior it makes them look weak.

      2. Amen and spot on with the lazy entitled ‘I am a Prince;’ bill middleton

        God help GB UK and CW, after King Charles if the Monarchy continues with the same heir.

    2. Thank you for that, Haze. William comes across really arrogant in that interview, IMO. I think it is telling that in the full clip of the interview I watched Will says that he has a contract with the air ambulance job and that when it is over he will leave. Does anyone have any idea how long a contract might be?

        1. Thank you, JL! Reading comments on the Daily Mail leads me to believe that this interview hasn’t really helped Will’s reputation. To say that he doesn’t want to be ‘weighed down’ by duty doesn’t come across well when most people are struggling to make ends meet.
          There has to be a change next year. This air ambulance ‘job’ was nothing but another excuse for him to avoid his responsibilities. It is going to take a lot of work for the Duke and Duchess of Do-little to get back in people’s good graces.

  11. These are the best pics of George I’ve seen and it shows off his funny, playful and cheeky personality. That’s such a sweet smile there. My son is around the same age as George and he’s just as playful and has quite the personality!

  12. I am so glad someone other than William and Kate has said that George is a good kid. Could they be saying things like this to purposely mislead people about him because of their idiotic quest for privacy? Or did their inexperience as parents and the needs that he demanded be met through normal crying just give them a bad image of George that they can’t or won’t shake. From the few pictures we have of him I’ve never gotten the impression that he’s the stinker they make him out to be.

    Love that smile on his face. I also think PC and HM look wonderful as they usually do. Too bad we had to have William in the picture.

    1. Lisa, I’d guess it was their lack of experience and patience coupled with a large dose of their own self-absorption that led to George being labelled a terror. The picture here is of a happy, healthy, bright-eyed boy which I reckon can largely be attributed to nanny Maria’s stability and experience. Funny that William demands fake hair to be Photoshopped onto his bald head; my, the pair of them are so vain. Their looks are the least of his and Kate’s worries! Or should be!

    2. I think it started out that William and Kate were not ready for George to be a crier and those initial comments were quite genuine. But I think as time went on W&K just kept repeating the same lines of thought over and over even though he is just a normal toddler. So it may be lying now, but wasn’t at first.

  13. Awww what a sweet photo! That White Room is a stunning backdrop to any photo and I love how they all coordinated in shades of blue. George certainly has an impish, playful quality to him and I bet he is a bit of a handful but aren’t most toddlers 🙂

  14. That is the best picture of George to date, but that outfit, looks like they dug it out of a trunk from 1953! Love William’s extra hair. My Dad is about to turn 90 at the end of the month so I can appreciate that it really is a special picture.

    1. George is as cute as can be. The clothing on PG, especially that blue trimmed shirt is bad. Clearly, his mother’s bad taste in toddler clothing, is equal to the awful things she wore in general for the last *tour*.

    2. Congratulations BostonBrahim and ArtHistorian on the belated and impending birthdays of your parents and grandparent!! How special to have these people around for so long and I hope that you both will enjoy the same longevity!

    3. My father will be 90 later this year, despite his frail health. When I reminded him that he shares the same age with QEII, he joked it was too bad he didn’t have the time to become a king. Elizabeth became a queen although it wasn’t in the cards (happened after her uncle abdicated) and my father survived a novel-like life through refugeeism, poverty, wars and sicknesses. I often consider him a hero of the 20th century. Even with all the hardships through his life, his only complain at this age is that he’s lost one by one all his friends. It must feel terribly lonely to outlive your friends and siblings.
      Congratulations to all our aged relatives. They deserve to be celebrated.

  15. Okay am I the only one who doesn’t think it’s “complaining” when parents mention that their child is naughty? Many children are! I’ve never heard Kate or William say it in a derogatory way or anything remotely close to a manner that implies they are complaining. They simply have said he is basically a rambuctious child. They haven’t said that there is anything wrong with that. YALL are the ones saying it’s bad to be naughty, not them. I’ve always interpreted it as them saying it very lovingly. I hear parents do this all the time.

    Or heck, I LOVE my kitten but he runs around the apartment chasing God knows what all the time and in the process knocks over everything and so I jokingly call him a terrorist to other people – but I mean it entirely lovingly. He’s still the best kitten ever in my opinion.

    1. I would agree with you if on occasion they said something positive about George. It honestly has been things that can be taken in a negative light since he was born. Compared to George, every statement about Charlotte has been complimentary.

      1. Well I think unfortunately both Kate and William do seem to tend to reinforce gender stereotypes when discussing their children – girls should be good, boys are more hyper, etc. That is, as I said, unfortunate, but also kind of proves my point. Rambuctiousness, etc, is not always seen as a bad trait in boys – it is what is expected of them. So in a way, I honestly think Kate and William say that about him because subconsciously they might think that that character trait reinforces George’s masculinity. So subconsciously, they might think it’s a good thing.
        Anyways I don’t know, but imo if you watch them call him naughty, etc, it always seems done in a very loving and teasing way to me. And he’s a child. I think they recognize many children are like that, and so I’m not sure it’s fair to say they think of it as negative at all.

        1. The lamebridges description is due to their laziness (and lack of attention to other than themselves) and parenting.

        2. I cannot believe W and K are deep enough to think they might be reinforcing any masculinity in George. They just seem to always make predictable statements right out of decades gone by.

      2. I agree Lisa, it’s the constant negative sounding comments that are unfortunate. Since he’s been born all I’ve “heard” them say about him is he’s loud, he cries a lot, he runs around an he’s naughty. Also, most of what we “hear” the Cambridges say is in the news or blogs such as this, so it’s written not spoken and we all know that it’s hard to add tone or inflection in the written word. So while they might be saying he’s naughty in a very loving way, it doesn’t come across as that in print.

        1. The Cambridge’s tend to speak in platitudes anyway. In the case of the children I think it’s because it satisfies the public’s curiosity but ultimately says nothing. They don’t want to give away anything ‘real’ about their children. So they resort to gender stereotypes, and phrases such as “George loves (fill in blank)”, “George wants to be (fill in blank)”, “Charlotte does (fill in blank)” and so on – it’s bland, innocuous, with a few stale crumbs thrown to sate public interest. Whatever W+K say about any subject is rarely deep or genuine so it’s likely that stories about the children are much the same.

    2. Maggie Maggie? It’s FLORC 😉

      With all the compliments rained down on Charlotte and never a ompliment to George is stands out as not positive.

      Now, I work with families that have newborns. As much as those parents might have a difficult child and say so not a single parent has not followed up with a compliment or declaration of loving their child despite that. To only highlight a less than desired trait isn’t very kind.

    3. I’ll be totally honest with you, I’ve never heard a parent say their child is “naughty” or bad or anything like that. My cousins called their son “turkey” as a term of endearment when he was a baby, but I’ve never even heard parents call their kids “little monkey”.

      Most of the parents I know have told anecdotes about theirs kids not so great behavior – crying all night, vomiting everywhere, getting lost in the store – but they also speak very highly of their kids. They tell anyone who will listen just how great their children are.

      I don’t think it’s the negative comments William and Kate make in and of themselves. I think it’s the negative comments coupled with the fact that William and Kate don’t rave about their kids the way that most other parents do which gives people pause.

      Also, William and Kate say only negative things about George while they say only positive things about Charlotte.

      I’ve heard parents say their baby is “good” in that they don’t cry excessively, but I’ve never heard a parent describe their baby as “ladylike”. I don’t even know how a baby can be “ladylike”.

  16. Beautiful little boy. He looks loving, bright eyed, energetic and a lot of fun. I constantly marvel at how close a bond he appears to have with William which for all William’s faults, their relationship has not sprung up out of nowhere. I bet Nanny Maria earns every penny of her salary but she will be his saving grace and his touch with some sense of normality. Lovely portrait…..Her Majesty looks absolutely beautiful in that colour.

  17. Do they say these things about George because William was such a terror at this age? Almost acting as if George is the exact replica of Will in behavior and dress…evoking the past to the present. Nothing is new or fresh with these two. Always rehashing the past

  18. George is sooooo cute! They need to stop trying to bring George down, because they are not happy.
    George seems to be a joyful child!

  19. Terrific picture and little George is simply adorable! I just love multi-generational pictures.

    I think George is a replica of Kate’s father. No snark here–simply an observation.

  20. I don’t understand why in such beautiful surrounding the awfull “box” for Gorge was used. This photographer has no sense of estethics whatsoever. In all palace they couldn’t find the footstool? Poor Gorge has to hold to William’s hand to keep balance. Although some percive this as a father/son bond. I don’t keep track of Gorges age, but on the photo it appears like he is still wearing the diapers. I was also shock that 100 photos were taken to get one which qualify for publication.

  21. Greetings Everyone,

    As I write this I can only wish Her Majesty Happy 90th Birthday, and long may she continue to do what she knows and believes what is right.

    I have seen some of the comments on here – my view may upset some, others may understand, either way it is my opinion.

    1. The photograph. Lovely of Her Majesty and Prince Charles. However the other two looked photo shopped in, with George standing on a box that could have come from party pieces.

    It was also very, very obvious to me and (others) that there is a great degree of separation between Her Majesty and work shy willy and his child.

    The obvious close bond is between Charles and his Mother.

    May be it is the angle however,
    Billy boy and George look photo shopped into and in front of her Majesty – as if an “up yours” I am the future you are the past.

    2. The other photograph with her Grandchildren and the two Cambridge kids is distinctly uncomfortable. Her Majesty does not want to hold Charlotte and it is blatantly obvious. I honestly do not think that there is any love lost between the Queen and the Cambridge batch (WC&GC) which makes me think there are serious problems within this relationship. Even though this photograph is not yet on your website KMR – it is all over the news (sorry to prempt your next photo set)

    I would hazard a guess that billy boy and kate the fake – have almost set up their own “Court” and it is a division that goes very deep and runs way into the back waters.

    Next on my list….

    Prince Charles and the Princess Royal (only because their photographs are evident today) have a loving, respectful and close relationship with their Mother. Realising from the get go that Her Majesty is Sovereign first even though she is their Mother. Credit where credit is due that they have this deep understanding as does Prince Harry and of course Prince Philip. Again will be evident in your next photo set.

    Next Point…

    The interview given by the sanctimonious prig William about duty and service – he cannot even spell the words or if he can – he has no idea what they actually mean.

    The interview has gone over like a lead balloon in all Press analysis – the majority are calling him out as a whingeing, pampered tosser that either gets on with it or get out. Including his flakey mrs who it seems has enough spine to tell people how she is going to dress (which is why the underwear was flashed at a Sacred Memorial in India) recently yet cannot be bothered to do anything else that requires real graft.

    Next point…

    The India Jolly – and by the powers I am fuming about that especially since India is suffering the worst drought in well over 50 years and these two bit idiots would have known about it, seen it, seen the starving animals, parched cracked earth but would they or could they even be bothered to have visited the real poor of India? No – it was a star spangled, spick and span, avert your eyes and spend shed loads of money on clothes for a brochure tour.

    I am sick to death of the dimwits WC – billy boy and flakey Katie.

    I said I was going to write to Her Majesty about this and trust me – when I finally made landfall I posted the letter.

    As a person born in a Commonwealth Country, lost family members early, known what state care is all about, have two great uncles with “No Known Grave” and on the Memorial in the Auckland Museum Panels, as well as two great uncles who came back from the wars with battle scars and screams that haunted both them and myself until the day they died.

    I am truly disgusted with what happened at the India Gate, the frivolous manner in which this was treated – the disrespect shown to the fallen is a breach too far for me.

    Prince Harry, Prince Charles, The Princess Royal, Prince Philip (Goes without saying) and Sophie Wessex understand Duty and Service however the dimwit duo will never understand – hopefully I will live long enough to see billy boy being removing himself from the succession and Prince Harry on the throne after his father.

    The House of Windsor will turn into the House of Cards under and if the Cambridge connection is allowed to go unchecked. I live in hope.

    As for Her Majesty – thank you. The Queen has been a beacon for me – Duty and Service – again above self and for that I cannot offer her enough thanks.

    Me – I have blankets, water, rice and the like to organise and deliver before I lay my handmade wreath at the foot of the fallen in a foreign field on Anzac Day NZT

    Take care out there everyone, a basket full of happiness to you all and please find something that makes your heart smile and enjoy.

    The Wild Rose

    Helping out in the wide world one step at a time..

    1. Wildrose, your handmade wreath at the foot of the fallen worths more than any royal fanfare ‘paying tribute’. Honouring also the living survivors and veterans of wars but also the common people who may have stayed behind but fought to survive through the famine and hardships of everyday struggle is also important.
      My 90 year old father survived amongst other hardships, the german occupation of WWII while he was a teenager and had to battle starvation for him and his family. I doupt that any privileged royals would understand and respect common people’s stories.

    2. Wild Rose, when KMR put up the posts about the W&K holiday tour, I was dying to hear what you thought of the expensive, boring sham of the six days.

      Keep well!

  22. George is a cutie pie! It makes me sad his parents continually denigrate this lovely, darling, happy little guy. I hope he gets lots of love.

    The other pictures of HM, like with Anne, or with the grandkids and great-grandkids, are lovely if a bit odd with the Photoshop patina it’s given to make it appear old-school but it’s very Annie Leibowitz (I can’t spell her last name!).

  23. My impression is that George is very spirited. My son is very, very stubborn, spirited, and strong-willed, and it can be EXHAUSTING, especially if you aren’t experienced with kids. His pre-school and kindy teachers have all had to adjust their methods in order to deal with him better. I would never call him “naughty”, and his teachers haven’t either, because he isn’t really naughty, just has more emotional highs and lows than kids who are more even-tempered. He’s also relentlessly curious, independent, very affectionate, funny and mischievous (in a good way) — so there are “good” sides of this kind of personality.

    Anyway, I will give William and Kate the benefit of the doubt. It’s hard to parent a child who is just more… full on. I don’t think they mean to disparage him, but are just making affectionate banter. On the other hand, I think it’s dangerous to attach traits like “naughty” and “ladylike” to children. You don’t want it to become part of their self-identity.

  24. Let’s start with a good thing, Prince George is really cute!
    But I don’t understand the blocks. I mean, they couldn’t find anything else for him to stand on? In Sweden we’ve seen Princess Estelle have her own mini chair(s?) at events, so it’s hard to believe that some other solution than blocks on blocks wouldn’t be possible in GB, especially for a formal photograph, that has been planned for in advance. Or has Prince George been kept so secret that it came as a surprise for everyone that he is much much shorter than everyone else.
    I like the photo still, even though I think the Queen looks a bit absent.

    About the way W&K are talking about Prince George, I find it a bit disturbing. I think they sound a bit negative describing PG. Princess Madeleine and Chris have told that Princess Leonore is a handful (not perhaps in those exact words) but somehow they still sound like loving parents who think the world of their little girl. And they took PL to see the Pope but W&K couldn’t even let PG see some cute little rhinos.

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