Has Kate hired a foreign nanny for George?

Has Kate hired a foreign nanny for George?

Kate and William have reportedly hired a young, European nanny to care for George.  She is said to be about 22.

They had been using Jessie Webb, but she is 71 and ended her employment with the Cambs at Christmas, even though she’s been helping take care of George since then.

A source said:  “The duke and duchess have been looking for a new nanny since January. They have now hired a woman who is about 22 and foreign.”

This is a break from “tradition” as the British Royal Family traditionally goes for nannies who are more “mature” in age and who are most definitely BRITISH.

A lot of the comments on the article have been negative toward Kate and Will’s choice not to hire a British nanny.  I kind of understand where those comments are coming from.  If a British Royal is going to give work to someone, you would think they would give work to a Brit—or at least someone from the UK or Commonwealth.  The whole point of the royals is to bring attention and commerce to the UK, so hiring a foreign nanny seems like a wasted opportunity, especially when there are a ton of British nannies available.  But we don’t know why they hired this nanny, maybe they had a good reason (they get her for cheaper? probably. More control and more security? Also probably).

I wonder if this new nanny is hot.  A hot, young European with a sexy accent that Kate will be envious of because Will wants to get on that?  Hm…  Maybe not.  I bet Kate hired someone who she thinks she’s better than.  I think that’s how Kate would operate.

Interestingly enough, they posted a photo of Jessie Webb at George’s christening.  Did we know that she attended the christening?  I don’t recall that being mentioned and I don’t recall seeing her there.  If they did mention it, I must have overlooked it.  If they didn’t, it was probably because that was in the middle of them trying to convince us that the Cambs hadn’t hired Webb, but now the “no nanny” gloves are off so they don’t care if they show her being around.

Of course, this information is coming from a “source”, and isn’t substantiated yet, so this may not be true.  For what it’s worth, a spokesman said: “We will be confirming these details in due course.”

3 thoughts on “Has Kate hired a foreign nanny for George?

  1. Please KMR! I am laughing too much! You absolutely know the new nanny will not be “hot” by anyone’s standards. Kate is much too insecure to feel comfortable with a “hottie” in the house.

    1. LOL, I know right. Kate wouldn’t be able to handle the competition. She’d want someone “beneath” her that she could control and who she thinks she’s “better than” to make herself feel better.

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