The defense of Will and Kate’s decision to leave George behind doesn’t hold much water

The defense of Will and Kate’s decision to leave George behind doesn’t hold much water

So there has been backlash to Will and Kate (especially, because she’s a woman and women always get sh-t on harder than men) leaving poor little George (their PR stunt baby) behind with Carole and a nanny while Will and Kate jet off on a week-long holiday in the Maldives.  To me, this is not surprising.  Of course they would get backlash for leaving their son behind, that’s half the reason they’re taking him to Oz.  They really are idiots, or they thought they wouldn’t get caught going on this trip, for leaving George.  Anyway, there hasn’t been as much backlash from the press, because they got to go to a private meeting at KP where they met George so they won’t print anything negative.  There has also been some backlash about the cost of their trip—reportedly one villa costs $10,000 for 4 days, and each meal costs $500, and that doesn’t include the plane costs and all the costs for the security team they brought with them.

A “source” close to the Cambs has come out to defend their decision to leave George, and it’s total BS.  The source says: “Kate and William thought it was a great plan to let their new employee get to know George’s routine and habits while they weren’t there. She will be the woman who will be caring for George while Kate and William are doing their royal duties so she needs to get to know him. They thought it best to be out of the way and leave Carole there to oversee the process. It also meant they could have a bit of time together after what has been a very tiring year for the both of them.”

WTF?  The best way to get to know George’s routine is to watch his routine done by the people who know it and do it best.  Then have them watch you as you do it.  Only then can you take full responsibility for it.  But I guess this just tells us that Kate and Will are not a part of George’s normal routine.  Who the hell thinks it’s best for a new nanny to get to know the baby and his routine by leaving the nanny alone with the child without its parents?  The baby needs someone it knows and trusts when you are introducing a new person into its life.  This defense is such crap.

Also, I want to talk about this article, mainly one section of it.  So the article is about the online public reaction to Kate leaving George while she vacations, and that’s great that they are acknowledging the public’s annoyance, but then they have two women give a point-counterpoint to the issue.  The first one is by Karen Brady (yeah, I don’t know who she is either), and she claims that it is a good thing they left George behind.  What this moron doesn’t realize is that her entire argument is negated by the fact that Kate, when she took George to Mustique, already did all the things this woman claims George is being spared from by being left home from Maldives.  All the luggage crap, the screaming baby on a long flight, the break in normal routine… all done when Kate took George to Mustique.  Also clearly this woman is a sycophantic idiot because she says that Will and Kate’s is a “household where even a blind man can see there is much love.”  No.  A blind man could not see the love in that household, what we can see is that they are pretty cold with each other and seem to not give a ton of shits about each other or their child.  Seriously, this chick is a moron.

PS.  This is being billed as George’s new nanny, taking him for a walk in the park sometime last week.

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  1. I think the criticism about leaving George at home is a result of people’s disgust with Kate’s lifestyle. She doesn’t DO anything. She could be active in fund-raising for all sorts of charitable causes. She could (and I believe should) make at least 3 “visits” a week to hospitals, veterans’ homes, schools, scouts. She is a young woman and we should be seeing some energy and enthusiasm for helping improve society. Instead she simply goes on vacations. How can they justify spending $500 on one meal? That is more than many people budget for a month’s food for a family. I fully expect to hear that Kate said, “Let them eat cake.” No, I don’t think the backlash is really about George, it’s about a public’s discontent with their leaders.

    1. Agreed, very well put. The Duchess has the capabilities and resources to get out there and make a difference. From day one there has not been much substance in anything that she has done. Take a look at Princess Mary of Denmark, now there is someone who is really making a difference. With 4 children, she is incredibly busy and setting a cracking pace. Yes she goes on holidays with her family but only after she has worked. That is how it works. 3 engagements in 3 months, 2 holidays in 2 months. The Duchess has royal aids and advisers who do most of the groundwork for her. She needs to be proactive and get out there and help the less fortunate and make an impact. It is irrelevant whether the Middleton’s take holidays at a certain time of year etc.. The Duchess has a different life now. She has had years of preparation for her future royal. She is married to the future king of England, she needs to start taking her responsibilities seriously and stop being so self absorbed. Support the Queen and Prince Phillip, look at there ages and they were out and about doing royal duties a couple of days ago looking happy and eager. It is very disappointing how the Duke and Duchess have carried on! As for leaving George, there is time for that later.
      Babies are only small for such a short amount of time, they need there parents. The Duchess is not a newly wed anymore, there is plenty of time for holidays later, enough of the good times, and get on with it.

  2. As for leaving the baby with Carole!? Is it not better to leave George in his own home with his own things around him, or is he at Ma Middleton’s so much that he thinks Bucklebury is his home? Will Carole be given a title due to all the child care she is providing?

  3. ya kate WILL NEVER EVER take any responsibility for anything in her life, george will be raised be nannies and carole, because kate is incapable of anything, she cant even dress herself for gods sake, william brought this tart to the world shame on him!

  4. If they choose to vacation wihout their child, that’s their prerogative. It’s the vacation that’s the issue, not who is or isn’t there.

    1. I think the problem is that not even a few days prior to the vacation info leak, the Palace was saying how Kate and Will simply refused to leave their child with a nanny for an extended period while they traveled thousands of miles away. And then they go and leave him for an extended period while they traveled thousands of miles away. It just comes across as hypocritical.

      But yes, the biggest issue is the cost and frequency of their vacations.

  5. Heaven forbid I defend Waity and Willy but the Queen did the same thing to Charles when he was an infant. She spent months in Malta with Prince Phillip. That being said, she also actually DID public duties while in Malta. She toured Italy and Greece. And what does Waity actually DO on a day-to-day basis when she’s not shopping or appearing at a charity dinner? Change George’s nappies? Yeah right.

    1. Did the Queen and her Mum chase down a rich guy for 10 years? Does the Queen go on vacay every 6 weeks or so? I think not…

      1. That wasn’t the point I was making. Other royals (especially of the Queen’s generation and older) left their children behind in Britain for months at a time when they went on tour or vacation. The then Princess Elizabeth left Charles when he had whopping cough to fly out to Malta to celebrate her wedding anniversary with Phillip. That being said, she also did public duties while there, something Katie wouldn’t dream of doing while on vacation. The Queen still carries out over 300 engagements a year, despite being 87, and has government papers she reads and approves every day; Katie doesn’t have such an excuse.

  6. Who cares if the baby was left behind? It just seems to be used as a screen anyways, poor thing. The thing is that Willyboy and Katiekins are lazy and selfish and don’t seem to do any kind of real work. Plus, just think over all the vacations they have gone on since God knows when. Disgusting when hard-working people cannot afford to even get away, these two parasites live the life of Riley.

  7. Well, how about this re the Nanny. Outrageous, English nannies “suck”. Just who to this odious couple think they are. Brits pay their taxes and keep them in their lavish lifestyle, but British nannies “suck”. You want a nanny, you hire a nanny, You want a skivvy, you hire a skivvy. Nannies are to look after your child (children), not put out the garbage.

    1. That guy kind of seems like a d-ck. Sure, there are people who don’t work as hard as others, but then fire them and get someone new, don’t make grossly exaggerated sweeping generalizations based off of three bad nannies. Plus, those nannies don’t sound that terrible to anyone who doesn’t have their head up their own -ss. A nanny is supposed to take care of the child, not the parents.

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