Pippa comes back from India looking incredibly orange

Pippa comes back from India looking incredibly orange

Pippa and her boyfriend, Nico Jackson, took a holiday to India, and arrived back in London the other day looking particularly orange.  Far more orange than she usually looks.  The Daily Mail said she looked “glowing”, but I disagree, she looks rough.  That skin color does not look good on her.  She probably just got a lot of sun while on vacation and that color will fade, hopefully.  Pippa is only 30, by the way, she looks much older than that in these photos.  She really needs to stop tanning.

As far as her outfit goes, I don’t hate it.  Pippa has worn some awful things in the past, but this outfit is kind of cute for a casual flying outfit.  Her make-up is another story; she’s sporting some heavy eyeliner, giving her the trademark Middleton Raccoon Eyes.  I really don’t get that at all, there is no reason to wear such heavy eyeliner during the day, especially for flying.

Now, there have been engagement rumors about Pippa and Nico for months, but no announcement.  The Mail is still claiming that they are going to announce an engagement at any time with a wedding next year.  We’ll see.  Ironically, it isn’t the Middleton “sources” leaking the engagement stuff, it’s Nico’s “friends”.  Hm… Is Nico just as much of a social climber as the Midds, would he love to be royal-adjacent by marriage, is he going to out-waity the Middletons?!  LOL.  It is interesting that Pippa and Nico have taken so many vacations this year (at least four since February), and are apparently going to take many more.  I mean, does Nico actually have a job?  He seems to be taking an awful lot of vacations, and doing photo ops and appearances, whenever Pips wants.  Hm… seriously he might be the male Waity. Waity Nico!!

Quick comments about some of the pictures: does Pip look frightened to anyone else in this picture?  And in this picture she’s going, “oh, let me make sure they’re still watching, good they are.”

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