William’s messages to Kate revealed in phone hacking scandal

William’s messages to Kate revealed in phone hacking scandal

Stories have come out in the last few days with information that I look at and think, “What’s the big deal, we knew that months (or years) ago.”  But some things we didn’t know and the way the press is handling some things I would like to discuss.  Ugh, let’s do this.

So the now-defunct News of the World paper ran a phone hacking ring back in 2005-2007-ish and the trial is going on right now.  Four of the people who were hacked were Prince William, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, and Chelsy Davy.  There are a bunch of messages from 2006.  I’m going to quote them (from the Mail), so prepare for a long post.

In one [voice recording from 2006], William started by saying: ‘Hi baby’, adding: ‘Had a busy day today again.  I’ve been running around the woods of Aldershot chasing shadows and getting terribly lost, and I walked into some other regiment’s ambush, which was slightly embarrassing because I nearly got shot. Not by live rounds but by blank rounds, which would be very embarrassing though.  Um, er, yeah, I’m off on exercise tomorrow morning, just for the day, and then I’m back on Saturday first thing, erm, so I probably won’t be able to speak to you tomorrow night.’  He then told her he might send her ‘a cheeky text message’ because he might have his phone with him, before signing off: ‘All right, baby, lots of love, um, speak to you soon. Bye bye.’

Another call from William in which he said: ‘My head’s all right. I’ve just picked up your message. Oh, my little babykins! I hope you are all right.  I just tried ringing you but I do not think you would pick it up because it is 5.35am in the morning so it is probably not a very good time to ring you. I hope you are all right.’

In another message William says: ‘Hello baby, it’s me. Sorry I did not ring you earlier and tell you what I was doing. Been a bit of a nightmare day. I think I would just about be finished in a minute.  It has just gone six but I don’t think I will be able to leave here till about seven. I have got stuff here to do, bits and pieces, but I should be able to leave at about seven at the least. Crack on with what you have got to do and don’t worry about me. I will give you a buzz later.  I always thought you were going to the gym. Hopefully I can come and see you. I will give you an update. Planning on definitely coming out, hopefully by sevenish, so I will be with you by quarter to eight at the latest. Hope that’s all right, baby. I can’t wait to see you. Lots of love and I’ll speak to you later.’

In one call, William talks of wanting to go on a drag hunt with beagles: ‘Hi honey, it’s me. I’m back in the small land of Sandhurst. A couple of pretty nasty days on exercise. Decided to just enjoy them. I am feeling a bit s***** at the moment but hope you are OK. Lovely to speak to you…  You are probably very busy working but if there is any chance you are free, maybe later this afternoon or evening, I might be able to get out. I am going to try and go out beagling again and then come to you afterwards.  So if you are around at home this evening I would love to see you. Let me know. Give me a text or ring back. I am around about the rest of the day.’

Hm… My first instinct was to think, “Damn, Kate never answered her phone.”  Because these are clearly all from William, but then I thought that we have no idea how far apart these messages were recorded and if/when/how much Kate responded in between.  These are only, what, four messages, made sometime in 2006, so they could have been made over a month or longer.  Four missed calls in a month or longer isn’t that much. 

The press is all running with the “pet names” bit, but there were stories about Will and Kate’s “pet names” for each other years ago, obviously from the same scandal, but they have already been reported, so I’m not sure why that’s so interesting.  Also, the “William was almost shot while at Sandhurst” was also a story years ago, so not so shocking their either.  Also, no comment on their pet names, I think everyone’s pet names for their partners are cheesy and ridiculous, though they are probably super cute to the people in the relationship, so whatevs as far as that goes. 

These messages are from 2006, when Will and Kate still liked each other, and clearly William was thinking about Kate while he was at Sandhurst, and that’s nice.  But I’d like to hear their messages now, because I don’t think they’re that lovey-dovey anymore.

There is also a message left by William to Harry in which William pretends to be Chelsy and calls Harry ugly and whatnot.  Honestly, William is kind of a jerk to Harry; he is always taking jabs at him, and in public.  I don’t think William is all that nice.  But maybe it’s specific to Harry… because he’s envious of Harry’s freedom (even though William has more freedom to BS around and not get caught, since the press totally protect him and not Harry, but Harry doesn’t have the “will be king” responsibility)?  I don’t know, but if I were Harry I’d kind of resent William’s torment.

Speaking of Harry, his messages were of subject in court as well, except his specific messages were not reported, but instead an email was read from someone at the paper I guess about how much Chelsy was calling and texting Harry (from the Guardian):

The full email ‘on progress so far’ on ‘Harry and Chelsy story’ read: ‘Good off-the-record chat with [redacted] last night. Chelsy is driving Harry nuts, won’t leave Harry alone. He’s not allowed to use his mobile at Sandhurst until he’s off duty but she’s blitzing him with dozens of calls and texts when he should be concentrating on his training.  Family likes her well enough but they’re worried that she’s incredibly needy just at the time when Harry needs to be concentrating on himself.  We’ve been having a very quiet look at this independently and it works in just over one month she’s put in nearly 60 calls to his mobile. That’s on top of texts, Harry can only field these after he’s finished his training duties sometimes after 10pm.’  The email finished with the sentence: ‘He keeps the phone on, but on silent – it buzzes and vibrates so frequently with new M [sic].’

It bugs me that they make Chelsy and Harry’s relationship seem like crap and make William and Kate’s seem all sweet and adorable.  You know Harry and Chelsy had those adorable moments, too; and William and Kate had awful moments just like any other couple—and I’m sure someone was bugging someone along the way with too many calls and texts.  But the press has to be all, “William is perfect, Harry sucks.”  Because William is the golden boy heir and Harry is the wild spare.

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