The Cambridges might take George to Australia, and other random news

The Cambridges might take George to Australia, and other random news

In some random Kate news before I get to the Christmas posts:

*The Cambridges are planning a tour of Australia and New Zealand next April, and are planning on bringing George with them—just like Diana!  Because Kate has to do everything just like Diana.  I shouldn’t rag on her for this; I’d want to bring my child with me too if I was going away for the better part of a month.  However, I am always skeptical of these two, and I really think they’re only going to bring the baby for PR purposes.  1) They can’t be seen leaving the baby with a nanny for that long, because people will complain and she’s got to keep that “hands on mother” image alive.  2) They want to bring the baby out for pictures—just like The Wales’ did with William—to show the “happy family”.  I guess they are planning to fly with George, instead of in separate planes, and that’s a big deal because direct heirs are not supposed to fly together.  I may totally be wrong on this, but I know Diana and Charles brought William to Australia with them, and I saw Diana holding William as they got off the plane, right?  Am I remembering wrong?  Did William fly in a separate plane?  I don’t know.  Whatever.

*There is an article on Hollywood Life, quoting Star Mag, that says Kate is totally three months pregnant with her second child and will announce in the new year.  Because wearing that god-awful, biscuit-hugging, Alice Temperley dress and holding her hands over her abdomen means she’s pregnant, according to an “eyewitness”.  And then of course they have a “palace source” saying how Will and Kate have told the family and they’re all thrilled.  And of course they want a girl and Carole is totally pushing them to name it Diana.  Because OF COURSE Carole wants their daughter named Diana.  You know why I’m skeptical of this, it comes from Star, firstly, but also because the “palace source” quote in no way reads like an actual person saying something.  I mean, even the really stupid “eyewitness” quote at least reads like it was someone just talking.  The “palace insider” quote sounds like a writer made it up; it’s too perfectly written.  Also, I want to point out that Kate always holds her hands there. With or without a clutch, she always has her hands over her lower abdomen. Eh, whatever, we’ll see I guess.

*The new roof at Anmer Hall looks freaking ridiculous.  It’s bright bloody orange.  The article says the tiles are supposed to “weather” over the next year.  Let’s hope so.

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