The royals go to church for Christmas

The royals go to church for Christmas

Christmas happened, and as per tradition the royals went to church—twice.  The ladies changed outfits.  I’m not sure why, but whatever.  I’m going to use bullet points, so here we go.

*Prince Harry still has his ginger beard, though it’s been trimmed a bit.  And he’s apparently planning on keeping it.

*Peter Phillips played a prank on William while leaving the church.  He made “bunny ears” behind his head.  Part of me thinks this is silly, but then part of me loves it because William is always picking on Harry and this time it was William who was teased.  Haha.

*Here’s an article about the Queen’s church outfits.  She wore a purple dress and fur coat to the early service, and a bright orange number with a fur hat to the later one.

*The Queen made her annual Christmas speech, which featured Prince George.  She talked about him, and showed footage from the christening.  Interesting to note that the three pictures behind her on the table were of the four generations shot from the christening, her father, and her mother (I think). I’ll post a video of the speech at the end of the post.

*Zara Phillips is eight months pregnant, and is expected to give birth in January.  She got to ride with the Queen to church, while everyone else walked.  Normally Sophie rides in the car with the Queen, since she is her favorite.  Last year the York girls rode with the Queen.  Zara looked lovely, and heavily pregnant (way more pregnant than Kate ever looked).  I’ll be interested to know what they name their child.  I don’t know if the Queen has to approve of names when they are as far down the line of succession as Zara’s baby will be, so I wonder if the baby will have a crazy name.  The Queen approved Zara, so anything is possible.

Here is the video of the Queen’s Christmas Speech, 2013:[youtube=]

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    1. I did notice that. I also noticed that the awful picture Papa Midds took of George with his parents was sitting behind the Queen in a picture she took with.. David Cameron (?) while at Balmoral. But then she changed up the picture as soon as she had a good one. Clearly she cares about the four generations–which is historical–and not so much about George’s mother.

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