Kate is the “perfect modern-day woman” according to Alice Temperley

Kate is the “perfect modern-day woman” according to Alice Temperley

Alice Temperley gave an interview to the Telegraph, and she mentions Kate Middleton—who has worn Temperley designs numerous times.  Of course the article uses Kate’s name front and center for the headline, because even though she is only mentioned in one paragraph, 14 paragraphs into a super long article, using Kate’s name will generate a ton of clicks and that’s what they want.  I’m only going to cover the part about Kate, but go here to read the full article.

About Kate, Alice said: “The Duchess is an inspiration… She’s very graceful, gracious and she’s a brilliant ambassador for British fashion. She mixes up designer and high street; the perfect modern-day woman.”

Um, what?  I’m trying to wrap my head around all of her ridiculousness.  Let’s start with the positive:

  1. I do think Kate is a pretty good ambassador for British fashion, only because I had never heard of most of the designers she wears before I started following her (sorry Brits).  So I’ll give her that one.

Let’s see if I can wrap my head around the rest of it…

  1. Kate is an inspiration… because she mixes high and low end clothing?  Because no other celebrity wears Top Shop or Zara (a brand Kate has pretty much given up since she got married)?  Kate is not the only celebrity, or royal, to wear high street, and she doesn’t even have the greatest taste in clothing, so I really don’t see how she could be that big of an inspiration as a fashion girl (and she certainly isn’t an inspiration in any other way).
  2. Graceful and gracious?  Not so much.
  3. I understand that Alice Temperley is not going to bad-mouth Kate, or any of her other famous clients, but really?  Kate’s the perfect modern-day woman?  Because all it takes to be the perfect modern-day woman is to wear both high end and low end clothing?  God help us all.

I know I’m probably reading way too much into this statement, Alice Temperley is saying something nice about a client because she isn’t going to ever say anything negative about a client lest she lose that client.  And she was probably asked specifically about Kate’s fashion, and the reporter simply didn’t print that lead in, so of course her response would only be about the fashion.  But even so, the “perfect modern-day woman” line is just stupid. There are so many things to the “perfect modern-day woman” than what type of clothes she wears, and Kate embodies none of that. In fact, I’d say Kate is the opposite of the modern-day woman; she’s very old school in the decisions she’s made in her life.

In other Kate news, apparently there are some disgruntled neighbors near Anmer Hall in Sandringham.  Kate and William are renovating the home the Queen gave them, because a million dollar renovation on one property just wasn’t enough, they need another (probably) million dollar renovation on the other.  Apparently the new, red roof they are putting on looks gauche compared to the 1800s Georgian style house and makes it look like a “cheap Barratt home”.  And that, folks, just about sums up Kate Middleton: cheap and gauche.  She takes a beautiful, old home and makes it look cheap and gauche.

As kind of a callback or update from an earlier story, here’s an article about the Paris exhibition that is showing the Halo Tiara for the next two months.

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