William & Kate join The Queen for church

William & Kate join The Queen for church

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge joined The Queen today, January 7, for church at St. Mary Magdalene Church on the Sandringham estate.

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While The Queen arrived to the church by car, wearing a bright pink outfit, William and Kate walked with Prince Philip.

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Kate wore her Moloh Turpin Coat which she previously wore to Christmas 2014 when pregnant with Charlotte. For this go-around, Kate styled the coat with a Lacorine Sumac – Luxury Alpaca Fur Hat in brown and brown Cornelia James gloves with a fur cuff. She also wore her Sapphire and Diamond Earrings, Tod’s Fringed leather pumps she debuted in Canada in 2016, and her Chanel Calfskin Bag she debuted in Paris in 2017.

It’s nice to see Kate repeating clothes from her previous pregnancies.

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Also in attendance at the service were Pippa Middleton and her husband James Matthews, and William and Kate’s friends James and Laura Meade.

I like Pippa’s outfit the best here.

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114 thoughts on “William & Kate join The Queen for church

  1. A total wash. I hope to God that is not real fur and that coat is too snug. Those fur hats do nothing for her and I am not a fan of brown coats. Didn’t like Meghan’s brown coat and don’t like Kate’s. And for God’s sake, can Pippa and her smug face stay home?

    Matter of fact, can we have a ban that bars the Middlings from all royal and royal adjacent events? Please and thank you.

          1. There is a differnce in wool and fur.
            Wool gets shorn.For fur, the animals have to be dead.
            It’s highly alarming that so many people excuse the wearing of fur.

      1. You can’t collect fur from the ground, just hair for wool.
        Again, for fur, the animals get skinned, just for this purpose.
        Kate doesn’t have to.see this.It’s just “chic” for many aristocrats and wannabes.
        It’s nice to look at and warm, but the price to produce it is too high.

        1. Not all animals get skinned just for the sake of fur. Sheep are slaughtered for meat, and their sheepskins are made into furcoats and furhats. It isn’t perhaps a necessity in England, but in some countries it gets so cold for so long in the winter, and transportation is so poor, that fur outerwear is a real life saver. From my perspective, which animal is skinned makes a real difference. Mink and rabbit have hardly any meat on them, and are farmed for fur alone, frequently in very poor, cruel conditions. Yep, that’s wrong. Fox and beaver make outstanding coats from the perspective of protection against the elements, wearability and beauty. But again – fur is the only reason they are slaughtered and the rest is wasted, which is poor stewardship and disrespectful to the animals. But cattle, goat, sheep – we eat the meat, we boil the bones, we tan the leather, and sew fur into coats. For so long as we provide them with good living conditions in quality free-range pastures where they are treated right, I see no problem with that. Not using the coat of an animal slaughtered for meat is just as wasteful and disrespectful as is only using the fur and nothing else. So I have no problem with goat and sheep fur coats and fur hats. There is a variation on that, where an unborn lamb at a certain stage of gestation is aborted from the sheep, and their fur has been highly valued for its beauty and used for clothing. But that’s just wrong man. There is just no need for that, ever.

          1. I get that,Ecelos.
            There are countries in which the natives used the fur,meat, bones to survive and I’m all for that.
            But we talk about Kate here, an aristocrat living in a luxury home with enough heating.
            The alpaca meat of her hat doesn’t get used.
            She knows that, but still wears fur in every winter, like her mother does and her sister.

          2. Lovely Blossom, I totally agree with everything you’re saying about fur, but just to point out it says on the website for that particular hat that all their alpaca fur is derived from ‘natural herd loss’.

  2. Philip looks so small and old in this pic! The queen looks bright and cheery in her pink tho! I can only lament so many times how much I hate Kate’s big fury hats and nothing has changed since her last wearing of a big fury hat. I see her friend has the mini version.
    I think Pippa looks like Carmen Sandiego in her getup but I do like her shoes. And since I seem to be in a snarky mood, James looks so smarmy here.

      1. Considering he turns 97 this June it is not surprising that he is a little hunched over.
        He walked to church unassisted. No walking frame. No walking stick.
        Prince Philip is amazing!

        1. If anything he looks fitter and healthier than 6 months ago. I think the flu that he and HMTQ had last year really wiped them out for a few months. But strolling briskly to Church and it was briskly too. He kept up with the church party easily. He never ceases to amaze me and HMTQ looks very well at the moment too. Vibrant and luminous.

  3. God bless the Queen. She understands how to dress and that we love color on our royals. Not drab brown-winter is dull enough.

    And since when do Will and Kate attend church other than Xmas and maybe Easter? Has hell frozen over? I mean will this go in the Court Circular and boost their numbers?

    1. William and Kate did a January church with the Queen in 2016 and 2017, also.

      No, these church services don’t count toward their court circular numbers; it’s just church with the Queen. It’s a private event, except for the fact that the road is public so photographers can photograph the royals from the road and people are allowed to wait outside the church. Which is why I see nothing wrong with Kate’s family going with them if they are staying at Anmer. William and Kate’s friends went to the service also.

      1. The reason it bothers some people I think is because the Middletons are not known to be church goers. Yet. They make it a point to go with the royal family. It seems like a photo op.
        I hope you’re feeling better.

          1. Is this to make up for the fact that we didn’t get a Middleton Royal Walk on Christmas Day?

            (Sorry but my snark has gotten out of his box again)

          2. It’s Kate’s birthday weekend so we usually get a Middleton party in some shape of form. Surprised Ma Middleton isn’t there though. Probably at home bossing the staff and hitting the Chablis whilst Mike soaks up the hard stuff before the rest get back from Church.

        1. Is Pippa confirmed? We know Kate wasn’t until just before her wedding. Not the sign of avid churchgoers if you wait to get confirmed as an adult for C of E not when you can do it as early as 10.
          I am just no fan of hypocritical church attendances when they coincide with photo ops.

          1. Eh, I believe it was for Epiphany, and it seems quite standard to go to church with someone if you are a visitor in their home, especially over a holiday.

        2. Many people aren’t regular churchgoers but then attend when they are with family. I am in my mid-twenties and many of my friends don’t attend church while they are here in the city, but will go with parents and grandparents when they are home visiting. it’s not that weird.

      2. So this is becoming a ‘thing’? This pap stroll? It’s an ordinary Sunday, so why have the paps amassed when the queen isn’t photographed going to church every Sunday? Who called them? Did they know who would be there?

        This propagation of a shadow court is bothersome. Who doesn’t think the Midds continue to raise their royal adjacent profile in hopes of being absorbed into the court one day- with titles? And an apartment in KP?

        1. When the Queen attends church in Sandringham, and also Balmoral, she and the other attendees (if they are known) are often papped.

  4. Pippa and Carole have worn similar hats that were just as awful. Maybe it’s genetic? ?
    I like faux fur hats, but the ones they wear are dreadful.

    1. Omigod, I forgot about C-Midd’s fur hat. She looked godawful. I bet that fur hat Kate is wearing is her mom’s.

        1. That’s mean. I actually couldn’t think what she looked like other than at the wedding, so I just googled pictures, and she looks completely nice and normal. I get that you consider her somewhat of a public figure, and so presumably up for a target, but really sometimes it seems like people really just get pleasure from meanness, which is so sad to me. I know it’s just anonymous comments on the internet, but I think there are real-world consequences to letting that kind of vitriol fester, and inevitably it spreads, and next thing you know it’s middle school girls killing themselves because other girls are making those same sorts of comments to them. Or getting eating disorders, like Princess Diana.

  5. KMR so wonderful to have you back and I hope you’re feeling better! The repeats are nice and I hope she repeats on her trip to Coventry next week. I’ve read an article or two that many locals are not overjoyed with this visit. I will say though her coat looked a tad bit snug and I’m pretty sure she has at least one maternity coat.

    1. Thanks. I’m still dealing with everything and may not be able to cover Kate’s engagement on Wednesday this week, but I was able to get this up.

      I love the Beulah navy coat Kate wore in 2015 when pregnant with Charlotte. I’d love to see that get a repeat.

    2. She has a really pretty light blue Seraphine maternity coat I hope she re-wears. She has a nice cream maternity coat as well that I love. I am with you on the navy Beulah coat-that one looked great on her

    1. Exactly what I thought, Boston. Since when has Kate ever had a purse with handles? That one time in Paris, but that seems to be it. I am side-eyeing this as hard as I am her appearance at the train station when she was oh, so conveniently papped the day Meghan had her first official engagement.

  6. I’m glad to see the repeats too! Usually dislike the fur hat, but after enduring negative wind chills in my neck of the woods all week, I can’t muster any bad feelings towards anything used as a heat source. 😉

    I hope you’re feeling better, KMR!

  7. These pics remind me of how Kate used to look before marriage. Her face now looks identical. It’s refreshing.

    I found myself wondering what sort of diet she goes on to morph back into her after marriage look after each pregnancy.

    Her face is nearly identical to university and after uni pics. I like that look on her. As she gets older, she’s also starting to look more like Carole.

    I love Pippa’s outfit.

    1. This has got to be another girl that Kate is espectding. They say girls take the mother’s looks and lately, Kate is looking way to full in the face. I do like her with more weight, but this pregnancy — maybe because it is her third – just isn’t as easy on her as the others seemed to be. I feel for her. Having to get around and get all gussied up when she’d probably be happier lounging around in sweatpants and a huge sweat shirt. Of course, those would not work at a Church service!

      Pippa’s look — except for the Dallas Cowboys star on her hat, were fine to me. Of course, the Midds always manage to get in on the act, don’t they?

      Special wishes to KMR. Feel better and take care of yourself.

  8. KMR – thinking of you and wishing you well. Glad to see you posting when you can. Thanks for letting us know your need for rest and may I respectfully request you just keep in touch so we don’t worry. Perhaps just an acknowledgement that Kate did something and a link to another source such as a newspaper article? We can discuss from there until you are well enough to offer analysis and commentary. Sending good thoughts your way.

  9. As I am swealtering (is that a word) through a 4th day over over 110F I’m having a chuckle at the clothes shown here – it can’t be that cold or DoC and wife would not be walking outside – but his grandfather would . . . the current generation is not made of stern stuff. So Kate is in the boring Christmas coat and hat – someone made sure she was not in another new thing – IMO too little too late in terms of the PR

    1. It’s +1c here in Manchester. I’ve been to Norfolk a lot, and it is damp and cold, being very flat and getting the winds off the sea!! In January it feels bitterly cold.

    2. Keep cool in the heat Oz Shan!

      Or jump the ditch and take a holiday here as it’s still warm and sunny in Auckland, but just not Aussie hot?

      Jen and Sophia Pitt (and your daughter as well Sophia) – hope you are all staying cool too?

      1. Oh Cathy, it’s melting hot here. We even made the NY Times!

        Bushfire season again, and also – pretty yucky – snake eggs found in school sand pits:

        I’m thinking of Sophia who I think is in one of the hot spots in NSW? Also Lisa (Melb) since Victoria is really sweltering too. Best thing is to keep cool and eat paddle pops (chocolate milk ice).

        1. Wow, my sympathies to all in Australia who are suffering through such horrible heat. Here on Long Island (NY), we have experienced an arctic blast and a terrible snow storm. So darn cold that one cannot seem to grasp the fact. I’m making lots of soups and stews and trying to let the warmth from those warm my spirits, which have been in the tank since cabin fever has set in. My little girl wants to go out and her big brothers do, too. It’s been too frigid to allow that, although the boys put on many layers and got out there despite my protests. They were back in about 10 minutes for cocoa and cookies.

          Best to everyone on this blog, whether you are enduring the oppressive heat or the horrific cold.

          P.S. Paddle pops! Wow, they sound amazing!

        2. Paddle pops indeed Jen! The kids also gave the sprinkler a work out too, something that is rarely seen these days because it feels such a waste of water, but at 42 degrees it seemed necessary! Melbourne often gets a run of 4 days or so in a heatwave which can be trying, but Saturday was just a day. Particularly draining for older folk without Aircon. however. Wishing you a speedy recovery, KMR.

  10. Dear Erin,
    There was no need for you to respond to my comment in such a disrespectful way. If you wanted to point out that you disagreed with me surely there was a less nasty way to do that, despite that, thank you for your pictures to illustrate your point.
    Your reaction to my opinion is what so many others have voiced here as to why the posters on this blog have changed so much and why some people have just stopped posting. It just is not necessary to attack others if you do not agree with someone else’s opinion. How can you presume to know what my narrative is around Kate, William or any other members of the BRF?

    1. Amen, sister.

      Besides, there is no doubt in my mind that Kate is upping her PR game. Further, Kate is known as a theme dresser and copycat, known to WSF Diana, so it’s reasonable to assume that Meghan might be her next copycat target.

        1. I thought the same thing when I saw the purse with the handles. She usually carries a clutch. I hope she doesn’t go on a shopping spree to “Meghanize” her wardrobe.

          1. This handbag isn’t new – she had it in France – personally, I like to see her reusing things especially an expensive (overpriced) designer bag. I also don’t think it’s something she could use on an engagement.

            She and Pippa both look low-key. I like their coats and whilst I’m no fan of Pippa’s I’m glad she wore a relatively inexpensive hat.

    2. Dear Boston,
      My comment was not toward you. It was in response to Leah which is why I posted under her. She always has to bring up Meghan and finds way to say Kate is copying her or doing something in regards to her. Like on the last post, Charlotte is starting school on the same day to take attention away from Meghan’s appearance. So I was responding to how silly it was saying Kate copied Meghan over a purse. It is a consistent thing with Leah to bring up Meghan and how Kate is wanting, so my reaction was to her once again finding some way to fault Kate and bring up Meghan.

      I am tired of Meghan always being brought up. And she is being brought up to put Kate down. I think it is sad that Meghan hasn’t even married yet and already fans are pitting the women against each other. I personally hope they are great friends. There is nothing to show otherwise. It doesn’t have to be a competition between them with fans.

      Not every little thing Kate does is in regards to Meghan. We could start saying the same about Meghan. She wore a coat brand on Christmas that Kate wore first, so clearly she is copying Kate. Or She wears her hair down and curled, so she is copying Kate. Or she is wearing longer skirts now when she used to wear short, so she is copying Kate who wears longer skirts. Or she is wearing coats with boots, which is a Kate thing, so clearly she is copying Kate. It could be done both ways. And it is silly. Why does one woman have to be put down in order to bring up another?

      Also, my comment wasn’t ‘nasty.’ I didn’t name call or attack you. I didn’t even respond to you. The way I reacted was because I am tired of every little thing being due to Meghan. Kate owned this purse from her Paris trip. She re-wore it. That’s it. She didn’t go buy a new handled purse. I just find the nitpicking of Kate, by the one commentator, to be silly. And that is why people have left this site. The nastiness to Kate and name calling.

      I’m sorry you took the comment personally, especially since it wasn’t directed at you. But I am not sorry for what I said. You don’t always bring of Meghan, so even this whole explanation of why I said what I did isn’t even for you. My comment and even explanation is due to Leah who always brings up Meghan. But I find it funny that you are doing to me what you say you don’t like. You are singling me out when my comment wasn’t even to you. That is attacking. I am not offended though-just an observation

      1. And you singled me out, Erin and in a nasty way with your comments. So we are all “even.”

        And Boston, I am not the only one who brings up Meghan re Kate. Kate has a history of copy catting esp re Diana.

      2. Erin,
        Once again your disrespect and snarkiness towards others has come though just by ending your response to me with “just an observation’.
        Since your response was in the thread I started, I perceived your comments as also directed toward me as well.
        While you may think it is silly, I believe that Leah has the right to compare the 2 women if she wants to “always bring it up”, as long as it is done in a constructive and respectful way. It is clear that Leah has strong opinions and I agree with her when she says that she is not the only one who brings up Meghan in the same sentence with Kate.
        We may not like someone else’s opinion, but we all have them, and this blog has always been about expressing our opinions and observations of how we see the BRF.
        I have no more to write on this subject and will not be responding to any more of your comments now or in the future.

      3. Erin,

        For what it’s worth, I don’t think you said anything which made you deserving of being accused of being nasty, snarky or disrespectful. You should be as free to express your opinions and observations as any other person who posts here.

          1. Erin, thank you for your appropriate assertion. I observe that some find it okay to compare Kate and Meghan over the most trivial things, however, when parallels are pointed out between Meghan and Fergie, that is horribly discounted. Thank you.

  11. How lovely HM is out and about. Prince Phillip walking is impressive but more hunched over. Not sure about the pink though. I think I prefer the blue. HM does brighten up against the grey sky though.
    Pippa’s outfit is lovely. I like the colour but it reminds me of the show Pan am. Not for any bad reasons it was a good cheesy television show. I do like the colour of the high heels though. Kate’s hat is lovely but how solemn everyone looks apart from Kate. I can’t remember the blue maternity coat. I will have to look back.
    Finally lovely to have you back KMR. Take care.

  12. It’s Monday, my blood sugar levels have been incredibly wonky lately (last night, before dinner, it was at 377! Yes, I gave myself A TON of insulin before I ate which was a salad), and my snark button is on.

    1.) I hate to be so skeptical but we know that their (W, K, and Middletons) attending church is insincere. They only seem to go when there are cameras and that’s truly sad,IMO.

    2.) I do not like Kate’s ensemble. From the coat, to the hat, to the tights (pantyhose?), to the shoes everything is a great big blob of brown.

    3.) Whomever said that Pippa looks like Carmen Sandiego was spot on but instead of a blue coat/hat, Pippa just needed to wear a red fedora and trench coat and presto!

    4.) The star on Pippa’s hat reminds me of the Texas state flag.

    That’s it. I just went to remember when Kate’s birthday is (it’s tomorrow) and Bing has her height listed as 5’9″ Bahahahahaha!!!!!!! Every single level of nope!

    P.S. As for my blood sugar levels? I’m going to keep an eye on them and if they’re STILL acting up, I’ll cave in and call my doctor (even though I’m scheduled to see her at the end of next month). This is getting ridiculous and might explain why I’ve been feeling so lousy since November-ish. Yes, my butt is at work right now though I’m still feeling blah.

    Edit: did anyone else watch “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” as a kid/teen? I LOVED that show and I always thought I’d kill it (in U.S. Geography. World? Nope, especially some of the African or European countries).

    1. I used to love that show too. It makes me feel old now because some of her countries in Europe and Africa and Asia have changed a bit since the 90s.

      I don’t love Pippa’s hat or the fact that she is even there but at least she isn’t wearing a fur hat.

  13. I liked both ladies outfits for the most part. Kate’s coat was too snug, but it was pretty. I don’t like the hat. I’m glad that she is rewearing clothing and reusing that overpriced purse.
    I did like Pippa’s hat, but she needs to get rid of the star. Could it have been in honor of Epiphany?

  14. Stop the press! New pictures of Princess Charlotte on her first day of nursery school!



    She is adorable!! I swear, how do they keep the barrettes and bows in place? LOL! I still see so much of Lady Sarah Chatto in her as well as Middleton and Spencer (whomever said she has William’s eyes was right). Also, who else is curious about her backpack? I wanna see it!

    1. And i am super curious about her backpack as well, from what we can see it looks adorable! Pale pink with polka dots on the straps and some sort of animals (mice? Bears? Hamsters?) In cute clothes on it!

    2. I’m struggling to see any Spencer in her, but also no longer see any Middleton/Goldsmith in her either. To me, she looks all Windsor–so much like both of Margaret’s children.

  15. Charlotte looks so precious. She reminds me so much of Lady Sarah Chatto when she was young.
    She looks so sassy and spunky.

    1. Exactly! Lady Chatto and also Middletons. I don’t get why people keep insisting she looks like Her Majesty at that age. They look nothing alike.

      Charlotte is a doll. Seems so self-assured.

  16. Charlotte looks adorable. The smile is a lot wider and she is all bundled up for her start at nursery.
    Thank you for sharing, Kimothy.

  17. After thinking about it I have to say that I really really like Kate’s outfit. Even if it gives me strong vintage vibes. Pippa‘s not so much.
    Charlotte looks cute and I like that we got pictures taken by Kate again. You can tell she is no professional photographer, but compared to most people I know her skills aren’t bad.
    I will agree with the poster who said, that her fuller face looks so nice. Since me and my friends hit the thirties I can definitely see our skin and facial structure changing so I wonder sometime how many surely extremely beautiful people are commenting on her haggard look as she looks her age in my opinion. And that is with or without botox, which can only do
    so much for looks.
    Bleurgh, enough white knighting. I am so very excited to see if they finally are forced to step up their PR game. Somehow I doubt it, but one can still hope. C. Quinn seemed to make a difference so let’s hope she can increase her influence. The u40 royals seem to have a very defined idea how they are going to change the British monarchy. Sadly I fear it goes in the wrong direction and they will only be seen as over-privileged rich kids. This will bite them in the ass at one point. But first- let’s see what they do (or don’t do) this year.
    On a superficial note: why do I read almost more comments about Meghan on the KMR website? If I want to read about her than I will go and read the MMR. Of course, you can scroll past it, but sometimes that takes out most of the comment section. It gets tiring and I hope that we can go back to normal soon. Discussing Kate here and Meghan on her own website. I am sure both will give us enough material for applause and serious snark on their own.

    1. You are making the assumption that all members of KMR are members of MMR and vice versa. They are not. Hence comment will invariably overlap. I don’t post or check MMR half as much as I should as I find the layout less easy to navigate.

      Neither do I see a problem with comparisons between Meghan, Pippa, Carole, Fergie or anyone else if any poster believes they have a valid opinion and point to be made.

      1. Indeed, Mrs BBV. How many comparisons with Diana have been made over the years? It’s human nature to look for context and explore/speculate on the dynamics. No one lives in a vacuum (even the BRF), nor do opinions.

        1. Context by comparisons give opinions and ideas colour so I’m all for them. Especially within discussions regarding the RF or we wouldn’t, for example, have Hera’s wonderful case histories to enjoy.

          1. Comparison alert……I’ve just seen on Sky News Meghan doing an engagement with Prince Harry. Compared with Kate’s engagements the crowds are huge and they are cheering the Royal couple. That doesn’t happen much these days. Dare I say it the last time I saw that kind of crowd reaction was in the Diana days.

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