William & Kate schedule first appearances of 2018

William & Kate schedule first appearances of 2018

Prince William and Kate Middleton have scheduled their first appearances of 2018 for this week and next. They both have a solo engagement and a joint engagement on the books.

William, Kate arrive in Birmingham Nov 2017 cs
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

On January 10, this Wednesday, Kate will visit Reach Academy Feltham to see their work with Place2Be, of which Kate is Patron, supporting children and families in the school.

William also has a solo engagement on January 10 – he will visit the Royal Marsden Trust’s facilities in Chelsea, as President, to view two pioneering robotic surgeries.

On January 16, the Tuesday after tomorrow, William and Kate will travel to Coventry where they will visit Coventry Cathedral, Coventry University, and The Positive Youth Foundation.

This information isn’t so much breaking news, as KP announced these appearances a week ago, but I wanted to have an open post type article up for the week – that’s separate from my coverage of William and Kate at church yesterday – because I’m not entirely sure whether I will be able to cover Kate’s engagement this week due to personal issues. So if I cannot cover Kate’s engagement this week in a timely fashion, this is your open post for that engagement and any other topics you wish to discuss this week.

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  1. Thank you so much for keeping us in the loop, KMR. It is my sincere hope that you are feeling better. I’m sorry you have not been well. Know that we appreciate you and all you do very much. Our thoughts are with you. Be well and all the very best!

          1. But she could have Kate’s long torso and this adorable coat with the high buttons is just disguising it–rather like her mummy’s clothes. However, George is extremely leggy (if it’s okay to say that for a boy), so maybe Charlotte is as well. To me, that would be the only Spencer trait I see in her so far–everything else seems very Windsor. She does look awfully cute and appears so proud to be heading off to school. Such a fun age!

      1. She looks all William with a bit of Carole or Kate in her, especially the eyes.

        It’s interesting to see what a charmer she seems to be, versus her brother who is shy and sensitive seeming. Shades of Charles and Anne.

    1. I just came here to post this, lol. Your are quick Mrs BBV :). I can’t believe how much Charlotte has grown (especially her hair). These are cute pictures. Her little coat and scarf are too cute.

      1. My god! Kids grow up so fast! She looks completely different from even the summer tour. She looks happy to be heading off to nursery school.

    2. Oh, Mrs. BBV, thank you! What a little doll Charlotte is. I just love her.
      That hair, those eyes, that coat, those tights and shoes! She is just darling.
      In the photo of her in the back seat of the car with Nanny Maria, while William drives to Grandma’s, I saw in the little girl’s expression, much of her dad.

      Now, I am hoping that Kate is expecting another boy — although, I think it’s a girl. I want Char to be the only girl in her Mummy and Daddy’s heart. Also, I thnk George would love a brother.

      While I want a second child, I see myself having another daughter for some reason, and I worry how that will affect my little girl. My sister and I are very close, but I think maybe, it would be better if my husband and I had a boy our second time around. Even though, he already has two sons from his first marriage.

      Charlotte, you rule in so many hearts! It is so great to see more photos of her. Want to see more of George, too!!

      1. Happy New Year Jenny (and Happy New Year to the rest of your family, especially Miss Maddie!)

        As for Charlotte – well according to “New Idea” Kate is going to have not just one girl but two! Yes, New Idea is saying that Kate is pregnant with twin girls, oh and the girls are identical!

        We will be seeing if that’s true in a few months?

        1. Cathy, Happy New Year to you!
          Hope all is well in NZ. As hot as Australia? Yikes, be careful everyone. Stay as cool as possible.

          Two babies? I was just thinking the other day, “What if she does have twins?” Now, this. Perhaps a boy and a girl? I really doubt she is carrying twins, although one never knows. She carries her babies very well.

          Charlotte is just so darn cute. And, didn’t she look very confident about going to school? I thought Kate looked so proud in the photo that is posted of her here. Too bad she missed George’s first day at kindergarten. Those are once in a lifetime moments.

          1. Hi Jenny

            It’s not as hot here as it is in Australia, but it’s warm today 26 degrees C (79 degrees F) here. I’m happy to be up on top of a ridge with harbour and sea breezes coming from both sides on the Point.

            Stay warm where you are!

    3. Thank you, Mrs. BBV. What a treat to come here and find these darling photos. Personality to burn! I’m guessing little sister is so excited to be going to school like her big brother. I hope she gets off to a good start and is eager to go every day.

      KMR, I join in wishing you the best for your recovery.

    4. Oooh, she’s a little peach☺️ Those pudgy little hands resting on her knees-awwww, still a baby. She has changed so much- I used to see Chatto but no longer, no idea who though. Have fun at “school” peanut!

    5. I think these are the first pics that Kate has taken that I truly like! You get to see some of Charlotte’s apparent sassiness!

  2. I live the new pictures of Charlotte in her little red coat and shoes. She looks confident and happy, doesn’t she? She seems tall for two and a half years. I think she looks a bit like Carole, it’s the eyes.

  3. If you’ve ever seen the Diana Exhibition there is a whole host of photos and cinefilm taken of Diana by Earl Spencer. Her stance and physical presence is uncannily like Diana as a little girl …..all coltish legs and coquettish head tilts. Little Charlotte is absolutely beautiful and she’s looks so gorgeous in red.

    1. Mrs, bbv, I’m reading Bertie after seeing it mentioned on another post and I’m loving it! Just the break on current events that I needed. I particularly like/find intriguing the aspect of Victoria and Albert as parents. I knew about her not liking it but not his position. Just reading about kids being whipped as punishment is strange to me. I know goes on but still jarring.
      So thank! Next in my queue is She Wolves. Have you read it?

      1. I love She-wolves of England. It touches upon my favourite royal woman, possibly historical figure who happened to be a woman, namely Eleanor of Acquitaine. She didn’t change lives like Rosa Parks or Madam Currie did, but for sheer personality, verve, courage and just bloody mindedness in an era in which women were supposed to be seen and not heard, she gets my vote every time. Her story and personality are strikingly modern.

        1. I love Eleanor because she clearly had spunk in a time where you don’t read about many women who did. Oddly enough I fell in love with her story when I saw the painting Faiir Rosamund, read the blurb and wanted to know more about Eleanor. Plus any woman who gets to have Katharine Hepburn play her you know is going to be amazing!
          I’m excited to read the book because I think so many people concentrate on The Tudor Queens most of the others get over looked.
          I’ve never been a huge Victoria fan but reading this bk makes me dislike her even more. By today’s standards we would say she was verbally abusive to her kids.

          1. Fun fact: the tv show Empire was inspired by the film / play ‘Lion in Winter’ which is a depiction of Eleanor vs Henry 2.

            The core family on Empire are Henry 2 and his 3 sons and Cookie is supposed to be Eleanor!!

            I feel sorry for Victoria only for her young life. The minute she turned Queen, she turned into (or was finally able to show) what a nasty person she was. She had moments of niceness, and was surprisingly liberal in certain respects, but my goodness what a horrible woman.

            Mind you, Albert is only a smidge better in terms of his public life and ambitions, but the entire concept of Victorian repression comes from Albert who was emotionally repressed and reacted very badly to what he saw as the licentious life of his relatives and was determined to do the opposite. In that he proved granite willed because he managed to break Victoria and suppress any joy of expression in her personality. Unfortunately, her obsession with him meant that she became his creature and coupled with her own unpleasant personality was a nightmare to their children even 40yrs after his death.

            Though i do enjoy knowing that she was sex obsessed, and enjoyed sensuality whereas Albert was alarmed by sensuality in general and apparently was often shocked at what he saw as her openness in this area.

      2. I just started Bertie too after the recommendations on here! After the madness of Christmas with small kiddos it was my treat to myself- well, that and Philippa Gregory’s The Last Tudor! ?

      3. I am reading Craig Brown’s ‘Ma’am Darling’ at the moment. I know she had her problems but what a horror Princess Margaret was allowed to become.

        If there was ever anyone who needed some firm parenting it was her. IMHO the Queen Mother has a lot to answer for with her ostrich approach.

        1. I’ll have to add that to the queu as well! It seems the Queen learned her ostrich approach to things from her Mother. It’s a trait I hope Charles doesn’t have but the way William goes about, I’m not too optimistic on that one.

          1. Charles may not be confrontational but he has a very short temper and he’s a silent, smiling assassin.

            However his weak spot has always been Camilla and his boys. I’m not sure we can rely on him to take the boys to task but I think he’s quite capable of getting someone else to do his dirty work.

            Not in the murderous sense as many a conspiracy theorist has suggested but I do think the appt. of Catherine Quinn is no accident.

          2. Masamf: Ostriches dig holes in the ground to pick up pebbles that help them grind food in their stomachs. It’s an activity from which sprung the myth that they bury their heads in the ground to avoid predators as if their heads in the ground renders them invisible.

            Anyhue, when people are described as being ostriches or having an ostrich approach to a problem, it means they are ignoring the problem in the hope it works itself out without any intervention and harm to themselves.

          3. Thanks so much Hera, much appreciated. I had erroneously assumed it had something to do with raising one’s kids, my bad.

          4. Masamf, it’s used quite often on this blog to describe the queen’s (and sometimes Charles’s) approach not just to monarch troubles but also to parenting issues. Rather than confront Charles or William or Andrew about some behavior or attitude that needs to be corrected, we’ll say the queen “put her head in the sand.” That’s the ostrich approach to raising one’s kids.

        2. After reading Ma’am Darling and watching The Windsors, it’s hard to look at the BRF in any reverential way. Bertie is waiting in my kindle, now.

          You would think that seeing the results of her mother burying her head in the sand, the Queen would try a different approach.

          1. When the group is looking for next reads can I suggest Kate Williams. She has written about Queen Victoria as a young woman. She also writes fiction which is beautiful and is one of the history / royalty reporters on Sky News.

            She is one of the nicest people I have ever ‘met’ and without fail has always answered any questions I put to her via Twitter. She’s Hubby’s secret crush……if she’s presenting a history programme I can watch it uninterrupted while he drools as she is inordinately pretty. ?

          2. Ah! I know who you are talking about, I’ve seen her on “Restoration Home”.

            Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

            I’m going to start with “Ambition and desire : the dangerous life of Josephine Bonaparte” as I know very little about Josephine.

            Ordered from my local library, I could say I’m supporting local services supplied by the Council but in reality my book shelves are very full and I don’t have a place for another one!!!???

  4. I love the photos of Charlotte. My only quibble is her sitting spread-leg in a skirt but I don’t expect Kate to teach her how to sit properly. Hopefully someone will work on that with her at school. She gets a pass for only being 2.5 and cheeky.

    Hope you’re on the mend soon, KMR. I won’t pry because it’s none of my business, but I have an autoimmune disorder myself, so if it’s something like that then I have great empathy for you. Your health comes first. We’ll be alright here.

    1. ” My only quibble is her sitting spread-leg in a skirt but I don’t expect Kate to teach her how to sit properly”

      This whole comment is absolutely unnecessary.

      1. That comment is true, absolutely, especially since Kate has flashed her undies and bare bottom more times than I can count.

        1. I agree about Kate but there is no need for the poster to take a dig at Charlotte. Plus Kate flashing is usually due to her not weighting her skirts like she should. Not how she is sitting.

        2. Okay…so this comment is stupid. KMR I hope you feel better and I think that some people here hate for someone they don’t know goes to gross levels. Leah, I expected you to agree with any criticsm of Kate. Even if it’s gross trying to make something as Innocent as an toddler getting a picture taken. Why were you even looking there? A two year old? Taking a playful picture? Are you serious? Do you not get…how disgusting and gross the comment that you are making and Leah is agreeing with is?
          It’s a 2 year old. Do not use someone’s kids to take shots at their parents.

          1. I asked for this comment to be deleted because I felt I was too agressive however i stand by what I said if anyone sees it. I just wish I said it better. And didnt single a commenter out.

    2. Please……some perspective from everyone. KMR does not need this now. All of you please just stop with the wrongs and rights of this and all please walk away from this conversation. Just please let it go. Doesn’t matter who’s wrong, who’s right just please don’t let this go any further.

      It’s not my place to moderate but I put the pictures up in the hope that everyone would enjoy them and to sort of help KMR out a bit by taking the pressure off her having to do one article (well that was my hope) so again I’m asking you all please do not let this degenerate any further. For the sake of this blog and KMR.

      1. Mrs BBV… you are right. I think the comments got away from everyone quickly. And I don’t think the OP meant for it to go as it did. I’m new to commenting here though have been a long time reader.

        KMR please feel better. We will be here 🙂

        1. Thank you Stacy. I think we all need to realise that this board trod a very fine line at some points last year and I hope I don’t speak out of turn but I think KMR’s patience will desert her if we continue down the same path this year.

          I think everyone who uses here has a responsibility to her, the blog and each other to ensure that she doesn’t feel like that again because I wouldn’t blame her if she walked away if our collective behaviour doesn’t improve.

          Our choice. Play fair or don’t play at all. Xx

          1. And please no attacks on any individual commenter, it will upset KMR and we all need her better. Exciting year ahead.

      2. I will.I requested my post be deleted. I got very upset and aggressive.You are so right. I just..sometimes you see things and.. emotions take over. Kmr does not need this.i do not wish to escalate anything.Perhaps I’ll take a break or just leave. I’m sorry

        1. Please don’t do that……just take a deep breath and let if go. We’ve all been here when passions and opinions are high. I’m just taking a bit of responsibility for us on this issue as I posted the link. Nothing personal, no blame on anyone. Just trying to stop anything escalating because it really doesn’t need to. Xxxx

          1. That’s big of you to to take responsibility but you shouldn’t have to. The fact that a picture of a toddler can…be a device for people to shade Km is enough for me. I respect you and I’ve enjoyed all your posts. I think it’s best I no longer read or comment here.KMR you are amazing and I hope you have a speedy recovery.Im sorry for any trouble I’ve caused. You have done nothing. I’m just not finding any fun because of the negative turn in the comments concerning both women (Km & MM). You try to do as much as you can and I really appreciate that and you.
            Please get better.

    3. Tbh, Charlotte has at least a year or more to go before a child of her age would begin to develop more sexual awareness of their bodies. So to ascribe a sexual meaning to her legs open pose right now is uncalled for, especially due to her age and the fact that she’s not even in that developmental milestone yet!

      Charlotte has spunk for days and looks happy and healthy. These are Kate’s best pictures yet- there is a liveliness and warmth to it, that are often missing from Kate’s sterile photos.

    4. Goodness gracious, everyone. Calm the hell down. This has nothing to do with a toddler’s “sexual awareness” of herself. I think some folks just look for a fight for every little thing. I was brought up in the ways of a debutante and we were taught from very, very young ages how to sit in a skirt. If we weren’t sitting that way then certainly no one was taking photos of us in that pose. It still stands that I wouldn’t ever expect Kate to teach her *at any age* how to sit properly in a skirt. End of thread.

      1. What does “ways of a debutante” mean? Is that something from the USA? Never heard of that term regarding raising little children before.

        1. People (not just debutantes, and not just females) were and are taught comportment and manners, a way to move through the world gracefully and graciously. Classy. This world has become so dumbed down, ignorant and crass, even this is sneered at.

        1. That’s the third time you’ve said that now. Why could you not be content to make your point and leave it at that? Why does this have to be prolonged if as you say it’s inappropriate talk?

          Can you not accept the poster’s rationale and explanation for her comment and leave it at that now? Or do you want this to turn into the straw that breaks the camels back?

      2. Meghan, don’t tell me to calm the hell down. I wrote to you in a reasonable manner & I expect you to do the same. This isn’t debutante training that I am talking about, this is common courtesy.

        Even if her mom has reminded her to not sit like that, its likely that as a 2yr old, she doesn’t remember her mom’s instructions & neither would she quite understand why that is the case. She is a child & I doubt most kids her age would take debutante training seriously.

        And never mind that its sexist to expect a baby girl to sit in a way she’s most comfortable & can balance vs. if George had sat like that on the steps, no one would have batted an eyelash.

        And its pretty hard to get good pics of squirmy, wriggly, toddlers/preschoolers. Perhaps, Kate did have other pictures, which didn’t come out looking as cute or as clear; hence, these 2 were released?

        1. What I said was for everyone, not just you. I am seeing this through the lens of MY experience. We are allowed to do that. I also said that I give it a pass because she’s 2.5. But no, folks refuse to recognize anything but what they want to. Personal attacks on other commenters are not necessary from anyone in any thread.

          1. Hey, how about giving it up at this point for the sake of the blog unlike the rest of the harnguers? You made your point, You got support. We get it.

      3. I think it’s so unfortunate that girls are sometimes taught this kind of thing at such a young age, when they should be developing gross motor skills, running and jumping and climbing and learning to share and eat with a fork and sing songs, not learning to take up less space and hide their bodies and look pretty and ladylike.

        1. Yes, but that means you’re crass and dumbed down for not understanding the importance of comportment and class vs Gross motor skills. Who needs those when you can be singularly focused on the message that the placement of your legs is sending to the world. Prospects, people! Prospects!

  5. I know that I shouldn’t get my hopes too high, but I am thinking that with all the recent public pressure, with the retirement of the DoE, and now with the increasing attention the family is getting due to an impending wedding, that this might be the year we see William and Kate undertake their share of engagements.

    I think the “keen to get going,” line is exhausted now, and there aren’t enough excuses left. I’m glad to see William and Kate settling back into work, and I am hopeful that there is follow-through throughout the rest of the year. I am going into this year with an optimistic outlook.

    1. Weatherby I hope so too. From what I’ve seen of Meagan, I have an optimistic view. I feel like she may bring some new life to the Cambridge’s and encourage them. Fingers crossed! I’d really like to see the Cambridge’s step up their game and prove people wrong.

  6. Charlotte looks happy to be going to nursery school.
    She looks so warm in her red coat, matching shoes and pink scarf.

    In my opinion, Kate has taken two very sweet photos to mark this milestone.

  7. I am truly shocked about the comment section today and I am considering not visiting the site anymore. I think this has crossed many lines and we are disturbingly wandering into true online slandering/bullying here.
    Those pictures are lovely and nothing else. In all the European countries I have been, a child that age sitting like this is NOTHING people even think about. But then people are also fine to let their children play naked in the garden or at public beaches for a long time. Whoever has a problem with that should explore their own minds and at least respect the harmles customs of other countries.
    And with this I will take a break from here and all the nastiness that emerged in the last few months.
    @KMR: I hope your recovery and your passion for the blog, does not get spoiled by those constant fights or indeed my comment.

    1. +1. And with great respect to other posters, I find the criticism of Charlotte’s posture (given that she is two years old) highly questionable. I hope that the same standards (and comments) will be made/applied to other members of the BRF whether past, present or future. Whether on this blog or others. But somehow I doubt that will happen.

      I am a long term reader. Recent poster. But it is a great shame that the postings on this blog and on MMR have become so vitriolic that one feels that any objective comment or criticism will be so unwelcome. I miss the objectivity of posters who have now left this blog.

      KMR, MMR, I wish you a speedy recovery.

      1. I agree SusieQ. I won;’t say anything further as I don’t want to continue this discussion any further and risk KMR’s blood to boil once she has recovered and sees the blog comments.

    1. Seeing as how her parents are from intellectually gifted-Kate’s classic line: Can you test the smell by smelling it?” it’s highly, highly doubtful.

      1. I am not highly gifted. Neither is my husband. We have five children. One of them is highly gifted. We don’t know how or why. But it has happened to us and could happen to anyone. Not all high gifted children come from highly gifted parents. So don’t write either Royal child off because of their parentage.

        1. Great point, Susie Q. Actually there is a scientific phenomenon called, “regression to the mean”, wherein two parents with high IQs surprisingly are most likely to produce a child of average intelligence. Looks like it’s better for one or both parents to be “mutts” 🙂 for giftedness. Nature, I imagine, seeks a fascinating balance.

          Yep, you never know, even with the traditionally inbred. 😉

          1. That’s really interesting, thank you. My husband and I have been thinking they switched her at birth! (Although unlikely as she looks exactly like me.)

      2. Leah,
        I imagine it’s not unknown for even a privileged child to buck the Slacker System. Charlotte may be a child of entitled dum-dums but her fate is not set in concrete yet. Perhaps she may want something beyond having to be attractive and rich. Right now, her world is full of possibility even though the odds are slight.

        1. Oh dear, “entitled dum-dums”? I’m surprised to see that coming from an adult… beyond the name-calling, it’s also a bit of a childlike insult, no? I’m sure it’s fun to vent, but I think you can do better with actual substantive criticisms rather than vitriolic name-calling and heavy-handed innuendo.

    2. Maven, so do I.

      While these children look to have it all – and in many ways they do, let’s not cry buckets – the real and present danger they face is the normalisation of idleness and entitlement that permeates and cripples their immediate family to an appalling degree. The only choice left is ‘royalling’, an activity I’d speculate with a fast approaching ‘best by’ date.

      I am hoping both children are encouraged to be curious about the world, and enjoy learning in order to determine their futures with confidence and skill. I also hope their teachers will expect nothing less than the best from them, that is, not give them an easy ride because of who they are because their futures are seemingly assured. No need to try. Sadly, such a scenario has played out with several members of the BRF; ultimately, it is a betrayal, cheating them of finding their mettle, confidence and achieving excellence on their own merits, learning humility in the process.

      1. Jen,

        I hope you’re right. Now that would be a truly ‘modern’ take for royalty.

        The betrayal of possibility and potential for these dear children with a couple of whinging, thumb sucking ignoramuses as parents is a real fear. Still, right now, Charlotte looked excited to go to school. So, ya newer know. May the Force be with her (and Georgie). Surely even the BRF has mavericks and anomalies.

    3. I hope that someone in the BRF goes on to have a work ethic, and gets a higher degree and actually pursues a successful and stable
      Career. “Royalling” isn’t a career. I hope that Charlotte aspires to be something more other than a princess.

      1. I hope she will as well, not just for her own sake, but to set a good example for other girls. (I’m not talking about now as a two year old clearly.) She’ll likely never “have” to work for money, but assuming George has kids, she will continue to move down the line of succession the way Harry and Andrew have now. It is silly if they act like there is a place for her to continue to work as a full-time royal under the new streamlined royalty.

        That’s in the future though. For now I hope she has a wonderful time at nursery school. They are smart to start her now before the new baby arrives to give her time to get settled into her routine.

  8. Happy 36th to our Duchess of Cambridge. I hope she’s having a day filled with family time as that seems to be what she loves most (and maybe a little online shopping when everyone’s in bed- hey, it’s her birthday she’s allowed?)

  9. Hello all!

    Which Bertie book are you reading? I’d like to order from Amazon.

    Thank you! Please take care of yourself KMR. We are all thinking of you.

  10. I’ve noticed Harriet from Toronto hasn’t commented on the daily fail since the end of November. That is very unlike her, and I’m worried about her. It’s not something I can say to anyone in my real life; they’d think I’m crazy. It makes me sad to think that something has happened to her, and we will never know.

      1. I’ve been reading this blog for a few years now but rarely comment. Harriet used to comment on this blog awhile back but stopped, although I’m not sure why. Her comments on DM are some of my favorites as well and thought I was the only one who had noticed she hasn’t commented as much! Nice to know it’s not just me ?

  11. So far, the school portraits are my favorite portraits of the children (the ones Kate took of each at preschool and the ones by a pro of William and George this year). I think the outdoor setting combined with the children’s personalities shining though make them really special.

    1. I adored the photo taken by Chris Jackson of George. Chris is great at capturing just the right moment with his photos of kids.

    1. I think this was a good engagement for Kate today, and I agree with Mrs BBV ‘s observation about her niche. My only complaint is very shallow and that is I cannot stand her dark brown eye shadow and I find the heavy eyeliner very harsh and aging. She could look better if she went with lighter taupe lid color that has a bit of shimmer and maybe that would make the eyeliner look less harsh or maybe she could switch to a grey eyeliner to soften things up a bit.

      1. When my niece was 5 yo we went to a craft/art project event. One of the leaders came over to show my niece what she could do. My niece kept leaning over onto me as the woman talked. When the leader moved on to another child, niece looks at me and asks if it’s Halloween again. Said no, why? She said ‘that lady has Halloween eyes’ — the similar style of eye makeup as K. (For niece, heavy makeup was for Halloween costumes.) Every time I see close-up photos of her face with heavy eye makeup I think ‘Halloween eyes.’ I wonder what kids think of it during her meetings with them. It seems too much for closeup meetings like the one at the school.

    2. Lovely images, and warm interactions from Kate. But I can’t draw my eyes away from her wiglet. It seems out of sorts today, as if it could use a good brushing.

      Otherwise, more of this please. Team Cambridge is off to a good start for me.

      1. The wiglet was out of control today. Hilariously it was so obvious and yet some commenters on CB kept trying to claim she never wears extensions. No one cares if she wears a wiglet, just don’t send press releases lying about it. Also whoever she gets to style her hair must be fired. This is not good.

        1. Exactly, Nic. It’s the blatant lie about it that is so irksome. We get it, you want full-bodied, beautiful hair. Who wouldn’t? But please don’t insult our intelligence.

      2. “But I can’t draw my eyes away from her wiglet. It seems out of sorts today, as if it could use a good brushing”

        Maybe it wanted to go off and be playing too?

        1. AHAHAHAHAHAA!! Oh, Cathy, thanks for that. That wiglet really looked like it was either hanging on for dear life, or desperate to get away, didn’t it?

    3. I agree, but how ridiculous! She knew that part of “the job” is going to meet large groups of people and speeches. How inane to continue to pursue William when she clearly has to have things spoon-fed just right for her in order to have a credible appearance.

      And William has no excuse for marrying her when Kate is clearly not up for the job unless she’s put into the baby pool. Everyone has to “take care of me” [Kate]. What did she learn in almost ten years of being his girlfriend? The confident Kate that I’ve seen from girlfriend pictures is long gone to the “hold me” Kate of today that demands lots of coddling. The British public should demand a refund for the pounds they spend to get this little in return.

  12. Kate seemed very comfortable and happy today. This type of engagement seems to suit her. I also thought that she looked lovely.

  13. I would like to post and comment but I’m not sure where to begin. It almost looks like a war zone here which is sad. I posted the Charlotte in another post (W&K at church) on Monday and the responses are positive. Now they’re not? I’m confused. All I see is a sweet little girl happily posing for her mommy, all excited for her first day of nursery school. It’s disturbing that people have to over-analyze a couple of pictures of a toddler.

    Also, I saw the pictures of Kate from today’s engagement. The navy blue coat is very pretty (I’ve always said she looks great in jewel-toned colors) but I’m not a fan of the dress. I wonder how William will be at his engagement since he has one. Also, aren’t W&K doing an engagement together sometime today? Someone please remind me.

    1. I think the joint engagement is next week. The 16th.

      And I think this is a tough format to have conversations on because comments pile up fast. People have strong opinions on things and jump to conclusions or assume the tone of the poster so things in lost in translation. This includes myself. I feel it comes in waves. I’m new to reading the comments and contributing so I may be completely wrong lol

      1. I’m a long-time commentator so this shift feels funny and not in a good way.

        Re: engagement: aaaahhh okay. Thanks Stacy! Whenever I see someone with that name (especially spelled Stacey) I think of the character Stacey McGill from the book series, The Baby-Sitters Club! 😀

          1. Oh don’t get me started on the movie but the TV series (that was on HBO) was SO GOOD! All of the girls were appropriately cast!

            Stacey and Mary Anne were my faves. Mallory was my least favorite though, ironically, I loved her siblings. The only Mallory book that I liked was Mallory and the Trouble with Twins but that’s only because I’ve had a weird obsession with multiples (especially twins) for as long as I can remember. I’ve since downloaded a fair few of the books (and Super Specials!) onto my Nook! 🙂

          2. I loved those books. Kirsty, Mary Anne and Stacy were my favourite. I always thought Claudia was cool though and loved it when she finally did well in Maths. I didn’t know there was a tv series. I went with the illustrations of the girls with what they looked like. They got better at the covers as they went on. Plus showed the lives of the girls from their point of view.

          3. No one has mentioned Dawn, my favorite, so I have to! 😉 All long blonde hair and California cool… I wanted to be her! haha

          4. I wanted Dawn’s hair and she had some of my favorite books (Dawn on the Coast, Dawn and the Big Sleepover, Dawn’s Big Date, Dawn and Whitney, Friends Forever….) but some of her passions (“eating healthy” which now means eating vegetarian or vegan and being passionate about the Earth which, I know it was the sign of the times but geez Louise, she could be overkill sometimes) drove me insane!

        1. I thought Kate looked wonderful today, very nicely put together. The coat fits her just so and she has more of a waistline at this stage of her pregnancy than I do on a regular day- so jealous! (I’m tall and thin but built like a board- not a curve in sight. Luckily my daughter inherited her “body like a backroad” from my husband’s side! And incidentally Kimothy- her name is Stacey?).

          I still don’t love the hair, but it’s probably easier for her to manage right now- two toddlers and a baby on the way. I cut mine into a bob after my son was born, it was just too much. But it’s been long ever since. I bet she grows it out again for good once babelah 3 gets a bit older.

          She looks more tired than she did in her other 2 pregnancies and I have a feeling this one is really taking it out of her. Hope all is well and wishing her an uneventful birth and recovery.

          1. I don’t think I know the series! I may have to look into this! Lol I always wanted to start a club but we lived out in the country so no other kids that close haha.

            I agree Ray, you can see she is tired. It was hard enough being pregnant at 28 with my daughter. I couldn’t image being 36 and pregnant with my third. Plus in the public eye.

            I can’t wait to see a joint engagement with her and Meghan!

          2. She does look tired. I’ve said that from early on in this pregnancy. I also can’t imagine getting out there and looking as picture perfect as possible when she is probably exhausted from the pregnancy and having two little ones at home. At least, the two are away part of the day at school. Joining you in wishing Kate a safe and happy delivery. A new baby to love is such a joyful experience.

            Special words to KMR: Hope each day finds you feeling better. Take care of yourself.

          3. I’m no Kate fan, but I am not happy with her doing the tour later this month. Surely, they can let her stay home.

          4. I think joint appearances would be such a good thing. Can’t wait for those!
            And maybe they’ll leave the men at home?

    1. But another new coat that she will never wear again? She has a blue maternity coat that goes with this. If Meghan teaches her one thing it should be that a coat lasts and can be worn numerous times. And the wiglet , oh dear she needs some help getting it in place.

      So much sympathy for her being tired. Come on…she works a couple of hours a week and doesn’t do any housework, and can ask someone else to do the schoolruns whenever she wants. Having two young kids and being pregnant is tiring, but she has it far far easier than 99% of women in the same situation.

      1. Birdy, she may have help and not work much but pregnancy is still tough on your body. I loved being pregnant but it was still exhausting doing nothing. And when pregnant sleeping is usually horrible. I couldn’t get a good night sleep for anything.

        1. My comment accepts that, I’m just saying she is in a much better place than most other pregnant women and so for me so much sympathy is a bit OTT. I’ve been there so I know, but she has far more opportunity to rest- even if not sleep – than most other pregnant women and has to work less hard. Just my opinion, I have no issue with you disagreeing.

        2. I am pregnant right now, work full-time, have a 3yr old, clean and cook at my house, 2 kitty cats, stay fit and active and also jumpstarting a writing career. Yep, I am completely wiped out by the time its 9pm at night & I get up at 6:45am everyday. There is also the drive at work and back to consider along with daycare drop off and pickups- which is quite the task in the snowy and icy Canadian winter (there was freezing rain yesterday that turned my work’s parking lot into an ice skating rink. Trying to get to my car without slipping & falling on my pregnant belly…was scary).

          So yes while pregnancy can take a toll on the body, esp for Kate who spaced hers very closely, Kate is able to rest and relax more than most moms. Both her kids are in school or nursery & she has full-time nanny and other staff to look after her kids and home, in the meantime.

          I agree with Birdy, the sympathy for poor, pregnant Kate, is OTT.

      2. Except Meghan isn’t exactly frugal. Her last few outfits have cost a ton and I don’t see her repeating that often. The girl likes luxury and I have a feeling her and Kate have shopping in common. Kate does have too many coats, but I give her a pass on pregnancy since her body is changing so much day to day. One can hope she will have the coat altered after pregnancy, but I doubt it. At least the dress and shoes were repeats.

      3. Yeah, the sympathy of fragile precious snowflake Kate is irksome. She doesn’t do much of anything. I often wonder what her free time is made up of ,W and H’s too!

        I’d love to live like that. Except I have loads of laundry waiting for me. Sigh. The life of a pleb!

  14. I heart this maternity dress and she looks very good in it. I love pregnant Kate. I like it better with the navy coat than the lighter blue one she wore before.

    You know, I don’t mind that she wears wiglets and whatnot – but she needs to get a better stylist. It is so. badly. attached.

    1. Her wiglet looked as if it was trying to run off of her head. It looked bad.

      But she gets a pass from me today, since she seems to be trying or at least aware to be seen to be trying. I’ve not given up hope in her yet.

      But that wiglet, my God! Glad to know I’m not the only one who can’t stop seeing it.

      1. That wiglet looks like it was the blue light special at Kmart. Why can’t Kate just be happy with her natural hair?

        1. “Why can’t Kate just be happy with her natural hair?”

          One could also ask that question of Meghan.

          I have no problem with Kate using a wiglet to add volume to her hair (if indeed she uses one). Just as I have no problem with Meghan having her natural curl relaxed.

          1. I’ve not got a problem with extensions or wiglets, either. Anybody should be able to style themselves how they are most comfortable.

            However, the way it was attached yesterday was so wrong that it was distracting so much so that there is a side angle shot where Kate literally has two lumps protruding out of her head. Like the humps of a camel.

            Of course, we can’t always be perfect. And it must be terrifying to be someone for whom each and every public appearance is heavily scrutnised. So I don’t bring it up out of malice, moreso as something I was unable to not see. It was the first thing I noticed, and glaring right at me in each photo thereafter. That’s how bad it looked to me.

    2. I always find it baffling that Kate who could have access to the best teams, surrounds herself with mediocrity(to put it nicely) she either needs a hairstylist who knows how to work with extensions and/or better extensions. There are some great ones that you don’t even notice.
      Victoria uses them for her tiara hair or to add volume to her bun and we know she’s using them for the volume but it’s not noticeable if you don’t know she has pretty thin hair.
      May this be the yr she finally gets a better over all team!!

      1. Do you think it’s a matter of trust? So many years of being discreet about her life and William’s- it’s a comfortable habit to use close friends and family rather than let someone new in.

        Look at all the crap Meghan’s having to put up with right now with her people! And some of them I’m sure she thought she could rely on for discretion.

        The Middleton mindset of circle the wagons and keep mum has a helped in the long run- the less you say, the less they can use against you.

        1. I think it’s a privacy thing and hubris thing combined. Someone said her hairstylist used to cut William and Harry’s hair. So I don’t know if she’s more barber than not or just out of her element. But she’s not going to continuing ed (don’t know what it’s called in the beauty world) there’s this thing called YouTube that has great hair videos! It’s where I actually learned how to French/Dutch/fishtail braid my hair. She needs to utilize it. The videos I watch show them with extensions where you can’t notice them.
          She obviously thinks her team (and herself) is great and it actually saddens me that no one has told her about her makeup, wonky eyebrows or poor extensions! That’s what you need good gf’s for! None of my friends would let me out of the house with brows looking like hers have! One of my friend’s went to a shady salon that took half her brow off, once we had a good laugh we figured out a way to fix it so she could be seen in public! She needs that or she needs to listen if someone has suggested it and she just ignored it.

      2. Sarah, I believe that Kate surrounds herself with mediocrity because she wants to feeel superior to others and is intimidated by excellence and expertise. IMO only a guess from observing her behavior.

    3. Kate looks lovely, but that darn wiglet tends to ruin the overall nice look. She desperately needs a better stylist.

      At least she interacted well with the children and seemed to have a good time. Her appearances have improved since Ms. Quinn came on board. At least this is what it seems like to me.

  15. I like the color of her coat : but she had one coat with the same color in december, so why does she have a new one? One engagement = a new piece of clothe.

      1. Someone on instagram posted that is was as well, unfortunately. What Kate wore.com hasn’t posted anything yet.

        Though we don’t know how new it is? She could’ve bought it months ago. Lol ugh I hate how she (Kate) adds fuel to the fire with new clothes haha

        1. @Stacy, it has been argued that the “she bought it months ago” doesn’t cut it (consider Meghan engagement dress ruckus) so i guess Kate isn’t gonna hear the last of this regarding the new coat.
          IMO, Kate seems to like buying new stuff, but maybe because she has tons of clothes she forgets she already has an identical garment and just buys, buys and buys some more. My daughter is like that, she buys stuff that she already bought months before and then she ends up with tons of identical clothes in her closet; sometimes some still have their tags because she never wore them, yikes!!.
          IMO, Kate looks really good and healthy. And I agree, small crowds are her kinda thing, she thrives here. I like the dress but for me, its a tad too short. I had to do a double take when one tabloid referred to it as knee length, I said that looks more above the knee than it is knee length!! I thought she was being super careful not to bend because of the dress length, but thats just me. I also think that Kate believes that her greatest body asset is her legs and that’s why even when she wears some sort of pants its like jeggings, you know, something that shows off her shapely legs. I think Kate is a pretty gal regardless and I wish she would mix up her dresses with something else, again MO.
          For some strange reason, I don’t see anything wrong with her hair, I never thought she wears wigs and have always assumed its her natural hair. Maybe Meghan will teach her a thing or two,

          1. A proper ladies maid (a dresser to the BRF) would have a diary of every article owned, where and when it was worn, and with what accessories. If she gets a lot busier I think she should take advantage by employing one. A plus if the dresser can also do some alterations if necessary.

            I do like this coat, but not such a fan of the dress. I just rarely like a print.

            Kate has spaced her children closely, and that takes a toll on the body. I think she actually looks good for this stage of pregnancy. She may look tired because she is 36 and her face is naturally aging.

          2. Oh, no. If 35 or 36 is getting old, what do any of us who are younger than that have to look forward to, anyway? I think pregnancy takes its toll on any woman. Throw in two small children at home and a husband, and well, I think any pregnant woman at any age would look exhausted. I give Kate credit. I’m sure there are moments when she wants to throw the towel in and say, “No more engagements until after this baby is born.” Yet, she is out there. That’s what most of us have always wanted from her. She is doing her part and during a time when she must not always feel up to things. Hats off to the Duchess.

            And, I have a lot of living to squeeze in before hitting 35, or 36! Gee, I had no clue that was going to be such a landmark age for me getting old. Making light of this and don’t mean to be nasty toward the person who posted an opinion of her own.

          3. Jenny, I think you meant to say “there are moments when she wants to throw in the towel and say No more engagements” ??

          4. Jenny, if your reply was to my post, I did not say Kate looked old. I said she is 36 and is naturally aging, i.e., she no longer looks like a 22 year old.

            I think in general, we are too obsessed with aging, wrinkles and gray hair in our society. Celebrate the changes in your appearance as you get older (you are not going to get younger ever). Hopefully the changes are accompanied by a growth in wisdom and happiness.

          5. Oh,, yes, I did mean “throw in the towel.” So funny.
            And, Fifi, read my post again. I was triyng to be funny, but I guess it came out a different way. My post ended by saying I was not trying to be nasty about your post, but apparently, you thought I was. Geez, people, even if someone clearly states something, you always slam back. Some, anyway. And, I am not opposed to aging, Fifi. But, to suggest 35 or 36 is old, is beyond my understanding.

          6. Jenny, I understood you were being funny. I did not call 35 old. Since I am double that age, and don’t think I’m old, 35 is young to me.

  16. I am glad she wore this dress again. It is such a pretty maternity dress and looks great on her. I think today was a win. She looked engaged with the kids. A good start to 2018.

    A side note, I wonder if this pregnancy is affecting her balance more? She has hardly worn her typical stilettos and instead favored more block style heels.

    1. Meghan is the same age as Kate and she looks ten years younger than her age. Her naturally aging is way different than Kate’s, but I don’t think Kate ever looked that youthful. She always looked older than her age to me. She looks way fresher than Kate does, that’s for sure-no botox there!

      Fifi, I am with you, I don’t like prints either, but I do like this dress, though it is too short.

      1. I don’t know if it’s a completely fair comparison. Yes they are the same age and yes they both attended university- but other than that their lives diverge quite a bit. Stress and marriage and having children do take their toll, let alone life in the BRF.

        I agree though that Meghan is very youthful looking (her eyes are the absolute window to her soul- so expressive!) They are both very pretty ladies, whom I’m sure if you were able to see in person would make quite an impression!

        1. What stress has Kate had? She has never worked a day in her life. She has been pampered her whole life. Never had a job. Her life has been vacation after vacation and when she was younger, spilling out of night clubs two sheets to the wind.

          So, what stress has she had?

          1. In my humble opinion, stress from her mother for decades to nab William, stress from trying to keep him in it for the long haul (even though she might not have wanted to she had it drilled into her since she was a teenager), stress from the media/press and public.

            I’m not a Kate fan at all but I do believe she’s experienced (and still experiences) a type of stress that we cannot even fathom.

          2. I would imagine that it must be very stressful to be scrutinized the way she is by the media and people like us. It would unbearable for many. Yes, she knew what she was getting into, but I don’t think anyone truly knows the impact until they are there.

          3. Yes, yes, yes, Kimothy and Jonas. Kate must have been under great stress from her mother’s lofty goals for her. Also, just having to live with the scrutiny must be stressful. For one time, I would like to see others stop claiming that she has not a bit of stress in her life. Each and every person I know — rich, middle class, or poor has stress. Money or position does not make it any easier to deal with. If we are going to start playing a game like: Who Has More Stress, Kate of Meghan? Or, William or Harry? Or HM or Charles? ETC. I don’t want to play!

          4. “So, what stress has she had?”

            Knowing that every time you appear in a public capacity there is an expectation that you perform perfectly.

            Knowing that every gesture and movement, every facial expression, every word spoken, every speech given, every clothing choice made, is scrutinised and judged by millions of people.

            We all experience stress in our lives but the pressure and expectations experienced by a high profile public figure such as Kate would be difficult to comprehend. A person who is not in this situation would have absolutely no understanding of what that would actually be like.

          5. “Knowing that every gesture and movement, every facial expression, every word spoken, every speech given, every clothing choice made, is scrutinised and judged by millions of people.”

            @the spectator, I agree that being in the public eye so constantly – though much of that initiated by palace PR to keep the brand in front of people on their terms – would be highly stressful. The media needs to fill space so will go with whatever is presented and make up the rest. But let’s break down your argument a little. Should Kate want the focus to be on the event she’s supporting rather than her physical appearance, she needs a better strategy than has been thus far enacted.

            1. Don’t put the focus on clothes by wearing new garments at almost every outing in public. It’s neither warranted nor desirable. Should female royalty be primarily about fashion? For some, perhaps, but surely it’s the content of their characters that is supposed to inspire? A serviceable and appropriate wardrobe is all that is required. Inevitably, a young(ish) woman will attract comments about clothes, though I’d speculate that Kate offers very little else to be talked about. She expects/demands/wants her body to be the focus and do the work, that is, good publicity based on looks. That’s a dangerous game for any woman to play and always ends badly for her. Interestingly, Kate dresses her children – when they are in public – in a certain style that is repeated; this has been attributed to her not wanting the children’s clothes to dominate. She could apply the same logic to herself.

            2. Make public statements of substance at these events so that the organisation can reap as much support as possible. That’s the point of the visit, isn’t it? If so, Kate needs to tap into experts who can help her in pursuit of service to organisations she represents. There has been too much emphasis on Kate being made to feel comfortable in choice of patronage, what she wants to do etc whereas the focus, again, should be what people need from a royal visit.

            3. Be ultra-prepared. We know that staff prepare the principals for their engagements but they can only do so much.

            What I do know from my own experience is that nerves can be tamed with thorough preparation and practice. It takes commitment and hard work.

          6. Meh. If Kate wants to stay sane she doesn’t listen to gossip or critiques. In her shoes I would want someone to filter all the dreck *only* if it were necessary. She also possesses an infinite numer of resources to help her. So any stress is self-generated,

            Bottom line, she has no idea of what stress is like. Try living in poverty, for one; it’s not the lack of money as much as the daily humiliation. Convince me she is humiliated daily and then I might feel sorry for her.

            She is taken care of, she is wrapped in cotton wool. Like the boys, she lives in a bubble. She is not suffering. At. All.

          7. Maven, all critiques are filtered by staff; nothing derogatory gets through to the principals unless a course-correction needs to be implemented.

            Your argument is dead right; ‘royals’ have nothing to whine about in relation to others. They should, however, provide meaningful service to their fellow citizens since the British choose to put them on such a pedestal. Plus burst the ‘bubble’: less money, less everything except service of some kind.

          8. Jen, your comment made me picture some poor intern reading all the comments and weeding them out. Poor soul would have to thru so many negative comments about all the royals. And then add in the batshit crazy people too!!

            I think it’s easy for all of us to assume the good and the bad about how the royals feel and think but we will never know what goes on behind closed doors. We just know the snippets they allow us to know and the image the media paints. A picture and a quote can be twisted however the press wants too.

          9. Oh Stacy, I imagine there’s quite a team trawling through media to see how their royal clients are being perceived from narratives planted by the palace, the aim being to keep public loyalty. Tracking their clients’ favourability would employ similar tactics to those used by politicians. Of course, we only know that certain narratives are planted by palace PR to conjure the illusion that royals are caring, hard-working, devoted etc. Their concern is keeping the royal brand held in high esteem, resulting in the continuation of privileges (money, status).

            We can conjecture further when the mask slips ie when there are incongruities of behaviour and PR not matching. This then results in royal injunctions, whitewashing or re-jigging the narrative. Critical royal watchers can point to these in forensic fashion, yet sadly, it doesn’t register with the wider and largely passive public, content to believe whatever is placed in front of them.

          10. I agree, and you can see when the PR team is lacking (I’m looking at you KP). I don’t follow the royals as closely as I would like or as well as some on here do but I do enjoy it and like to look at it both good and bad. That is why I love KMR and MMR because she presents both sides. I was just joking and taking it a step further by picturing the intern in this dark room with computer screens and a dazed look on their face because you have everything to people who think the royals are the best thing since sliced bread to people who think they are the worst. It would have a high turn over rate I’m sure lol. Though I’d love to see what they give the royals. haha!

            Also, my mom says “Oh Stacy” still when she is disappointed in me. 🙂

          11. I’ve lived with poverty, and frankly I’d prefer that to the scrutiny she faces. I don’t begrudge her the silver linings of her fish-bowl life, because I can’t imagine what it would be like to never be able to just go anywhere without brushing your hair or evaluating your outfit or go on vacation without assessment by how it will play with the public, for your entire life, no end of term available. Just thinking about that would make me want to chuck it all and move to the Klondike.

          12. @SallyHoo,

            Clearly you have never lived in poverty. I’m calling you out for being a total liar on this point, offensively using and diminishing the effects of poverty to excuse a coddled royal with infinite resources. I personally would rather suffer in mink and find me anyone else who would say otherwise except an apologist/troll.

        2. Kate was a smoker for many years and spent a lot of time tanning in her 20s. What we are seeing now is what happens when you didn’t take care of your skin in your 20s. Pippa has bad skin for her age too and had a similar lifestyle. So it could be some genetics as well. Both have also done extreme diets and when you are really thin the fat that is not in your face makes you look older. Face or body is a real thing and women in their 30s see the difference based on life choices.
          Also, Kate used fillers and Botox when she wasn’t pregnant and she is not using them now which makes her look tired.

        3. Correction- Meghan was married too, I forgot. A couple years and then divorced, but she was long term with her husband before they were married.

      2. I think Kate looks older than her age, but in all fairness, I don’t think Meghan looks 10 years younger. Rather I think she looks her age–36. Both women are pretty, but they have different genes and therefore will age differently. White women age faster in general (especially with extreme dieting and smoking). Regardless of how old Kate looks compared to Meghan, Kate is still a very pretty woman.

        Also, Meghan does use botox, like most actresses. Both her and Kate do. So who knows what she would look like otherwise.

          1. I think Meghan is beautiful but I think it’s foolish to think she’s maintaining her “natural beauty” w/out aides, especially considering her profession. I also think she’s had some work done to her nose, nothing wrong with that. I think kate has too for that matter.
            I get facials and microdermabrasion done doesn’t make me less than. It doesn’t make her either. The spa she was seen leaving pre-engagement rumors does do things like fillers and Botox besides just facials.
            The only time I really complained about Kate’s Botox use was on her first Canadian/US tour when she clearly had gotten too much done. To each their own. We don’t have to pretend one is aging gracefully on their own while another isn’t. It doesn’t take away from how pretty Meghan is.

          2. Meghan definitely gets facials, but Botox, no. She is half-black and has melanin. Look at her mother, who looks 20 years younger than her age. Black women age slower and Meghan is half black. She is aging well.

            So, yes, Meghan is definitely aging well. She has never smoked like Kate has and Meghan has good genetics.

          3. Leah……there are pictures of Meghan smoking on one of her holidays. She may have only been a social smoker but she did indeed smoke. I have no idea how the idea that’s she’s Vegan, anti cigarettes, non leather wearing animal rights activist etc has entered the public domain but you can google the images for yourself……unless the PR team from the RF have cleared them away.

            But agreed Doria has incredible skin and so does Meghan.

          4. Thank you, Ms BBV.

            Yeah, Meghan is not Vegan, etc. People ran with that.

            Re Meghan and Doria, Black don’t crack.

        1. I’m amazed her skin is as good as it is considering her holiday choices. She loves to lie out in the sun with her face uncovered. I just hope she’s wearing a SPF 50 because good genes will only take you so far.

          Regular facials includng microdermabrasion, water intake, daily spf wear and good sleep all play their part.

  17. This was a very good start to the year for Kate.

    I l.o.v.e her coat and prefer it to the one she wore over this frock previously.

    It makes a big difference to her makeup when she applies her blush sparingly. So much more fresh and youthful.

    Kate was engaged and warm, and she looked lovely.

  18. I love the coat.

    Wiglet, nah.

    Kate seemed much better today, I think smaller groups work; even if she isn’t the best around kids she is far better with kids now that she has them I think. I do think she cares about outcomes for these kids and visiting the schools but it’s not as if many royals do much about following outcomes or helping create them (except Charles with TPT I guess).

    What if Kate started something for these sorts of children! And helped them out in genuine ways! That would be good. But require initiative none of the trio have, alas.

    1. I have always been mad that Kate was stuck with doing so many kid events and kid charities. In part, I think it was because of some outmoded idea that Kate would love children and maybe also because of another outmoded idea that all women are good with kids and should be interested in kid centric events.

      I also wonder how much real input Kate had into picking her patronages and I wonder now why she hasn’t picked any more.

      But I feel that being stuck with kids so much does Kate a disservice. She has no natural knack with them-she is so much better at sports events and outdoor things, but if she had only chosen those kinds of events, people would have raised a fuss.

      1. Kate doesn’t have any qualifications to present herself as an “expert” on anything. Thus, putting her in optics with children at least puts her as smarter then the group she is dealing with. And I’m not being snarky. The only thing Kate did was entertain herself with William and keep in shape by sports. She has a degree in Art History so can at least stand in front of paintings and art objects without being criticized. Visiting all these schools looks normal because Kate has kids now. You won’t see pictures of Kate at George and Charlotte’s schools – these are the substitute photo ops.

        I think she may have a future in Farm and Gardening events once Charles becomes King. Otherwise she’ll be Williams date to his events. Time will tell.

        1. Kate also doesn’t have any interests that would help her choose charities to work with. I wonder if the palace pushed kids charities on her because she didn’t have any ideas of her own. Aside from tennis and adult coloring books, we don’t know how she spends her time. Well, we know she shops a lot and gets her hair done poorly…

          1. Actually, the adult coloring books would’ve been a good lead-in to adult art therapy of some sort as a charity. I’m just saying…

    2. Ellie that is a wonderful ideas. Other commentators, including myself, have suggested many other concrete projects & ideas that go beyond doing a 1hr meet and greet too. Alas, here we are & Kate has just learned to look interested at her charity visits and dress appropriately. So no, I don’t think we will ever see these public money scroungers doing anything much beyond meet and greets, including Harry and Meghan. Harry and Meghan are much more social and friendly, thus will bring more energy and enthusiasm…but I’ll be surprised if they do substantially more.

        1. I agree. I think Harry and William are 2 peas in a pod. Both want the privilege and luxury but neither wants to work. The difference is, Harry is better at his engagements so people think he cares more. Where as William doesn’t play the part of caring. But in reality, neither man works that much.

          Harry and Meghan definitely won’t do much, but they may appear to be more involved since both will act the part of being invested/caring. Both couples enjoy the luxuries afforded to them, but hate the work aspect. Meghan and Kate didn’t marry the Windsor boys for the work part, but rather the privilege and fame that comes with it.

          1. Erin, you can’t predict the future. Also, that may be true of Kate, but you don’t know Meghan well enough to make the judgement you have.

          2. Well Leah, it is my opinion, so I can say that and there is plenty in Meghan’s lifestyle to back it up. I know you don’t like any criticism of Meghan, so I will not continue this conversation with you further.

          3. Tend to agree Erin. HM will be much more fun to watch in action- just not sure if we’ll see much of it in the long run. I have a feeling they’ll strike while the iron’s hot, then fade out into the sunset as quietly as possible. We’ve seen it done before by a less charismatic albeit more “important” couple. HM would likely get more of a pass anyway, due to his rank in the family though I do stand by that it will be difficult to live a “quiet” life being Diana’s son and married to an actress who has no issues with the limelight.

  19. I’m excited! Kate and Sophie are going to have a joint engagement together on February 19th!. It is for the Commonwealth Fashion Exchange at Buckingham Palace. I like when Kate teams up with other royal members. I wish her and Charles did more together like her first year of marriage. Anyway, it will be great seeing these 2 ladies together.

    1. I don’t think it’s a coincendence that Kate and Charles stopped doing engagements together.

      I shudder at Kate doing anything with fashion, since her own fashion sense is in the crapper.

    2. Thanks for letting us know. I can’t wait to see them together. I really like Sophie. She’s very natural, yet appropriate. Does that make sense?
      I wish Kate would wear her up dos more like Sophie does.

    3. I wonder why. Sophie has been championing fashion of students and such for awhile. Kate has nothing to do with that. Sophie’s been patron of the London Fashion School and others for years.

    4. This is an interesting turn of events. It’s a way for Kate to bump up numbers without having to commit to any new traditions. Or, could be, it’s a tradition she’ll be taking over in the future given it is a Commonwealth event. This could have Charles fingers on it. I believe he has effectively taken on the Head of the Commonwealth duties due to the Queen’s age and is directing efforts. I remember Meghan saying something about the Commonwealth in engagement interviews and it may be understood that the William and Harry generation will be stepping into these diplomatic roles as the transition of power continues.

      1. I don’t think that’s the case – they were on church at Sandringham on Sunday and probably spent the week there or with the Middletons.

        The Zika virus is still a problem for pregnant women and I would be surprised to see Kate go to Mustique.

        I think they waited on Charlotte until the time for George’s school term.

  20. If the live news feed and twitter posts I saw are correct, then Kate was there for just under an hour today. That’s it, and it will count for one day’s work. I’m sure it took longer than an hour to get dressed and her hair/makeup ready, but I don’t buy that she has spent hours of prep work before this engagement. William has admitted he never reads his briefs, and there’s no reason to believe that Kate is any different. I’m sure Catherine Quinn did the briefing in the car on the way. I’m sure this is the norm for most of her engagements, but if Quinn, Lorraine Heggessey, Jason Knauf or even Richard Palmer want us to believe that Kate is really serious about her charities, then she needs to do much more.

    1. There is a reason Catherine Quinn is there Lizzie, and if she can’t take Kate to the next level, I don’t what will. I feel she’s been progressively, if incrementally, improving since CQ’s appointment. Because of the baby, the uptick will be slow, but I’m really hoping to see serious advances by the last quarter. Although I don’t think she’ll ever kick her terror of public speaking. Shorter speeches with heavier content would be best I guess.

      1. To me, it’s not terror of public speaking, it’s her sheer, mind boggling fact that she is so BAD at it.

        And since she loves to copy her mother-in-law, she should have turned to help from an expert as Diana did. I believe Alistair Cooke helped Diana mature into a confident speaker.

        There is no excuse, seven years in, for Kate to be so horrid at speaking in public or for her to permanently be set on mute. She needs to get it together, see who she needs to see, and get over this fear and do her fricking job.

        1. “I believe Alistair Cooke helped Diana mature into a confident speaker.” Her voice coach was Peter Settelen. Alistair Cooke was a Brit-Am journalist & broadcaster. Most in the US would know him as the host of Masterpiece Theater on PBS. It did give me a chuckle to imagine him as her voice coach.

          1. The visit to Denmark to which you refer was in 2011. I agree she was nervous and did not come across well. Some of her early efforts made me cringe.

            However, if Kate’s public speaking had not shown improvement since then there would of course be cause for concern.

            In my opinion, Kate’s poise and confidence when speaking to an audience has improved considerably over the last six years. I don’t think Kate will ever be an orator of note but I do give credit where credit is due.

            This comment has popped up in the wrong spot. I meant it to appear at the bottom of this thread.

        2. Ah yes. The lovely Peter Settelen.
          He was condemned for selling the tapes of Diana talking about her private life.
          Kate doesn’t need a Peter Settelen in her life.

          1. Well, she needs something, cause she can barely string together a sentence in public properly. That interview she gave in Denmark that time when she and William were there and met Frederick and Mary was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. A seven year old is more articulate.

  21. I think it’s interesting that William made a point of saying that Harry didn’t ask him to be his supporter yet because it could be a “sensitive subject”. What do you guys think about that? Maybe Harry will choose not to have a supporter?

    1. How is that a sensitive subject?

      Maybe because they don’t like Meghan? Or because the wedding is a bit of a mess because she’s divorced, and her family being a disaster? (Not Meghan’s mom but her half siblings sound like real winners.)

      1. I don’t know, Ellie. I think it was odd. With Harry being William’s supporter in 2011 I always assumed he would naturally return the favor when Harry got married. Maybe if Meghan doesn’t have any adult bridesmaids or maid of honor they decided Meghan and Harry would walk down the aisle together or something? Maybe it will be organized totally differently. I am not sure if Meghan will have a parent walk her down the aisle. Mettle Marit of Norway met her groom at the entrance to the church and they walked down the aisle together.

        1. That’s how the Scandinavians do it in general – Victoria caused a fuss when she wanted her father to walk her down, so they compromised: CG walked her down to the middle and then she walked with Daniel to the altar.

          1. Thanks! I never knew this, but wish couples would consider something similar for weddings. I like some traditions, but it would be nice to have alternatives for those wanting a wedding with a few changes from the standard customs.

        2. I would think that an almost 37 yr old woman who has been married before wouldn’t feel the need or desire to have anyone walk her down the aisle.
          I’d like to see her do something more non-traditional in that aspect.

    2. From the video, I think he was joking about it being a sensitive subject. But with Meghan making the move to the UK and getting her settled in maybe the timing has not been right. I would not read too much into that. People do things differently you know

      1. I never really can tell when William is joking because I don’t understand his humor. He could have just said he hasnt been asked yet. Why say that it’s sensitive?

        1. I think he was joking too, but I can see why it doesn’t come across so well. Having watched the video you posted, Cookie, it seemed that the man who was speaking – I don’t know who he is but he was to the (our) left of Rio Ferdinand – put William on the spot a bit by assuming William would be his ‘best man’. So William jumped in and said he hadn’t been asked and then made a joke out of it and said it was a sensitive subject, in response to something jokey said by another person to his left (our right). I think it was more of a tongue-in-cheek suggestion that it was a sensitive subject between him and Harry than anything malicious. William’s a bit socially awkward and seems a bit ill-at-ease with people in the way that Charles can be, in my opinion, so his jokes can fall flat and make it appear as if he is trying too hard.

          1. ^^ William is very clumsy with words and often thinks he’s far funnier than he actually is. His jokes do tend to fall rather flat, lack sensitivity or make someone else the butt of the joke. I’ve never quite decided if it’s mean spirited, nerves or a bit of both.

  22. Like the repeat dress, prefer these block heels to her usual sky high ones (and those sky high ones throw off posture and make it more difficult to be eye level with kids), and I like the coat but agree she did not need a new one, especially after having a navy one a few weeks ago that would have been appropriate here. The hairstyle is typical Kate and I’ve given up on hoping she’ll put it up in a pretty ponytail or twist for daytime events.

    What I have noticed is she is getting more comfortable with kids. I think it is because Charlotte and George are older now and she has far more interactions with children…whether it be her own kids or their cousins/friends. She can now react to them in a much more spontaneous manner. I truly believe Kate led a very sheltered existence. As far as I know, prior to marrying William and doing public events, she did not have experience volunteering with children, nor did she have young ones in her very tight and small family circle. When kids touch her now she seems rather warm and caring, and it’s very nice to see this change.

    One hour seems like a short time, though. If the royals truly do prepare for a visit and security costs are so high, it seems a shame to stay for such a short period of time. I know they don’t want to interfere with the activities of a typical day, but doubling the time would have still only taken a part of the afternoon and allowed Kate to get to know staff and children a little better than hello, nice to meet you.

  23. I want to mention William’s solo visit. I thought he did well, wearing scrubs without silly remarks about dressing up, seeming to be very engaged and interested in what others had to say. He still of course answers awkwardly when asked about his brother. He always tries to be humorous about Harry and it falls flat.

    But, I think he is enjoying his role more. A couple of years ago he would have looked bored by a visit like this. And, he seemed well prepared, and has been ready with talking points at each of his visits this winter. Does anyone know if he has a Catherine Quinn type advisor now, or is it just he is finally taking his role more seriously?

    1. I agree regarding the Royal Marsden Hospital visit. He did well, interacted with the patients and seemed to be at ease with them.

      It was at the other engagement that he talked out of his butt. ? Really? His only sibling is getting married soon and William has to make off-the-cuff “jokes” about being best man and whether or not he’s going to attend? C’mon! ?

        1. Yup. I too have a very dry, biting, mean, dry sarcastic sense of humor but at least I know when to let it out and it’s only with people I trust and who know me well enough to figure out whether or not I’m kidding. 😉

          1. Awwww thanks Ellie! I swear, if people could hear some of the sarcastic thoughts that go through my mind, I would have no friends LOL! I just know when to shut my yap!

        1. Kimothy I have the same problem. I guess I don’t tolerate fools gladly. But I think everyone has their flaws and you just learn to live with them. As Mr Knightley says to Emma, Maybe it is our imperfections that makes us perfect for each other”.

    2. For some reason William has usually performed really well at the Royal Marsden. I think it’s one of his charity’s that actually matters and resonates deeply within him as opposed to most of the others where he can’t be arsed or resents the intrusion into his time. I’ve never seen him make a mess of it with this cause. Maybe because it’s one he inherited from Diana? I’m not sure but I give him a pass with this as he usually gets it right here.

    1. A source told Royal Central that Kate is ‘really keen to learn’ as much as she can from the conference.

      Oh no…….and the year.had started so well but ‘keen’ is back in the Royal repertoire. **Bangs head. **

      1. “Keeness” aside, I wonder if Kate is feeling more relaxed about her appearances as the spotlight is off of her and more focused on Harry and Meghan at this point in time. This could account for her being less stiff and self-conscious when out in public.

      2. Did she stay long enough to learn anything? The wiglet is still very unblended. I have short hair, do these things come out at night ? Surely someone pointed out how obvious it was yesterday?

        She really is trying to up her numbers so early in the year. 2 hours work in one week? Very keen.

        1. She stayed for the most part of the day.

          On Twitter :

          Brittani Barger @brittani_91
          “A source tells me the Duchess of Cambridge will be at the conference for the majority of the rest of the day – much longer than for other engagements she has attended in the past.”
          “Due to their busy schedules, engagements for the British Royal Family generally lasts one to two hours. But for this specific engagement, Catherine will be there longer than what is usually expected.”

          1. Haha, literally giggled out loud at the “due to their busy schedules, engagements for the British Royal Family generally last one to two hours.” Maybe for those BRF members like Charles and Anne who pack in around 500 or so a year. But Kate? Shopping and hair appointments seem to dominate her schedule.

          2. “Brittani Barger @brittani_91
            “A source tells me the Duchess of Cambridge will be at the conference for the majority of the rest of the day – much longer than for other engagements she has attended in the past.”
            “Due to their busy schedules, engagements for the British Royal Family generally lasts one to two hours. But for this specific engagement, Catherine will be there longer than what is usually expected.””

            Has anyone been able to work out how long Kate was actually there?

          3. Whatever the reason, and I put top of the list to the fact there are royal changes in the air with Philip’s retirement and Charles’ cutting back due to his assumption of more of the queen’s duties – combined with the fact that the criticism of the lack of work on the part of William, Kate and Harry was starting to spread out of the usual forums into the mainstream. This includes a new scrutiny of how short traditional royal engagements are.

            I see Catherine Quinn and Harry and Meghan’s push to visit more of the country as part of that overall move rather than a cause of it – but whatever the reasons, for all of them, it all makes me hopeful and cautiously happy and wishing that this push will continue.

          4. “Due to their busy schedules, engagements for the British Royal Family generally lasts one to two hours. ”

            Hahahaha! Given the fact that overall, some of the BRF attend events for what adds up to a few months of the year, I’d love to see that schedule. Meanwhile, I’d love to know what’s keeping Harry, Kate and Willy that ‘busy’, that they can only spare less than an hour and it’s a big deal when they go ‘overtime’.

      3. Do we all need to have a drink because they used the word “keen”? Or is it only when KP use the word?

        (It’s before mid day here so I really don’t want to be drinking right now???)

        1. I bet that’s exactly what they do…….probably have a hoot with the press releases to see how many times they can get a ‘keen’ in a year.

          I used to do that as a House Captain, a pact with the other House Captains that we could have and use a special word or quote when we delivered our end of term report. It was so much fun waiting for the penny to drop and even our Headmistress found it hilarious.

          Incidentally the BBC got in a lot of trouble doing this with a news bulletin and I believe it’s even been done on the floor of the House of Commons. When will we learn?

      4. Because neither KP PR or the newspapers are capable of using a thesaurus, let me take this opportunity to present alternate words for the old, tiresome and meaningless “keen.”

        To KP PR and all the tabloids looking here for some kind of story to fill up space, here are the synonyms that be substituted for the word ‘keen’ as you have been using the word. Go ahead substitute. It adds a little variety to the unending stories about KP keen-ness. I’m certain you meant the adjective and not the verb.

        Synonyms: eager, determined, ambitious, ready, enthusiastic, avid, eager, ardent, passionate, fervent, fervid, impassioned, wholehearted, zealous, driven,willing, committed, dedicated, interested in, passionate about, fascinated by, interested in, strong, powerful, profound, deep-seated, intense, acute, extreme, fierce, violent, passionate, consuming, burning

        In case you meant the verb: lament, mourn, weep, cry, sob, sorrow, grieve, wail, moan, whine, whimper, groan, howl

        Please get to it and dump the ‘keen’ from all the press releases and use either the adjective or the verb meaning as you intend.
        -The end-

    2. You know, I don’t think we got the traditional “Kate is keen to fill her diary” stories this yr!! Maybe they’ve realized no one believes them anymore?

      1. We got one of those right before she announced the pregnancy (and how sad is it that many of us here said “She’s pregnant” when that ‘keen to work more’ announcement came out?) so now they’re not going to say anything because they know full well she’s going to go on maternity leave 2-3 months in advance, show up for the big wedding, and hide again for another few months. At which point the Duchess of Keen will be so ready to fill her diary it’ll make your head spin! *snort*

    3. I thought she did well today, and I like her more business-like outfit, appropriate to the occasion. These conferences are a good idea and her presence, even informally, will give added publicity.

      Now a question: did her hair look much longer today than yesterday? Is that the result of a brushed out curl?

      1. Her hair did look longer to me as well.
        It also looked a bit straighter.
        I like her hair when she wears it partially pulled back. This way it’s down, but still off her face.

        1. If you are looking at photos on DM, they used ones from when sha was expecting Charlotte and wearing the same coat that she wore today. Her hai was longer then.

  24. To the Aussie posters, I just read an article where it’s so hot there bats are being boiled alive! Hope y’all are staying cool because that’s hot

    1. Yep, true. The heat has been – and still is – exhausting for all, animals and humans alike. Plus it’s bushfire and cyclone over our summer season.

        1. Thanks, Jenny. It’s tough in the US too, with extreme cold. We have also seen horrendous scenes from the mud slides in California. Best wishes to KMR readers, hoping all are fine. Special thoughts to those we have not heard from for a wee while: Rhiannon, Springs Mom, Sophia Pitt (hope your daughter is doing well), notasugar. Sorry if I’ve left anyone out! Best to KMR; hope you are recuperating and being spoilt.

          1. I know Jen. Arctic blast, followed by mild spring temps, and then, here comes the frigid air again. But, you all are suffering, as are people in California with the mud slides. Heaven help us all and I join you in hoping those who have not posted in a while are well. Miss you, Sophia Pitt, Rhiannon, Queen Lauri, Springs Mom, Royalsareajoke, and now, oh, no, I may be leaving people out, too. Overit, I know you said you were leaving, but you are missed.
            And, to KMR, keep feeling better and know we are thinking of you.

          2. Hey thanks for the comments. Though I’m in North Florida, we’re experiencing unusually cold weather. Temps in the 20s with a “feels like” of the teens during the night and highs in the 40s during the day! I have friends and family who laugh at me but what they don’t understand is that 1.) Florida is not equipped to handle that level of cold and 2.) there are some people (like me) who move to the South to avoid the cold weather for health reasons! These temps mess with our sensitive systems. I’ve already decided that if another person makes fun of me now, I’m going to be a jerk right back in about six months when they whine about the heat. ?

          3. Kimothy, I hope your health is not fluctuating too much with the cold. It’s something most folk would not even have on their radar, but certainly no need for mockery. Trust Missy can keep you snug as a bug 🙂

          4. Oh Jenny – how could I forget Queen Lauri, Royalsareajoke, Mary Elizabeth and Overit??!! Guilt, guilt, guilt. I hope they return.

          5. Ray – Seth still comments sometimes on KMR’s post on Facebook.

            And can I add to the list above a shout out to Art Historian? We haven’t heard from Art Historian for quite a while, she (He?) was great with history questions, especially questions regarding the Scandinavian Royal Families.


            Hi Art Historian – Hope you are well, best wishes for 2018!

  25. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-42544280?ns_mchannel=email&ns_source=pan_div&ns_campaign=PANUK_DIV_02_NCA_CORONATIONQUEEN_GEN&ns_linkname=bbcnews_queencoronation_newsUK_queencoronation&ns_fee=0

    Just a heads up for anyone who might be interested in hearing HMTQ. Added bonus of Alastair Bruce asking the questions as he is an favourite of mine. Such an absolute gentleman and what he doesn’t know about Royalty isn’t worth knowing.

    The documentary is part of the Royal Collection Season, a partnership between the BBC and Royal Collection Trust, which also features the four-part television series Art, Passion & Power: The Story Of The Royal Collection.

    The Coronation will be screened on BBC One on 14 January at 8pm.

        1. No problem, I’m not missing this! Part of my interest in the BRF is the jewels, the sparkly jewels! And what is more sparkly than St. Edward’s Crown? And we so rarely see the Queen interviewed (at least here in the US).

          1. I can’t think of a time I’ve heard her interviewed and she’s said much of anything. The odd snippet here and there so I’m rather excited.

      1. I’ve been watching the little previews of this interview and can’t wait to see in it’s entirety. Guess I will have to wait for YouTube as well though, sigh.

    1. Here’s hoping that both organisations will continue to do great work within their special fields, and that this move will cut down on the admin costs of both organisations?

    1. Hi Leah

      I was thinking about the savings both organisations could make by sharing admin staff. That could free up funds which could be used to help those they were set up to help?

    2. They could go the way of EACH and get a celebrity liaison like Ed Sheeran. Someone with EACH publicly complained about Kate’s lack of support and were told to just suck it up and find a celebrity, so they did. It would probably benefit Place2Be and The Art Room to do the same. Some celebrities will have more worldwide recognition than Kate, anyway.

      1. I hope so to Trisha. I think Meghan will be the spark the royals need to get moving. She seems like a go getter. Though someone mentioned above that her and Harry will work the crowd now then try to back off later and I could also see that being the case. Only time will tell. Fingers crossed for a good year.

        1. I hope that isn’t the case Stacy. It would be a shame to back off. With their combined energy and charisma, I think they could do a lot of good. I’m hoping that Meghan will be a stabilizing influence on Harry.

    1. I hope so too. Meghan appears to be very confident and used to the spotlight (even if not to this new magnitude) and more than ready and willing to work from her new platform. I hope that works to give Kate a bit of a much needed push.

      I’m excited for this year for Meghan and Harry… Hoping theur personalities and charisma shibe through.

  26. Reminder for the TV show “The Coronation”
    Tonight January 14

    UK: BBC One 8:00 PM
    US: Smithsonian Channel
    Eastern: 8:00 PM, Central: 7:00 PM

    “Exploring the role and symbolic meaning of the Crown Jewels in the centuries-old coronation ceremony…Using the Queen’s recollections and new footage of the Crown Jewels, The Coronation reveals the story of this glittering ceremony.”

    1. + 1

      Wanted to stop in and say “hi” and that I know I speak for a lot of us when I say that you are missed and hopefully on the mend!

      I hope you know this community is thinking of you and wishing you the best of recoveries.

  27. The itinerary for the tour is out. How can Kate work so hard out of the U.K. and Commonwealth but not do the same at home?
    To be fair the schedule looks very tiring I am surprised that she is expected to do so much, when here she can only do an hour every few days.
    Lots of new clothes I am sure too, including several evening gowns. The cost could be astonishing.

      1. Looking at the engagements in Sweden yes it seems like a holitour. Walkabouts and walking from one place to another. Visiting a business fair or something.

        1. A lot of formal meals with the Kings and Queens…Kate is not usually very confident in these situations. I wonder if she has met with Madeleine to get some tips? If it were me that is what I would do.

          1. Madeleine of Sweden? I doubt it. Kate and William make it a point to ignore foreign royals and besides, Kate is not fond of other women.

            Kate in insecure in all situations where she is around anyone who is not her blood family. For all her lessons she gave her kid re social climbing, C-Middy failed to properly socialize Kate and prepare her on how to act in all social situations.

            Kate’s bad behavior often comes out as rudeness toward others. I can’t see her being friendly toward Victoria, either.

          2. Birdy, did you find anything else? I’ve only seen the itinerary for Sweden and it’s not very, er, taxing except a lunch with the King and Queen. Victoria and Daniel ushering W&K around.

          3. It’s lunches, visiting Norwegian-British start-ups and of course a visit to the ski museum.
            What’s disappointing is the Scandinavian countries have some great mental health iniatives they could visit and highlight! It’s been a couple yrs since I read the study so don’t know how up to date it is but parts of Norway(and I believe Sweden) used to have discreet mental health buses and if their emergency services are called they try to ascertain if it’s more psych related and if so, send a mental health professional to the scene. Would love to see things like that here in the states
            Not to mention that they’re passing up viewing the ??!

          4. I’m already wincing at the thought of Kate doing her “Housemaid’s bob” to the various Royals she will meet instead of a proper curtsey.

            I am hoping that before W & K go on the trip that someone will teach Kate the proper way to curtsey and make her practice too. (Meghan may be able to help there?)

            I also hope someone will tell Kate who she should curtesy to, ie the blood Royals. It’s part of court protocol and if she gets it wrong it will reflect badly on the British Royal Family.

            I will be delighted if she gets it right and am hoping the trip will go smoothly. I loved the time I spent in Sweden and hope they will enjoy the trip.

    1. Are the children going along on this tour? Would love to see Estelle flexing her international relations muscle- she would be a formidable little welcoming committee. If not, I hope the Cambridges do get to meet her. They will be most impressed.

  28. Charlotte and George aren’t going-they will be in school. There are no Tiara events and Rebecca English of the Daily Fail said this:

    “The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge will travel by private jet to Stockholm from London and then onto Oslo, travelling back on the same plane to London, with a 13-strong entourage, plus security detail. Along the group will be Kate’s hairdresser, who is being funded ‘privately’.”

    I guess that wiglet cost a lot of money. I wonder if it has its’ own security detail.

    1. Are you sure no tiaras? Would love the Swedes to show her how to use wiglet for tiara hair. I’m expecting all new outfits but I do hope not. I wonder what Victoria and MM think of her.

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