Pippa is not-so-secretly engaged

Pippa is not-so-secretly engaged

Pippa Middleton is kind of, sort of, might be, may be engaged to boyfriend of over six months, Nico Jackson. 

Allegedly they got secretly engaged around the time of Wimbledon but are waiting to announce it on her 30th birthday to not take focus off Kate and George.  The wedding will be next spring at a local Bucklebury church with a reception at the new Middleton home.  I bet Pips wanted to scream it from the rooftops as soon as it happened—since you know all she’s wanted for years is to marry a rich, titled man (Nico is not titled, but that ship sailed a long time ago and now she’s stuck, no titled man will ever go anywhere near her)—but you know that Kate and Carole squashed that right away.  Kate, and now George, are the stars of the Middleton family, they will always come before Pippa.  Poor Pippa.  You know Kate will be the Maid of Honor, and will totally steal the focus off Pippa and on to her.  I almost feel bad for poor Pippa, but then I think about how she wasted her silver-platter opportunity of a book deal and how she was all over trying to bag a titled man and my sympathy for her goes out the window.  The funny thing is, the article says that Pippa’s wedding will be a huge occasion, but will get even more attention is Kate is a bridesmaid. Uh, why is it a going to be a huge occasion? Pippa isn’t a huge celeb, nor in any way royal or aristocratic. Anyway, what I love most about this article is the not-so-subtle shading of Uncle Gary at the end.  They totally bring up his News of the World sting, his drug use and lack of ability to keep a secret. Love it.  Anyway, we’ll see if there is an engagement is announced next Friday like they’re saying.  If they are engaged, I can’t wait to see what the ring looks like.  I love looking at jewelry.

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  1. I do not understand why lazy & siblings can’t work! The offspring of other wealthy families have jobs, even if some have trust funds! The ones that don’t work devote their time to worthy causes like the environment or cancer, just an example? I blame the stupid, ignorant middledum parents!

    1. A lot of children of wealthy parents who don’t necessarily work for a living, work instead for a non-profit or a charity and live off their family money. The Middleton children do neither. It’s unfortunate, Carole really does show she has drive to make something of her life, but she did not pass that down to her children in the right way. Instead of focusing on building a business from the ground up, they focus on using fame to advance themselves. No real drive except to be famous and marry well. So sad.

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