New book reveals relationship details, Guy Pelly may be a godparent and George has a new nickname

New book reveals relationship details, Guy Pelly may be a godparent and George has a new nickname

There is a new book coming out (or is already out) by Katie Nicholl, a reporter for the Daily Mail and a long-time Middleton insider/sycophant.  The book is titled Kate: the Future Queen, and gives a bunch of new intimate details about William and Kate’s relationship. 

The Mail has an article with excerpts from the book and says that Carole totally pressured William about when he was going to propose and whatnot.  It also says that Kate did not want to go to St. Andrew’s until she found out that William was attending, and decided to take a gap year (because William was taking one) and then go to St. Andrew’s.  I’m pretty sure we had already known that, it’s been floating around for a while, but it is interesting that Katie Nicholl is explicitly saying it in the new book.  The article, and I’m sure the book, makes it seem like Kate stalked William to St. Andrew’s—which she totally did.  But it is interesting that the stalking is being talked about so openly now.  Katie Nicholl has been a huge Kate sycophant for a long time, so I’m not sure what this means.  Katie also mentions that Kate did some charity work “behind the scenes” before she got married, which I suppose makes her look good, but then the other stuff makes her look bad, hm… Watch this space. PS. About the book title, I get where she’s coming from, but that is kind of offensive to the current Queen Regnant (Liz II) and next Queen Consort (Camilla). Kate will not be Queen Consort for a very long time, and even if she ever gets there, she will not be Queen the way Liz II is Queen. Kate will be a Queen Consort of a King Regnant; Liz II is a Queen Regnant. Huge difference that this book title does not make clear. I dislike the title, it gives Kate too much power.

Hello mag is reporting that Guy Pelly will be one of George’s godparents.  Ugh.  I dislike this guy.  I know he’s “loyal” and “discreet” and crap and William and Harry like that, but that does not make him a good friend nor a good influence for a child.  This guy has been behind, or around, most of the Prince’s wild times and has gotten them into trouble over the years.  He is an aristocratic party-boy who owns a few nightclubs in London and totally uses the Prince’s names to get his clubs in the papers for free advertising.  I would argue that he is not as “discreet” as they think he is, because every time one of his clubs gets in the papers it’s clear that he released that information to use the boy’s names for free advertising.  Ugh.  Whatever.  I’ve given up on William and Harry actually being smart and wising up about their awful friends who totally use them even though they think they don’t.

William and Kate reportedly have nicknamed Prince George, PG Tips… after a teabag brand.  Seriously?  Whatever, it’s their kid.  This article is interesting, though, it has a bunch of intimate details, including how much weight George has gained and how many times a day Kate is breastfeeding him.  Huh. If any of this is anywhere near true, there is a definite leaker inside the Middleton home–since Kate and George are staying there. We already knew Carole was leaking information to the press, but this article is a nail in that coffin I guess. No one would know how many times a day Kate is breastfeeding, except someone very inside that situation, you know. By the way, did we really need to know how many times a day she breastfeeds? The weight thing is a fun anecdote, but no one needs to know any more about Kate’s breasts than we already know… we’ve already seen the France photos.

2 thoughts on “New book reveals relationship details, Guy Pelly may be a godparent and George has a new nickname

  1. I wonder if the royals realize that baby George might have been born to a surrogate?
    Lets hope that billy & lazy are his biological parents,not that is anything to be proud of! I really feel sorry for that baby, being brought up by those 2! If the little boy is not their son, I hope that goes to a wonderful family! Georgie deserves a great life!

    1. I would hope that George is biologically Will and Kate’s, but you never know. I think Kate and the Middletons are idiots if they did use a surrogate, because if that ever came out it would cost them dearly.

      I feel sorry for George, too. He really doesn’t have the greatest role models for parents. On one side he has a lazy, stalkery mother who cares more about how she looks than being healthy and doesn’t care at all for her duty to her country as a royal. And on the other side you have a father who is still very much a petulant child who wants all the perks in life without working for them and doesn’t care at all about his royal duty and hides away from his responsibilities instead of tackling them head on. Not the greatest role models for a future king.

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