Princess Madeleine expecting first child

Princess Madeleine expecting first child

I usually only talk about the British royals, but I want to take a step away and talk about a member of a different royal family.  The Swedish Royal Family, Princess Madeleine.  Princess Madeleine announced on Tuesday that she is expecting her first child with husband Chris O’Neill, due March 2014.  Congratulations to them. 

Now for the interesting part, they married a very short time ago.  When I first heard the news I thought for sure she must have been pregnant for the wedding since it hasn’t been that long.  Well they married on June 8, twelve weeks and three days before the pregnancy announcement.  Can anyone say Honeymoon Baby?  Seriously though, it’s exactly twelve weeks after the wedding, so either they are super quick to announce the pregnancy or she was pregnant during the ceremony.  It’s not super scandalous or anything—not like her brother dating some tacky glamour model and former reality contestant—but I think it’s interesting.

Madeleine is expected to continue her official royal duties and her work in NYC, no changes are expected—which is super awesome and how a pregnant royal should roll (dig time: unlike a certain British Duchess we all know and don’t like so much).  Now for the super awesome part: when Chris O’Neill  married Madeleine he declined Swedish citizenship and a royal title, meaning he remains a private citizen of the US and keeps his job in NYC.  What a super awesome dude, right?  I know nothing else about him—I’ll be honest, I don’t follow the Swedish royals all that much—but that move makes me like him.  Way to go, Chris.

Madeleine has a Facebook page.  She talks about her work and charities and such.  I really like this idea.  I do think royals should have professional Facebook pages and Twitter accounts (the Duke of York has a twitter account as does Mette-Merit of Norway).  I think it’s a great way for royals to connect with people and promote their charity work.  I wish the royals would actually post things themselves more, but that’s me being picky I guess.  You know, if the royals were the ones actually tweeting and facebooking, they’d probably have a lot more followers and be able to reach a larger audience.

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