Kate’s “perfect” birth, Uncle Gary is talking again and Guy Pelly will not be a godparent

Kate’s “perfect” birth, Uncle Gary is talking again and Guy Pelly will not be a godparent

Kate’s first official royal appearance was last week at a race or something, it was supposed to be William’s solo but then she surprised everyone by turning up.  I was going to cover it, but then I didn’t.  I don’t have much to say except that she’s back in her pre-pregnancy skinny jeans… five weeks after giving birth to an eight pound baby.  Sketchy?  I don’t know, I was told on Twitter that if she’s breastfeeding—and reports claim she is—that it’s possible to have lost all that weight in such a short amount of time.  Now I’m not going to say anything too crazy (just in case), but I must say that if she did not actually gain any baby weight, I think it’s unacceptable to claim the weight just “fell off” when the weight was never there to begin with, it sends a bad—and totally fake and unrealistic—message to normal women.  But then, of course she gained weight, right?  You can’t go through a pregnancy and delivery and not gain weight 😉  Here’s a bunch of articles about the appearance if you’re interested.

Some Vanity Fair article (via the Daily Mail) claims Kate is telling all her girlfriends how “perfect and natural” the birth was.  The birth was apparently straightforward with no complications and she was able to have the natural birth she wanted.  To this I say, what girlfriends?  Kate doesn’t really have a ton of friends, only her sister and maybe one other friend from school who Kate only brings out on very rare occasions to prove she actually does have friends.  I wonder where this information is coming from.  The Midds obviously; they want everyone to think Kate is so perfect that she had the most perfect and natural birth ever.  Makes you wonder why they’re pushing it so much.  There are also details of how the photographers outside the hospital saw Kate going in but decided it would be inappropriate to photograph her at that moment.  Now, unless the only photographer to get pictures was [removed] and the Midds forced him to sit on them, I feel like those pics would have found their way to the internet somehow.  Someone would have not cared at all and posted them, there were media from other countries and they don’t care as much as British photogs seem to.  Don’t know why they’d throw that info in there though.

In other news, Uncle Gary is talking again.  There’s an article in Grazia in which he discusses Kate and George and other things.  He brags about how awesome it is to be related to a future king (George) through Kate, and how great a couple William and Kate are.  I laughed at the “Kate has her feet so solidly on the ground” line; uh, I don’t think so.  He also mentions how “incredibly modern” they are.  Ugh, I’m so sick of hearing that line.  Don’t those idiots realize that the more they try and be “modern” and “normal” the less of a reason the public has to keep them around?  Besides, William’s idea of being “normal” and “modern” is a farce.  He doesn’t want to be normal like the common person, he wants to have all the perks the prince title gives him without having any of the responsibilities that go along with it.  He’s a selfish prick.  Back to the article, Gary talks about Pippa and James finding partners and how “out of courtesy” they will date for a while before marriage because marrying a Middleton puts the person in the spotlight.  Good grief, Gary, it’s not like they would be marrying an actual royal, they would simply be marrying a D-list, royal-adjacent family.  That courtesy line was the same one William used in his engagement interview as an excuse as to why it took so long for him to propose to Kate.  It was totally untrue for William and Kate and is ridiculous for Pippa or James.

You know how there were reports that Guy Pelly—the club-owning, party boy the Princes are friends with—would be one of George’s godparents?  Well that has be debunked, in an article in the Daily Mail Guy Pelly himself told the reporter that William told him outright that he would not be a godparent.  Apparently Guy Pelly also took this opportunity to give himself some good PR and said he’s “reformed” and is not a huge partier like he used to be and is now dating some “sensible” arts graduate.  First of all, can you picture Guy Pelly in the Music Room at Buckingham Palace with the Queen?  I sure can’t.  Good thing he says he won’t be a godparent then huh.  Second, he better not be a godparent now, or else all the reporters will be pissed that he outright lied to them.  Anyway, I’m glad he won’t be a godparent, if his claims are true, because I think he’s a horrible influence on the Princes and would be an awful godfather to George—despite what he says about “reforming”.

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  1. I have only seen one picture of these post-pregnancy skinny jeans, but I would not be surprised if they are some type of maternity pant and they are holding in/concealing a little extra baby weight. Kate did not appear to gain too much weight during her pregnancy (which isn’t surprising – there is no reason she wouldn’t have time to work out, eat right, etc…), and I’m not surprised that the weight is coming off. My biggest complaint about her post-pregnancy body is how much attention it is getting. She is not the first woman (‘famous’ or otherwise) to stay in excellent shape during pregnancy and drop the weight quickly. Am I the only one who feels that some people are making it seem like she is? Like she is some kind of miracle woman?

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    1. Throughout the entire pregnancy it seemed like the media was treating Kate like she was the first woman on the planet to ever go through a pregnancy; then they treated her like she’s the first woman ever to give birth; and now she’s the first woman ever to lose baby weight. They sycophant over her so hard it’s not even funny.

  2. I am surprise that the media has never revealed the middletons & uncle gary’s finances to the public! Why are their being protected by reporters? It is strange that the party pieces can support a rich lifestyle for 5 adults? 3 of the adults do not work at all? They live rent-free in a condo? The parents live a mansion! There is talk that billy bought the mansion and condo? Where did he get all that money to support them, if that is true? I know that the Princess of Wales left her sons money, however i do not think it was enough live a rich life? I know Diana was a wealthy woman! This situation does not make sense & is very mysterious to me!

    1. Yeah, there is no way an online party supply business could make that much money to support the Middleton’s lifestyle, not when they’re spending millions on expensive private school for three children, buying close to a million pound condo in London and a 5 million pound mansion in Bucklebury, and all the expensive vacations and everything else. I have no evidence for this, but there is talk that Uncle Gary financed a bunch of things for the Middletons (like the condo). He claims to have made millions from some internet thing, but he also sells drugs and women. He’s really sketchy. There was supposed to be a second News of the World expose about Gary, but that never came out. I don’t know why they don’t release the Middleton’s finance information, but if they did it would probably end up being super sketchy as well. There is a rumor that Will bought the Mansion for the Middletons with some of the money he inherited from Diana. She supposedly left him around 12 million (can’t be sure on the exact number but it’s somewhere around there), so he could have financed it. It was probably part of the deal when he agreed to marry Kate.

  3. Among the european royal women i find waity least interesting, those women have class, very elegant, hardworking while raising children, and what we have to hear about waity is she fitted back to those stupid skinny jeans which make her look like a boy

    1. I know. Her biggest accomplishments since becoming… heck, since graduating university are having nice (totally weave-tastic) hair and fitting back into skinny jeans a month after giving birth. She really doesn’t have much going for her, especially when compared to other women, which is why the media sycophancy is so annoying to me.

  4. I hardly think she was back to her pre-pregnancy weight. They are maternity jeans with an elastic waist. Her thighs, upper arms and face have more adipose tissue than before pregnancy. She is no where near her pre-pregnancy weight.
    But she doesn’t continue to look like a planet like many post-pregnant women do, so let’s shit on her for that, instead of the real problem – she is an ingenuine, lazy human being who is not suited for Queen Consort. End of story.

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