Princess Sofia & son leave the hospital

Princess Sofia & son leave the hospital

Princess Sofia and her newborn son left the hospital yesterday, September 1, and are now at home. The Swedish court released a photo of the Prince couple and their newborn leaving the hospital. Additionally, the families have released statements on the birth.


The Swedish court released the above photo along with the message that the Prince family have left the and are now at home at Villa Solbacken. The court also released messages from Prince Carl Philip and Sofia’s families.

    King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia said: “We are delighted with Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia over their son and wish the whole family a nice and harmonious time together.”
    Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel said: “We are very pleased for Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia’s sake. We are looking forward to welcoming another member of the family.”
    Princess Madeleine said: “My family and I are so excited that my brother and Sofia have received a healthy baby boy. We can’t wait to meet him and welcome him to the family!”
    Marie and Erik Hellqvist (Sofia’s parents) said: “We are very happy for one to grandchildren and feel great luck that Prince Carl Philip’s and our daughter Sofia’s family grows. We wish them all the best of luck.”
    Lina Frejd and Sara Hellqvist (Sofia’s sisters) said: “It is with great pleasure that we welcome one to the siblings and we congratulate warm Prince Carl Philip and our sister Sofia.”

[ and Madeleine’s Facebook]

I’m so excited for another round of Swedish Christening watching! The big Swedish to-dos are my favorites.

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  1. The christening will supposedly take place before the new year, so it’ll be fun to see all the glammed up relatives and of course ALL THE BABIES!

    I wonder why other royal families don’t do public christenings, I quite like it – it gets you emotionally invested in these kids…

        1. Me too Queen Lauri, Me too!

          Baby sashes and that crib with the crown on it that they put the baby in at the service!

          Let’s not forget all the cousins playing and interacting. I wonder if Nicholas will want to bring along hhis toothbrush this time? A round of applause to Chris and Maddie who know not to take away something from a small child when the kid wants to carry it.

    1. I agree with you Ellie. I can’t wait for the Christening and seeing all the babies/toodlers.

      As for why the other RFs don’t do this, I believe that the Dutch and Danish christenings were broadcasted : I’ve seen footage of the Triple A team christenings as well for Fred and Mary’s children.

      I’m not sure for the Belgians : I’ve seen extract of videos but not the ceremony (I remember a cute video of CP Victoria with her goddaughter Eleonore). Don’t know about the Norwegians. And the BRF does a photo-call (is that what it is called ?) for the occasion.

      1. I guess it is because in the BRF, the christenings are held in small locations (George in a small chapel at the palace, William in the music room of the palace I think) and there are never many guests, only the closest relatives + partner and the godparents + partner. It is a very intimate family affair. For the swedes, for example, all sorts of people (politicians etc) attend and it is held in bigger venues so it makes sense to broadcast it.

        1. No reason they need to be so small though . They just like to be secretive, and always have issues ‘sharing ‘ their kids, which I think works against them . We all love the Swedish babies and toddlers because we see them enough to feel a connection, and that starts with the baby sashes!

    2. The swedes seem to be smart when dealing with their kids and the public. Get the public invested early, let the kids be kids but have them be seen.
      I do wonder how all these kids will be handled in the future. Mad only seems to get paid for engagements but CP seems to get a “salary” from the King. Mad has seemed to have found a balance that works for her. Who knows what Vic will do with cp & Sofia when her kids get older. There are a,ways rumbling to abolish the monarchy there and Vic’s popularity can only do so much.
      Interesting times and meanwhile we can enjoy running round the church doing her spunky lil thing

      1. Carl Philip and Madeleine have the same arrangement, they get compensated by their father, the King, when they carry out duties on his behalf.

        Due to inheritances and other things, Carl Philip is fairly wealthy. If his father, or his sister when she is Queen, wants him and his wife to stop doing royal work, they just have to stop asking them to carry out royal work on their behalf.

  2. Ellie : here are some videos about what I told you. They are only extracts for most of them. If you look up the Swedish Christenings, you will find the whole ceremony each time.

    The Netherlands
    Catherina-Amalia :
    Ariane :

    Athena (Marie’s and Joachim’s daughter):
    Vincent & Josephine :
    Christian : (couldn’t find anything longer)
    Isabella: (first part)

    Belgian : couldn’t find anything except this cute video where you see Eléonore and Victoria together

    Norway : this for Sverre Magnus

    I could find nothing for the Spanish RF.

    That’s all. Enjoy those cute videos 🙂

    1. Thanks! Yes, when I posted I’d forgotten I knew the Danes did them publicly as well.

      I don’t think a public christening is necessary–can you imagine the taxpayer cost?!–but it would be nice to see more of it with British RF babies.

  3. I love the way that they’re casually dressed and holding hands. I know how it is, you just want to get home to your own bed. It made me feel sorry for Kate that she had to dress up with hair and make up etc when she left hospital.

    1. +1

      Considering Sofia just gave birth she looks fantastic.
      Sofia and Carl look so happy.

      Having the carrier on the ground is bit unusual however I was thinking Baby may be asleep and his parents wanted to leave him be.

        1. I agree. That would be lovely.
          That photo of the three of them is adorable. Especially Sofia and Carl Phillip holding hands and the little guy and his hat oblivious to the world around him. Can’t wait for the christening. What a private time for the four of them.

    2. Sometimes I wonder what the reaction would have been if Kate had just acted more low-key and not done the make-up/blow-out/dresses routine for a big reveal. Would people have been unhappy if she had worn her casual, normal clothes with a hair in a ponytail? Or would it have been considered a breath of fresh air/more real and modern? I guess we’ll never know.

      1. Hi LizB, Kate was much more casually dressed and done after the birth of George and honestly I thought she looked lovely, exhausted but lovely. But I recall much was made that her post-labor belly (still looking pregnant) was shown and I think that bothered her so she made sure when presenting Charlotte that her belly area remained covered. I did think that the dress, heels, blowout and curls after Char was a bit much and really wished she had gone the casual route again.

        1. I thought Kate was so lovely when she revealed George. Yes she had a blow out and some eyeliner, but it was very lowkey for her. Dress and shoes were lowkey and casual even if there was some Diana cosplay.

          For once her expression wasn’t forced and she looked so happy. I still think the pictures taken that day show her at her best.

          I thought she looked grotesque when presenting Charlotte because she came out fully made up, heels, wig backcombed and looking so.

          Face was her usual practised frozen expression.

          It’s just as well they only did a perfunctory reveal because it was so unnecessary.

          1. She did look really nice, didn’t she? The only thing I was struck by besides that was how she just gazed so adoringly at William as if she gave him a present and how proud he must be of her, instead of looking at her baby that much… It was weird.

          2. Ellie: i’m so glad someone else noticed that because i thought i was going crazy.

            I was at the supermarket when they were doing George’s reveal, so watched the entire thing on the big TVs at the supermarket with no sound.

            She barely looked at her baby. Her eyes were glued to William with a puppy dog adoring expression AND like she’d FINALLY given him the present he had always wanted which had somewhat elluded her.

            He looked like he had FINALLY received the thing that touched his soul. He was beyond ecstatic and couldn’t stop looking at the baby.

            It baffled me afterwards to learn that he was barely present during the ensuing months and the only way to describe the baby was in nuisance terms.

          3. “It baffled me afterwards to learn that he was barely present during the ensuing months and the only way to describe the baby was in nuisance terms”: I imagine what happened was that William quickly found out the world did not spin around him alone–Kate, the Middletons, the BRF, the media all of a sudden had someone else captivating their attention. No surprise then that during that time period he was caught turning to Jecca Craig.

    3. Did she have to. Kate, that is. Get all dolled up when leaving the hospital? I don’t see why she had to put her feet into heels and get her hair all done and plaster all that make-up on. For God’s sake, she had recently had a baby!
      Of course, I can’t imagine her ever looking as casual as Sophia did, but a bit less glammed up would have been understandable and probably, appreciated.

      Putting the baby carrier on the floor in the photo here seemed a tad odd. Not too healthy, either. I mean, that precious little cargo, should have been held in his carrier by the dad. Even for the photo.

      Oh, well. Sofia’s top really hides wonders. She was big during her pregnancy and this top really suits a new mom. She also was smiling, but her eyes said it all: Happy But exhausted!

      Best wishes to the family and to dear Prince Alexander. Don’t worry, big bro, you are very loved! Such a wee one, himself.

      1. Many congrats to CP, Sofia and Alexander for the new family member. He seems too minuscule and cute, although a little lonely on the floor without anyone carrying him.

        I applaud CP & Sofia for their casual appearance nevertheless I understand the different pressure that Kate was in when she revealed George & Charlotte. The amount of attention and press coverage, especially for George, was unprecedented. The presence of a glam up squad seemed necessary at the time.

        Having said that I wish Kate would be more genuine and brave and make less use of image making. Being constantly aware of one’s image, especially when you’ve just had a baby, makes one seem too calculated and eventually manufactured.

        And thank you, Jenny, for your previous concern, I’m well and I too enjoy your posts!

    4. Did Kate have to dress up and appear with perfect hair and makeup?

      IMO this was her choice as everyone would have understood her looking like she’d just given birth, as she had just given birth.

      1. Didn’t Kate get criticism from some people for showing her stomach and such? Kate’s choice to dress up a bit more for Charlotte may have been in response to some criticisms she received with George.

        1. Colour me confused on that one KMR. I’m always surprised to see new Mums up and moving about after giving birth, especially if it was a tough delivery or if it was a long delivery.

          But, imo, having a celeb looking very glam after having her glam squad in must make it very hard for the every day new Mums. Do they feel there is now an expectation for them to look made up with beautiful hair too?

          1. I know women who used Kate as some excuse how we should never not be so glammed up and look presentable aka overly made up when we’re giving birth and post-partum. It’s ridiculous. Kate who has a team behind her to make sure she is made up and other people to take care of the baby so she can rest and work out…

          2. Hi Ellie

            I think that having a baby is so tough on a woman and her body that they just don’t need that extra pressure.

            (Can you guess that I’m the person, when visiting to meet the new baby, who will be doing the dishes/ any washing/ housework etc so Mum and baby can rest up?)

            And lets not forget all those reality programmes? All those Housewives etc all have a glam squad ready to go for hair and makeup. Those ladies don’t wake up like that!

          3. I tend to read more critical rather than sugar blogs on Kate, but the criticism for her appearance with George wasn’t there.

            Everyone thought she looked lovely.

            Grumbles about her ability to look so damned good so quickly after the birth, and the diana cosplay, but all in agreement that she looked lovely.

            The DM wrote a concern trolling article about her tummy, but i think that was the only negative article i remember.

            She really toned it down for George. Her make up was barely discernable.

            The only outstanding feature was her hair which was blown straight, but styled simply. No sausage curls, no wiglets, nada. Just a simple blowdry.

            However, never underestimate a Middleton’s need to look perfect at all times, and i guess she didn’t like that she wasn’t praised for the simpleness of her appearance with George OR it was interpreted negatively in the Middleton household, including her post-birth tummy because when it came to Charlotte, she went all out on the make up, hair/ wigs, jewels, heels, dress. She draped the baby in a way that hid her tummy.

          4. Kate looked lovely after having George, except he fact that she didn’t hold him–or Charlotte–properly with the baby’s head practically flopping about with no support. It made me nervous!

            I remember the gushing after Charlotte was born, how I wish we looked like that after we gave birth, how perfect and amazing Kate was, you know, sharing all the overly Photoshopped pictures. It made me gaggy and also sad since she looked so much more….natural and “Kate” with George. Like a person not a robot.

        2. Aside from the glam hair and makeup, what got to me was Kate’s decision to wear a white dress. Given the realities of what a woman’s body goes through after giving birth, what new mom would ever choose a white dress only hours later? That seemed like such an in-your-face I’m-so-perfect move by Kate.

        3. I remember reading an article here in the US (probably People Magazine) that praised Kate for daring to show her post partum belly. It was a small bump, but they made a big deal about it.

  4. As I commented yesterday, I find it totally bizarre that they would have their newborn son on the floor! In a hospital no less, the most germ-est place in the world, yuck! Now, I like CP and Sofia but in this photo it feels like they are the main focus and their son is an afterthought and frankly that kind of bugs.

    All of the above being said, the new parents look very happy, very tired but very happy!! Congrats again to the happy parents and new big brother on your new family member!!

  5. I don’t understand part of Sofia’s parents quote. “We are very happy for one to grandchildren” am I missing something in the translation? Are they saying they’re happy to be grandparents?? Is that a Swedish saying?
    Anyhoodles. I said yesterday I found this pic odd for the release it’s more about the parents than the baby. It can’t be easwith two little ones so I wish them the best

    1. I do not speak Swedish, only Norwegian, but I think the “till” from the Swedish quote is missing in translation… they are basically saying that they are really happy for one more grandchild.

  6. My fave royal kids are Estelle and Oscar. Love seeing them. I think Estelle is going to be an amazing royal when she’s older, she’s already so confident and happy.

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