Princess Sofia has given birth to a son!

Princess Sofia has given birth to a son!

Prince Alexander gets a little brother! Princess Sofia gave birth today, August 31, at Danderyd Hospital in Stockholm to a healthy baby boy.

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Prince Carl Philip and Sofia’s second son was born on August 31 at 11:24 AM weighing 3,400 grams (or about 7.5 pounds); the newest prince was 49 cm (or about 19.3 inches) in length at birth.

According to the press release, both mother and child are in good health, and Carl Philip was present a the hospital throughout the birth.

In the afternoon, Carl Philip held a press conference with the media where he revealed the sex of the baby, and said: “We are really happy. It’s a very cute boy.”

A Council Meeting, where the name and titles will be announced, will be held on Monday, September 4, after which a Te Deum will be held at the Royal Palace chapel.

Congratulations to Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia on the birth of their new baby!

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  1. Congrats to the new family of four!! I’m sure Sylvia can’t wait to spoil her new grandson and I hope CG isn’t overly happy at the fact that his son has another boy. (We all know how much CG favors his son over his daughters!)

          1. This is the best idea I’ve heard since I started royal watching!!
            Queen Lauri, you totally deserve your username! πŸ™‚

          2. Lauri, baby crowns! Too cute for words. A great idea. Now, run with it!

            Congrats to the happy family and tons of happiness and the best of health to all!

            Baby news is the best!

  2. Congratulations! Can’t wait to hear the name!
    And hope the christening is soon, such a delight when the Swedes get together in church, even though I am not one bit religious at all.

    Princess Madeleine’s timing to announce her pregnancy was perfectly timed, almost as she knew!

  3. I watched the live press conference with CP – it was interesting to listen to him. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever heard his voice! Congrats to them.
    (Side note: I was impressed he answered a few questions in English)

    1. Most everyone in Sweden speaks English, and CP spent time at the Rhode Island School of Design, and before that in prep school in Connecticut, so he should be well versed in the language.

  4. Well, here I go again with a dissenting view of sorts. I have zero use for Sofia, none, and quite frankly consider her a disgraceful disgusting repulsive woman. However, I am ***very happy*** that she had another boy. The thought of a baby girl with her as a mother was horrible to me. She has no respect for herself, in my opinion, her past actions have shown her to be willing to do anything, and while everyone has a past, hers was white washed as is usual in pr machinations. Had she denounced her past, had she said that it was a time in her life which she now deeply regrets, had she changed at all I would view her differently. However, to the best of my knowledge this hasn’t happened. Therefore, a little boy stands a much better chance of a good and healthy, in both emotional and physical terms than would a baby girl.

    1. Agreed.

      Glad everyone is healthy and happy, also glad it is another boy. Carl Philip seems like such a lovely father, he is so excited, which is sweet.

      I am sure however CG is thrilled his true heir has another boy. Gag. I wonder if this little boy will be getting an estate with his duchy like Alexander (preferential treatment much?).

      1. Fully agree with both of you. Unfortunately this just means she’ll be going for a third, or who knows, until she has a girl.

        1. Scary thought, and you’re probably right. I actually went so far as to see if medical science has come up with a way to manipulate nature so a girl is conceived. This was because of past **rumors**, simply that, rumors, about Harper Beckham, but I found nothing to suggest that it isn’t still a matter of, and I hate to use this word, chance.

          1. Through IVF, I believe one can do gender selection. It is medically possible, but I don’t know about legalities and such.

          2. @royalsareajoke

            You can do sex selection very easily through IUI or IVF. Scientists just take the male sperm out and fertilize the egg with a female sperm. It’s being done more and more especially with couples who are pregnant with twins and have used fertility treatments.

        2. Have Carl Philip or Sofia said anything to that affect, that they would specifically try for a third just to get a girl? Maybe they are happy with two boys. Or maybe they would have wanted a third no matter what the sex of their first two, like Madeleine and Chris.

          1. KMR, how interesting. I was unaware of this option. No, I haven’t heard anything along the lines of wanting a girl, or trying again. I just see Sofia as wanting both flavors of children, and while this is painting with a very broad brush lots of people want one of each. Also, you make a very good point, one I had considered that since Madeleine and Chris will soon have 3 Sofia wouldn’t allow herself to be outdone Just speculation of course, but I think the gender of the child would be very important to Sofia. Again, pure speculation but I suspect that she was disappointed, very briefly of course, that she bore another son. That’s not at all unusual for any woman, again brief and fleeting. (I wanted a boy until I had a girl and knew that I really wanted a girl all along:))

          2. I told my sister she could have whatever but as long as they were girls =) but that’s just because I know girls. It was the two of us, my mom had a sister and she too had daughters. Luckily her husband obliged and gave up an X chromosome (twice to continue the tradition)
            Meanwhile all my friends have boys. Different worlds!

    2. Royals i agree 100%! Sofia comes across as a hypocrite. I wonder if the new mother wishes her husband & sons would sit on the throne?

    3. I have to feel for Charlotte in a similar vein as well because her grandmother and mother basically thought it was ok for a woman to do nothing with her life than chase after a guy and wait around for a decade. Not a great role model for any young girl.

      1. Here’s to Charlotte’s apparently feisty nature. I think she will stand well in dealing with any controlling influence that goes against the grain. She’s going to have a mind of her own. And, she will still remain rather easy going, which makes for an interesting personality. I remember reading an astrological chart for her soon after she was born and was surprised by how honest the astrologer was. George’s chart had been all full of wonder and delight . No negative signs anywhere. Just like the marriage of W and K was heralded as an astrogoical match made in the heavens.

        For Charlotte, a stubborn streak was shown, but also an ability be be calm and easy going on many issues. The astrologer said point blank that she and Kate would butt heads often. I really was shocked because everything about the Cambridges is always cloaked in tons of sugar. Wish I could find it again. If I do, I will post the link.

        1. I don’t understand why it is wrong to have a feisty girl or a girl that knows her own mind. I am shocked how girls are sexualised way to early through dress, media etc. That the only way to live is to please a man, which leaves them vulnerable to men that are exploiting them.

  5. Prince Oscar…
    Prince Nicholas…
    Prince Alexander…

    Any name ideas, folks? I like Erik. Erik is the first name of Sophia’s dad and a middle name of big brother Alexander.

  6. Congratulations Carl and Sofia. Welcome to the world little one. And Congratulations on Alexander becoming a big brother.

    1. But, so young and small himself, yet. I always feel sorry for one year olds when they are pushed into big brother or sisterhood. No time to really be a baby or toddler for a while on one’s own. Oh, well. Here’s to one happy family.

      1. Well said, Jenny. My husband has just a year of difference from his younger sister and herself another year from their younger brother. All three of them are August babies. They have told me that while growing up, there was hardly any moment without competition amongst them!
        I can only imagine the exhausted parents.

        But, here’s to one happy family too! Looking forward to the christenings!

      2. My brother and I are 54 weeks apart in age. We can finish each other’s sentences and know each others opinions and standards — and they are not the same. We can disagree and not be angry at each other, just know that we do not agree. We help each other with no reservations. I can’t imagine not having my brother to talk with whether politics, philosophy, science or family issues. We agree to disagree and support each other despite our differences. I dread a time when I won’t have his counsel and his opinion. I can imagine it could be the same with these siblings. I find it possible, I hope they do too.

        We do not have the same ideas and opinions as our parents. We find it amusing that we don’t. Times are different, so are we.

  7. Congratulations to Prince Carl and Sophia!

    How old is Alexander? The baby and him are a year and a half difference?

      1. My mother was 16 months older than her brother. Her mother was still nursing, and it was then thought it was too soon to be weaned. The doctor told grandma to feed her gravy and bread ?. But they were very close all their lives, though my mother was definitely the boss. Yah girl power.

        1. My eldest niece and her sister are two years apart. They play together but fight each other too. The baby my third niece is two years apart from the middle niece. It is very hard with that age gap to be fair. Life isn’t.

  8. Henrik is whining again…

    Regarding Nikolai’s birthday party: “It was a very nice evening with all the grandchildren. With grandmother and grandfather. Grandfather played a role here even if one does not think he should play a role in Denmark.”

    And regarding the new baby, Carl Philip is going to race this weekend. I’d be so mad if my husband ditched me right after giving birth.

  9. I’m not sure if this has been discussed but there is some false information going around about Prince Harry and William donating 100 million dollars to Harvey relief. It’s been retweeted by a few people that are usually good about not retweeting false information. As soon as I saw it I knew it was fake; they don’t have that kind of money. This Era of False Information is really scary.

    1. Yeah, there is no way they donated that amount of money. They don’t have that amount of money between them.

      1. Even if they did have that kind of money why would they donate it to Houston, Texas, US when they are UK Princes. I’m sure there are natural disasters and charities in the UK that could use that money. They allegedly donated to Grenfell Tower victims but it was an undisclosed amount and who knows if most victims received any money.

      2. They’re just like their mum who left nothing to charity at all and by the time she died was showing up for events telling people to take her picture so she could leave.

        W&H haven’t donated anything to anyone ever, as far as I know. I could be mistaken. They were angry they were made to help for photographs when there was flooding going on, and I remember when Wales had devastating floods and SAR was working around the clock, William was photographed stumbling drunk out of a nightclub…

    1. I find this picture odd. It’s supposed to be about baby and he’s siting in his carrier on the ground almost like an after thought because your eyes aren’t drawn to the floor.
      I don’t need he whole BRF parade outside the hospital but if you’re not going to release a pic of holding him at least hold the carrier.

    2. How bizarre to leave your newborn on the floor!! Granted he’s in a carrier but still. Couldn’t they have held the carrier between them ala Victoria and Daniel?

          1. I think that’s how they, especially Sofia are. Me me me. Us against he world. I mean, it’s what Carl Philip said at their wedding, he’d never known such love, despite, you know, having been with a woman for 9 years who he cheated on with Sofia…

          2. I honestly don’t understand the dislike of Carl Philip’s comments about never knowing such love (I forget the exact wording) until he was with Sofia. If I were getting married, I would want my man to say the same thing. I think it would be terrible would if my soon-to-be husband were all, “I love you, but I totally loved this other person just as much and/or way more than you”.

        1. In these short meet the media events I think video offers a better record of what happened. In this photo event, they were holding hands, as if they were talking while the carrier rested on the floor. CP did have the carrier in hand the last time they left for home; I have no doubt he did the same thing this time. I’m certain she wouldn’t be picking it up; neither would I. Some fathers are discombobulated with the whole event and it takes the wife to bring them back to reality. Can we cut them some slack here? Carrying the baby in the car-carrier is what fathers are supposed to do. He did, eventually. I’m sure Sophia was anxious to get home and rest as any woman who has recently given birth would want to do.

      1. I agree. They should have just carried the carrier between them or something. I do like how the Swedes leave without the big staging and set up like Kate, they look more “real” as parents leaving the hospital but this placement of the baby is odd

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