William, Kate & Harry honor Diana at White Garden

William, Kate & Harry honor Diana at White Garden

Prince William and Prince Harry, along with Kate Middleton, visited the White Garden at Kensington Palace yesterday, August 30, to honor the memory of Princess Diana on the eve of the 20th anniversary of her death.

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The royal trio, who were battling the weather, toured the White Garden where they met with gardeners Sean Harkin, who designed the display, and Graham Dillamore, who knew Diana during her life.

From the Mirror:

    “Admiring the new layout, which she said was less formal than previous designs, the Duchess said: ‘It does look really different, I love the semi wildness.’
    “‘We’re thrilled, Graham,’ William added. ‘Twenty years on it feels so appropriate.’
    “When the summer opening of the White Garden is over, Prince Harry told staff he would like to keep some of the plants and flowers alive, transporting them to his own, small, Kensington Palace plot to tend them…
    “Mr Harkin said: ‘They remembered going into the garden as children and feeding the fish, and they were happy to hear some of the fish are still the same. They were very interested in hearing about the flowers. Prince Harry is quite green-fingered himself and asked lots of questions about what we were growing.'”

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The White Garden at Kensington Palace was planted with flowers and foliage inspired by memories of Diana’s life, image, and style. The plants include an elegant palette of tulips and scented narcisii through a carpet of ‘forget me nots’, as well as pots of classic English white roses surrounding the reflective pool in the center, and glowing ornamental grasses weaving through Cosmos daisies and billows of graceful Gaura.

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The royal trio then met with representatives from the charities Diana was patron of at the time of her death: Centrepoint, Great Ormond Street Hospital, The Leprosy Mission, National AIDS Trust, The Royal Marsden, and English National Ballet. Also invited were two charites Diana was close to, although not officially patron of: Child Bereavement UK, and Landmine Survivors Network.

From the Daily Mail:

    “English National Ballet director Tamara Rojo told them many popular productions were only staged because of the fundraising Princess Diana had done in her lifetime, adding: ‘That’s something we celebrate.’
    “William said: ‘We’ve got plenty of pictures. I remember her showing me ballet shoes she had been given [by ENB] and she was so proud of them. She loved dancing, she was a fantastic dancer. We’ve been going through her music collection recently and there’s some quite eclectic stuff in there. She was elated by the skill.’
    “The Duchess said that Princess Charlotte is now learning to dance, adding: ‘She absolutely loves it.'”

William, Kate meet reps of Diana's patronages s
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

After spending an hour touring the Garden and meeting with the charities, William and Harry moved to the Gates of KP which have been decorated by the public in memory of the anniversary. They also did a little walkabout with some of the public who had gathered outside of the gates.

More from the Mirror:

    “Rhian Oxby, 40, and her two children Masie, ten and Gracie, eight, waited patiently for over an hour for the Princes to come outside. Maisie said: ‘I gave flowers to Prince Harry, he put the flowers in the middle at the gate, I felt so excited I was shaking.'”
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Kate wore a new dress for the garden viewing. She chose a Prada Poppy Print Silk Dress ($2,340) which looks like scribbles to me. She paired the dress with her Monica Vinader green onyx siren earrings, and her LK Bennett Ferns.

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Reader MrsBBV sent me some lovely photos of the White Garden that her husband took. I’ve posted some of my favorites below. You can see a full album of the photos at my Facebook page here. Thank you so much, MrsBBV, for sending me these and allowing me to post them!

[Courtesy of reader MrsBBV]

[Courtesy of reader MrsBBV]

[Courtesy of reader MrsBBV]

[Courtesy of reader MrsBBV]

159 thoughts on “William, Kate & Harry honor Diana at White Garden

  1. Beautiful garden! It’s nice to see them all together but the dress Kate wore does look like scribbles and it sags oddly around the bottom of the bust. Can’t she get clothes that fit right?

    1. Apparently not – usually her clothes miss the mark somehow – and I doubt Prada is responsible for the final “style” as so many of her clothes are “altered”

    2. I noticed that too. I’m guessing it was off the rack and she has hiked her waist up (as it’s elasticised) as per usual so the top is bunching up, ruining the look, as per usual.

    3. The garden is breathtaking!

      The dress is breathtakingly bad. Quite the contrast. It is ill-fitting, looks old-fashioned, and is the wrong length.

  2. That is a dreary dress – I suppose this counts as an “official appearance” so she yet again trots out in something new. That neckline looks like something you would see on a 90 year old. I can’t imagine why she does not consult a stylist – her mother is better dressed. I will give her points for the hairstyle and makeup. And thanks to Mrs BBV for the photos – I love the tulip shaped pink and white one. (I’m not a gardener and I’m sure it is not a tulip per se – but that was the closest I could get . . . . )

    1. There’s a picture of Diana in a dress almost identical to the point it kinda creeps me out.

      I’m just appalled with Kate spending so much money so wastefully.

        1. I guess given how many unresolved psychological issues William has related to Diana it would make sense that he would marry a woman who single white females his mother so often.

  3. This would have been the perfect time to wear a repeat-she has other poppy dresses! But of course, she has to get something new. Also, it is clear she has hair extensions in because her hair looks 2 in. longer in a month. It makes me laugh because some people really think it is still her natural hair that magically grows faster than anyone else’s. It makes me laugh.

    I know some people on here love Diana and that is great. I have no connection to her as I am too young and therefore she is just another person. But I am really ready for all this Diana stuff to be over. I have definitely had my fill and then some.

    1. Kate was grinning when the two others seemed far more serious. I don’t think she understood the occasion and simply used it as an opportunity to wear another new dress. There were plenty of other dresses she already has that she could have reworn.
      The hair extensions actually age her. With that dowdy dress style she looks closer to 46 than 36.

      1. Her facial expressions are often a bit off – lacking some authenticity. It might explain some of her lack of popularity, possibly unfairly. I like the dress, but I think she chooses whatever makes her look thinnest.

      2. Nic, I agree. When I read the article in the DM yesterday and saw so many photos of that huge smile, I became angry. Harry and William looked reflective and reserved. Imagine, no matter how many years having gone by, this was a somber day for them. Kate’s huge smiles (thanks for not posting so many of the photos, KMR) made me wonder about her. Maybe, she was nervous. Didn’t know how to support W and H better, but those broad grins just didn’t seem appropriate.

        The gardens are magnificent. And, Harry wanting to bring some of the cuttings to his area and tend to them was quite lovely. Touching, indeed.

        And, (snide me), of course, Charlotte loves to dance! Doesn’t George?

    2. Yeah, but her other poppy dresses aren’t green, and garden = green dress. She wore green to both times she went to the Chelsea flower show, and she wore green to an arboretum in Oz. So garden = green dress.

          1. Oh, my God. William’s tight trousers were too much. I think he and his wife just love to show off their bods.

            Queen Lauri, I am sorry, but this is another “I can’t un-see it” moment.

    3. My hair grows that quickly after a haircut. I really don’t see why Kate’s can’t. Some people do have hair that is naturally thick and quick growing.

      1. It is physically impossible to grow your hair 2 to 3 inches in less than a month. A woman’s hair grows about 1/2 inch each month so with supplements and hair treatments she might be able to grow it 1 inch. But not two to three inches. Actually it’s only been two weeks because her hair wasn’t this long when she was photographed on the way to church. So it’s clearly extensions

        1. I really do not mean to be rude but, please do something worthwhile with your time and don’t obsess over a stranger’s hair. And yes, I do think trying to prove she wears exstensions by looking up how fast hair grows and by looking at old pictures is obsessing. I know this probably sounds rude to you, and I’m sorry, but it’s so exhausting to read how people are desperate to whine about silly things. Put the measuring tape away, one or two inches… who cares, honestly. Its just hair. Kate wears extensions… gosh what a crime. Give the woman a break.

          1. What makes it so odd is that KP officially announced she does not wear extensions. So we are supposed to believe what they say not what we can clearly see. No one’s hair grows that fast! I do agree though there is nothing wrong with wearing extensions.

          2. Yet here you are- commenting on a comment about Kate’s fake hair. Which incidentally has been a light point of conversation on this site for years. Yes, your comment is rude. Next time you don’t like what you read and can’t stop yourself from from a rebuttal please consider your tone and the words you use. A simple ” I have to disagree, I think her hair is fabulous” would suffice in getting your point across.

            Kate is a very public figure therefore wide open to public opinion. And KMR is a critical blog. Overall this blog is very well moderated and there are many interesting and intelligent comments. I have learned so much all the while not always agreeing with some people and in a few cases having to determinedly scroll past some posts that I Can’t. Even. It just makes the whole experience that much easier.

          3. Lizabeth KP released a statement about her hair?! I’m dying to see it… do you have a link?

            She obviously wears extensions. And I say “obvious” because my professional hair stylist step-mother says they’re obvious. If I had Kate’s resources I absolutely would wear them too! I think her hair looks positively luscious compared to snaps of her from college.

          4. Yes, KP released a statement saying the extension line was really from a childhood injury! It’s a scar, guys!

            Kate is /that/ vain. It boggles the mind. It is mentioned because they are insistent she doesn’t wear them. It’s so petty and silly to release a statement about her hair!

          5. I will look for the link Alexandra. It was years ago right after her hairdresser gave an interview seeming to confirm she wore them. There was a KP denial and Kate changed hairdressers. Anyone else remember that?

          6. I remember her changing hairdressers (right after they said she came in for 6 hours at a time), but I do remember KP saying something when people pointed out the mark on her head could be extensions and they said it’s a scar.

          7. If KP had not released a statement years ago that her extensions were really a childhood scar, then people wouldn’t be commenting so much on the hair, well except that she styles it like someone stuck in the 70s. But if you are going to lie about extensions, then you are asking to be called on it every time.

    4. It could be extensions, but it seems reasonable that her hair has grown two inches within a couple of months (didn’t she chop it around Wimbledon?). My hair grows an inch a month easily. She wore it on those ugly sausage curls when she first got it cut which made it look shorter than it was.

  4. Thanks Mrs BBV for these lovely images – I get a very good idea of the garden’s layout from these pictures, and can almost smell the fragrance.

    1. The garden is pretty! It looks so different from when I saw it a few years ago.

      Thanks MrsBBV! Your husband took the pictures right?

      1. He did indeed. He was working in London and staying in Kensington so he walked up on the Monday night the first garden opened all ready to bribe a security guard to let him take pictures and the security guard even let him into the garden and accompanied him whilst he walked around taking pictures. He explained I had been a Diana follower since I was ten. The only thing he told hubby to do was to keep as close to the edges as possible .ie don’t go trampling on borders or grass. I don’t actually know how much access everyone else gets but Hubby went just as the sun was setting and was the only person there on the first day it was open so the guards couldn’t have been more helpful and accommodating. He says the smell was glorious and the fact that it is an untamed and unstructured garden, fairly wild if you will makes it very appropriate to the Princess. He loved it and when he came home with the photos it gave us lots of ideas for what we’d like to achieve in our own garden which has just been landscaped but not planted with anything yet apart from some Jasmine. Xx

        1. My thanks to Mr. and Mrs. BBV for the lovely photos. Your husband did a fantastic job.

          As a longtime Diana admirer I find this year to be especially sad. Not sure why. Perhaps it is all the shows on TV about her, Harry possibly getting married or who knows, but it seems a bit more sad this year.

    2. I agree they are great pictures. Thanks Mrs. B?. Question: are royals the only ones allowed in the inner area with the water? When I have been there or seen photos like Mrs.BBV’s it is gated and no one is allowed in. So its more of a garden to look at than walk through

      1. Thank you to you all who have commented and enjoyed the photos. It was such a thrill for me to get them from hubby. Most weeks when he’s in London he goes to Covent Garden Flower market on a Friday morning to get me armfuls of roses, peonies or lilies (you get so much for your money at a flower market…..like 20p a stem so for Β£20 you can fill the whole of the back seat of the car) but that week he came home with pictures of Diana’s White Garden which was even more lovely.

    3. Thanks Mrs BBV (and KMR)- thank your hubby especially. It’s always terrific to get snaps because they tend to be unique and real and not stock type pics. Seeing it more closely now thanks to the pics, I am not that crazy about it. They could have done so much more than just putting out some pots of white flowers.

      1. Maven you are so funny. **Whispers** They planted about 5000 individual plants to develop and evolve constantly from Spring up until September. It’s a massive undertaking to what was a fairly traditional Palace garden. And it’s only been made to happen by three Palace gardeners who’ve worked on nothing else this year. I don’t like tradional, Victorian gardens…..too regimented and organised but this is designed to be much more free spirited. Xx

        1. LOL, Mrs BBV. You know better than me.

          It does sound like a huge undertaking. Kudos to the gardeners! Still, that’s it? What happens to the plants afterwards?

          What do you think, Mrs BBV? Would you have liked to have seen a little permanent white garden? I think that would have shown all the love, in perpetuity (or until climate change decimated the land). I think that would be fitting and just don’t get the thinking.

          1. Harry already said he would like to have some of the plants transfered to his own small garden to tend to them.

          2. Well I rather take the view that anything is an improvement on that Β£3 million fountain that kept causing people to fall over and break limbs. Actually I think is captures Diana’s spirit a whole lot better than many other things I’ve seen so it’s a ‘yes’ from me. But the Paul Cummins Poppy Exhibition at The Tower of London is the best thing I’ve ever seen so expressions using flowers or ceramic flowers rather work in moving me. X

  5. I liked Kate’s frock. It’s style borrows heavily from the 80’s and has been worn by celebrities walking the red carpet this season.
    The pattern – not so much. I like it from a distance but not close up. As for her shoes. Boring nudes. Again.

    I was touched to read that Harry wanted plants from the White Garden for his own garden at Kensington Palace.
    I agree with Kate’s comment about the White Garden. It has a soft and slightly wild feel created by the choice of plants. It’s very beautiful.

    Thank you to Mrs BBV and her husband for the lovely photos.

  6. Is this not a permanent garden? How sad if it is taken to pieces.

    Nice of Harry to say he would take part of the garden and transplant it to his private garden.

    As for that dress? *roll eyes*

    My Mother bought something similar in Liberty’s. That was in the 1980s and at the time Mum was in her 50s. And Mum wore it better too!

    1. The garden is permanent but the flowers change. The flowers in there right now is the tribute to diana not the actually area with water and walkways which is always there (not built for the anniversary). I hope that makes sense.

      1. Oh cool, thanks for the info Overit. I was thinking of all the hard work creating the pool and walkways and thinking it would be a shame to dismantle everything.

      2. O Geez! They spent all that time and money for some floral decoration?! I’m gobsmacked. Why not a small permanent one? What is wrong with them? Who paid for it? This is beyond dumb.
        What a freaking waste.

        Never mind what I said about it below, then.

      1. I doubt that Harry gardens. He’s not around much to actually make a difference. Some lackey takes care of a garden that has always been there and Harry will get the lackeys to transport and plant some of the flowers afterwards.

        1. Not sure his dad loves gardening and while he clearly has gardeners he’s very involved. Harry’s personal garden will be small so he may have a genuine interest.

          1. I’m inclined to agree with you. Charles is known to be hands-on with his green thumb so I could see Harry out there when he’s home. Having landscapers to help would probably give him time to talk to people who couldn’t give a flip less about him in terms of “OMGPrinceHarrrryyyyy!” and would happily talk about plants. That has to be a stress reliever.

      2. Haha! I thought the same thing JET!! What a surprise to learn that Harry has the green thumb, although I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised considering he’s Charles’ son and Charles has amazing gardens. His stock just rose a bit with me.

        1. I think Harry was also very involved with the Sentebale garden at the Chelsea flower show a few years ago. He seemed very proud his family came to see it.

      3. It’s true. Harry likes gardening. It’s one of th lesser known things about him. He shares this interest with Charles. So far he doesn’t really have a big garden that he can transform, but don’t be surprised if or when he gets a country house that he creates a big garden like Charles.

        Actually, it’s one of the reasons i’ve always hoped he is given Highgrove (unlikely for a number of reasons) because he would appreciate the garden and even build on it.

        That’s why i wasn’t surprised when he wanted to do the chelsea flower show and was fairly involved with his gardens beyond photo-ops.

        1. I did not know that Harry likes gardening. Is that like, he digs and gets dirty? Or more like he directs the lackeys? I’m not being sarcastic.

          I do know Charles absolutely adores gardens and organic stuff but unless he does his hands-on bit he’s not someone who likes gardening.

          Signed, Fanatical Hair Splitting Gardening Martinet πŸ™‚

          1. There has been much written about the Highgrove gardens being the most important gardens into UK since the days of Capability Brown. I believe he loves the feel of soil in his hands and found huge solace in them when the marriage was failing. I’ve never been but they are open some of the year and I believe they are breathtaking. Xx

          2. I remember Charles saying Harry helped him with planning some stuff at Highgrove, and how Harry is very into gardening like his dad is. I bet that makes Charles happy. It sounds nice if you have a green thumb to just spend time in nature.

            I have a black thumb. lol All my plants die! πŸ™

          3. Maven, genuine weeding interest just like Charles.

            Personally I have an indifferent thumb though I appreciate a good garden. If someone else can do all the work, I’ll happily tour the results!!

          4. Aw, thanks everyone. Looks like Harry likes gardening, just like Dad. Who knew? Okay, a little bit of common humanity I can get behind. Perhaps that’s what he’s doing while slacking off. πŸ˜‰

  7. I really loved Diana as a princess, because as gorgeous as her clothes were for that time, and as much the media made a big story about her hair cut, the first thing I learned about her was her charity work.
    If her sons really want to honour her, they need to step up their game and be more involved.
    As for DOC – sigh. These days I can’t even buy a magazine, because there is some article about how great a role model she is, how she is going to step up, ya da ya da. And all I see is a 35-year old woman with no independence. Who has no clue as to cost or any normal struggles. And with the only real talent for shopping.

  8. Lovely garden, I saw it a few months ago. It is so close to where the Trio live that they could visit as often as they wanted. Nice to do a photo-call I suppose on the anniversary of Diana’s death. Kate has a huge wardrobe of suitable dresses but decides on a new ‘gardeny’ one which is like something Diana wore a long time ago or is strangely like the bodice shape of many of Wallis Simpson’s dresses. Mmmmm. So unnecessary, but maybe she hasn’t unpacked everything yet from Anmer?? And now, could we finish with all the Diana tributes and move on….please.

      1. Oh you have nothing to worry about. Kate will be working hard now, you know being a full time royal and all that. KMR will hardly have a chance to keep up with Kate and may have to resort to Kate round ups!!! πŸ™‚ Diana will not get a look in.

        1. Bahaha. Kate working hard, now that’s a funny statement if I’ve ever heard one! πŸ˜‰

          +1 for the sarcasm, love it

  9. The dress she borrowed from The Queen. Oddly it fits on Kate… The dress tailoring is almost okay for me – at least it could be little shorter and without bow – but the color and pattern isn’t. Even my grandmother would have refused to wear it 70 years ago.

    What’s with these brands nowadays? The more expensive the more ugly.

    Today is 08.31 so I hope this Diana marathon over and finally they let her rest in peace.

      1. But wait! There’s more! Remember the statue that was to be commissioned? It has to go somewhere. And then ceremoniously dedicated. :/

  10. Not Kate’s fault, but I really dislike the return of the pussy cat bow.

    Contrast what Kate wears with what Diana was wearing at the same age. Diana was sleek and chic. Kate copies the young Diana ( 10 years younger than Kate is), when she was worried about appearing with proper gravitas and not looking too young for her older husband.

    1. Perhaps one of the few here, but her fans are falling all over themselves at how beautiful. chic, stylish, etc, she looks. IOW, the usual.

      I will say I don’t hate the dress, but I do not care for the bow at the top, and why on earth does she need another expensive dress? I guess if Charles doesn’t mind, neither should I. Probably payment for getting to see George & Charlotte in Scotland a couple of weeks ago.

      Mr. & Mrs. BBV – Thank you for the lovely pictures! xo

      1. GingerMini, I hope each day is bringing improvements (even tiny ones) to the Houston and Louisiana areas. Take care of yourself!

        1. Thank you so much jenny! We were incredibly lucky, so now just trying to help our neighbors and family members who had flooding as best we can. Just 4 houses down from us, houses are being gutted, so you can imagine how much we are counting our blessings. xo

          1. It is amazing how just a few houses down there are so many problems. I hope you and your family can help others. And, that the help that is coming from around the country and world arrives to help and comfort those in need.

            Yesterday, we went to our local fire department with supplies that will be driven from Long Island to Houston. It was amazing to see the outpouring of community love that will be sent from our town. I’m sure other communities everywhere are doing similar things. It all comes with prayers and love and hope.

            Wishing you well. And, all those in your area!

  11. That is a gorgeous garden, lambent under grey skies, and a lovely tribute to Di. I’ve always been crazy about the Sissinghurst Castle’s white garden, Vita Sackville-West’s glorious creation. As a gardening fanatic it opened my eyes to the possibilities beyond multi-colours and it’s a bit of a challenge. It’s interesting that the guys are being shown around as if learning about it for the first time. Did they commission this?

    Meanwhile Kate (don’t know why she’s there) is in her comfy, safe place, between two princes, as arm candy, dressed for the cameras, with nothing demanded of her.

    On Kate that frock is dull and ugly and ages her beyond words. But it *is* Prada. And another freebie for her!

  12. Thanks KMR for a lovely post!!

    Big thanks to Mr & Mrs BBV for the beautiful photos!!! That close-up of the tulip is unbelievable!! Our husband certainly has a great eye and talent for photography.

    The garden looks simply beautiful, I’m loving the all white look! Glad to hear that Harry is wanting some of the plants for his own garden. It would be such a shame if all those beautiful plants were just tossed in the bin. Odd though that Kate didn’t want any for her garden, I thought she was so keen about gardening.

    Why am I not surprised to hear that Char loves to dance, as Kate was talking with the ENB director?? I mean sure kids her age love to fling themselves around and twirl and such but I kinda doubt she’s taking dance lessons at this point.

    I’m undecided about this dress. I think my dislike comes from the pussy bow and the odd draping in the bodice area but I do like waist area. I guess most of my dislike comes from the price and the occasion. I get her wearing poppies in memory of Diana but geez did she really need to make this occasion all about her new dress? Which looks just like one that Diana wore, so how creepy is that? And lastly, she had to spend over $2200 on a new dress to view a garden?? Personally, given the weather and how casually W&H were dressed I won’t have minded if she wore pants, not jeggings but some nice trousers.

    I want to give a shout out to William today for the great blazer! I really like this color combination on him, it’s casual but not too casual and it’s a treat to see him in a color other than blue.

  13. A little bit of sharing–I came home after seeing Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. I still remember my sister telling me that Princess Di was in a car accident. I stayed up until 4am to see new developments and was hoping that she would still be alive.

    To this date, I still remember what I wore from head to toe and how I styled my hair the day Princess Di died just as I still remember where I was when the space shuttle Challenger blew apart.

    I am no Di fan, not at all. I was flabbergasted with all the special tributes and Charles Spencer’s oh so not classy statement about Di not needing a HRH title. Princess Di became who she was starting from the BRF.

    My husband and I were walking downtown and there was a little enclave with park benches full of homeless people. We just wanted to cross the street due to the stench. At that moment, I remember seeing on TV, Princess Di meeting the homeless, talking to them.. That was something, something I can’t do never mind a princess.

  14. I’m surprised by the scorn for Kate’s dress. It’s simply a trend. Similar dresses are being worn by Princess Mary and Victoria. Victoria even recycled a similar dress worn by her mother in the 70s. It may not be my favorite style either, but it was appropriate. I often wonder how Diana would have fared if social media existed when she was making her fashion choices (she wasn’t exactly on a frugal budget).

    I’m also a little surprised by the dismissive comments about Diana coming from younger women. I’m not suggesting that everyone needs to admire her and relate to her – however, she is one of the most famous historical figures of the modern age. There is so much information out there about every facet of her life, it seems we can all learn something interesting/valuable from her existence.

    1. The dress is a trend, but I personally don’t like the trend. I don’t think the style looks very good on Kate or Mary… not too bad on Victoria, maybe because it doesn’t swallow her up.

      I really dislike the high collars and pussycat bows.

      As for dismissive comments about Diana – there is nothing new to learn about her. Seriously. Like you said, we have so many details about every facet of her life and it’s just shoved down everyone’s throat. I feel like I’ve learned how NOT to relate to my children, how sad sad sad the whole thing was – including her role in it (which was not innocent). For me, it’s Diana fatigue. Let her rest in peace. I think the world needs to stop replaying every moment of her life and I actually feel bad for Charles now.

    2. It’s a trend that needs to die quickly! Right along with the high collared one. It’s like we’ve gone from cut-out panels all skin to puritanical trends.
      Most of us in here tho have been consistent in disliking it, it’s not just a Kate wearing it so we hate it. It’s just a dislike for for the trend.
      And to be fair, Kate’s ugly dress isn’t the ugliest one I’ve seen this week. Victoria wore some hideous floral monstrosity that I think is even uglier than Kate’s!

    3. With all respect, it is not ‘scorn’. It’s an opinion about her dress.

      Di was scrutinised to the nth degree even back then. I’m remembering that backlit skirt and the strapless black evening gown showing tons of cleavage when she was merely engaged.. So, she would have been scrutinised now. In spades. And I’m one of the ones who said, “Go Di” when she did that Panorama interview back then (big mistake on my part, but I was young).

      I don’t agree that she’s also ‘one of the most famous historical figures of the modern age’. There is no way to tell how history will view her.

      1. She was the most photographed woman, or so we are told, but I get tired of being told she was an icon. What did she do? She married well and is known for her looks and clothes. Like Jackie. I’m tired of celebrating women for being pretty and nice. How about accomplished? I’d rather remember Eleanor Roosevelt, Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir, Benazir Bhutto, Malala Yousafzai, Sally Ride, Serena Williams, Toni Morrison, Isabel Allende, and many others who challenged the boundaries of what work is acceptable for women and who have contributed greatly to our cultural heritage.

        Sorry that my list skews western/US. I know that African and Asian women have accomplished amazing things too, I’m just less familiar with their names, to my chagrin.

        1. Having finally watched ”Wolf Hall” recently, all I could think of was Ann Boleyn, portrayed as a canny and strong character, with influence for a time. More than an adjunct but no Elizabeth I.

          Ultimately who knows how history will judge Diana, but I agree with you, she was ultimately a philanthropic socialite who stirred the pot for a bit and I do believe that will be her footnote in history.

        2. Diana did accomplish more than marry well. SHe used her stature, her fame, to shine bright lights on issues that needed help. She was a tireless chamption for those who suffered from AIDS. She was a champion against land mines. And, she brought compassion and care — real concern — wherever she went. She was able to zero in on those who needed her and she gave them kindness and care. Ok, she was not a CEO of a major corporation. She wasn’t a lawyer, doctor, or engineer. She gave of herself and made certain that she used her fame to make a difference and teach others to be compassionate and caring, too.

          As for Jackie, she helped heal a nation after the brutal death of her husband. If you talk to many who lived through that horror, they say that it was the dignity and strength that Jackie showed in the days after JFK’s death, that helped the country cope with the agony they were experiencing. She also went on to raise two decent kids in a fishbowl. That, she often said, was her greatest achievement. She went on to become a book editor and she championed many historical issues in NYC, including the landmark status that Grand Central Station now holds.

          Both women did much and just because they didn’t hold corporate jobs of distinction, or other employment, they made a difference and their work, yes, I call it work, lives on.

    4. Just because something is trendy doesn’t mean we have to like it. I hate those flared sleeves, and I say so about every royal woman who wears them. I also hate the dust ruffle at the bottom of a dress trend, and I say so about every royal woman who wears them.

      For me, with this dress from Kate, I don’t have a problem with the style of dress, just with the pattern of the fabric because it reminds me of a child’s scribble drawing.

    5. Hi Lisa, personally I’d rather learn from Mother Teresa’s existence. She died 5 days after Diana but I don’t anyone celebrating her compassion, charities, wisdom etc 20 years on.

        1. Airports, hospitals, civic plazas and schools have been named after Mother Teresa. She is a Catholic saint (St Teresa of Calcutta) and so is celebrated and venerated as part of the liturgical year. Recognized for her work by the Indian government, a special coin was issued to commemorate the 100th year anniversary of her birth. She is celebrated but not in the tabloid, gossip media way that Diana is. As Maven wrote Diana ”was ultimately a philanthropic socialite who stirred the pot for a bit” and won’t be celebrated across many cultures as Sr Teresa is.

          1. Awww, thanks so much GraceH for filling me in on all the wonderful ways Mother Teresa has been remembered. I guess seeing all the hype surrounding a “philanthropic socialite”(great description Maven) has me feeling a bit reflective about society and where we place our values.

          2. Yes, and as a Catholic, I can tell you, Mother (St.) Theresa is admired, loved, and has a myriad of devotees. She won’t be forgotten. Her kindness, her compassion and her hard work — all her devotion to those in need are cherished.

  15. Lovely garden and a lovely way to honor Diana’s memory. Thanks MrsBBV for sharing the photos.

    But it just always annoys me to no end to see William and Harry, and of course, Kate, meeting with representatives of a few of Diana’s charities. If they truly wanted to honor Diana and her work, then they would be doing more to support those causes she cared about.

    I know I keep bringing this up every chance I get, but as The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund was being “spent out” (or basically shutting down the fund’s distribution of grants) that William and Harry took the remaining money (some 200k I believe) and used it for their own foundation, rather than distribute it to Diana’s own charities.

    And any donations now made to Diana’s fund go instead directly to the trio’s royal foundation as unrestricted funds. Over the last two years, the royal trio’s foundation took in nearly Β£20k from the Diana memorial fund.

    But are any of Diana’s charities part of the trio’s royal foundation? I couldn’t tell, since their website is annoyingly difficult to navigate if you want something other than beautiful photos, but I did find that none of the charities represented yesterday at the memorial garden received any funds from the trio’s foundation in 2016.

    Simply asking representatives of a few of Diana’s charities to chat with them as they strolled through her memorial garden doesn’t make up for the royal trio’s lack of overall support.

    1. That really annoys me. Why would they do that? What the hell is going on there, then, taking money from the fund for their own Royal Foundation BS?

      And if they are continuing their mother’s work (lol well Harry with HIV, yes!), then why the hell don’t they promote these charities and the like instead of using them for good PR? Like William having one of the charity ladies as George’s godmother, when Diana and her had a falling out, and William barely knows the woman…

  16. Thanks Mrs.bbv, your pics help show how pretty the garden is. And thanks to your hubby who indulges your Royal watching! =)
    When I first saw Kate’s dress I figured it was another McQueen dress. Who knew so many designers made hideous poppy dresses?!? Not a fan of the design or style. I don’t like pussy bows to begin with and add the floral nonsense to it makes me dislike it even more. Bleh.
    Whatever happened to the statue they were soliciting donations for?
    I don’t think visiting their mother’s memorial garden should count as work but I guess they have to get their numbers up somehow.
    I think it’s one thing to leave flowers but I find those big banners slightly creepy and odd

    1. “I find those big banners slightly creepy and odd”


      I was younger than Harry when Diana died so my perception of it was very much “all these grown ups sure are sad, must be what happens when a Princess dies,” but now as an adult, I can see how… inappropriate it was and remains? I feel like that’s not quite the right word but going back and watching footage from the week after her death leaves me very unsettled, and seeing these banners elicits that same feeling.

      Yesterday, for the first time ever, I think I really understood what William and Harry have said about sharing grief (things along the lines of not really being sure why people were so emotional), and my heart broke a little for them.

      When I was a child I lost my best friend to Cystic Fibrosis, and even at the age of 12 I remember being so angry at my schoolmates who were suddenly devastated that she had died. Kids who had never even spoken to her were crying in the hallways and wanting to organize memorials to her and it was so upsetting. And that’s just a tiny microcosm of what Harry and William and Charles went (and continue to go) through.

  17. Wonderful post. I really appreciate the photos of the actual garden and not simply those of Kate. She seemed super jazzed to be there in every photo with that smile of her’s. As for her dress….it’s too many trends wrapped into one. Separate the pattern, smocked waist, high neckline, and pussycat bow into different clothes and it would be fine. They just need to be separated. She really should have simply worn one of her many coat dress (which would have been weather appropriate) and called it a day. It’s not about her; it’s about Diana, the garden, and her boys. Talk about wearing a white dress at someone else’s wedding.

  18. Thank you for the article and pictures (both Getty Images & Mrs/Mr BBV!). Lovely tribute to a lovely lady. The expressions on W+H’s faces are telling. The grin on Kate’s face is ridiculous. It’s very sweet to learn that Harry seems to have inherited his father’s green thumb!

    I sincerely hope and pray that the media (and her family *looking at W+H+Charles Spencer*) allow Diana to truly rest in peace.

  19. This whole over the top resurrection of mummy and her contributions is glaringly inconsistent with what anyone who can read knows. Her work lives on through her sons? rolls eyes Her work is as dead as she is if that cliched absolutely predictable sentiment is taken seriously, **she** lives on through her sons, all children live on through their parents for good bad or indifferent, but her **work**? No way.
    Mercifully, this is the end of it today. August 31st. I still think that this was a very ill thought out and bad idea to create such a huge and way over the top memorial of a woman’s death 20 years on. I think William thought he could control the narrative, but from what I’ve seen and read things are being put out there, people have come out of the woodwork with new revelations, and/or an agenda of getting attention or promoting themselves, history is being rewritten in some cases, and in others the truth has come to the surface and not in a way that William wanted. I can’t, just can’t wrap my head around this, Diana died in a car wreck, it wasn’t like she was martyred for some noble cause. Personally, I think that the “Whinging Windsor Boys” did Diana no favors, and really if sympathy and pity for two motherless boys was their objective, for me too much going on in this world right now, people being slaughtered for no reason, hurricanes and fires destroying homes and livelihoods to get on the ‘poor little boys lost their mummy so the world should stop and mourn for them train’. I am of the opinion that neither William or Harry has faced the fact that Diana was a human being, not a mystical mysterious other worldly creation who floated through life leaving fairy dust behind her, and I think as well that William’s motivation is primarily guilt. This whole thing wasn’t about Diana, it was about William, Harry to a lesser extent. With all the dust being unsettled and flying about perhaps, even if they never admit it this might open their eyes, and if it does then maybe, just maybe, they can let Diana go and become grown men and actually determine where they can do the best good with their interests and talents, unique to each human being. I hope so. Reality burns at times, but it is what it is and facing it is crucial to healing and moving on. I would hope, however unrealistically, that facing reality might actually give especially William a deeper understanding of his father, and maybe even restore the relationship. Charles is not responsible for Diana’s death, and I believe he loves his sons very much. Perhaps this double edged sword might cut the right way. I, while enjoying the shenanigans and ‘royal reality show’, could live quite happily w/o the father vs son episodes. Charles isn’t a old old man, but he isn’t a young man either and it would be foolish to think that his genetics guarantee a very long life. William might be running out of time and Charles deserves to be cut just as much slack as Diana, at the very least he has the right to enjoy his grandchildren and they him. I think.
    KMR thank you for creating a place where the rules are completely reasonable, and a matter of common decency. I was afraid to post this on another forum, I enjoy it but feel at times like I’m walking on egg shells or through a metaphorical mine field. This may be a totally unfair assessment, and these are just my thoughts.

    1. royalsareajoke,

      With all due respect I couldn’t read all of your screed because of the lack of paragraphs. I did note this though:

      ” Her work is as dead as she is ”

      Zing. And totally true. It’s like getting a hammer to the heart. They disappoint and shame her and her works rather than honour her and her works.

      1. Thanks MavenTheFirst πŸ™‚

        In the future I will separate so that there are paragraphs, I’m from a time when you hit the bar on a typewriter and it made an indentation. I looked at other posts and will emulate.

        1. I hear ya. Did you have a metal one? I learned on a Smith Corona. Sweet (not really πŸ™‚ )

          Just double space to separate paragraphs (ie., hit ‘return’ twice). Here, indentation doesn’t matter.

          1. My mom still has an IBM Selectric. The one with the correcting ribbon! She rarely uses it and has it out for “show,” but when I visit her, I love to type a few paragraphs on it. Reminds me of a time when the world was a kinder and simpler place. Oh, well, here come the rants about pre-women’s lib. Sorry!.

          2. Will do!! And yes, I had a metal one, I thought I had hit the **big** time with an electric typewriter, but started out with a manual Underwood I think. I know it was manual. πŸ™‚

            Jenny, you tell your mother to hang in there and use what she pleases, women’s ‘lib’ should allow women to be who they are, not tell them that they’re behind the times. That time in the 70s nearly destroyed me, I was a stay at home wife and mother and basically got bombarded with ‘you’re better than that’. My poor children, I’m still praying for the hurts I caused them by buying into that crap!!

    2. The one thing the Diana memorials have shown is that Diana did a lot with her short life and her commitment to charities were substantial. Her boys, William in particular, have done very little with their privilege and do not act in any substantive way with charities. Harry has done a bit more and has her spirit, but he steps back and lets his petulant older brother take over.
      And trying to compare Kate to Diana is worse because Kate remains an empty and lazy cipher who directed her existence since her twenties to be available for William in all ways so she could be a princess. Diana was a modern princess because she challenged authority and had spirit. Kate is a regression to centuries earlier and a setback for women in general since the press basically praises her for being skinny and wearing expensive clothes. She has no voice and just stands there and grins most of the time. Diana didn’t do that by the time she was 36.

      1. Because of her own deep abandonment issues, Diana could read others’ needs, their lack of voice. To her great credit as a human being, she stood up on their behalf. That is her import. Forget the rest.

    3. Royalsareajoke, I think your comments are well-reasoned – and yes, do paragraphs next time!! I read all the way through because you always have thoughtful, intelligent comments to make, often against the grain but it is important to express the contrary thought, to embrace different perspectives.

      I agree that Diana’s work has long since withered away. Her sons could have taken some of it on years ago, of course. Why didn’t they if they are so keen to have her remembered? It’s the one thing they could have done; no -one else would have been appropriate.

      I have no idea what the Charles/William/Harry relationship is like behind closed doors but if any good can come of the 20th anniversary I hope that two grown men can see the adult characters at the time a little more clearly: as human, flawed, just trying to make sense of their lives played out ever so publicly. More sober evaluations of Diana twenty years on I hope strike home too. But they should never doubt the love both parents had/have for them. Most of all I hope they stop using their mother as a crutch, and get to grips with the responsibilities that privilege gives them.

      1. What gets to me, Jen, is that Harry supposedly had counselling and he still comes across as an ungrateful wretch obliquely dissing his daddy. And his big bro is even worse.

        ITA. I look forward to royals’ well-reasoned comments.

        1. Any critical self-reflection is buried under the ‘poor me’ mantra. It’s W+H’s default setting and from two almost middle-aged men it’s unattractive, to say the least. They are ‘stuck’, either by unresolved trauma or deliberate design. Harry’s interview left me cold: the ‘magic’ comment was utter hubris. No humility behind the mask.

        2. He could’ve had counseling but “tuned out” what was being said to him at the time and, as Harry himself admitted, it was only recently (within the last few years) that he’s acknowledged his own issues regarding Diana’s passing. (I hope I worded that alright. It’s 6 in the morning here and I feel like poop.)

    4. +to infinity RAAJ.

      “Her work is as dead as she is”
      It could be all the Harvey stress, but this made me literally lol for like 30 seconds. Which I desperately needed, so thank you.

  20. I dont know if it is because I am from Canada, but aside from seeing magazine covers in the supermarket, or ads on TV for the Diana specials, I have not had the Diana Resurrection shoved down my throat as some here have said.

    but I have also chosen not to seek it out. Is that what people who are complaining are doing? Or is it just that much more laid back in Canada than the UK/US etc?

    1. If you get TLC it’s an endless barrage of “Princess Diana (sic): Tragedy or Treason?”. PBS is also enmeshed in the topic. And a couple of Canadian channels. Check your listings. Just. Ugh. All that silliness. But you don’t have to check it out. If you watch TV it will be offered to you, over and over. You’re lucky you missed it.

      1. I know it is there, just like I know the Kardashians are everywhere. But I don’t feel like my life is inundated with Kardashians because I don’t engage in any of their stuff.

        On the other hand, I feel like Trump is. The radio, every time I turn on the TV, my facebook newsfeed is clogged with articles and videos. People in public are discussing him.

        I guess what I am asking is, outside of Canada is Diana really the topic du jour day in, day out, on all medias and discussed at length among the family and friends of people who are so tired of her this summer? Or… mostly if you go looking for it in certain places? Or am I under a rock? (hahaha – I did delete my facebook on July 1 as a 150th Canada Day birthday gift to myself, so much negativity and whinging).

        I haven’t been here in a while and this is my favourite (and only) royal family thing/place. And I was just confused/surprised? at the level of disgruntledness (I think I just created a word) about coverage regarding the 20th anniversary of her death.

        1. My mom has been watching every documentary this summer and discussing her death. But outside of that I don’t know how much people are seeing. I write about the royals, so I think my view is skewed on how pervasive Diana has been this summer – for example, my KMR twitter feed has been Diana all summer, but that’s because it’s a royal-focused twitter feed.

        2. Stephanie, I appreciate your comments that people have a right to select the subjects and topics of interest to them on social media and decide if they want to be part of the conversation. I am from the United States and don’t understand how you are inandated by coverage of President Trump as opposed to celebrity figures. Government is a different animal than celebrity in my opinion. I select my news sources based upon their substance and reliability, and ignore social media sources that trivialize United States politics and government policy. I do the same if I’m interested in celebrity topics. Filtering information on social media works for me.

          1. Because American politics appear beyond social media on the regular. Trump is regularly covered by our news outlets and the programs my family watches. It turns up on the news hour on the radio and people regularly are discussing what is happening in the states on a daily basis. And this is still happening even since I left social media.

            From the way people seem aggravated about the Diana coverage, it just sounded like the same thing was happening regarding her. To be clear about why I was asking why people seemed so irritated, I gave examples what being inundated looks like to me :p

    2. Yes, and American publications have been doing polls about how bad Charles is and how William should take over, because William is like Diana and nothing like his bad evil father. And how Charles has damaged the monarchy so badly it’s only William who can save it. I think one of the polls was by YouGov.

    3. Hi Stephanie, I live near NYC and there is no escaping Diana madness – I was too young to be aware of Diana during her life, and have no memory of her death, so I have never sought out anything having to do with this anniversary.

      But there has been so much going on for the past 5 or so weeks that it is inescapable: every other magazine at grocery store checkout lines, radio ads for tv programs, dozens of articles/interviews/documentaries on multiple television stations.

      I’ve been very passive in anything related to Diana and I feel like I know enough at this point to write a college thesis about her. I’d have had to actively shut myself off from any sort of media to avoid seeing her on a daily basis this summer.

      1. Even in the US there is a part of the population that recalls the celebrity and gossip about Diana. It’s something to publicize and sell magazines, cable shows and the celebrity sections of the news programs and web sites. I find that people under 30 don’t follow her stories. After the divorce she was in search of some meaning to her life and she chose controversial issues. Her connection to the BRF shielded her from criticism that would have crushed similar projects by other famous people. Left unsaid is how would her ‘projects’ have kept going if her social life had continued in its same pattern.

        1. The twitter account @dianadaybyday has been an instructive reminder of her future.

          The owner took inspiration from the dm’s daily coverage to cover Diana in the same way, but using daily media from August 1997. A format that was reminiscent of ‘this day in x date’ uploading daily from the equivalent date in August 1997.

          They were surprised at how negatively Diana was covered during that final month. I was surprised as well, and I thought I remembered it well. The vitriolic mocking is quite shocking in some quarters. And Dodi and his fiance Kelly Fisher saga. Everyone knowing that the Diana romance was ordered by Fayed who controlled everything Dodi who never made a move that wasn’t approved by him. Diana’s media surrogates like Richard Kay keeping the public informed throughout…..

          …..but I think one of her followers summed up Diana’s media best by describing it as watching a spinning top spin out of control and holding your breath for a good outcome.

    4. Kate needs to stop matrimony dresses, but funny enough she likes the teenage style with her super skin tight jegging, l dont understand her fashion choices!!

    1. They’ve been saying it for years.

      As if it could happen. Laws would have to be changed. Acts of Parliament. Hahaha yeah right.

  21. The garden is lovely. Thank you KMR, and especially you MrsBBV for sharing!

    I actually really like the print on Kate’s dress, but I think it better suited to a long skirt rather than the whole ensemble. The high-neck pussycat bows aren’t my cup of tea, but I’ll admit it’s a flattering style on her.

  22. Many thanks KMR, for this beautiful post. And, Mrs. BBV and Mr. BBV, the photos you shared here are just exquisite. Thank you!

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