KP announces William, Kate & Harry to increase workload

KP announces William, Kate & Harry to increase workload

Kensington Palace announced yesterday that Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry will be stepping up their royal work game by increasing their workload in the autumn. KP also announced the Prince George will be starting school next week.

William, Kate, Harry cheer on runners at London Marathon s

KP issued a press release, saying:

    “The coming months will see The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry undertake a busy autumn programme.
    “Following The Duke’s departure from the East Anglian Air Ambulance, The Duke and Duchess will increasingly base their family at Kensington Palace, as Their Royal Highnesses continue to increase their official work on behalf of The Queen and for the charities and causes which they support. As previously announced, Prince George will begin school at Thomas’s Battersea in early September.
    “Over the course of the Autumn The Duke and Duchess and Prince Harry will undertake a number of away days and visits to communities, charities and organisations across the UK, as well as engagements and visits overseas. In late September, Prince Harry will attend the Invictus Games Toronto 2017, the international sporting event launched in 2014 by His Royal Highness for wounded, injured and sick Servicemen and women. In October and November respectively, Prince Harry and The Duke and Duchess will undertake official visits on behalf of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Further details of both visits will be announced in due course.
    “In addition to undertaking engagements in support of The Queen, The Duke and Duchess and Prince Harry will continue to highlight the important work of their patronages, and to champion issues of interest to Their Royal Highnesses. A particular focus will be the next phase of the Heads Together campaign to change the national conversation on mental health, with more activity in this space starting around World Mental Health Day in October.
    “Amongst other projects, The Duke will shine a light on initiatives dealing with homelessness, anti-bullying and conservation, and will continue his work with The Royal Foundation’s Cyberbullying Taskforce. The Duchess will continue to focus attention of the issues of addiction, family breakdown and the importance of early intervention. Prince Harry will progress his work in the field of sport for social change and around the environment and conservation, as well as continuing to support veterans and drawing attention to HIV/AIDs on both a national and international level.”

KP also announced:

    “Prince George will attend his first day of school at Thomas’s Battersea on Thursday 7th September. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, accompanying Prince George, will be met on arrival at the school by the Head of Lower School, Helen Haslem, who will then escort Their Royal Highnesses to Prince George’s reception classroom.”

In addition to this announcement, KP announced new engagements for the royal trio:

  • On Monday, September 4, Harry will visit Manchester for a number of engagements: return visit to Canada Street to visit the WWTW training house; visit to the NHS Manchester Resilience Hub; visit Coach Core training session at Manchester City Football Club; attend reception for Rugby Football League (RFL), of which he is now Patron after HM handed it off late last year.
  • On Monday, September 4, Kate will visit Hornsey Road Children’s Centre in London. The center, which provides families with valuable support, will host a discussion about perinatal mental health services which are delivered by the charity Family Action, of which Her Majesty The Queen is patron.
  • On Tuesday, September 5, William will attend the National Mental Health and Policing Conference, hosted by the College of Policing and the National Police Chiefs Council in Oxford. William will give a speech.
  • On Thursday, September 7, William, as President of the Football Association, will host the Under-20 England football team at Kensington Palace.

I will be interested to see what they do with mental health and Heads Together moving forward given that they haven’t done anything with either since the London Marathon in April.

Kate at NHM July 2017 2 s

Prince Harry Trooping the Color 2017

116 thoughts on “KP announces William, Kate & Harry to increase workload

  1. I hope they end up working like this every week.

    It is at least a positive sign.

    I hope George has a great first day of school. AFAIK Chris Jackson is the photographer who will accompany them. I hope it will be less stress on the poor little guy than dealing with a press pack.

    1. Chris Jackson is married to a staffer and his constant presence just seems odd and shows more nepotism. It’s not like Will and Kate actually hang out with their staff when they have the kids with them.

      Either have some press or no press not the just the guy who is bonking the staff. This would be a suitable occasion for Kate to use her stellar photography skills and take a pic like all the other “ordinary” parents will be doing.

      As for the “increased” workload, I will believe it when I see it and I have yet to see it. I note they have a planned tour later on to jack up the numbers except no one knows where this tour is yet. They need to do separate events at these tours as well.

      And Kate has yet to visit her neighbours at Grenfell Towers, where I am sure there are some kids going through mental health issues right now since their home burnt down. The time for excuses is over.

      1. Chris Jackson and Natasha Archer are married, so the relationship is more than just bonking.

        Kate/KP got a lot of pushback from press, public, and photographers when Kate took the first photos of George starting his previous school. So I think if Kate took the first photos of George at his new school everyone on here would be giving her grief over it.

        1. Being married to a staffer would normally mean that a conflict of interest exists and in any other working environment it would create huge problems and normally has to be publicly disclosed. Chris Jackson has special access and it is inappropriate. The seriousness of their relationship makes the conflict even more obvious.
          If they want professional photographers then they should have invited more than the guy married to the staffer. Or else hire him as the Royal photographer. Because they are pretending that he is an impartial member of the press and that is not remotely the case.

          1. I understand that and fully agree about the nepotism with Chris Jackson. My point in stating that they are married is to say that their relationship is more serious than someone banging a staff member for special access to the Royals, which is what “bonking the staff” implies to me. I just wanted to make that distinction clear.

          2. Totally agree that Chris Jackson’s special access is completely inappropriate. Either he should be reassigned with Getty Images or he should be hired as the royal’s private photographer. He no longer is an impartial member of the press.

      2. Didn’t William let it slip when on the Germany-Poland tour that they’d be going to Scandinavia? He was speaking to someone from there and mentioned that something was coming up for them later in the year. I agree, though, that these tours simply bolster their numbers; not sure what they achieve and they tend to be light in substance.

        1. He mentioned going to Scandinavia during one of the Queen’s garden parties at BP.

    2. I actually have a problem with him being the only photographer that gets access like that. I would also think other photogs would too.
      I can’t decide if Kate’s bad pics are worse tho.

      1. Oh I am sure they would be horrible, but if they are really concerned about the press they need to remove them altogether from the occasion.

        1. Personally, I’d prefer no photographers. I don’t see how the public interest is served by parading a 4-year old for official photos. Didn’t William and Harry hate it when they were forced to front for photographers when going to school? If so, why inflict the same on George? In this instance, a mum snap (like other parents may be doing) seems to be appropriate. Singling out George in front of other children is not in his best interests for ease of integration. It sets up a ‘special kid’ dynamic from the get-go. I hope the headmaster greets all parents, not just William and Kate.

          1. I tend to agree. I think one of the Danish Royal families recently allowed a first day of school photo op at the doorstep of the family home, but not at the child’s school itself.

          2. I would agree Jen except they’re more than happy to parade the kids on their holitours when it serves their purpose. It is about time a little of that parading was done in the Uk surely?
            The idea of a few photos outside KP before they leave sounds good. By the time he’s spent 40 minutes in traffic he might be stressed and anxious anyway.

          3. Birdy, I understand the British frustration of the children rarely seen at home. Also being used as props on tours. Both scenarios are not good.

            My principal concern is for the children to be eased with as light a touch as possible into public life. School should be a safe haven where both children can learn and play without anyone wanting something from them. They just need to be treated like every other child there, with their strengths developed and their weaknesses corrected. It’s important that these children are not excused a thorough, exacting education because of assumptions of their futures.

            A little while ago someone here โ€“ sorry, I can’t recall who it was โ€“ had an eminently sensible idea of introducing the children to the public, just a little, by doing a couple of events a year, such as taking Charlotte to a garden show and George to an air show. That’s all, apart from whole of family events such as Trooping of the Colour or the odd church visit.

          4. Weren’t there severe restrictions placed on parents of other children at George’s nursery school about taking pictures, etc? I’m sure George’s first arrival will be carefully choreographed, and other students won’t be allowed to arrive at the same time, so that first day photographs will still be allowed for everyone else. But I expect parents who want to take photos of other normal school events like field day, plays, etc., will be frustrated by royal restrictions.

          5. Jen, I hadn’t thought in terms of setting George apart. If they fuss and carry on about this little boy’s feet walking the same floors as others, get all flustered and act as though the presence of this child is an honor, a privilege, a gift, this could set him up for a great deal of resentment on the part of the other children, (4 years olds aren’t easily impressed with titles/status/wealth), or give him the idea that he is indeed very special and entitled to be treated as such. Could have another Billy the Basher waiting to happen, or George the Ghastly in the budding stage. Either way, not good for a child. Any child.
            KMR made a very good point about Cathy’s taking pictures of him and having them published. She probably would get crap in the press.
            However, knowing from her past that she doesn’t want to **outshine others, or have the entire focus on her**, she won’t be taking publishable pictures. (even writing that in sarcasm makes me queasy). Dear God I hope that the staff doesn’t grovel at the feet of these parents, these ever so hands on just like other parents, well except the fact that the staff’s money is part of the hooverizing Cathy’s lifestyle fund, and Billy just shot out of the ‘royal’ chute, no credit to either of them. At all.
            I suspect a smoke and mirrors preemptive strike on the part of the palace pr, with George in school there’s one less excuse for not working, so it’s ‘we’re going to hit the ground running, and work work work at our ‘royal’ duties’, especially those grueling tours where we’re fawned over and get to make pretzels and pretend to direct an orchestra, what better way to create diplomatic relations and such a sacrifice for the good of the country. We’re forced to stay in the finest hotels, and offered the best cuisine, but unfortunately we can’t allow our ‘royal’ selves to be pictured with the staff. It might set a precedent and be expected to happen on a regular basis. We graced you with our presence, we walked on your carpets, and maybe even used the..umm…err…well we cahn’t say that word. Simply cahn’t. In any case we spread good will everywhere we played, I mean worked, and so do be content with the remnants of the fairy dust we bestowed upon your establishment.
            A note to:
            Staff at George’s school. Please remember that you are workers, educators, contributors to society, and that part of your paycheck goes to fund the ‘royals’, so do refrain from groveling. You’re better than that.

          6. George will be treated differently if only because he’s the only child who shows up with his own security detail who sit with him in class.

            I agree we don’t need to see him go to school. He’s four and apparently a shy four at that.

          7. I can’t disagree with letting George have a more private experience. Before Chuck and Di, were the children photographed on the first day of school? IIRC, before that, the kids had home tutors.

            I feel ambivalent about this, especially knowing that the Cambs have not prepared George for his role and yet he’s heading for school with RPOs. Like the rest of the people are not going to notice his specialness. Those mixed messages are not good, IMO. He’s going to be king (maybe). He can’t have a plebeian life and experience.

            Why do the Cambs even announce the school unless they think that they need to place George in the public eye? And yet they will cry ‘normal’.

        2. I know that area, I predict it will take more than 40 minutes, unless Kate is traveling with outriders, flashing lights And manipulating the traffic lights to go green. You know, all the things a normal Mum has for doing the school run.

          1. Snort, I wish I had those some days when I am trying to get back to the Post Office after dropping Miss 5 off at school and trying to get ready to open.

          2. Time to invest in a helicopter Tanya S?

            All Mums have that struggle in the morning of getting the kids up, showered, dressed, breakfast, out the door, oops back inside to fetch the bits and pieces they forgot to put in their bags, car, traffic, find a park, take kids to the school if they are little, breathe a sigh of relief that you got them there in time….. It’s a normal start to the day for millions of women the world over. It will be a joke if Kate’s trying to say she is normal but she’s doing the school run accompanied with outriders! And it’s going to be so disruptive to the school, other parents, and the businesses and people who live in the area.

  2. Hmm okay I’ll believe that when I see it.
    As much as I complain about William and Kate’s lack of work ethic, it’s really no surprise as they’ve been lazy from the get go. The true disappoint for me this last yr has been Harry. It’s been sad to realize he’s just as bad as they are

    1. Harry does stuff, it’s just not reported. He goes to all the Sentable and Invictus meetings. And tthere is the disabled service people he does which is day to day stuff. That doesn’t get reported as it’s does not sound interesting. “Man goes to meeting” rather boring headline, who would click on that to read it?

      1. MAfromthe6ix, This may be a cultural thing, why on earth is Harry always a part of a trio, not bad enough that he’s a spare (a well kept spare and happy to be a spare but a spare nonetheless), and Bill and Cath are a married couple. While my Harry blinders are close to being tossed in the bin, it still seems to me that he is the main attraction of the timid tepid trio, and w/o him I wonder if the interest level in waity and wimpo would drop even lower. In fact I wonder if Harry isn’t being dragged down by these idiots. I do think he does a lot of things that are good, and as Cathy said not reported, and he seems to enjoy doing them and people seem very responsive to Harry. Arghhhhh I don’t know what to think. My main issue with Harry might very well be that he **is** melded to the clueless Cambridges, this heads together headband campaign or whatever it was supposed to be really irked me, but Harry might not be interested in that but forced to follow along. My reasons for the anger at this headband campaign are very personal, this was/is in my opinion silly, frivolous, patronizing, and minimizing the very serious issue being tossed about for pr. Bunch of empty heads together, imo.

        1. I think Harry lets the narrative of him not wanting to over shadow W&C play to his advantage. I also think that there are many hours in a day and many days in a year where we could see Harry working more. Things might be going on behind the scenes for these charities but if he’s mainly dependent on the UK people for his future then more face time with them would be more to his advantage.

          I think W&C are a draw on their own. I think having Harry as part of their team helps but it doesn’t make it a make it or break it situation.

          I am with you in your opinion of their involvement of Heads Together. I think it’s disappointing how they talk how invested they are in things like mental health and then have barely to do with it after the main event is held. In my opinion, it turns their involvement into a joke. Going gung-ho for the good PR when really they were just doing to have nice photos taken. Harry has the opportunity to go out and make a difference and still doesn’t in this regard.

      2. AFAIK and this was before the engagement that threw everyone, including Harry… W&H were sold as a duo, so they just slotted Kate in there. Now Harry’s the third wheel, but Harry is more popular and has a lot more charisma and charm, and also likes people, so it helps draw crowds. Considering most publications only care what Kate wears and when William does stuff it doesn’t make headlines, I think it’s Harry being more popular that helps get attention.

    2. It may be my bad memory, but haven’t we heard the *increase their workload* and *keen to fill her diary* stories before and saw little or no change.

        1. Isn’t that the Nike phrase? They should learn from one of the most successful campaigns ever…just do it.
          And when doing it please remember you don’t need new clothes every time you step out of the house. Washing machines, dry cleaners? Ever heard of those?

        2. I agree with tell us, don’t show us. However, I think that with the DoE retiring, they will be forced to step it up. Two wrenches in the work more plan that I can foresee:

          1)Cambridge baby #3. No doubt Waity is doing everything she can to make this happen. “HG” will, oh so regretfully, prevent her from the promised increased workload and everyone will be so happy about the baby that no one will call them out on it. Waity will make a couple of appearances wearing her pre-pregnancy clothes into her 3rd trimester, everyone will ooh & ahh over how thin, glowing, and beautiful she looks, and then she will take her year long maternity leave.

          2)Harry engagement announcement. Everyone will be giddy with anticipation of a wedding and not notice that the increased workload promise has once again gone the way of the dodo. The fans will argue that wedding plans don’t just make themselves, you know. And Waity will be needed to mold the future duchess to be just as perfect as she is, so royal duties can wait. That training can be left to Sophie, Anne, & Camilla.

  3. So, one thing – “will continue his work with The Royal Foundationโ€™s Cyberbullying Taskforce.” Um, what work? Doing nothing? Right?

    It does make me bang my head into a wall of them claiming W&K “do work” about their charities when they have nothing to their name, so to speak. Harry has Invictus, Sentebale, he does things. That’s real charitable work right there…

    1. As far as I am aware, the cyberbullying task force has only met twice. I’m not sure what the inviduals do outside of those meetings, but there have not been that many of them. So I’m not sure what exactly the taskforce has accomplished in the over a year since its inception.

      Weren’t there reports/rumors that William was supposed to travel to Silicon Valley with the taskforce this past summer? I wonder what ever happened to that.

      1. Yes, I remember hearing about the Silicon Valley thing. I also remember something about William’s response to cyberbullying being more focusing on them being criticized, thus bullied, than the actual problems. Sadly being royal means people will listen to him. I doubt it went anywhere, maybe it was like the US trip where they pushed their way to a meeting with Obama last minute to give the ‘tour’ some legitimacy…

  4. It’s odd to me that KP made a statement about this. It’s like they are trying to curb any negative opinions ahead of time. I hope they do step up, but I will believe it when I see it. Especially since we are always told how ‘keen’ they are. I understand KP announcing engagements, but that is a pretty large press release just to mention that all 3 are stepping up their work. I guess I am just surprised.

    1. Maybe because they disappeared entirely in August and Harry’s long holiday was publicized. I think CQ may be a bit more aware of the grumblings about the lazy younger royals. Also, all the Diana specials certainly showed how much she worked and she was 36, basically the same age as Will and Kate and look how little they have done with their lives and privilege so far.

      1. Most of the royals in general disappear in August, not just the BRF. I find it weird. I guess for people like HM, Charles, Anne, I don’t begrudge them but W&K&H who show up to engagements what, 50 times a year, it is ridiculous.

    2. It would serve them better to stop releasing “Oh, we’re going to work a lot, yes we are, watch us work work work and attend more garden parties, numbers will go up up up KEEN” announcements and just get to it.

      Show, rather than tell, KP.

    3. Shame on them that they need this kind of announcement. Normal people just works without any of it. From their graduation… We will see what will be their “busy autumn programme”.

    4. I think announcing that there will be more engagements, announcing engagements multiple times way in advance, and talking about their foundations gives people the impression they’re doing more than they are. I think the general public doesn’t pay that close attention to the actual numbers, so it sounds like more if they announce like this.

      1. Pretty much. People think they work as hard as HM because of all their press, and how wonderful, and great, they are, when people who follow them know the truth of the matter.

  5. Have there been similar official statements before?? Or just “sources” saying they would start working more at some point in the future??
    There have been so many gap years with these two it’s a bit hard to take this sort of thing seriously, though I’m inclined to believe that since an official statement has been issued they are going to stick with it.

    1. I would have to check my archives to be sure, but I vaguely remember something along the lines of a press release in 2015 or 2016 about their increased work with mental health. And they did this type of press release in January about their workload.

      1. Oh I’m sure we’ve had several statements about them being keen to step up. I just started laughing when I saw the title of your post, and then surprise surprise they’re going on another tour. I agree Grenfell would be a good place to start. Kate could take them some of her well worn clothes, perhaps a few dozen coats for the ladies who have so little?

        1. This assumes Kate cares about anything but herself and her own family, which is impossible. It’s too much to ask! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. I’ll believe it when I see it. So far, the numbers of the trio have been glaringly low compared to the older royals who are well into retirement age. If they can keep up this for the rest of the year, then I’ll be happy. At least the taxpayer money will get some use.

    Somehow, I can’t wait for the tour in Scandinavia (William said they will go there, I think).

    My worry is the Invictus Games. I am afraid it will become a media circus and will be about Harry and Meghan instead of the competitors since she lives in Toronto. I hope they handle it well.

  7. I join the chorus of “I’ll believe it when I see it”. Maybe there will be a flurry of activity in September and October and then…….”royal engagement lite” will be back. At least this gives Kate an excuse to buy more unremarkable clothes that look like the clothes she already has. BTW, I am still thinking that she will be pregnant again by the end of the year.

    1. There’s got to be a song in there…”I’ll believe it when I see it, ya ya ya, oh I’ll believe it when I see it ya ya ya you say you’re gonna work but then you never show, oh I’ll believe it when I see it ya ya ya”

    2. And yet another expensive unremarkable dress just to walk in the garden for a photo op. Since this was supposed to be about Diana and her boys, maybe Kate could have worn a repeat? Or is this counting as another engagement in the CC as well? In any case, more wasteful spending on her part. If she actually does show up more than in the past, the fashion budget is going to be ridiculous

      1. Personal opinion here, I don’t think Kate should be there at all. She didn’t know Diana. Leave it to ‘her boys’. If she is going to go make sure she wears a repeat to ensure as little attention on her as possible. Oh wait no….that wouldn’t work would it?
        And that dress is so aging why can she not dress her age? Such a huge waste of my money. And please don’t tell me she costs me 65p a year that’s nonsense.

        1. I go back and forth on this Birdy. On one hand it was nice of Kate to be there to support her husband, I’m sure my husband would want me with him at an event like this. On the other hand, since she did attend she should have taken pains to ensure that she and by extension her clothes were not the center of attention. But since we all know that Kate is not able to make an appearance not about her at least she wore a dress that had some symbolism of eternal peace.

          1. I’m torn as well. Of course any husband would want his wife there for support, and any wife would want to be there to support her husband, but they are not a normal couple. And I do not get the impression that they support each other at all. I think this is a marriage of convenience for both of them; William has his Stepford wife & gets to rub it in the face of the naysayers who said the marriage wouldn’t last (although 6 years is not exactly setting the world on fire), and KM/Carole get to keep “their” hard-won title & perks. Had she not shown up, the press would have gone beserk (although a simple press release beforehand could have taken care of that), making KM, in her absence, the center of attention anyway. She should have stayed in the background, much like William & Harry did at Pippa’s wedding, and worn one of her 852 boring matching coat dresses in order to attract as little attention to herself as possible.

        2. I agree with you on this one, Birdy. Kate was odd man out today.

          Never thought I’d see myself saying Kate should have stayed home! ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. I hope this isn’t an official work number?! I Mean come on. I know they pad their numbers but this would be beyond ridiculous but then so is disembarking from the plane.
        noooo! Kate is embracing the pussy bow trend!!!!! Gah and more hideous poppies attire. No more poppy dresses Kate.

          1. Or you could say Kate is out….in another house dress.
            That Prada schmatta is so boring, but in a way I am glad given the occasion. I was not surprised to see her wear something new because that is what she does.

        1. And apparently this dress looks eerily similar to one Diana wore. I mean the dress is super old fashioned I shouldn’t be surprised. She looks a good ten years older in this style. But I agree that maybe she should have stepped this one out and let the boys go on their own. She didn’t know Diana at all and certainly shouldn’t have worn a new dress to get attention.

  8. Apparently no royal reporter was willing to risk their reputation again by writing the yearly “kate’s keen to work” articles so KP was forced to do it themselves. Yawn….

  9. I am sure they are keen, anyway. And keen to hit the ground running. Rinse. Repeat.

    It’s interesting that it doesn’t sound like they are permanently moving to KP but will be helicoptering it between Anmer and KP (knowing them). Pretty non-committal, IMO and typical of them. It would be expensive if true.

    Harry’s doing a lot of sports related visits. That’s gotta be rough. Willy’s doing one too. And Kate, dear Kate is doing one entire visit, and all by herself too where she will listen and learn.

  10. Well, well well. A busier work load for the trio. Let’s hope they step up to the plate for each event. Let’s hope they are prepared and really know their stuff. Maybe, Kate’s new secretary is gong to be a God send. Let’s hope. I am skeptical, but eager to eee how this plays out down the road.

    As for George heading to school, I hope it’s a good time for him. Such a special time in a growing child’s life. The official photographer who is marred to one of Kate’s staffers is certainly getting opps that others are not. However, George seems to know him and like him, so I am not going to complain too much I hope he can adjust to school easily. I really feel for him regarding the long commute.

  11. HAAHHHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA!!!! How many times have we heard this before? Does this mean Kate doesn’t plan on getting pregnant to avoid work? Does this mean that Harry isn’t planning on taking another exotic vacation with his girlfriend from that 3rd rate TV show? You mean Will isn’t going to sit in a corner of his castle being resentful at the press banging down his doors, outside?

  12. They’ll do some work temporarily then go back to usual all we get is they are keen gonna increase their engagement secretly doing work behind closed doors Harry’s got away with doing very little for a long time by hiding behind sentebale and invictus which is not even run by him he certainly doesn’t plan anything at invictus no leader would bugger of before a big event with their girlfriend to Africa . We all used to criticize will and kate for sneaking of but the last year has shown us harry constantly does the same .I want to see them work but keep their mouths shut stop complaining about the press when they court it by the people they are around and stop saying they are normal because they are not

    1. Agreed. Harry has revealed his true colors and it’s not pretty. I’m going to hold him to the same standards as William and Kate. Like you said, he is just a figurehead to his own charities : prince Seesio is running Sentebale and Invictus is run by competent people. He has taken 5 holidays for the past half year, which is even more than Will and Kate.

      Anyhow, they need to work. But I won’t hold my breath.

      1. Agreed and another thing that has kept our “I just want to be a normal guy” Harry busy is his secret VIP access trips to the airport to pick up Meghan. I am very crabby today so being extra snarky, so this will be my last post for today as I am trying to keep my comments reasonable.

    2. Exactly. Who flies off to a month long vacation, right before a big event that they supposedly are in the trenches planning and organizing? While Harry may have put in more work in Invictus in the past, his 5 long vacations this year have shown that he is barely putting in time into planning the Invictus games except to be the show boating figurehead.

  13. I had this long post in mind but really it can all be said with: “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Next time I want to get snockered I’ll get a bottle of whisky, and all the newspaper articles and press releases about them upping their workload, taking a shot for every reference to said increase. What could possibly go wrong? *hiccup*

  14. Hubby informed me this evening that one bookmaker in U.K. has stopped taking anymore bets on Kate being pregnant by the end of the year.

    1. Anything to avoid working Mrs BBV but to be fair I have three children and I’m very happy with that. Health willing I would have had 4 though. But my husband and I have supported our kids through our own hard work. Not something W & K can say??

    2. I have a question about the betting on royal stuff that happens in the UK: The betting is reflective of the betting public’s opinions, correct? Not reflective of any actual evidence of anything?

      Because if so, then we shouldn’t put too much stock in betting odds or suspension of betting until there is a formal announcement since the betting is not reflective of actual evidence. Or am I way off base here?

      1. More often than not a bet closed by a bookmaker is as a result of inside information and sometimes overwhelming public opinion but more likely a certainty that can only be provided by inside knowledge. This is exactly why Hubby found it so surprising. Bookmakers very, very rarely close bets if there is a certainly that money can be made.

        The funniest stories are the flurry of bets around Windsor Castle on Royal Ascot days over the colour of hat HM will wear……usually staff have seen what she’s wearing and place bets although I believe on a few occasions she has gone and changed her hat after the bookmakers have stopped taking bets just to throw everyone. TBH I wouldn’t have been surprised if the Queen Mother was betting on the hat colour and cleaning up. That would have so appealed to her.

        1. So there is a possibility it’s true? Huh.

          I think so if only because I’m cynical about working! That and I do think Kate would like three kids.

  15. Did Diana ever wear Prada? Isn’t this a strange choice for a duchess to wear when commemorating the death of the Princess of Wales? Wouldn’t a British designer have been appropriate ?

    1. As long as it is a lot of money I doubt Kate cares. Money and brand are what’s important to her. Look, I can afford Prada! (Or, well, my father in law can.)

      1. I don’t understand why Charles is picking up Kate’s clothes bill? Maybe I missed it but keeping the grand children away from Charles and yes it might be William as well and expecting Charles to pay for her clothes. That is thoughtless.

    2. Diana wore British designers except for diplomatic choices on tours, until she was divorced. After that she wore what she wanted. I don’t remember Prada though.

  16. I am late to the party but I am going through a lot in my personal life as well as feeling ill. I wish Prince George a good first day at primary school. Though if George is a shy four I don’t understand why he stays at his nursery for another year. The school environment they have chosen seems to be a bit overwhelming for him at such a young age.

    1. I hope everything you are going through gets better and works out well for you.

  17. It reminds me of every media release I’ve written to pad out the (insert public figures) achievements. Kate’s increased workload is big on generalities. She has other plans, I guess.

  18. William and Kate won’t have to invite the press to George’s first day of school. They have released where he is going to school and the date he’ll be starting. The press will invite themselves. Then William and Kate will probably throw a hissy fit, file an IPSO complaint for invasion of privacy, and George will be hidden away until he’s grown.

    When George started nursery, they announced where he was going, but not the specific start date so the press was caught off guard. Speaking of nursery, shouldn’t Charlotte be starting?

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