Princess Madeleine is expecting third child

Princess Madeleine is expecting third child

Well this is a nice surprise. Princess Madeleine is expecting her third child with husband Chris O’Neill, the Swedish court announced yesterday.

Ever since last summer, when Chris gave an interview where he said he and Madeleine “absolutely” wanted to have more children, I’ve been expecting them to announce a third pregnancy at some point, but I didn’t think it would be this year. So this is a nice little surprise for a Sunday in August – a notoriously slow news time for the royals.

The Swedish court announced:

    “HRH Princess Madeleine and Mr. Christopher O’Neill are delighted to announce that The Princess is expecting their third child. The Princess is feeling well and the birth is expected to take place in March 2018.”

Madeleine took to Facebook to write her own announcement:

    “Chris and I are thrilled to announce that I am expecting. We look forward to four becoming five!”

Congratulations to the couple!

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On August 21, Madeleine was in Gothenburg, Sweden for the opening ceremony of the 2017 Longines FEI European Equestrian Championships where she cut the ribbon to officially open the championships.

Madeleine wrote on Facebook: “Today I had the honor to open the European Championship in Gothenburg!”

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92 thoughts on “Princess Madeleine is expecting third child

  1. What lovely news! They do have beautiful kids. This means two SRF baptisms in under 10 months! I love it.

    Thanks for sharing a bright piece of news, KMR.

    ps – Sending light and love to any KMR readers in Houston.

  2. Yah! It’s nice to hear some good news!

    And I’m going to repeat what Rhiannon said (Hi Rhiannon!)… Thanks for sharing a bright piece of news, KMR.

    Hang in there Houston!


    1. Hi, Cathy! I can only imagine how delighted Silvia must be. 7 grandkids in such a short period. All to be led by Estelle and our favorite squirmy Leonore.

    1. What happy news for Madeleine and Chris and family. The Swedish royals are becoming a firm favourite and they clearly are a close knit family. Gosh seven grandkids.

      Hang in there Texas.

    2. Me too, and I really like the way Madeleine uses her facebook to give little insights into her family life while promoting her work with Childhood, too.

      1. I still squee thinking about how Madeleine liked a comment I made on something she posted once. I thought it was sweet of her. I think it was some comment about thanking her for sharing her beautiful family with people who care about them.

        I really liked her and Chris’s interview with Skavlan. They seem like such kind people. And Chris has a great sense of humor.

        1. Carina Axellson is another example of a royal (adjacent) who is good at social media, and understands that it allows you to be less formal but also more in control of how you present your life as a public figure. I think other royals could learn a lot from Madde.

          Oh, and another Chris fan over here – he seems like a decent, protective guy

  3. Lovely surprise; can’t wait to see the new prince or princess. For some reason I think 2018 will be a lot of babies and a wedding. So I’m expecting another baby for W&C as well.

  4. So happy for Madeleine & Chris!

    I live in Houston & appreciate all the well wishes, prayers, & good vibes; please keep them coming! Water got within about a foot of getting into my house yesterday, but after a night of light-ish rainfall all of the standing water was able to drain, so our street is clear for the first time in 2 days. We still have a few days of forecasted storms to get through, but I am savoring this moment after the panic of the past 2 days. Unfortunately, there are many more people in much more dire circumstances. Last night the sounds of the air boats and helicopters going around rescuing people was as sad as it was unnerving. We have a long, tough road ahead of us as a city and state.

    1. So glad to hear you are safe for now. The world is thinking of you and our thoughts are with your city and your State.

    2. GingerMini, be safe and know that many prayers are being sent to all those impacted by this horrible storm. I wish you and everyone else the best and hope they are wrong about the next round of rain to hit. Be careful. Prayers and best to all!

  5. I saw Madeleine’s post on Facebook yesterday and squealed! Sylvia must be in grandma heaven! All of those grandbabies to love on and spoil! Here’s hoping Maddie has a smooth pregnancy and delivery and healthy baby!

    Hugs & Prayers to our KMRs in Houston. Been praying for you all since Thursday night!

    1. Kimothy I read a dog found a large bag of dog food and carried it off in Texas a couple of days ago. I know it sounds strange but even dogs know how to cope.

        1. I too am a dog person and in fact, having a pet has given me a 3rd (or 4th?) blog post idea: how pets are great for one’s healing and awesome therapy in general!

          YAY for that doggie being reunited with its owner!!!!!! πŸ˜€

          1. I also think dogs are good for mental health. Not saying they can cure serious problems, but knowing that your dog loves you whatever you do is wonderful, and dogs pick up on human moods and can nurture someone in pain.
            Great idea for a blog Kimothy.

          2. Thank you Birdy. I don’t expect my Missy to be a cure-all but she’s been great at calming my anxiety and over-active nerves; she’s very protective of me too and growls if she hears voices she doesn’t recognize and whatnot.

            Also, guess who had jury duty today, was selected as a juror AND has to return to the courthouse Wednesday morning? Yup, this girl! Sigh….

          3. Hope the jury duty goes ok. Remember it is an honour to be selected,even if it is random, and you are in control of someone’s destiny. Make good choices and listen to all the evidence.
            One thing you will have learned as a KMR follower is that one man’s truth is another man’s fiction. Right and wrong, truth and lies…sound so easy to distinguish, but in reality there is a lot of grey too.

          4. Believe me, as a royal watcher/KMR follower over the years, I’ve definitely noticed that there are many shades of gray among the royals and those who follow them (hence why I don’t share a thought or opinion until I’m absolutely sure of it). πŸ˜‰

          5. Jury duty sounds really neat. I have never been on a jury before but have always wanted to. Like Birdy says it’s an honor to do it!

          6. It’s just a bit draining, that’s all and (thankfully) I WILL get paid because this is considered to be administrative leave.

            Gonna go to bed now because I’ve been feeling like poo since late last week (phlegmy throat and all of that lovely stuff). Anyway, g’night!

            P. S. As of right now, I’m #teamhealtybaby #itsatiebreakereitherway

    1. I thought so, too, LizB. When I saw the first photo, I said, “Oh, Victoria.” THen, scrolling down, I saw that the woman was Madeleine.

      Congrats to Maddie and Chris. They surely have two beautiful children and a third will be most welcome, I am sure. Silvia, as others have said, must be in Grandma Heaven! Over the moon, actually!

      Wonderful news, and thanks KMR for letting us know.

  6. Yay happy news! she looks lovely and happy. Leonore is one of my favorite lil royals! They make pretty babies.
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Madeleine do a ribbon cutting ceremony. Mainly only the big Swedish events or at the UN. Are they still living in London?
    I like her hair up like this but not a fan of the black frock thing she’s wearing.

  7. Ah, the betting is interesting. First, I thought the new Swedish babe would be another boy. THen, I started to think, girl! We’ll know soon. Isn’t Sofia due in September.

    I would love Madeleine to have a girl, but initially, when I heard the news, I said, “Boy.” Now, I am unsure. Want to see her pregnancy progress and get a better idea of the baby’s sex.

    Just think that the Swedish Royals are so loving and caring. Their children are truly darling.

    Also am infatuated with George and Charlotte. Photos soon? Of George heading off to school. I hope Charlotte goes along for the ride, but that may be too much to ask.

    Still thinking and sending best wishes and prayers to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. The photos are just horrific and what the people are enduring is terrible. Animals, too! I hear that shelters will take families, singles with dogs, but cats are left back at the homes. That makes me insane. I hope rescue groups help them, too.

    GingerMini, I hope you and your loved ones are doing ok. This must be a very frightening and overwhelming time for you all.

    1. I am also thrilled about the new baby! Boy or girl, it’s the same for me, the O’Neills have one of each already, both beautiful children. Actually I’m more intrigued about the new baby’s personality. We know Leonore is -my favourite- squirmy monkey, Nicholas seems a sweet little boy (still remember him at Oscar’s christening with his toothbrush toy) so how will the new one be? And will he/she look more to Maddie? So far both Leonore & Nicholas have taken from Chris’s side of the family, don’t you think?

      In any case, as most of you guys, I’m looking forward to the christenings and the company of the royal babies stealing the show one more time.

      Oh and a new photo from George heading to school will be lovely!

      Thank you KMR for this post.

      1. They’ll definitely release a photo; they did when he started pre-school. They’ll release a photo for Charlotte as well but no video from the press.

        1. I wish they release better photos. The ones for his first day of pre-school were meh, IMO. He’s still a cute kiddo, as his birthday pictures show. πŸ™‚

          1. You might get some Kimothy cos you’re not a Brit. They prefer the good photos to come from outside the UK…no idea why, and it reflects poorly on them. A bit of humility and appreciation for the UK taxpayer who funds their lifestyle? No sign of that!

          2. I really do not understand why they hide those kids away. Does it really irritate the Brits or do most people not really care?

            They trot them out on tours but won’t bring them out in their own country who pays handsomely for them!

            No doubt Kate the extremely talented photographer will take the photos and they’ll release on Twitter.

          3. @Ellie

            I would imagine most people don’t care. Americans fund housing and security for Barron Trump and we hardly ever see him. Don’t think it matters to the average person to consistently see someone else’s kids.

          4. It sounds like Chris Jackson will have an exclusive on a photo of George on the first day of school. They really should change up their photographers because it looks bad that the guy who is sleeping with one of the staff is the only one who gets access. Not exactly freedom of the press.

          5. Jessica, I think here vs the UK is different because while we fund the First Family, it’s not like they are going to inherit their parents’ status and position, whereas George is going to be king one day and is in essence sort of public property. I understand juggling the needs of a child vs the needs of a paying public to get to know this sweet boy who will be head of state one day, but they go about it so wrong.

          6. I personally won’t consider any royal kid public property until they turn 18 and have decided they will partake in royal duties on their own accord, like Prince Nikolai just did. Even though he won’t receive apanage he can still act as regent if need be.

          7. George being a future king IMO makes him so and has done since his birth. I think the situation with Nikolai is quite different, though I expect Joachim’s kids to live their own lives for the most part. Nikolai is, say, not in Christian’s shoes at all. George is gonna have to do things, Nikolai won’t.

        1. Jessica how can you compare Barron Trump to George? The son of a president is not guaranteed to become a president …I accept it does happen sometimes. Prince George is, pending huge changes, the future King of GB and any countries who still choose to have him. It is not the same thing at all. We, the British taxpayers, are likely to fund George for his entire life, not true of Barron.

        2. Oh, so they’re doing the whole press rigamarole for George that William complains about for himself? Poor baby, give him more to be anxious about. πŸ™

  8. More bets, perhaps?

    I know she is not Royalty, but she may think that she is.

    Any bets on when Pippa will announce a pregnancy? I am thinking she already is with child. News to be out there very soon!

      1. Nothing wrong with that. If she wants a big family it’s a good idea to get started. It’s not as if they have to save up for the cot and the car seat ?

        1. She is also already over 30 so if she wants a big family she needs to start soon… which would be lovely, any baby is a blessing and precious gift πŸ™‚

  9. Congratulations to the O’Neills! Sylvia must be over the moon with all the grand babies!

    Thank you for all the positive vibes and prayers, I also reside in Houston in the texas medical center, and I currently at work as I type. We are a strong city and Texas as a whole will pull through. I am luckier than most of the citizens of our communities. Please continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

        1. I found out that children who are on the waiting list at Houston Children’s Hospital (and adults who are waiting at transplant centers in the area) are now placed on the INACTIVE list because it would be too dangerous and difficult for organs to arrive safely. πŸ™

          1. You’re welcome Miley. What adds to it is that these donor families give the consent for their loved ones organs, tissues and cornea to be donated to save people and, unfortunately, they can’t be used due to the flooding.

          2. Kimothy, can the organs etc be kept ‘on ice’ until the situation is better resolved in Houston? I guess I’m asking how long they can be kept in optimum condition before they are no longer able to be transplanted.

          3. Jen, here are the numbers:

            4-6 hours for heart and/or lungs
            Less than 12 hours for liver and/or pancreas
            30 hours or less (but the 30 is pushing it) for a kidney.

            The less time between removing the organs from the donor and placing them inside the body of the recipient, the better chance you have of success which is the main reason my family and I had to move to St. Louis, Missouri to wait for my transplant. If we’d stayed in Tampa, we wouldn’t have arrived in time.

            The reason why I emphasize our move (even though there is a 4-6 hour window of opportunity) is because tests have to be done on both the organ(s) that’s being transplanted and potential recipient. Tests on the organ(s) to make sure there was no damage between during flight. Tests on the future recipient to make sure they don’t have any bug in their system. Temperature of 100? No transplant. Have a little cold that day? Transplant is called off. It’s also why I stress that waiting 30 hours to transplant a kidney into someone’s body (more than a full day later) is absolutely ridiculous.

            Finally, yes they DO pack the organs in ice and by doing that, they’re slowing the dying process so that instead of the organs dying at 100%, they’re dying at 5% which allows the time frame for transplant that I mention. (I hope this sentence makes sense. It’s not quite 6 AM here in Florida. πŸ˜‰ )

    1. Hi Miley! I am near the medical center, in Meyerland. I also consider myself luckier than most, even on my own block. People 2 doors down from us had as much as 19″ of water! The worst we have had is a huge tree limb fall off and hit my car. Not even thinking twice about that. Stay safe!

      I cannot even imagine what the parents of those children are going through.

      Thank you to everyone for your good thoughts & vibes, prayers, etc. I can’t begin to overstate how incredibly fortunate my family has been, especially living in an area that has has 3 major flooding instances in the past 2-3 years. But so many are absolutely devastated and it will take years of rebuilding for lives to be made whole again.

      1. Glad you are doing well, GingerMini. May things stay positive for you.
        I was saddened to learn about the transplant situation, Kimothy. This is yet another horrible aspect to this terrible storm. Here’s to doing what each of us can to help in whatever way we can. The people who have been experiencing trauma and loss need the support of others.

    1. That’s really unfortunate; looks like an acquaintance or someone else was going to the papers so she announced it on FB. It happens to a lot of celebs and public figures.

  10. Totally off topic, I’m watching the news about Texas. The pictures are shocking. I hope lessons have been learned after Katrina and I send all Texans my best wishes. So often in the last year we have commented on the horrors of terrorism. These photos just go to show Mother Nature can cause just as much trouble. Does The President still think global warming is a lie? It is actually surprising seeing the pictures that so few people have died. So many amazing stories of individuals who have helped.

    1. I suspect that they still don’t know the true casualty total just yet because many areas remain impassable. I hope to be wrong though. I don’t want to get political, but really climate change should not be considered a political issue. Its existence is accepted as fact in the rest of the world. And the effects are obvious.

    2. One of my old friends is in the Texas National Guard and has been working night and day to help people. It’s so scary. Where I live we only have to deal with earthquakes and mudslides…

    3. The numbers will rise drastically; this situation is still ongoing. Apparently some rescuers can’t get to certain areas because it’s so dangerous; also it’s been days so now people are starving and dehydrated.

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