Spain-UK State Visit Day 1: Kate in Queen’s jewels for State Banquet with Letizia

Spain-UK State Visit Day 1: Kate in Queen’s jewels for State Banquet with Letizia

Part 2 of Day 1 of the Spanish State Visit to the UK – you can view part 1 here. There were so many British royals who came out for the State Banquet tonight, July 12, and so many tiaras! Queen Letizia brought out the big guns, Queen Elizabeth brought out the aquamarines, and Kate Middleton brought out more loaned jewelry from HM but also from Princess Diana.

Felipe, Letizia with Queen, Philip at State Banquet UK State Visit 2017 cs
[Casa de S.M. el Rey]

Let’s start at the top with Their Majesties King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain.

Letizia wore a a red, embellished, off-the-shouler Felipe Varela gown and the biggest tiara in the Spanish collection: the Spanish Fleur de Lys Tiara. Letizia wore large diamond earrings and one large diamond bracelet from the joyas de pasar. Letizia did not receive any British orders, and instead wore the Order of Charles III (Spain). Gorgeous!

Felipe, however, did receive a British order from HM yesterday – the Order of the Garter (Britain) – which he wore with his white tie and tails.

Letizia at State Banquet UK State Visit 2017 2

Queen Elizabeth wore a white gown with blue embroidery which perfectly set off the Brazilian Aquamarine Tiara with matching earrings, necklace, and bracelet. Prince Philip also wore the Order of Charles III (Spain).

Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall were also in attendance. It was business as usual for Cams with a repeated white gown, the Boucheron Honeycomb Tiara, pearl choker, and the Royal Victoria Order (Britain) and Royal Family Order. She did switch things up a bit, adding to her jewel collection these Van Cleef & Arpels Snowflake Earrings which cost $138,000.

Next, let’s talk about Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge. Kate really blinged it out. She wore the Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara, Princess Diana’s Collingwood Pearl and Diamond Earrings, and the Queen’s Ruby and Diamond Floral Bandeau Necklace.

Kate at State Banquet UK State Visit 2017 2 s

Princess Diana’s Collingwood Pearl and Diamond Earrings were a part of Diana’s private jewelry collection, having been a wedding gift from Collingwood Jewellers. Outside of her engagement ring, this is the first time that Kate has worn any of Diana’s jewelry.

The Queen’s Ruby and Diamond Floral Bandeau Necklace was a wedding gift to HM from her parents, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, in 1947. The necklace is part of the Greville bequest – a collection of jewelry left to Queen Elizabeth by the Hon. Mrs. Ronald Greville when she died. This necklace, which was purchased from Boucheron in 1907, features single rubies set between diamond flowers in a bandeau setting with a deep v-shape and a diamond pendant.

Kate at State Banquet UK State Visit 2017 4

Kate wore a pink Marchesa gown with lace and flared sleeves which I can’t get on board with. I dislike the flared sleeve trend. I probably would have liked this one had it had non-flared sleeves.

I think Kate may also be wearing a bracelet, but it’s hard to tell. There aren’t any good quality photos of Kate since she was sitting off to the side. One thing we can clearly see is that Kate is not wearing the Royal Family Order meaning she has not received it yet.

Kate in Marchesa at State Banquet UK State Visit 2017

Prince William and Prince Harry were also there. This was Harry’s first State Banquet. There aren’t any good quality photos of them either since William was at the far end of the head table, and Harry was far down on one of the side tables.

William, Harry at State Banquet UK State Visit 2017

Felipe and QEII both gave speeches. You can read QEII’s speech here, and Felipe’s speech here.

The menu consisted of:

Poached fillet of salmon trout with fennel in a white wine velouté sauce. Medallion of Scottish beef with bone marrow and truffle with a Madeira sauce. Fondant potatoes, yellow and green courgettes, runner beans with sauteed radishes. Dark chocolate and raspberry tart. Selection of seasonal fruits. Coffee and petit fours.

Princess Anne was also there, in an aquamarine tiara.

Princess Michael of Kent was there, too. PS. Sophie was also there but there aren’t any photos of her.

Here is a video of the banquet. The royals enter at 20:20.

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    1. Yes – yet another new dress which is off the mark – pale pink lace top is not the “evening gown” look for a 35 year old IMO

      1. Sorry, I can’t leave my house without a new dress on either.

        But no, I live in the real world, there is a polar blast hitting Auckland at the moment so I’m really sitting here wearing my snow boots and a fleece jacket. It’s 8 degrees C here and it’s raining…

        At least Kate’s dress is by a design house with English connnections this time? Even though it is based in the US?

        1. Ha – “connections” – well – maybe if you think US English has any connections with UK English – they don’t sound the same to me. That “brand” is American Prom Queen ??? BTW I am Australian and my English sounds different to UK and US versions

          1. Hi Oz Shan, I’m a Kiwi so I know what you mean about the difference between English as spoken by the English and English as spoken by the US or Australia or even NZ.

            By English connections I was actually referring to the fact that Georgina Chapman is English. But the brand is definitely American.

        2. Cathy, here’s to better weather for you very soon!
          I never enjoy the winter arctic blasts and the gray, gray days.
          Here, I will tell you, though, it is so very hot and humid that I’m looking forward to a breeze of any kind.

          Take care of yourself and I certainly hope warmer temps are ahead for you And, a tad cooler ones here.

          1. If only I could parcel some of this cold air up and send it to you Jenny? For some reason we always get some wild weather here when we start heading into Spring so they are probably more storms to come?
            I saw your comment about Miss Maddie changing her name but have been busy at work and at home so haven’t had a chance to answer. Naughty big brother for encouraging her to use the other name! But I feel that she is a strong willed lass so she will never lose her sense of identity? (Just so long as she doesn’t shorten Juiletta and call herself Jools (Jewels) like what happened to a friend of mine here with her daughter?). She will always be Miss Maddie to me 🙂

            And great comments about fireworks too! When I was a kid they weren’t so regulated here as they are now. Which lead to horrible boys throwing crackers etc, so happy that crackers are illegal now. In New Zealand there are strict rules around buying and selling fireworks. Fireworks are only sold for the three days up to Guy Fawkes – November 2nd to 5th. You must be 18 years old and have valid ID to buy fireworks, just like alcohol. I was surprised to find that Australia don’t do Guy Fawkes Night anymore. I guess that shows NZ still have closer links with the UK? I’m with you and think they should have tight controls on the sale of firworks and was really happy to see them come into law here. Hope your pets aren’t so stressed now?

            I’m looking out the window and the rain has stopped, or has been blown away by the wind. Looking forward to warm sunny days! In the meantime the Spanish state visit has been a welcome distraction.

            Hugs to you and Miss Maddie!

          2. Hi, Cathy. I so wish I could send some warm air to you. Not the oppressive heat we are having, but warmth! I hate the type of days you have been experiencing!

            One of the reasons I decided against Juliet as Madeleine’s first name was that I hate Jewels as a nickname, too. She says “Liette,” and often says Madin Liette, because Madeleine seems hard for her to say. She does have a mind of her own, that is for sure.

            We both send hugs back your way and wish you better temperatures and blue skies. It’s a downpour here! So much rain that I decided to stay inside and skip the trip to her little Dance session at the local church. She loves meeting with the other toddlers and moving to music. Turned on some CDs here and off she went dancing up a storm!!

            Be well!

          3. And, thanks for the fireworks support, Cathy. You live in a far more civilized community than I do. THey are illegal here, but that never stops the people from shooting them off and disturbing the peace for hours and hours. To me, celebrating my country’s birth by breaking the law is absolutely detestable. I wrote a letter to the editor of the local paper and have been getting some nice support from others who share my thoughts. More hugs!

    2. Shades of Marie Antoinette, LOL.

      I see the dress is corsetted like her wedding dress and again mimics another era- the 18th century and Georgian ballgowns. That’s our Kate, living out her fantasies of other eras.

      How about that decolletage? My, my. Funny, a few days I had written this on MMR:

      “She is fiercely competitive with other women and narcissistic. I can’t wait. But the question is- will she up her style game, or her flyups and see-throughs?”

      Well, we now have an answer. Nobody puts Waity in a corner.

      BTW, now I know why she didn’t attend any earlier events. Too busy primping for the big evening. Exhausting work, I’m sure.

      The fact that she still has no order made my day.

      ETA: I’m glad lace doesn’t come from a living creature or else she would be charged with animal cruelty for the miles of lace she’s worn.

      1. Hi Maven, I have what may be a stupid question, how can you tell the gown is corsetted? And is Queen Letizia’s also corsetted?

        As an aside, while my feminist heart cringes at the idea of corsets (and my body gives sympathetic twinges) one benefit (other than the obvious) from corsets is that Kate has impeccable posture tonight.

        1. Any reliable strapless dress will have some corseting elements to it. But the corset isn’t the instrument of torture the Victorians, Edwardians, or Kardashians used. Leti will find it more difficult to slouch or overeat, but she should be quite comfortable otherwise.

          Kate doesn’t have much of a waist without some corseting. She’s still managing to roll her shoulders forward, though. She just doesn’t look comfortable there, does she?

          I don’t like beige or lace, but I do like the elbow frill. She looks good in this neckline, but it’s a bit too deep for the occasion. It is nice that it didn’t compete with her necklace, though. I also like the necklace, but not with the tiara, as others have noted. But the earrings are a great fit with the CLK tiara!

          1. Agree graymatters, I also like the necklace, but not with the tiara. When I first saw Kate’s pics seated I thought she looked good, but when I saw the entire dress not so much. As Maven said before the dress mimics another era- the 18th century and Georgian ballgowns. And yes, Kate just doesn’t look comfortable there. She looks tense.

      2. historically lace makers were treated very poorly. I assume that any handmade lace she wears is make from makers with a better life.

        If it is vintage lace, I would assume the people who made it led a horrible life.

        So maybe not animal cruelty, but could be human cruelty

      3. Nobody puts Waity in a corner, indeed! You are so right.

        Yes, a push up bra was needed to give the look that was achieved. Does Kate understand that Leti just has rings around her fashion-wise and otherwise?

        The pale pink lace and the sleeves. No! The dress just didn’t do anything for me, although, I am sure Kate thought she vamped all in attendance. I thought the ruby necklace was beautiful but with such a fragile looking lace, it just didn’t make it! Now, on a simple, stunning sheath, or a strapless number, wow. But, I would assume the Duchess would be told not to wear strapless. Did anyone tell her that pointy boobs, like on her wedding day, are a no no, too?

        Leti, on the other hand. Just perfect! She is so very beautiful and as it’s been said before, she wears her clothes, they don’t wear her!!!

        I never realized how pretty Camilla’s eyes are. And, her tiara! Just stunning. She knows how to wear the bling, doesn’t she?

        HM is always loely, but as said on the other thread, she is showing her age. I hope that she is well and that she will find comfort in knowing that Charles will honor her always. As for William? What was that look of pain on his face in the photo above?

        Unfortunate that some of the flowers on Kate’s table seemed to look like they were part of her tiara. And, the look on her face, too! What’s with that? Wouldn’t you just love to be part of that elegant and scrumptious evening? She looked like she couldn’t wait to get home, tear the jewels and dress off and forget that she has a future in the Royal family. Something’s up.

        1. I think Waity is okay when there are no expectations. I would be happy just with that fabulous meal and it’s not hard to be gregarious.

          But all Kate knows is that she’s supposed to perform and act duchess-like and she hates it. Her consolation is having men stare at her (and supposedly not the ravishing Letizia). Exhibitionism seems to be her default position when feeling threatened/challenged.

          I guess this is not what she signed up for. This is not why she chased Willy for all these years. She signed up to be cossetted and adored by all and to spend. She really lacks maturity.

          I find it hilarious that she basically gets a face full of candelabra and flowers and is quite hidden. One would think she’d be relieved.

  1. Letiza looks gorgeous!! I dislike the sleeves on Kate’s dress as well. I am also wondering if a neckline that low is appropriate for such an event…?
    she’s slaying with the jewels though so good for her.

    1. No, that neckline is not appropriate! It is cut down to the bottom of the bust-line. I think she only gets away with it because she is flat chested. A busty girl like Eugenie would be called a strumpet if she showed that much cleavage.

    2. The jewels also clash with the dress. Kate has moved from cos playing Downton Abbey to dressing like Demelza of Poldark. She looks like she doesn’t belong there and Letizia blew her out of the water. Letizia looks amazing. Even the Queen brought a great tiara to this event.

      Also no order for Kate because she is still lazy and does not deserve it.

    3. This neckline is far too low. I’m surprised that she thinks it would be appropriate.But perhaps, it’s true and Kate needs attention, especially if there is another beautiful royal woman in the room who steals her show.

      1. Ah – make that “a” beautiful Royal – Waity Kiss Me Kate does not fall into that group IMO -she is the girl down the street that had some promise 15 years ago but has faded since . . . much the same as most of us

      2. Lovely Blossom, it was the first thing I noticed, the neckline is far too low. At her first state banquet some people complained that Kate wore short sleeves, but I saw Sophie wearing short sleeve at a state banquet, so I think there is no rule for the size of the sleeve (see Letizia, by the way, the she looks gorgeous). But about the neckline, it is far too low.

  2. Kate looks very pretty in the car, but I didn’t like the dress. The bell sleeves are too much, but I often find Marchesa goes a tad too far with fluffy details that make it more of a cotton candy confection rather than super elegant. The very few images I’ve seen of her show her mingling with Harry (she could do that anytime, why do they huddle together at events) and looking a bit uncomfortable or bored while sitting. But, these are just glimpses so hopefully she did have lively dinner conversations.

    William did a great day with veterans recently. I can’t remember the last time I saw him so genuinely engaged at an event.

    I am very impressed with the Spanish royals so far. Even the awkward video of greeting Charles and Camilla is very warm and friendly, and somehow classy.

    1. I mean, all the royals – including HM, Felipe, Camilla, Harry, William, and Kate – looked bored during the speeches. So I don’t think it’s something to be upset with Kate for (at least not without calling out all the other royals, too). It’s hard to look interested when listening to a speech.

      1. Yes, I agree. That’s why I wish there were a few high quality images allowed at the state banquets entrance so we could not only see the gowns better, but also friendlier faces instead of “I’m listening to a long speech” faces.

    2. I don’t see the video as awkward at all, C&C were delighted to see F&L and it was reciprocated. I’m glad to see how happy some of them are at seeing each other again for this visit. 🙂

  3. Letiza looks amazing. Very royal. I like how the two Queens are complimenting each other, color-wise. Letiza wears a red dress with a blue and white sash. QEII wears a blue and white dress with a red bow. I know this is just coincidence, but it looks nice. And Camilla looks nice, as usual.

    Kate looks nice from the neck up, but it is a disaster from the neck down. The necklace doesn’t match the pearl and diamond theme set by the tiara and earrings. The necklace is visually heavy and competes for attention with the tiara. She should have worn a smaller tiara or a smaller necklace. She clearly doesn’t understand visual balance.

    And that dress is awful! The neckline is waaaaay to low, and the bell sleeves and peplum just look rediculous. She looks like a little girl playing dress up. Who put this together and thought it looked good? She looks mismatched.

      1. I don’t see SWFing there. Apart from that both dresses have some lace on the bodice, they really aren’t similar at all.

        1. I think it’s the scalloped high neckline that does me in. It’s unusual enough that the similarity in dresses feels deliberate to me.

    1. “The necklace is visually heavy and competes for attention with the tiara. She should have worn a smaller tiara or a smaller necklace.” Exactly what I thought JET Texas. All jewelry big is a bit too much IMO.

  4. I have never liked Marchesa gowns……….and this one is no exception. The color does nothing for Kate. The necklace Kate is wearing reminds me of an early ‘statement necklace’ beading project I once had. It doesn’t go with the tiara, imo. Hate her hair style. I wonder what sort of boring shoes she’s wearing?

    The Queen’s necklace looks awkward too. If the pendant had been removed for that neckline, it might have worked. Not a fan of her tiara, either.

    Leti looks good, but that sash tucked into the neckline hurts my eyes. That dress would have been better saved for an occasion where the sash wasn’t necessary. Something with shoulders would have looked better with the sash.

    1. I don’t like this tiara, or her other “modern” sapphire one, although aquamarines are my favorite stone. I think the stones are too big and too square.

    2. Good point about the sash, sequin queen, By the way, can anyone tell me why the Queen wasn’t wearing a sash since it is a state banquet? Thanks.

  5. They all looked lovely. Kate looked lovely. I don’t mind her somewhat Victorian dress. The shape suits her, and the neckline and necklace showed her off beautifully. A lovely appearance.

  6. She looks positively ridiculous in that dress. It’s bespoke, so at least, what, $15k-20k?

    Why does she insist in dressing like a sex pot? The low neck is fine for some gala or party, but a STATE DINNER? Show off jewels that don’t match? And the hairnet? Gah, I can’t. I can’t. The sleeves scream Diana.

    Letizia looks so, so amazing but she almost always knocks it out of the park. I haven’t watched Felipe’s speech.

    I noticed HM seems frail and tired. 🙁

    I had a good laugh at Harry having the star of the Order of Carlos III and William has nothing.

    1. Harry has a Spanish order? I thought it was the one he got from the Queen recently, some Royal Victorian order or something along that line.

      1. Nope, Harry’s thing frmo HM is around his neck. He’s wearing a Star of the Spanish order of Carlos III. Not sure what the other star is.

        1. Both the one worn around his neck and one of the stars is the insignia awarded to him upon becoming a Knight Commander of the Royal Victorian Order. He is wearing a second star. I have no idea what it is for.

      1. I agree.
        I think the neckline is a nice departure for her. I am not a huge fan of the dress color, necklace and tiara. I feel like two out of three match… either lose the CLK off and wear all diamonds and rubies, or skip the ruby necklace and wear all pearls with the pink. the dress could handle either way… but not both.

        fun fact.. my kids names are gemstones.:)

      2. Ok, but how should one refer to her dress being so very, very low cut? When you look at Kate’s history of flashing and calling attention to her body, how should one address this at such an important evening?

    2. How is Kate dressing like a “sex pot”? And what level of neckline is acceptable? Because we yell at Kate for wearing a high, to-the-throat neckline, but then also yell at her for wearing a deep v.

      Harry is wearing his Royal Victorian Order and William is wearing his Order of the Garter. Both are British. Garter trumps RVO in order of rank. Neither William nor Harry received a Spanish order.

        1. According to OoS Harry did receive an order, I think it was Isabella the Catholic. Not sure what he received or if he wore it/received it this day.

      1. I have to agree with Ellie. That plunging neckline for a State Dinner is completely inappropriate. It’s screams sexy. I think she is trying really hard to grab attention between the cleavage and the big mismatched jewels.

        1. Me too. Kate always likes an element of sexiness whether it is a skirt that is a tad too short or to floaty or a plunging neckline. Reminds me of Kate in her uni days walking down the catwalk in lingerie or sunning herself naked in France. Girlie is an exhibitionist at heart and enjoys the attention as long as it is on her terms. France wasn’t on her terms.

      2. The super low-cut neckline is pretty sexy. Reminds me of prom dresses I’m seeing lately, really low-cut. Look how sexy and youthful I am showing my cleavage! As someone who has no chest quite like Kate, you have to make the effort to show cleavage and Kate sure did… quite deliberate, imo. It’s not appropriate for a state dinner, but sure if she wants to go to some movie premiere or whatever. If it were a different sort of event I wouldn’t have as much of an opinion. I wouldn’t have dreamed of showing up with a dress like that to a state dinner, one of the most important functions of the BRF’s year. There’s a balance between Kate’s matronly high necklines and something so low it belongs on a 17-18 year old at her high school prom… Other women had gowns I deem inappropriate, too, like the Marchioness of Chomondeley whose gown was pretty low-cut too. Seems like a massive no-no for an event like this.

        1. I guess the guests can be forgiven, which is what a well mannered host would do. But Kate is there in a professional capacity (it’s a State dinner), not to flirt, party, and exhibit herself.

          I fully believe she wore that neckline (and the lower back) in response to Letizia’s presence.

      3. Décolleté is appropriate for a white tie event. How low-cut is a matter of judgment of course.

        I don’t think the “side-angle” photos of the dress did Kate any favors.

        I’m always left wishing that BP released official photos of entrance all the major guests, not just their Majesties.

      4. The neckline is perfectly fine. Not too sexy or anything Lady Rose Cholmondsley (or similar ) also wore a deep neckline amd nobody complains. There are photos of many other royals who have worn similar styles for state banquets. No big deal. And it looks good, especially with the necklace.

        1. I think the neckline is appropriate for an event like this and it’s the only part of her dress that I like. It’s not like she’s spilling out of it or anything and it’s the perfect shape for showing off the jewels.

      5. I am one who does not understand her wearing a high neck dress/coat in the middle of summer, and then at the State Banquet she wears that low necklined dress. KMR if you can explain this, it would be nice.

    1. LOL I can imagine a knock off of that scandalous red dress Claire wore in France on Kate, except in pastel lace.

      From the little I can see, the tailoring seems impeccable- that’s a real treat. Hate to think how much that gown cost.

      1. That’s the dress I was thinking of! I wonder how many times Harry had to tell her that he was *not* calling her Sassenach? 😛

    2. Now that you mention Outlander, i can’t unsee it.

      Though little Bo Peep sans shephard’s staff upthread comes a close second.

  7. To start, Wow Letiza knocked it out of the park!!!! The gown, the tiara, the jewels, her posture all add up to perfection!!!

    I’m loving the embroidery on Queen Elizabeth’s dress, it goes so well with the Aquamarine tiara but the pendent on the necklace interferes with the embroidery on the neckline.

    The first photo I saw of Kate’s dress was just a blurry shot of her in the background behind Letiza, but even then it just didn’t look good to me, too Disney Princess with those wide sleeves. I actually kind of felt bad for her, I imagine that she really tried to up her gown game with something she imagined to be more “adult”, with the plunging neckline and all, but instead she landed in Cinderella territory. And while the necklace is stunning, it just didn’t go with the dress, the earrings or the tiara. I do feel for her tonight because against Letiza, Kate really didn’t stand a chance.

    Question to all…does anyone else feel like Kate’s wearing of Diana’s earrings and tiara (I know it wasn’t “hers” but the association is there) is a not so subtle dig to Charles and Camilla? With all the “Diana” interviews and documentaries coming out lately, with no mention of Charles, it really feels to me like W&H are sticking it to him big time. But maybe that’s just me, looking forward to seeing others opinions on this.

    1. I did what to give kudos to Kate for walking down the entry line with her arms by her side instead of crotch clutching, I’ve noticed that she’s really worked to improve in that area so Kudos to her!!

    2. Which Disney Princess wore flared sleeves like the ones on Kate’s dress? From what I recall, all of the Disney Princesses had normal sleeves.

      I doubt Kate wearing the Lover’s Knot Tiara and Diana’s pearl earrings are a dig at Charles and Camilla. More likely that Kate just prefers that tiara over the other ones available to her, and William probably gave her those earrings so she’s wearing them as a nod to Diana but also to make her husband happy.

      1. Oh I don’t know all the Disney princess so I won’t even hazard a guess as to which ones might have a flared sleeve, probably none of them do but it was what came to my mind when I saw the sleeves. Please excuse my inaccuracy.

      2. She reminded me of Idina Menzel from Enchanted. Patrick Dempsey took her to the ball where she wore a gown that had a similar kind of sleeve. I know she is not a Disney princess but I have watched the movie so many times that this was the first association for me when I saw the picture of kate.

          1. Of course. I think my comment didn’t come out right. I meant to say she wasn’t the main character in the movie ?

      3. Belle has a dress like that (minus the neckline). It’s one of her day dresses when she is at the castle with the Beast. It’s called her Snow Dress, it comes with a fur lined cape and it’s pink as well.

    3. When I saw that Kate was wearing Diana’s earrings, my first thought was that William is laying claim to favorite pieces of his mother’s jewelry before Harry gets the chance to pass them onto his wife. Or maybe William inherited these earrings? Anyway, I honestly didn’t think anything about William and Kate sticking it to Charles tonight with Diana’s tiara and earrings, although I wouldn’t put it past William either.

      Loved Letizia’s and Queen Elizabeth’s dresses, too–beautiful detail on both. And I really like how Letizia kept her jewelry to a minimum.

      Totally agree about Kate’s necklace–it did not go with anything else at all. Far too heavy and dark. Is there such a thing as winter jewelry? If so, this necklace would fall into that category–would be much better with heavy fabrics than pastel lace.

      1. “And I really like how Letizia kept her jewelry to a minimum.”

        That tiara is the statement piece of all statement pieces! It is large, but it is a delicately wrought web of diamonds and therefore works. But what really excites me is that the tiara is positioned *perfectly* on Letizia’s head. This could have been a clunker. Everything has been determined with a lot of thought and precision. It announces, “I am queen”. Does she have a stylist?

  8. Kate looks fine to me. I’m not wowed or anything though. At least she didn’t hide the necklace this time. I’m not so sure about Letizia and her tiara as well. I think it’s too big on her. HM’s dress was really cute.

    1. Hi Yuhki, I think in the straight-on shots the tiara looks a bit big for Letiza but when her head turns just a bit or the shot is a little off center then it looks fine.

  9. I am so far in the minority. Sigh. I agree that the sleeves are unfortunate; but I think the neckline, especially with that necklace, is flattering, well fitted, and age appropriate.

    The cleavage doesn’t bother me, maybe because she’s relatively flat-chested, so there’s never a chance of spillage, not sure, but I don’t mind it. Also, I’m too happy that she is wearing real jewelry, and showcasing it, as apposed to wearing her hair down and hiding her earrings, or wearing a high neck and disguising the necklace.

    In the photos where she is sitting, and you can’t see her sleeves, I think she looks lovely. Yes, pink lace dresses are getting boring, but at least this one fits her well.

    I did think it was interesting that she was not showcased in the photographs, and some of the photos printed show her looking disgruntled. see (

    1. I agree with you eve. I think Kate looks nice in the shots of her sitting down. I just dislike the flared sleeves. I don’t think the neckline is a problem.

      It’s not odd that there were no good quality pics of Kate. There weren’t any of Camilla sitting at the table and she was sitting right next to Felipe. Typically, only HM/Philip + other Head of State/spouse are highlighted by the photos of them standing together. And then at the table it’s typically just HM and the other HoS.

      1. Thanks KMR. I guess I got spoiled with the Chinese banquet and the 2016 Diplomatic Reception banquet. But it makes sense that it would only be HoS.

    2. She is not sitting straight which makes the low cut dress go lower than it should. When she is standing it doesn’t look as bad. It is still, frou frou marchesa though. Kate looks like she belongs in the Victorian era and acts like it whereas Letizia has a modern outfit and looks great.

    3. I’m with you Eve. I think the positives (wearing blingy jewelry (including the earrings which are gorgeous) and not hiding behind her hair) edge out the negatives (the jewelry not really matching and the actual style of her hair). And I personally thought that the gown was gorgeous minus the bell sleeve. I’m sometimes ok with those sleeves– Queen Mary wore one that I loved– but these are just kind of weird. Still, I think it’s on the upswing. And posture!

      And Letizia is just stunning. I kind of like the sash tucked in. And Felipe is so incredibly handsome and distinguished. I just love them.

    4. I am with you fully. I am so happy she is not wearing a high neckline again. Did not everbody complain she looks frumpy and like a governess? Really wonder why people complain about it? Europe is very much open to lower necklines especially with big bling and dresses. The bell sleeves might not be my style but they seem to be state of the art right now (Maxima, Madeleine…) so whatever.
      I really think a lot of people lost perspective and just love to bash her. Snarking on clothing styles and criticsing work ethic is absolute legitimate but this site took a turn that makes me very uncomfortable sometimes.

      1. You are right, she does not have to wear a high neckline all the time.But the other extreme is also not right.In my opinion, it should have been just a bit higher, not that low.Sadly, it seems attention-seeking because everyone noticed it, even if she did not wanted it.

        1. Yes, there are plenty of neckline options between a choker and “can you see my navel?”. And we don’t usually comment on those necklines.

        2. It could easily have been 2-3 inches higher (without the plunge aspect showing side boob) and still framed the necklace fine.

          She wore it because she wanted to be noticed.

          1. I think in addition to wanting to be noticed she thought that this would be the best neckline to flatter the necklace, no matter how appropriate.

            I think of this as essentially it’s a business dinner she is attending. She is acting as a representative of her country and a neckline like this would be inappropriate at such an event. I’m not pearl clutching because of the dress, I am voicing my opinion on this dress at this specific event. Should she have worn this to a movie premiere or another such event, this neckline would be smoke-show status.

      2. She often chooses necklines that are aesthetically abominable to some of us. Those high ones with the Peter Pan collars, for example. She’s 35. She has a ton of choices between chokingly high and super low.

        Let’s face it, she has little sense of style, she is not an intuitive dresser, and needs a stylist to fully blossom. She has no idea what her best attributes are besides her legs. She’s a square peg trying to fit into a round hole sartorially (eg., forcing a high waist on a long torso which only messes with proportions).

        Besides, wearing a low cut gown at a State dinner is unprofessional. She is at work.

      1. And, let’s face it, she was more than likely showing her boobs because the elegant, savvy, gorgeous Leti was there!!!

  10. I don’t love what I can see of the dress and that antique pink isn’t a great color for Kate. Also seems that necklace is wearing her rather than the other way around. Maybe in 15 or 20 years she could pull it off with panache. Big hats and jewels need a big personality and lot’s of confidence to be worn properly imo. That’s why Letizia and Camilla look so amazing in their massive tiaras

    1. Aha! That’s what it is. I knew there was something off about the necklace but you described it perfectly.

    2. I think you are right about the color of the dress, too. Kate, with her sallow complexion, isn’t flattered by the grayish pastels. Someone on here once said she looks best in clear jewel tones, and I agree.

    3. You are so right- that’s the crux of it- big bling requires a sparkling and confident personality, not a dull facade. A lot of people including me would be thrilled to be dripping in diamonds- it would be so much fun.

  11. Letiza for the everything win! Love the gown love the jewels, she looks wonderful!
    I love aquamarines so love seeing the queens parue and like that Anne has a mini me version =) not a huge fan of her dress tho
    Camilla does big bling well her her frame and hair and so love the tiara and earrings. I’m always a sucker for pearl and gemstone chokers but not loving this one in her
    Now to kate. I love her jewels but not necessarily all with this outfit. I’ve been wanting her to wear both bigger bling and some of Diana’s jewels so hate to complain when she obliges but it’s almost like an eff you. Here, I’m gonna wear what you want but pair with a dress that looks like it could belong in the gone with the wind set and wear some rubies with a pink dress (which I don’t like)
    That necklace is spectacular and deserves to be showcased but with this dress?!!? Mmm no. I almost wonder if she was planning on wearing another red dress but got word that Letiza was going to wear red so changed? I don’t know but it’s sadness that the dress distracts from pretty bling. The sleeves are particularly loathsome.
    I can’t tell what’s going on with her hair? Normal boring do?
    Thanks for tablescapes and menu
    Dark chocolate and raspberry tart!! Yum

  12. They all looked lovely.

    Letizia stole the show. Her gown is beautiful.

    I like the silhouette of Kate’s gown and I have no problem with the neckline or pretty sleeves. Perhaps a different fabric maybe, something with a bit of sparkle.

    My favourite tiara was worn by Princess Michael. So delicate and elegant.
    I also liked the tiara styled as wreath, worn by Lady Cholmondeley.
    I thought Letitia’s tiara a bit big for her frame but none the less, still beautiful.

    1. I agree–Princess Michael’s tiara was lovely and my favorite of the evening as well.

      Was it Lady Cholmondeley who walked in with Harry? Or was that someone else?

  13. Diana’s earrings are beautiful!!! So are Harry and William going to split the jewels in half once Harry has a wife? Cause I really want his wife to wear the famous sapphire and pearl choker.

      1. I don’t think William is that selfish. I also believe Harry would want his wife to have jewels owned by Diana to wear too.

    1. Time will tell. Maybe they’ll be sharing the Jewelleries to match the clothes they’re wearing, just like the Swedish royal ladies.

  14. I think she looks stunning! Love the bling. I wouldn’t wear that dress in a million years, but it isn’t boring and it works for the occasion. Other royals have done similar necklines in the past, and it looks awesome with the necklace!

  15. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned it yet but Kate doesn’t have the stature and presence to pull off large jewelry. In contrast Letizia hits her jewelry game out of the park.

    1. Have to disagree. Letizia is so small that she seems to be crushed by her bigger jewelery often. If you just focus on the tiara it looks way to big, but together with the dominant red of the dress it works well. She is very much a hit and miss for me.
      This (and her white outfit) is a hit.
      Kate is not used to wear all those big jewels and I hope this is going to change. I think she worked a lot on her posture in the last month(s?) and finally stopped to wear this high necklines. But on this occasion she wore them appropriatily and I even like the mix.

    1. I think it’s because of the closeness of the two royal families – the British and the Spanish.

  16. Camilla’s necklace doesn’t match her toara and earrings at all. The pearls have too much of a yellow tone to look good next to those sparkling stones (I usually love pearls combined with diamonds or other stones).

    I love everything about Kate’s look except for the horrible sleeves. The neckline worked well with the gorgeous necklace, she looks just beautiful in the Cambridge lovers knot tiara, and I love the top part of her dress – the delicate lace and the colour.

    Side note KMR: this is not the only private jewellry of Diana Kate has worn apart from the engagement ring: she has sone emerald and some sapphire and diamond drop earrings from Diana that were gifts from William.

    1. The sapphire and diamond earrings Kate wears regularly are debated whether they are actually Diana’s or not. And the emerald and diamond ones are not Diana’s at all as Diana never had emerald and diamond earrings like the ones Kate has.

      1. Oh, I’m sorry. I thought they both were from Diana. My bad.
        I wanted to check it on Kate’s clothes where I usually look but the page appears to have technical issues 🙁

  17. Queen Letizia looks simply stunning. Her posture is perfect. She carries herself with such poise and grace, she oozes elegance and class. I loved her evening dress the red gorgeous! jewellery, all appropriate and not overdone. Her stylist does an amazing job with what Letitia wears, you may not always like it but she is well put together!
    The Queen looked beautiful, loved her evening wear, she can certainly carry off the “jewellery”, stunning.
    Princess Michael of Kent looked really stunning in the face, loved the jewellery that we could see, it would have been great to see what she was wearing.
    Camilla looked lovely. Her jewellery is always well put together and as someone said it frames her face and hair well always.
    Duchess of Cambridge, I have to agree with some of the comments that her jewellery seemed to be mismatched.
    Sarah’s comment of “gone with the wind” dress,sum’s it I think. She tried hard but it just didn’t look right. Too girly looking.

  18. I would like to say that I thought all the royal ladies looked really beautiful; especially the Duchess of Cambridge. Things to pick out especially are Kate’s gorgeous necklace (very bold), Camilla who can wear a tiara like no-one else, Queen Letizia for her poise, elegance and stunning red dress. Thank you KMR and for the menu..

  19. At first I was disappointed that we didn’t get any better quality photos of Kate, but after seeing her flared sleeves I quickly got over it. I like most everything else about the dress- the color isn’t my personal favorite but it looks great on her and I really like the cut…but those sleeves.
    On a positive note, I’m happy to see more jewelry on Kate. And that she wore her hair up so that we could properly see the jewels. I know some people are unhappy about the neckline of her gown, but a lower neckline is necessary to fully show off and frame that particular necklace. I’ve seen photos of the Queen in the necklace and her higher necklines, though more modest, do not show off the necklace to it’s full potential. I’m always excited for the jewels at these events and I love that we got to see a new piece on Kate.
    Everyone looks so fantastic. I LOVE Camilla and Letizia’s tiaras- gorgeous! Thanks for the coverage KMR!

    1. The neckline could have easily been 2-3 inches higher and still showed off the necklace. Or worn a very simple dress, straight across neckline, and shown the jewels off just fine. Neckline cut down to the bottom of her breasts, exposing side boob and glimpse of underboob is not appropriate.

      She could have worn it with this red Jenny P

      Or this cream Jenny P

      1. The expression on her face in the photo where she is wearing the red dress made me think of how people look when they are hypnotized at one of those Las Vegas shows! She looks like she is really “under the spell.” Yes, yes, she will do whatever the hypnotherapist wants!

  20. Can. She. Stand. Up. Straight.

    I actually like the neckline, would love to see more of the gown to have a true overall opinion.

  21. All American morning news talking about her neckline, nothing about the state visit. Meh.

    Letizia and Felipe are my faves. He is still handsome and she looked elegant yesterday.

    Nice to see Kate wearing something new jewelry wise that is prettier than those dang kikis.

    1. “All American morning news talking about her neckline, nothing about the state visit. Meh.”

      Interesting. Thanks for that titbit. Mission accomplished: no one puts Waity in the corner.

      1. Ahhhh…that explains why Kate decided to go with such a daring neckline, when she normally doesn’t do that. How trashy and cheap of her, that this is how she decides to get media attention & ensure that international media wouldn’t be talking about an actual Queen and her wonderful red attire.

        1. How is Kate trashy and cheap? The neckline is divisive because it is pretty low, however, she is small busted and the color of the dress sort of blends in with her skin. If it were a case of big breasts spilling out of a bright red dress, then perhaps that would look trashy and cheap but this doesn’t. Americans (I am one) are more familiar with Kate than Letizia. In fact, most probably have no idea who she is. That is not Kate’s fault and it wasn’t her nefarious plan to grab media attention away from an actual Queen. Poor girl cannot catch a break.

          1. It wasn’t a competition, except to the DM, but that necklace and neckline were certainly designed and worn to attract attention, and don’t tell me Kate didn’t know they would.

            Used to be that dinners (unless before a ball) were more covered up, with sleeves, and higher necklines. Like many things, these “rules” have relaxed considerably.

          2. +1 Can we please stop calling women who choose to dress differently than we would “trashy and cheap”. Also, of course the American news talked more about Kate, because she’s the one who they know. Letizia is barely known here.

          3. The size of her bustline does not matter. What matters is how low the neckline is, which is cut all the way to the bottom of her breasts and showing off full side boob. To me, this is something a desperate, aging Hollywood has-been would wear to try to get attention.

          4. Beth, I don’t agree with you. Sorry. Jason knows the American media very well and Kate knows how to show herself off when the need arises. That choice in necklines was intended. Sorry, but in my humble opinion, it really is Leti who stole the show. Kate’s cheap trick was just that — cheap and a trick. If she had more self-confidence she would not resort to such acts.

  22. To add my 2p to the party……I thought Kate looked bloody awful. That dress was Kate playing at period dressing and she looked like an extra from Gone with the Wind / a doily that covers toilet roll in spinster ladies toilets. The colour is all wrong for her and I had to clutch my pearls at her and the Countess of Cholmondey revealing so much cleavage and breast at a state dinner of all places. This isn’t Love Island ladies. I did a inward cheer that still no order……serves you right you lazy madam.

    Now as to HMTQ … love a good aquamarine and the red bow was a lovely touch, is that an order of some kind of just a nice bow? And Camilla……wow, wow, wow talk about rocking up in the rocks. She doesn’t half know how to carrry a million pounds worth of jewels without looking remotely fazed.

    If I was ever in any doubt that a divorcée could be Royal both Letitia and Camilla have shown that background is no barrier to Royalty. Both have mastered their craft. Letizia what can I say……she could have turned up in a bin bag last night and and still stole the show. I fail to see why the Spanish don’t realise what an asset they have in her? I hear that the Spanish media are especially vicious in how they treat her. She walked that red carpet like the Queen she is. In fact better than any film star or Queen……she sailed down that carpet looking utterly magestic, proud and statesmanlike. What a woman.

    What this visit has confirmed is that all of us who contribute here are desperate to be wowed and praise where it’s due. Look at the plethora of postitive exclamation over the last two days and yet still it’s our own Duchess of Cambridge who cannot step up to the plate.

    News from today……Queen Letizia is wearing a repeat that’s been seen about four times and still she looks incredible. Raise your game Kate because even Princess Michael of Kent outshone you last night.

    1. Watching Queen Letizia, one can’t but exclaim, Now, that’s royalty!
      She is such grace and stature. Sadly, it just underscores what a tremendous disappointment Kate Middleton has been. She’s had six years to develop, and still can’t even get the minimum right most times. Always something wrong. The bar has to be set so low for her. Having never worked and I think, she has almost no friends, she relies entirely on her mother and sister for advice. For some reason, she won’t hire a professional stylist to help her get it right. And as a result, she flounders in the wilderness making basic mistake after mistake.

  23. As someone who made a specific effort this morning to coordinate her trainers, top AND hairband I feel I am qualified to suggest that Kate hire me as her stylist as her current one seems to be having some time off and Kate obviously got dressed in the dark / a hurry. That outfit ‘together’ is a disaster. Individually the pieces might work and the earrings + tiara do but with that necklace? And millennial pink lace?! With rubies?!?! Girl, no. Just no. Stop asking Pippa or your Mother for advice and find someone qualified, or stylish, or both(!) to help you. Please!

    1. Each item of Kate’s outfit was a statement item, meant to be the focus of attention: the dress, the necklace, the tiara. So they are all competing for focus. Kate is like the human equivalent of a McMansion. She looks visually unbalanced. Diana often wore the CLK tiara without a necklace, because she understood this design principle.

  24. Kate looks absolutely beautiful! Thank goodness she only has to dress to please herself and not the hoards of vultures who wish to prey upon her bones! Those sleeves are fashion perfect at the moment and the neckline allows the necklace to take center stage. Just take a look at some of gowns worn by Queen E and Princess Margaret when they were younger…….Kate looks demure by comparison.

  25. Love love love Letizia’s whole look. Beautiful and regal.
    I do like aspects of Kate’s outfit. Love the tiara and earrings together, love the necklace, but not all at once. I think this necklace is too busy to pair with a tiara, maybe one of the diamond fan tiaras.
    I do like this dress, minus the sleeves. So all in all, not horrible, just a bit amiss.

  26. I like Kate’s hair here and think it works well with the tiara. I actually think her neckline is fine — lovely, in fact — and in theory a necklace of that style would look smashing, but that particular necklace (maybe it is the rubies) jars with that dress. I don’t mind the colour of the dress, either, but the silhouette in total (sleeves especially) is too 18th century and costume-y for me. So overall I think it is a miss.

    I, too, am relieved there’s still no family order: nice to see HM standing firm on this, although I am sure she will cave sooner or later, deserved or not.

  27. Oh so many thoughts. I gotta’ number ’em. I don’t encourage anyone to read this 😀

    1. “Letizia did not receive any British orders”, and she’s not going to as long as Liz is alive. QEII has never given an order to a European female consort. Not ever. No matter the tenure, their accomplishments, their background, or if Liz herself is actually related to them. No nods for Sofia. Nothing for you, Silvia, Sonja, or Maria Teresa. And the entirety of the BRF showed us what they thought of Fabiola. Max, Mathilde, and Leti shouldn’t hold their breath. Oh, Prince Henrik (Margrethe’s man) has the Royal Victorian Order and the Order of the Bath. Prince Claus (Beatrix) had the RVO too. (So I’m sure Daniel would’ve gotten it under Liz’s reign.) But their female counterparts throughout Europe? Nope! Sheikha Mozah of Qatar is the only kind of exception. She’s an honorary Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

    That’s another example of why I think people give Liz too big of a pass, yet put way too much stock into what they presume are rational, moral decisions behind the nonsensical, shady, amoral choices that Liz makes. Anything to avoid calling her the a-hole that she is. Speaking of,

    2. I honestly think total is the only reason Kate doesn’t have the family order. I don’t know about all time going back to the 1800s. But in the last century or so, most of your royal ladies have one to three. The Queen Mum, the beloved Princess Alice (Gloucester), and Margaret wore three orders. Alexandra has George VI’s and Liz’s orders. Only two, the other Alice and Queen Mary, had five. Which I assume is the most anyone could have since it only goes back to George IV. If QEII bestowed Kate, DoLittle could conceivably end up with four–From Liz, Charles, William, and George. Think about it. Anne, Birgitte, Katherine, Sophie, and Camilla each have one. I’ve already mentioned that Princess Alexandra has two. Camilla, Anne, and Sophie are likely to get one more from Charles. The others and Alexandra (80 years old I think) could possibly receive a second or third from Chuck as well. But of that group, Sophie is the only one I can realistically imagine being “around” to receive one from William. But then there’s still the issue of the monarchy’s future and what the size of the “working” family would be by then. I imagine the Queen’s cousins will go no further, and IDK, I don’t see making sure his remaining aunts and step-mother are honored in such a way will be a top priority for William either. I mean, did I fall down and smack my head or am I making sense? These people have shown time and time again that they’re petty AF. If Liz is willing to change a law because Anne and Alexandra were bitching about having to curtsey to Camilla, AND issue a reminder of this when Kate married in, I can easily see similar attitudes influencing the decision to ensure that Kate’s not on the same level as the others. I mean, let’s not pretend that royals are the biggest fans of meritocracy either… or that there’s any real meaning or purpose behind the freakin’ ribbons and bling they give to themselves. If there were Edward and Andrew wouldn’t be so decked it. Liz wouldn’t have timed William’s and Charles’ investitures with important anniversaries. Ah yes, Prince Charles had certainly served the country and the monarchy earning entry into the Order of the Garter when he was ten years old! It’s all bullsh*t. 😀 Of course, Kate could be Fergie 2.0. But even then Sarah was also a victim of timing. Andrew and Fergie’s marriage was just one of three royal marriages falling apart at the exact same time. Charles and Di were done in ’84, Anne and Mark publicly separated in ’89, Andrew and Sarah married in ’86. All that plus Fergie being Fergie gave Liz pause. Do I believe that QEII is in no hurry to give it to Kate? Absolutely. I just don’t believe it’s as pointed a reprimand as people want to think. QEII and Charles clearly don’t tell The Trio what to do and don’t care about the optics in all the other ways they’ve capitulated to William and Kate. (Whether it’s the K.P reno, leasing a helicopter in the middle of that, the clothes, the jewelry, The All-England Club, or chauffeuring Kate and Ma Midds around Balmoral.) The orders are pretty much the only thing we’ve got left to cling to as evidence of Liz being the arbiter of all that is good and disapproving of Waity. And if Harry married tomorrow I doubt his wife would be given the orders either and it’ll be “Because Kate didn’t get it. Or didn’t get it until… and they can’t…” I can already see the comments… Boy am I looking forward to that. *eye roll*

    3. Camilla’s earrings… Does anybody else find that, IDK, kind of f*ckin’ disgusting? I’ve ranted about the jewelry thing before somewhere in there about QEII’s loans to Sophie and Camilla. No wonder Kate thinks nothing of spending $50K on some hoop earrings. I guess she’s also going to pick up QEII’s habit of just piling on jewels like you’re on the sinking Titanic. We give Liz a pass for doing it. But it’s really not the look.

    Now Kate,
    4A) Why the hell is she wearing Marchesa? Big whoop, Georgina and Keren themselves are British. The brand itself is French. And since Kate doesn’t even bother with such pretense when she’s wearing D&G and the like, I doubt she even put that much thought into it. I’m still amazed to this day that the same issue hasn’t been raised with McQueen. It’s funny, prior to the wedding David Emanuel (of THE Emanuel’s) said he didn’t think it would be a good idea for Kate to wear McQueen because that would make her the first royal bride to pick a line that was not British owned. McQueen is owned by Gucci (Italian), which is owned by Kering (French), and it’s manufactured in Italy as well. Burton began to pull some of the smaller McQueen lines back to London. But prior to that they were all shown in Paris and Italy too. McQueen is British in name and reputation mostly. Of course none of this has ever been called out at all, LOL. In this case, this dress, like Kate’s wedding dress–In fact, now that I’m thinking about it, LITERALLY like Kate’s wedding dress–didn’t NEED to be made by Marchesa. Any number of British houses could’ve slapped this together.

    4B) I don’t like this look anyway. I’m so tired of lace. Like… yeah. I can’t even talk about it. That necklace is so, so, so much and completely without nuance. And in what universe does it, in that style, with those rubies go with that powder pink, lace, girlish, princess dress Kate has on? Does it also go with the tiara and those earrings in that parallel dimension? ‘Cuz it doesn’t in this one. (Though I do think that all pearls would’ve taken this to another level of frou that would’ve been unbearable.) And what is the dress? Did Queen Daisy pick this out? What kind of cosplay is that? Because I wouldn’t associate that particular neckline with any medieval/Regency/Victorian whatever. Square, Queen Anne, an Elizabethan collar, bateau, etc,. That’s not how ladies of the past displayed the bosom, Catherine. Maybe this is her idea of updating that silhouette. But it just looks like a cheaper pink version of her wedding dress to me. Why is her idea of updating a medieval silhouette this? And where does this fit in with all the other stuff she wears? What is her taste? What is her style? I don’t get it. I hate to be so harsh but this just screams “PAY ATTENTION TO ME!” Kate went hard and tried it, ya’ll. All of it. From busting out Diana’s jewelry (so side-by-side photos are everywhere), AND that necklace, with that neckline. I just can’t help but think that “unstaging” was a motive here. And again, I hate being so harsh, but the CLK, which is not my favorite tiara anyway, just doesn’t sparkle or do anything on Kate. Honestly, she looked more regal in the Papyrus. And jeepers do something, ANYTHING, else with your hair, Kate! Also, I must admit I didn’t notice until people on other sites pointed it out, but Kate was beaming in the car ride there. But had a major mood dip by the procession. (You can also see Harry in the background with this odd expression on his face. I can’t begin to guess what goes on with The Trio. But that look that Harry’s giving Kate is the face I make at my brother when we’re stuck at family events and our mom won’t leave. It’s a, “Yep, we’re here” face.) Of course, in what little we saw of Kate during the banquet she looked like that ^^^. KMR did not cherry pick those screencaps. I don’t know what Kate’s deal was.

    1. Dorothy,

      Please do not think I am picking on you but just giving a minor fact correction. Regarding the Royal Family order of Queen Elizabeth II actually one European Royal has received it: Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark (Prince Phillip’s aunt) but she was married to Prince George Duke of Kent. In essence we are both right. As for Kate getting the order; who knows if or when she will receive it. It was said the Queen does not like Camilla but i have never seen any evidence otherwise but then i do not see them behind closed doors. I have seen though the Queen, in her own way, be dismissive and harsh towards Kate. When Kate created an exhibit of her wedding dress at Kensington Palace the Queen was reviewing the arrangements with Kate before it opened and even though knowing this was being filmed and photographed she was not very kind to Kate and dismissed the exhibition and let it be known she hated it.

      As for the dress pink does not look good on her but it also does not look awful. I think the dress was ok and if you took off the odd sleeve bit she basically is wearing her wedding dress with shorter sleeves. Plus as she has very small boobs she can get away with it. The dress she wore to Pippa’s wedding was, to my eyes, just as low cut as this dress but because it was a different stye she could not pull it off for lack of boobs. Does this make sense? And I also think Kate dressed well before she married. She had her own style and it suited her. i have no idea who is suggesting she attempt to channel Diana but it should stop. George is even dressed like William. I just find it all too creepy. Speaking of creepy what is up with her and Harry? I am happy when the in-laws get along but a lot of the time Harry and Kate are “larking” about to the exclusion of everyone else. There is close and there is close.

      OK as I am on a roll given companies buy out each other it is difficult to know who comes from where. Also do you buy a designer dress from a British designer who manufactures in China or do you buy from someone who the designer is not British but manufactures in the UK? When the US had the Buy American campaign that was the question. I personally think buy where the manufacturing is in the country and not the headquarters as more people will be supported job wise. (Sorry I am on my high horse.) In a global economy it is difficult to know what to buy but I think Kate is buying what she perceives as showing how far she has made it and disregards costs because lets face it she has never really worked so has no idea about the price of gaining money. As long as in the past Mommy and Daddy paid and now Father-in-law pays who cares. She, William and Harry show no real understanding that the money comes from the public purse. It is sickening that she spends more on a single outfit than the difference in cost between the fire safe cladding and the cladding that was put up in Grenfeild tower block. her almost identical wardrobe cost in a year could seriously house, feed, and provide salaries for a number of people.

      My last complaint I promise. For all the privilege Kate, William and Harry receive all they do is complain. I would love to never have to worry if we are going to make mortgage and eat in the same month and have a load of staff to make my life very easy. So given all the privilege for the love of …. would you please take the sourpuss expression off your face. I get it one had to sit next to someone you do not like…well get over it. We pay you loads way beyond what you deserve for the few hours a month you actually do so suck it up butter cup and slap a smile on your face and get on with it. If none of you want the job then leave because guess what we the plebs that you so despise having to interact with are fed up with paying for you. Even in my really low paying job i have to deal with loads of people I do not like and undertake jobs that I cannot stand but hey one has to have money to live.

      1. “When Kate created an exhibit of her wedding dress at Kensington Palace the Queen was reviewing the arrangements with Kate before it opened and even though knowing this was being filmed and photographed she was not very kind to Kate and dismissed the exhibition and let it be known she hated it. ”

        Kate Middleton did not create any exhibit. The hard-working staff of the royal collection & BP created an exhibit of many royal wedding dresses and Faberge. They asked to borrow KM’s wedding dress as a small part of the overall exhibit. For many the most exciting part of the exhibit was the rarely-seen massive Faberge collection. BP had to pay for the privilege of borrowing the dress. They had to strike a deal to put money into the W&H&K Foundation in exchange for borrowing the dress.

        The Queen was surprised by the camera crew and photographers that KM and her PR hack dragged along to what was supposed to be a private viewing. HM didn’t say she hated the exhibit, she said “its horrid” regarding how the tiara appeared to be floating over a headless bride.

        HM has been exceedingly patient with Kate Middleton. I do not see anything harsh in HM’s treatment of her, in fact, HM has been far too hands off and should have kicked her in the arse long ago.

      2. No, no, that’s perfectly fine. I had literally forgotten about Marina! LOL. Like, completely. I think I was more focused on people who were still alive, or died in the 2000s, and I knew that Queen Mary had five. Clean up my word vomit, by all means.

        I don’t necessarily disagree with people who think that QEII disapproves of Kate. But I think it’s
        15%–“Yeah, you suck Kate. So we ain’t even sad that you don’t have the orders”.
        35%–“Hey, new kid! You’re coming in at the tail-end of this [Liz’s reign]. So it doesn’t feel right to put you or anybody else right now on the same level as these other women, who are cousins, a daughter, daughters-in-law. You may be married to the heir of the heir. But you’re still just the wife of a grandson and haven’t been around but for a minute. You don’t really belong to this ‘generation'” And Waity may have been around for a long time, but she and Will were off and on. Heck, Harry hardly knew her or bothered. She was kept away. She wasn’t AROUND like Camilla or Sophie. So, and because of all that,
        50%–“Yep, you’re not getting to four orders, Waity.”

        Again, I imagine that Kate being so unremarkable and not in anyway, not even pretending to try to earn that “honor”, plays a part in each percentage block. It’s hard to sort these things out with the BRF. Because every person, every situation, and the set of circumstances are always different. It’s never so cut and dry. I think Camilla got it so fast simply because of her position. Then Sophie was delayed because of she wasn’t full time right away. But still, even with the slow and rough start she was given the orders at year five. It’s still absurd when you think about it too. I mean, has someone really shown exemplary service and their devotion to the crown after a year or two?

        I just think people try to assign meaning and purpose to everything Liz does or doesn’t do in regards to Kate until it doesn’t line up with what they want to believe and then the goalpost moves. Now the only thing we’ve got left to cling to are the family orders. If people want to cling to something, hang on to the fact the Kate has, I believe, only done two solo engagements with QEII and the last was in 2014 I think. I mean, I don’t disagree that Liz doesn’t seem terrible interested in Kate. But it’s just never cut and dry. At different points a lot of the things I’ve mentioned were used as evidence of QEII’s disapproval of Kate. Like, first it was tiaras. The CLK blew that open. Jewelry in general was one for a time. I think that’s why KMR wrote that article about the loaners. But that’s why I don’t care to dissect the situation with the family orders, when QEII has gone out her way to show support and tip her cap to Kate time and time again.
        It’s about supporting British industry and manufacturing. I see no point in blowing smoke about British ingenuity and talent (the local talent who manufactures in China ex.) when it doesn’t actually amount to anything, you know? I personally try my best to buy local, so to speak, (as a way of investing in my community. It’s also just better for the world labor-wise and better for the environment). But that isn’t always possible for most people. It is entirely doable for Kate though! Money is clearly of no concern. There are countless indie and semi-major brands that work out of the UK. As well as Canadian, Australian, etc., At this point, I wish she would just copy QEII and Camilla, go full on bespoke and cut the crap, becuase she’s nearly there already. I’ve heard that designers like Temperley, Burton, and Packham already throw in some fug-and-frumpy “Kate” outfits in their collections just knowing that she’ll buy them. She could get a handful of top British designer or students to submit designs and have them made locally. It would probably cost the same as a 10th D&G lace dress or how she reworks and destroys (already bad) outfits anyway. However, I don’t think there’s anything too bad about supporting companies that aren’t necessarily domestic, but have made an attempt to show support. Whether that’s just creating jobs by keeping manufacturing local or whatever. I do think there can be a compromise. But ideally? And Kate’s taken every inch a rope in this regard. I’m just amazed that she’s never called out on any of this. Her continued patronage of D&G is repulsive all on it’s own. But when she wears one of their dresses to Ascot? Or like when she wore three American brands on the India tour when she hadn’t worn three US brands in the entire time she’s been Duchess. Now she’s wearing Marchesa at a state dinner. And Marchesa doesn’t need any shine anyway! Harvey Weinstein pays off enough actresses to keep that brand in the spotlight. There’s just no reason for it.

        “And I also think Kate dressed well before she married.”
        Kate dressed better in the first year of her marriage! She seemed to be building a solid wardrobe when she was still mixing in high street brands. But even her red carpet looks were better than what she wears now. i think her styling was better too, with the exception of the ringlet obsession. That’s what I mean about what is her style? Of course most people don’t dress in one era’s clothing or in one style all the time. It’s not worth mentioning except Kate is so unimaginative and specific about it. One day, she’s dressed like a Downton Abbey extra. The next it’s 1950’s housewife. Then it’s nonsense like this. It’s always so costumey. I really think she just has no taste, no personality, and no idea of what to do besides spending money. (That Chanel ensemble in Paris is the best example of what you’re talking about there.) And the more she spends the worse she looks.

        1. From what little has gotten out? HM doesn’t understand someone who does nothing for a decade. “What does she do all day?”. She’s probably still wondering that.

          The sovereign gets to decide when someone earns an order. Whether or not you agree with when it is awarded, it is sovereign who decides. Maybe to her, having two hard-working DILs (Camilla and Sophie) helping with the firm is important. She awarded them the personal orders because she wanted to – because that’s why the orders are awarded.

          There is no limit to how many you can have. The argument about not having one from the longest-reigning Queen because William is grandson not son? Doesn’t wash with me. It is a personal honor to earn that honor from HM or any sovereign.

          The sister, mother, cousin, etc.? Those are people who helped her out when she was basically all alone. All of a sudden monarch. Gloucester was thrown into it all, with the deaths of his father and brother. He was never meant to live this life, so she honored him and his wife stepping in when she asked them to.

          We’ll see if Charles continues this tradition. I expect he will, with the first order going to Camilla.

  28. Maybe its my Indian side, but I am loving all the massive jewellery and sparkle! Even Kate, who wears those cheap, tiny and tacky Kikis, is finally wearing some real jewellery. Her dress, I like the top part- it is more daring and different than she is used to. But the sleeves are horrendous and the bottom that just drags, rather than pools & floats around her feet, is terrible. I hate Marchesa designs & the only reason Georgina Chapman is a “designer” is because she lets the gross Harvey Weinstein touch her with a 10ft long barge pole, yuck! You can tell that Kate gives little thought and consideration towards her host or even her country for that matter: otherwise, she would use this to wear a Spanish-based designer or a British one.

    Letizia looks DIVINE! Now that’s a Queen! Camilla while no beauty has the hair to rock that amazing tiara, the Queen looks adorable. You can see QEII and Prince Philip’s age more so now than before, they look more stooped and tiny everytime now.

    Wonder if Charles feels embarassed or self-conscious that people much younger than him are now King & Queen & he has to bow to them?

  29. Can we talk about the fact that Kate is still wearing her tiara like a headband and not as the precious jewels they are? Actually, I’d love to see more instances of kate interacting with Letizia; she could learn so much.

    I am still blown away by Letizia’s constant professionalism, sharp attention to detail, overall polish and the way that she simply radiates confidence and glamour in all she does. Take notes, KP, won’t you?

    1. I do not think the way the tiara is put on her head is down to her but to the staff who do her hair and makeup. It also might be the way she wares it does not cause pain.

    1. I have to say as an American, I don’t get the whole curtsying thing but I do have to say-that is one heck of curtsy!!!
      Plus, having Felipe kiss my hand and look at me like that is swoon worthy??I thought the one with the Queen was sweet but he looks just as dashing here!!
      And OMG the jewels on both ladies YAAAAAYYYYYY. Are those new for Letiza? I don’t remember seeing them before

      1. The Mellerio Floral Tiara is one of her favorites and she worn it quite a lot. The bracelets are among the “joyas de pasar” collection, meaning it only gets to be worn by the Queen, same as the “Fleur de Lys” or “La Buena” tiara that she used yesterday. She is making good use of them.

        However, the earrings look new to me.

    2. I know Mrs BBV, very impressive curtsey! I just got done doing bunches of curtsey lunges in preparation for my big moment!! (or a firmer behind, which ever comes first)

    3. I agree, that’s how you curtsy and for once, the DM has a fitting headline.

      Can I just marry Letizia’s closet ? I’m in love with that dress. And that tiara. And the bracelets. Not really feeling the earrings though. They’re long, a bit too much for her face but hey she cannot be perfect on every account.

      Anne … looks alright. That hair is just not to my liking.

      1. I think it’s very nice of the Spanish royals to give an honor to those who help make their tour so lovely. Does anyone know if the BRF does something similar?

  30. Kate’s hair looks FABULOUS at tonight’s Natural History Museum engagement. The outfit, meh, but the hair! Thumbs up, keep it this short, Kate, you look great! And she seemed engaged and interested, also a plus!

  31. Now this is how you do hair Kate:

    And as for Kate’s dress at the State Dinner? Remembering Kate wearing that “look at me, look at me, look at me” pink dress at the Trooping of the Colours, I was surprised to see her in such a muted colour. Just a suggestion though Kate, it’s not a good idea to wear a colour that is close to your skin tone – from a distance it can make you look like you are naked?

    And there was something off about the hem on the dress, was it uneven, or too long? Like she wore different high heels to the fitting as she did to the function?

  32. Near the top of your blog ‘Kate wore a pick gown’ edit to change ‘Kate wore a pink gown’ before you archive this topic.

  33. Kate has 18 lace dresses from my count. Alot are similiar just in different colours.
    I think its time she branched out a bit.

  34. Letitia is royal personified, carrying off the bling so well. On the other hand, Kate…. oh, Kate. Everything, no matter how expensive or grand, on her turns to costume jewellery. The necklace was wearing her, not the other way around. It looked more like a noose than a necklace.

  35. Princess Michael of Kent is still so lovely. I don’t often see pictures of her but she is quite elegant.

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