Kate at NHM: ‘I have always been in awe of the sea’

Kate at NHM: ‘I have always been in awe of the sea’

Kate Middleton gave a speech at a reception at the Natural History Museum last night, July 13, where she spoke about her children’s love of the NHM, how she loves scuba diving, and how she deeply cares about ocean conservation.

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Kate, as Patron of the Natural History Museum, attended the re-opening of Hintze Hall which now features a blue whale skeleton named Hope, which has replaced Dippy the Diplodocus skeleton cast after Dippy left the NHM to your the UK. Kate attended the reception and met guests and curators where she heard about ocean ecology and conservation which KP tweeted is “a subject of particular interest for her”. Kate, along with Museum Director Sir Michael Dixon and Sir David Attenborough toured the new exhibitions “Wonder Bays”. And Kate gave a speech, saying:

    “Like many of you here tonight, I remember visiting the Natural History Museum as a child, and being inspired with a love of nature. And now, as a parent myself, I am experiencing the joy all over again with my own children, who adore coming here, and it is not just to see the T-Rex mind you.
    “Who could fail to be inspired standing here in this wonderful hall. It is so fitting to see the ocean now taking centre stage, with many other marine specimens as star attractions in this splendid Hintze Hall. As we are increasingly learning, marine conservation is a global challenge, for all nations and all people.
    “I, personally, have always been in awe of the sea. As someone who has been fortunate to experience scuba diving, something I love doing, and seeing the incredible marine life, I have come to care deeply about life under our waters and the conservation of our oceans.
    “Sir David Attenborough has famously talked about the fact that people will not protect what they don’t first care about, and will not care about what they have never experienced. This idea lies at the heart of this new Hintze Hall design. As I stand here tonight, I have every confidence that this spectacular display will go a long way not only inspire a new generation but it will also encourage us all to think about and to care for our marine life.
    “Our Blue Whale, Hope, at the heart of the museum will help the millions of visitors that come here each year, experience the wonders of our oceans. So, as Patron of the Natural History Museum it gives me great pleasure to declare the new Hintze Hall open. I now have the honour of introducing a great friend of this Museum, and somebody who has perhaps done more than anybody else on the planet to inspire a love of nature – Sir David Attenborough.”


Just reading the transcript, this is a nice speech. It connects the NHM to her personally by talking about her own childhood experience and now that of her children, it connects the topic of ocean conversation to her personally by bringing in that she loves scuba diving, I like that she brought up David Attenborough’s ideas on people needing to experience nature and what the NHM hopes to get out of the exhibit. She even make a little joke at the beginning. The speech didn’t give detailed information, but she was introducing another speaker so I don’t think it needed to. This was a nice little speech.

Let’s take a look at the video of Kate’s speech:

Her voice is still a bit shaky in places, but overall she did seem more comfortable speaking. Her hair hung down and was a bit in the way, but she wasn’t constantly touching it, so that’s an improvement. Overall, I’d say this is definitely one of Kate’s best speeches.

I want to talk about the fact that KP said marine conservation is “a subject of particular interest” for Kate and this paragraph from the speech: “I, personally, have always been in awe of the sea. As someone who has been fortunate to experience scuba diving, something I love doing, and seeing the incredible marine life, I have come to care deeply about life under our waters and the conservation of our oceans.”

Is this some sort of transition to Kate’s Big Cause being marine conservation? Because she/KP/royal “sources” have literally never mentioned her caring deeply about marine conservation. Is this something new and now she’s transitioning into that, or is this a throwaway line in this one speech? I’m very curious. Mental health has been her Big Cause for about two years now, and based on her previous timeline, it does fit that she would change up her Big Cause soon. So is marine conservation her next Big Cause, or am I thinking too much about this?

Kate wore a new Preen dress, the pale blue Everly stretch-crepe dress (£637). The dress is cut from stretch-crepe and has a gathered waist which makes the skirt poof out from the bodice at the waist.

Kate paired the simple dress with plum (purple) Prada “Scalloped suede sandals” ($820) (shown here in black) which Kate previously wore in India (I remember there was a debate at the time whether they were navy or black, turns out they were purple) – and apparently she heard everyone yelling about her feet at Wimbledon because she painted her toe nails red for the occasion.

Kate wore her Cassandra Goad Temple of Heaven earrings and carried a new purple clutch which I love.

I like this look on Kate. It’s very simple, but pretty, and I love the addition of the purple accessories.

Kate at NHM July 2017 5 s
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

July 13 was a busy day for the royals, with every royal out and about it seemed (which may be why next to no one from the press showed up to Kate’s engagement). I will cover the other parts of the Spanish State Visit later (as this is a Kate blog, Kate comes first), and today is Crown Princess Victoria’s birthday which means even more royal watching. I don’t have time to cover everything right away, so I will be playing catch up over the weekend.

More photos from Kate’s event:

138 thoughts on “Kate at NHM: ‘I have always been in awe of the sea’

  1. Yay a win for pedicures. Much better not just the nail polish but the whole foot, the fake tan lines have gone too. I love Preen on Kate. Far more than many of the other designers she uses. She looks her age. Love the shoes and clutch too.

    Ocean conservation is getting a lot of airtime in the U.K. at the moment so it wouldn’t surprise me to see her champion this. Sky TV are running an ocean campaign about clearing the oceans up of plastics and Searcey’s are running a campaign about sustainability so it is timely bandwagon to jump on.

    1. “so it is timely bandwagon to jump on.”

      Just like mental health was two years ago.

      1. Don’t you have more than one passion? I have dozens.

        I don’t see why a lifelong awe of the sea would cancel — or even threaten — Kate’s commitment to mental health advocacy.

        1. Why would it threaten it? It’s just potentially her next / newest cause is it not? Seems a good fit in terms of what engages her interest. Far better to commit to causes that actually interest one? Easier to make others care about what you’re doing if you are passionate about it yourself. And yes I have several causes that are large passions in my life. They’re not mutually exclusive and provide added depth to my character, well I think they do.

        2. I have lots of passions and interests, but my passions and interests are not the point here. The point is Kate and her charity work. And in terms of Kate’s main focus charity work since she’s been a royal, she has a history of dropping one Big Cause for another. First her Big Cause was addiction, then she dropped that to move to children’s hospices, then she dropped that to move to mental health. In terms of her royal work, she can’t seem to keep focus on more than one cause at a time.

  2. This definitely was a nice speech, and I liked Kate’s look. It’s great she picked a purple clutch and painted her toenails, and I’m happy those lovely sandals got a new outing. But I’m sorry to say that when a person with her shopping habits talks about anything nature conservation related, I just can’t buy it. This dress is nice, but it seems o be a new one again, and when I just think about how many new clothes she has sported this year with only a few repeats, it just feels odd. Shouldn’t a person who cares about seas think about sustainability issues a little bit more and on a larger scale, or is it just me who feels this somehow doesn’t fit? I’m sorry if I sound too negative today, but I really hope some of the royal ladies would start talking about sustainable wardrobe choices more.

    1. Considering she was wearing shoes that look very similar to shoes she already had, and wears a lot of similar outfits, conserving is not in her nature. She is very wasteful.

      Saying ocean conservation is a particular cause of interest just makes it seem like bs, because as KMR said, this is the first we have heard of it. Does hanging out on a yacht make you care more about the ocean? Because that is all she has done for it.

      Kate enjoys shopping and has a particular interest in herself and that’s about it. She has never volunteered when she had plenty of time and opportunity to do so because she just doesn’t care about anyone else unless they helped her get her prince. And six years later, she still doesn’t show an interest in anything. It’s not changing at this point and KP will continue to dole out the new cause to make her look like she cares.

      The dress is fine, but it is yet another new outfit.

      1. I need a new dress so I can leave the house?

        I actually like this dress, I’d wear it myself but I’d style it up differently.

        Love the shoes, but they are so high!

        1. Nice outfit, good speech , more wasteful use of taxpayers money. She just has no idea. If she wants to be more than a clothes horse she needs to wear things more than once. Leti could teach her a lot about that. Separates worn differently, different accessories etc, Leti is Queen of that.

    2. Indeed. Oceans are more than a pool privileged people can do scuba diving in, and creations living in the oceans have other functions but just to be admired by scuba divers.

      1. Katie better hurry if she wants to go reef diving in the Caribbean and see a variety of fish. The lionfish have taken over the reefs north to the mid-Atlantic states (NC) and South to Brazil. Also have been found in the Meditterean. Lionfish eat any fish but especially juveniles. They have no predators in the western hemisphere. They have depleted the diversity in the regions they have invaded. She can take up this cause because of 11th Hour Racing. You’ve seen their logo on Ainslie’s boats. 11th Hour Programs have taken up the cause of clean oceans (remember that engagement at the Docklands last month?) and Land Rover BAR is working with healthy ocean programs. The 1851 Trust has now been renamed the 1851 Marine Trust so racing isn’t its only focus. Hurry up Katie or PG & PssC won’t be seeing any pretty Carib fish ‘when they grow up.’


  3. well an improvement on previous efforts speech wise – and she looks more engaged. The dress in OK – a brighter colour would be better as it looks washed out – but it might look better in brighter light.

  4. Kate looks nice here. The shorter hair is definitely an improvement. Are those sandals new? Because I remember she had one that looks similar but it’s black? Or are those different sandals? The speech is good as well. Overall, a great engagement for her.
    I also agree with you KMR. It’s a safe bet to say marine conservation might be her next big cause. At the very least, she could be gearing up for a new patronage to do with the sea or something.
    This is a problem with Kate and her image. KP just keeps throwing us these things that she supposedly cares about but with little to no background to speak of. One has to wonder where they are actually getting these things.

    1. KMR mentioned it in the article: they are the same. And when she wore them in india, tgere actually was a debate about the colour of the shoes.

      1. They are slightly different. These have a full back behind the heel instead of just a strap and the placement of the straps are more spaced out. It’s similar but different. Again. It’s almost like a sickness that she does this and the opposite of conserving and not being wasteful.

        1. We never saw a full pucture of the ones from india, we only saw the lowest strap next to the toes. So people who try to ID kate’s fashion said that it were the shoes with just the strap behind the heel. She wore them with a long dress in india so it was impossible to see the full back behind the heel back then.

          1. The site WhatKateWore has a very thorough discussion on the shoes. I think the argument that they’re the same as the ones in India with the long blue dress is persuasive.

  5. Speech content is good, but the speaking is meh at best; I don’t think she even looks at it until she gets up there, someone else writes it for her, voila. She just doesn’t practice or put in the effort for it.

    Honestly, I think KP just says they like whatever they are doing and whatever it is is suddenly a new, deeply loved interest; it’s probably just PR bunk, if you ask me. Kate IMO is a cipher–she will like or be interested in whatever anyone is telling her, and nod and smile, without having much to say or offer. She had to do it to get with William, remember, how she had to learn about polo to pretend to care about it and then because she was tired of it said she was allergic to horses. (I don’t blame her, polo seems so darn boring.) It’s just jumping on the bandwagon, as has been mental health. Dip toes into waters, say some stuff, voila, look how much change I’ve affected. What’s the next issue?

    The dress is screaming for some good, fun jewelry, and I like she tried to take a risk with the blue dress, purple bag, and black shoes but it just doesn’t work. She needs a real stylist to help her out.

    The hair is great. I love the dress. But the accessorizing game is poor, as always. But she tried, and looked like she had a good evening.

        1. Yes, the link I used had the shoes in black, but Kate’s are purple.

          1. How do you know? They look very black in the photo..Regardless. Blue dress, purple purse and maybe purple shoes. Purple and blue?? Just clashes to me..Oh and who is yelling at her feet? People on your blog. Do you think she reads your blog and then decides to make decisions based on it? I thought what William said really matters..

        1. Ellie I thought they were black until I expanded the photo and then it became clear how purple they are. I love them.

  6. Finally, I can say, I love Kate’s hair here.And the dress looks really pretty on her. I wonder who suggested this new hair style to her,it gives her more own personalty.The museum and exhibition looks great, I would love to go there.

      1. Agree, and I hope she keeps this hair. It makes her look younger, and the dress too. It’s simple and pretty.

  7. Overall she looks meh and ughh painted toenails.I hate painted nails.
    She doesn’t accessorize properly.I have noticed another thing about her outfits and that is she does not pair complementary colours to create striking outfits.
    Hair looks nice though.

  8. I think you are reading to much into Kate caring about the ocean. KP didn’t say it was her main focus or passion. They just said ‘its a subject of particular interest’. That is all. Most people have several things they care about without it being their Big Cause. For Kate, she may have always cared about ocean life, but talking to others more involved might have sparked something in her. I don’t see anything wrong with the statement. People’s taste are always changing and she may care about something more than she used to. I think it is just because KP has said she has cared about stuff in the past when it is clear she hasn’t. But I think it is probable she has some level of interest in ocean conservation since she does scuba dive. I wouldn’t read to much into it since it isn’t being toted as her ‘big cause’.

    I love today’s look (so much more youthful than yesterday). Total win. Great shoes!!! I am glad she didn’t play it safe with nude pumps. Obviously, people commenting on the lack of a pedicure had an affect since her feet are taken care of this time. Someone obviously reads some of the Kate blogs. Kate also gave a good speech today. So much improved. Today was a total win!!!

    1. I didn’t say there was anything wrong with the statement, I am just wondering if this is going to turn into something more or if this is a one-off statement.

        1. I understand that. And part of your response said, “I don’t see anything wrong with the statement”, which I read as you responding to me saying I said there was something wrong with the statement. So I responded by saying that I didn’t think there was anything wrong with the statement, just that I was curious about it. I just wanted to clarify that I didn’t think there was anything wrong with the statement, just that I was curious about it. If I misinterpreted that sentence, then I apologize for the confusion.

    2. Kate has a particular interest in shopping and that is the only thing she has done consistently over the years. Nothing else actually interests her especially not in charitable endeavours so her speeches are meaningless.

      1. Her version of nature is beaches and scuba diving in exotic areas of the ocean. And skiing. And luxury resorts. Meanwhile, the great big world of the rest of the UK is never tramped around, like the Highlands. I really wonder if she was taken to the NHM much as a child- to me it’s like talking about George and his current interest in whatever subject she’s attending. It’s hard to know what to believe anymore. I agree, Kate cares about nothing but what pertains to herself and her comfort.

        1. Completely agree Maven, to me it sounded just like her other ‘talk’ “oh George loves football” (to a footballer) “oh Charlotte loves horses” (to a rider) “oh I love Marine Conservation” (to a room full of Marine Conservationists). I wonder what she’d say if she ever had to address a bondage convention! ?

    3. I agree. This is a great look for Kate. She actually looks more youthful. It is a timeless dress that any age person can wear it. It can (and should be) accessorized; diamonds, scarf, broach, bolero, denim jacket, baggy sweater, belt, pumps, flats, sandals…this is a good working dress. If I were Kate, I would buy this dress in white, black and a few other colors and accesorize them into dozens of outfits.

      This is also a great cut for Kate. She should not grow her hair out anymore. And the speech was good, for Kate. Overall, a win today.

  9. I found the line about scuba diving a bit off-putting. Scuba diving vacations, like William’s African safaris, require a significant amount of both time and money — which most folks don’t have. I think the Camb’s speechwriter needs to get over the implicit notion that one must experience endangered animals first hand in their native environment in order to become inspired by the conservation cause.

    1. That bit about having to experience a topic in order to care about it was in reference to something David Attenborough has said. I, personally, disagree with him, but I can’t fault Kate/Kate’s speech writer for referencing an Attenborough line, even if I think his logic is wrong.

      1. I’m of two mind sets on this. I do think experiencing something 1st hand makes it more tangible and relevant thus people more inclined to do something about it. It’s part of the reason I changed my view point on zoos. I used to hate them for all the reasons someone would. Then my friends started having kids and I would join along and I realized several things, 1st the zoos of today’s are not the slab of cement holding cells of yesterday. They realized a more natural habit was better for all involved and are now changing to accommodate. Zoos do a lot of conservation work/educational work. For several kids and people this is their only chance/place to see wildlife-not just from the TV movies. To see my friends (and now nieces) excited about certain animals or creepy crawlers means that they are more apt to learn about them and want to do something for them. They may not be experiencing nature in nature itself but it’s this initial spark that may start something bigger.
        I never saw or heard of a Puffin until I went to Alaska and went to the sea life center in Seward. I wanted to learn more about them and now have seen them in the wild. I’ll probably never see a panda in the wildlife but thanks to the National zoo, I can say I’ve seen one. This is what zoos and aquariums are good for. Helping people connect understand the bigger picture and want to get involved. That for people who can’t afford to go on trips this helps bring it home
        So no I don’t think you have to experience things 1st hand to be interested. That starts bringing up socioeconomic issues and who can afford to go scuba diving, on safari’s or even to national parks (if the ones in your area aren’t free) but I do think seeing something in person (even if from zoo, aquarium or wildlife sanctuary) can help

        1. Funny, I just got back from the zoo with my kids. They wilted like flowers in the hot Texas sun. I often overhear parents telling the wrong things to their kids, like gorillas and lemurs are monkeys, wallabys are baby kangaroos, penguins are from the arctic, etc…I get irritated, and then remember that if this gets the kids interested in animals and conservation, then it is okay. And money spent at the zoo goes toward conservation. Can we just please teach people the differen turtles and tortoises? There is a sign explaining it….just read the signs people.

          1. And I grew up in Washington DC, and felt so lucky to have the pandas. I still watch them on the panda cam with my kids. I loved Tai Shan, my eldest grew up watching Bao Bao, and my youngest watches Bei Bei.

      2. I understood that she meant that people who experienced the museum exhibits would then be more likely to care about the real deal. I think Attenborough meant something similar and created his documentaries with that in mind.

        It makes sense in the context of a speech at the NHM commemorating the installation of a blue whale skeleton.

    2. I know I’m being cynical here, but adding ocean conservation to their royal foundation would give Kate and William the excuse for holidays–oh, excuse me, “working engagements”–for diving, cruising, those activities like you said that require a significant amount of time and money. Not their own money, of course, but funds from their foundation’s “charitable giving” designated to “raise awareness” about causes so close to their little royal hearts.

        1. Thought along these lines too maybe I’m too cynical but wasn’t there some big deal made a couple years ago when she received her scuba certification or something?I think it was brought up around the time she couldn’t return to royal duties due to maternity leave (Charlotte)but of course she was at some fun engagement?Wimbledon maybe?Some said she looked tan as if she’d been on vacation and then it came out she got certified in scuba.Maybe I’m reaching here or jumbling details.Im just wondering now if she really is passionate for conservation of the oceans or if she just scuba dives for sport and they threw that line into her speech so she can dive and call it work.She looks pretty in these photos-She is often a theme dresser so at least she wasn’t wearing a scuba diving suit?‍♀️?‍♀️

          1. I’m still a little bit unsure about that scuba qualification. I’ve never done it (I can’t afford to!) but those who have tell me it’s incredibly hard work with a ton of study involved. Not something you can tick off over a couple afternoons at the beach. Given how she can’t manage to say ‘Good Evening’ without looking at a bit of paper I’m not at all sure how she achieved it. Maybe there is a whole unseen side to Kate that really does read the scientific papers!

      1. Kate is already a patron of the 1851 Marine Trust. I wonder when they will attend Cowes Week as a family. K&W seem to enjoy being on boats.

        1. The name of the charity is 1851 Trust, and it does work with teaching children about STEM, not marine conservation or ecology.

          1. I can’t tell if there was an official name change as such, but at the bottom of the 1851 Trust website, the copyright/registered charity is for the 1851 Marine Trust.

            And the charity does do work or at least bring some focus to marine conservation and ecology–two examples: on March 17 they participated in the Big Bang Fair, to get students to investigate the carbon cycle; and on March 27 they issued a press release about the invasive Lionfish, which can be studied further in their Tech Deck education centre.

            Unfortunately, the science just seems secondary to the glamour of sailing and to the very attractive Ben Ainslie. And Kate hasn’t done much to help direct attention elsewhere either. Maybe now that someone has scripted in her “awe of the sea” that will change.

          2. Sorry for the too short answer. Had to run to the store.

            According to the Charity Commission:
            ”1158670 – 1851 MARINE TRUST
            1851 TRUST (OLD NAME)


            Also, there is a new Chairman on 5 Jul 2017. The old chairman is a director of the Royal Foundation , Invictus Games among other positions in other companies/charities. Also Wendy Schmidt who runs the 11th Hour Program (11th Hour Racing) is also a trustee.

            Since no accounts have been submitted for the calendar year 2016 there is no other paperwork to determine what has changed and why.

          3. The lionfish issue has been around since the 1990s however, it is a severe problem in Bermuda (site of the America’s Cup Race 2017) and has caused destruction to the reefs around the island. I think the name change was done to be able to make grants aligned with ocean research in addition to whatever STEM and boat design projects were funded in the past judging from its web site.

  10. I think this was good for Kate. Made an appropriate speech. I like her haircut, and also like the dress very much. She gets applause for being able to walk in those sandals, which look very uncomfortable. I think she’s learning.

  11. I like the bottom half of the dress, the fit on top isn’t right. I’m not a fan of the colour of the dress or the purple accessories. No surprise that she bought a new outfit for this short outing, it is disgraceful and someone needs to rein in her spending asap!

  12. There was an amazing programme about putting Hope together and displaying her ( is she a she?), on BBC2 last night. I recommend watching on Iplayer anyone who can. Taking Dippy apart and moving him was easier because he’s not real, whereas Hope is real bone.

  13. The first thing I thought when I saw the headline of your post was “She’s moving her focus from mental health to ocean conservation” so I don’t think you are reading too much into things KMR. I agree this was her best speech yet. She still needs some work in a few areas, but much improved.
    I’m really into the outfit tonight. I love the color of the dress (wish I could pull that shade of blue off) and I love that she added purple accessories instead of her standard neutral ones. Definitely a win for Kate tonight.

  14. I’m on the fence with this outfit.

    I love the dress, and at first I thought her shoes were black.. now that I see they’re purple, I like the outfit better, but I think it would’ve looked nicer with her JC Vamp sandals, or even her LK Bennett pink bow Agata heels.. yes, similar look to her JP mullet gown, but it would’ve looked cute!

    I love her hair this length, but she had a middle part it looked like, and that doesn’t look good on her.

    She still needs to stop reading off her speech pages.. it’s not hard to memorise a sentence here and there, especially personal bits that involve her interests or her kids or her childhood.

    1. Also like her hair this length, but thought it looked better at Wimbledon–think she had more of a side part then. Agree that the middle part doesn’t look good.

      In watching her speech, I don’t think she was able to even say one, short, complete sentence without having to look down at her notes. Barely even a complete phrase. Six and a half years in and how many speeches has Kate given in total? Have we even reached double digits yet?

      1. I agree Kate’s middle part isn’t very flattering. It isn’t on many women. But if she’d worn a side part there would have been more fiddling with her hair during her speech as it would have fallen more in her eyes. Memorization of her exceedingly short speeches so there is less need to look at her notes would help but until that happens a middle part on speech days is probably the way to go.

        I think the top of the dress doesn’t fit very well. I assume the color was supposed to be a nod to the blue whale. A Kate thing.

      2. She does look better with off-side part but I think ‘somebody’ ready comments that a certain MM parts her hair the same way and she was copying. The shorter hair does look better and it’s still long enough for an updo.

      1. Except the Queen does so many more events and doesn’t have time to memorize things. When you have months between speaking events, there is no excuse. And her comments are basic gibberish anyway. They aren’t full of technical information. This was five paragraphs and most of included “personal” comments. She had barely read this prior to the event because she wouldn’t be looking at the page that much. Maybe Kate doesn’t have the skills to get better. Some of her past comments have not shown her to be particularly bright.

        1. I can easily imagine that the speeches given by HM were still being written minutes before her delivery. Especially the political ones like the recent Queens Speech in Parliament. Getting agreement on some of these issues can go straight to the wire. Interestingly enough last minute edits aren’t unusual. I was surprised to read about them still working on Hillary Clintons stump speeches moments before she was due on stage. I doubt this applies to Kate however, she really has no excuses for her piss-poor delivery after this long.

  15. I am a little late to the party, but this is the first time I felt like Kate Middleton did her job. As a passionate lover of animals, this was my favourite engagement. She really gave a bit more than usual.

    I love her look. It’s something I can see myself wearing, simple. Whoever chose this and her Wimbledon look, need to take a more prominent role in her fashion life.

    I would like to take this opportunity to ask if anyone would sign petition to end bear farming in Vietnam: http://www.saddestbears.com/vietnam

    The Vietnamese Government has taken firm legislative steps to end bear farming, but there are still approximately 1,300 so-called “bile bears” living under poor keeping conditions on roughly 400 bear farms. Almost all of the bears were born in the wild, but brutally snatched at a young age by poachers, who it is believed, often killed their mothers. Many of these bears suffer in tiny metal cages, spending their days in a vegetated state, half-starved and dehydrated. Recent Four Paws research revealed that many of the bears are still used for bile extraction and the illegal trade of bear bile is still at large in Vietnam. Therefore today, we ask you to please add your voice in calling on the Vietnamese government to end bear farming.

    KMR please let me know if I overstepped.

  16. The individual pieces of Kate’s outfit where beautiful but the outfit as a whole was poorly styled. She seriously needs a real stylist! Kate looks so soccer mom these days. There’s just no spark. I know many think she looks younger and fresher with the new hairstyle, I think she looks very plain-Jane. Maybe I’ve been looking at too many photos of Queen Letizia these days – she has everything I look for in a royal!

    1. Well, after all she probably is a soccer mom 😉
      She is in her mid 30s, has 2 kids, probably drives them around for different activities etc.

      1. True! But she also has the resources to up her style. Kate needs to understand that simply increasing the price tag of your clothes does guarantee a stylish look.

        1. Basically a stay at home mom who drives her kids to all their activities usually driving a minivan. Although the richer ones have SUVs. They end up wearing very basic outfits and often a lot of yoga gear. They aren’t known to be stylish.

          1. That’s me! Yoga pant wearing, minivan driving suburban stay-at-home mom. No style. But my kids are in ice-stating. I won’t put my kids in outdoor sports in this state until I have to. It is just. Too. Hot. Here.

  17. I actually thought the outfit was ok. As usually the top was too tight and it puckered a bit. I am not so keen on the shoes as they look like her toes are being squished. What I find really annoying is her fake accent. Not sure when she poshed it up but her accent from the engagement interview to that of now is miles apart. But then that is a little issue I hate when people fake accents. As an American living in the UK for over 15 years now I still sound American but there are a number of expats who seem to take on the british accent the minute they step off the plane. Why?

    I also wonder if she, like Diana did, work with a couch to improve her speeches as well as mannerisms because she has defiantly improved. Too bad she still hides behind her hair. I can understand the terror of speaking in front of a large crowd though and give her the respect due for undertaking speeches even if they might terrify her.

    1. Yes giving speeches can be terrifying but she’s had six years to work on it an we are only now getting very minimal improvements. But her fake accent is getting worse by the day. I couldn’t listen to the speech for more than 30 seconds because it was driving me nuts!

      1. RT I am not sure why I think this but I believe Kate thought she would not have to do much in the beginning. When they married William was playing at being an Royal Air Force helicopter pilot. I say play at because from everything that has been said was he fast tracked through the training so never earned his wings. Even whilst he worked for the air ambulance he was technically a “co-pilot” which is a job not needed as the Royal Household had to pay for a second seat to be included in the helicopter. So saying that the Queen always said she loved the time early in her marriage where she did not have to undertake royal engagements. Thus I think both of them though they could fudge a large amount of time not having to do engagements.

        1. Don’t get me started on the air ambulance thing. I’ve recently had a new perspective on it and let me tell you, the “training” Will went through, doesn’t qualify him to be anything on the heli.

          1. Oh? Tell us all about it! It’s what I have suspected, and my dad who is a pilot when I asked him about it said, “No way in hell is that guy qualified. Nice to be royalty!”

          2. Keep in mind, this is just how to become a flight medic in my neck of Canada. A bit of background. There’s primary care, advance care and critical care paramedics. Different levels. With each level comes more education and more things you’re licensed to do to treat your patients. You start as a PCP and IF you’re given the opportunity by your work, you can go back to school to do your ACP. IF after that, you’re chosen, you can go on to be a CCP. I’m a PCP. I only have 5 years on. No biggie. Most medics are happy being PCP. I haven’t decided yet if I want to go any higher. It’s A LOT of work. Boyfriend (yes, new man after the past stuff that’s happened) is ACP. He just got hired to become a CCP about a month ago. He’s been working in this field for 12 years. And even with his level of education, it’ll be another 3 years of training before he can call himself a CCP. That’s IF he passes all his training (practical and theory). He’s smart as hell, but he stresses about it. So our precious Will and his “training”? I call bullsh*t on it.

        2. Please, the Queen did not time out of royal duties during her early marriage.

          That was a media made lie to justify Kate’s 180 turnaround of insisting that she would be a housewife after six months of ramped UP publicity telling the world she couldn’t wait to get started on her royal work duties.

          They even threw in the lie that she would join her local RAF wives’ club as a housewife.

          There is publicly available records that show that the Queen worked. Sure she had a more regular, less regulated life when she visited Malta, but she continued working for her father.

          And also, Philip didn’t go to Malta right away. That posting happened a good 2 YEARS AFTER their wedding. He went alone and was visited 4 times by the Queen. The kids stayed behind in England.

    2. I have listened to the speech and I was puzzled by the accent. I knew what she was saying because I had read the transcript here before but her accent is thick. Somehow, to me, her accent didn’t match her. I mean, from we have gathered from her, she likes fun things and that accent (apparently posher than the Queen’s) is meant for responsibility and reminds me of the old tv announcers at the BBC.

      She doesn’t make huge stop in her speech which is great but she reads too much. I got bored after a few seconds. She needs to engage more with the public with eye-contact.

      What do you mean by working with a couch ? She speaks to it and that’s it ?

      1. As we all know couches are very brights. : ) I meant coach. Diana use to be taped practicing interviews and speeches.

        As for her accent it is not even considered BBC received english accent as that is considered a middle class accent and now BBC is attempting to keep alive regional accents. i have no idea what accent Kate is using but it is annoying and I just shut down listening to her. But the speech itself was nice. Short and to the point.

        1. What did Kate’s accent sound like to begin with? Sounds silly to change it. Though I suppose being a member of the firm that she had to fit in. I do like Kate’s new haircut. Much more flattering and her dress from Wimbledon and today look a lot more stylish.
          I am not a fan of the earrings. Pearls would have done better.
          I don’t like the way Kate keeps commenting about her childhood. No childhood friends, no flaws or imperfections. It really was not the time to talk about her childhood.

          1. There’s some interview with Kate pre-engagement where she was at some event or other. Different accent entirely, but still air-headed with no real things to say. She’s not improved much in that area.

            I can’t find it on YouTube but she was at some convention in London.

        1. I just listened to a Pippa interview Je tTexas. I could only stand a couple of minutes. Pippa sounded nauseating. Though a lot more confident.

      2. Kate is copying Diana’s speech pattern, intonation and accent. She phrases and pauses exactly the same.

        If go to youtube diana speeches and listen without looking at pictures, identical.

        I’d go as far as saying the pitch of the voice is also the same.

        1. Why would she do that? I have listened to the engagement interview, subsequent speeches and the radio gig and I can barely understand what she is saying. I’ve also heard Sophie speak – I can understand her with little difficulty. Is K trying to imitate what she believes to be an aristo speech pattern? Needs a speech coach.

    3. Hi, TC-P. I liked the dress, but thought it puckered more than a bit at her bustline. Usually, big chested women have that problem with (pardon the expression) off the “rack.” Kate isn’t hugely endowed in that area, so this is just poor tailoring.

      Did like her hair and the shoes. She seemed more engaged at this event. Her speaking skills still need work. Her accent is just deplorable.

      As for George and Charlotte now liking the museum. Those two seem to like everything!
      And her scuba remarks were very elitist. There’s more to saving the oceans than giving people a chance to scuba dive. How about saving the actual creatures who call the waters their home?

      I think this could be another interest of hers. So, what’s next on the agenda for saving the whales, so to speak?. And, will HeadsTogether still be a major interest for the terrific trio?

      I don’t know why, but lately, I am getting more and more bored with Kate. Even when she does better, I nit pick and believe I do so because I am tired of all the slacking over the years and am jaded enough to think, “This won’t last.” Maybe, she will prove me wrong.

      1. About the top of Kate’s dress – I noticed that it puckered oddly too, and I think it’s because she is wearing a normal bra underneath. With a dress like that, a long form bra is best as it helps give a shaped layer for the silhouette of the dress to lay against.

      2. I find myself nit picking too so I’ve been staying away from commenting. Her spending is too outrageous for me to stomach especially with her low work numbers.

  18. I think this engagement was successful on a number of levels for Kate.

    Her dress, sweet but plain, was saved by her dark plum shoes and purple clutch. I think the light blue and shades of purple work because they are in the same areas of the colour spectrum. Her clutch especially was very cute.

    She was beautifully groomed. Perfect manicure and pedicure.
    I really do like this length of hair on Kate. It frames her face and is, I feel, more age appropriate although I prefer a side part on her.

    KMR I agree. Kate made “a nice little speech”. Her early efforts at speech making made me cringe. I really felt her. She was clearly stressed and ill at ease. Watching this latest video it is evident she is receiving coaching. Her pace is measured; her voice is clearer and there is no nervous flicking of her head and hair. Kate has made slow progress with speech making but it is progress none the less for which she deserves some credit.

  19. Good engagement for Kate, and if she does add ocean conservation as a cause, that would be fantastic. It’s in dire need of attention, and she could link it to kids and STEM education, talk about it at her sailing events, and even do international tours to Australia and the Caribbean commonwealth countries that focused on it and she could do sporty activities. It could be a really good long term fit for her. Speech skills are improving, nice to see.

    1. I agree this would be a good fit for the Duchess and it would tie in with the 1851 Trust work.

  20. The speech was ok, an improvement, but the accent has to go. It makes her ridiculous.

    And I still love the hair, although I prefer it in a side-part. The different purples of the shoes and clutch are annoying me, and I am not sure they are quite right with the dress (which I liked, but a little washed out).

    I think she is pregnant. She’s put on weight in recent weeks/months (and looks much better for it!) and there is no way Kate would allow herself to get this “big” (NB the scare quotes before you jump on me) without a good excuse. And by “good”, I mean “something that will get me out of doing any work”.

  21. I love her look. A pretty, appropriate, simple dress with better accessories than often with her new hair that really suits her!

    The speech seemed nice as well.

  22. I like the dress, except for the color. The clutch bag is nice, but those shoes are way too high for anything other than sitting on a chair. It’s no wonder she has developed hammer toes.

    The center part for her hair is not very flattering. I do like the length, though.

    While the speech might be good, the delivery is awful – as usual.

  23. I think kate looks nice here but I think she needs a sparkly brooch to jazz it up a bit! I’m sure the queen has a nautical themed brooch she could’ve borrowed. =)
    I like her hair but when she gives a speech and her hair is down her constant looking down and hair moving is distracting. Low bar but I could actually understand all the words she said in this speech, just shows that yes practice/more speeches makes one better.
    I said on twitter that kate needs conservation in her wheel house since William and Harry have conservation causes and as they are the conjoined triplets in causes, kate needed to add hers. I have several thoughts on them throwing this out now. The most cynical being that this gives excuse for her to do things scuba based or exotic locale type. Another being royals all seem to do the same thing. Cyber bullying mental health so now it’s time for conservation. Victoria is great with her Baltic Sea and I think it’s under the umbrella of the UN sustainable seas iniative (could be wrong about actual title) but with Victoria you get that this is an actual concern of hers and why.
    Is this just something they tossed out because they thought it sounded appropriate or is it something really important to kate? Kate comes off as such a 1D character, that I think it’s something they added for her. When Kate actually likes an event she’s doing she comes off as engaging and is more willing to do work with the charity-not you EACH sorry =) so if she is willing to work in ocean conservation and focuses it mainly to the U.K. Commonwealth areas that would be nice. The fact that William and Harry’s conservation seems to extend only to Africa is sad. Although William’s trusk one (I’m assuming would also be Asiatic)
    Anyhoodles I’m rambling but overall this was a win for me. I need to book a trip to London to check this exhibit out. I’m jealous of some of her patronages-I’d be going all the time to certain ones.

  24. Y’all are too hard on Katie Keen. Of course she has shown her particular interest in oceans before: from cavorting about in sailboats with Ben Ainslie and flirting with him (boats go on water now don’t they), to scuba diving so that she can compete with the sharks for the most manic grin in all of creation, she has shown her passion for the water!

    All joking aside, I’m not ready to applaud a mediocre-in-every-way woman, who’s had 6 years to drastically improve on her public speaking and her posture. It is pathetic that after this many millions spent on her and her brood, this is the best she can come up with for her real bosses- the taxpayers. Most likely the only reason why she has even bothered to show such minimal improvement in her skills as a public figure is because there has been a spate of negative headlines about the entitlement of the BRF.

    I like her dresses from Preen- they have the youthful, feminine silhouettes that She likes to go for while somehow making dresses for women that would suit them in their 30’s and beyond. The dress is simple, elegant, feminine, well fitted and even subtly sexy.

  25. I have to admit I was surprised by this speech, it was actually well written. Kate’s delivery has also improved a bit, but her voice has this nasal quality that reminds me of Gwyneth Paltrow’s fake english accent in the movie Emma. I also thought this outfit was a more adult look for Kate as well. The pink get-up she wore to the state dinner was just a disaster and I hope it was tossed on to the bad dress choice bon-fire of hers that has yet to go out.
    I know many of you get upset that Kate has been wearing lots of new clothes but I really do not care about that. If dad-in-law Chuck is paying for them then I would say there is not a money issue because I am sure all the money he has is well invested by his advisors and he probably has many streams of income so this is just a drop in the bucket. Also, as someone who followed Diana, I seem to recall that she rarely repeated an outfit.

    1. Charles receives a tax rebate for Kate’s clothing so the taxpayers are paying for the clothes she wears publicly. Ditto Diana in her time. And to be fair, Camilla too.

      It’s just aggravating that the tax rebate seems to be getting higher with each passing year as the average spend per new outfit per engagement has risen exponentially.

      Btw, the money spent on foreign tours is horne by the taxpayers of the host country so if she shows up in your neck of the woods, just know that willingly or not, you paid for her outfits (and her stay).

      1. Hi Herazeus,
        Thank you for the information. I did not realize Charles got a tax rebate, so I understand why people would be annoyed. It is the same as some of us Americans, being annoyed at having to pay for our Presidents weekend trips to his Florida home and his golf course outings at different family owned locations.
        It would be interesting to know the value of Diana’s clothing spend per year at today’s rates as compared to Kate.

    2. I don’t know how true this is, but I read somewhere that Diana spent somewhere in the ballpark of a million dollars a year on clothes.

      1. Not true . But she was Princess of Wales, Kate is not. She also worked very hard with many engagements from the moment she married, which Kate does not. And the UK had not suffered multiple terrorist attacks , and with all the uncertainties of Brexit. Best not to compare I think…my personal opinion. How much does Camilla spend? Far too much too, those recent earrings? They could all learn from Anne!! Sophie , much loved by KMRers , is no better. Very expensive clothes often from foreign designers.
        Ok rant over ?

        1. Ah. As I said, I wasn’t sure how true that amount Diana spent on clothes was. Thank you for correcting me.

          PS. I wasn’t comparing Diana and Kate, I was just commenting on something I heard about the cost of Diana’s clothes.

        2. Anne lives in a fantastic house with horses as pets. She may be able to re-wear clothes as her figure has held over the years – but she is by no means a spendthrift. She spends money in other areas of life – that you can’t see.

  26. The pluses – she looks engaged. The individual pieces of her outfit are all very cute. She got a pedicure.

    Something I did notice about the dress is how the top is puckering underneath her bra. I see this issue all the time, so I don’t consider it a Kate-specific problem. It’s just that with certain dresses, such as this one, you can’t get away with a modern style bra. You don’t need a corset, just a proper long line or long form bra. Gives the right amount of bust shape and material for the dress to lay against. *The More You Know*

  27. I was excited to see what Kate would bring to the table since 2011. What saddens me about Kate is just how low the bar is set for her. She goes to an event and we talk about the simple fact that yes, she did appear engaged now didn’t she? Well done, Kate. What a public servant. We’re giving her credit for not being bored! She gets to hand pick her causes, too. It just hurts. She’s all about luxury and privilege–not a life of serving the people.

  28. I think the statement is just relevant to the occasion. There’s nothing more to it other than she likes to scuba dive (which is a rich person’s leisure activity). She’s been down there so she can speak to that experience.

  29. This is out of topic, but has anyone noticed Kate’s nose in this photo?


    Why does it tilt down to one side?  Can botox and face fillers do that?

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