Spain-UK State Visit Day 1: Felipe & Letizia welcomed by HM & Philip

Spain-UK State Visit Day 1: Felipe & Letizia welcomed by HM & Philip

King Felipe and Queen Letizia kicked off Day 1 of their State Visit to the UK today, June 12, with the official greeting by Queen Elizabeth at Horse Guards Parade before joining the royals for lunch. I am splitting Day 1 coverage up into two posts. This post is about the day events, and the evening banquet will be covered in a separate post.

Felipe, Letizia greeted by Charles, Camilla UK State Visit Day 1 s
[Casa de S.M. el Rey]

Felipe and Letizia’s day started at their hotel where Prince Charles and Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall, greeted them before joining them on a car ride to Horse Guards Parade. There was quite the awkward moment during because they hadn’t coordinated their greetings and they couldn’t decide on handshakes or cheek kisses and which cheek to kiss.

When Felipe and Letizia arrived at Horse Guards Parade, they were officially welcomed by HM and Prince Philip. There was a military display and then Felipe and Philip inspected the Guard of Honour.

The royals left Horse Guards Parade in a Carriage Procession to Buckingham Palace.

For this part of the day, Letizia wore something we rarely see her in: a hat. She chose a yellow Maria Nieto hat with flower details, paired with a two-tone yellow Felipe Varela outfit. The dress features a hem of guipure lace, and the coat is summer tweed with the same trim. She paired the outfit with a new yellow flap clutch from Magrit, and nude patent Prada Pointy Toe Pumps. The pearl drop earrings Letizia wore belong to her mother-in-law, Queen Sofia.

QEII wore a magenta coat and hat and the Queen Mother’s Shell Brooch.

Felipe, Letizia arrive at Buckingham Palace with Queen, Philip UK State Visit Day 1 s
[Casa de S.M. el Rey]

HM hosted a private lunch at Buckingham Palace after which the royal party viewed artwork and gifts from previous Spanish state visits.

Felipe, Letizia view Spanish gifts at BP with Queen, Philip UK State Visit Day 1 cs
[Casa de S.M. el Rey]

Other British royals were also in attendance at the lunch, including Charles, Camilla, Prince William, Prince Edward, and Sophie, The Countess of Wessex, among others.

After the lunch, Felipe and Letizia joined Charles and Camilla for tea at Clarence House.

Felipe, Letizia have tea at Clarence House with Charles, Camilla UK State Visit Day 1 cs
[Casa de S.M. el Rey]

Letizia changed outfits, opting for a red Burberry “Buckle Detail Satin-back Crepe Trench Dress” (was Β£950, currently discounted to Β£475). Letizia wore another pair of earrings from Queen Sofia, the the ruby and diamond dove “Saudi” earrings.

After the tea, Felipe and Letizia headed over to Parliament where Felipe gave a speech.

Here are some additional photos.

40 thoughts on “Spain-UK State Visit Day 1: Felipe & Letizia welcomed by HM & Philip

  1. Both Majestic couples have been knocking the ball out of the park today. Both managing to look engaged and working in true loving partnership with each other. It’s very moving to see both these Royal couples understand and work for the good of their counties. They all epitomise self sacrifice, self restraint and selflessness. Actually I should have said three couples because PoW and DoC looked very happy to be hosting the Spanish King & Queen at Clarence House too. As ever Queen Letizia never puts an elegantly Magrit shod shoe wrong. She really is an impeccable asset to Spain which goes to prove that commoners can successfully integrate into Royalty if they are prepared to work at their craft and if there is one thing we know about Queen Letizia it’s that she’s not afraid of hard work.

    1. Yes I agree with you.These couples really look like partners in work,play,love,and life-They compliment each other as only couples who are truly well matched can.I think what you said Mrs.BBV,is a good way to begin discussions and gossip ?about what these royals will be doing these next few days.We know fashion,Wimbledon,upcoming Poland Germany tour,and probably more fashion is going to be discussed,but bringing attention to these people in a positive light is very nice.

    2. Very eloquently said, Mrs BBV, and a loud amen. I raved about Letizia on the last thread, she looks truly stunning. I love the yellow, which I now realise is also one of the colours of the Spanish flag. I do admit, though, that I really hate nude shoes, even on her.

      Letizia is truly an asset. But then look at the man who chose her. Just saying.

      Everyone looked and acted top drawer, with grace. Class all the way. Even though I want royalty to go the way of the dinosaur, this is the bit that I love about royalty- when it’s done with pageantry and panache. The glaring absence of Keen Kate, a future consort and senior royal, is duly noted by me.

      1. Oh I can’t wait for the pictures from the banquet tonight. This is British Royalty at it’s finest. I did wonder Maven whether I really could class them all as selfless when we know there are many so perks and goodies to be had but these three couples IMO have given back and in the case of HMTQ & PP they have given back and more their whole lives. I couldn’t be that selfless and dedicated for so long. I would end up resentful with that resentful sneer that William has. HM always carries herself as if it’s an immense privilege to serve her people.

    3. So well put. She really is so lovely and engaging. And that shot in the carriage of Felipe and the Queen is just perfect. They both are wonderful examples of how royalty can be a boon to their country.

  2. Yay! It’s finally here! I think they all look lovely. I’m not a huge fun if the yellow outfit but I think Letiza looks quite lovely in it. I do like how the Queen has accent flowers in the same color of Leti’s dress. Charles looks dapper as always.
    I think when couples do the whole matching thing it can be too much but find it nice when the men match their ties with the ladie’s color.
    Can’t wait for the dinner!!
    Thanks for the double post!! It’s like Christmas in July!

  3. Everyone looks great! They all looked engaged, and there seems a twinkle in the eyes of some of the interactions between them.

    I wonder if the shell brooch was chosen because of Mallora, the shell, and Saint James (santiago) used the shell as his badge?

    Wow, the king of Spain is TALL!

    I love Lettie’s posture.

      1. I just love Leti , I think she’s doing an amazing job as Queen and seems to understand the notion of work. This evening in her red gown she looks absolutely stunning. I hope the Spanish grow to appreciate what an asset she is on the world stage.
        And Queen Lauri, her posture…, just wow. Always stands up straight shoulders back but it never looks forced.

        1. I practice my posture all the time and wow, it’s tough standing that straight all the time πŸ™‚ Now that I can workout again, I expect it will be easier with stronger muscles. I can’t wait for KMR’s banquet post!! So excited πŸ™‚

  4. I am literally googly-eyed over these pictures. This whole visit started so beautifully. Leti’s white shift at the airport was everything. Simple printed shoes and clutch. This is the part of the BRF that I love. They pull out no stops.

    Leti looks absolutely beautiful. She is the entire package. Inside and out. She looks perfect. I will admit that I love that Charles kissed her hand. Felipe has the beard. Enough said.

    Thanks for putting this up so fast, KMR!

    1. Oh my she looked incredible in her white outfit. I would have killed for that. So sleek and groomed. I think I have a bit of a girl crush on her actually. She really is the epitome of style & class.

      1. I agree Mrs BBV! I have a bit of a girl crush on Leti too! As well as Victoria, Max and Mary!! I would love to get together for a girl’s weekend with all of them, I bet the gossip would be out of this world :):)

  5. I can’t believe I’m saying this but…I’m not a huge fan of this yellow dress/coat/hat outfit. It feels too, too…Kate Middleton-ish not Queen Letiza-ish, right down to the nude pumps, if you get what I mean. While I know that on the rare occasion Leti will wear lace, flowers and all the fluff, it’s just not the style I most associate with her and not the style I most enjoy seeing her in. Now, imho, that red dress she wore to tea with C&C is more her style and the white dress she wore on the plane is to die for!! But the yellow outfit, I just can’t. Sorry πŸ™

    I agree with everyone here, the closeness between Felipe and Leti just makes me happy!! Like W-A and Max, Victoria and Daniel, Mary and Fred, it’s so nice to see a couple who really enjoy each other and a husband who knows he married the best and appreciates his lovely wife.

    Edit to add – I’m practicing my Queen Letiza posture as I’m typing away! I really need to tape pictures of her around my home and office as constant reminders to stand up straight, shoulders back and chin up!!

    1. Letizia is not wearing a dress while leaving but separates from Hugo Boss, for more information visit ->

      She has lots of Kate Middleton-y outfits, that she uses for more conservatives engagements, the last being the confirmation of Infanta Sofia ->

      The first pictures of the State Banquet have been released : I love that Leti is wearing the Fleur de Lys Tiara, however it seems a bit weird with the off shoulder. But she looks regal and Felipe is dashing. A true classy, hardworking and regal couple.

      Kate has big jewels out, with a beautiful necklace. Her dress is so low cleavage and has bell sleeves. I am not really liking what I’m seeing so far.

    2. Queen Laurie,

      I’m not really familiar with Letizia and her style. The yellow outfit does not remotely remind me of KM’s style at all but perhaps that has a lot to do with how Letizia confidently comports herself. Besides, KM wears girly outfits that do not suit her rather masculine frame. Leti doesn’t have this issue.

      1. Hi Maven, I guess it’s more a “feel” of a Kate Middleton dress, slightly tween, slightly matronly and just a bit “off”, not like Leti’s usual sleek, business style. But it’s just my opinion. πŸ™‚ Yes, I do agree that comportment has everything to do with how one looks in anything from a potato sack to a ball gown.

      2. Agree, Maven. If that is a Kate Middleton style ensemble, then long live Queen Kate.
        Leti is absolute perfection. Elegant, poised, dignified and charming. I absolutely loved seeing all the working Royals putting on their finery and being together.

        Just love this. And, looking forward to the photos of the dinner. I know I won’t be disappoiinted. Speaking of dinner, ours is ready. I must say good night.

        1. I think Leti looks lovely in the yellow outfit. I like a lot of what Kate wears, just not how she wears it with poor tailoring and accessorizing. And Kate’s poor posture ices the cake. Leti, on the other hand, knocks it out of the park every time.

  6. I love how excited and happy Felipe, Letizia, Charles and Camilla are to see each other and spend time together. Letizia looks wonderful, despite my not liking the coat dress that much; the yellow is so lovely on her. She looks great, HM looks great, Felipe looks wonderful and his speech was so good.

    1. The thing is because she’s doing such a great job it doesn’t really matter if we love her outfit. It’s appropriate , no flashing she looks engaged and enthused. There’s so much more to her than just do we love her clothes.
      Self confessed Leti sugar ?❀️

  7. Love seeing photos and videos of Letizia and Felipe–if monarchies are going to continue, then they are the models of what it should be.

    But when watching the video of the royals viewing the historic documents and artwork, I was very struck by how exhausted Queen Elizabeth appears to be. It seemed an enormous effort for her to walk to each of the tables, and one or two times she seemed to use a table for support. She didn’t look nearly as engaged as the others, while Prince Philip seemed very spry and animated.

    1. Lizzie I agree with your comment about the queen.
      When greeting the Spanish royals she seemed distant.
      I too thought it was an effort for her while walking from table to table. It really brought home the fact to me that she is aging.

      Letitzia looked elegant however I don’t like her ensemble.
      I think it is because yellow is one of my least favourite colours.

      Thankyou KMR for this post.
      I especially enjoyed the videos as they are so much more revealing than photographs.

  8. Oh, be still my fluttering heart! Did you see in the video where after greeting Letizia with kisses on the cheek, Charles kissed her hand? Swooooon! Camilla looked great in that floral printed dress, but – oh my – Letizia! That is how you do red! That is how you do tone colored pumps! That is how you hold a clutch! That is how you do an updo! That’s how you wear clothes instead of the clothes wearing you! Most importantly, though, *that* is how you stand tall and confident!

    If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to find some restorative chocolate and spirits.

  9. Just checked the Daily Mail before checking my meal. What’s with the boob reveal by Kate at the Banquet? In the photo where they are all lined up walking behind one another, she’s not even in the forefront, but do her girls look perky! To be honest, I did not know she had them. Always seemed major flat to me.

    Now, Leti, on the other hand. Glam personified. And, she can rock red like nobody’s business. This time I really have to dash off. Have fun, all.

    1. It would have to be a padded bra because she didn’t have much cleavage a few weeks ago at Pippa’s wedding.

  10. I love yellow so Leti’s choice was great for me. My only quibble is with the lace on the bottom of the dress and the coat. It makes the hem area busy. I wonder if I might like it better if the lace was only on the coat and not the dress. I wonder if there is lace somewhere else on the dress, like maybe the waist. If there isn’t then the lace at the bottom could seem odd. It doesn’t seem practical to have a dress that you could only wear with the coat.

    1. I agree. I like Letizia’s outfit except for the lace trim on the dress. If the lace trim had just been on the coat, it would have been fine. But the contrast in yellows on the dress look off to me.

  11. I don’t get how on earth waity missed knowing the king of Spain. Honestly, I would think that she would be in full out flirt mode. I like him, the video where a couple of nimrods ignored him shows how polite he is and in that video very unassuming. I don’t follow the Spanish ‘royals’ that much but I agree that queen Leti is proof positive that if you care, and are truly in love a ‘commoner’ can become what the country expects and deserves. If they absolutely insist on having a ‘royal family’ these two fit the bill.

    Great to see Phillip still up and about πŸ™‚

    About Leti’s yellow outfit, I’m ashamed to admit but I thought she **was** waity katie in the first glance at the ‘kiss’ picture.

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