Royal Round Up: Royals at the Royal Windsor Horse Show

Royal Round Up: Royals at the Royal Windsor Horse Show

The Royal Windsor Horse Show took place this past weekend, and the Queen, the Wessexes, and Anne’s kids all turned up for the event.

On Sunday, May 14, Lady Louise Windsor, following in her grandfather’s carriage driving footsteps, took part in The Champagne Laurent-Perrier Meet of the British Driving Society. Lady Louise drove a recently restored carriage used by Queen Elizabeth II in 1943. The carriage was drawn by one of The Queen’s Fell Ponies.

Both Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex were there to watch their daughter drive. Sophie even took a photo.

Also on Sunday, this photo happened. Prince Philip stuck his fingers in his ears because of the noise of a canon.

On Saturday, May 13, while William, Kate, and Harry were hanging at BP, Edward, Sophie, Louise, and James, Viscount Severn were hanging at the RWHS and getting tarot readings.

They also spent some time with Peter Phillips and his family: Autumn, Savannah, and Isla.

The Queen was out driving because she still drives.

Also, QEII and the King of Bahrain presented the trophy to Abdel Said from Egypt who won the Kingdom Of Bahrain Stakes For The Kings Cup presents the Best Turned out Trooper award.

Prince Andrew and Princess Beatrice were also present on May 13.

Speaking of Beatrice, on May 13, she participated in the Lady Garden 5K & 10K Run in aid of Silent No More Gynaecological Cancer Fund in Hyde Park.

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  1. Louise looks so adult in those clothes! But really chic πŸ™‚
    I love horse shows, if I were royal,I would attend all,like the Queen.
    Philip’s behaviour is probably due to his age.At a certain age, people tend to have quirks.
    I like that Beatrice did this marathon and I believe that she doesn’t just do it for show, so well done!
    This Royal horse show seems to have more fun activities to offer than the Party at the Palace by the three Windsors.
    The Queen is bad-ass, she will drive to her own furneral!;)

    1. This was either a 5K (slightly more than 3 miles) or a 10K (a little more than 6 miles). I very much appreciate Bea’s involvement in sport but this was very much not a marathon.

  2. Really sweet to see the family close having a good time. Sorry WK&H, mostly WK it seems, refuse to associate with them and bring their kiddos to these things. I have a feeling G&C do not know their royal relatives very well at all and it’s a shame.

    Louise looks so lovely and grown up!

    Congratulations to Bea, that’s wonderful.

    1. I agree that it’s great to see so many BRF members out and hanging out with each other or supporting each other’s interests. Not to hijack every thread with my H&M obsession, but I hope when Harry and Meghan marry they will associate with the other royals on a regular basis and attend events like this. I also hope they will a) let their kids be seen on the regular, doing normal, kid-type things (like the rock wall climbing) at royal events and wearing normal, kid clothing, and b) let their kids form friendships with the other cousins/second-cousins (whatever Savannah, Isla, Louise, James, Mia would be to Harry’s kids).

      I feel like Sophie would be an awesome mentor for Meghan, and I see Zara, Autumn, Bea and Eug (and Sophie too) as contemporaries for her, so I hope Harry encourages Megs to form these relationships – or really, that Meghan is strong-willed enough to form her own friendships within the family (i.e. not be solely dependent on Harry or hide away doing only what he wants her to do) – and also that they hang out with the family more often than the Christmas pap walk, Trooping, and the 1-2 other annual events that W&K attend.


      1. gudgeon,

        I’m a genealogy nut so let me try to break it down for you.

        Peter Phillips and the Wessex children (Louise & James) are first cousins because
        their parents (Princess Anne & Prince Edward, respectively) are siblings. Peter’s children (Savannah & Isla) are first cousins once removed to Louise & James. Savannah & Isla (and Mia Tindall) are second cousins to George & Charlotte.

        I know it’s a bit odd but Edward was only 13 years old when he became an uncle for the first time plus, he had children a bit later in life, hence why his children are so close in age to his nephew’s and niece’s (James is only 3 years older than Savannah).

        Hope that helps! πŸ™‚

        Edit to add: yes, I’m hoping Sophie, Bea, Eugenie, Zara and Autumn will become “gal pals” with whomever Harry marries and shows her the ropes (and, that Harry allows Sophie and Camilla to show her). I’d also like to see mini-redheaded kiddos hugging and spending time with their second cousins, Savannah, Isla & Mia (plus, any from the Spencer side too, of course)!

        1. Unfortunately red hair has to be carried on both lines so it’s getting harder and harder to get really red hair. I like to tease my sister, who is solidly in the “hair like a fire engine” club because I got a ginger and she didn’t because even though her husband has red-headed cousins the gene obviously wasn’t expressed.

          1. My grandmother has said I could have red haired kids which I wouldn’t mind. However I have dark brown hair but carry the red hair gene. Is that possible Em? A girl at university had brilliant titan hair. I was quite envious in a good way, meaning that she stood out.

      2. I like genealogy too, Kimothy. Mainly finding out about relations and their connections.
        I have cousins, mainly second cousins who are girls. Unfortunately, a male relation who is a cousin of my dad’s and has been jealous of him since they were boys doesn’t think I am good enough to be friends with them. Maybe they are right but I find that hurtful and snobby.

        1. Oh Laura! I am so sorry! That’s just…..bitchy!! Have you attempted contact with these cousins of yours? Maybe you should.

          My mom had 26 first cousins (23 of them from her mother’s side alone) and 14 of them are girls. I recently asked her to type up the names of her aunts, uncles, their children (her cousins) and their children (if she could remember/name them) and, amazingly, she delivered and knew a lot of them. YAY!! According to my calculations, I’m up to about 40 second cousins on her side alone. Now I can try and keep track as to how I’m related to this, that and the other person!

          1. I am getting my dad, Kimothy to do the same. I have my grandmother talking about photos of the family etc on audio. I have tried getting in touch but I don’t know exactly what has been going on. I think it is a shame. πŸ™

    1. Hi Iris, didn’t Bea do well! She’s been quite busy recently, hopefully Her appearances will continue to grow.
      It was nice to see the royals coming together & enjoying themselves and how Lady Louise is taking after her grandpa – shows how close the two are in private.
      There’s a lovely picture in the DM yesterday of Peter & Autumn”s girls giving James Wessex hugs – they’re obviously all so close & see a lot of each other. It is such a shame George & Charlotte are missing out on all this family time especially considering when William & Harry were younger, Diana used to have all the cousins staying over at Highgrove during school holidays. Suppose Kate is waiting for Pippa to have a baby before she let’s the kids mingle. Makes you wonder what has happened between the young royals – easter Sunday was telling when nobody except Beatrice seemed to bother with the Cambridges!?!

      1. …easter Sunday was telling when nobody except Beatrice seemed to bother with the Cambridges!?!”

        Beatrice has beautiful manners for making sure and taking the time to talk to Kate.

        (And good for Bea for completing that marathon!)

      2. It makes me sad too. As kids we only really associated with my mother’s side of the family and later I realized had cousins with whom I’d really missed out on forming relationships. We were the youngest, like George and Charlotte (though hopefully Mike and Zara will be able to have another!) but my older cousins have been so warm and welcoming. I have to wonder if at some point one of the kids will say, “Why do we only see Mia at…”

        The other part of it that bothers me is that they will be expected, at some point, to know how to attend royal events and all of these people could be mentors and be supportive. But they can’t be if there’s no real relationship there.

        1. You’re so right Em, if George & Charlotte had been at Windsor over the wkend, there were 4 generations of their family there – the kids to play with, Peter to recall embarrassing stories bout daddy, the Wessex to help them learn then HM & Philip to get to know. There was even foreign royalty to ‘practice’ on. Kids learn through play & what better place to learn, especially with Charlotte liking horses. I just don’t know what William & Kate hope to gain by isolating the kids from their heritage/future!

        2. @Em – I completely agree that W&K are not helping their children in the long run by keeping them so isolated.

          They are isolated from both their relatives on that side of their family (because, I am 100% sure that they will see Pippa’s future children all.the.time, like they do grandma Midds but not granddad Charles)…but also isolated from their future roles and lives.

          They should be getting comfortable being in front of cameras (in controlled environments), being in crowds, learning to shake hands and say hello, learning to accept flowers when offered, etc. IMO, Vik and Dan of Sweden are doing it right with Estelle. They get an A from me on royal parenting…W&K get a D-.

    2. Really lovely Lady Louise honoring her grandfather. She looks beautiful and favour grannie TQ, mature and regal riding. Lovely young royal. Both Lousie and brother James seem tall, mature children for their age. Also lovely although the photos are not included are how loving the young cousins are – Peter/Autiumn daughters hugging James…

      Princess Bea was wonderful. Both York princess would be hardworkers asroyals – given the go ahead. POW may disapprove to prove his Line OK, but with his birth heir and spouse lazy and useless waste, it would be good to grant some favours. HM cousins work royal duties, and they have never overshadow her as Monarch or her children’s Line.

      1. I somehow think when Charles was planning all the ” top 5 royals” thing he didn’t expect his father to retire. If the royal correspondents are to be believed, the royal ” hangers on” as they were referred to are being expected to pick up the slack with regards to Philip’s 780 causes/charities and the 200+ engagements. I think there’s plenty of scope for Beatrice (in particular) & Eugenie to have the royal roles that go with the titles of Royal Princesses. They’ve been hauled out in public from the day they were born, put on display and always been there supporting their Granny & Monarch, so to me its only fair! And Charles needs to be careful who he ailianates cause when William becomes King, he’s going to need a family round him to support him.

        1. I always thought it was going to happen organically, seeing as some of the working royals that are present now wont be here forever. its makes a little sad DE is retiring It’s kind of a dreadful reminder that an end of era could be close.

          Yes, Bea has impeccable manners. When she was younger and went to sleepovers first thing she would do when she got home was write thank you notes. She even sometimes says thank you to the paparazzi when they take her pics

          Gotta say really loved Lady Louiselooks for the event. I can picture her being bold in her fashion choices in the future.

          1. I thought the Yorks would be phased in when Duke of Kent, Princess Alexandra, Duke and Duchess of Gloucester reached retirement or beyond.

            With the Counsellor of State obligations that Beatrice will likely have to face? It doesn’t make sense not to have her as a working royal for the next 20 years. She has the obligation to live in the country, likely stay away from certain business opportunities, be engaged in the state of the country enough to be a good sounding board for the monarch. But she’s not allowed to be a working royal? Illogical.

          2. I look at the counsellor of state obligations as a board memeber. They have an interest in the company yet don’t necessarily work for the company.
            And who knows how long her tenure will (maybe) be. No need for her to be on the Royal payroll.
            I find it interesting that you see the redundancy of CP/Sofia working and usually advocate for spares to do what Madeleine does yet you have no qualms justifying the work of the York girls??
            I say less is more. Do I think William and Kate are suddenly going to start working-nope but I hope it’s what the people of the U.K. Need to make them realize they don’t have a good return in their investment and would like to have an elected HOS

          3. “Counsellors of State are authorised to carry out most of the official duties of the Sovereign, for example, attending Privy Council meetings, signing routine documents and receiving the credentials of new ambassadors to the United Kingdom.” To me that is more than being a simple board member.

            I think each royal family is different. In Sweden, the spares have gone in to private life and not been working royals. Madeleine is following that, CP is not. Ditto The Netherlands and Norway. W-A’s two younger brothers went out into the world to earn their livings, Martha-Louise became “Her Highness” and removed the “Her Royal Highness” when she went out to earn a living. Countries with much smaller populations and with the tradition of the spares not being on the payroll.

            In the UK? Much larger population + Commonwealth. Stable of 14+ working royals, including the cousins of the Queen who were drafted to serve. Over 3000 engagements a year undertaken. They cannot decrease that number without facing enormous backlash, even under Charles’s rumored cut down plan. That would mean minimum 500 a year for each of the six.

            If HM passes tomorrow, Beatrice is a Counseelor. If Andrew dies tomorrow, or if one of his many scandals catches up with him and he’s removed, Beatrice is a Counsellor of State. She would be so until PGTips is 21 years old. If HM and Andrew both pass soon, Eugenie would be called in until PGTips is 21 years old too.

            To me, the bread-and-butter engagements are how the royals learn what the people think, what is really happening. That informs their work, so it would inform the CoS’s advice given to the monarch too.

        2. +1

          Heck, he too – POW- is nearing retirement… (@duchesschic below). All this leads to will POW/Parliamen and CW elect a King Henry; or will the younger son of the reining Monarch – Prince Edward Wessex and family provide longivity stable rein. commenting on more visibility of Prince Edward, Wessexs family.

        3. I completely agree with those saying that Charles may regret his “slimmed down” monarchy idea…because there is no way that W&K are going to take on much more than they do now (IMO). I don’t think their work-ethic is going to suddenly change once Charles takes the throne. @Poppy, when Charles was planning that “top 5 royals” thing, I’ll also bet he never thought William and Kate would be sooooo work-shy!

          I also think Bea and Eug get judged unfairly because people don’t like their parents. It seems unfair to me that they have sort of been told since birth that they’d be working royals…and then now Charles wants to change things up. I can kind of imagine how they might feel kind of confused about what direction to go in.

          1. +1

            to w and w work duties = meet and greet not attending working meetings, planning like we see with Prince Harry and his charities/dutes – Invictus. Willnot is not a monarch who shows up to openings, ceremonies- The current POW Line children is demanded of sincere, hardworking duties – such as his Princes Trust and bringing the status and wealth of the Duchy businesses/charities – winy Prince Harry only need to maintain the profitability and great work of those entities. That seem too difficult and taxing forthe lazy duo Lambridge middelton we will never see from the two useless 30+ waste of tax funded millions.

  3. That’s a lovely warm hug between Autumn and Sophie! I agree with Poppy, the photos of James Severn being hugged by Savannah and Isla are adorable! It’s obvious that the family get on.

      1. +1

        Waity carol, and whiny are raising useless self absorbs grand snobbish boring middelton children -who seem never,allowed to interact/be seen in GB/with the RF -except in photo PR, and not to bond with the royal cousins children, who are the only ones they have to play with learn from (except snobbish, climbing carol) – waity has no children coattails climber, hangers on extend family.

  4. Well done to Beatrice! It is good to see Beatrice and her running is very good for raising money and her self esteem. I always admire the York girls for getting in there and doing something.
    Lady Louise looks very chic and it is good to see Louise developing an interest of her own. I like how her hair is in a hairnet. Is that right? How lovely for the family to be there to support her and I always like seeing her brother as we see so little of James.
    Isla and Savannah are cheeky, adventurous little girls and I like the girly catch up with Sophie and Autumn. I always enjoy reading when the British Royal family have get to gathers and don’t feel they are on show and can be themselves. Thank you for the round up KMR.

    1. Yeah, the hairnet is appropriate. There’s a very specific ‘dress’ to horse events, even for my exams I had to wear cream jodhpurs, knee boots etc and long hair in a net. Looks like she was participating in an event so she’d need to wear the appropriate stuff. This is just one of the reasons horses and eventing is so expensive!

  5. Oh, I can be quite shallow, too, but I like to think my superficiality is tempered by a keen sense of tact. Such a shame that you can’t say the same…

  6. I think it’s cute that Louise has taken up driving.

    Was it something she started doing with her grandfather? Cute πŸ™‚

    And I think the Philips children rock wall climbing is a very sweet photo. Would have been nice to see all the children of that generation together having a go?

    1. Sophie used to do driving so maybe taking over from her mum, Cathy. It is good Louise is keeping busy.

  7. I think it doesn’t need to be said. Sophie will do what’s right for Louise when it’s right for Louise not when you decide it should be done.

    1. No she is wearing the same shoes. They are a normal pair of pumps from the outer side of the shoe and on the inside they have a cutout which reveals the arch on her foot. I hope that was what you were asking πŸ™‚

  8. First, I thought we weren’t allowed to make comments like this regarding children, which she still is.

    Secondly, it is never smart to get braces too early because the teeth are still moving. So no, they should wait a few more years before they consider braces for her. And maybe they will choose not to. Maybe they don’t want her to start fixating on her looks at such a young age and they want to instill in her that there is more to life than appearance. It is never smart to teach a child of any age that there is something wrong with them physically that should be fixed (things said during the pre-teen/teenage years tend to stick with girls their whole life). Maybe Louise will ask for braces in a few years. That is what I did when I was a teenager.

  9. 1.) Lady Louise looks so grown up! Once she’s fully blossomed into womanhood, she’s going to be quite the beauty. Edward better be prepared to keep the boys at bay! πŸ˜‰

    This isn’t the first time she’s done something riding-related out in public (didn’t she do something last year during HM’s 90th?) so it’s clear that this is a hobby of hers.

    2.) It’s so sweet seeing how close the Wessex and Phillips families are with one another! That hug between Sophie and Autumn is so warm and genuine. It’s quite sad, actually, that Kate didn’t allow herself (or didn’t want) to be part of the “gang” so to speak.

    3.) I swear, it drives me bonkers whenever the media/public feel that they have to sh!t on Beatrice whenever she does anything–especially when it’s something like this charity run! Sigh…..

      1. That’s what I was thinking! Thanks nota! I have to say, casting Lady Louise at portraying her grandmother is perfect seeing as how much she looks like her!

        1. I never realized how much Edward looked like his mother until Louise came along. The three of them are peas in a pod. James looks like Sophie to me, complete with her dimples.

        2. I see a lot of Queen Mary, who was a very pretty young woman, in Louise. The same curly golden-blond hair, lovely complexion. Of course the Queen has a lot of Queen Mary’s looks, too.

      1. Thanks gudgeon! It just makes me sad for them and how the media has placed a great big “L” (for leeches) or “S” (for scroungers) on the girls (a la “The Scarlet Letter”) simply because of who their parents are.

  10. Thanks for the quick round-up KMR on the other members of the BRF. I always enjoy these as I have missed these tidbits other places πŸ™‚

  11. This is sweet that Louise is carrying on a tradition of her grandfather and that the extended royal family are hanging out with each other. They do seem close and WK seem very removed from all this, don’t they? Louise looks like the Queen but to me she’s at the early teen years where one is growing into their full bloom so to speak, so she looks like a gangly, awkward teenager right now.

  12. What is this about Beatrice being counsellor of state? Is that a given? Also, it is usually the norm for the grandkids to see more of their mother’s side than their father’s side in any family and for the maternal grandma to get the lion’s share of time with grandkids. There have been tons of studies on that very subject.I will say if Diana had lived, she would not have stood for the Middletons taking over her grandkids, but then again if she had lived, I believe William would not have married Kate.

    1. I think usually the first 4 in succession are eligible to serve as counsellor of state. As of may 2017 we have DE, PC, PW, and given that DE , PC, and the DOY wont be around forever, Beatrice will mostly become a counsellor at one point, until the Cambridge kids are of age usually around 18 or 21.. Perhaps, once the DE officially retires Beatrice will become a counsellor of state.

      1. “By law, Counsellors of State include the Sovereign’s spouse and the next four people in the line of succession who are over the age of 21.” It isn’t just whether or not they’re eligible to serve, it is law.

    1. Yes, She would still be in line to succession and still have her rank during PC reign . By law, Counsellors of State include the Sovereign’s spouse and the next four people in the line of succession who are over the age of 21,during PC reign that would include Beatrice and maybe Eugenie

      1. Yes, if HM passed tomorrow it would be Camilla + William, Harry, Andrew, Beatrice until PGTips is 21. If Andrew passes before PGTips or CC are 21, Eugenie becomes one as well.

  13. The Middletons (which include Kate) are a very insular, cult like family. It’s all for team middleton and they all work together for the family’s benefit, like the Boleyns. They well and truly have William in the fold and access to George and Charlotte by the wider Royal Family will be extremely limited. Kate wouldn’t do this to be rude, I think she just sees no benefit whatsoever to do things which aren’t of use to herself or her family. She will continue to do exactly what she can get away with and no more.

    1. You’d think with all the scheming and stalking they’d have done well to befriend members of the RF, but Kate has blown off Sophie’s friendliness and treated Beatrice like garbage during the dating years. Reminds me of stories of how she’d treat Clarence House staff–poorly, as if she were lady of the house.

      1. Lady Louise is delightful. She and her brother are special children.

        Love the photo of the little girls rock climbing. Fast forward a few years and Charlotte should be right up there with them! At least, I hope she gets a chance to meet and play with her Royal family members. The only down side would be helicopter Mum, Kate, in jeggings climbing right behind Char, not giving her a chance to accomplish anything on her own. Oh, and what a nice view the photographers will have if Kate continues to wear such tight jeggings that she can forever pull out of certain parts of her anatomy.

        Special praise to Beatrice!!!

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