William, Kate & Harry host Party at the Palace

William, Kate & Harry host Party at the Palace

After months of hearing about Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry‘s Party at the Palace, it came and went with seemingly little fanfare. Or at least that’s how I feel since none of the regular royal photographers were there and very few reporters were.

William, Kate, Harry Party at the Palace
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Yesterday, May 13, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry hosted the Party at the Palace in the Buckingham Palace gardens for around 850 children whose family members have died serving in the Armed Forces.

    “Buckingham Palace welcomed a very special group of children on Saturday — hosted by Prince William, Princess Kate and Prince Harry… The royal trio chatted with children at different activity stations at the party. Kate chatted with a group of girls while Harry played around with several kids. Kate also took part in launching a giant slingshot from the palace’s steps and giggled along with William and Harry during the festivities. The celebration honored the children of service members who have died while in the armed forces…
    “Prince Harry made an emotional speech to the party, telling the guests, ‘Today was organized to celebrate you guys. We’re here to remind you that we as a family, and as a nation will never, ever forget the sacrifices that all of you here have made. We wanted to give you an opportunity to know that you are part of, sadly, a very large group of fantastic people. The three of us, and all of our family, wanted to thank you so, so much for everything you’ve done. I can assure you that Buckingham Palace gardens have not seen this much fun, ever.’
    “William and Harry, who are marking the 20th anniversary of the death of their mother Princess Diana this year, ensured there were organizations that support families and children dealing with loss were also in attendance. Child Bereavement UK, of which William is patron, Scotty’s Little Soldiers, Winston’s Wish and the armed forces charity SSAFA were there alongside Full Effect and Coach Core, which hosted workshops in beatboxing, breakdancing and other sports on the lawns…
    “At the party, Harry met with Jack Rigby, 6, the son of Fusilier Lee Rigby who was murdered in 2013 by Islamic extremists outside the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich, south London. Jack’s mother, Rebecca Rigby, 34, told reporters, ‘It means so much that the royals put this event on and are showing us their support. It’s so important for Jack and all the other children here to know they are not forgotten – that they’ve not gone through all of this to be forgotten, that they’ve got their support. It’s also so important for Jack to be able to speak to other children and know that other children have gone through the same thing as he has.’
    “The playful prince also had a go at plate-spinning with George Hinchcliffe, 3, who had dressed as superhero Spider-man for the party. His father, Captain Richard Hinchfliffe, who served with the Royal Armoured Medical Corps, died in an accident as a civilian in 2015 shortly after leaving the RAMC. His mother, Abigail Hinchcliffe, said it was ‘very emotional’ to be at Buckingham Palace and watch her son playing with Prince Harry.
    “Also invited was Jamie Molyneux, 18, and his younger brothers and sister, Arron, Charlie and Bethany. Their father Lt Cdr Ian Molyneux was murdered in 2011 by Ryan Donovan, a junior member of the royal navy while on board the nuclear submarine HMS Astute. Lt Cdr Molyneux received a posthumous George Medal for his actions which prevented others being killed. Mr Molyneux, from Wigan, who was 13 when his father died, said it was ‘comforting’ to know his family had not been forgotten. ‘The Duke of Cambridge wrote to us soon after my dad was killed. It was very touching. He said he understood what we were going through as siblings, with his experience losing his mum,’ he told reporters. ‘I had two choices to make. I was either going to go off the rails and end up in prison or accept what’s happened and do the best I can.’ Mr Molyneux is following in his father’s footsteps, and passed out of Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College, Leicestershire, last year, with the award for best naval cadet.
    “Also among the guests was Honey Doherty, 10, whose elder brother Jeff died when she was a baby when he was killed serving in the Parachute Regiment in Afghanistan. ‘I’m really happy but I’m also really grateful because of what a hero my brother is, and I wouldn’t be going there if it wasn’t for him,’ she said. Private Doherty was shot dead in Sangin in 2008, aged 20.”


Performances concluded with a special display by the RAF Falcons, who landed outside The Palace and landed in the garden.

I don’t have much to say about the party other than the kid in the Spider-Man costume, George Hinchcliffe, wins best dressed. Also, I think it’s nice that William wrote to the family of a soldier who was killed.

Kate’s fashion bored me. She repeated the same outfit she wore to the last children’s garden party she attended: her See by Chloé lace knit dress, Acne Studios Leather waist belt, and Monsoon Fleur wedges. Kate switched out her earrings this time, though, opting for the Annoushka Pearl Drops.

Didn’t like it last time. Don’t like it this time.


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    1. I think it was mary elizabeth who mentioned this dress on another post about this event a few days ago.

      1. Send money. We could use it. Just got stiffed out of a portion of a fee for my latest job.

        Somehow, I could just see Kate in the cream knit number It just smacks of so many mistakes, so I knew it would be worn. Number one: White to a kids’ party? Great idea, Duchy. And, reminding guests to dress casual and then having Kate show up all gussied up, well talk about making people feel uncomfortable! A gaff, for sure.

        I was another one who was upset that she didn’t relate kindly to the little girl in the photo. William had his hands on the one child. The mother had her hands on another and Harry was very kindly toward the mum. Then, smack dab in the middle of the picture is that very sad little girl and Kate right behind her, beaming into the camera. Is she so clueless? Couldn’t she have reached down and taken the child’s hand and said something kind to her?
        Kate is so socially awkward. She just never seems to know what to do or say.

        I remember the photo of William and the Obamas (maybe, Harry, too) trying to make little George feel comfortable at the Presidential meeting at KP. Kate was just standing to the side, looking like she didn’t know what the heck to do. She’s his mother, for goodness sake. Shouldn’t she have been one of the first ones lending him support and encouragement. I just don’t understand her!

        Guess I never will.

  1. What an outfit to wear when she was going to crouch down. No common sense and over dressed compared to the rest.

    And for those who doubt the Botox, the photo where she guffaws and shows off the ring also shows the bunny lines near the nose, which are tell tale signs of Botox. Also to make a face like that and not have your forehead move is basically impossible.

    Nice to see that Harry spoke. Not sure why the other two could not say a few words. They certainly will take credit for this in the CC though.

    1. Kate only has a few style settings: glam (white/black tie), business (a coat/coatdress/dress/skirt suit), and casual (skinny jeans and striped shirt). There is no business casual with her. It’s either dress and pumps or skinny jeans and striped top. So for Kate, a dress and wedges is her version of business casual since she doesn’t have one.

      I prefer this over skinnies and wedges, but I do think a nice trouser would have suited the occasion better since she had to bend down a lot to talk to the kids. I also just really dislike this particular dress.

      Why shouldn’t William and Kate take credit for attending this event in the CC?

      1. I also don’t know why and I would like to know. I just wish Kate had put her hands on that little girl’s shoulders, poor baby looked so miserable. Im referring to the picture with the Cambs, Harry and the family that lost a dad, where William’s hands are on one little boy and the mom’s on another boy. The little girl is standing in front of Kate and she looked so miserable with no love/reassurance extended to her, poor baby!!

        1. I thought the same thing, too bad Kate just doesn’t​get empathy or compassion. Instead we must crotch clutch and look uncomfortable.

        2. Yes, yes, yes. I wanted Kate to be sweet to that darling little girl.

          I’m waiting for company, but had to check in to the blog after a chaotic Mother”s Day — so far. Wow. Everyone is truly wound up around here!

          Kudos to my good friend mary elizabeth for calling the right ensemble that Kate would wear. White knit dress! Ugh, so inappropriate! But, M.E., you nailed it!

          I so wish Kate had put her hands on that sweet little girl, who looked so lost. Or, at least kneeled down behind her and said something calming.

          The party was probably fun for the children and reminded them and their families that the losses they experienced were not forgotten, but the event didn’t seem that well thought out from what I see in the media.

          And, may I ask about the quotes in the KP release? At one point there are quotes around a sentence that I wonder was being attributed to William. It was after his comment about losing his mother. Then, a new sentence with quotes around it made mention to the fact that he had to learn to cope up with the loss or end up in prison. What?!

          Again, a poorly written release.

          Happy Mother’s Day.

          1. Hi Kimothy. I thought this was from a press release, but it is from an article. I am referring to the line where William said he could understand what the kids were going through because he lost his mom. Then, there are quotes around words that I think are attributed to William and I just don’t get it. Here they are: The Duke of Cambridge wrote to us(Family who lost a dad in the war) soon after my dad was killed. It was very touching. He said he understood what we were going through as siblings, with his experience losing his mum,’ he told reporters. ‘I had two choices to make. I was either going to go off the rails and end up in prison or accept what’s happened and do the best I can.’ Could William have possibly said that????? Or is the kid talking about himself and the loss of his father? Very unclear!

          2. It was badly written in the DM. It was the young lad who spoke the quoted words. He went on to be the best naval cadet of his year (year 12). I felt the reference to Diana yet again was not appropriate or necessary. We know. These kids had their family members murdered, with nowhere near the psychological and financial resources available to them. Let’s focus on them.

        3. That poor little girl look like she was about to cry. I don’t even think Kate noticed. Kate is so concerned about her fake smiles, and making sure everyone notices big blue. Fake Kate .

      2. I agree. A nice pair of trousers and a shirt, maybe a pair of loafers. She was doing a lot of crouching, especially with the water balloons. The dress code was obviously casual.

      3. And a few expression settings:
        (1) Manic
        (2) Droopy (being serious)
        (3) Dead eyed (disinterested)

      4. Harry did far more than just show up to the event than the lazy duo. It’s not fair that the same credit will be provided when he put so much more effort than they did. And then at the end of the year when number totals get added up, his numbers won’t be as high and he gets lumped in with them.

    2. I don’t doubt Kate gets botox since the skin between her eyebrows never move. However, regarding the bunny lines, when I make a crazy expression like Kate I have bunny lines (although I also have the frown lines as well) and I have never had botox. So, I don’t think bunny lines are a sign of botox. Maybe the more defined bunny lines are? I have small bunny lines but only if I make a crazy exaggerated smiley face. Hers are really defined in a few photos from today

      1. Plus this and in Luxembourg it looks like you could bounce a quarter off her forehead.
        I think it was the first Canada trip where she had so much done, you couldn’t even see her dimples

    3. This is something about Kate that has irritated me a lot. She doesn’t scoop her skirt underneath her when she crouches or sits. If she did, she wouldn’t run the risk of flashing or wrinkling. I wonder if the photographer of that photo where she is pulling back the projectile had to instruct her to turn her body to the left so he/she didn’t get an up-the-skirt shot.

      1. It’s actually pretty low class to tramp around in a skirt and not know how to crouch down and sweep it aside. Most mothers would have taught their daughters how to crouch in a skirt beyond the toddler years. I come from a solid middle class to working class background in the North American sense, and no girl I grew up with acted like this beyond the age of five with a skirt.

      2. No, she doesn’t and I find that so distasteful, too. She also does not know how to smooth her skirts down behind her before she sits. Thus, wrinkles! I guess Carole was too busy teaching her how to reel in a prince than she o teach other niceties.
        “Just flash your panties, dearies. Wear a see throuogh job, too.”

        Yep, the Future Queen Consort!

    4. Totally agree.

      And crunching she did in multiple says. Someone must have scold her from. flashing in Canada with thefrontal view of her crotch/underskirts… here. she turn her knees away from frontal view! But how gross is she and undignified representing HM POW Nd the peopleof GB. The worse show of disrepectto RF BP – she had her hand intentionally in her crotch since she had no clutch. This woman flash and does undignified- unbecoming of a mature adult/parent, and her maniac facial behaviour purposely, to shame BRF -until they remove her from duties! Let’s hope eventually they remove her …. End of!

      1. Yes, and at the Palace as well! Dress appropriately for the event, but if you can’t manage that, at least learn to crouch with dignity!

  2. Kmr! This is the only Kate Middleton news site I follow.. And yes! Much thanx for always covering the latest events from British royals to other royals!

  3. The only thing I’ve noticed in photos is how set apart William and especially Kate are in their photos with the children. Not interacting so much as Harry does, and not touching the kids even when posing for pictures. It’s so weird.

    I hope the kids had a wonderful magical day and felt special and cared for.

    Disappointing there wasn’t a lot of fuss about something like this which should have been given far far more attention than it did.

    Thanks KMR!! You’re fab.

    1. I’ve noticed this too, Ellie. On the video Kate put so much distance between her and the girl. Looks like she’s scared to get close to the girl

        1. MaventheFirst:

          I first read that as “boobies” and good gravy I need sleep. **facepalm and snickers like an 11 year old**

    2. These are such few photos that it feels like they arrived, did a walk about and left. Everyone, including the invited public, is at that point of the party where they are still on good behaviour and not yet into the party.

      Where are the fun events? Snacks? Did they have games? Performers? How long did entire thing last? Milling around the grounds having fun at the palace. Did that water balloon hit anyone? Who used that stage set apart from Harry? Fun, fun, fun……

      ……just likeball the fun day the people and kids were having at the Windsor horse show.

      The invitation artwork promised fun. I am not seeing fun in any of the released pictures. We can’t expect Harry to always be the one having fun every single time.

      And William doesn’t appear in any pictures beyond the initial royals arriving to the party.

      Seriously, their PR and party fun skills suck.

      …..really surprising from Kate whose family fortune is built on fun for kids including a sister who wrote a book about it and a father who once dressed up as a sumo wrestler to entertain the kids.

      1. If they were hosting the party, it is bad form to leave before the guests do. The fun seemed to be minimal and sparsely spread around. I wondered about food, no pictures of anything, just people thronging obediently. If the kids had fun, were made truly welcome, and felt secure about themselves and their lost family member, then it was worthwhile.

        Yes, it’s amazing Pippa and Carole’s party tricks were not taken up in planning this event.

      2. Oh Herazeus, I hadn’t read comments when I made mine down below. So totally on point- where is the fun?

        Yes, Jen, where are the cakes?!

        ETA: This reminds me a bit of that mean little bread and water reception for Bhutan/India guests at KP and the reception for HT marathoners in the *parking lot* of KP.

        1. A party like this should have had bouncy castles, maybe a petting zoo, face painting, live music, games, costumed characters interacting with guests, etc… One of the candidates for mayor in my town had all this and more at a fundraiser. Why couldn’t the BRF get all this and more?

          1. On the DM there was a pic with a caption saying there was cupcake decorating. Couldn’t see the cakes though.

            And what about a BBQ? Sausage sizzles* are always popular. *For our Americans friends: BBQ a beef sausage, put on a slice of buttered white bread then smother in tomato sauce (ketchup) and grilled onions. Fold up and eat. Yum!

          2. I plan events and this one looiked dull, dull, dull. I assume the media did not cover everything that was orchestrated, but why not? For the sake of the kids and their parents, I so hope this was an enjoyable party. One that allowed them to realize that their loved ones’ sacrifices will not be forgotten. That, in the long run, is what mattered.

        2. Jet Texas: Going by the invitations, and the fact they used BP’s garden, i was expecting your suggestions as a minimum!!

          Maven: those mean buiscuits? Or was it crisps. And water at that reception are seared in my brain.

          I actually pity people who want to attend these receptions hosted by the KP crew because hosting, fun, PALACE are not their forte.

          I know Miss Midelton (spelling mistake stays!) Of Bucklebury Manor, Berkshire is concentrating on her PR wedding shenanigans to Mr James Mathews of moderately wealthy fortune, but couldn’t she have been drafted in to show them some party planning ideas?

          1. They sure got their mo he out of the pr person but I don’t know if it’s having the desired effect. I just roll my eyes every time I see a new pippa article.
            PHOTO ECLUSIVES! i.e. We called the dm, the pippa effect…
            Gah enough already

      3. Isn’t the Middleton fortune more from Uncle Gary helping out and Michael Middleton’s family wealth moreso than Party Pieces?

        I doubt W&K care. I think Harry does. Bu all W&K care about it is nets them loads of good press about how generous, kind and wonderful they are for showing up.

        1. That’s what I thought, too. Even if Party Pieces made what reported, in America that would not make them rich, just comfortable or well to do. There must now be more business competition than in the beginning so I doubt if it’s a growing concern. I suspect some of William’s private fortune has made its way to them, too.

          1. No private people in the 80s, 90s buyed online back in those days. I can remember as a child and online shopping in the big way just started way into the 2000s.The Middletons, especially Carole, tend to whitewash their family history.Iwould not believe everything she says.

      4. Jumping castle, pony rides, snacks would have sorted the fun aspect but I’m sure that doesn’t fit their image. Or Kate and Williams needs, which were limited to a photo op.

      5. @herazeus “Seriously, their PR and party fun skills suck.”

        From the duchess kate blog:
        “The party was organised by one of the world’s leading international event organisers, Fait Accompli. The London-based company is Buckingham Palace’s first port of call for official functions. Founder Camilla Monckton was close friend of Princess Diana’s and organised an array of events for her at Kensington Palace. Pippa Middleton and James Matthews have hired the firm for their impending nuptials with wedding planners reportedly joining Pippa and Michael Middleton for preparations last week.”
        Ref: hrhduchesskate.blogspot.com

        The photos of the event were lacking so there is no complete overview of the event. There were the paratroopers jumping from planes. The Windsor Horse Show appeared more inviting to kids just looking at the photos. Perhaps this as exciting as BP ever gets if it isn’t a jubilee celebration. 😉

        1. I looked up Fait Accompli. Weddings and seriously expensive events seem to be their thing; elegant, very conservative, nothing to scare the (rich) horses. No kids’ parties, it would seem.

          Apart from a marquee with activities housed within (cupcake decorating, face painting), there was the RAF parachuting, the water bomb catapult and a couple of other people whom we didn’t see. Pretty standard stuff you’d find at an amateur local fair where nothing would be co-ordinated, but also incredibly unimaginative. And cheap looking, from the KP photos. I’m left with a couple of impressions:
          1. That kids’ parties are just not up Fait Accompli’s alley.
          2. The budget was too small to do anything but basic, everyday stuff.

        2. Is Camilla Monckton also called Rosa? Wasn’t Rosa, or Rose, Diana’s friend? I read in a bio that Diana helped Rose bury her baby on the grounds of Kensington Palace. I think I read that in one of the Burelle books. Is that yrue?

    3. Yes!

      They seem to have Prince Harry playing second base, while the two lazy duo – fake insincere middeltons heads up waving…. you could see PH Private Secretary watching from behind how Prince Harry had his head more down. as if this was whiny and waity middelton…intead of Prince Harry planning and hard work. His solo day on May 30 shouldn’t matter- Harry earned every second of his hard work.

  4. I’m actually surprised Kate wore this dress today. I figured she would save it for the Queen’s Garden Party. I think wedges were smart for the grass but I’m not sure why you wear a white dress to a children’s party, she did the first time too.

    I love this dress but don’t think it was right for this event. Especially after Harry told people not to dress up. The three of them should have been dressed more casually to put people at ease. I’m sure some of the casually dressed people felt out of place after seeing them dressed up. It would make me self conscious. I think it’s great Harry told people not to dress up so they wouldn’t feel like they had to spend money on an outfit, but the royal 3 should have followed that and dressed down.

    Does anyone know how long they stayed?. It seemed really short.

    1. I was just coming here to say the same thing! Why didn’t Will and Harry wear jeans and a casual top? Why the blazer and button down shirt for a kids party? Waity could have worn her awful jeggings, I suppose, though for once I’d like to see her in a regular pair of jeans. In that pic with the 3 of them with that family, I was thinking that the mom, wearing a t shirt and jeans, probably felt a bit out of place next to the nicely dressed royals.

      1. I think the guys look fine. Looks like chinos or jeans and a blazer. It’s more formal but not super dressy. Kate on the other hand looks ridiculous in those ugly wedges and that hideous Victoriana dress.

        1. +1

          That bed ruffle/tablecloth his hideous! someone else could wear it but this is gross on her. I doubt she could or dear to weararound HM, worse her Garden Party, inappropriate, god awful!

      2. Harry seems to be wearing jeans with his blazer and William is wearing khakis. It’s Kate who has no idea how to dress for the occasion and anticipated activities.

    2. That’s what I didn’t understand either. Why tell everyone to dress down and then dress up? I think that’s bad manners.

      1. I think for the event cute ballet flats or a low sandal would have been better.

        I practically risk breaking an ankle if I try to wear wedges.

        1. Agreed! Would love to see her wear ballet flats! A pretty blouse with trousers & little blazer would have been more appropriate.

      2. I don’t think those wedges go with that dress either. I thought the same thing when she first wore them with the dress. The dress is too nice for those casual wedges. I just think wedges in general were a smart choice for the grass instead of stilettos since Kate would never wear flats.

  5. Yeah, I don’t understand why there was so little fan fare either. It wasn’t even in KP’s twitter until well after the party was over. Whoever is doing their social media needs to be fired. Actually, their entire staff needs to go. I’ll do the social media for them. I don’t even need to be paid salary, just put me up in a nice hotel and fly me out to London whenever there’s an event. I’m pretty sure I can do a better job remotely from Toronto than the buffoons they have working right now.

    And thanx KMR for the work. It must be hard to write when Kate is the same blah blah blah blandness at every event. But really, thanx! It has been a nice refuge over the craziness that these last 2 and a half weeks that my life has become. Basiclly one of the few places for me to go to forget about what happened.

    1. Hi Miss K

      Re: KPs Instagram feed. I was surprised to see the comments on the first photo. Then I read the comment from KP with the photo – totally tone deaf! Along with many of the people who commented, I agree – the words and the photo do not fit. A lot more thought needed to go into what was said before posting that photo.

      Have the staff at KP even had any social media training?

      I hope that your life is looking calmer now? (or it will be soon?). And I hope you have someone you can talk to? If not then you have friends here at KMR we are here for you 🙂

      My nephew is a fireman so, I know, sometimes things that happen on the job follow you home.

      1. Miss K, tons of good wishes and hugs coming your way. Sorry things have been tough of late Hope better times are around the corner.

        1. Cathy & Jenny, thanks for the thoughts. It means a lot. I wish it was just work related stress. That, I can deal with. This? My life’s been turned upside down. Long story short, firefighter boyfriend died in a motorcycle accident 2 and a half weeks ago. Been with him for 8 and a half years. Some idiot driver wasn’t paying attention and hit him… bad! Boyfriend had no chance. And there’s been a lot of other shenanigans that have come out. And crazy in-laws who have been asking for property and money that is now legally mine. This bland Kate stuff has actually been a nice escape.

          1. Oh Miss K, be strong. It’s amazing how petty and grasping people can be when a loved one dies- I witnessed it when my MiL passed away a few years ago. It’s a knee jerk reaction to the pain and shock and if they can’t have the person, they want that person’s stuff. It can cause a lot of bad feelings plus dealing with your own grief. I’ll be thinking of you. And I’m so sorry for your loss.

          2. Miss k so sorry for your loss. I’ve had family members of pt’s arguing over their things even before the pt has died.
            People act bizarre with the death of a loved one.
            Hope you are able to find some escapism

          3. I’m so sorry to hear your news; it is shocking. I recall you mentioning him the past. I hope you have some family or friends around who can be a barrier between you and the in-laws. Do what you need to do for you, don’t even think of dealing with them at this point. And you’ve come to the right place to find support but also to escape in the vacuous world of Kate. Take good care, Miss K. xx

          4. Oh God, I’m so sorry,Miss K! How can happen such stupid things to you and you’re poor boyfriend? I hope you feel well as far as you can. And I hope, I don’t sound stupid, my English is not the best, but I wanted to write to you that you don’t feel alone in such hard times.

          5. Miss K
            I am so sorry for your loss. I wish this hadn’t happened to you. From what my fireman nephew has said, it’s worse when you are a first responder too. I’m sure Canada has the same sort of support services for first response personnel that we have here in New Zealand so please make sure you use them, especially when having to deal with his family.
            Sending you light and love. And please remember that you have friends here too!

          6. So terribly sorry to hear of your loss. I can’t even begin to imagine how you are feeling & coping. Best love, wishes and prayers to you. Xxx

          7. Dear Mss. K.
            My prayers and my heart go out to you. Have not seen your posts for a while and I now know why. I am so very sorry for your loss. You mentioned your boyfriend so many times and it seemed as if things were progressing in the way you wanted. I doubt any words I can say will help heal your heart, but I do hope that it helps you some way to know that people on this blog care deeply and wish you the kind healing you deserve.

            Grief if such a bitch (Excuse my language). I am hoping you are seeking counseling and that your loved ones are there to support you through this such times.

            All the other issues cropping up surrounding money/possessions are terrible. We are here to listen and send love your way. You do so much for others. Please be kind to yourself and know our sympathy and prayers are with you. I am so very sorry.

          8. Oh Miss K! My heartfelt condolences. I remember you talking about your BF. He was way too young, too and a good man, I’m sure. Take it easy and don’t let the vultures get you down.

        2. Oh Miss K,
          My heart goes out to you and to all your loved ones, Im so sorry for your loss. Please accept my sincerest condolences and prayers for hope and comfort in the Lord. God bless.

    2. I echo everyone’s thoughts and prayers. I cannot begin to imagine how you must feel. I’m glad a bit of ‘mindless fluff’ here on KMR is a tiny bit of help. Don’t deal with bad people, let friends, family or lawyers do that for you.

      1. Thanks guys! I actually left on a trip a few days after his funeral. Went to Amsterdam and Paris for 8 days. We had planned it together. I went as planned to get some space. Nothing like flying to another continent to get some breathing room. The change of scenery really helped. Got home earlier today. Just in time for mother’s day with my mom and brother. Just crazy. But have some really good support, including you guys. You really have no idea how nice it was to escape into the BRF for a bit. So thank you guys and KMR for this place.

          1. Oh, Miss K. Your news puts everything in proportion. I am tired of ranting about Kate. I just want to reach out and give you a hug and let you know that so many people care.

            What a senseless thing to have happened. I just cannot find the words to let you know how very sorry I am that this occurred.

            May you be comforted by support and love from those who truly have your heart and back! May the nasatiness over the dividing of the assets cease immediately. I hope your boyfriend’s goodness and special ways will be remembered now and always. Keep him in your heart. I know you are in his and he is watching over you from his new home in the afterlife, where all is safe and without pain.

          2. Both Jenny and I are supposed to be working on a project, but here we are on this site. For some reason, many of our posts are not appearing. Wonder why. We particularly want to make sure that what we commented to Miss K will appear and let her know she is being thought of with hugs.

            To Miss K, we send our deepest sympathy on your very hard and sad loss. May it comfort you to know that many people are sending warm and loving wishes your way and hoping that your friends and family are helping you through such a sad and difficult time.

            The arguments that often break out after a loss of a loved one over money and belongings are just terrible. Ignore what you can and focus on the love you and he had for each other. There are no words to really say how we feel, but we want you to know just as you are there for others in your line of work, we are here for you, too. May you find peace. We hope this comment posts.

          3. Thanks ladies and gents! Today is a better day. And to be honest, everyday is slightly better than the previous one. I know I’m definitely very far from where I was 3 weeks ago. I was basically a zombie then. It wasn’t really pretty or nice to look at. As for the family, I think I’m just gonna get my lawyer to deal with it. I’m already paying him good money. Might as well make him do the work. It’s just a headache I don’t want to deal with.

            Again, thanks guys! It means a lot!

          4. You’re probably doing better than you think you are; good on you, and for taking that trip too. I hope it cleared your head and gave you some breathing space. Really sensible to let the lawyer deal with everything; he can do so without emotion. And again, it gives you some space from your in-laws before more hurt is felt. Grief is rarely straightforward. Like everyone else here, I wish each day eases some pain for you. Meanwhile, venting about Kate Middleton seems a perfectly good exercise. hang on until the weekend and you can add old Pippa to that as well. Stay well, it’s one day at a time. xx

      1. From me too, you’ve a journey ahead but every day will be that little bit lighter. Concentrate on yourself for a bit and find peace. Thinking of you, xx

      1. Yes has the “it” factor but takes “it” down several notches when he’s with the Cambs because, apparently, he has to due to William’s over-inflated (or super fragile) ego.

  6. My takeaways from this were:
    1. The cream dress says “don’t touch me”. It is too formal in style and colour and out of place for the event. She sets herself apart, deliberately.
    2. Harry and William could have simply removed their jackets to lessen their formality.
    3. Harry did a good job to make his young guests feel comfortable and keep moving around.

    I wonder how long the trio stayed? It appeared they left while the party was still going on. I was impressed with the comments from Jamie Molyneux (18) and trust that he is being mentored as he moves to adulthood. To be best naval cadet at his school is pretty special. I wonder if armed services has a branch dedicated to keeping an eye on these 850 children over the years?

      1. I don’t know about you Cookie? But I always wear white/ cream around kids, the smaller the better. Add grass, dirt from a garden, food in small hands into the mix? Just the right colour, yes?

        Of course those with small children, around them daily, know exactly what is the best thing to wear so you can have fun with the children and not worry about your clothes.

        1. I just don’t get it. She’s a mom of two small kids. Simple trousers and a nice top would have been appropriate especially since all of the parents are wearing jeans.

          But then again, we have some quotes she has said to children that are not age appropriate either.

  7. Glad the party was held – seemed like a lovely day and a fun event. And I understand they didn’t want too many reporters so the kids could just have fun without worrying about posing for any pictures. But, then the royal photographer should have been posting more photos and quotes of the Royals to share – this was supposed to highlight mental health, child bereavement, military service…causes that the Royals should want to get people really talking about and yet they don’t follow through with the PR. For considering themselves to be modern Royals, the trio seem to forget that the public consumes news instantanteously now.

    This is further proof Kate cares less about fashion. If she was interested in fashion, she would never choose the same dress and shoes for another children’s party. She has so many options to repeat and she chose this. It shows no imagination. It’s a pretty dress, but the last thing I would ever choose if I really wanted to throw water balloons and play games in the grass. As someone upthread said, it creates a barrier for her to fully embrace the day or the children.

    Harry gave a nice speech, and William looked like he was enjoying the day too. Maybe this could become a tradition for the brothers?

  8. Harry looked very engaged and interacted well with the children. William looked relaxed. I think the two brothers should have done the event alone. Kate wore white as a barrier not to get involved. Her body language says it all, keep your distance. She is just not a people person. I just hope whoever Harry marries is ten times better than Kate. Because she is so dull. After almost 6years there is no hope for her unfortunately. It’s a Shame because it’s a great cause that needs the spotlight.
    Thanks for the post KMR.

  9. Guess I lost when I “voted” in the other post and said that Kate would be wearing skinny jeans and a top. Kate’s body language is so stiff and awkward it’s more than apparent, even across the pond in a picture where it’s being viewed in humid Florida 😉

    I wish that this was hyped and posted about in the days leading up to it, during the event, and afterwards. It would’ve been awesome but, alas, it fell flat. Part of me wishes this were an annual thing and have Harry run it.

    P.S. Princess Beatrice ran a 5k yesterday for a charity. Woo hoo!! 😀


    1. Kimothy, I was just grateful that she didn’t feel the need to display her bum in paint-on jeggings in front of children.

      Agree with your assessment of KM’s comportment. She has the mindset of a beauty contestant on a runway. Pips has it too. They react to others in public as though they both only need to appear so that all others can inspect their self imagined attractiveness. They are equally coifed and vapid, smile when the camera is on them, have the limp wave, and have nothing else to recommend them.

      KM seemed strangely detached from this event and the Lux visit. She just isn’t invested in owning her role within the BRF so puts in the least amount effort and no thought as to her purpose.

      1. In regards to your last couple of sentences: it’s sad and odd that she’s just this detached. Has she always been at this level of uninterest or is this something that’s recently developed?

        1. From what I’ve read about her she has always been detached in the sense that she sized up people based on how they could benefit her in her goal to move up the social class ladder. That is a cold, heartless way to live. And even if she does initially come off as warm, her self centered ambition will reveal itself soon enough when the friendly facade falls away. This very much how Carole operates. I’m at my phone now but as soon as I get to a computer I’ll include a link to an article written by a reporter about his experience with Carole’s snobbish behaviour towards him at one of Pips’ events to shill her by then deeply discounted book Celebrate. Carole was slightly drunk but friendly until she found out he was from an unfashionable part of the country.

        2. Kate had ten years of not working and lots of money yet she did nothing in terms of volunteering and charity. She just does not give a crap about anyone but herself. She is not changing at 35 but will make appearances because it is now part of the job.

      2. Hi Indiana Joanna, I think you nailed it here! Kate is very detached at this event and personally I think it’s because she’s is hyper self aware, meaning that she’s so busy thinking about the impact she’s making on others, how others are seeing her and how pretty, thin and wonderful everyone thinks she is. I say this from a place of personal experience. As much as it pains me to admit I used to be just like that, always wondering how everyone was perceiving me gawd it’s difficult to admit to being so shallow and self involved but there you go.

        1. Both Kate and Pips have always been very aware where the camera is and no matter the event, the purpose is to be perfectly posed and coiffed. And seen to advantage. Incredibly knowing, and artificial. Never in the moment for its own sake but for personal vanity. This is why these two women grate so much. Yes, Indiana Joanna: please post that article. Pippa has been written about in similar terms:

    2. Thanks,kimothy for the link. Some of the comments on the DM are just horrible.Beatrice seems to give her all when she gets involved with a charity.

      1. You’re welcome, Erica. I know! They just sh!t on her even when she does something good! When she doesn’t do something for charity, she’s a scrounger and when she does, people just assume that there is an ulterior motive. I swear, she just can’t seem to win for losing. (I worded that badly but I hope you know what I mean.)

        1. It’s so ironic that Beatrice gets called unattractive, because I think she is so much prettier than KM and Pips. Even without makeup she is lovely and fresh faced.

          1. Would Kate be caught without a stitch of makeup and hair in a careless pony designed just to keep it out of her face? NO. Good for Bea and truly getting involved.

          2. Beatrice and Eugenie are attractive in their own way. If I saw Kate walking down the road in a crowd I would not be able to pick her out, to be honest.

    3. Kimothy et al, here is the link to theDM article revealing Carole’s snobbishness and quick turn to dismiss anyone not moneyed or titled enough for her. I like the description that paints Carole as slightly giddy with too much drink until she finds out the man is not posh enough for her tastes. Then she seems to sober up a little.


      And here’s another one with pictures of her looking dour until she is photographed with actor Anthony Andrews and Maria Shammas, chairman of the British Red Cross’s international fundraising. She’s got that trademark Midd glee when she’s suddenly with someone she thinks can be of benefit to her social aspirations.


      1. Wow just…..wow. Is there anyone (any family) we can compare her or the Middletons to in the U.S. or no?

        Edit: I remember seeing these pictures and thinking it was the only time I’ve seen Michael look truly happy and relaxed.

        1. The Kardashians. If you google Kardashian and Middleton, there are some good pictures that come up comparing the 2 families.

          1. There is one difference between the two families, Middleton – Cambridges and the Kardashians that I can think of Miss K…

            The Kardashians don’t hide the children away. I watched the latest episode last Saturday (blushing about watching reality tv here) and the little girl, Penelope I think?, was being really cute. I wouldn’t want to look at Pap photos of those kids as I’ve seen them on the programme.

            Personally I feel the comments that exposing George and Charlotte would make for even more attention from paps just doesn’t wash with me just for the reason above. I’ve seen enough.

            Hope today has been a good day for you?

          2. Cathy, That is true. I never would’ve thought in a million years that the Kardashians are doing slightly better than someone else. But I think it’s because they know how to play the game and use the kids as part of their publicity. Will & Kate know the kids help their PR, we’ve seen them do it, but they’re too dumb to realize that it would help their whole thing against paps if they just posted pictures themselves. Drives down the price for pics of the kids. But then again, Will & Kate are 2 pretty dimwitted people.

            And yes, today is better day. Thanks for asking and caring. 🙂

  10. I hope the kids had fun. If they had invited all the children of the wounded and those returned but suffering mental health issues, the number of children sadly would have been huge.
    Etiquette wise I think it’s rude to give your guests a dress code and ignore it yourself. I would be uncomfortable, wearing jeans to be greeted by an overly made up woman in cream lace and no converdstion.

  11. Thanks KMR for a great post! While I don’t hate this dress, it’s all wrong for a children’s party. The color alone screams “I’m precious, don’t touch, mustn’t get dirty, stay away”. Imo, it seems that the only times when Kate looked comfortable was when her and the brothers were together, away from the others.

  12. What I gleaned from this less than exciting faire, is that if it weren’t for Harry there would be nothing to see here; the Cambs have absolutely co-opted him and are riding his coattails. He brings the spirit, while they bring the bodies. Harry, love, get married quick and move away from those parasites.

    Kate looked ridiculous; she swanned in with her dress made of pure princess light and did nothing. She’s really happy to have the boys take the burden off her of actually taking an interest. She’s there for the princess photo op- “have your photo taken with the celebrity!” I imagine this is her idea of pampered heaven, especially when framed by two towering princes and her RPOs. See everyone, she has arrived. She is infantilised beyond belief.

    Willy can’t give up that ‘mummy died’ riff (as if everyone doesn’t know by now).

    There were no panoramic pics of the event which is a shame because close up it certainly doesn’t look that gay to me. I guess I expected a more colourful carnival-like atmosphere, with cakes and little gifts.

    1. I was expecting a carnival atmosphere.

      This doesn’t look fun at all.

      850kids invited with parents/chapwrones and these were the only pictures? The only activities? I saw on their twitter a plate of 4 cake bites….

      Honestly, putting together a party is not their skillset even with the help of the uninspiring KP staff.

      They should draft in BP / CH staff to help plan these things.

      And photograph them to show a joyous time even if everyone was miserable.

      And live tweet the thing.

      1. I agree Herazeus! It doesn’t look fun. The party in Canada looked more fun.

        And I never in a million years would have guess there were 850 kids here. It looks like maybe 50! Who was in charge of organizing this party and taking pictures here?

        1. Kensington Palace which seems synonymous with incompetent failures at this point.

          Remember the other receptions and parties they’ve hosted?

          Buckingham Palace should have stepped in to give them a master class on how to host people and make them feel like a million bucks with input from HM.

          1. That was hands down the saddest spread ever! I would be embarrassed to host an event and have that out! It was like it was an afterthought

      2. +100

        Prince Harry may have stop with too much work into this day as he will have his solo Fun day May 30th. – and we know the lazy waste of willnot cannot middeltons couldnt careless. They only show up to tick the box as ordered – that’s all!

        The photo with the family notice entitled special waity hands are cold and off, they may have gotten her to stand in the photo because whiny bill was there- no joining the regular people for our Grand duchess waity middlelton.

    2. I imagine this is her idea of pampered heaven, especially when framed by two towering princes and her RPOs.

      Not quite. She had to pose with peasants, after all! Pampered heaven is when she gets to hang out with other celebrities, like Ben Ainslie or Andy Murray or the Williams sisters or everyone at that Hollywood meet and greet back during her honeymoon.

  13. I was hoping for a fun time, so disappointed ?
    Why the cream dress, it’s a kids party. Didn’t the invite say not to dress up?

    1. Obviously the invitation must have indicated very casual dress. I would be really chafed if I had been encouraged to dress down for a party and the hostess showed up all decked out. I consider the behavior condescending and rude.

      1. This.

        the dress down was Prince Harry encouragement for a fun day – counsel daughter waity middelton had no intentions of mixing with commoners!

        Prince Harry’s solo Party will be more fun!

      2. exactly Lyme I would’ve felt humiliated and less than. Kate has a lot of other clothes in her closet that would’ve still been pretty, garden party wear for kids, cheerful looking but would’ve made her approachable.

  14. I don’t hate this dress. It’s just kind of “bla, whatever” to me. But I felt it was inappropriate for the children’s party in Canada and I feel like it is here as well.

    Do you guys see the woman behind kate to the right in the third picture in this post? She is wearing jeans, a white shirt, and a blazer. She looked much more event appropriate than Kate.

    And when you look at all the pictures of this event collectively you will see that pretty much everyone is in jeans. So kate shows up in a cream dress?

    Do you remember when Kate visited a women’s prison in a cocktail dress and a clutch bag with pumps? This reminds me of that.

    And if Kate was intentional trying to dress like a princess for the benefit of the kids, why not wear something bright or a pattern or something floral? She has worn red to a memorial and black to a children’s event. So very odd.

    I know Diana always said she wanted to wear colorful things when she knew she was going to meet children. And made line came to a tea party wearing her princess dress and tiara.

    But for me, Kate was a real miss here. She didn’t seem “magical” and give off a princess vibe or come to the event dressed casually in order to seem approachable to the kids and parents.

    They brought their kids to a children’s party in Canada, why not this one in England?

    I like the idea of the event and hope the kids had fun. But there was barely any coverage. What is up with that?

    1. I remember what you’re talking about, when she visited NYC. A bright color to the 9/11 memorial and then that somber jacket when meeting with children. The only explanation I can think of is that she wanted to stand out and be seen at the memorial but create distance when it came to the children. It’s mind boggling.

    2. Because by bringing them, it would’ve been about G+C.. the cameras would just be on them, like it or not. It’s not about them, it’s about the children of fallen soldiers.

        1. Yup. And remember at the party in Canada, their focus was on G&C and nobody else. It would have been a total mess. This wasn’t about W&K&H.

  15. Having sent the letter to tell people to dress casual, Harry, W&K should have worn jeans and casual tops. They looked overdressed IMO and the fun things looked so UN-FUN for the kids.
    Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom posters.

  16. I initially wanted to give Kate some kudos for repeating an outfit, but the more I think about what she chose to wear, the more disappointed I am. She is so tone deaf when it comes to dressing for the public. I’d go so far as to say that Kate is revealing how self centered and above it all she is by the way she is dressed here. Think about how many functions and events she has bought new clothes for so far this year. Even a couple of days ago, for a four hour trip, she debuted a new outfit that is similar in style to items she already has. But a children’s garden party among her own subjects? She just throws on what she wore to the last children’s garden party, never mind the fact that it wasn’t suited for a children’s party in the first place. Kate has some lovely pieces that would have worked for this occasion perfectly. One of my favorites is the yellow Jenny Packham she wore in Calgary (minus the Marilyn moment she had in it). It’s bright, cheery, flattering, approachable, and would have suited the royal casual environment perfectly. Instead, she chose (both times) a cream colored, crocheted concoction that creates distance by necessity.

    If I go any further, this will turn into a psychology dissertation. If the BRF wants to keep going, the young royals are going to need much better PR and Kate is going to need a minder/LiW who will get her to understand how important it is for her to connect with the people whose tax money lets her live the way she does and how she can represent herself as a caring royal. Especially now that they are transitioning into “full time” royals.

    Oh, and this party looked more like a meet and greet. Where are Camilla or Sophie when you need them?

    1. That yellow Jenny Peckham is also one of my favorite day dresses from her. Add a few hem weights though, and good to go- just no crouching in it . None! It’s even shorter than the cream Chloe.

      1. Yes! That dress with some flats would have been just perfect.

        I’ll be honest, that Jenny Packham dress is one of the few things Kate’s worn that I covet.

      2. If the same yellow that flashed the world at the airport with a nonexisting thong or NO underwear in sight….hopefully that is preserved for the Middleton records or burnt.

        1. The very one! But let’s not banish the dress, just weight it and still not make make it an option when the day calls for wind. That way zero chance ( one would hope) of flip ups ( or flip overs as we almost witnessed in India?).

          1. The talk back then was that the fabric was too fine and would not sustain the weights. At least wear a slip under it, and for God’s sakes a pair of panties.

          2. It was a mid day full moon that is a fact. Why no panties that day I will never understand. Did she forget to put them on? Did she run out? Like what, I actually want to know because that was pretty crazy.

          3. I just think she doesn’t like wearing them, Ray. There is a photo on the Love Lola Heart blog that I will never be able to un -see. It shows Kate,little George in her arms, walking down the steps of the plane that just landed in Australia. Remember, she was wearing that red coat and hat and the coat was blowing up a tad in the wind? Well, supposedly a camera man caught quite a view of what was or was not under that coat and Lola posted it on her site. There’s Kate in all her glory. A complete view of her frontal area sans panties. Obviously, she gets a thrill from such possible exposure.

          4. As if I didn’t have enough to go crazy about over her clothes / spending / wiglets that don’t match her hair colour etc etc I will now forever be wondering ‘is she wearing her knickers today’… This is our future Queen Consort can I just remind y’all!!

    2. Quinn, I don’t think it’s better PR that Kate needs, it’s a better attitude. Their PR goes to great lengths to saturate the media with over the top and untrue compliments – “style icon”, “caring Kate”, “Kate stuns again” etc – but the reality is, she doesn’t give a rat’s a**. It’s the only thing that is absolutely clear.

    3. There are so many more repeats she could’ve worn. Wearing the same outfit to two children’s parties… yawn.

      She could’ve worn:
      – The Project D Penelope floral dress from SE Asia tour
      – Mulberry navy broderie dress from Asia tour
      – Jaeger yellow shirt dress from Asia tour
      – Suzannah green floral tea dress from PG’s butterfly birthday photos
      – Or even the ASOS black/white spot dress or the Seraphine lavender floral dress or Florrie dress would’ve looked great! I know these dresses would’ve started rumours, but they’re too pretty to wear only during pregnancy, especially when they can be worn when you aren’t expecting.

  17. I knew I was setting myself up for disappointment by getting excited about this. I thought this was something they could get right. Even Harry’s charm couldn’t save it.
    All three are dressed horribly IMO. Kate would’ve still looked nice and appropriate in a pair of Capri pants and ballet flats that could allow her to engage more fully. Enough with the wedges.
    Agree with the boy who came as spidey! I love it when kids march to their own little beat. A la Leonore =)
    The guys outfit just boring and are they going for the twin look?
    I wanted this to be fun and I hope the people that attended it did have fun but it looks stiff and formal and a snooze fest for those of us not there.
    I will say the photo with the three of them and the kids, at least William does my have his typical sourpuss expression hunched into himself demeanor. He’s actually touching the kid and looks somewhat human.

    1. +1

      Lady Louise, Wessex is so beautiful at Windsor Horse show. She appeared driving a carriage and look so mature and beautiful in her hat/wear. Carrying on grandpa tradition of carriage riding.

    2. I had to look up the Jenny Peckham yellow dress. I agree it could have been worn. It would have looked a lot more cheery. Sofia, dresses in a white lace dress a little better than Kate did on this occasion. I would have added a white scarf with the yellow dress.
      I think Kate could have put her arms around those two girls. There is no reaching out with Kate. Harry always looks so playful with the kids. Like he knows what to do. William looks uncertain and too serious for the day like he wants to join in but I am surprised at how formal he is dressed.
      The kids made the party in my opinion. I hope this is the start of a new tradition.

  18. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mama bears here at KMR❤️. My son gave me a Tim Horton’s gift card so I’m set for coffees without having to frantically dig for change between ordering and paying at the drive through!

        1. Medium double double and a cruller. FYI – I used to be addicted to sausage breakfast sandwiches on a biscuit. That shit is like heroin

  19. She could have worn a simple pair of real trousers (not jeggings, leggings, or skinny jeans), ballet flats or her boat shoes, and one of the many tops or tunics from Nomads.

    Fun, and frilly-enough to be “princess” wear if she thought that’s what the kids wanted. Added bonus of being a British company that is Fair Trade.




      1. Very interesting. I didn’t know that about Prince Phillip either. He was still competing in races in 2006!

        Can I also just say what a handsome little boy James is? I think he and Louise both seem to be sweet, kind people, thanks to their mother. Not to do Edward out but I really know nothing about his personality.

      2. Inquiring minds want to know: the Cambridge kids don’t go to the Windsor Horse Show. Why not? Their father and uncle ride horses, skillfully enough to play polo. The young Windsor cousins appeared to be enjoying themselves. Would be a great opportunity to see their cousins. Is some duke ticked off at his cousins?

        1. Are they still too young to be able to understand and sit for a while? We know they are already sitting on horses so they have had some introduction.

  20. So Kate has no more engagements on the calendar. She probably figured 5 in one day, plus this, was enough for May. I know Pipps wedding is in week, so she is probably helping with that, but I am surprised nothing new has been announced. (And Pippa’s wedding better not count on the CC)

  21. I have 2 words for Kate’s dress–burn it! I disliked it when she wore it in Canada and that has not changed. Oh and throw those clunky wedges on the fire as well. I know wedge heels are in style for sandals as I have been shopping on line but I have not seen shoes like hers on any sites. Who is making decisions on what she wears anyway? Why wear a dress like this when you know you will be crouching down to speak with children. She is surrounded by advisors who are as dumb as she is.
    A nice pair of slacks with a bright colored blazer would have ensured that she stood out. Also, the dress screams, I do not want anyone near me, especially someone else’s non- royal children with their dirty little kid hands.

    1. “I have 2 words for Kate’s dress–burn it! ”

      Yes please, and once the fire is going? Please add all Kate’s saggy jeggings, I think that’s every pair, all her wedges, those dirty trainers and the dirty boat shoes. Oh and to keep that fire going please then add the scuffed boots. By this stage I hoping the wiglets will have woken up from a snooze and they’ll want to join the fun too?

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