Kate hangs with Stephanie in Luxembourg

Kate hangs with Stephanie in Luxembourg

Kate Middleton made her second solo overseas visit yesterday, May 11, when she visited Luxembourg at the request of HM’s Government.

Kate began her trip with a stop at the Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art (Mudam) where she was accompanied by Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie. The two ladies toured exhibitions by British artists Sir Tony Cragg and Darren Almond.

Kate and Stephanie then attended a reception at the museum where they met leading young people in the fields of culture, education, business, and the charitable sector.

After leaving the museum, Kate went solo to the Place Clairefontaine to tour a cycling themed festival. There, Kate met children painting Tour de France jerseys, and helped unveil murals of British and Luxembourg Tour de France legends prepared by London artist James Straffon.

Kate gave away more tidbits about George and Charlotte:

    “[Kate] was handed a posy by three-year-old Teo Schleck, the son of cyclist and former Tour de France winner Andy Schleck. Upon seeing the Duchess, who was wearing a pale blue Emilia Wickstead coat, Teo appeared a little overwhelmed, and, as the Duchess crouched down to speak to him, dived into this mother’s arm for comfort. His mum Jil later said: ‘She asked if he was shy and said not to worry, it’s totally normal at that age.’ […]
    “Frank Schleck, also a professional cyclist and brother of Andy, said: ‘She asked me about the Tour de France and whether I liked it. I said it was a love-hate relationship. I have two daughters and she was asking if they would be cyclists too. We talked about how they [children] really appreciate riding a bike. For kids, it’s great because they can exercise and – as long as it’s safe – go to school without their parents. She said their kids have bikes and that they’re always excited about trying to ride.'”


Kate then met with members of the Grand Ducal Family at the Grand Ducal Palace. She met Grand Duke Henri, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume, Stephanie, and Princess Alexandra.

Kate with Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg cs
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kate then moved to the Luxembourg City Museum for the official commemoration of the 1867 Treaty of London – which was an international treaty signed on 11 May 1867, in the aftermath of the Austro-Prussian War and the Luxembourg Crisis, that guaranteed Luxembourg’s neutrality and interdependence. Delegates from the counties that signed the Treaty – Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, and Russia – gathered for the event.

Kate with delegates from counties who signed 1867 Treaty of London cs
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

The delegates were given a guided tour of the Museum’s new exhibition: ‘The Luxembourg Story’, which tells the history of the city of Luxembourg, from its origins in the 10th century to the present day.

The delegates then took in the views from the Corniche of Luxembourg’s old town, a UNESCO Word Heritage City, before moving to Dräi Eechelen Museum to tour the 1867 Commemoration Exhibition. The new exhibition reveals how the dismantling of Luxembourg’s fortifications laid the foundation for the transformation of Luxembourg into an open and outward-looking city and country. Kate and the delegates viewed original copies of the Treaty.

Now for Kate’s outfit situation: something old, something new, something blah, and something blue.

Emilia Wickstead powder blue coatdress
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kate wore a new coatdress by Emilia Wickstead in that pale blue color she favors. The coatdress is very similar to the green Wickstead coatdress she wore to two St. Patrick’s Days in a row. With this latest addition, Kate now has 16 pieces in this same color.

Kate also wore a new pair of Kiki McDonough earrings, the “Blue Topaz and Diamond Drop Earrings in White Gold” (£3,500.00), bringing her Kiki Collection total up to 14.

Kate’s trusty Mappin and Webb Empress necklace and Cartier watch made a reappearance, as did the boring LK Bennett Ferns and Etui Bags nude clutch.

Aside from the color, which just isn’t a favorite of mine, I actually really like the coat itself. I love Kate’s green Emilia Wickstead coat which looks very similar to this one – it’s Number 8 on my Top 25 Favorites list. I actually think this is my favorite of Kate’s powder blue coats. But I hate the boring nude accessories and I’m not a fan of the jewelry either. Pretty coat; needs better accessories.

Stephanie wore a red Paule Ka dress: the Satin Back Crepe Dress (€650.00). It’s got a lot of ruffles.

Here are some more photos:

207 thoughts on “Kate hangs with Stephanie in Luxembourg

  1. Boring coat dress-✔️
    Blah Kiki earrings-✔️
    Even more blah nude accessories-✔️
    OTT makeup-✔️
    Yep all things that are a routine kate visit. We disagree on the coatdress. Kate is true to the styles she likes, it’s so easy to get bored with them and I think that’s where I’m at. At least it wasn’t wrinkled
    I don’t know much about the Luxembourg royals but Stephanie looks lovely here.
    The important ? Is if they tried some of the yummy looking cake?!
    Do just turned 2 yr old school have a trike? I thinking my niece was 3ish when we got her one

    1. The developmental milestone is that you ride a tricycle by 3. Obviously there is a range and some kids will be able to pedal before others. Most two year olds will have a bike but won’t pedal and instead push the bike along with their feet on the ground. Perhaps that’s what Charlotte is doing, though who knows she may be ahead of the curve with gross motor milestones. We definitely don’t see enough of her to know.

      1. My friend’s son will be two on Saturday and is riding a bicycle with training wheels. He hit a growth spurt recently that let his feet reach the pedals. So a tricycle would be possible. He has a BB8 bike though so I bet it’s cooler than what Charlotte has.

    2. The UK sent it’s C-List representative to the official commemoration of the 1867 Treaty of London to be there with delegates from 7 EU members (except for Russia). Interesting. What did the Lux media have to report or comment on this visit?

    3. Totally agree!

      What a waste of …. where is the substance for the high cost RPOs, with Duchy/ taxpayers funds on this vacation and bribe of expensive average middelton earrings.

      The government/people funds would be better serve with Prince Harry Wales!

  2. Pros first. Kate’s clothes are not wrinkled, and I don’t think she looks unkempt. I really like the color of the coat dress. She didn’t seem as nervous and out of her element as she did in the Netherlands (at least in the pictures I saw). Love the color of Stephanie’s dress.

    Cons. Why does she need so many of the same exact coat, earrings, shoes, etc???? I get having one style and sticking to it, but there is no need to have 16 of the same coat dress and 14 of the same earrings! It’s ridiculous. Also not a fan of Stephanie’s ruffles.

    1. The cleaners ruin the clothes? Memory problem? Can’t recall at what residence she left the clothes? Sold them? Rented them?

      1. Can’t recall she has 15 other coat dresses in the same colour or an identical style in green? Can’t recall she has 13 other pairs of Kiki earrings? Doesn’t care because she has unlimited funds at her disposal?

      2. That’s why other ‘working’ Royal ladies have a Dresser! They keep a log of everting from when it was last worn, what event it was worn to, what accessories it was worn with etc. Not a friend with no experience and questionable taste in fashion! Does anybody else think it rather strange that considering it Mental Health week not one of the 3 musketeers have been seen out & about ‘talking’ about / promoting their cause?!?!?

        1. It’s mental health week? I didn’t know that. Gosh, that is sad. You would think that with mental health being the royal 3’s big cause they would have done something this week, even just to acknowledge it. But I guess with the lead up to the marathon they probably feel they did enough. So much for truly caring.

        2. I actually sent them a snarky tweet about it. I follow the nat’l gallery and they tweeted out about an event they’re doing for it. I said something like strange the gallery tweets about this but y’all dont! I guess we know how long their interest lasted.
          Their social media tm (along with everyone else working for them apparently) is abysmal. Clarence House is much better, sad when you think it would be the younger ones that had better sm team

          1. I know, right? I find it so baffling that the young royals are the ones totally blundering the social media game.

          2. But they are no longer young, Em. The Cambs especially are closing in on middle age. The ‘young royals’ at this point is such a misnomer unless you compare them to the queen.

        3. Mental Health Week is 8-14 May in the UK. It illustrates the trio’s true commitment or lack of it. Remember they were only prepared to champion MH until the London marathon despite giving the impression that it was a long-term cause. Only good publicity for themselves, clearly the prime driver, convinced them to stay on it. But is seems, not this week.

          1. I am gobsmacked. Heads Together was all about co-opting the marathon and its peak moment and then buggering off, tossing it all aside like some used tissue. Is there anyone left here who doesn’t see the cynical, self-serving play? Their commitment is a centimetre deep (and yes, I’m looking at you, too, Harry.)

        4. The HT Twitter account @heads_together has been tweeting all week about mental health awareness week providing links on where to get help.

          1. Twitter is lazy and easy. It’s not like it taxes the Cambs and Harry in any way; they can bugger off and let the paid peons do their thing and make them look good.

            Thanks for that, GraceH.

          2. Thanks GraceH; the tweets are useful to those who need the contact details, but shouldn’t they be a back-up to personal activity eg a speech or letter rather than the only communication?

          3. I agree they, or at least one of them, should have done a public appearance this week if they care so much about the cause. But I guess that just goes to show that they really had planned to stop caring about mental health after the London Marathon. Like they’d fix all the problems in a year and wouldn’t have to continue.

          4. Retweets are what get a message moving across the twittersphere. Just one RT of an HT #MHAW2017 by the KP account would have helped. IIRC they didn’t do that for the HT marathon connection either. Don’t want to mix official engagements with their ‘private campaigns’? I noticed the tweet only because I have been looking for any press releases about the amounts rec’d from the marathon’s charity arm. So far I haven’t found any.

          5. This highlights a lack of communication and lack of shared priorities between Jason Knauf and Lorraine Hennessey. I imagine that the stress between those two offices will only worsen as the pressure increases for the royal three to focus more on traditional BRF duties.

          6. Well, a round of applause for the Twitter folk, But, seriously, couldn’t Will, Kate and Harry said something themselves? Or, are they too exhausted from all the appearances leading up to the marathon. Oh, and the actual marathon.

          7. Hi GraceH, Actually I don’t tweet or twit or whatever, but it seems to me that this is no biggee. Heck, there are signs and postings all over the place for where to go get help, and looking in a phone book is just as good as ‘the royal referral’. Just my thoughts. Sometimes, people need the human touch, the words coming out of the mouth of actual human beings and to me this is also passing the buck to electronics instead of visiting the actual centers. Again, I’m of a different generation so that might be why I see it that way 🙂

          8. The fact that they couldn’t even bother with a retweet shows how lazy they and their team are.
            They just misspelled parachuter on the latest tweet which makes me wonder who actually runs it, as they usually have numerous gaffes. Sheesh

    2. Carter, I agree. She did not seem so out of her element as she did in The Netherlands. I think that having another woman with her helped and she seemed more happy.

      So bored with the coat dress look. The color was nice, but oh the nude shoes. Burn them, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      The trip didn’t seem to “send” me. Just rather dull. As for the kids and the biking . I am so surprised she didn’t say George loves to bike (or trike)!

      After a while these mundane visits where Kate does little to sparkle are leaving me colder and colder. I will congratulate her on looking more relaxed.

      File this one under “Who cares?” And, I am not criticizing your amazing ability to get these stories up and running, KMR. I am just being lulled to sleep. by the borish nature of her visits, I think.

      Oh, and score one for that little boy. Shy and sweet!

    3. Am I the only one who wonders why she picked the same color/shade for the dress as for the one she was wearing during her trip to the Netherlands? Why? Is this her interpretation of work attire?

      1. No, you are not, Greta. Another reason, as stated above, why she needs someone to record her attire at each event she attends. It’s laziness at the highest degree and shows a sense of not really caring. Truly, I am becoming more and more bored and upset with Kate. She’s in for a real wake up call if Harry does wed Meghan. Meghan is a go getter. She is a woman who will make a splash wherever she goes and have someone record her every dress, coat, pair of shoes, bag, and jewels for each event she attends. But, beyond that, she will make an enormous impression on the people she meets. Just like Harry does.

        The press will have a field day pitting the two women against one another, which is awful, imo. However, Kate needs to start stepping up. She can make an impression in a way that is different from any other person. She just has to find out who she is and then play that person up when out and about.

        Also, not everyone likes “flashy” types. Kate’s low key way of working — if done sincerely and without angst could win her tons of fans.

  3. I think Princess Alex looks the best out of all of them with her pants and stylish ensemble. She is age appropriate and dressed professionally for the 21st century. Also her pose turning away from the rest sorta confirms what she thinks of the British mannequin.

    If Kate didn’t already have so many powder blue outfits and coat dresses in the same style then this would be fine. But it is so wasteful for her to be wearing a new outfit. It is a disgrace. And again she said nothing. She is utterly useless. Also the blush is worn like how my grandma did and she was born in the 20s. Even the Queen doesn’t wear makeup this poorly.

  4. Firstly, Kate looks nice and pretty. Her hair looks great and shorter….

    BUT- seriously another coatdress???? And one that looks like others she owns. Stop wasting money on clothing that looks like others you own. And another new pair of Kiki’s. She is just throwing money around on each appearance. It would be different if the clothing and jewelry were new and didn’t look like others in her closet. But they do. So Kate looks very nice, but boring and wasting other’s money.

    Kate really has no idea how to accessorize. I really want to help her. I don’t mind the nude heels/purse with this color-although there are really fun nude heels out there other than her basic pumps. Kate probably only thought nude or navy would go with this outfit. But how great would floral print heels looked against the light blue coat? They would look great for spring and bring in some nice color. She probably didn’t even think of a print or bright color for spring. With such a simple dress she can accessorize with a fun heel and clutch. Oh gosh, the earrings look like others she owns (so why buy new) and the necklace does not go with the earrings. She really needs some advice

    1. Floral heels would have looked super. Just a little kick of excitement. Didn’t even notice she was wearing a necklace – too insignificant, as are anything Kiki.

      1. A quietly stated loan from HM jewels would be such a great statement! Instead she is of the celebrity kind, and nothing regal.

    2. Totally agree about the fashion and blah accessories. However I thought her hair looked bad, and got more scraggly at the ends as the day wore on. The one thing of Stephanie’s that Kate should borrow was her hairdo. Sophisticated and stayed neat.

      1. You are right. At the start of her visit her hair looked good, but by the end it was scraggly. It had lost it umph. I am surprised her hairstylist didn’t come along to freshen her hair up. Limp hair is what happens to us normal people by the end of the day :). I thought Stephanie’s hair-do was so pretty. I was surprised Kate wore her hair down for this day-I expected an up-do.

  5. I thought Princess Stephanie looked to be in her 40’s. What an awful red ruffle dress. She is actually younger than Kate having just turned 33. She probably also is quite smart…has a degree and knows several languages. It was interesting to read up on this young princess.

    Kate looks really good in this color blue. I sure do love those earrings. The coat dress is okay in this style.

  6. The lamest most useless one-day tour. She said nothing, did nothing of note, and ugh. So disappointing.

    This coat dress is the same as the green one, and looks poorly tailored at that. ANOTHER blue one. Another $5k pair of Kiki earrings. Gah! Kate! What are you doing!!

    1. Exactly, Ellie! This was basically a paid mini-break to Lux with a guided half-day tour. She was only there for about 4 hours, right? She did nothing of import, gave no speech (or even made interesting small talk), and accomplished nothing, really. Well, except giving her 5 more “engagements” for her year-end total.

      I’m so tired of stupid engagements being created to send Kate and Will to, to make them look important. This event would have gone on exactly as it did if Kate hadn’t been there. She added nothing. And, I don’t see how having her there made any difference to the UK’s relationship to the rest of the EU or how it added value to the 150 anniversary.

      With regard to her clothes, I am sooooo sick of seeing the (almost) exact same coat dress, earrings, shoes. That coat, to me, was dying for a brooch or some kind of ornamentation to break up that bland swath of powder blue coat dress. And the nude shoes…blech. @Overit and Jen, yes, floral or patterned shoes would have been great. She really lacks creativity!

      @Poppy, above, YES, she really does need a real, professional dresser…but she also needs to LISTEN to said professional. I think part of the problem is that she supposedly doesn’t listen to experts (wanting to do her own wedding day makeup, horrid dress sense), so I don’t think it matters who she has advising her if she won’t listen.

      It’s so confusing to me – if I had access to amazing clothes and some royal jewels, I would be rocking some lovely, creative (but appropriate to my role) outfits. She’s just.so.BORING and predictable. She’s such a disappointment in so many ways, not only on the fashion front.

      1. Imagine if Charles went to Luxembourg. There’d be meetings with ex-pats, businesspeople, government folk, the real purpose of these supposed Brexit charm tours–to encourage business and trade relations with the UK. The trip to Austria and Italy C&C took was far more useful and interesting, with speeches, soundbytes and meeting some cool, influential people…

      2. @gudgeon “This was basically a paid mini-break to Lux with a guided half-day tour.”

        I’m beginning to think this was a quick ‘bucket list’ trip — just to say “Been there, done that. Next country!”

        1. Yes! Wasn’t this how their first North American tour (when first married) was planned? Kate made up a list of places she always wanted to go…and voila, royal tour. That’s why the trip included the bizarre stop in Hollywood and going to see Anne of Green Gables location…because Kate wanted to meet Angelina Jolie and Anne of GG was her favorite book as a child.

          Complete indulgence of William & Kate (once married in) instead of the focus being on the real needs of the royal family/the queen or the countries they are supposed to be serving. Same with their other tours where they always manage to include several days of “private vacation.” It’s a pretty good scam they’ve got going…

      3. “I’m so tired of stupid engagements being created to send Kate and Will to, to make them look important. This event would have gone on exactly as it did if Kate hadn’t been there. She added nothing. And, I don’t see how having her there made any difference to the UK’s relationship to the rest of the EU or how it added value to the 150 anniversary.”


      4. I agree. Nothing of merit on this trip. She just seemed to blend in and then off she went! What really was the point of this trip if it seemed so unmemorable? I guess those who actually met her, came away with something, but I would like to know what it exactly was. “She was nice. She has a pretty smile….” Blah, blah, blah..

        I found it interesting that the photo with the artwork seemed to be all blue and beige, too. Did she know that going in? If so, couldn’t she have punched up her look a bit?

    2. Ellie, the price of those ear rings is outrageous and really does point out what the press notices. Ear rings. Who measures the worth of a person by ear rings and what have they to do with anything. I am in the minority here, but to me that coat dress looked like a flannel bathrobe in some pictures and only the pleats or whatever took it out of that category. This visit was nothing but a pain in the drain to the people of Luxembourg, backed up traffic and folderol.
      That coat dress had some real ‘flash’ potential, and I just can’t get past the cost of a photo op for an airhead. If this was something to ‘improve relations’ I don’t see how it did anything, so if anyone knows what was supposed to be accomplished please advise me. This airhead has nothing of substance to offer in that area, imo. Her demeanor alone kills any credibility for me.

      1. I wonder if Kate’s parents are at home and proud seeing their daughter work.Because to say the truth, neither Pippa nor James do anything with substance for others or earning money in any noticeable way.Kate must seen as hard-working in this family, earning nothing for herself on such engagements except for new clothes.

  7. It’s sad that the best part of Kate’s visit is that she wasn’t wrinkled this time?

    It seemed to me like there was a group of grown up taking a child around their city. The kid made no speech, looked bored/ zoned out at the art exhibition. Only seemed to come to life when there was a sporty male to flirt with?

    Another pale blue coat, another pair of overpriced Kiki earrings, messy hair, clutch being pushed into her private parts… Yep, it’s the Kate on Tour show.


    1. I am giving a huge sigh, too, Cathy,

      What a boring trip. A boring coat dress and boring accessories, too.
      If Kate didn’t own several outfits just like this one — but, in different colors — it might have impressed me a tad. However, it’s just a repeat of a style that is her “go to” look.

      The nude shoes have got to go, too. I am so sick of them.

      And, the fact that she was not wrinkled is the only plus. But, why should she be? It just takes practice and a sense of caring when you sit down.

      She did seem more relaxed, but this was a major snooze fest for me. Nothing of import happened and I am getting more and more fed up with all the hoopla that surrounds a very vanilla Duchess.

      1. My guess is she seems relaxed because Willy isn’t there and because she is being taken care of and catered to. Nothing is being asked of her. She didn’t even give a little speech to commemorate the occasion so what was the point?

        1. Yes, she is being catered to and that is vital to Kate. She is very needy and never shies from mentioning those in the family who appear to take care of her. Hey, we all need that sometimes, but we all stand up on our own two feet very often, too. She’s such a child.

        2. Forgive me for not understanding, but would giving a speech have been typical? If, say, Charles had visited would he just give kind of a “It’s so wonderful to celebrate this occasion with you” quick tribute or would it be more substantial?

          1. Charles gives substantial speeches and would probably point on history, UK-Lux links, so on and so forth.

            Kate can’t even give any interesting comments except talking about the kids. It’s so irritating a grown woman with a university education cannot function. She married A JOB. A NATION (many nations, technically!).

          2. I don’t know if it would have been typical but it would have been pertinent and gracious. Just to say, as a rep of the queen and British people, you are thrilled and honoured to be there to celebrate the anniversary…etc. etc, and thank your host country on this momentous and historical occasion for allowing you to be part of the celebration. Say something positive about hopes for their future. Etcetera. Etcetera. It’s not rocket science.

            But then you’d actually have to be conscious (and that includes her PR team).

        3. Maybe the photographers didn’t capture any moments of Kate actually acknowledging Stephanie (such as looking at her and smiling at her), but KM does seem to be persistently robotic and incapable of connecting with anyone except handsome fawning men. Stephanie is two years younger than KM but exudes a polished sophistication that eludes KM.

          Once again KM underwhelms and is completely out of her depth in a role that requires graciousness, poise, curiosity and generosity. During this visit, as in all of her visits, she gives off a pitiful, helpless aura that demands others rush to prop her up and over perform to make up for KM’s lack of essential life skills such as showing interest in others beyond what how they can personally benefit her.

  8. Kate looks good, nothing exciting but she doesn’t have to in my opinion.Next time, she will wear something brighter.
    My interest here is on Stephanie.I try to make her out.She is an interesting person, her studies, her upbringing but she acts sometimes…how can I say? She is royal, she always was, but she seems not carefree to show herself.

    1. Perhaps the word you’re looking for is “snobbish” or “stuck up”? The clear difference between how she acts when around royals vs. when she’s doing her extremely rare events with everyday people in Luxembourg tells the tale. It isn’t shyness or unease in public, it is clear preference for one group over the other.

      She flies under the radar because few people follow Lux, and IMO far too many people give her a pass as “a noble bride”. She is a marked contrast to her mother-in-law Maria-Teresa, and not in positive ways.

      1. Did you notice Princess Alexandra standing next to Stephanie in the group photo? She was literally turning her back on Stephanie and was scowling pretty hard, I wonder what that’s all​ about?

        1. I thought that was interesting too. I think they said a few months ago that Alexandra was pursuing a Masters in conflict management in Ireland (Dublin?). Why she had to fly back to be part of this fiasco, who knows?

          1. I doubt she flew back specifically for this. She was probably already in town and that’s why she was included. The other Lux children and spouses weren’t included.

          2. If she’s at Trinity, which has a conflict management masters, she’s smack in the middle of exam week.


            Louis and Tessy live in London and are in the middle of a divorce. Sebastian is at Sandhurst, she’s in school in Ireland. Felix and Clare are staying out of the limelight in Geneva. So Alex being here is strange to me.

          3. Depends if she is doing the course on campus or via distance mode. PG courses can be either course based or research-based. Not so much exams but papers to complete (coursework) or a major thesis (research).

      2. Stephanie is so much worse than Kate insofar as working, she’s only done, what, 2-3 solo engagements EVER in the five years she’s been married? It’s so weird.

        1. Maria-Teresa commented years ago that they do “less of the royal thing” than others. She’s been changing that, especially through her work with microfinance and refugees. They’ve made it clear their four younger children have to support themselves, they won’t be part of the royal machine.

          Her “noble” daughter-in-law? She lived at home until she married at 28, never worked except a few months temp job as an admin assistant at her brother’s investment firm. Basically she was sitting around waiting to be matched with a “suitable” husband. Her own parents appear to be a noble-to-noble arranged match with her late mother being 20 years younger than her father.

          She said 5 years ago she wanted to “do something for the elderly”. Thus far, she’s done nothing for them. She likes dressing up, spending money on designer clothes, hanging out with royals, and going on trips where she’s the center of attention. They were in Paris recently, now they’re in Italy. Looking at art exhibits.

          She was handed the presidency of one of the museums a couple years ago. The most important event for Lux museums is the Night of Museums where they stay open extra late. In 5 years, she has never bothered to show up.

          I think she gets treated differently because 1) being “noble” pleases the racist royal watchers who don’t like Maria-Teresa and 2) when the majority of criticism published is in Luxembourgish and German, English-only royal watchers don’t know it is out there.

          1. Sounds like Kate and Stephanie are kindred spirits. They could compare notes on how to catch a rich royal husband! Sounds crass when I put it like that, but sometimes the truth hurts.

          2. I think it is the truth. She was never going to marry “outside her class”. Her snobby behavior is bad enough, but when compared with how wonderful MT is, it is even worse.

          3. I honestly don’t understand how these women are acceptable to anyone, let alone their husbands. Sounds like Stephanie and Kate are indeed kindred spirits with weak husbands who cannot attract better.

  9. Oh my gosh, this coat is so BORING!

    It’s nice, but it’s just so… blah. The nude boring accessories don’t do it any favours.

    It just looks like anything else she wears

  10. Kate’s eye makeup continues to look less harsh, which is lovely, and her hair looks nice with layers. If she tones down the blush, it’d be great. She is naturally very pretty.

    The coat is pretty too. I prefer the green version. But, as everyone has mentioned, how many blue coats does one need? And, Kiki jewels continue to look like Swarovski crystals to me that you could find at your local mall.

    This visit seemed pleasant but rather pointless – without reading about it, no one would ever guess this visit was about a commemoration of a 1867 treaty. The historical aspect was really lost in the quick museum visit and cycling. I fail to see how this improves Brexit relationships.

    1. I wonder if they are struggling to find public functions to attend? Like the Netherlands trip, it appears ‘make work’ work to look busy. I’m not sure what they achieve. These days must cost a bit to pull off, on both sides of the English Channel. The domestic visits by royals cost councils and other agencies in security etc; austerity measures must affect the frequency of such events if services to ordinary people are cut to the bone.

    2. To be honest, I fail to see how any royal visit would boost any post-brexit relationship, regardless if it’s a heavy weight like Charles vs a light weight like Kate. Maybe it’s because I’m looking at this from an American perspective. At least in America, the royal family are celebrities. Our news sources on the royals are People magazine and E! News. The nuances of their position are lost on us. The idea of William and Kate coming to America to butter us up for a sweet trade deal is akin to us sending Angelina Jolie to the UK. Could someone from Europe or a Commonwealth country weigh in? Are they seen any differently? I’m super curious.

        1. +2 from another one. On this side of the pond they really are viewed as entertainment and they have done absolutely nothing whatsoever to discourage that. Nothing. At. All. Thankfully for the world they are pretty much ornamental and w/o real **power**. but with their antics and sense of absolute entitlement they are also very annoying in what they take away from the people. The least they could do is be grateful clowns.

      1. From an Aussie perspective, the royals are akin to celebrities you see on TV or other media. People do come out to see them when they visit, but more out of curiosity than being devoted to the monarchy. Kids are deliberately hauled out of school to make up crowd numbers; they love it – an afternoon off and the chance of being on the news that night. Woohoo! The exception would be many elderly people, those who experienced WWII, can recall the Empire from their parents, who saw the Commonwealth at its height; they love the Queen.

        The reason for visits to us are tenuous, but consist of pretty much what you saw in Luxembourg today. Tours to wineries, beaches, resorts, sampling the best of Australia, and on top of that a few ceremonial duties to justify the exercise. These might be attending a service to honour fallen soldiers, meet the Governor-General (The Queen’s rep in Australia), meet politicians. It’s pretty much a holi-tour. In a robust, multi-cultural, independent nation, 12,000 miles away from the UK, there’s no need for monarchy but people are polite to them. Several years ago Charles wanted to set up a residence here, complete with servants, land etc but the Australian Government declined the request as it was “not a funding priority for Australians.” Slap down. And both major parties are committed to constitutional reform to move to a republic.

        This week our House of Representatives is holding hearings about how to enhance Australia’s trade and investment with Britain post-Brexit. The Export Council of Australia (ECA), which is the peak industry body for Australia’s exporters and importers, believes Brexit will create both opportunities and challenges for Australia’s trade, and likely to grow. They’re looking for a high quality free trade agreement. Now, you could argue that treating royals to all sorts of Australian goods will enhance such a move, giving products exposure due to press etc. I suspect the celebrity status obscures the point of visits. The hard yards are done by experienced trade and diplomatic folk.

        1. I never heard that about Charles. I did hear years and years ago in the 60s he looked into the possibility of being the Governor General, but it was shot down; William also did the same, ha! At least Charles had some ties having gone to school in Australia for a year.

          1. “William also did the same”
            I don’t remember reading about that.
            When was that? Before or after marriage?
            I’ve thought a few times that he & wifey should have been shipped off to one of the islands to be GG for a while until PG had to go to big boy school. Bermuda maybe.

          2. The Charles story came to light as part of the annual release of historic government papers each year. At one point, I think there was an idea floated from the UK that William could be GG but again, this was rejected. Australia has moved on from that level of forelock tugging (at least, I hope so), having its own capable, experienced and accomplished citizens to take up senior roles. Other Commonwealth countries would be in the same position. The royals just don’t have what it takes to occupy such roles. Plus there would be more ongoing everyday work involved in these roles – far more than William and Kate do, or would be prepared to do.

          3. Ha! I think this was after uni when he was looking for more things to do with himself to avoid Big Boy Work.

            Not like he’s inexperienced in avoiding work, he is quite good at it.

  11. While not a ruffles fan – I think Steph Lux looks good – the dress fits her well, it is not too full fabric wise (as per Kate) her hair is up and nicely styled. She ticks the boxes – which she often does not do. Gui looks better than usual too. +1 to Lux RF, they are on point, Kate – yet another samey, samey day out

    1. I think Kate looks better than Stephanie. Kate’s outfit may be safe and boring, but it fits her well and is sleek. Stephanie’s dress doesn’t fit as well and I can’t stand ruffles.

      1. That’s true, Stephanie’s dress doesn’t fit well.
        Of course, someone as slim as Kate doesn’t have the problem that a dress doesn’t fit.It just could be bad tailored which is not the case here, so Ican say that Kate is dressed properly here.

      2. I like Stephanie’s dress- it has panache. And it works on her, IMO, seems to look great especially in motion and it is not wearing her. Kate’s is safe. And dull. And predictable. And unimaginative. And unmemorable. And lifeless. I guess if one is seeing her for the first time I suppose she looks okay if uninspired.

      3. I agree, I don’t mind Stephanie’s dress and it looks good on her, but I like Kate’s dress better. I think she looks really pretty and to someone who never follows her ‘fashion’ they would probably see a photo and think how great she looks. It is only really boring and repetitive to those who follow Kate.

        1. I’m with KMR on the lousy fit. It leaves a lot to be desired, as does her apparent lack of slip. I do not need to see her too-tight bikini underwear lines and the line where her to-the-waist nylons end (an inch below the waist of her dress). Just go up a size and wear a full slip.


          For someone who spends a lot of money on designer clothes, and keeps buying Chanel handbags, she doesn’t know how to pick something that fits and flatters.

          1. I think of Stephanie as having a Judy Garland figure, short-waisted and bosomy. Makes her hard to fit, and likely to look matronly. But I think the ruffles were not a good disguise.

  12. Stephanie looks lovely taking into consideration that she’s been celebrating for the last two days , the red looks good on her , her smile is natural and reaches her eyes with sweet unexaggerated reactions .

    1. I agree!

      Poor Stephanie, after being in the company of confident regal adults , Countess Sophie – she they had to rush back to hold the hand of this 16 years wait, of a useless teenage-adult middelton of GB.

      Willnot cannot middeltons will be the end of the monarchy!

  13. Is this really only the second time in six years that the future Queen consort has made a solo overseas visit???

    I’d like to get a closer look at Stephanie’s purse. There seems to be some interesting beads on it.

    Yeah. This blue coat pretty much looks like every other coat Kate owns and while I love blue topaz because it is my birrh stone Kiki’s are overpriced and the beige accessories are sad. A pretty pearl or aquamarine brooch from the Queen’s collection would have looked nice.

    Thank you for being so diligent about writing every day, KMR!

    1. You’re right about a brooch — while I love the Empress pendant, it’s too small and gets lost here. A brooch would have been lovely and been more visually interesting.

    2. I think there was a lot of hand holding on this trip, I’ve read that the Queen’s private secretary Christopher Geidt and longtime adviser David Manning were with her. So perhaps that is why she was reasonbly alert and engaged.

      1. Maybe that’s the key: sending her with courtiers who will hold her to a standard. If she and William knew there was someone observing who had clout (obviously not the public or press, as the feedback from us/them result in zero change) then perhaps they’d be compelled to read briefings and be engaged. Perhaps they could even help Kate, at last, with her speaking abilities.

      2. A lot of hand holding? This amazes me. How old is Kate? How long has she been a member of the Royal Family? Why does she need to have her hand held at events? This is beyond comprehension. She’s an adult woman. A mother of two. She schemed and planned and held on for dear life for countless years and finally got William to give her Big Blue. She’s not a toddler. Not a baby. But, even such wee ones seem to have more inner strength than she seems to possess.

        I suppose she uses the “poor me,” attitude to get out of things she does not want to do. I also think she loves to be pampered and catered to at all times. It’s actually annoying.

        Grow up, Kate. You are in your 30s. At this rate, you’ll be 50 and just about ready for college. Of course, not a sleep away school. You’ll live at home. Or, you can wait til Charlotte enrolls at university and share a room with her. God help the child! I’m thinking spunky Charlotte will run as far away as she can once she’s old enough to fly.

        1. “spunky Charlotte will run as far away as she can once she’s old enough to fly.” Dear God, I hope so. I truly hope that she’s not like her father, whining and complaining about all the stress or whatever and simply takes action and moves in her **own** direction. She’s a precious little girl and deserves to be Charlotte, not picked apart and analyzed regarding who she looks like, and burdened with others expectations.

          1. I truly believe Charlotte will be her own woman. She’ll drive Kate to distraction. But, that is a good thing. It’s George who may not be able to buck his parents. Although, hopefully……

      1. Point being?

        Kate barely does any work. If Camilla doesn’t either than she should be criticised for that, too.

        I am tired of making excuses for Kate’s lack of initiative and work ethic.

        1. Bashing other royal women to make Kate look good is really disingenuous. Kate doesn’t really work. Period. And when she does, she shows herself as uninterested, uneducated and just window dressing. Yes, she’s gotten better, giving speeches and saying things once in awhile, but for a foreign representative of a nation you’d expect far more. Camilla and Sophie run circles around Kate. Sophie’s done many, many solo visits, given speeches, had intelligent, interesting things to say to prove she knows what she’s doing and what she’s there for. Camilla as well though I’m not sure about the solo overseas visits, but who cares, Kate is a healthy 35 year old woman who wants to be a kept trophy wife who trots out to be pretty and talk about how well taken care of she is then go back to her country home or mummy’s house. It’s frustrating when there could be potential there.

          1. IMO bashing **anybody** to make yourself or someone else look better is a sign of insecurity and lack of confidence, not to mention a total waste of energy which could certainly be put to better use. Can’t go into politics here, but that seems to be the modus operandi of politicians.

        2. Camilla is a tad bit older than the supposedly young, fresh, glowing, beaming Kate:) And while I know the ‘story’ I think that Camilla has focused on causes that she knows about and really seems to put her heart into them.

      2. I’ve read elsewhere that Camilla sometimes travels separately from Charles for their joint tours as she can suffer bad vertigo brought on by airplane travel.

        She may travel a day ahead of him in order to recover her equilibrium physically. Once they’re there, these are the two who knocked out roughly the same # of engagements in 5 days in Canada that W&K did in three weeks in AU and NZ.

        Camilla is turning 70 this summer. If she has a physical problem that turns a 1/2 day trip into a 3-day one because of physical illness brought on by air travel, I’d rather she stay in the UK and work there. Better to keep her overseas things to longer tours where she can put in lots of engagements in a row, once the travel illness is done.

          1. Yes, a couple years after their wedding. She broke her leg out hill walking a few years ago. Her mother passed from complications from osteoporosis, so who knows if Camilla is impacted too. I don’t know if she’s all that hale and hearty.

  14. Kate looks beyond blah-no accessories, boring nude shoes and purse, typical Kiki earrings-small stone on top, larger stone on bottom. Pasty skin, no lipstick and stringy hair. The coat style is nice and it fits her well but how many coats in this identical style does she need? Again, this is the best we can expect from her, she has no spark or inner light that comes through, it is just who she is.

  15. Safe and boring as always. Six years of marriage and only two solo trips. I guess she isn’t too keen to fill her diary. Well William, Harry, and Kate better buckle up and be ready to step up. Fill the void left by Prince Philip when he starts winding down his engagements come this fall. Yet I don’t think the three of them can take on all that between them. That might be overworked in the realm of what they are use to. I like Harry. I have a lot of respect for him. The work he does with wounded warriors and in with children in Africa is wonderful. Yet the day to day engagements in the UK need to be filled as well. As for Will Not and Can Not I will always be on the fence about them. They have done nothing but ride the wave of newly married/New parents/I have toddlers for too long. Time to work Duke and Duchess.

  16. Ohhhh, our girl Kate. So trusty in a coat dress.

    I will give her props for this event though. She seemed engaged and was nicely put together (aka no fly ups and no wrinkles). I think this event called for a new outfit, but I don’t believe that it should be a new outfit that looks like something that she already owns. It would have been nice of her to wear something from a designer from the country she’s visiting.

  17. Did she wear a new outfit? Yes. Boring? Yes. Did she get taken care of? Yes. Did she make a little speech? No. Why was she there? For the photo op.

    Another fluffy holitour.

    Moreover, her conversations are as deep as dry brook. The cyclist said he had a love-hate relationship with the Tour de France. Did she follow up? No. She went to default and talked about the kiddies.

    Her kids have to be the most generic kids ever born with no uniqueness or individuality according to her. They get excited trying to ride bikes. Um, yeah. Duchess of Dull with her dull kiddies.

    BTW, the hem of her trusty coatdress is a mess and the blingy Kikis don’t suit the outfit or occasion.

    1. Spot on. Agree. Generic kids is right, and it’s pathetic. If George and Charlotte could read they would probably be amazed at what they like, and sooner or later I’m hoping that when Kate mumbles out that George is very fond of something he says, ‘no I’m not’.

  18. I really like the blue topaz and diamond earrings Kate wore to Luxembourg and can see them becoming part of a future royal collection, but at the risk of sounding snobbish, I am envisioning the provenance statement and (to me) Kiki McDonough does not have the same ring as Cartier or Garrard.

    P.S. Awesome sauce points to you KMR. I google searched “kiki mcdonough duchess of cambridge” and your August 2016 article was the top result and as I scrolled through the article I noticed that you updated it with this latest acquisition.

  19. I don’t think it is unsurprising she favours the 1950s housewife silhouette again. I reckon she would love to be ‘just’ a housewife albeit one with oodles of help rather than work.
    I don’t feel that Kate actually has much of a link with reality. I think she has a skewed worldview courtesy of mummy and that she truly believes it is her role to be taken care of.
    I also think both her and William would if they could give up their roles happily. I find that kind of sad really, they could have such a powerful influence but one always gets that sense of reluctance from them to really engage.

  20. Also with brexit I think life in the UK is going to get much harder and this is going to have a knock on effect with the RF. People who are struggling to eat and pay bills will not want kate and her new outfits rammed down their throats.
    Unless the RF start to rethink what a monarchy should look like and do in this day and age I think they risk becoming increasingly irrelevant. Crowds at appearances much reduced and continue to fall.
    Young people do not have the fondness for the BRF my generation do, my daughter’s find them a pointless anachronism.
    I think WK are really overdoing the privacy for them and their children. They might find when they want attention it is too late no one is watching any more.
    Troubled times ahead methinks, particularly for a couple seen as workshy and aloof.

    1. +1 I agree with your daughters. I personally find the monarchy something that belongs in the past and has no relevance in the future. It’s fun to watch them and ogle the tiaras but when it comes down to it, the last thing I would want my taxes to pay for is yet another over priced nude pump from someone that hasn’t shown the slightest interest in the country they leech off of.

      1. Exactly And let’s be honest, we all like to look at and admire beautiful people. And call it Disney-fication or what have you, but we like our Princesses to be beautiful and Princes to be handsome.

        Diana had the star power that she did and pulled in huge crowds in her day, because she was quite simply, stunning! And rocked the hell out of her outfits on top of that. And what do we have with the current crop of Windsors? Harry is handsome now, but he is fast losing his hair and until & unless he is one of those guys that look sexy with a bald look, I can imagine a lot of fangirls would turn their collective backs on him and there he loses his fan club.

        When Kate can be considered the most photogenic of the lot and the rest of them look like beavers with their protruding teeth (Countess of Wessex is too far down the royal line for anyone to care)…yea, I can imagine the younger generation won’t want to fall on their knees to worship this lot, like the Windsors have come to expect.

        1. I always think ‘money talks’. I obviously not in the UK, but I don’t see the money invested into this family returned to the UK or any place that they visit. For example, when they came to BC the idea was that they were coming to promote tourism in that province. BC doesn’t need that in the least. It’s a hot spot for tourism and investment, just look at their real estate market.

          As a tourist going to the UK, the royal family isn’t so much as a draw for me and nor I believe for others. It’s more their homes, their jewels, and their history that are the draw, not the actual human beings.

          1. I so agree with you. I just moved from BC and the last thing BC needs is publicity for tourism. The place is choking with tourists.

            And yes, who cares about seeing the BRF? It’s the stuff that matters, like awesome historical places and jewels and the beautiful land and its people. There is so much stuff that is way more attractive than the BRF could ever be- unless we are invited to dine with them. At a gala. With tiaras.

          2. @MAfromthe6ix, increasing tourism is also the reason given to us in Australia when costs of a Royal Tour are brought to light. It can never be proven simply because so many tourism campaigns are running at any given time, plus the claim is also said to kick in a few years down the track, by which time everyone has forgotten.

            Visiting the UK for me is not at all based on the Royal Family; it’s about the country itself and its uniqueness, the people one happens to meet, cultural experiences, museums and galleries etc and just the everyday experience of being somewhere different.

        2. It is true that Kate has absolutely no star power and I am not sure that can be cultivated. At best she is a dim bulb in more ways than one. It is rather unfortunate that there is really nothing about her that makes her interesting and she exhibits no interest in changing or learning. I could never imagine her attending or speaking at some of the events that Maxima, Letizia or Victoria attend that have to do with business or economics. Her diminished status within the BRF comes through loud and clear based on the types of engagements she does.

          1. I believe that Kate actually doesn’t need star power. Most of us don’t have it. But showing an interest, being knowledgeable, engaged and compassionate can be even better than star power. Giving one’s time and interest and support goes a long way. She is bereft of it all.

          2. Agreed, Maven. Most members of the BRF lack star power and still do their jobs just fine. I’d argue a young handsome Philip had some in his day, as did/does Harry.

          3. I agree. She just needs to find herself and reflect who she is to others in an honest way. She needs to relate to people more and look and feel conficent in hr role Nothing is worse than being introduced to someone who is a nervous wreck and you find yourself having to put them at ease. She’s the Royal one, she needs to make sure that the people who meet her are put at ease.

            She doesn’t have “it,” but she has to have something. We all do.

          4. I agree that she doesn’t need star power. Honestly the Queen doesn’t have it, and she is one of the most beloved royals of all time. Her sister had it, but I think in the end the Queen’s sense of duty endeared her to the people more.

    2. I agree. All the things we dislike about will and kate aren’t going to suddenly change if/when will becomes king and by then it will too late. The people who hold on to the monarchy for the sake of hx will be long gone and younger generation don’t see the point. The one thing going in their favor is general apathy. It’s when people become outraged about the situation will it change.
      Meanwhile Richard palmer is back to writing sickly sweet articles. At least about this visit. It seems he only snarks on twitter

      1. I’m surprised they are not already outraged. If the role of monarch was downsized considerably to just state-associated functions with only a modest per diem paid, no charity work included in the mix, no residences for family etc, just a wing for the monarch, I wonder how keen the Windsor’s would be to hang on?

        1. I wonder too how keen would Kate be to remain married to a boor like William and for Meghan Markle to marry Harry? If the tap of free money was shut off, I bet neither woman would be too keen to stay married or marry into this family. Let’s be real here, what other selling point do William and Harry really have to them, apart from the Prince in front of their names?

          1. No selling points really due to ‘prince’ as a prefix. It means never having to try, to succeed, to develop as a person,to be responsible or accountable because someone will always clean up the mess. It is a stunted life. Unfortunately, every little girl has had some level of conditioning to compete with other women, men being the ‘prize’. Surely the biggest prize of all must be marrying a ‘prince’? I recall reading an article from a security person that Kate quickly got used to the absolute privilege attached to William; it must be incredibly seductive when all barriers to the good (material) life disappear. And hard to walk away from.

          2. “Unfortunately, every little girl has had some level of conditioning to compete with other women, men being the ‘prize’.”

            With all due respect, this is not so. The idea is stereotypical. *Some* females are conditioned to this way of thinking but especially after the feminist revolution I doubt that holds sway now when women need and want to make their own way in the world. One has to feel really insecure to take that tack. It’s rather puerile to dream about the prince nowadays.

            I do agree that privilege by being royal-adjacent must be like heroin to a junkie. Don’t you wonder if you could resist? I wonder, until I think about the fact that the guy is unlearned, unsophisticated and a mama’s boy, LOL. Filthy lucre and careless opulence and privilege then have to be the only goal left. It’s hard to imagine being saddled to a dum-dum. I don’t know how Wallis stood it. Well, she did have great jewels.

          3. For some people, the prince part is a detriment. Chelsy certainly didn’t like it in the end, and Letizia was said to be a Republican who refused Felipe three times before finally agreeing to a date.

          4. I knew what you meant by referring to them being Princes. With that comes fame and riches, which is what a lot of people dream about. I don’t think William could get anyone that great on his own. Harry probably could do slightly better because of the personality he seems to have.

        2. I think wk will be/are the catalyst people need to wake them up. Their constant cry for privacy- even on tours, work shy ways, William’s constant dour expression.
          I think people are slowly coming out of their slumber.

        3. My British friends (and my family) seem to not care much about the monarchy. It is just /there/ and always has been, a pillar of society and government in that sense, but nothing to care very much about. They all, for the most part, adore W&K and think William should be king after Charles because a younger man with a family is more interesting and he is seen as better, more intelligent, yadda-yada than his father.

          I doubt the monarchy is going anywhere, but things do need to change… Too bad Charles isn’t already on the throne as he has good ideas and a good sense about things and people, he could send the monarchy down a new path that will be beneficial for the institution and probably the country. Less money, for one.

          I’d rather spend my tax bucks on a neutral head-of-state than waste my money on our American government, honestly, haha.

          1. Ellie, I think that the ‘firm’ has counted on ‘flying and feasting under the radar for centuries’. It’s now that they are out and about all over the social media that their cover is being blown and personally I think they will last a whole lot longer in the obscenely hedonistic leeching lifestyles if they lay low. Rather like an old rug, just there until a new housekeeper comes in and is appalled at the grunge and pitches it out.

      2. Hi Sarah, I agree and am amazed at the fans who believe that once William and Kate become the PoW’s then suddenly they will work a ton. Whenever I ask said fans “what in either Will’s or Kate’s work history leads you to believe that” I get called jealous ,etc.. Rather funny, in my opinion.

  21. This visit seems like such a waste of time, effort and funds. A visit for nothing but photo ops. Other than the usual oddly-fitted waistline of her coatdress, the only thing that caught my eye was how frozen her forehead was in every single picture. The DM had a great close up of her face where you can see the lines running along side her nose, since her brow cannot budge one little bit. Yes, she’ll spend money and time on hair dye, extensions, botox and fillers, but that expensive head of hers is completely empty. Unless she ups her game and gives the press some substance, having Kate do more of this sort of “work” will only serve to show how pointless she really is.

      1. I was wondering how she got there, so thanks for posting that. I know Belgium was a public flight and she was so praised for it. So I half expected her to take a public flight again. But I am not surprised at all she took a private plane. Which country foots the bill for this visit? I feel for them.

      2. Private jet? I wonder if we’ll get confirmation on that. LuxAir has flights between Lux and London several times a day. Could have taken the national airline of the country she was visiting, that would have looked good.

        1. Visiting Lux from mainland Europe is a short, efficient train ride. Travelling from Britain is more dificult as the flights are infrequent.

      3. And virtually no-one to see her either, just officials plus people associated with the various activities, and a few kids and their parents roped in. No crowds at all, hence the closely cropped images.

        And £8000+ for new clothes plus private jet to do nothing, say nothing for an extended photo op. What has the world come to.

        1. My thoughts exactly Jen. I guess we all wanted Kate to work more and now she is “working” more but costing taxpayers more as well, with her need for a new outfit every-time this dull, selfish woman heads out the door tottering with big and nude heels on her gym-honed legs. “Be careful what you wish for” comes to mind here- cheaper to keep this woman at home and let her husband & mom & childrens’ nannies ‘take care of her’

          1. What ‘work’ comprises for a royal is the question here. And it’s a hard one to nut out because there really isn’t much of a job there to do, apart from the monarch’s constitutional role and surrounding pomp. Extending the role to include charity engagements is relatively new but invented for self-serving reasons and of course it’s grown like Topsy, but should royals really be paid to do that? And little tours such as this one today reveal the emptiness and cost of the exercise. Maybe there’s a limited role for the monarch and spouse of the day; the rest of the family need to make their own way in life, no money, no housing etc.

          2. I’d guess it comprises overseeing staff to ensure house is running smoothly and children are washed, fed etc. Daily exercising; being made aware by her KP staff as to upcoming events; pottering; reading and colouring; spending some time with her children; daily calls to her mother and sister; shopping online and in person (pots of it). That would easily eat up most of her day. Was it Ellie who said a former RPO said she shopped all the time?

          3. I doubt that Kate oversees staff. She now has *two* housekeepers so I guess Mummy has finally gone home? If not, Mummy is the keeper of the keys and oversees the running of the house.

            As for Kate: I imagine she gets up, drinks a protein smoothie, and exercises with her trainer for at least a couple of hours. She then surfs the net for shopping opportunities. She will have tea. At some point she receives the nannies to inquire about the kiddies and give orders. And then Mummy tells her what needs doing. If she is free from the palace. She will see the kiddies from her window, having fun with the nanny. Later in the day she’ll have them around for a short while.

            If not free from the palace, she will look to Willy’s bidding, royal bidding, but as long as there is no bidding she is shopping and colouring and perusing fashion mags and looking at photoshopped pics of herself and spending some time getting the servants to curtsey and bow to her. And planning her next assault on designers. When she isn’t spending massive amounts of time hanging with her family, and plotting.

      4. Cannot be bother to be sure – what a waste of GB resources – after days of laziness – extravagnt spending for wedding for overseas vacation disguise as government brexit nonsense. This of the same who fails at royal duties- representing charities, the needy, what a waste.

  22. I loved the coat dress. I know she has so many, but this one is really nice. The tailoring is gorgeous and I’ll bet that skirt looks lovely in motion. And look ma- no boob buttons, whew!

    Earrings- no, clutch- why?, hair- better than average, looks darker lately which I think suits her, shoes- Overit’s idea for a fun floral heel would have been so great here.

  23. My nice thought is that the coat dress and the earrings are lovely.

    My not nice thoughts:
    1. Her pumps are too shiny and tacky looking for that outfit. She should have gone with a navy pump or, as Overit suggested, a printed pump.
    2. Replace the Kikis with pearls.
    3. It’s just a little tone deaf for her to be spending money on clothes for a day trip considering the current climate in the UK.

  24. Its a nice and elegant coat dress and I like the design and the blue- but its the same ol same ol Kate look. And it is outrageous that Kate spends so much of public money on this coat dress and those hideous and tacky earrings, when she has an exact coat dress in green and several other Kikis. And yet you have Britain’s famous NHS struggling to pay for life-saving medical equipment.

    Kate spends money like she is from a “new money” family- has no discerning taste, no eye toward long term value and timeless elegance of her clothing, no pull with fashion designers who’d offer her preferable and custom pricing usually given to long-time customers (think generations of customers from the same family).

    And my suspicion is that Luxembourg was celebrating the 150 years of the Treaty and naturally invited British reps, so the Queen & the Government sent along…Kate. I guess in the eyes of the Queen, this 1 day visit packed with visits to museums and sports, would be of interest to the otherwise “self absorbed” Kate & to Luxembourg, they are receiving a high-profile senior royal to visit their land and generate worldwide media headlines. Of course, Luxembourg’s royal family & government and media and people may now be aware that Kate is as charming and charismatic as a rotting plank of wood.

    1. I don’t think people care as much anymore. They don’t work as often as everyone would like, the hide the kids away when they could really garner them some good will from the public. I think there are a collection of things that are making them less and less relevant

  25. Would it be wrong to like Stephanie’s outfit? I think it suits Stephanie and her earrings look pretty as well as her updo. Could we have a close up of Stephanie’s jewellery KMR, please?

    I agree Kate does look safe and boring. Hair is ok but would have been better up. At least the dress is a safe length. I would like to go to Luxembourg. A friend has offered for this summer.

    1. A little late but isn’t Stephanie a lovely name for a Grand Duchess? I knew a Stephanie who was French and she was fab, and my eldest niece should have been called Stephanie.

  26. The “something blah, something blue” is by far the best part of this! Kate was ok, the dress was a pretty silhouette but predictable. (Someone above said, and I agree, that à state visit probably called for something new but that it could have actually been something novel.) But that line had me giggling.

  27. While I do think this outfit and engagement was a big, old yawn, I do like this coat better than some that Kate has. I like that it doesn’t appear to be strangling her and the full skirt is a style that I quite love, so while it’s not a total win for me it’s not a total loss either.

  28. I wonder who is buying all the KiKi McBoring earrings for Kate and I also wonder is it a sign that the Queen does not really like her because you never see Kate wearing a lot of borrowed pieces. Maybe the Queen is not offering?

    1. I figure she or her family must now own stock in the co or they’re getting a big discount! =) or she’s just so unimaginative when it comes to accessories which is funny since wasn’t her token job an accessories buyer??!

  29. Meanwhile William accepted an award via video for being a straight ally for LGBTQ anti-bullying campaigns. Any idea why he couldn’t make his speech in person?

    1. Because he doesn’t care. It just makes him look good he got an award. For what, exactly? saying “Nobody should be bullied” in a LGBT magazine? Come on.

      1. I think William was doing an investiture today as well as meeting with the Kenyan president.

        1. Yes, there are pics on the twitter of William doing an Investiture, which is good.

          I wish they updated the CC. They’re really behind the eight ball on that one.

          1. I think W&K do it deliberately, to keep people guessing. Many have given up on what the real number of engagements are. Even the press wait for amateur Tim O’Donovan to release his totals every January instead of keeping track themselves.

          2. I keep track of Kate’s. I don’t care enough about William to keep track of his.

    2. What aggrieves me right there is if Willy was such a great ally why has no one heard about it? Damn that man is not only a lazy bugger in his response, but a freaking parasite, making glory out of the suffering and labour of others. I don’t care that the campaign thinks they can get publicity out of it. They have to be desperate. This wanker is a nobody spreading nothing of worth and doesn’t even care.

      1. The connection is his Uncle Spencer and the Diana Award. Last year’s anti-bullying engagements (and as yet unfulfilled trip to Cal to meet with SM & tech cos about the subject) is a campaign by the DA in conjunction with the Anti-Bullying Pro charity (a division of the DA).

      2. All true, but complicit in this too are the three elements: (1) The nepotism that allowed William to be given an award, no doubt so that he can garner some much needed good press that he’d never be able to actually earn; (2) The forelock-tugging media who praise this numpty instead of exposing the nepotism and William’s lack of work in this field, and (3) The public who should get over their apathy and demand a whole lot more measurable substance.

  30. I am an American, and I have been lurking on this blog for awhile. The people who comment here are so thoughtful and intelligent, and KMR is head and shoulders above most internet forums. But what I still don’t understand, is what ideal (and standard) are Kate et al being held to? What is a “modern monarchy”? Isn’t that a contradiction in terms where the UK is concerned, and isn’t that the root of the dissatisfaction and disappointment? It seems that the specific individuals who make up the monarchy are at best lackluster and disappointing and at worst, downright exploitive. And yet, people here keep having a standard called “getting better” — some idea of how you would want them to be. It seems like the carefully groomed, well educated and cosmopolitan, multi-lingual European royals are the example to whom the BRF are being held up against. But to an outsider, I see the BRF young royals as people who have been sheltered and pampered, and who are without character. They are expected to represent GB in world forums as equals (if not better than) people who are far beyond them in accomplishment and knowledge of the work at hand. Not one of the major royals is up to the work that people on KMR want to see them do—they’ve been raised and groomed to believe that by virtue of their DNA (or their marriage to the DNA holder), that they are better than other people. It seems like the Europeans take the royal lineage as a starting point, but expect much more in the way of education and cultivation of character so that they bring much more value added to their activities. (This is also true of the Bhutan royal family, and probably some others.) In modern democracies, all “royals” are on probation–they need to earn their keep. I know everyone reveres QE, but she is mostly known for her stoical showing up and amorphously symbolizing. Her heirs are well into adulthood and are not going to become who they are not now.

    So what is it that you want them to be/do, given who they are?Do people see the opening of events, and ribbon cuttings as something you want to have royals to do? Symbolic occasions of national pride? (otherwise known as “bread and butter” royal work) If so, why have the young royals done almost none of that? What is the national consensus on this? If international representation and advocacy were known to be part of their adult jobs, then why were they not required to learn foreign languages when they are small and to travel, study abroad and mingle with a much wider swath of humanity? To learn history, literature, economics? Is the understanding that from birth the royals are the embodiment of national character and pride, and as such can reasonably expect to be lavishly endowed and supported by the people of GB through their taxes even as the national health service is underfunded? What I have written here is a considered assessment from a distance of the situation vis a vi the subjects of the KMR. Maybe some people here could change my mind? Help me see it differently? ( I ask this with the friendliest and most respectful of intentions toward everyone here.)

    1. Good questions, and I have no idea where to begin but I’ll try. One way to look at things, at least from the “work” perspective, is to compare her to other members of the British Royal Family. Every royal house counts engagements differently, some count a work day vs. an engagement, so family-to-family comparisons can be difficult.

      Other European royals are more engaged in international work, including work with the UN (Norway, Netherlands, Denmark are some who work with the UN). Charlene does work in her native South Africa and in the US with her safety and swimming foundation. She’s an odd case, because there is very little to do as a royal in a country where most people are extremely wealthy. And where her husband is the real head of state, not a figurehead.

      In comparison to other people in the BRF, the three younger ones look bad. Harry was in the Army for 10 years, started two enormously successful things – Invictus Games and Sentebale. But he seriously needs to step up his game. William? A known slacker, proof from exposes about how little he showed up for his “jobs” through the years. Kate Middleton? Never really worked, doesn’t work now.

      Whether or not people value “royal work”, you can look at the difference in how much they show up vs. the other members of the British Royal Family. By any count, their numbers are terrible. If Charles is going to move to only 6 working royals, each member of his family will have to do minimum 500 engagements a year, when now they average mid-100s. Their support comes from the bread-and-butter, from those see-and-be-seen visits to the royal-friendly Home Counties. Right now those are done by the elderly royals, so the younger ones need to get over themselves and get involved.

      In general the BRF heirs are less educated than other royal families. Exception is Sweden, where Victoria struggled to finish her degree (dyslexia) but did finish an undergrad eventually. Sophie Wessex didn’t attend university, I think only speaks English, and she does a great job in her role. She’s far down the list and not in the line of succession (her husband is), but a university education isn’t necessarily required to do well in the role.

      Bhutan is an interesting case, as I think that was likely an arranged marriage. Her family was seen as a suitable family to consider. I think the story about their meeting years ago speaks to that, about her being a potential suitable bride. He was said to be dating her cousin but the astrology wasn’t favorable. She’s from a royal-connected family, they had the means to educate her, and her sister also later married into the royal house. In earlier times, the king probably would have married both sisters as his father did (married four sisters in the same family).

      In the abstract, I think royals are sometimes viewed as a national symbol. Something people have in common, even when they have many other differences. The lavishness of their lives, however, needs to be seriously examined and curtailed. Judging by comments on some sites, the monarch can be viewed as a neutral voice. Outside of politics, but having the ability to advise (and reel in) extremist politicians.

      And welcome aboard!

    2. Vivian, you raise some interesting questions.

      I can’t disagree with your critique. Is a monarchy necessary or even desirable – a fundamental question before we get to wrangling with the notion of what comprises a “modern monarchy’. It must be one of the greatest of human eccentricities that people literally bow down to a particular DNA strand, and further, willingly fund it to the tune of at least £340+ million pounds every year to the detriment of their own well-being. As it stands, the UK monarchy is a pit of unsustainable privilege; there is no transparency and little accountability. I would debate its value vs cost.

      The younger royals are pampered beyond belief, exhibiting a toxic combo of laziness, lack of interest and unbridled privilege. They are cajoled into undemanding tasks that must entertain but not fatigue – the ‘fun’ events, the lite Luxe tour of yesterday, as well as Commonwealth countries leaned upon to periodically provide holi-tours. Laziness and disinterest is largely masked by a 24/7 PR juggernaut to clean up gaffes, with a sycophantic media in tow. The younger royals are too dim to understand that the ‘bread and butter events’ they disdain are vital to building informal and frequent relationships with the British people and regions beyond the Home Counties, and where they can leverage their unearned and undeserved influence to affect positive change for communities.

      You make good points about preparing a ‘royal’ from childhood with a nuanced education that would prepare any child well for the future. But the BRF has historically relied on prestige to get by, and so you have the situation of an ill-prepared and ignorant heir to an heir and his spouse in William and Kate. What work should they be doing? I honestly think they are unfit for purpose, and it’s just too late now to expect change. William has abandoned almost everything he has attempted, either losing interest or it being beyond him, with life’s problems cleaned up for him; Kate has never worked and doesn’t want to; Harry is capable and affable, but two years after leaving the army is still dabbling. Let’s hope he can get out from under and move on to greater things.

      1. Jen, I would add that in today’s world where royalty can seem conspicuously anachronistic each royal has to come up with his or her own purpose and carve out a pertinent role. Kate and Wills struggle with this *small* detail because neither has worked. Because KM has lived a life of holidays, hair stylist appointments and shopping while chasing after W trying to be attractive enough to make him forget all other women, she has no idea how to behave in her role.

        It’s obvious that KM does not tame any ownership of her role. Instead she thinks she only needs to think like a beauty contestant who wears outfits, gets cosmetic enhancements, waves woodenly, and draws attention to her hair and bum (the attributes she most values) all in the expectation that others admire her self perceived attractiveness. She does not care about the business of being in the BRF.

        1. I would also like to add that Charles epitomises the modern day prince and royal in that he has carved out a worthy role for himself as a public servant. At the same time, he’s managed a delicate balance between that role and his privilege. He’s a patron of the arts, commissions art and music (old fashioned throwback), grows and supports organic gardens, supports restoration of buildings, imagines new kinds of communities, and gets down and dirty making the Duchy prosperous. This is apart from all the bread and butter engagements. He is involved, knowledgeable, great at diplomacy, and cares and has used his privilege to great effect. And yet he gets short shrift for those wastrels.

          So, I guess that’s the answer to vivian’s question- look to Charles as worthy role model. Sadly, his heirs and most people don’t. Largely, I believe the latter has happened due to the happily mendacious, Disney spinning PR juggernaut for celebrity..

    3. Really great food for thought vivian. My answer would be that we are now so much more aware of the higher education and accomplishments of other European royals and the lack of this is so glaringly obvious in the BRF. But seems to be a handicap they aren’t aware of. No depth and a general disinterest in becoming any more than what they were born to be or married into. It’s puzzling in this day and age to have such arrested development but it’s certainly willful and I suppose has gotten them by swimmingly till this point. Social media opens all the doors and everyone gets to take a look- and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

    4. Hi Vivian,

      Here is my take on it. I am just a fellow American observer, so my interest is kind of a detached fascination at something we don’t have here in the US.

      Per the Royal Family’s website, this is what the modern role of the family is:

      “As Head of State, The Monarch undertakes constitutional and representational duties which have developed over one thousand years of history. In addition to these State duties, The Monarch has a less formal role as ‘Head of Nation’. The Sovereign acts as a focus for national identity, unity and pride; gives a sense of stability and continuity; officially recognises success and excellence; and supports the ideal of voluntary service.

      In all these roles The Sovereign is supported by members of their immediate family.”

      Here are the standards I would expect of anyone in the royal family based upon that description:
      1. Knowledgeable of current events as they relate to the UK. What is going on? How does it affect the people? What are the major issues and struggles? What is the nation celebrating as a whole? I would also expect for the royal family to acknowledge and address these topics at various times. (Invictus Games are a good example from Prince Harry – something to address this generation’s injured soldiers. Even the Heads Together campaign is an example. I would also expect the royals to celebrate national holidays in public.)

      2. I would expect them to behave in public on a level that reflects that they are representatives. That means dressing appropriately, holding their liquor when in public, completing their education to the best of their ability, being kind and friendly when out and about (no bad attitudes), and able to make appropriate conversation with other royals, the citizens of the UK, the people they meet on official royal outings, and in any interviews they give.

      3. They should be supporting charity work, especially within the UK.

      4. They should find ways to recognize and support excellence within the UK and also globally. This means showing up to present awards and even (like Prince Philip) creating awards to recognize excellence (Prince Philip Medal.)

      This means that I would expect Kate to be well dressed and well spoken, with no flashing scandals or any other sort of scandal. I would expect her to be able to make short speeches and discuss various topics intelligently while performing royal duties. Her duties would consist of a full schedule of charity visits, giving out awards, drawing attention to British culture and celebrating national holidays. Given that the average number of work days per year is around 250, I would expect at least 200 engagements per year (at a minimum) before considering someone a full time working royal. That would be approximately 2 per day out in public with a day to prepare beforehand, with at least 50 additional days off that the average person doesn’t get.

      When people criticize Kate, they say that she doesn’t work (true, this is easily verifiable), she can’t give speeches, she can’t make conversation, she has flashed the general public while a member of the royal family too many times to count, she hasn’t done a good job supporting her chosen charitable causes, she doesn’t always attend national holidays, she doesn’t award excellence, she doesn’t champion British designers and brands or anything else British, she and William have not remained cheerful in public but have thrown tempter tantrums at the press, and in general there is nothing about her that would make someone look up to her as a representative of anything, much less an entire country.

      1. Just as a follow up to the engagements number, here is an article on number of engagements. Even in 2016, which was a busier year for both William and Kate, their numbers trail behind William’s parents in the same stage of life. Even taking into account that Kate would work fewer engagements as a new mom, she still has a very low level of engagements vs what would be expected based on other royal family members.


  31. At some point Kate must have gotten her colors done and they said ‘Pale blue would be nice on you” and then she bought ALL the pale blue things.

    Kidding aside, I like the cut of this coatdress. It’s flattering but I’m really sick of this color. Especially with the nude accessories.

    1. Actually, I used to hate pink. Then I had someone tell me pink suited me and I started buying more pink things.

      I used to think Kate wore dark blue to match her ring, but then someone said blue is William’s favorite color. Maybe that’s why she wears it so much?

  32. She just seems dim. Not sure why she felt the need to tell another mother that shyness was ‘normal’. Her mental health study/training no doubt.

  33. Hate to hijack, but I just saw some photos of the party for children today. No jeggings and striped top for Kate. She wore that white knit dress that she wore to the children’s party in Canada. And, wedges. The photos I saw were not really a good representation of what the party entailed. Hope it was fun for the children and their families. It was a thoughtful thing to do. Waiting to read more about it here.

  34. Oh, I saw some photos, too. I appreciated that she did forego the jeggings and the striped top, but the dress was so staid. So un party-like for hosting children. I do hope the kids enjoyed themselves and in the few photos I saw, Harry was right in there talking to the children Looking ahead to coverage here, where more will be on display surrounded by KMR’s insightful, fun comments.

    1. Oh, I must be psychic. I predicted on another thread that Kate would wear the white knit number that she wore to the kids party in Canada. That, and my early (if, impolite) statement that Sophia was pregnant before the announcement was actually made, have made me consider putting up a sign and taking on clients for readings!

      Why she wore that white number again to a party of children is beyond me. It’s probably filed away in a closet that is for Kids Parties. I suggest she shop around and fill that closet with some brighter clothes.

    2. If it were me, I would wear a colorful skirt and I solid top. Maybe a flower skirt and a fun necklace. Something bright aND cheerful to make the kids excited that they are meeting a princess.

      1. Bright and patterned would have been better than this white one, which serves to keep her apart from the festivities. Wouldn’t want anyone to get the princess’s dress dirty. Tailored trousers and a bright blouse would have worked.

        Any of her 4+ cotton patterned dresses from India would have been a good choice here. She has at least 2 maxi, 1 calf-length, and one knee-length to choose from from that tour.

        1. @Nota — Trousers would have been much better. But, it’s like she has to wear her official “tea party with children” uniform – the patterned, colorful dresses are for other events. She’ll wear one of those again next time she eats curry. Trousers would also have been better because there are some photos where she is squatting down, apparently taking part in a trick of some sort, and the camera is facing directly toward her crotch, right at the same level. You can’t see anything (this time) but it certainly doesn’t look very nice.

          I’d love to have seen those blue and white patterned ankle-length pants she wore once (maybe at the museum with George? Can’t remember) with a yellow blazer or blue blazer or just a sweater, and some FLATS. I hate those nude wedges. Blech.

          I also agree that the cream colored dress signals a separation, a “hands off” vibe…at a kids outdoor party. I need an eye-rolly emoji. Plus, in a lot of pictures of her, she actually is, literally, apart from the people around her – walking ahead of them, standing away from them.

          1. I cannot sign on to those being worn for work engagements. The site might call them “trousers” but they are patterned jeggings/leggings.


            If she wants to wear patterned trousers at work, she can wear (equally ugly) looser ones like Madeleine and Mary.


    3. There are pics of her shaking hands with the kids with her hand between her legs while shaking their hands. WTF?

      Those fun blue and white patterned pants would have been far more acceptable.

      The pics of Harry with the kids are delightful as always. W&K seem cold and frosty in comparison (probably because they are).

      I hope the kids had a lovely, funfilled day where they got spoiled and all got to meet W&K&H.

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