Royal Round Up: QEII, Eugenie, Maxima, Stephanie

Royal Round Up: QEII, Eugenie, Maxima, Stephanie

This royal round up features Queen Elizabeth II visiting Manchester attack victims, Queen Maxima donning a tiara for a diplomatic corps gala dinner, Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie donning a tiara for a state visit, and Princess Eugenie out and about.

Firstly, The Queen. QEII visited Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital on May 25 to meet with victims of the Manchester bombing, as well as hospital staff that has been helping the injured.

From the Telegraph:

    “In a few simple words during a visit to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital to meet the young victims of the terrorist bombing, the Queen encapsulated the horror of an attack that has left the nation reeling.
    “‘It’s dreadful, very wicked, to target that sort of thing,’ the Queen said to 14-year-old schoolgirl Evie Mills, who she met lying on her hospital bed with a teddy by her side, and a blanket shrouding her injured chest and legs.
    “The Queen later added as she toured the children’s ward viewing at first hand the carnage of Monday night’s attack: ‘the awful thing was that everyone was so young.'”

Princess Eugenie joined her father, Prince Andrew, as he hosted a Buckingham Palace Garden Party for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) on May 25.

On May 23, Eugenie attended the Jimmy Choo & dinner at The Garden Museum. The event was to celebrate the launch of the exclusive Jimmy Choo x Glitter collection. Do the York girls get paid to attend these types of events? Their attendance at these things is so random.

On May 23, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima attended a gala dinner for the diplomatic corps at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam.

When they arrived in the afternoon, Maxima was dressed up with tiara and everything, but W-A was dressed down. He changed before the gala dinner, and was wearing white tie as the couple left the palace at the end of the evening.

Maxima’s dress is Natan and it’s 10 years old. She paired it with the Württemberg Ornate Pearl Tiara, pearl and diamond earrings, and a pearl and diamond brooch.

Maxima did not wear any orders, but W-A wore the Order of the Netherlands Lion (Netherlands).

Princess Beatrix also attended, wearing the Dutch Pearl Button Tiara and pearl and diamond jewelry.

Princess Margriet and her husband, Pieter van Vollenhoven, also attended. She wore the Dutch Emerald Tiara.

Over in Luxembourg on May 23, Grand Duke Henri, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume, and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie hosted the President of Portugal for a State Banquet.

Maria Teresa is wearing the Belgian Scroll Tiara and the Order of Prince Henry (Portugal), and Stephanie is wearing a butterfly floral tiara she debuted several years back and the Order of Merit (Portugal).

20 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: QEII, Eugenie, Maxima, Stephanie

  1. The Queen was clearly shocked, like all of us.It was a very good thing she visited these families, it will be a tragedy the rest of their lives.
    I can’t say that I like Eugenie attended this sort of gala, she clearly promotes this designer.
    Maximas always radiates, it’s funny to see.For Maxima, this is dressed down, so nothing wrong here;)
    Stephanie does not look happy, but perhaps just in this photo.

    1. I was impressed by how quickly the queen got to Manchester to meet with victims. If I was a small child in hospital it would have been lovely to see the queen walking down the ward. It clearly meant a lot to the medical staff as well.

      I was surprised that none of the other/younger royals made a visit, though.

      1. Having VIP visitors requires the organisation to put aside time to greet the guests and takes people away from doing what they need to be going (i.e. caring for the injured, investigating the bombing).

        Having the Queen in Manchester takes police away from their duties at a time when the terror threat in the UK was critical. Having more Royals in Manchester or Manchester Hospitals would have put additional strain on already very stretched resources. I think it’s appropriate that one person represents the family – just as Charles did after the Westminster attack.

  2. When the Yorks attend such events, it reminds me of Charlotte Casaraghi and her Gucci contract. It blurs royalty and pure celebrity, which is not a good trend.

    In additional news, Harry met President Obama again, to talk about veterans, mental health, and conservation. Sounds like the Obamas and Harry will continue their joint efforts to support the military, which is nice to hear.

    1. I agree. Beatrice and Eugenie are blurring the lines a bit here, and it doesn’t create a good image for the family.

  3. I was so glad to see the Queen visiting Manchester so soon after the attacks. It must have been an exciting moment for the kids. I’m glad they got to experience something positive so soon after the traumatic things they witnessed.
    Maxima can ROCK the big bling! She looks lovely. Eugenie’s garden party look didn’t photograph well with those shadows.
    Sorry this is out of topic but DM is reporting W&K’s housekeeper is quitting because the job was “too demanding”.

      1. Lace and ruffles, big nope from me.

        ETA: whoops, I thought you were talking about Eugenie’s garden party dress that EL mentioned – the blue lace one.

        1. Eugenie does look stunning in the black and white number. I like the blue lace dress too . Lace and ruffles for a garden party is fine. I would just be conscious of wearing a slip/petticoat underneath.

  4. I recall reading some time ago that Princess Margaret and Princess Michael of Kent would sometimes be “compensated” for visits they would make. The one instance I recall was Princess Michael visiting some grand opening and receiving 10 new televisions for her staff’s quarters. With this in mind, I wouldn’t be too surprised if the York girls and their mother weren’t compensated in some way too.

    1. I know celebs are sometimes. I think that’s a bad thing if the York girls are going down that route. It’s blurring the line between Royal and celeb since they still attend some royal events. If they attended no royal events I wouldn’t think it mattered, but since they do I don’t think attending these type of celeb events is a good thing.

      1. I ask myself, why they do it.
        Is it chic to be partner for a brand like Gucchi(Charlotte Casiraghi)?
        They surely don’t need the money.
        The exception is Sarah Ferguson, it’s known that she is in lack of money for her life-style.
        I know that Audrey Hepburn let designers(Givenchy) make her dresses and outfits but it was simply for the style, not because of the money.

        1. I think Charlotte tried to do the model thing which I think is more respectable than getting paid to show up at some event. I also think the Monaco family is slightly different, I think they’re some of the wealthiest and also sleaziest around.

  5. Shortly after I found this blog — which is great, by the way — I found the Tatler website and spent far more time skimming the archives than it deserved. These sorts of events seem to function as a place for the toffs/socialites to meet for a cocktail-type party. Sometimes the event will be connected to a fund-raiser, sometimes one of their own will be promoting a business venture. I don’t think it’s particularly dignified for royalty to be photographed there, but I doubt BP minds all that much. The Yorkies (and their mother) are often seen on the society circuit. I bet Eug met a lot of friends at that event. And I like that outfit. She rocked the accessories.

    I’m okay with the garden-party look, too. The top half of the dress fits well and is a creative use of lace. The bottom half is just too much. But the hat works.

    1. Yes, on many occasion these events are to make business connections for the wealthy although I wouldn’t be surprised if they occasionally get discounts or sometimes gifts. if HM hasn’t said anything against them going to the events (and maybe in some intense taking gifts in exchange) then I assume its alright in their case since they don’t represent the monarchy officially? in other instances they have made genuine friendships with designers such as Beulah London, I don’t mind them promoting that specific line since it has to do with Anti Slavery.

      Take the F1 Grand Prix for example, for some it’s, just a race, but if you are wealthy and have connections this event is a place of business for them, the DOY held his launch of the UAE chapter of Pitch@Palace the day of F1 Grand Prix he is wearing the same suit and the place is similar—in-pictures#11

      A lot of the world leaders and royals seemed more interested in talking than the race itself.

  6. I think it’s so random that max shows up fulling in regalia attire and WA in is casual in the 1st pic. But max looks great and that’s a beautiful tiara. Actually all the Dutch ladies looked great.
    Not a fan of the blue Eugenie dress but think she looks great in the black and white.
    I don’t follow the Luxembourg royals but think Maria Theresa’s (?) makeup looks horrendous! I give kate grief for OTT application and it looks like she did the same yikes! At least she has some beautiful baubles to distract me from it =)

    1. Willem-Alexander had an engagement during the daytime and was running late. He met Maxima there, where she was already dressed up, and changed at the site.

      Maxima looks great, although I cannot see the pearl brooch well-enough on this pale background. I don’t like it when the bling gets lost in the background!

      MT looked good for the daytime events for this visit, but the nighttime ones weren’t her normal style. Maybe they had a new makeup person at night, because that overdone look is not her usual presentation.

  7. Daily Mail had an article saying the Queen asked for a briefing on the star and concert before she went to Manchester, so she would have an understanding of the children she visited. I love that.

    Boy, Max can really wear the bling. It never overwhelms her. And WA always looks so proud.

    Even though I don’t like lace, hate those stapled-on hats, and abhor ruffled tiers, if Eugenie had removed the bottom ruffle and tier, but kept the length the same, I would have been okay with the garden party dress. The black and white is the silhouette she should keep wearing.

    Do you think the royals ever think “oh why do I have to wear this silly sash?”.

    1. The Queen always does her homework! I remember reading something from Harold Wilson recounting how well informed she was at the PM audience about all current affairs.

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