Victoria & Sofia in tiaras for Official Dinner

Victoria & Sofia in tiaras for Official Dinner

The Representationsmiddag, or Official Dinner, was held on Thursday night, March 23, in Stockholm at the Royal Palace. After announcing they are expecting their second child earlier in the day, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia joined King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, and Prince Daniel for the tiara-filled event.

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Princess Sofia finally ditched her neck-strangling attire, opting for this red silk gown by Ida Lanto. Sofia chose the Steel Cut Bandeau Tiara again, after debuting it at the 2016 Nobel ceremony. She also wore a diamond brooch and earrings, and the Order of the Seraphim and the Portrait of the King.

I think Sofia looks very pretty here, by far one of her better gowns, although that center part is a no.

Crown Princess Victoria wore a green Elie Saab gown that she first wore to the 2012 Nobel ceremony – the emerald gown features tulle and chiffon with matte sequins and beads. Victoria wore Princess Lilian’s Laurel Wreath Tiara, and the same emerald and diamond necklace and brooch she wore in 2012. She, of course, wore the Order of the Seraphim and the Portrait of the King.

This gown is gorgeous and I much prefer this tiara choice to the Four Button she wore in 2012.

Queen Silvia went with navy lace and the Connaught Tiara.

Guests from the diplomatic corps, parliament, government, science, sports, business, and culture were welcomed in the White Sea, and dinner was served in Karl XI’s Gallery. Cherry blossom, almond blossom, adiantum, Christmas rose, tulips, ranunculus, daffodils, lilacs, hyacinth Gillyflowers decorated the tables.

The menu consisted of: Baked Swedish mini celeriac with roasted onion broth, Operakällarens creme fraiche and 36-month aged parmesan cheese; Butter Baked Hjälmaregös with confit salsify, Whitefish roe and fennel velouté; Fried Bresseduva with artichoke, Baked onions, pickled elderberry capers and creamy green pepper sauce; Lemon cheesecake with Sabayon, meringues and cream ice cream.

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89 thoughts on “Victoria & Sofia in tiaras for Official Dinner

  1. Sofia’s dress is beautiful-wow! I’m so happy for Carl-Philip and Sofia., they seem truly in love, they have this glow. I hope Sylvia knows that she did a great job with her son, he behaves respectful with the women around him which is sadly not always the case when it comes to men.
    The flowers are beyond beautiful and the food sounds delicous.

    1. I’m glad he doesn’t seem to take after his father who is known for womanizing and other awful things, he’s a real catch, eh? Carl Philip seems like a sweet man.

      1. I’m not the biggest fan of CP, but seeing him interact with his nieces and nephews (before Alexander was born) won my heart. He obviously loves them and enjoys being around kids.

        1. You can see Sofia’s baby bump rather well now in this dress. It’s good they anounced her pregnancy, if they wouldn’t have, we would see it now 🙂
          Perhaps Carl-Philip saw how his mother suffered under the bad things his father did and was not neutral. The three children all try to have functional families which is great! Silvia can live her happiness here with her children and grandchildren.

  2. Personally, I’m not a fan of sequinned clothing, as it doesn’t look good on anyone over the age of 10! Victoria’s dress gets a thumbs down, but love the necklace and tiara.

    Much to my great surprise, Sofia’s dress sat perfectly on her; well tailored with a great neckline. Such a crying shame she didn’t match it with the petite, beautiful King Edward VII Ruby Tiara. Now THAT would of been a Knock-out combination!

    It’s about time the pretty tiara got an new airing! Last time I saw it was when Queen Silvia wore it to the 1995 wedding of Danish Prince Joachim of Denmark and first wife Alexandra Manley

  3. I knew I had seen Victoria’s look before. I loved this in 2012, love this now. I agree this tiara looks miles better. Sofia looks beautiful as well. She is usually more miss than hit to me so I wasn’t expecting much but she blew me away. I hope she tries a different hairstyle soon. The centre part with tiara doesn’t really look good.

  4. No one pulls off tiaras like the Swedes! Sophia’s dress is gorgeous and she looks very pretty but she does need some tiara hair- the flat Center part doesn’t suit it. I don’t likeVictoria gown but her tiara and jewels are on point!

  5. I’m so glad that Sofia didn’t opt for another high-necked dress, I was really getting tired of the prim, school marm look. I think she looks stunning but I do agree that some improvement could be made in regards to her “tiara” hair.

    Wow, Victoria’s dress fits her like a glove! And those emeralds!! I’m having serious Jewel envy here!! However, Victoria too could use some improvement with her “tiara” hair, a bit more volume imho would look great.

    I must compliment the guys too, they all look so handsome and dashing, I am swooning a bit ?

  6. Right now, I’m drooling over the menu. All my favorite foods, flavors and cooking techniques in one
    glorious event ( cheeses, onions, lemons, capers, butter, the sauces…).Lemon cheesecake with Sabayon and meringues are the perfect finale. ( I may/can skip the ice cream due to watching my diet. But I live for cheese!)

  7. Victoria looks beautiful p! Love the emarlds!
    I’d like Sofia’s dress more if it was hemmed more. At every it’s the way it drapes but it looks too long in the front
    They always have the best sounding desserts! Yum
    And the floral arrangement is beautiful
    Thanks for including them! I’m ready for spring

  8. I don’t usually like sequins as they can make even a very expensive garment look cheap but Victoria manages to pull this look off to perfection. The color is good on her and the emeralds are beautiful. Daniel looks very dapper. I hope that the rumors about ill-health again are just rumors.

  9. I love this family. Sofia’s center part aside, they all look fabulous and truly happy. I know some people don’t like Sofia but I won’t judge another for their past, just like I would hope folks wouldn’t see me as only what I did 10-15 years ago. Anyway, great showing and I am so ready for another baby sash!

  10. I really like Sofia’s red dress. The bump is visible but how happy Sofia looks. I like the tiara as well. I think overall Sofia looks very neat. The side parting does look strange with the tiara but it does fit well. Victoria looks glamorous and the dress shapes her and I the colour matches the lovely emeralds round her neck. The swedes do have the most exquisite jewellery. I actually liked the Four Button tiara but this tiara does suit Victoria. Queen Silva’s dress is very intricate. I think that she must enjoy being with her children and grand-children.
    The menu is mouth-watering as always. I love the cheesecake and meringues. I am not sure what Butter Baked Hjälmaregös with confit salsify and Operakällarens creme fraiche, something with cream are? I would like to know. Thank you KMR.

    1. Hjälmaregös are pike-perch (a freshwater fish) from Hjälmaren, a Swedish lake. Creme fraiche is sour cream, apperently produced by or from a recipe from Operakällaren, a jolly fancy restaurant in Stockholm – the name translates as The Opera House Cellar.

      1. Thank you Mai. I just felt silly not knowing as the menu sounded mouth-watering and I just wanted the translation.

  11. The good: Sofia looks gorgeous in that shade of red and, on top of that, she’s simply beaming!! Also, Victoria’s emeralds are gorgeous as is her smile!! Finally, that shade of purple looks lovely on Silvia!! Out of the three tiaras, Sofia’s is my favorite. Bonus: CP and Dan look sooo handsome.

    The not-so-good: I’m sorry but Vic’s dress looks like she got it from the set of Dynasty or Dallas (aka: very 80s-looking). The color is lovely but the sequins are just too much for me. Also, I’m not a fan of her tiara. The va-va-voom of the tiara plus the sequins of the gown equals a lot for my eyes to absorb. Also, King Cranky Face seems to always ruin the picture with his wife.

    Since a few people had asked in a previous post (I think it was in the CP/Sofia #2 announcement) about my thoughts on the live-action Beauty and the Beast, here it is! I’m trying my hardest to not ruin it for those who haven’t seen it yet.

    Pros? Dan Stevens was a wonderful Beast (plus, he’s quite attractive which also helps 😉 ), Luke Evans was a phenomenal Gaston (the tavern number made me feel as if I was watching a Broadway show live), I loved LeFou’s story arc, Kevin Kline was a wonderful Maurice and I loved how they gave his character more meat and a backstory. I also loved the back stories of Belle’s and Beast’s mothers. Those were great additions!

    Ewan McGregor is incredibly handsome and I wished we’d seen more of his face but that’s just me. 😉 Ian McKellen was lovely as Cogsworth as was Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts. OH!! I loved how they showed the connection between the castle and villagers! Finally, I loved the little emphasis on the Enchantress!!

    The cons? My biggest complaint is actually Emma Watson. I couldn’t fully see her as Belle and (please don’t slaughter me for saying this) but, to me, she didn’t do that good of a job carrying the film and she was the one who was top billed! If anything, I thought some of the secondary characters (mainly, Gaston and LeFou) did a better job. I also didn’t like her singing (ducks) especially since the actors who portrayed Gaston, LeFou, Lumiere, Garderobe are known for their singing voices. Finally, the dance in the ballroom didn’t wow me and neither did the dress.

    Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney films which is why I’m reviewing it so harshly. In addition, Belle is one of my favorite Disney Princesses (tied with Mulan).

    1. You’re not the only one who likes Ewan McGregor 🙂
      Beauty and the Beast is a beautiful story, I loved the orignal story of de Villeneuve since I was a child. Emma Thompson is a great actress and I agree with you, Emma Watson is not the perfect Belle, she is lacking the innocence or humor that Disney princesses have. That’s of course only my opinion.

      1. Hi Lovely Blossom!

        Yes, Ewan was dishy in Moulin Rouge! Yum!! I was so jealous of Nicole Kidman hahaha!!!

        I watched a documentary on YouTube about the **real** Beauty and the Best and it’s a great watch! Let me know if you’d like for me to post the link!

        I agree, she lacked something but, to me, it wasn’t innocence. I wish I could put it into words that don’t sound so harsh but there was just something off with her portrayal of Belle and, again, these are just my opinions.

      2. When I think of Belle I don’t think “innocence” or “humor”, so I don’t see a problem with Emma Watson in that sense. If anything, I wanted Belle to be more confident and more active than she already is, and I think more innocence or humor would have been worse there.

        1. Does it matter if you a person is innocent and confident? I think from the Disney version that Belle is confident. However she doesn’t have much experience and that isn’t a bad thing. Nowadays people are too wrapped up in my opinion about experience. Sometimes it can be a very bad thing. It all depends on the person. I think Aiofe Lotus would have made a good Belle. Or Emmy Rossum Kate Winslet would have. Not that I have anything against Emma Watson. Would it be ok as an adult to get the Disney dvd? My mum threw my Disney videos away because I am now an adult. Kimothy please post the link if KMR allows.

    2. Beauty and the beast is my favourite (followed by Mulan) so I’ve been curious about this movie. I love Emma in HP but she never struck me as Belle and the trailers didn’t convince me she nailed it so thanks for the review…I guess I’ll stick with my animated version.

      1. I would implore you to at least see the live action film to see what you think about it. As a huge fan of the original film, I greatly enjoyed the new movie, including Emma Watson as Belle. I don’t think she’s perfect, but she’s better than anyone else I could think of in the role. And there were changes and additions they made to the live action film that I did think improved on the animated film.

        1. We should never forget that Disney didn’t invent those stories. In the original book, there is no word of Belle being brunette. She is the most beautiful of her sisters, from the outside and inside.
          I’m a little bit spoilt with actresses like Kate Winslet for example. She understands her characters with passion. (Sense and Sensibility) She would have played a great Belle in the 90s, but I understand we all have the looks of the animated Belle in our heads.

          1. I don’t think Kate Winslet in the 90s would have been a good Belle either. I honestly can’t think of anyone who would have been the perfect Belle.

          2. Hmmm…….late 80s/early 90s actress as Belle huh? Drawing a blank right now.

            How about an actor from the late 80s/early 90s as Beast or Gaston? Who would you cast?

          3. It’s more than just we all have the looks of the animated Belle in our heads, this was Disney remaking their 1991 animated film into a live action film. This wasn’t a remake of the original story. So it’s going to follow the animated film very closely because of that.

        2. Oh no you didn’t mess it up at all! I think I’ll try it down the line once it’s out on DVD so I can watch the animated one right after if I end up too disappointed. I’m in rural-ish Japan so finding the English screening time, finding childcare, getting to the movies only to be disappointed would suck big time.

          ETA: This is in response to Kimothy. I don’t know why I’m messing up the replies now.

          1. Got it.

            Wow! Rural Japan? That’s so cool!! I’ve always wanted to go to Japan and not just stereotypical Tokyo and Kyoto (though those are on my bucket list). Are you in Northern Japan? Southern (close to Okinawa)? Just wondering. 🙂

          2. I’m in a small town in Nara. About an hour away by train from both Kyoto and Osaka so not really rural but not really suburban either. You should definitely visit. Japan is lovely.

          3. Hi EL, my son is planning to go to Hirakata for a foreign study program. He won’t be going for another year, and that’s assuming he does well in his Japanese language classes, but he is already so excited. Any tips or suggestions?

    3. I think of the female actresses I’ve seen, Emma Watson is probably the best one to play Belle. I don’t think she is perfect, but I honestly can’t think of anyone else who would have been better. Like, I think the movie would have been terrible with Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, or Margot Robbie. I could nitpick Emma Watson’s acting, but I don’t think there is anyone working right now who would have given me what I wanted. I agree that Belle almost got overshadowed by other characters, but the only change I would want is for Emma to be more confident and dominant in the way she speaks. No one else I can think of would have made Belle any better, in my opinion, they just would have made things worse.

      I wasn’t as wowed by the live action dance scene as I was the animated dance scene, but I did enjoy it. When I first saw still photos of the yellow gown, I hated it, but seeing it in motion changed my mind because I thought it moved beautifully.

      Beauty and the Beast (1991) is also one of my favorite Disney films (along with Lion King and Mulan), but I rewatched it few weeks ago ahead of the new movie coming out and there were some areas in which I thought there was room for improvement, including with Belle’s character development. And I think the live action film did improve on the animated film in those areas.

      Re Dan Stevens: The fact that I thought he was hot in BatB is why I started watching Downton Abbey this week.

      1. Bahahahahaha–he IS hot, isn’t he?? 😉

        I can definitely see what you mean when you say other actresses might’ve botched up Belle (I’m still trying to figure out how Emma Stone just won an Oscar!) and but I still just couldn’t fully see Emma Watson as Belle though, like I said, I loved the little additions to hers and the Beast’s backstories. Those were definitely needed and a lovely way to give them something in common (besides her just being trapped in the castle). I liked how they made him her equal in terms of intellect.

        P.S. That snowball fight was awesome–especially his throw hahaha!!

        P.P.S. I **still** want that library!!! 😀

      2. I took my daughter to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D… Awesome! Children adore Emma Watson. I’m not a big fan of CP but the fact that he married the women he loved obviously made a difference!

        1. You are only saying that because you have not seen my nephew’s Lumiere. His version of Be Our Guest brought down the house in our community theatre’s production!

          No disrespect to Mr. Orbach! I happen to be a bit biased. 🙂

      1. Understandable. Ewan was hidden behind a CGI candelabra most of the movie, and when it was actually him he was hidden behind mounds of hair and makeup.

          1. I’m too late to this conversation, but TV Belle from tv show ‘Once upon a time’ is my definitive actress for this role.

            I find Emma Watson completely wooden. As an untrained child actor it was understandable, but apparently ten years of hanging with the cream of British trained thespians didn’t rub off on her.

            I adore the 1991 animated film, especially ‘Gasyon’. I always laugh at him because at the time there was a strong rumour that his character was based on Tom Cruise, so in my mind it’s Tom Cruise swishing about the village acting foolish. And with everything that’s come out about Tom and Scoentology, it’s all the more funny that they parody him innthis film.

            I wish Emma Watson wasn’t in this movie because that alone means i won’t watch it.

          2. god no. Emilie de Ravin is THE WORST. Talk about terrible acting. Her Belle is terribly acted and terribly written.

            ETA: I don’t understand all the hate Emma Watson gets. She’s not the best actress but she’s not the worst either. I much prefer Emma to Emilie.

          3. Yes! Thank you Herazeus! Wooden is one of the words I was looking for! Also, and I know that this is going to seem hypocritical since I’m 37 years old, still carded whenever I buy an alcoholic drink (happened last summer when I was out with some girlfriends!) and sound like a child (thank you vocal cord paralysis! grrrrr), but I still can’t really see Emma as an adult, if that makes sense. I still see her as a child/teenager.

            Also, the Belle from Once Upon A Time *is* a good one as is the suggestion of Emmy Rossum. 🙂

          4. Herazeus, I totally agree with you. Emma Watson is totally wooden, she has no idea how to act. She plays herself as well. I liked her in Harry Potter, but sadly in B & B she plays Hermoine in a dress. That is all she knows how to play since that is her. I actually had no problem with her as a person until she started doing press for Beauty and realized just how full of herself she has become. So, now that she can’t act and I don’t like her in real life, it makes it so I don’t want to see any movie with her in it.

            The problem with Belle is she played her too abrasive and took away any sweetness that Belle had. Plus she really can’t sing. Honestly, I was so excited for the live action version and with Emma as Belle, it ruined it. I think they should have cast a no-name since the movie would have done well no matter what. Someone who could sing and act.

  12. So tomorrow is Mother’s Day in Britain, does anyone think that photos of the Cambridge children might be released? I mean we haven’t seen them since Christmas and with the kerflufel over William’s ski trip I figure we’re due.

    1. Potentially. Usually when they release photos of the kids they are released in time to go to print and embargoed until midnight in the UK. But there was one time last year when they surprised me with photos at 11 am UK time one Sunday (for Charlotte’s birthday, maybe? I don’t remember). So they may release photos at 11 am UK time tomorrow.

          1. I heard about that bluhare! What happened exactly? Something about drones but how William wasn’t in the copter yet there was a security threat or something….? I’m so confused….

      1. Actually, the only time they’ve (Kensington Palace) released a photo of Kate for Mother’s Day was in 2014 when it was her first mothers day (the photo of the fam posing out the window and Lupo had that terrified look on his face). They never released one in 2015 (heavily pregnant with Charlotte) or 2016 (first mama’s day with both kiddos) so I wasn’t expecting one this year.

        1. Oh I wasn’t expecting one for Mother’s Day. I was just saying that usually when KP releases photos they do so at midnight. But there was one Sunday that they released them at 11 AM.

    1. They had better things to do. No, just kidding x)
      But it is strange that the article didn’t say anything about Kate’s attending. I think that she went, but it’s strange that there aren’t any photos of her.

      1. Given it’s location I.e. SJP she could have slipped in and out without going into public view and left the Bride & Groom’s departure to be all about them and their families. I suspect that’s what she did if she went. And I think it would be very odd if she didn’t attend unless RD has left because there been a parting of their working relationship?

    2. The only photos I saw were of Rebecca and Adam leaving the church, perhaps there isn’t a way for paps to get on the grounds of the chapel.

      1. That does look like George! The photographer took great care not to snap the Cambridge’s, if they attended.

    3. I wish there was a photo besides the ones in the car. Or, did I miss something?
      Would love to see the entire dress. She seemed very happy, as did the groom. I’d be happy leaving the employ of the Duchess, too. All best wishes to the couple and onward!

    1. I agree, Halia. Sophia’s dress — the color, especially – just gorgeous!

      I did not care for Vic’s look. Sequins and green? Ugh!

      Sophia has that pregnant glow. She and her husband seem very happy. I hope their little Prince doesn’t get pushed out too quickly. He is a darling baby and it will be hard for him to have to share his mommy and daddy so soon in his life! I think the couple will rise to that situation well, though.

  13. Rebecca and her groom seemed very happy and I agree, the little boy in the photo outside the church does look like PG! I wish you could see the front of Rebecca’s dress.

    I wish her well. Her groom, too.

    I think Kate must have gone to the wedding and stayed out of camera range to give the couple their day in the sun! Nice.

  14. This is interesting, DM and Royal Central are postulating that Harry will be moving into Diana’s old apartment. Once the underground extension is done that space will be available and ready for Harry. Of course the Gloucesters could give their apartment which is next door to the cambridges but I don’t know if he’d want to live that close to them, I wouldn’t if I was him.

    1. He has a 1 bed flat at KP right or is he at Nottingham Cottage which is like a little house?

      Diana’s apartment was two apartments made into one, wasn’t it?

      1. I think Harry is at Nottingham Cottage right now and they’re trying to bump him to KP so that Eugenie and Jack can have it.

  15. Victoria looks so beautiful! Everyone else looks lovely too, but she really looks great! I love the green on her.

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