Prince Oscar’s 1st Birthday

Prince Oscar’s 1st Birthday

Today, March 2, is Prince Oscar‘s 1st birthday. To mark the occasion, the Swedish royal court released a photo of the little prince.

Prince Oscar 1st Birthday
[Crown Princess Victoria/]

The black and white photo was taken by Crown Princess Victoria ahead of Oscar’s first birthday today.

Queen Silvia was in Warsaw, Poland yesterday to distribute the Queen Silvia Nursing Award, and she spoke to the press about how the Crown Princess Family is now back in Sweden after an extended overseas vacation, and about Oscar’s birthday.

    On the Crown Princess Family returning to Sweden: “Yes, and it’s nice that they are back now and we are very happy for the little family, not just little Estelle but also her little brother.”
    On Prince Oscar: “We are naturally very pleased to have little prince Oscar’s birthday tomorrow and, as grandparents, naturally imagine a present but whatever it is, we will not tell. But it will be great fun. He is a little fellow that is fun and the parents are very, very proud and, we the grandparents are also, to see his development. It is fun for one day he looks like his father and other day his mother! It’s very exciting for a lot is happening now.”

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There is not much else in Swedish royal news. Victoria will be back to work, finally, on March 6. Sofia’s next engagement is on March 9. Madeleine is not currently on the schedule. The next Swedish tiara event is the Official Dinner on March 23.

21 thoughts on “Prince Oscar’s 1st Birthday

  1. Oscar is adorable. A wonder mix of his parents. It’s also amazing how much he looks like Estelle at this age. I still cannot believe it’s been a year.

    Thanks for the adorable picture, KMR!

  2. Happy first birthday Prince Oscar!
    Oscar has such a range of expressions and I like this one. I think he looks like a mixture of Victoria and Daniel.

  3. Here I thought only William was weird with the not telling of gifts! I don’t get this secrecy around presents. Make some bs answer up like books/trains or whatever. He’s 1 what could they buy that’s so secretive? my nieces at 1 got clothes and books/educational stuff, when (the oldest) got older and could enjoy more, then the gifts improved! we know they’re uber wealthy so unless it’s a mansion or stable of ponies why not tell? I get wanting privacy on things but this is so simple.
    He looks cute here and can’t wait to see Victoria back at work!

  4. A special and Happy Birthday to adorable Oscar! I join others in finding it hard to believe he is one year old! Time flies.

    What a special and happy family the Swedish Royals are and how fondly Queen Silvia speaks of her grandchildren.,

    Thanks, KMR, for introducing many of us to them. I truly knew nothing of that wonderful Royal Family until coming to your site.

    Hope Oscar’s life, and that of his sister and cousins, is filled with the best of health and happiness. How do you say Happy Birthday in Swedish?

    1. Oh, Queen Lauri, thank you for the link. Those pix are just adorable.
      Makes me ache to have another baby asap. The photos of his earliest days just tugged so much at my heart.

      Love the picture of him holding both parents’ hands and also, loved that photo of him with cake frosting on his upper lip! Loved every photo, actually!!

      Oscar, you and your sister, are so darn cute!!!

  5. As has been pointed out several times, in Sweden parents get 450 days parental leave. It can be taken in any way they want, up until the child is 8 years old. What Victoria and Daniel have done is nothing unusual in that country. Makes many of us jealous, but it is the standard for Sweden.

  6. Happy Birthday baby Oscar! It’s funny when he grins or looks grumpy, he looks like Victoria- he has her chin! When he has a more neutral loook or is smiling, he looks like Daniel.

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