Kate at Ronald McDonald House: ‘Having a baby is a life-changing moment’

Kate at Ronald McDonald House: ‘Having a baby is a life-changing moment’

Yesterday, February 28, Kate Middleton visited Ronald McDonald House Evelina London.

Kate arrives at Ronald McDonald House Feb 2017 s
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kate was at Ronald McDonald House Evelina London to officially open the new 59 bedroom, purpose-built free ‘home away from home’ for the families of children being treated at the Hospital. Ronald McDonald Houses offer comfort, support, and a safe environment where families can interact, share their experiences and know that they will always have a shoulder to cry on. They host events and workshops to keep them strong and hopeful.

Upon her arrival, Kate was presented with a posy by Isabelle, 8, whose brother Luke, 6, is staying at Evalina Hospital. Kate then toured the facility and met families who stay there, including Dion and Danielle and their 8-month old baby Mia who has been at the children’s hospital for over 7 months because she has had renal problems since birth and both her kidneys have been removed.

After hearing about Mia, Kate told her parents: “Having a baby is a life-changing moment but for you having to go through all that as well is extraordinary.”

Kate meets residents at Ronald McDonald House Feb 2017 s
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kate then stopped by the kitchens to meet families who use the service, where children were taking part in crafts and decorating pancakes (yesterday was Pancake Day). To 4-year-old James, whose baby brother Lewis was in intensive care having been born six weeks ago at just 23 weeks, Kate spoke about George and how he was making pancakes at school.

    “In the kitchen of the Ronald McDonald Evelina House, James asked her: ‘Where’s George today?’
    “Kate laughed and replied: ‘George? I should have brought him. He’s at his Montessori nursery today making pancakes.’
    “James then returned to his colouring-in but told Kate: ‘There’s a thunderstorm coming.’
    “Kate replied: ‘Yes I know all about those. George likes storms too.'”


Kate meets families at Ronald McDonald House Feb 2017 1 s
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kate also unveiled a plaque to officially open the new House.

Finally, Kate also met staff and was briefed about the work of Ronald McDonald House Charities and what the new House will mean to the families and children being treated at Evelina London.

Kate wore a blue Rebecca Taylor sparkle tweed outfit for her jaunt to the Ronald McDonald House. But as much as it looks nearly identical to the Rebecca Taylor sparkle tweed outfit she’s worn previously, Kate opted for a new one because she’s the type of person who buys two pairs of nude pumps whose only difference is .6-inches in the heel and debuts them days apart.

For this outing, Kate wore a new Rebecca Taylor Women’s Blue Sparkle Tweed Dress and Sparkle Tweed Ruffle Jacket (originally $495)

Below is Kate in 2012 wearing her first Rebecca Taylor sparkle tweed outfit, and Kate in 2017 wearing her second Rebecca Taylor sparkle tweed outfit. Gah, the second one is even worse than the first.

Kate wore her Sapphire and Diamond earrings, her Rupert Sanderson Malory pumps in navy suede, and carried her Stuart Weitzman Muse clutch in navy suede.

Kate went with a hairdo I’ve never seen before. It’s a half up/half down look but the up part is in the form of one of her boring updos.

Here’s a shot of Rebecca Deacon. It’s not a full view, but she actually looks nice from what I can see.

141 thoughts on “Kate at Ronald McDonald House: ‘Having a baby is a life-changing moment’

  1. The positives first-Kate seemed to interact well today. That is huge for her. She seemed more open to those who she was talking to and more genuine. She even touched a few of them

    The bad-I thought this was same Rebecca Taylor dress suit that she has worn before. Only to discover that it is in fact a new outfit but it looks almost identical to her other one. To me, that just shows Kate is spending money solely because she can. What is the point of a new outfit that looks almost identical to one you already own? Just wear the other one, or buy a something different. It is just wasteful imo. She is spending so much on clothes this year yet she supposedly doesn’t care about fashion or is a clothes horse.

    And that hair! I like half up-dos but not this one. From some angles it looked like something was growing on the back of her head :(. Reminds me of an old potato that I have let go to long and has started growing a new lump

    1. I’ll be very interested to see if Kate ever wears the old RT sparkle tweed suit again. Because at first I was thinking of a diatribe about how ridiculous Kate’s spending and buying habits are, but then it occurred to me that when I like an article of clothing or an accessory, when it comes time to replace it I will buy either the exact same thing again or something that looks as close to the original as possible. Because I really like the first one and want to keep it around, but can’t because it’s worn out, so I want to replace it with something as close to the first one as possible. Maybe Kate is the same and for whatever reason the old RT suit got worn out and needed to be replaced, so Kate replaced her old RT suit with this new one. If that were the case, then I could let her buying something so similar slide, but if she ever wears the old one again then buying this new one will make no sense at all. She has a previous track record of buying things that are very similar for no reason – like the Fern/Floret nude pumps.

      1. Well that is very true KMR. I will be curious to see if she wears the original again. The cynical side of me thinks there is no way she could have worn out the previous suit. She would have needed to wear it a lot and it is a work outfit, which she doesn’t do much of. For me personally it takes a lot of wears/washing to need to replace something, like my favorite pair of shoes. But like you said, Kate has shown she likes to buy clothes that are almost identical like the nude pumps. Or even her lace dresses. That is what makes me think she bought it just to buy it. I wonder how many closets she has?

      2. Worn out? Oh come on she’s worn it three times? This is not like you or I replacing a pair of jeans, a much love fit of trousers or a particular colour of jumper. I am paying for this and it’s beyond wrong. Another suit virtually exactly the same? Has she no understanding of real life?
        I totally give up. No excuses acceptable for this abject profligacy. I am actually furious. What a waste of money ….my money.

        1. A seem can tear or one can spill something which ruins a piece in four wears (I once ruined a dress after one wear because I stepped on the bottom of it and it tore). It’s possible. I never said that WAS Kate’s case. I said IF that were the case, then I could understand it since I do the same thing (replace an item with something similar or the same). Like I said, Kate has a track record of buying similar items for no reason, so I’m not giving Kate a pass here. I’m saying I can understand a situation where she would want to replace the old suit with a new one that is nearly identical.

          1. Not your money though KMR . It is my money and it disgusts me. If you ruin one outfit as a royal princess buy something different.

          2. I wonder if Kate forgot she had an almost identical suit? It honestly wouldn’t surprise me. She has so much, does anyone keep track of what now must be a vast wardrobe.

            KMR, this might be a subject for an interesting post: how much has been spent on on what over 6+ years.

          3. I actually wonder is Kate is borrowing clothes from designers and the original piece wasn’t available so they sent along this. I have no reason beyond my own gut feeling that not even Kate would buy two virtually identical suits from the same designer.

          4. Mrs BBV, wouldn’t that be akin to taking freebies which is supposedly off-limits? And didn’t someone claim that Kate doesn’t pay for clothes until she wears them in public? I can’t understand why any designer/ business would operate that way but royalty seems to have such sway in the UK that normal procedures can go out the window.

          5. Jen, I don’t accept it I’m afraid. The wording is so open to misinterpretation. Gifts are acceptable from friends. Prices charged aren’t retail. Past season and samples can be charged by the wear. Nothing to stop Carole & Pippa lending or gifting freebies. The whole system is open to abuse but then why should any of the Royal ladies pay full retail price with the exposure they give a brand. I don’t think we know the half of it. Freebies maybe not but working the system with established couturiers I’m certain. It would be financially reckless of them not to given the vast working wardrobes they all need.

          6. I don’t disagree with you Mrs BBV. We’ve seen how they play the system – the Middleton’s were none too subtle about it back in the gf days. I’m sure a more sophisticated operation is now in place. I would not like my designs to be mucked about though it may be the price of success. It can be hard to get payment from the very wealthy and famous; some are legendary in stiffing small suppliers of goods who simply do not have the resources to resist or fight back. I realise that public pressure to look well-turned out drives some of this, but it is madness run amok. When does dressing professionally turn to profligacy?

          7. I’m sure Kate is profligate because she doesn’t have the confidence to dress appropriately and she has the arrogance to refuse advice and employ a proper dresser. There must be countless expensive mistakes in her wardrobe. I just remember Sarah Brown explaining in her book about being the Prime Minister’s wife how they afford to manage their public dressing budgets. Clever accounting, in cahoots with designers who will fudge the bills and very loose terminology. For example a designer sending a gift would be acceptable as long as it was from an established coterie who know the Palace rules I.e Don’t drop the Royals in it with the press. This has to be how she is buying so much new stuff or her working wardrobe bill would be annually in excess of £1/4 million and I can’t see PoW letting that pass when he used to moan about Diana’s grooming budget.

            One things for sure….. if she turns up in Paris with a butchered Chanel piece Karl Lagerfeld isn’t going to roll over and have his tummy tickled, Duchess or not.

      3. I am the same way. In fact, last year I bought 2 pairs of replacement shoes before I even wore out the first pair. Only because I love them and knew if I waited I would never get another.

        I have also been known to do something similar with what I term clothing workhorses. I have 3 black shirts all identical. 2 are set aside for after the first dies that lonely death. I also have the same shirt in about 7 different colours. 3 of which were various shades of pink.

        With those few examples, I cannot fault someone having 2 very similar suits. But I will admit, I wondered if she had the second one altered to make it longer. With that extra row of fringe, it looks like about 4″ of material was added in.

  2. Good afternoon everyone,
    Such a wonderful organisation and it is terrific to see the Duchess attending today.
    I just wish she would show this kind of support with more frequency. For parents going through the trauma of a child and sickness, a visit like this can really give support and raise spirits. I read one article in the DM of “baby Jack'” who was born without a heart. It is beyond comprehension, it really breaks your heart. That is just one example, there would be many more stories no doubt.
    Wow, it makes me very humbled as there is always someone worse off. Sometimes we think we are hard done by. You would think it would maybe encourage, I would think really want to get out there and make a real difference, especially when you think of the resources available to the Duchess Well there is always hope.
    Oh my what a shame. Why would you buy something near identical to what you already own?
    I thought it was a recycled suit, they look so similar. Colour is nice, but gee!

    1. “Why would you buy something near identical to what you already own?”

      I have done that many times. When I like an article of clothing or an accessory and it comes time to replace it, I will buy either the exact same thing again or something very similar. If Kate needed to replace her old RT suit, then I totally get buying a new one that is so similar. The thing is for Kate that she has a track record of buying similar things for no reason.

      1. I’ve just remembered she bought that gorgeous Preen dress in both colours. Wore it first in red and then in black. So she does sort of have history of these multiple buy ups.

      2. Another thought – could she have bought the jacket, skirt, and dress at/around the same time? And not work the dress/altered new skirt until now?

    2. +1 The Ronald McDonald House is amazing.

      I will admit that there isn’t a white v-neck tshirt that I haven’t liked yet.

      1. For me it’s scrunchy ballet flat shoes.

        And a million +1s for RMH. We have friends that had to travel to Houston for their son’s proton therapy (a specialized kind of radiation) and RMH was an absolute haven for his mom and the two younger siblings who also traveled with her. Being there, leaning on each other parent to parent, and having a place where his siblings could even make friends made that three months so much more bearable.

    3. I may have read the article wrong, but I doubt Baby Jack was born without a heart. I worked in a cardiac thoracic ICU and the infants we cared for usually had hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

  3. I unapologetically love this blue suit. I loved the first first one as well, but Rebecca Taylor blue tweed 2.0 is so much better. Style and length. She could bend over without care! Looks good with Diana’s sapphires too. I like her hair half up half down most times, but I find this bun?? bewildering. Nope, not a fan.

    George likes storms? That was an autopilot answer. Especially since the boy was merely commenting on the weather (how cute is that!) not saying he was looking forward to the storm. Most kids that age are somewhat frightened by extreme weather . Not ruling out that Prince George is in the minority on this one, but…

    1. I, too, thought it was odd that Kate added “too” when saying George likes storms. The kid didn’t say he likes storms, just that a thunderstorm was coming.

      1. Oh, yes, George likes storms. And, he was making pancakes too.
        Her comment about having a baby being a life-changing experience made me want to scream. Duh? Of course, when she added that what the parents of these ill children have to go through, however, I started to cut her some slack.

        Ronald McDonald House is a wonderful organization and does so many wonderful things for the families of the sick children. One cannot thank them enough for the kindness and care they deliver to those who are under such stress. I hope for better health for those dear children and peace for their families. That baby, Mia — oh, my goodness, may she be blessed.

        Kate’s suit? I liked the old one without the fringe on the skirt better. And, her hair looked awful in the back. Still, she did seem to be more relaxed and interested in those around her, so that is a plus.

        1. Wait I need to back up a bit. Was that really the conversation sequence with James, a little kid with a baby brother in the hospital?? I read the two quotes in other sources, which were bad enough on their own. If this was actually the conversation between the two I am beyond appalled. Waity is so far out of her depth nothing can save her. How can she function as a human being, and what the heck BRF????

      2. Kate needs to choose better words. The quote about having kids then saying what they went through is extraordinary?
        I don’t expect deep thoughts from her at this point but come on.

        1. Heartbreaking, challenging, devastating, incredibly difficult, unexpected…she needs Joey’s thesaurus 😉

        2. It’s not even an apt word for the situation (akin to her response to stories of mutilated Indian children). She is so out of touch with humanity and the human condition. Now, *that* is extraordinary.

        3. I think she’s straining to find a way to not have everything in the world be all about her. She mentions the life changing event (she’s reminding everyone about how she feels about her life) but then attempts to empathize. But she didn’t quite make an unselfish point about these particular parents without including herself.

          1. It all goes back to that cousin interviewed during the engagement at an event (wasn’t it in the north of England?). Kate has trouble identifying or having empathy with anything that doesn’t interest her, aka herself and her own orbit.

          2. Ellie, do you have an links to articles about it? No shade, just curiosity. And googling hasn’t helped me at all.

          3. I can’t find anything about it but I know other people have mentioned it too. It’s annoying so much gets deleted if it’s not praise-worthy.

    2. I’m so glad I’m not the only one! I don’t know quite what it is that I like but I really do.

  4. First time commentor but long time creeper here, so hi!

    I did like that Kate seemed really engaged on this visit but as mentioned this level of engagement would mean so much more if it were more frequent. I’ve no doubt she brought a bit of happiness to these children and families, honestly.

    As for the suit – thought it was the original at first tbh. I do hope it’s what KMR said and the original was worn rather than she just felt like a new one because she already has many a navy/black/nude pump.

    I like that you mentioned the kid and the storms. I thought that too! Now,is it just me, or was it odd that Kate also specified that George was making pancakes “at his Montessori nursery?” I felt like that was a bit odd…why not just say nursery? Or is it me?

    1. Rosa, it’s not just you–I was just getting ready to make the same comment about “Montessori nursery”. I thought it sounded extremely odd.

      1. OMG, my mother is the Hyacinth Bucket of Texas. She wouldn’t drive her Cadillac to the Sonic Drive-In because she and her car were too good for that. Kind of funny, and kind of sad.

        1. I’ve noticed through the years that Cadillac owners never own/drive/put gas in, etc. a “car.” They own/drive/put gas in, etc. a “Cadillac.” LOL I wonder if it’s a Southern thing?

      2. They said that the Queen spent her time watching Keeping up appearance when she was sick. Do you think Caroline Middleton is like Mrs Bucket?? If you never saw that show, Google it. Worth the watch.

        1. The Royals don’t use fish knives or steak knives as they think they’re common. I sort of imagine Carole with a whole new service of cutlery for her ‘sophisticated dinner parties’ that had steak knives and fishes knives. All wasted when she found out that they’re for Non PLU (People Like Us).

          What William Hanson would make of a Middleton Manor Christmas I would love to know.

    1. Such a sweet baby.

      If Kate’s visit brought some happiness to the families there, then that is good. But I am so sick of seeing Kate or whatever royal being handed flowers when they make one of their rare, short visits to a patronage. Kate is the one who should be bringing flowers or a basket of goodies to them. Kate isn’t serving but being served.

      1. Charles & Diana did that before their marriage. They were vising Tetbury, Gloucestershire, their future home town. One stop was at a local hospital & whilst going round meeting the patients, Diana handed out flowers that she’d been given to the patients. Thoughtful moment from their future neighbour.

  5. If that is the Rebecca Taylor blue sparkle tweed dress–and not a skirt that can’t now be found online–then Kate has had it altered significantly. There’s no fullness or flare here. Good color on Kate though.

    The hair mini-bun or mini-roll is so hideous it’s almost hilarious.

    And Rebecca Deacon–I think she looks like she woke up late and had a rough commute to work. I’d like to see a full length image to know what sort of pants she’s wearing, but in the shot here they appear too casual and not even the same shade of black as the jacket. I don’t think she looks bad, just not polished and pulled together enough to be on this sort of public engagement.

  6. I’m struggling to understand why you would need two outfits so very similar but that said, I think Kate did a really good job with This visit. She seemed very natural on the video.

  7. Hair: WTF?

    Outfit: One can never have too many identical pieces of clothing! Thanks, Charles’s credit card! I like the idea of it but again the wasteful spending puts me out big time and I’m not even a British taxpayer…

    Engagement: Okay, but WTF on everything she says. Monessori nursery! George likes everything even though you didn’t bring it up but I will because I have nothing else to say? It’s so weird, she just can’t engage or interact. Once again I blame the fact she never really had to work or function in the real world, but still, she’s been in the family for six years, one would think something would have rubbed off…

    Those poor sweet children. I hope Kate’s visit brought some happiness to their day, though.

    1. I’m glad for the families if Kate brought them some respite and pleasure. They must be in all sorts of hell. Anything to brighten their day is good. As Lizzie said, I too wish that Kate would bring flowers and small gifts for the families; what a change that would make. I wish all royals, where appropriate, would do this. They take so much and give so little.

      For a mother of two, Kate doesn’t appear to have many ‘go to’s’ for conversation with children of a similar age to her own. I thought the Montessori mention odd in talking to a child who wouldn’t have a clue what it was and would care less, and just odd anyway. It makes me wonder about the ‘hands-on mummy’ claim.

      The level of sheer wastage in Kate’s wardrobe is insulting to all forced to pay for her lifestyle. How many suits does she own? How many coats? What is the tally of items and their cost over six years for all clothing, including shoes, bags? Are we looking at over a million pounds? I can understand if Kate, in her position, has several pairs of similar shoes that have proven comfortable for work wear where she is mostly on her feet, though let’s face it, her engagements are very short in duration and the shoes (and clothes) don’t see much action. It really appears profligate, using shopping to soothe. Maybe she should start a conversation with someone.

      1. Jen, you’re probably going to think I’m sad & have too much time on my hands but I have been keeping a rough tally of Kate’s outfits, costs & re-wears. Its only rough & there may be some I’ve missed cause they may be under coats/ jackets, so please don’t shoot the messenger. Total number of outfits:- 272. Outfits worn twice :- 66. Outfits worn three times :- 12. Outfits worn four times :- 7. Outfits worn five times :- 2. If you want a rough cost youll have to let me know. As I say its only a rough tally but I’m sure it can’t be too far out. Anyway I’m sure KMR can get the exact figures. They are very disgraceful vising in my mind. Perhaps you can now see why it infuriates me when she keeps wearing new outfits engagement after engagement.

        1. Poppy, I think your curiosity has led you to critically scrutinise Kate’s spending; well done. I’m surprised it’s ‘only’ 272 outfits – I’m assuming you are considering what is worn per engagement as an outfit? Not expecting you to do this, but it would be interesting to break it down to coats, dresses, skirts, shoes, hats, bags etc. I’d be happy to put some time aside to go through KMR’s blog since this is the most accurate site out there. Your repeats total makes a blatant lie of the press/KP claims of Kate’s frugality; that’s a truly shocking number.

          I guess you can estimate only the retail value, even though some garments are ‘bespoke’. But that at least gives an indication of a ball park figure.

          1. Unfortunately there will always be some royal employee that will be willing to falsify the truth to save face. Take the tour of Thailand & islands back in 2012, of the 17 outfits worn on the tour only 3 have had 1 repeat each. That is not right at all. There is also another couple of sites I use, one that also details all the accessories as well, From Berkshire to Buckingham. Most outfits I do break down but it depends just how much information is available about each item. Like the blue R/T from yesterday, we know bout the jacket but don’t know if underneath is the dress that’s been altered or its a skirt that nobody seems to have any knowledge of, so at the moment its listed as one outfit! Geezzz, I’m starting to sound like a stalker?! I did a quick total of the costings I have from her first engagement with William on 20/12/10, £258,349.81 – that doesn’t include 38 not available costs or 20 bespoke. These totals don’t include any accessories. I will see what I can do with regard to breaking it all down. I can see I will be counting shoes in my sleep…ha.

          2. You will indeed be counting shoes. Let me know if I can help you with this eg direct me to x to look for y and I will do it.

      2. How are clothing costs tallied? Are the clothes she actually wears to events the only ones included in the annual amount released to the public?

        If not, then she probably spends a lot more than the $200,000 reported last year. And with a wardrobe packed with clothes that she will never wear.

        1. Since we know that Charles receives a tax write off for all clothing worn for public duties plus attendant grooming bills, i imagine they do what all people with such *arrangements do which is to employ an accountant (or assistant or do it themselves) to log the cost of these items, including bills for alterations, and entire sum sent to charles to add to his accounts as a tax write off. Or if they do not do that, then a clothing budget is given to Kate and the overall budget is then marked as a tax write off by Charles.

          Overall, because Charles provides money for their living costs, but only writes off the official Royal expenditure, it’s a good assumption that she is spending more than £200K because the tax office takes a dim view of using tax deductable items in private. It’s a rule that Kate doesn’t always follow, and a jobsworth tax official may decide to investigate one day.

          *One of my siblings was a model whose tax deductables included clothing and grooming bills, so i am very familiar with this arrangement.

      3. “I’m glad for the families if Kate brought them some respite and pleasure.”

        We will never know, though, how Kate really comes across. I wonder what they really see in her eyes, in her speech, in her body language.

        1. When life is so vulnerable, as it was at this engagement, I’d imagine any words of empathy would be eagerly and gratefully accepted. With the greatest respect to them, I think people will see what they need to see in such circumstances.

    2. Ellie, so true about the hair. I saw the back in the above photo and had a good laugh.

      What is wrong with me?

      I dislike most of her style choices. I cannot stand the wiglet. Her fake accent is absurd. I cannot abide lazy. Why, oh why, do I continue to follow Kate? It must be my addiction. I hope against hope, she will run out in a busy road, save a tiny puppy and I will have positive feelings about KM. It must be old feelings of goodwill I had for her at the time of the wedding. I am embarrassed for myself.

      1. G, we can all understand. Maybe we need to start Kate Middleton Anonymous Groups. “Hi, my name is Jenny and I suffer from addiction to Kate Middleton websites.” Don’t be embarrassed, G. I think she brings out the best and worst in people and I share your hope that one day she will save a tiny puppy, or do some other act of goodwill that will boost her image. Til then……

  8. I have not much to add apart from Rebecca……don’t you own a pair of smart trousers. These are too casual for the occasion.
    Kate seemed quite attentive and engaged today.
    She says weird things because she’s nervous, hopeless at small tall and is neurotic about putting a foot wrong. I’m not good at small talk either so I can empathise but she must practise more. Being shy, tongue tied and ill informed is not an option in her life.

    1. Mrs. BBV, I am with you. Rebecca’s slacks were way too casual. Her top, however, was nicer than anything else I have seen her wear. A smarter pair of trousers or a skirt of proper length would have been more appropriate, but all I do, it seems, is complain!

      I agree with those who have praised the work of those associated with the Ronald McDonald Houses. It must have been a breath of fresh air and enjoyment to have a visit from the Duchess and I hope it helped the parents and children. I also hope that the kids who are ill are able to be helped medically. Mia’s story is heartbreaking.

  9. Her only conversational resources are barely relevant references to her children. Anecdotes which are imaginary at that and never any possible follow up. George likes storms and conversation comes to a thudding stop. I like her suit, hair is awful.

  10. I can’t add anything else that hasn’t been discussed. I am guilty of buying the same silhouette in many colors. However I’m paying for it versus the taxpayer.

    Kate did well, but she needs to become more adept at having conversations as mentioned above. Her makeup looked good. The suit was ill fitting. Which, imho, makes it look cheap. And that hair…You all know how that wiglet angers me. It looks like she threw it back during a workout. It looks ratty and puffy. This is a perfect example of an unimaginative hair stylist.

    Rebecca. I will say her blouse is cute. She always looks thrown together and unkempt. She has an awesome job. She needs to dress for it. Seeing her makes me both laugh and get angry. At this point, she’s a walking punchline.

    Thanks for the review, KMR!

    1. You know, it would be a good idea for both Rebecca and Kate to have a stylist work some magic on each of them. I wonder if Rebecca is being careful not to overshadow her boss and this translates to being somewhat unkempt?

        1. Ladies-in-waiting to the Queen and Diana have been aristocrats in their own right, unlike Rebecca who hails from a more humble background. I remember reading that a LIW gets a small clothing allowance but then, there is no accounting for taste. My biggest quibble with Rebecca is the short skirts she seems to favor. Also, would it kill her to wear a little makeup?

          1. KMR, she doesn’t have to wear makeup but she could make more of an effort with her appearance, instead of looking as she just rolled out of bed.

          2. The problem isn’t that Rebecca isn’t an aristocrat. There were/are a few HM/ Diana / Sophie / Fergie LIWs who weren’t aristocrats.

            The issue seems to be that Rebecca’s only other working experience is at a record company. Clothing would have been extremely casual and no one would care if she came to work looking like she rolled out of bed.

            Once she joined the royal household, as long as JLP was in charge, she was better turned out and looked pulled together.

            With his departure went her presentation as well.

            Apparently working in a Palace hasn’t affected her sense of self presentation despite being surrounded by smartly dressed people.

          3. I didn’t think Kate had any official LIW’s? I thought Rebecca was just a personal assistant, who obviously doesn’t own an iron.

          4. I must say, Herazeus, does Rebecca live in her own little world? If she looked around the palaces and its people, she might get a clue as to how to dress. How difficult is that? Is everyone that works for the Cambs an uncivilised moron?

            ETA: Oops, I shouldn’t have skimmed- we are of like mind.

            I do find it extraordinarily insulting to those of ‘humble’ background, meaning us common plebs, to assume/imply that we are somehow more socially inept and unsophisticated than the toffs because of our class. This has nothing to do with class and everything to do with professionalism. And maturity. Both sadly lacking in Cambs’ Court.

          5. Sarah: Officially Kate doesn’t have a LIW, but she uses Rebecca as a LIW together with being her assistant. Yet, i don’t think she’s any good as an assistant based upon Kate’s showing. A good assistant can make their boss look good. Like ELF. In areas of PR, incompetent Jason shows them all up, but in individual projects, ELF makes Harry shine whilst Rebecca and Miguel make William and Kate look bad. I know there are issues that contribute to the poor showing, but a good assistant can lead their boss into making better showings.

            On a different note, if i were hired as Kate’s assistant, i think i’d eventually become unkempt because my brain would atrophy from the idiocy of my boss who is so deliberately child like and needs looking after like she’s completely brainless.

            Actual toddlers are much more interesting, curious and entertaining than Kate. They also learn much faster!!

          6. I’m actuLly surprised that she didn’t make pippa a LIW. It would be perfect excuse to have family around her at events and would give an excuse to have her in the media.
            If she got one, it would allow Rebecca to be more in the background and do her job. I never see anyone else’s PA around prominently as Kate’s

        2. You know what i don’t get about Rebecca’s attire?

          Look at the men who attend these events with her. Miguel or Jason or JLP or ELF. With rare exception they are always in a suit and tie and smart shoes.

          How does that not translate in HER mind to smart wardrobe requirement or at the very leadt don’t look like you just rolled out of bed and grabbed the closest clothing item?

          She looks so unkempt most of the time. And it started with JLP’s departure.

      1. Rebecca needs to wash her hair regularly. I could say more about my impressions of her appearance, but with much respect to KMR and her blog site policies I will leave it at that.

        1. I could say a lot more about Rebecca’s slovenly appearance but I too will shut my mouth because it could become rude, lol.
          But Rebecca’s messy appearance shows a lack of pride in her job, in herself and reflects poorly on Kate as a manager of her staff.

  11. I buy black and navy clothes every year but each piece is less than $100 – this child bride is deluded and over indulged to say the least

    1. Childish. Kate is not a child bride. She was an adult and fully consented to her marriage.

      1. I think the childishness of this woman bugs me more than anything. In fact, the inability to grow up is the cause of her most objectionable behaviors and I am including her wardrobe as a symptom. It is difficult for some women to come to terms with aging; but if one is lucky, getting older happens to everyone. I speak as one who once was not sure that I would live to be old. Now, when I look in the mirror and see the wrinkles and grey hair, it’s okay. I am lucky. I wonder wheat the Duchess sees when she looks in a mirror. I see someone desperately holding onto to adolescence, and that is just sad. One can exercise and diet, dress years longer than one’s actual age, use botox and fillers, but time will always tell. My wish for the Duchess is that she does begin to mature into a thoughtful, dignified person who will be a credit to her position.

        1. +1. That is wise advice. The problem for Kate is that she has always been encouraged by her family to trade on her body, her youth to the detriment of developing her character, education, service to others, work ethic and so on. And there’s just no good ending for woman who use that approach to life; there’s always someone younger and prettier. And on it goes.

          This may explain the extreme dieting and certainly the amount of cosmetic work done to disguise the inevitability of aging. That said, both William and Kate have visibly aged since their marriage even though both have not had the stress of hard work. It’s a puzzle.

        2. JHG…..great observations, I think when you get to Kate’s age you also realize that you are not really old, but on the other hand you are no longer a carefree person in your 20’s and that you are not going to live forever.

        3. I love the old women with the silver grey hair and wrinkles!
          The fact that Kate is still trying to hold on to her hair and clothing styles from he 20s says a lot to me. I now equate her with Dorian Gray

        4. Personally, I had a tough time with the changes ageing brought from the age of about 35 to 45. Now that I’m 50+ I find it much easier to embrace the grey hairs and wrinkles but I still have days of wondering who is looking back at me in the mirror and why did so many wrinkles appear overnight 🙂

          Also, when most of your life has been spent being the young, trim, pretty one and now lumps and bumps are appearing out of now where, you can no longer shed 5 pounds by skipping a meal or going for a long run/workout and wrinkles appear overnight, it can be tough to find one’s balance.

          1. when I was 29 my metabolism changed. I’ve always been fairly active, vegetarian who eats pretty well but has a sweet tooth. I was always a size 2/4 then I was 6/8 I knew it couldn’t be my diet, it had to be glandular so I had my thyroid tested!! Bwhahah nope wasn’t glandular. =)
            Can’t wait for the joys of 40!

          2. Yeah Sarah, between chronic pain and menopause I’ve gained about 25+ pounds over the last 5 or so years 🙁 Everyone says that I carry it well and still look great but I’m not super happy about it. I’ve recently discovered weight lifting for both strength and to help my bones, hoping for an added side affect of some weight loss 🙂

          3. Yes those years are difficult and menopause is not fun but those years were exciting because I knew myself better and understand more the things I truly valued and made me happy. All I can say about aging is if you are lucky, you age. Enjoy the trip and look forward to what another year will bring.

          4. Queen Lauri, I am putting this is the wrong place since there is not a *reply* section by your response concerning chronic pain. As someone who suffers from chronic pain (and I do mean suffer) I wanted to point out you may want to look at any medication you are taking.

            For years I asked my physician if one particular medication may be causing weight gain. For years he told me I was just fat. I decided to discontinue that medication under his weaning schedule and immediately lost 30 pounds of fluid weight. So nice to not be *fat* anymore.

          5. Lauri, you are beautiful. You just are. I am sure that like others, you may have days when you feel out of sorts, but all you comment here shows that you are a beautiful, vibrant, warm and witty woman.

            Listen, on PMS days — and boy, it did not get better post Maddie — as my doc implied it would — I can’t even look in the mirror. Sometimes, anyway.

            We all struggle as women. Appearance is drummed into us at an early age and whenever bumps come up in life, we panic. Even the most “liberated” women, I think.

            THere is female beauty at every age and it’s time the media and society in general realizes that. It would help us all — even, Kate, I will bet.

            One thing that makes me furious is the headlines on the covers of so many women’s magazines. BEAUTY AT ANY AGE, the headline reads. (Using caps, because often headlines do). Just turn to page something, and get the scoop.

            How much better to have a headline report. BEAUTY at EVERY AGE. (Again, using caps as a headline, not in anger).

            I think that if Kate was brought up to think her looks were the keys to the kingdom, then, I would guess she is scared of losing them (looks and those keys!)! But, really, there’s more to life than one’s physical attributes. And, how much do docs really know about the long term affects of using fillers, etc, during one’s late 20s and 30s? I mean, has any woman ever asked? And, what are the answers one is given? It is terrible to imagine what such things could be doing to one’s health, isn’t it?

        5. Her obsession with remaining 20 something in attitude and looks and her refusal to embrace her role as a an adult royal and then surround herself with women who do the same is a huge disconnect. She likes to mention her children in a prop-like manner, but dredges up how her mother took care of her and how everyone else takes care of her. I’ve never heard a well adjusted woman with children put so much emphasis–to the point where her children’s care seems to be secondary–on everyone taking care of her. A huge disconnect in so many areas of her life that always leads back to being completely taken care of by all the adults in her life.

          1. I’ll be the devil’s advocate for a second. Maybe she has a case of arrested development. Will found her alluring when she was younger and more dependent. It’s well known that he was a cheater. So maybe she took on some of Jecca’s style. Or even keep her appearance and behavior of that of a young co-ed. This is just a thought.

          2. It’s a valid proposition ie staying in a physical and psychological state that rewarded Kate’s objectives, prince and status.

          3. @Rhiannon and Jen,

            Yes, staying Forever21 must be working for her in some important way that we can only surmise. And as you say it most likely has to do with believing it’s the only way to keep W and/or to stay mummy’s good girl to honor their deal of obeying mummy in return for Carole managing the difficulties of her life.

          4. Indiana Joanna, who knows how W+K’s relationship works? We do know that it was built on being available on tap and endless adoration on her part (real or not); he cheated and used her whenever he wanted. Not exactly a fairytale… Let’s hope it’s matured into something more agreeable six years on, but who knows what bargains are struck for the sake of appearances. And of course, two small children now need to be considered above all. At least W+K owe them that. I’m sure Carole has a large role in keeping two adults with serious issues placated, as well as grandmother duties, and advancing her own ambitions.

  12. Ronald McDonald houses are a great resource, and I’m glad Kate gave this one some publicity.

    Even if Kate did wear out the original suit, she still had the Missoni coat. I just see this as wasteful, unless she spilled ink on the first suit. And this suit did not fit. It looked too small, and the back pulled up, making the short waisted fit of the jacket more obvious. I find it surprising that someone as slender as Kate wears clothes that look tight.

    I’ve got a question. I remember reading that Diana was careful about not wearing her public clothes in private. Is this correct and usual? I also have read that the Queen does wear her clothes for private occasions.

    Did anyone else wonder if Kate did not comb out her hair after the India reception and just smoothed it for this appearance? There was a picture of the lower bun thing that looked like it would fall apart.

    What exactly does Rebecca Deacon do? Prepare briefings that don’t get read? Take flowers that are awkward to hold? Write speeches? If her appearance reflects her work, then no wonder Kate is so clueless. Kate needs someone to nudge her to get a voice coach, practice public speaking, and small talk, learn to appear intersted and happy without manic faces and rolling eyes. It is really a shame William nixed an apprenticeship with Sophie.

    1. Regarding your Diana Question, this is true. Ditto the Queen. The Queen is a country woman at heart and it shows in her clothing of country clothes in the country and very simple dresses made by her tailor in town. This is standard Queen in the country…..https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/e9/02/f5/e902f5f5d0e6ecb673070a0240339194.jpg



      The Queen’s public outfits go straight to back to Angela Kelly’s inhouse workshop to be catalogued and stored and or refashioned into new dresses /outfits.

      The few times she dresses up for private functions, her taste isn’t so lollypop sherbet.

      It’s hard to gauge how many of those simple dresses worn in town are used for private life because when she is out in public, she puts a coat over the dress such that you only see a glimpse at the knee.

      Her working wardrobe is huge, but there is a very clear seperation between the two parts of her life.

        1. Just to add at the Althorp exhibition there were a couple of dresses that Diana couldn’t wear in public that I had never seen before. Very different in style to the Princess dressing and much more like what she was wearing in the last year of her life. One was a red sequin, body skimming number that was so fitted it would have called a paparazzi pile up if she’d gone out in that. It showed very clearly how she seperated her private and public wardrobes.

          Angela Kelly has to be worth her weight in gold. I’m sort of surprised HM hasn’t had her recruit and train someone up for Kate under the guise of a gift.

  13. I did not realize that the Rebecca Taylor Suit No. 1 also had sparkly threads in the fabric, which to me makes the purchase of this new suit just even more bizarre. I understand that Kate may have liked the style of the first suit, and wanted to wear something like it, but why oh why did she opt for the same color? A red or heathery tweedy fabric would have been nice. This just proves to me that her staff are just not intelligent and savvy, but I guess it is a reflection on the person they work for. The rest of the outfit was standard Kate……nothing to see here, please move on. That hair style, what fresh hell was that? I think Prince George’s guinea pig was tucked into that poofy-foofy appendage on the back of Kate’s head.
    Another observation……when I see Rebecca Deacon, I see a woman who always needs a shower and a shampoo. She is so unkempt looking .
    I am ending this on a positive note because I think the Ronald McDonald Houses are wonderful places and I am glad Kate went there, she seemed to be engaged during this visit.

  14. I’m so glad to see her standing up straighter today, no excessive shoulder slumping or chin jutting. Still wish she’d lose the clutch though.

  15. I think Isabella’s outfit was the star outfit of the day!! I’d wear a get up like this and I think it would look great on Kate too.

      1. Hi Jen, I wish she would wear that outfit or ones similar more often. Imho, they look well put together, comfortable for different situations like play or crafting and they look youthful without looking childish. I am 50+ and love wearing these types of outfits to work, for me they’re warm and kind of like wearing pajamas to work 🙂

        1. Hi Lauri, I’m with you. Kate looked good and quite fresh in that outfit; it suited her really well and actually fit her too. For a number of her engagements, it ticks the boxes. She also looked nice in a coat/coat-dress when she and William went up to Scotland; it suited her frame and the occasion. I’m still plugging for a stylist who will do some straight talking with Kate and take no prisoners.

          1. I loved that outfit she wore in Scotland!!! I think it’s the only outfit Kate has ever worn that I truly covet 🙂

            Yeah, she does need a stylist to help her find out what works for her and how to accessorize properly. Maybe you and I should fly over and take control ?!

          2. Okay. Once they’re beaten into submission, we’ll knock them into shape. Posture will improve, that’s for sure, with you on the case.

    1. Why does Carole, woman who appears to have great influence over her daughter and is herself well dressed, not see that her daughter isn’t presenting herself as perhaps she should? I just don’t get it and I certainly don’t get Miss Deacon’s slovenly appearance. Please women, take a look at the other royal ladies in Europe or at the very least peruse some of the high end, Grown up women’s magazines. As a UK taxpayer I demand well turned out representatives of my country.

      Good show on the interacting today, Duchess. Keep going as you’re getting much better.

      1. I don’t understand Carole, either, unless encouraging Kate in her too young appearances and snowflake behavior allows Carole to keep control, and appear younger herself, i.e., too young to have a 35 year old daughter.

        I also think Mrs, BBV is right, and Carole is getting designer discounts on dresses for Kate to wear, accounting for the matronly outfits.

        Or maybe I don’t have a clue in my speculations ?.

        1. I think Carole is choosing a lot of Kate’s working wardrobe because Mummy still does everything to take care of her. Hence her looking so middle aged.

  16. This blue suit is surely pretty and I hope that she really needed a new one x)
    I never saw a hair style like that. I like her hair in general but this updo is undefinable.
    But, I like her work here, it’s important work for those who need this help.

  17. Haven’t read all the comments so sorry if I am repeating something, but this is the third outfit that looks almost exactly alike, isn’t it? Two skirt suits but also a coat made of the same fabric and from the same designer on that day that the Queen, Camilla, and Kate all did the event together.


    I think that is just over kill. She has countless clutch bags and pumps that are all black or beige and the exact same style. Plus, she has so many blue coats that all look alike. If she really loved her skirt suit but something happened to it, she could have just worn this identical coat. She didn’t need to buy this skirt suit, too. This is extravagant to me. And I don’t even like this suit, it looks too much like frayed denim.

  18. First of all, with regard to that lump on the back of her head. I think it looks like she has half of a large heirloom tomato hidden under her hair. It just looks ridiculous.

    Before I read KMR’s post, I was trying to decide why buy something that looks so much like the other outfit already in your closet. It’s not like this outfit is something basic. I will confess, I have 2 pairs of black pants in my closet that are identical. I consider them to be a basic piece of clothing – they can be dressed up or down and I have any number of combinations that I can wear with them. But that doesn’t work with KM because it is fairly clear that accessorizing to make something look different is not part of her skill set. First thing I came up with is the first suit was sent to the cleaners and came back Charlotte sized. (Just cause she’s royal doesn’t mean she is exempt from screw-ups at the dry cleaner.) Second was maybe in KM’s mind they aren’t the same – one is a coat, one is a skirt and jacket and this latest is a dress and jacket. So they are different, even though at a glance they all look the same. Third is that the oh so busy hands on working mom is just too busy to keep up with all her clothes. This one may have a degree of truth. She probably has clothes in London, clothes in Norfolk, clothes at her Mom’s and even at her sister’s house. She doesn’t know where anything is or exactly what she has so she gets something else. Since she doesn’t have any true professionals helping with this (Tash or whatever her name is doesn’t count) she continues to waste money of similar items.

    Unfortunately, I am more inclined to think it is what I commented on in the India reception post. They can’t get her out of the house without something new unless she needs some “Kate is so frugal” stories.

    After reading some of the comments about all the blue stuff KM has, particularly since a lot of it looks the same, I recalled something I read about QEII’s clothes. I think it was in a small book put out around the time of the Diamond Jubilee by the Royal Collection about her clothes over the course of her reign. One of the reasons for her dressers keeping such specific records of what she wears and when is that the first thing that registers with the ordinary person is the color of her outfit. So, for example, if she was going to be in Yorkshire for the day and wore a red coat and hat, the next time she went there she would wear another color. It wouldn’t matter if it was to another part of the county and was a year later. When the average person saw the pictures, they would know this was a different trip from the trip that she wore the red coat. Yes there would be people who like clothes and could look at two red coats and see the differences but the average person would look at two red coats and only see the red. This is one thing KM doesn’t seem to understand. True a lot of her stuff really does look the same, but by wearing so much of the same color, she looks boring and never looks any different.

    Now that I have written a small book, I guess I better stop because ironically, we are about to have a thunderstorm! Unlike George, I don’t like them but if we get through the night without a tornado, I will be happy.

  19. I loved the pictures of her interacting and seeming to be engaged. It’s a change from her usual self. I liked the hair from the back, personally. The outfit was dreadful, but overall, the engagement as a whole was a lot better than many of hers.

  20. Are there any more appearances by W&K before France, if not, I bet they will be on a “secret” vacation either skiing or on Mustique because they have been just worked to the bone lately.

    1. Poor things. It must be hard work mustering up empathy for others. Is William still at EAAA? I’d imagine they go on many breaks over a year, apart from everyday life at the fortress. As William crowed and showed last year, he was able to take the family to France without it being on anyone’s radar. They have access to at least one private jet, and probably another belonging to Pippa’s future in-laws.

  21. I’ve suspected for a while that Kate is having some of her clothes made for her.

    Ok, so we have all noticed the dreadful tailoring on some of Kate’s dresses, clothing that she wore in India was some of the worse, eg the red McQueen on the first day with the botched waistline seam.

    Then there was the red and white Broderie Anglais dress in Canada.
    This is what the McQueen dress looked like
    And this is Kate’s interpretation

    After seeing this mess someone made a comment asking if Kate had ordered off one of those website online which make “designer copies” badly?

    I did look at the latest Kate outfit and, like others, noted that the dress (skirt?) wasn’t quite the same as the Rebecca Taylor dress. This got me wondering if Kate is having clothes copied and she is not going to the actual designers?

    Then I found this:

    I think the jacket is the real thing but think that Kate has found herself a dressmaker?

    There is nothing wrong with getting someone to make clothes for you, there is nothing wrong with designer inspired clothing (but please try and stay away from outright fakes?). It’s something the women of the landed gentry have done for decades, have a dressmaker make their clothes. It would make a difference to those estimates about how much Kate is spending on clothes won’t it?

    1. ”This got me wondering if Kate is having clothes copied and she is not going to the actual designers?”

      The largest US sewing pattern company reps have always attended the designer fashion shows. They create patterns that are similar to what has been displayed in the shows. Duplicating a style has been their draw for over 100 years. Fabric companies produce inventory similar in fabric type, color and style that had been offered to designers a year or more before the fabric appears in consumer level stores.

      It is possible to produce an outfit that is very similar to a designer’s show piece using a similar pattern and the same fabric. Perhaps Kate is doing this. She could also be buying two of an outfit in order to have enough fabric to alter as she chooses. Once you have bought the outfit, it is yours to do with as you choose.

      If you are going to alter a rather unique outfit from a designers inventory, the subsequent tailoring should be impeccable because the alteration reflects on the designer whether you credit them or not. Amateur alteration of clothing also shows the wearer’s lack of attention to detail — and supposes the same lack of detail in other areas under their control.

      At her level of purchasing power, the duchess should be paying attention to her clothing details and, if she doesn’t know or understand the clothing details, she should employ someone who does and pay attention to their advice. So far, it appears that either she has no such counsel or chooses to ignore advice.

      It’s a pity that almost 6 years into the routine that is her ‘work’ she has not developed the critical eye, or employed a trusted dresser, about her clothing that her position demands. Her working wardrobe does not reflect any progression towards a sophistication expected of her position. Her husband’s mother learned very quickly about the value of a working wardrobe — as did other royal women.

      1. If Kate were doing that then why does KP announce which designer she is wearing? I would think KP would want to obfuscate the designer as much as possible if Kate were having some personal tailor copy designs rather than buying them from the actual designer.

        1. Hi KMR
          Does KP announce which designer Kate is wearing? I thought that it was down to the blogs to work out how the designer was?
          Or maybe she is getting a dressmaker in and KP said that outfit was Rebecca Taylor as it was (originally) a Rebecca Taylor design, just bending the truth and six degrees of separation here a bit?

          1. KP releases which designer Kate is wearing to the press. The specific items are found out by the blogs, but the reporters tell everyone which designer it is because KP tells the reporters.

  22. Rebecca Deacon is no example of polished professionalism. She should be immaculately presented in classic understated professional clothes with neat hair. And should not detract or draw attention from her royal boss. I think she generally looks a mess and is maybe the main cause of Kate’s bad choices.

    1. She does not seem to be the kind of LIW that attends to HM. I don’t know if Camilla or Sophie have LIWs but someone is their personal assistant with knowledge of procedure, protocol and dress. Perhaps Rebecca is stretched too far and no one is telling Kate that she needs someone who knows more to accompany her on her engagements. Either that or she is ignoring advice.

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