Kate in shimmery Erdem for UK-India reception

Kate in shimmery Erdem for UK-India reception

Kate Middleton joined The Queen and Prince Philip for a reception yesterday, February 27, at Buckingham Palace to launch the UK-India 2017 Year of Culture. Prince William came out of hiding after a two week absence from royal duties to attend as well.

Queen, Kate, William UK-India BP reception s
[The Royal Family @RoyalFamily]

HM, Philip, William, and Kate were joined by Prince Edward, Princess Eugenie, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, and Prince and Princess Michael of Kent to host many people from various fields of work including performing arts, fashion, food, literature and sport in order to celebrate the deep cultural ties between the UK and India, as India celebrates it’s 70th anniversary of Independence.

At the reception, there were Indian-themed performances and a special Indian menu of canapés made by Royal chefs working alongside chefs from Veeraswamy, the UK’s oldest Indian Restaurant.

UK-India BP reception food
[The Royal Family @RoyalFamily]

A Royal Collection display also gave guests a chance to see items from Royal visits to India, as well as gifts and manuscripts from the Royal Library.

A huge projection was designed for the front of Buckingham Palace which featured a peacock made of dancing figures. The peacock is celebrated as the national bird of India.

Kate wore yet another new dress for this reception.

Kate opted for Erdem again, choosing the “Rhona” dress in silver metallic (which originally retailed for £900). Crown Princess Mette-Marit actually wore this dress in Canada back in November 2016.

My hate for Erdem is well documented, but I actually don’t dislike this one. On a scale of dumpster fire to gorgeous, this dress lands squarely in the pretty side of things.

I also liked Kate’s new Oscar de la Renta Platinum Lamé Cabrina pumps ($690)

Erdem Rhona dress Oscar de la Renta Platinum Lamé Cabrina pumps

Kate is reportedly wearing earrings by Anita Dongre.

I also like Kate’s hair. Overall, I think Kate looks very pretty here – the best she’s looked in a very long time.

The Queen wore a purple Stewart Parvin dress and the Kent Amethyst Brooch.

Rebecca Deacon was at the reception with Kate. Not sure why she was hovering so much.

149 thoughts on “Kate in shimmery Erdem for UK-India reception

    1. Rebecca Deacon’s dress is an absolute mess–far too short (much shorter than anyone else’s), and the half-laced sleeves and back…just awful. And she’s shouldering an enormous purse that looks completely out of place, like she skipped past the bag check.

      I think she’s hovering because Kate is clueless about where to go and who she should be talking to. In one of the short videos on the DM, you can see Rebecca and another man in the background, clearly gesturing and talking about where to direct the royals as they walk through. In that 6th photo above, you can see Rebecca’s hand as though she’s introducing Kate to someone.

      I don’t particularly like or dislike Kate’s dress, but I think in many of the photos it made her look rather pasty.

      1. It wouldn’t surprise me if Rebecca is used as a buffer because Kate can’t really do small talk and seems really out of place at events like this.

        Is it bad I was wondering what all was spoken of? With William’s mocking attitude I’m expecting to hear some not-so-nice quotes from him trying to be funny.

    2. It’s bad when the LIW/assistant is noticeable by being unkempt. She should be the soul of well dressed discretion. She looks like Kate should be helping her with her appearance.

      I don’t mind the dress, but think the shoes are overkill. Boy, the comments at DM were really negative.

      William looks as if he needs to be wearing his glasses here.

      The Queen looks lovely.

      1. I don’t understand why William can’t wear contacts to actually see. If he has to bend down like that to read it means he has poor distance vision, so it also makes me wonder how he can be a pilot.

        As for Rebecca following kate, well it’s probably because she has no idea who anyone is at the reception and she wouldn’t have done any prep beforehand either.

        1. Perhaps William is looking at the details of whatever it is he’s looking at. When I visit museums, I get super close to the art in order to see the details better. I probably would have gotten super close to that exhibit, too. Definitely would have leaned in to see the details of the shawl.

          1. He is not looking at the shawl though, he is looking at the photo or the documents, something he should see clearly if he wore contacts or glasses.

          2. I know he’s not looking at the shawl – I never said he was. I’ve looked closely at old documents while wearing glasses and contacts. It’s not about being able to read it from a distance, it’s about wanting to get a close look to see the details. I’m not saying that is for sure what William was doing since I was not in his mind at the time of his actions so I have no idea why he got so close; I’m saying his getting so close to an antique document makes perfect sense to me. And it has nothing to do with not wearing corrective lenses.

        2. Actually, conspiracy theorists on DM say he is not, in fact, a pilot at all: his poor vision, and the fact he has not flown enough solo hours (don’t know where they get that theory from). They say he is only qualified to be a co-pilot.

          1. It comes from never being photographed in the pilot’s seat. Since leaving the military, where they described an abbreviated course of training for him, he’s always been seated next to the pilot. In fact, he wasn’t considered qualified to pilot one of the EAAA’s existing coppers, which is why the government ponied up the new one for Will.

          2. Don’t the markings or stripes or something on his uniform also indicate that he is only a co-pilot? I thought that I read that somewhere.

          3. I don’t think that’s conspiracy theory but fact. Why they needed a helicopter that allowed a copilot. Only William and KP use the term pilot and media follows suit.
            That’s why Lauri is now Queen Lauri, self elevation William style.

          4. AFAIK, the RAF flying hours are public–I don’t remember precisely what they were–but someone leaked or mentioned what William’s were, and he didn’t make it but they kept him in. Herazeus probably knows more but I know I’ve mentioned it here.

            You can fly with glasses or contacts but you have to have corrected vision to 20/20.

            AFAIK he was never a full pilot in charge in the RAF, and is a co-pilot at EAAA. Thus why he took so long to get qualified for a civilian license; he never fully trained in the RAF, which they admitted. It’s usually an 18 month course post-Cranwell, he only did 3 or 6 or something. The excuse being he would never see combat so they didn’t need to invest in fully training him. Kinda bizarre.

          5. In other words, William’s whims are paid for by taxpayers: he wants to fly, so an abbreviated RAF ‘pretend’ course is designed for him. Even so, he nearly got booted because he didn’t put in the requisite hours.

            Next, William wants to be a pilot at EAAA but is not sufficiently trained so a special heli is bought so that William can pretend to be a pilot while alongside him sits the real pilot. He didn’t perform enough flying hours to move up to pilot.

            There’s no conspiracy. William is given what whatever he wants but has no follow through, and I suspect, lacks the intelligence to do the job. It’s all about satisfying his humongous ego when describing himself as a pilot. Really disgusting how the BRF sucks up money and resources like this.

          6. Yeah. Harry worked his butt off to qualify for flying Apaches and did really, really well (wasn’t he top of his class? must have made him feel great and confident after everyone’s jabs about him being stupid and William constantly mocking him) but William just does what he wants and is given what he wants.

          7. Many thanks to all of the commenters to my original post. That is all incredibly interesting and helpful (and maddening!). Please excuse the use of the term “conspiracy theorists” before. I should have worded my original comment more carefully. I guess I was trying to say that I had read comments to the effect he was not qualified but was not sure if it was true. Again, apologies for any offence caused. And thanks again.

          8. Yes Sara, and you can add Daily Fail to the list of folks that consistently say “pilot” erroneously…

    3. My disdain of Rebecca is well.known. She may be all kinds of awesome in her role, but she looks horrible. I take back my offer to style her for free. I need money for.cocktails after.

      1. Ooh Rhiannon I’ll join you for the cocktails!! A good margarita for me please. ?

        How are you getting on, still doing lots of physio? Are you nearly better, are you able to run a bit?

        1. If I style her I will need some top shelf tequila after.

          I’m doing well! Thank you for asking. I was released from PT and slowly getting back to racing. My first race back will be next month. I still have GBS “leftovers” (tingling feet, fatigue, brain fog and weird leg twitches) but they are mild inconveniences as compared to what others go through after the acute phase.

          1. So proud of you for pushing forward with your running, Rhiannon. That takes a lot of character when it is so much easier to give up and take it easy.

          2. Rhiannon, good for you! Continued improvements in your health. Your spirit has remained so very positive and that surely has helped.

            I agree with you on Rebecca! That short dress. That messy hair and oh, that big bag. She’s a train wreck.

          3. That’s good to hear, Rhiannon. It’s a credit to your character and strong will. Gish, I can remember your post when you said you were a bit off-colour and we all thought is was flu… It’s a been quite a journey. Sadly, Harry does not know what he missed.

          4. I hope you have found your rainbow Rhiannon?

            Great to hear your recovery is going so well 🙂

            Keep up the great work!

            (And save your money for cocktails, I fear that Rebecca, like Kate, thinks she is dressing just fine.)

      2. rhiannon, I have a very personal question and if you don’t want to answer that’s understandable. In January of this year I found out that an acquaintance (I have no friends) was diagnosed with GB and paralyzed from the throat down. In reading your posts I found great encouragement that complete recovery is possible, and I would like to know more of your road to recovery. This woman is 60. I think my email address shows on here so if you’d like to email me please do. If you want me to shut up and google, that’s ok too. KMR I hope it’s alright to use this method of communicating such a personal request. I don’t know anyone else who has had this condition.

        1. rhiannon and royalsareajoke: Am I right in thinking you are referring to Guillain-Barre Syndrome? If so, Rhiannon, I am so sorry that you have had to go through this and sorry also for your friend, royalsareajoke. I’ve known two people who have had it: a good friend and my younger brother. My brother was paralyzed from the neck down for three weeks; my friend’s case wasn’t as severe, but for both of them the recovery was very slow but steady. My brother’s condition was complicated by the fact that he is mentally handicapped, so he didn’t and still doesn’t let us know of tingling feelings or numbness, but his lasting effects from GBS that we know of are a weak grip strength and a slight lack of balance. My friend was never athletic, so her lifestyle now–as far as I can tell–is the same as it was before. She definitely doesn’t complain of any lasting effects. I just remember the baby steps in her recovery–sitting up, feeding herself, etc.

          There’s an old book out there written by a woman who had an extreme case of GBS called Bed Number 10–she gives great insight into what it’s like to live through GBS but also into the treatment and care of patients in the ICU. To this day I think back to that book when dealing with the hospitalizations of family members.

          So rhiannon, the fact that you have recovered enough to even begin contemplating running again is worth celebrating! I am so happy for you, and wish you all the best in your continued recovery!

          1. Oh, Lizzie, I am sorry that your brother and friend have suffered from this illness and wish them well. I had never heard of htis until Rhiannon bravely told us that she was suffering from it. Her progress has been steady and I’m also happy that she is doing so well. Best to you and those you love.

          2. Royals, by all means. I believe you can also email me too ? One bad thing about GBS, in my case, is that my memory is shot.

            Lizzie, hearing stories like your brother breaks my heart. I made it to the hospital before it traveled to my lungs. Had I waited, I most certainly would have been incubated. I went from running to losing the ability to walk in under 3 weeks. I even had a hard time doing anything with my hands.

            GBS is funky because it hits people in different ways. I left the hospital using a walker and a weak core/legs. I just finished with PT/OT. I was told it can take up to 2 yrs to fully recover. I still have some “leftovers” and I can never have the flu shot again. However, what I deal with is nothing compared to people who are paralyzed and have significant issues after the acute phase.

            I have no problems discussing it. It’s one of those disease that no one even knew existed.

        2. Cathy, I did! I had to make a lot of decisions that I was too afraid to make before. You find out who yoir “people” are when you get sick.

          I am just trying to find the rest of my rainbow. But so far, it is beautiful.

          1. Rhiannon

            You are making me smile (big big smile!) here!

            And on those low days, which everyone does have, can I remind you that you have helped others by sharing what happened to you here 🙂

        3. Hi Royals
          Just after Rhiannon was diagnosed a friend of mine in New Zealand came down with GB too. She’s an older lady, in her 70s. It did get as far as her throat too. It was scary, and very scary for her husband. I can report that she is recovery well too, not going run races like Rhiannon but she is pleased to report that she can dance again.

          Please tell your friend that recovery is possible, it can take time so she will need to be patient.

          Wishing you and her all the best.

          Sending you and her the best of luck and cyber hugs.

          1. I’m so happy to hear that your friend is dancing again. GBS makes you miss the things that you take for granted. I remember wanting to eat sushi with chopsticks. And to walk to the mailbox without fatigue. Now I’m thisclose to running.

            Tell your friend to stay positive. Look for small goals each day. And to be patient with her body.

          2. Cathy, wonderful news that your friend is dancing again. And, great news whenever we hear from Rhiannon and hear of her progress!

            Yes, Harry does not realize his mistake. Rhiannon, you will always be our Prince Charming’s choice in the minds of all of us here. I’m sure he will come to his senses soon.

          3. That’s so amazing that you’ve come so far, Rhiannon! We have a good friend whose experience seems similar to yours in the level of complications that occurred and I’m happy to say that he’s now ten years out and for the most part, it’s just this thing that happened a long time ago.

  1. I also detest most of Erdem’s stuff, but this dress isn’t bad. Not my style, but it’s not bad. Those shoes though… it’s too bad I could never justify spending $950 CAD on them, otherwise I’d totally buy those shoes. I love them!

    I saw a pic where it would appear she manages to crotch clutch with a glass of wine. I don’t get how she doesn’t know what to do with her hands.

    And pass those smoked salmon canapes over here please!

    1. Talking about sparkling shoes, and since it is now Fat Tuesday, do you know about the Krewe of Muses parade in New Orleans during Mardi Gras? Along with all of the colored beads and baubles, they also throw glitter-covered shoes to the crowds. That’s what I thought of when I saw Kate’s shoes. =)

      1. Lizzie, are you from New Orleans? I used to live there! And I’m the proud catcher of a Muses shoe… very snazzy with purple and pink glitter. The complete opposite of Kate’s typical nude pump, but I love to see it sparkle! I also really like the sparkle on her heels in these pictures.

        Happy Mardi Gras 🙂

        1. Hi E.! No, I’m not from NOLA but my son is in school down there. I didn’t know about the Krewe of Muses and shoes until I started seeing people posting photos of the shoes they had created or caught–amazing! And you were lucky enough to catch one?! That’s quite a trophy from what I understand! Do you have a purse, too? Getting down to Mardi Gras and trying for those two throws is now on my must-do list. Oh, and getting hold of some King Cake! =)

    2. I agree Miss K. My mouth waters at the Smoked salmon canopies. I hope William didn’t say I don’t like Indian food. Mind you he has already said that.
      I like Eugenie’s dress. It does not draw attention however her hair could be brushed well.
      The Erdem dress looks lovely and is one of the better ones I have seen. Though after Emma Stone’s dress at the Oscars ceremony, I know which I prefer.

      1. I prefer Kate’s dress here to Emma’s at the Oscars. I didn’t like the fringe on Emma’s dress.

      2. Laura, the menu had mini cottage pies (a British staple) along with many Western canapes so William would have been just fine. The Indian canapes especially commissioned looked wonderful. It all looked fabulous, and like a good host should, catered to many tastes and possible food issues.

        1. Jen, I could have easily eaten those mini cottage pies. That is with beef isn’t it. Lamb is traditionally shepherds pie. I think along with the food and the exhibition from the Royal Collection. I think it is the small talk that I would find difficult but at least the art work etc would have been a good starting point.

          1. Yes, that’s the difference! There were so many interesting and accomplished guests there, making for a lovely evening. I’m sure the Queen knows who’s coming and why and can put people at ease with her questions; hopefully, Kate and William are learning to prep these days. It mostly requires being interested in other people.

  2. I have to say that the Cambridges schedule for February was up to the mark.Hopefully,they will keep it up for the rest of the year.I really do believe that they are stepping up things and that is satisfactory to see.As I said before,hopefully,they keep it up.
    Onto fashion:The DOC looks very nice here.Rebecca looks sloppy and unprofessional.

  3. Thanks for this post, KMR.

    KM does look better than she has in a very long time. Her hair is tidy and the dress appropriate though I didn’t care for the shoes with the dress. I can never feel that W&KM project a warm united couple. In a the photo when she rubbed W’s back, it’s a gesture she often did in her gf days to soothe him. I don’t see that spousal gesture ever reciprocated. And in the photos she hangs on his every word and gesture, but he rarely looks at her.

    But my eye was drawn to the Queen in her regal purple dress. What a great sparkling smile. Prince Phillip, from photos in the DM looked spiffy and in good spirits. They both convey a warm elegance.

    Kunsal Nayyar, the actor in the American sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” attended. The humor on the series is too broad for my taste, but I was surprised at how handsome he really is because his BBT character is a nerdy genius type.

    By the way, for those who’ve never seen it there is a great BBC drama about The Raj and India titled “The Jewel in the Crown.” The romance between Hari Kumar and Daphne Manners set against the end of British rule is one of my all time favorites.

    1. I think what makes Kate look better is the is the 1st time we haven’t seen her hunched over or slouched into herself. Makes a huge difference in overall appearance.

    2. Kate is always better presented when she is in the presence of HM. All the superficial ticks that are maddening about her are not indulged. HM’s requirements trumps William’s requirements.

      We need to have HM (or her surrogates like Lady Susan Hussey) follow her everywhere to get Kate to work, behave AND self present at her best.

      1. I totally agree!

        I did wonder if Kate didn’t want to go to Church with the rest of the Royal Family last year after she was escorted by Lady Susan to the memorial the year before?

  4. I love the Queen’s brooch???and Kate’s shoes and I love the peacock design on the building.
    I’m not a fan of the dress. I think I would like it shorter, maybe knee length and I can’t believe I’m saying this but with the shoes, too much sparkle going on. I’m not a fan of Her hair and I wish she would not only find a new stylist but a new colorist as well. Both do poor jobs
    Eugenie has been doing great fashion wise for me but her hair looks wild and the dress isn’t showing off her great figure. So this is a fail
    Rebecca deacon hot mess in formal wear- what’s with her hair? I think Kate keeps her close at her engagements either as security blanket or to keep from talking to other peeps ( think garden party and Kate’s seen talking to her team)
    There are some truly great pearl earrings out there and I hate almost all of the ones Kate wears (except loaners from Queen)
    I see Kate can manage to get ring on display and show affection (which just looks weird) simultaneously
    Thanks for including pics of the food and dancers! Do you think the orange drink is something like orangia?

    1. Good evening everyone.
      I agree with you Sarah. The color of the dress is pretty and it suits the DOC but personally I think the dress is very matronly. This one is a miss for me.
      Shoes are nice but not with that dress too sparkly.
      For me her hair is just not groomed, but at least it is tidy. The Duchess makeup looks nice much more natural.
      Lizzie is right about Rebecca Deacon. Gosh where do you start!

      1. I agree Sophia: nice dress, but better suited to an older woman. I would not be surprised if the Queen had directed one of her people to help Kate with wardrobe choice; this would explain the parade of matronly dresses we’ve seen, indicating older, conservative tastes. I’ve given up expecting Kate to dress elegantly. I’ve come to the conclusion she has poor taste. And also that there must have been a clause in the marriage contract that stipulated that the ring be prominent in every picture; always odd for a right-hander to prioritise her left hand, as Kate does.

        It looked like an interesting, well-planned and hospitable evening: fabulous food, dancing, as well as an imaginatively lit palace. I hope William and Kate took note of the generous hospitality offered, in contrast to the dismal snacks (airline variety) they put out before their India trip.

      2. Greetings, Sophia and hope all continues to go well!
        I’m with you on Kate’s dress. Very mother-of-the bride, if you ask me. Did love the shoes, though.
        The Queen in purple? Magnificent. And, why, oh, why didn’t Kate join in the colorful tone of the evening? I wish she had done that. She looks great in jewel tones.

        The photo of the dancers on that staircase was beautiful! Oh, how vibrant they looked. And, their posture? Lauri, your take, please!

        Kate certainly is adept at showing off Big Blue. In so many of the photos, the ring hand is just so prominently featured. I guess it is second nature to her now.

        All in all, I thought she looked better than she has looked in quite some time, but the dress didn’t send me. It was ok, but just ok.

        1. Good morning ladies,
          We are on a even keel at the moment thank you Jenny, hope all is well with both you ladies. A lot of rain happening which is great we have not had much lately, will fill up our tanks.
          I just had a look at the link JETTexas kindly added. The Duchesses dress looks pretty much the same as in the link only difference is length. The lady wearing it is of a mature age, and she looks very elegant.
          I think you are right, the choice of garments are a problem, what is age appropriate or to suit the occasion. For instance the skinny jeans and leggings, not for royal engagements I may be old fashioned but they have a place just not when they are worn by the Duchess.
          Have a lovely day ladies.

  5. I love the shoes, but not with this dress. I think a plain silver pump or a bit of color would have been better. I’m with everyone else regarding the dress. It’s not bad, but it’s not her best either. It is her typical style dress-lace, pleats, sleeves, high neck- just with sparkles. She just lacks accessorizing as always.

    The biggest miss for me was not wearing a British designer. This event was about UK-India ties. Kate wore earrings from an India designer, so it is too bad she didn’t wear something from a British brand. It would have fit the idea of the event perfectly. Oh well. Kate looked nice enough, but a bit bland. I actually think she has looked better at other recent events. But once again, all new items-so much spent in the first 2 months. Hopefully tomorrow will be a repeat.

    1. You just reminded me of the dark blue beaded dress she wore on the Indian tour by Jennny Packham. I like Packham’s dresses on her. They always look miles better than Erdem.

      But she does look good. Not the best outfit, but she looks good.

      1. Oh I agree she looks good. I was just disagreeing with KMR that it is the best she has looked in awhile. In my opinion, there are a few recent events that I have thought she looked better :).

        I so agree. Packham’s are always some of her best dresses. Erdem, not so much

        1. I was agreeing with your assessment too – good but not the best 🙂
          I haven’t liked much of what she has worn this year (BAfTA especially) so this feels very good but if she had worn this after Canada, I’d feel meh about it. I liked the Canada tour outfits much more than anything she’s worn this year.

    2. I’m confused, I thought Erdem was a UK line? Can someone pls help me? Looks like the main office is in London no? I like some pieces. This one is fine. I hate tea length anything, but hemmed to the knee and I could be sold.

        1. Herazeus, thanks for clearing that up! Honestly, who cares where the designer is from is you’re making a monetary argument about GB funds being spent on a dress coming from a UK co with a Canadian designer? I give her credit for supporting a UK company (as she should)!

          1. I think the Erdem designer’s birth nation is always highlighted to such a degree that people don’t realise that he came to UK to become a designer, trained here, opened his company here.

            Btw, the often lauded ‘British’ McQueen label is actually owned by a french company, PPR, owned by Salma Hayek’s husband. Any money Kate’s spending at McQueen is actually going to France.

          2. I have to add because the McQueen thing is actually even worse than that. Prior to the wedding, David Emanuel (of THE Emanuels) said he didn’t think it would be a good idea for Kate to wear McQueen because that would make her the first royal bride to pick a line that was not British owned. McQueen is owned by Gucci (Italian) which is owned by Kering (French). It’s manufactured in Italy! Burton began to pull some of the smaller McQueen lines debuts back to London. But before that they were (and still are) even shown mainly in Paris and Italy. McQueen is pretty much British in name and reputation only. Of course Kate was not, and has never been, called out on this at all 😀

            But none of it surprises it. Kate rarely ever used to wear American brands. But she inexplicably threw in several and a French one during the India/Bhutan trip. We’re going to get to a point where she’s reping as many American and Italian brands in her wardrobe as the about ten (feels like three most of the time) British ones she defaults to all the time.

        2. Oh, thank you Herazeus. I didn’t know that. Every time she has worn Erdem, it is mentioned as being a Canadian brand. Such as when she went to Canada the first time and wore Erdem she was praised for wearing a Canadian brand. That is why I always thought it was a Canadian brand. Thanks for clearing it for me 🙂

  6. The dress is pretty, the hair is nice, but Kate – look into brooches! The dress would really pop with a nice brooch, and one by an Indian or British-Indian jewellery designer would tick all the right boxes.

    The always-stylish Duchess of Gloucester looks very chic – great spectacles game, there

  7. Kate looks beautiful here, I like the dress and her hairstyle.
    The peacock was a great idea.
    It seems that William and Kate are much calmer when the Queen attends and they don’t have the whole responsibility. It comes easily for HM (of course she did this her whole life).
    An UK-India Year is great, it’s important to show respect between different cultures.

  8. I love seeing HM wear purple. It is a beautiful shade on her. I love when she smiles because it lights up the room. All the royal ladies look great with the exception of Kate.

    The hair is casual. The dress fits her wrong. And the shoes don’t match. Had she worn an aubergine, black or navy shift they would be perfect. These are “look at me” shoes with a “look at me” dress. Is dress pretty? You bet. But, once again, the styling is wrong.

    Jason – this is how you serve hors devours at a function. Not the bowl of chex mix.

    Thanks for the review, KMR. The pictures of BP was gorgeous.

    1. I agree with your comment on Kate’s hair, and I do not like when she wears her hair this way. It is very unsophisticated and too young for her at this point. When I see this hairstyle on her it screams, we have no idea what to do with this hair so let’s just pull back the sides and go with that.

    2. Lol, I actually liked her hair this evening 🙂 I think it’s a nice compromise between all down and in her face or up and matronly.

      So glad to read that you’re doing better Rhiannon!

  9. As a person of Indian origin, I’m absolutely thrilled to see the national bird of India and the culture of India projected at the front of Buckingham Palace. So nice to see some familiar Indian faces among the crowd as well 🙂

    Kate looked her best, and her whole outfit was on point

  10. It was nice to see so many royals out on duty last night, I always think its going to be a good night when the extended family come out to support the Queen, that seems to be when she’s at her most relaxed. Shame Beatrice wasn’t there what with her also visiting India last year. Nice to see Eugenie there though, and I loved how the DM reported that ” Princess Eugenie took the opportunity to introduce HM to the head of one of the organisations ( Women’s Interlink Foundation – helps trafficked & exploited girls & young women ) she works ( work that never gets publicized ) with! And I put the emphasis on work – cheap shot at Kate…mmm..perhaps, a little! As for Kate, sorry I didn’t think much of the dress, there’s just something about it that doesn’t appeal. I do like the shoes though, just not the price tag. I do agree with Overit’s comment about British Designers. I think Kate needs to be reminded which R/F she’s supposed to be working for & which Country she’s supposed to be representing. Saying that, I would’ve thought this function would have been an ideal time to re-wear one of the thousands of pounds worth of outfits she bought for the Indian tour, after all, honestly, when is she going to get the chance to wear 80% of those outfits again – one critic at the time said “they couldn’t believe she spent so much money to look like a local”.

  11. I thought the Queen looked relaxed and happy and looked great in purple. I also like the fact that the Queen always has on a bright colored lipstick. Now on to Kate, as is her usual style, she just kind of melted and slouched into the background. I really do not like Erdem at all and the dress was just a souped up sparkly version of Kate’s typical style; long sleeves, high neck, belted waist and full skirt. To me, the dress just kind of hung on her and was shapeless. All Kate needed was a mink stole and she would have looked just like my grandmother in the 1960’s. Her sense of style is just so…..off, one day she is wearing a burgundy suit that would be appropriate for a 25 year old and the next time we see her she is in a sparkly, yet matronly shirtwaist. Another forgettable moment for the Duchess of Frumpbridge.

    1. Oh, Boston, I loved your comments. So very true. One day, Kate is in a suit that is more appropriate for a teen-ager or college co-ed and the next, there she is in a mother of the bride ensemble. Does anyone really help her fashion-wise? My God.

      What you said about her needing a mink stole to go over that dress really made me laugh. I kept thinking of those old Doris Day films. Or, maybe, Debbie Reynolds, God rest her soul, dressed up in one of her 50s flicks.

      I thought Kate’s dress would have been better on an older woman. She just never clicks in my opinion. The shoes, well I liked them. But, that dress? It was better than some that she has worn in the past, but that’s not saying much. I am just not a fan of her taste.

      And, Rebecca — As someone else said, “Where to begin?”

      The Queen sparkled in purple. She does know how to dress!!!

  12. I adore this look, even though I hate almost all of the other Erdem Kate has. Love the sparkle, the shoes, the hair, and I particularly like that she wore earrings from an Indian designer. I hope she re-wears the shoes with her black Preen dress at some point.

    This was a win for me, especially because she looked happy and engaged in the pictures I’ve seen.

  13. When I first saw this outfit yesterday I really liked it, especially the shoes which are such a fun departure from the normal black suede or nude shoe Kate usually wears. But after seeing it more, I’m liking it less. I do wish that Kate would choose either the tea-length or the high neckline but not both, both imho looks much too matronly. And I do wish that she would inject a bit of color, either with her jewelry, belt or shoes.

    I want to applaud the person on Kate’s team who convinced her to do without a clutch at this event. Kate’s posture was better tonight than it has been in years. I was literally doing jumpy claps because of the lack of crotch clutching and slumped shoulders. As I’ve said before, good posture can make up for a lack of styling or poor fashion choices. I sincerely hope that her up right posture is a trend that will continue.

  14. At my first glance, the dress resembled a very ornate tablecloth that my grandmother once had. Agree that it’s very matronly with the high neck and length. But once i noticed the sparkles on the dress, i liked it more. It probably looks much better IRL than in photos.

    Loved the shoes.

    Agree that more color was needed in this get up, but i’ve noticed that when the Queen is present, Her Majesty is the one in beautiful color while everyone else where more neutral. I think these color choices are coordinated so as to not overshadow Her Majesty.

  15. Someone above said this color makes her look pasty and that’s the first thing I also thought when I saw the pictures online. This neutral washes her out. I also agree that the shoes don’t match.

    On a positive note, she looks very relaxed and I do like her hairstyle and her earrings.

  16. I am considering not posting anymore comments about what Kate wears because I think she is a mess. I know everything I say about her fashion choices is negative, but that is how I feel. I wish she would cut that stringy hair, wear lipstick, have her clothes tailored to fit her when necessary, get some supportive or push-up brassieres as I noticed her bust just looks low relative to her neck in this dress, stand up straight, stop wearing high necks and peter-pan collars, learn to accessorize, and just generally look more sophisticated and polished. However, since she has no flair or presence I am afraid this is as good as it will ever get for her. Now, the hard part……will I really be able to do this, especially with the trip to Paris coming up? LOL.

    1. Hi, Boston. I feel the exact same way. I think what we see now is KM’s best. So I share your dilemma–do I stop commenting? Another issue is that she remains a mystery as to why she doesn’t seem even 75 percent on board with committing to the royal gig. She just hasn’t grown as someone who seems interested in anything.

      Your comments and input would be missed if you stopped posting. So please consider that the KMR community would notice that you abscence. Eg, it’s great to have Rhiannon back because she adds so much to the KMR community.

        1. Thank you so much for your kind words, sometimes I feel as if I am just too negative about Kate. I cannot figure out if she has personal issues which make her appear so washed out looking and awkward in public or is she just a cold fish? In truth, the problem for me is that I do compare Kate to other royal ladies , especially Diana, since I am just a few years older than Diana. Although some of Diana’s fashion choices were a product of the times, 95% of the time she just looked well put together. Kate rarely looks well put together. I adored Diana, faults and all, and I was in London the day she got married and weirdly, on the day the divorce became final.

          1. I think that everyone has lowered their standards for Kate so that when she isn’t a mess she gets props or if she shows up to two things in two days she is working hard.

            No to any of this. Just like how the bar is lowered for Trump when he gets praised for not acting like a fool, nor should Kate be praised for half ass attempts.

    2. I think part of the problem is she gives us glimmers of what she could be to make us almost foolishly optimistic.
      When she debarked from the plane in Canada I thought, by golly she’s got it. Hair back, stylish suit that fit, great shoes and able to see the brooch. Then everything went downhill fast from there.
      I used to always find something postive to say but after the Canada trip just couldn’t find much and didn’t want to reward her for such trivial things when she needs major improvement on the imoportant ones.
      I don’t think someone who’s never appeared to have a work ethic is going to change that around in their mid30s tho so part of me keeps reading/posting because I love great jewels and clothes and think if I had her means all the pretties I could buy, the part of me that loves history keeps reading becuase when the Queen dies I do think changes will be made and the optimist in me keeps on thinking (the same way about Sofia) that maybe today’s the day that changes my thoughts. Thus the foolish part becuase have yet to do so.

    3. Hi Boston, I know how you feel. I too have step back from posting comments from time to time as I found the negativity that I was expressing about Kate was leaking over into other areas of my life. Also, I’ve been saying the same things about her (her lack of work ethic, lack of empathy, lack of fashion sense, etc, etc) for several years now and I feel like I’m sounding like a broken record. I wonder if she will ever reach her full potential as a royal or if we are seeing the best it’s ever going to be?

  17. Another boring outfit. Beige, lace, and sparkles for the Disney princess trifecta. At least her ass was covered after that disgraceful display of her wares at the children’s charity event. Really that too short floaty skirt to wear while crouching down to meet children was deplorable. Calling any grey men available to drone some decorum into this ridiculous creature. And yes, I am including you mighty prince Wills. They seem only fit to be turnip tiffs

      1. Sleeping Beauty and Pocahontas wore beige, in their day wear. Nala and Serabi, the lion queens, were beige. Rey from Star Wars (maybe the Emperor’s offspring) wore beige. Perhaps you meant no Disney princesses wore beige in their formal wear.

        1. Yes, I was thinking about formal wear since this dress from Kate is more formal and not a day dress.

  18. I am convinced that the only way to get Kate out of the house is to promise her she can have new clothes. She only re-wears something when she needs good PR about how frugal she is. We are 2 months into this year and she has already spent more on clothes than I have probably spent in the last 20 years. Her stuff is hideous – both in price and look. As several posters have already commented, she either dresses like a teenager or a grandmother. She has no taste and no concept of what looks good on her body type.

    1. Oh Sue, brace yourself. Wait till you see the monstrous frayed number she’s wearing today. Is there a Bad Taste Shop she heads to?

      1. Hi Jen, not to mention that this is her third frayed blue outfit. I don’t understand why she needed two frayed blue suits, in fact I thought today’s outfit was recycled it’s that similar to the other.

        1. It looks like she made it out of her old coat. The one where she made the appearance with HM early in her marriage.

        2. Lauri, I think it may be the same brand as the frayed coat she had. But, oh dear! I don’t understand why anyone needs multiple versions of ugly.

    2. Sue, I think part of the problem is her “stylist” was/is a friend. Kate probably liked her style and thought that would be enough. A real stylist knows how to dress for body types, events and what have you. There used to be a show with a guy and girl who helped people dress. I don’t normally watch shows like that but caught a couple of episodes and they did wonders.
      Again all the people at their disposal and they seem to go with the d team.
      At this point I don’t know how much is he teams fault and how much is her fault.

      1. Sarah, anyone in the public eye and with an iota of sense would hire a professional stylist to make sure they looked their best. Since money is not an issue, and buckets of it has been spent on cosmetic procedures (face, teeth, hair etc) and clothes, I can only conclude that Kate is too arrogant and/or vain to engage a professional or would not listen to one. The Middleton women seem to think they are pretty hot stuff.

        I’ve mentioned this before: after the disastrous hat at the royal wedding, Beatrice engaged the services of stylist, Charlie Anderson, and blossomed as a result.


        1. I do think it’s part vanity/stubbornness and maybe part secrecy/privacy thing. I don’t know if he she’s still doing her own make-up but if so she should stop and if not they should join the fired group, her hair color under Richard ward(?) was excellent. Now it always looks off and her hair looks fried. I don’t know who’s doing her waxing but my aesthecian (and I) would be horrified at her eyebrows. I don’t know how anyone let her leave the house with those wonky eyebrows back in dec! Proves to me she has no real friends (my mom tweezed her brows to some ridiculous point and I told her I was sending my sister in to take the tweezers away!) friends/family don’t let their friends go out like that!
          Nothing wrong with asking professionals for help, it’s what they do

      2. To this day I still think the most amazing thing PB did was to poke fun at herself and auction ‘The Pretzel’. The pictures of world leaders, film stars etc… dummied up to be wearing the pretzel had me in stitches.

  19. I love the dress and shoes. She looks like she’s made an effort to look a bit glamorous, instead of just high street average. The shoes are gorgeous and I hope get another outing! The Queen is glowing and looks fantastic.

  20. It just struck me that with all the rich, jeweled colors here tonight, why did Kate wear such a blah color? She looks great in jewel tones so why didn’t she wear something in those tones?

  21. Shocking. I absolutely hate everything about this look. Silvery lace? Blerrrrgh! Sparkly pumps? Bleeeeechh! It’s so weird that I’m the only one with a negative opinion – usually it’s the other way around!

  22. Love the dress, it is, for once, the right length for a very slim frame. I’d snap it up in a flash! She still looks like a rabbit in the headlights though; she really needs to be immersed in a thousand of these events to get used to it. The color on the Queen is simply divine.

  23. I have no issue with sparkley pumps and sandals, I love them and I wear Gina shoes frequently but why is she wearing Oscar de la Renta pumps when Gina is the most famous sparkley shoemaker in the world and British? I just don’t get it? The Erdem is ok but very similar to the Dolce & Gabbana white lace she wore to Ascot last summer which brings me on to today and another frayed tweedy blue suit. The master of repeats…..maybe she thinks we won’t notice it’s new if it’s similar?

    And as for Rebecca….a comfort blanket in need of a makeover.

    1. Doesn’t Kate have this suit in a different colour? Off to google to search…..

      ETA: it’s worse than i recalled. She has a similar Rebecca Taylor suit without a collar and with a ribbon. Same blue colour.

      Here she is wearing it on 2 separate occassions


      Therefore, she either has 2 nearly identical suits from Rebecca Taylor OR she refashioned the old suit into the one she is wearing today.

      1. It looks like two suits from the same Rebecca Taylor collection, whatever the year it was. It’s definitely the same fabric. Kate tends to hoard clothes and wear them when they are no longer available to the public. Your pic has less fabric at the neckline so unless she has asked for extra fabric at the time, it is a different suit. I can’t see her thinking that far ahead or frugally. In this version, the waist is again too high, judging by the peplum at the back, giving the appearance of it being too small for her. The skirt on this suit has panels; could not see them on the first suit.

      1. I’m really hoping that she does the full Chanel suit in Paris…..full tweed and Camélias but knowing the Duchess of Drab she’ll decide to theme dress or fly the British flag. All doomed to failure. I’m envisaging a piece of Haute Couture, something that her backroom team can hack to death and accessorise with nude pumps. Of all the days this is not one to go high end high street or wear a repeat. Apparently there is a full black tie function in the evening too.

          1. Norty Daily Mail……tantrums galore at Amner Towers tonight. I mean is The Dreary Duchess really going to be pleased to be compared to a woman who’s ownly label in her wardrobe is Drip Dry?

            Can you imagine what Kaiser Karl’s going to say she if she starts hacking around with one of his creations? This is the man who called Diana pretty but stupid. There will be carnage and a diplomatic incident. ???

          2. This article made me laugh.

            DM clearly trolling Kate.

            Let’s be honest, Anne’s hair has been tragic since she was young woman and while SHE doesn’t give a flying monkeys about it, for someone who thinks her hair is her crowning glory as Kate does, this is an insult dressed up as a compliment.

            And Anne desperately needs a makeover, but she doesn’t care for fashion and that’s OK.

            There will be tears at Anmer tonight!!!

    2. She also has a very similar one from Missoni that she picked up at Bicester. I know there’s a lot to be said for template dressing (dressing by dress shape) but this is getting ridiculous. Get this girl to a stylist.

      1. ……or for that evening event I can totally see Kate’s team of so-called stylist geniuses deciding that she should repeat something that is 5 years old just to make our disappointment complete. Or maybe she will surprise us and wear her hair up a la Marie Antoinette, complete with live birds in a birdcage!

  24. Blame the stress that Kate causes for Rebecca’s look lol. I don’t mind Kate’s overall look, she likes the matchy-matchy look. According to WhatKateWore, she only paid homage to India with the earrings, pfft.

    I wish Eugenie had worn a bright color, she is starting to wear too much black like her sister.

  25. Utter respect towards the Queen as a hardest working individual but being an Indian I cannot get over the fact they ruled and ruined my country for 2 centuries an they boasted about it .
    Celebrating 70 th independence of a country they never wanted to give up seems ironic !!

    1. Your comment reminded me of this documentary that is currently on BBC iplayer regarding British History’s biggest fibs. Link below is to episode 3 about India…..


      I must admit i had a WTH moment when i first read about this reception because it’s not as if the British/India ties were forged in an atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie. The entire thing felt like parody, especially putting on display items from a period in mutual history when India very firmly slapped back Britain.

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