Kate joins Queen for Service of Dedication for Iraq Afghanistan Memorial

Kate joins Queen for Service of Dedication for Iraq Afghanistan Memorial

Kate Middleton and Prince William, along with Prince Harry, joined The Queen, Prince Philip, and other members of the royal family yesterday, March 9, for a Service of Dedication at Horse Guards Parade to honor the men and women who served during the Gulf War and conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Queen then unveiled the memorial while the rest of the family attended a reception.

The Service of Dedication took place at House Guards Parade before 2,500 guests including members of the royal family, the current and former Prime Ministers, and various members of government. After the service, a short ceremony was held at Victoria Embankment Gardens where HM officially unveiled the memorial, which honors the service and duty of both the UK Armed Forces and civilians in the Gulf region, Iraq and Afghanistan, and those who supported them back home, from 1990-2015.

While HM and Philip went to the memorial unveiling and met a small number of guests, the rest of the royal family attended a reception on Horse Guards Parade for all who attended the day’s events. Among the invited guests were the many groups whose contribution is recognized by the memorial, including current service personnel, veterans, civil servants, and charities.

Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall both attended.

Camilla wears 4 Rifles brooch at Afghan Service of Dedication
[Clarence House @ClarenceHouse]

Camilla wore her 4 Rifles Brooch pinned to her green coat. Camilla is Royal Colonel of 4th Battalion The Rifles. I have to say, I love Camilla in green. All of my favorite outfits from Camilla are green. It really is her color.

Prince William and Kate Middleton attended. While at the reception, Kate spoke to Samantha Burge, wife of Warrant Officer Class 2 Chris Burge, about Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Mrs. Burge told reporters afterward:

    “She said that Charlotte is growing up really fast. She is the one in charge. We have both got 2-year-olds and they are ruling the roost. It was a bit of a mummy chat. [She said] they are both becoming really good friends, George and Charlotte. I wanted a mummy talk. I wanted to talk about something else than [war].”


I wonder what Prince “My 5-month-old daughter is so lady-like” William thinks of his nearly 2-year-old daughter being “the one in charge” and “ruling the roost”.

Also, KP confirmed that William and Kate will attend the Irish Guards St. Patrick’s Day Parade on March 17, before heading to Paris.

Kate Afghan Service of Dedication
[The Royal Family @RoyalFamily]

Kate wore her Michael Kors indigo twill jacquard swing coat which debuted in Australia in 2014. She wore her G.Collins & Sons Tanzanite & Diamond Drop Earrings and Necklace, and a new navy hat: the Lock & Company “Tiffany drop-brim hat” in navy (£325).

Kate rounded out her outfit with her Stuart Weitzman Muse clutch in navy suede, her Rupert Sanderson Malory pumps in navy suede, and Cornelia James “Beatrice Merino Wool Gloves” in navy ($85).

Prince Harry wore his Royal Victorian Order neck badge. During the service, Harry gave a reading from the book of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8.

Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex were also in attendance.

Sophie wore a red and black Wool-blend knit dress from Azzedine Alaïa (£2,200), along with a black Jane Taylor hat.

Princess Anne was in attendance. Other royals in attendance, but not pictured, include: Prince Andrew and The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

The kid in this video, Alfie Lunn, is my new hero. He has no time for The Queen or Prime Minister.

Here’s a video of the royals arriving to the service, and of Harry giving his reading.

157 thoughts on “Kate joins Queen for Service of Dedication for Iraq Afghanistan Memorial

  1. The memorial is really beautiful.

    Camilla again looks wonderful. The green is perfect. And the photo of her talking to a guest–you can see that she is completely focused on each and every person she meets.

    Harry’s delivery of his speech was fantastic. This ceremony was very personal for him.

    And KM, well, it’s all about her isn’t it. Funny how she recently manages to dress appropriately around the queen, but still dresses childishly when at solo engagements. I just never get any sense that she can move beyond her own little sphere of self regard.

  2. Harry always seems quite emotional, not just somber, but how personal all of these engagements are for him. This is where his heart is, this sort of thing, and Sentebale. It shows. I have to say I hate his hair. He always looks like he stuck his finger in a light socket. Why can’t he sort that out, use a bit of product?

    Kate looks quite nice and appropriate. I admit I like the big hat better than the silly fascinators, and blue is always a nice color, but it is SO much blue.

    Camilla is gorgeous in green and as always engaged; her warmth jumps off the screen to me. The same with Sophie. Even Anne has it in a different sort of way–not a personal warmth, per se, but respect and admiration.

    Thanks for sharing KMR!

    1. You mentioned Harry’s hair, but I wonder if others see it too that William begins to look like his uncle Edward. Don’t get me wrong, I always respected him not to be vain and just let nature take over. It’s just interesting how much they both look a-like.
      I also prefer Kate’s hat to fascinators.

      1. William looks like Edward’s younger brother to me, instead of 20 years younger nephew. Of course, Edward peaked around age 5. He was a very cute kid.

          1. Both Andrew & Prince Edward were considered very dashing in the ’80’s. I remember PA disembarking from his warship when he came back from the Falklands in his naval uniform with a rose clenched between his teeth. My goodness he was quite lovely…….and then we saw what an arrogant, pompous ass he really was as we got to know him better. I thing Prince Edward has the sweetest nature. A bit pompous and earnest but quite sweet.

          2. I had such a crush on him when I was about 13. He really was gorgeous. Do you remember in Adrian Mole when he writes wouldn’t it be nice if Prince Charles could swap heads with Prince Andrew for his Wedding Day. I think we all secretly agreed. ????

          3. Prince Philip was a handsome man. He is their father, so they consequently got some looks from him.
            To Prince Edward, he seems to be collected and calm. He would probably make a good king. It’s a pity that this right belongs always to the oldest. Exception is Princess Victoria, she is also really capable.

    2. Since he is losing his hair I think his strategy is to let what remaining hair he has grow out long and to try to hide what hair he has lost. It ends up looking unkempt instead.

  3. Camilla killed it here to day. She looks great. I love the green on her. Kate looked good as well. I laughed at how much the DM photoshopped William and Kate though-they are so fickle.

    If Kate were wearing red I would say something, so I have to say something about Sophie wearing red. At least it is mixed with black so it is not as bright. While I love the dress, I don’t find it appropriate for this event. Red is a look at me color and not appropriate for a service like this IMO. A burgundy would have been better as it is subdued and ties in with the uniform colors.

      1. Indeed. We follow Kate and her fashion choices very closely here so we have a good overview of the riddiculous amount of money she spends. But in the end they all spent an similar amount of money (Victoria being the big exeption I think). It would be intersting to calculate how much money was spent in average per engagemant and compare the numbers but who as really the time to follow all of them so closely?

        Camilla looked great today. I mean, all her outfits are quite similar and she always wears the same necklace (I know one is smaller(?) but they look exactly the same) but she looks great and the colour is perfect.

        1. The queen/taxpayer. She gives Edward some money from the money she gets from the government every year, and Edward pays for Sophie’s clothes out of that.

          1. Thanks, KMR. I didn’t know that. None of her boys, actually none of her kids seem to be self-sufficient. I wonder who pays for Anne’s clothes then.

        1. Charles pays for Kate’s clothes with money he receives from the the Duchy of Cornwall.

        1. I don’t know anybody who pays full price for Azzedine Alaïa. All his dresses are half price in the end of season sales. I love the fit & flare shape of his core dresses but way out of my budget. Similar shaped full price in Alexander McQueen for half that price.

    1. I am not sure if I am with you on the red problem. I was but then I saw some other photos and there were indeed quite a few ladies in red (I think four or five at least?) and colourful floral dresses.
      But even if it was totally fine to wear bold colours it strikes me a bit odd that she choose red. If anyone should stand out in the photos with the royal family it should be the Queen. I am such a nit picker today…

      1. I have no problem with Sophie’s red lace print on her dress. The basic colour is black, it has a decent length and long sleeves and in combination with the large black hat, black shoes and the black clutch it is not inappropriate for this event. The Queen’s electric blue coat and hat stand out anyway. All I can say about Kate is, her navy blue hat is quite nice. Camilla looks regal and green suits her very well.

    2. Yea I agree. When I first saw a picture I was surprised Sophie chose red. I know it wasn’t a funeral but still like you said I would have called out Kate for wearing red so I feel like I should mention it for Sophie.

    3. Had it been more of a burgundy/dark red instead of the bright, I would ok it. But the bright red at a memorial is a little too much and slightly disrespectful.

  4. I like Kate’s hat. The wide and low style seems to somehow mitigate or balance out her dramatic/manic facial appearance: the big teeth, the dark brows, the big eyes, the plummy cheeks.

    1. I hated the hat on her. It was jammed down so low on her head that it looked squatty and ridiculous. At least the rest of her ensemble was subdued and fitting, but thtat hat! Am I the only one who couldn’t stand it?

      Loved the Queen’s smiles at the little boy who was on the ground when being introduced to her and who handed her flowers, too. She looked very grandmotherly and very Royal! The tot’s mother must have been so embarrassed, but the Queen took the site of the child’s little “tantrum, if indeed it was that,” quite well.

      Camilla looked so beautiful and yes, I think she wears green quite well.

      Funny, how two year-old Charlotte is making an impact. Toddlers often do take over, but her personality does seem more “out there,” than her brother’s. W and K are in for a roller coaster ride with their little girl, I think. Still, she might change again. The age she is in is quite challenging at times, but also can be fun!

      Most importantly, how lovely to have the soldiers honored in so beautiful a way. They deserve it.

      1. Hi, Jenny! I hated the hat for that reason. I wouldn’t wear it to meet people because it sits low. It’s almost as if she’s creating a barrier.

        1. Yes, rhiannon, it did look like she was creating a barrier with that hat pulled down so low. Excellent observation, How are you? Hope all is well and yes, Queen Lauri is our posture guru and beloved Lauri of CA.

          And Maven, you are too funny. She does indeed look “Appropriate, if endlessly dull.”

      2. Kate’s hat overwhelms her face. She looks appropriate if endlessly dull. She just can’t stop that manic grinning either.

        In terms of birth order, second-borns tend to be more social; firstborns tend to be repressed, carrying the most expectations and responsibility. George used to have quite the personality until it became muted. Still, there’s time for Charlotte to become the ‘little lady’ of daddy’s dreams and posher than posh of mummy’s dreams.

      3. That’s why when she wears hats like that, I think she’s masking recent work. It’s covering her whole forehead…

      4. I don’t like Kate in hats because of the way she wears them. Her poor posture doesn’t help. Her outfit is fine, save for the hat.

      5. So glad to read that I’m not the only one who hated the hat! It does nothing for her. The rest of her was fine. I will admit that I have liked this Michael Kors dress coat from the beginning. I saw a collage of all 3 times Kate has worn this coat. I still liked the first time the most. And what struck me about that appearance was the poppy brooch. The red stuck out in such a beautiful way. It really made the outfit. I wish Kate would learn to accessorize and use more brooches. It would’ve taken this outfit from drab to something a whole lot better. To be honest, this showing of the coat was the worst of the 3 times she wore it.

        1. I thought they were getting divorced. Is the trip — if there was one, that is — an attempt to save the marriage? Truly, I thought their marriage was over or on the skids.

          1. What happened? I posted as a reply to comment concerning Michael and Carole perhaps going oft on holiday together and it ran here. Sorry.

            As for your comment, Miss K, you are right, a brooch would definitely have taken Kate’s look from “drab” to something else!

            Oh, well, she just is stuck in a fashion rut, if you ask me.

            So glad I was not alone in my dislike of the hat on Kate. Just don’t think she pulled it off well!

        2. If you notice, Kate is the only one not wearing a brooch. It’s such an easy way to add some sparkle/fun to your outfit. Instead of 1000 pairs of look alike Kiki earrings she should start investing in pretty brooches.
          Here are some fab ones to help her out

          1. Camilla and Sophie are both wearing the pin from the regiments of which they are Royal Colonels. The insignia is black, red, and green. Camilla is wearing their green, Sophie is wearing black and red.

    2. I’ll join the pile-on and agree that I didn’t like the hat either. Too big, too low on the head. Camilla looked lovely in green. I often don’t like Sophie’s clothes, and today was no exception. But her personality projects beyond her clothes, so I don’t mind as much.

      1. I read that the hat was made from rabbit fur. I didn’t love the hat before knowing this, but I cannot support hats made of fur, especially when the wearer isn’t wearing it for a cultural reason and is wasteful in general.

    3. I think I’m in the minority in that I hate big hats, and I really don’t like them on Kate. There hasn’t been one big hat, pre or post royal wedding, that I’ve liked on her 🙁

      1. I dislike all of Kate’s proper hats too. I think it’s the way she wears them. I love hats on pretty much all the other royal women – young and old.

  5. I thought Kate looked good and appropriate today. The only thing that bothered me was that, at least from the screen I am looking at, none of the blues seemed to match. On the one hand I am happy about her appropriate dress and demeanor, but on the other hand, it annoys me because it means she knows how to dress and act appropriately, but chooses not to at other engagements.

    As far as the Charlotte quote, hadn’t Kate already changed the narrative of Charlotte from demure lady to in charge with an attitude? I thought I had read that a while back. I believe she’s closer to a force to be reckoned with than quiet and “lady like”. And I believe she could be the one in charge because she seems to have a stronger personality than George who strikes me as more quiet and cautious. Though I admit I formed these opinions on a couple of minutes of footage from the kid’s party in Canada. I could be totally off.

    1. Yes, Kate changed the kids’ narrative quite a while back. But William hasn’t commented on Charlotte since the narrative change so I wonder what he thinks of it.

      1. William may very well be finding that he is now living with the one person in his entire world who won’t bow down and scrape to him! Go Charlotte!

    2. In fairness, the “narrative” may have changed because children change! My little one was an angelic infant but a terror as a toddler.

      1. That’s very true! My angelic little baby just started crawling and now she’s into everything and gives me such sass when I tell her No.

    3. Maybe Charlotte has more of Carole’s personality in her ? I tease my sister that she gave birth to our mom (personality wise)it’s funny gotta love genetics

      1. Personalities change. I don’t like how people label especially children. I think the only way is to watch them grow. I think it must be the uncertainty of it which in that instance is ok.
        Charlotte could be a bit more determined and sure of herself. George looks terrified of the media and very shy. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I like the way Madeleine talks about her children. Just enough but more detail.

      2. Sarah: Or Philip’s personality. Anne, Zara and little Mia all seem to have inherited Philip’s personality.

        Charlotte and George have two options as far as strong inheritable personalities – Spencer and Philip. The Spencer temprement is quite disagreeable as we see with William, Diana, Charles Spencer and Johnnie Spencer, but it also comes with enormous charms as demonstrated by Harry and Diana.

        Philip’s personality is brusque and impatience.

        Laura: i enjoy watching children’s personalities unfold, but it is possible to label the child and that way nurture them in a particular way. Labelling their personality shouldn’t be seen as a negative unless the labelling *is* being used in a negative way.

        1. Sarah McCorquodale was a bit of a handful too wasn’t she Hera? And Diana’s Spencer Grandfather a real bully? I wonder where George’s tentative, cautious approach comes from? Prince Charles maybe? Grandpa Mike?

          1. Yep.

            Didn’t think about Charles and Mike.

            We haven’t really seen Mike enough to make a judgement beyond utterly subservient to the women in his life. That may be choice or an aspect of his personality.

            Charles is sensitive and needs lots of cosseting. Something Camilla seems very good at doing.

          2. That’s the thing that stood out for me on the tapes. She’s second to none at bolstering the confidence of her man. No wonder she’s non negotiable for him, he just couldn’t manage without her. And the love and passion in those tapes.

            Despite all the pain it caused I am so glad for him that he has her. Everyone should know what it feels to have that kind of love at least once in their lives.

  6. WOW Camilla! This is my first time seeing her in green and I’m blown away! I’m going to hunt down her other green outfits now. Absolutely smashing.
    Alfie made me smile. I love how well his parents? handled him. Keep him close, keep calm and carry on greeting the queen/PM. Reminds me of Princess Madeleine and Chris with Leonore.

      1. Definitely her colour. Hats look good on Camilla. I don’t like the style of the hat but she wears it well.

      1. I LOVE the Christmas one. I’ve never been a green fan but she’s singlehandedly changing my view.

  7. Lovely look for Kate, hair up, pretty wide brimmed hat instead of fascinator, and I like the coat. I’m never excited about her jewelry.

    So pleased they will do St. Patrick’s before leaving for Paris.
    If they are to be soft diplomats for Brexit, they need to be especially kind to Northern Ireland/Ireland, which has a lot of uncertainty ahead.

    I think Kate’s makeup is less harsh, and I like it very much. I think the quote about the children rings true from what little bit we saw in Canada. I can imagine them being good friends with very different personalities.

  8. Hahahahahaha I have a 3 yr old and the toddler throwing a tantrum made me laugh and feel bad for the mom all at the same time!!!! Toddler’s are crazy!!

    1. The joys of parenting a toddler. I have a 3 yo too and everytime I see a toddler having a tantrum in the mall I feel like giving the mum a pat on the back like “I feel your pain”.

      1. Right! If a toddler won’t keep it together for the queen don’t judge me and my crazy toddler at target!

        1. HaHaHa! I once heard a tremendous commotion in my local Target and found a very calm mom trying to quiet toddler triplets who were all mid-meltdown. I was so glad I’d not had multiples – don’t know if I have the coping skills!

  9. The toddler style the show! Toddlers will not be forced to do anything they don’t want to. And if that means they don’t want to present flowers, they won’t, lol!

    This event was quite moving. I’m glad that the soldiers were honored. This war was long and hard fought.

    Camilla and HM looked wonderful. I like Kate’s coat. A lot. But I hate the hat. Doesn’t match. And she needs to stop with color by numbers. Throw some other colors out there! Love Sophie’s dress, but not the hat.

    Thanks for the post, KMR!

  10. So Kate is perfectly capable of being appropriately dressed and behaving like an adult when the entire family is present. I liked her hat. I do wish she would go with a more natural eyebrow.

    I thought the the whole family looked nice, Camilla especially, with the exception of Sophie. It wasn’t the red I disliked, but I thought the pattern too overwhelming, and the dress was not flattering. It made her look matronly. And whenever I see those about to slide off side perching hats, I want to shove them back on top of the head.

    Something tells me the WK have been given the get to work message very strongly. They seem to have been told that they better “create expectations” that they will do their duty and be increasingly visible and appear when they should.

    Poor Alfie, he was just too young for all that ceremony and protocol.

  11. The Queen looks excellent and Catherine and Camilla look great. I really like to see Catherine looking like a grown woman and less like a little girl; updos look good on her and so I think a cute little bob would work wonders if she had the confidence for it. Maybe when she’s 40 she’ll try it.

  12. Thanks for the great post KMR! I actually liked Kate’s outfit today and the hat looks much better than those fascinators she usually wears.

    It appears that Kate has been improving her posture lately and I am thrilled!!! Good job you!

    1. It wouldn’t have been my first choice but she looked smart and elegant yesterday. No hair flying around the place. Princess Anne looked absolutely beautiful too.

    2. In the pics here, her shoulders were definitely further back but she still has that annoying crotch clutch going on. And her hands….those crazy hands!… she needs to learn to carry on a conversation without all that wild gesturing.

      But I agree, even if the hat overwhelms her face somewhat, it is better than her fascinators and more appropriate for this occasion.

      1. Hi Lizzie, she is certainly taking baby steps toward improving her posture but imho any step is a good one. I would love to see her find something else to do with her hands and get rather sad when I see other royal ladies crotch clutch as well.

        1. With all due respect to y’all, I think the padding of her coat dress hid the hunching. I generally skim her photos, but went back and looked and she still looks hunchy to me. I can’t imagine that she cares or tries to improve. If she did, she’d get rid of that rictus grin.

          1. I’m not saying her expressions have never seemed over the top (shooting the arrow in Bhutan comes to mind), but I see nothing wrong with her “grin” in the photos from these events. Is she not allowed to smile like she normally smiles? She’s supposed to do a demure closed lip smile? I really don’t understand the criticism of her perfectly normal smile here.

  13. Thank you KMR for the post. It is wonderful to service men and women being honored. They should be honored and respected for the sacrifices that they make for they’re fellow countrymen and country women.

    I thought HM looked lovely. As well as Camilla. I liked Kate’s look. Blue no surprise there though. I do like her hair and her hat. I wish though she would take a risk and cut off all that hair. Granted I know she wears extension or some form of extra hair. Take a risk Kate. Sophie I do not like her dress at all. I like red, but I do not think it the best color for an engagement like this. Darker and less bold.

    As for the narrative of Charlotte and George. I hope they are both giving these two for a run for they’re money. I do believe Charlotte has the stronger personality. I hope George personality hasn’t been stifled because he is the future King of England someday. That would just be sad. Charlotte will have more freedom than George. Yet both will be pigeonholed because of they’re status in life. The heir and the spare.

  14. I think everyone was dressed appropriately for the occasion. I do not have an issue with Sophie’s dress as the black in the material toned down the red.
    I have to say that Kate looks good in an oversized hat and it was nice to see her wear some jewelry that was not microscopic in size. My only issue with her was that her eyebrows had that spray-painted on Eddie Munster look again. Maybe it was the light or is that a result of being photoshopped?
    I do wish Harry would get rid of the beard, I am just not a fan of beards in general.

    1. Kate’s eyebrows make me cringe. Way too thick and obviously painted. I was told brows aren’t twins, they are cousins. I am all about my brows. I made sure mine were done before I went into the hospital last year. Call me vapid.

      1. It may sound silly, but eyebrows are important. My brow lady left the salon I used to go to and they haven’t been able to replace her with anyone even remotely decent. I just blasted them last week because the girl nearly waxed my entire brow off. Needless to say, I won’t be going back there. So no, not vapid!

        1. When I was a poor college student, I told my sister I would rather go without food then miss a waxing appointment =)
          I think if the eyes are the windows to the soul, the brows are the curtains and just as noticeable

  15. I absolutely love that photo of Camilla talking to the young woman at the reception. She seems like such a warm, engaging personality. I agree that green suits her.

  16. I have to confess that I check out the Daily Mail website every day and there is this ridiculous article about Kate wearing pearl earrings just like Princess Diana did. It is so goofy. On the other hand, it is a testament to the fact that Kate has not made a lasting impression or contribution in other areas (thinking of Victoria and her speech on the Baltic, Camilla on Intl. Women’s Day) so the only subject that can be written about her has to do with her looks and fashion. Really pathetic after almost 6 years of being in the BRF.

    1. I actually think Kate has some of the ugliest/boring pearl earrings! And there are so many beautiful ones out there to choose from!! She picks the ugliest more boring ones out there!
      Hahah the first pic made me laugh it’s one with her jutting her lower jaw out

      1. Hi Sarah-You have convinced me that I am not seeing things, as I too have noticed that in many pictures of Kate smiling her lower jaw is protruding and her top teeth are behind her lower teeth. I know she had orthodontic work prior to the marriage, but that is not good work if she has an underbite, or my other theory is that she is gritting her teeth and smiling because she has no interest in the event she is attending and would much rather be somewhere else.

          1. You could be right, the jaw-jutting could play an essential part in keeping her enunciation to a 10+ on the posh speech scale. The higher the needle on the scale goes the less we can understand what she is saying.

        1. She has an underbite. I don’t think the veneers help. It’s much more pronounced since she started wearing veneers especialky the combination of forward thrust of jaw, chin and neck as she talks to people.

          1. I am surprised she didn’t go to an orthodontist to fix the underbite because it is bad and will cause problems with her jaw as she ages.

            Considering her parents were supposed to be rich, it’s the kind of thing that could have been fixed when she was young. But instead she gets veneers which is the last thing she needed and it adds to the problem.

  17. I thought all of the royal women looked great, especially their hats. I saw pictures on the DM of Kate in the dress coat the other two times she wore it. She looks much better this time; I think the larger hat and her hair up are big improvements. Her makeup looks nice, too, except for her heavy brows. They are really in style now with young women, but let’s no go crazy with it!

    Camilla looks so good in that shade of green, and her hat is absolutely lovely.

    The Queen looks great in cobalt blue. It brightens up her entire persona. She can rock the bright colors, and not everyone can.

    I liked Sophie’s ensemble, but hats perched on the side of the head aren’t my favorites. However, this hat is very pretty. Love the detail. I don’t think her red dress was a distraction since it was toned down with black in the pattern and black accessories. Also, the tone of red was not super bright like the Wimbledon dress Kate wore that time.

    The best hat of the day, though, is Anne’s. What a beautiful hat – I would love to wear that hat. Her lipstick color is nice, too.

    Commenting on their ensembles reminds me of Charles being jealous of the attention Diana received. I think that women are more likely to be royal watchers than men because of the fashions, hair styles, makeup, etc. Most of the pictures and articles about royal women are sold to publications that interest women. Vanity Fair, People, Ladies Home Journal, for example. I haven’t seen any articles about Kate in Field & Stream. So I think Charles was silly to be upset about the attention Diana got. Everyone enjoys seeing a pretty woman instead of a man, even if he’s a prince.

    1. Yeah but Charles also got jealous that everyone wanted to see Diana and not Charles and no offense to Charles but Diana had a star within her that shined bright and she was so charismatic. No one since her death has had what she got in the royal family.

    2. There’s just more to talk about with women because of fashion and jewelry. The same thing happens with celeb red carpets. With men, it’s just their work. With women, it’s their work plus fashion and jewelry.

      1. So true. It’s why I think Queens have it over Kings; they get to wear the great jewelry. Really there’s not a lot to say about a modern monarch who doesn’t express publicly their personality or opinions, so jewels and clothes are big points of interest.

      2. If the men all dressed like Charles or dan I would gladly talk about their fashion! =)
        But I do love some pretty bling! That’s one of the reasons I love Maxima! She brings the bling!! Although, I’ve seen her sporting some huge beetle brooches that aren’t all that lovely

  18. How touching to see a memorial for the soldiers of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Harry was particularly moved.

    Kate’s style bores me to death. A big hat could make a statement, but she did not wear that hat well imo, Too far down on her head and didn’t frame her face well. The blue pendant was boring, too and matched her hat and gloves so well that I couldn’t really enjoy it. Does she ever get a bit bolder? A bit less scared of rocking the boat? Everything she chooses, is either prim and proper or a tad too flashy. Is there a nice middle ground?

    The Queen was lovely with that little boy. Wow, he wasn’t having meeting HM, was he? Still, the Queen seemed to understand and her smiles were so dear.

    I thought Camilla did look beautiful and the green suited her quite well. She is a warm and engaging woman and seems to make people comfortable wherever she goes.

    I think Kate’s narrative of Charlotte now could be true, but she really gets on one subject and harps it to death. First, Charlotte was ladylike and now, a total control freak. Just kidding, she is only a toddler!

    If indeed, I read correctly above that Kate will be with the Irish Guard before leaving for Paris, I am very happy. How difficult is to for someone who has all the help she has and who doesn’t have to go through all the rigamarole the rest of us do when we fly, to make time for such an important tradition? Then, get on a plane, with a steamer, this time to repair any wrinkles in your wardrobe, and fly to France! Bon Voyage!

    1. “Does she ever get a bit bolder? A bit less scared of rocking the boat? ”

      Oh, Kate the exhibitionist does it all the time, just not in front of the queen. Kate has no problems with boldness, just a lot of problems with the queen who won’t stand for her guff.

      The fact that she’s appropriately dressed here proves once again that her exhibitionism is a conscious choice.

      1. +1. KM’s exhibitionism is indeed a choice with a purpose. Not sure why a grown woman on the world stage would enjoy this kind of exposure, but given the negative press she got from the French photos and the many appalling flyups exposing bare bum she continues to do it, perhaps as a way to be memorable. Really bizarre.

      2. Exactly! And I think for most of the population, that if you had a major flyup with a kazillion people seeing it, you would do everything in your power to make sure it never happened again.
        The fact that it has happened several times afterwards says to me that they either just don’t care or they get something out if it. Maybe even a little bit of both?

        1. Yes, I think she does have exhibition tendencies. Better not when HM is around, though.

          The worst flair up, imo, was the one at the War Memorial in India. Why she chose that dress on such a windy day and why she couldn’t wear a slip under it is something I really would like answered. She was just asking for trouble. I can still see that gentlemanly soldier, helping her with the dress, as it blew up and exposed heaven knows what. She was a major disgrace that day and how little respect she had for the situation and the people in attendance. After that fiasco, I really think she got some dressing down and I pray that in other such appearances she plays it safer.

          She’s had way too many of those fly ups, but that one really stands out in my mind as one of the worst.

      3. I have noticed that when Kate is at an engagement with the Queen her hair is either in an up-do or she has it in her 1974 high school style with the sides pinned back(double yuck). When the Queen is not around all bets are off and we are back to “look at me with my flowing beautiful mane”.

  19. Kate. Kate, Kate, Kate, Kate. This is a great outfit if the hat, coat, earrings, and necklace were worn separately. As per usual, she has accessorized all wrong. It’s way too matchy-matchy and everything just looks so big. The hat is great and it looks good on her but it’s too much with that coat. The coat is great, but not with that hat. Both are ‘heavy items’ that don’t look well together. it drives me to drink that whenever she has a necklace/earring matching set she has to wear them together. How unoriginal is that.

    The necklace looks like The Heart of the Ocean.

    Sophie, the Queen, and Camilla look fabulous.

  20. I’m changing the subject, I know, but did the Middletons make their annual pilgrimage to the Caribbean (or wherever) for Carole’s birthday this year? Also, isn’t there usually a ski vacation in late February or early March? Kate and William staying put in England through the whole winter seems to signal a major shift. I’m interested in other’s reactions.

    1. I think they’ve been skiing. When you look at William he has the sun/wind burn look on the cheeks that say skiing to me. Maybe while he hit the slopes, Kate hit the spa/resort for Botox =)

    2. I think Carole and Mike went to Mustique alone, I recall reading somewhere. We haven’t heard if W&K have taken a vacation this year. But honestly, even if they did I wouldn’t be up in arms about it. A bunch of other royals have taken ski vacations this year, including Sophie. Victoria took the first two months of the year off, and Harry’s been on two overseas vacations so far this year.

      1. I can’t imagine Carole staying calm during vacation alone (without her children).She’s good in seeming calm from the outside but I think in the inside she is planning all the time. Her next big project is Pippa’s wedding. Of course, all mothers do but Carole in such a bizarre way.She is the mastermind behind the lives of her children and in some part of William’s.

      2. I’m surprised that Carole and mike went alone, they always seem to need the kids as a buffer when they’re out together publicly

        1. I thought they were getting divorced. Is the trip — if there was one, that is — an attempt to save the marriage? Truly, I thought their marriage was over, or on the skids.

          1. It would be interesting to see Michael’s personality. He seems calm and much to submissive. The right man for Carole. I think they would never divorce. Carole doesn’t want a ruckus about herself or negative press for Kate.

    3. It’s possible that William and Kate if they are trying or thinking about trying for baby #3 are staying away from the Caribbean due to Zika being there and not wanting to take the risk.

      Honestly if they were going to take a vacation, this last weekend was the one to do it. With the ridiculous craziness and press frenzy surrounding that wedding, they could have slipped away under the radar pretty easily.

  21. Kate is Meh, as usual. Hiding under her hat and crotch clutching.

    I adore Sophie’s dress. Not sure about it for the occasion but it’s pretty and fits well.

    HM and Camilla are lovely. They both know their colors and styles and wear them well.

    I do hope Charlotte is giving her parents a run for their money. Feisty little girls are the best. I have a 4yo daughter who will be great at leading one day. But whether it’ll be companies or prison gangs remains to be seen. *snort*

  22. I don’t mind Kate’s outfit. The coatdress seems a bit big and while the big hat is working for her, I loved this outfit 100x better with the “bunny ears” chapeau- she looked so fetching in that.
    I like Sophie’s outfit, but looks like she came dressed for a wedding! Lot’s of color though at this event, so not really out of place.
    I thought Anne looked very nicely put together. She has a sharp sense of decorum that I always appreciate. If someone isn’t sure what one should be dressed as at any given event, Anne is the rule and one wouldn’t want to be too many degrees separated?.
    Camilla- the hunter green is just all right for me, but she always looks like fun on wheels so it’s hard for her to put a fashion foot wrong in my books.

    1. I agree, I loved her Australia look the best. The bunny ears hat raised a few eyebrows at first, even mine, but I’ve since come to love the look, she looked amazing. Her hair, the brooch, it all worked.
      I have disliked every wear of the MK coat ever since.

  23. Good morning everyone,
    What a wonderful tribute to the armed forces so fitting.
    The Queen looks beautiful, the color is stunning on her. She is such a elegant woman and how she carries herself, I am in awe of her, amazing all these years her devotion to duty, incredible.
    Camilla has absolutely nailed it with this outfit, she looks so stylish and well groomed. I just love the color on her also. Yes she wears the pearl choker with frequency, but I think it is divine.
    Diana wore them and they were so beautiful on her as well.
    Sophie looks terrific, the color appropriate or not, but she is stylish and dignified.

  24. I’m a bit late to the party, but here’s my two cents worth! Camilla looked fantstic as usual. I adore her and she’s really come into her own of late.

    Not too impressed with Sophie’s look. Lacking a coat gave her an unfinished/unpolished look.

    Never been a fan of Kates clothing, as she, in my opnion, has no style or fashion sense, but a string of random hit-and-misses. She appears not to be being wearing pantyhose. It gives her an unfinished/unpolished look. But I like her hat this time, and I wish she’d start wearing more large hats instead of her standard go-to type of awful small hats or the 1990’s style facinators.

    1. Kate is wearing tights. It’s in the nude colour she favours such that she appears not to be wearing anything.

      You can count on one hand the times she’s attended an engagement without wearing tights and all such occassions were for her personal charities.

    1. Thanks again! I just realized that most of the male feuds I can think of are professional, and most of the female feuds I can think of are personal. Perhaps that is partly due to women not being allowed or encouraged to work for most of history. The only female feud that is sort-of professioanal which I can think of is Elizabeth I vs Mary Queen of Scotts. I’m sure there are more.

      1. How about George 2 vs his heir Frederick, POW?

        I rather enjoy the fact that our most patriotic song ‘Rule Britannia’ were really an anti- George 2 song commissioned by Frederick as part of their life long feud.

        Their feud makes the war of the Wales look like child’s play. So much pettiness.

  25. This is strange. Application to add two basement levels under/next to the Orangery plus an above ground building. Interesting to see if this means the staff currently housed in 1A will move to that space. I can see W&K being that paranoid about privacy. Or will it be other staff from other buildings?

    It could indicates other long-term shuffles and new tenants possibly Harry, Beatrice, and Eugenie. Submitted in October, so would be very early-on in the relationship if related to H&MM but possible.

    I wonder if it indicates that Beatrice, Anne, and Alexandra would also be moved out of SJP to concentrate the royals in fewer buildings. I can’t really seen Anne and Alexandra moving, but I can see Beatrice eventually ending up in Nott Cott.


    1. It seems a natural extension to the commercial activity already taking part in that area of KP. It’s already doing weddings, afternoon teas etc….maybe they need to upgrade the facilities. Being them altogether in one place near the Orangery?

      Beatrice was house hunting in North London with Dave Clarke I think it was just before they split. They were viewing very grand properties considerably larger that Notts Cottage. Maybe a stopgap for her but not a long term family home judging what her criteria was before.

    2. The headline is clickbait and completely misleading. This extension has nothing to do with William and Kate.

      Historic Royal Palaces, the charity that runs KP and other Palaces, are the ones renovating the orangery and applied for the extensions and building works.


      WK have nothing to do with this and the Orangery is completely away from any of their activities and spaces for living, working or entertaining.

      Plus the Orangery is open to the public as an events venue and as a restaurant/tea room . WK are too paranoid and to ivory tower to have daily contact with the public.

      1. I saw some wedding photos from the Orangery. Seriously stunning venue. I think the Hilton / Rothschild wedding took place there too if I remember rightly.

        1. It is a stunning venue and yes, the Hilton/Rothschild wedding. I think one of the develegnine sisters had their wedding there too.

          It’s surprisingly cheap to rent too.

      2. That’s what I couldn’t figure out. It is a physically separate building away from their space. Are HRP staff currently housed in other places in KP, space that will be cleared out and made into housing for other members of the royal family? It is something like 100 staff, but does it make it clear whether it is RH or HRP staff?

        Shakespeare’s quote from the application:

        ‘The addition of a basement storey is required to allow for the accommodation of administration which must necessarily be moved out of rooms leased from the Royal Household in Kensington Palace.’

        That makes it sound like the RH is taking back space currently used by HRP. For RH staff or for royal accommodations is not clear.

        1. Yes. The RH is taking back rooms currently leased to HRP. Sorta like they did with Apt 1A, BUT it’s unclear why the RH wants the rooms back.

          If the royals use the extra rooms, we will find out soon enough.

          1. Ugh. And here I was hoping HRP was getting back some space because they need it after W&K booted them out from 1A (which needed all that repair work for W&K but were totally fine for HRP, asbestos and all).

          2. Yeah. I hope they get full use of it. They need it, for sure.

            I wonder if they will use it as exhibition space. Honestly, KP was underwhelming since it was so poorly laid out and poorly done, the Georgian section at least; the rooms about Queen Victoria were interesting, sure, but better set up than the Georgian galleries and so on… They didn’t do a very good job if you ask me, on the exhibits they do have there.

          3. I think it’s because it’s the only palace that was built and or extended primarily as a family home rather than a grand Palace.

            Kew Palace, in it’s current version, suffers from similar deficiency.

            There are grand houses in London that were built as Palaces eg Marlborough House or Devonshire House. The rooms are on a grand scale with plenty of scope to knock several tiny rooms into grand exhibition spaces.

            KP is a series of apartment along corridor complexes with staterooms that look like an afterthought.

            As it’s divided into corridor apartments, it’s impossible to knock several rooms together to come up with truly big exhibition spaces. They try, but it lacks that grandeur.

          4. Yeah, even the storied staircase whilst beautiful was terribly underwhelming.

            Buckingham Palace on the other hand is staggeringly beautiful if in that cold, museum sort of way.

            I am glad I’ve been to both places, but KP isn’t very impressive.

  26. At least Kate looks like a member of the Toyal Family for once- no fear of showing her ass and her “curves” here. And the Martian spaceship hat must surely be covering up
    Some new Botox.

    And did you hear about another application for a revocation of KP, that was submitted past fall? It’s to create basement level offices for the staff, tpnfree up the rooms above in anticipation of WK’s imminent move to London. Of course, it’s gonna be taxpayer funded, while there is no money for NHS or social housing.

    Frankly WK, the spoilt assh***s that they are deserve a slap in the face!

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