Double hospital visits: Princesses Sofia & Madeleine

Double hospital visits: Princesses Sofia & Madeleine

Both Princess Sofia and Princess Madeleine made hospital visits recently. Sofia opened a hospital in Sweden, while Madeleine visited a hospital in New York as part of her work with Childhood USA. I’m also including Crown Princess Victoria at a wreath-laying ceremony.

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On March 9, Princess Sofia opened the New Södertälje Hospital after an extensive remodel. She toured the hospital, visiting the emergency department, radiology, operating rooms, and maternity ward. Sofia also gave a speech.

    “I personally have mainly had good experiences of Swedish health care, both from when I lived in a small village, and now that I live in a big city. But I am fully aware that there are major challenges. As honorary president of Sophiahemmet I have been privileged to learn much about today’s health care, both of its rapid progress and its challenges. I also know that today there is a great concern in many parts of every health care is heading. Therefore, I want to highlight the positives happening in the Swedish health care. Both the large and the small.
    “For example, is the enormous progress in research. Today we have completely different possibilities to cure diseases and save lives than just one or two generations ago. To mention just one example: before 1970 over 90 percent of all children who weighed over a thousand grams at birth died. Today almost 90 percent survives. It is a fantastic development!
    “When Södertälje Hospital was first established in 1907, probably no one could even imagine the advanced medical care that we would have access to today, 110 years later. Those of you who work in health care – you do magnificent things every day. It may be a disease is detected in time. One concern unaddressed. Or a child that is born. All that stuff that might be routine and everyday life for you, but that means all of the people you meet.
    “The reason we are here today, the opening of the New Södertälje Hospital, is also part of a positive trend. Stockholm is growing rapidly. We who live here become more and we get older. We also have access to more information than ever before, and new digital tools. The development, health services must meet, and there is this great venture is an important piece of the puzzle. I hope that these modern facilities will give all of you who work here even better conditions to perform your important task – to provide safe and accessible emergency care to a growing population. I hereby declare the New Södertälje Hospital open.”

[transcript, in Swedish]

Sofia wore a new blouse by Greta, the Nellie Blouse (2 195 SEK, or about $244). The blouse has a high turtle neck with a bow. I dislike how high Sofia’s necklines have been for the last several months. I dislike high necklines in general.

Sofia also gave an interview after visiting the maternity ward.

    Sofia on what the hospital will mean to people: “We were just at the maternity ward where they talked about childbirth for all. And we’ve got a variety of people who come here from all different parts of the world and I think this was extremely impressive, it really took me both as a mother and as a woman that of course all should have dignified care when they have a child.”
    Sofia’s thoughts on immigrant pregnant women getting extra support: “It is absolutely stunning. It comes at the right time, that’s the way it should be, all women who will give birth to children should have the same rights and where we know that such things seem quite simple, as the language and to get an understanding, it is extremely important to have confidence and belief. We also know that it contributes to less damage during childbirth and the whole bit. So I think that’s fantastic. I’m very impressed by New Södertälje Hospital and how they have thought when it comes to the bit.”
    Does Sofia have personal experience with the fear many women in Stockholm have about giving birth today: “I know obviously with the women. I myself had a baby so I understand that there is a great concern. But I hope that with this investment goes towards brighter times. What we have heard here today’s been amazing with more birthing suites, high-tech hospital, that everyone should have the right to good health and I think this is important.”


That second answer is a bit confusing because of the translation, but I think she’s talking about women who don’t speak Swedish getting extra help with language barriers so that they fully understand all the information they’re being given, and how all women should have the same knowledge about what’s happening to them during pregnancy and childbirth.

Back on March 3, Princess Madeleine posted about visiting Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center in New York with Childhood USA. She wrote on Facebook:

    “Last Friday, together with Childhood USA, I visited the Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center in New York. Thank you Drs. Diaz and Nucci-Sack for helping thousands of youth every year to a better and healthier life. And thank you Becky and Rebe for sharing with me your stories. You are wonderful and brave. I learned so much from you and admire you for looking at ways to support other victims of violence and child abuse.”

Princess Madeleine hospital visit March 2017
[Princess Madeleine’s Facebook]

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Carl Philip attended a wreath-laying ceremony at the Monument of Finland in the Finland Park in Stockholm on March 13. The ceremony was organized by the Swedish Finland Volunteers Memorial Association in memory of the Winter War (1939-40), in which over 8,000 Swedish volunteers fought. The ceremony was held on the anniversary of the Winter War’s end which was on March 13, 1940.

Victoria went with Finnish jewelry from Lapponia Jewelry: the Gelo Earrings (€255.00) and the Galactic Peaks Necklace (€1,885.00).

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89 thoughts on “Double hospital visits: Princesses Sofia & Madeleine

  1. Nice to see the different members of the Swedish Royal Family out and about.
    Thanks for including the speeches KMR. I do know Swedish doesn’t translate easily into English so the extra work you are doing to give us the translations is appreciated.
    I like the top Sofia is wearing, but after a couple of bad asthma attacks which required a stay in hospital i really don’t like to wear anything up tight around my neck. It is a pretty top.

    I like how Madde is still involved with Childhood too 🙂

  2. What I liked about Sofia’s speech was that it showed that she actually is learning new things through her patronage. Elsewhere in the UK, however…

  3. Sofia looks beautiful and she can articulate quite well.
    Madeleine seems to do her work with passion and persuasuion.
    Victoria also looks nice.
    But in general, I like how all children(including Sofia)of Carl-Gustaf and Sylvia work, they did a great job with them. They seem stable and healthy and seem to not have a big problem with being royal but seeing the chance it provides. I’m happy for them! 🙂

    1. The problem being, only Victoria is supposed to be on the gravy train. Lots of anti-monarchy movements in Sweden in recent years, including calls to get all but monarch and heir off the tax rolls. Madeleine is doing that by working for Childhood and living off her (and her husband’s) money not an apanage, CP and Sofia are not.

      I think Victoria is well-dressed, but I think she looks strained.

      1. You say that Victoria looked strained, I thought so too at her last engagement with her children and Daniel. It’s strange because they were on vacation a long time. Perhaps they weren’t just on vacation or worked on sth there? Of course just speculation.

          1. Daniel doesn’t do every appearance with Victoria. He was never scheduled to attend this wreath laying. He has 2 engagements on March 20 (one with Vic, and one solo), one on March 23 (the official dinner), solo events on March 27, 30, 31 and April 5, 27. He has several joint and solo engagements set for May. So based on his schedule, everything is fine.

      2. There is no set rule as to who is or isn’t supposed to do royal work, be on the gravy train, or whatever way you want to describe it.

        As I mentioned below Madeleine has a residence in Stockholm, it is a royal, aka tax payer funded residence, not a Chris O’Neill funded residence. At the moment Carl Philip and Sofia live at Mom and Dad’s place, make that palace. Carl Philip lived in his royal bachelor pad, Sofia moved in with him and then at the latter part of her pregnancy they moved to Drottningholm Palace. My understanding is that they live in Carl Gustaf and Silvia’s residence and not a separate apartment.

        Carl Philip’s Uncle Bertil left his home to CP provided that his widow be allowed to live out her remaining days there. His widow, Princess Lilian died in 2013. The plan is for Carl Philip and his family to live in the house he inherited but they have not moved into the residence because it needs to be renovated and the renovations have to comply with certain housing codes. Thus far I have not seen where the Swedish taxpayer is contributing to the renovations of Carl Philip’s home but I would not be surprised if there are security related costs that are borne by the Swedish taxpayer.

        In contrast, Madeleine, who does not live in Sweden and carries out a very small number of royal engagements in general and bread and butter engagements in particular, has a royal residence in Stockholm even though she left Sweden in 2010, and in 2014 she upgraded royal residences and the Swedish taxpayer paid to renovate her new home.

        I’m not trying to disparage Madeleine, but IMO she certainly does not represent a royal who has cut herself off from the royal gravy train and, from what I’ve seen, seems to be more of an object of controversy than Carl Philip.

        1. It was made clear, by her representative at a recent event, that Madeleine is not on the royal dole. Her main residence is in London paid by her husband. The place in Sweden not a massive place off the taxpayers, but a small apartment in a royal residence (probably for security purposes).

          CP owns three residences in Sweden (his own house on a lake, a penthouse apartment in Stockholm, and now Bertil’s house). They could live in either of the first two while waiting for work to be done on Bertil’s house. Instead, they’re living off the taxpayers full-time in the Palace.

          He bought her a luxury apartment in South Africa. He has millions in the bank and is making no moves to get off the gray train. Instead, they keep doing events, living full-time in the palace, and using the palace address for the “personal” businesses they’re trying to launch on the side. Shady.

          I’d say Madeleine being an object of controversy is mostly down to the Sofia-loving editor who used to run one of the big Swedish tabloids. He has moved on, and since then, positive articles about Madeleine and Chris have been published by that magazine.

          1. Madeleine being an object of controversy existed long before Sofia was on the scene. Madeleine was called out for some “racy” clothing choices and for partying a lot and not working.

          2. Yes, but once Sofia came along, there were far more public attacks on Madeleine and Chris and loads of “isn’t she wonderful” articles about Sofia that airbrushed her past.

          3. I don’t think that there is a correlation between Sofia’s popularity and negative articles about Madeleine. Sofia’s popularity is due to, among other things, her being the new girl.

            The negative articles about Madeleine and Chris have a lot to do with their choices and actions like their children having titles, when they left New York it was unclear about where they would settle in Europe, being accessible to the press, presence at certain events, absence from certain events, business practices, demeanor, cultural differences, and so forth.

          4. Chris declined a title, as Sofia should have. IMO the kids having titles is related to 1) Leonore being seen at the heir to Estelle when many people thought CP would have to step aside if he married Sofa and 2) the king wanting to give titles to the future kids of precious son robbed of his birthright, so he’d have to give them to Maddie’s kids first

            Nothing shady about Chris’s businesses, just gossip from the anti-Madeleine crowd. Madeleine response to pap photos? She shares photos of the kids on her facebook to counter/reduce the call for pap photos of them.

            When they show themselves in things like interviews, people can see and appreciate them for the solid couple they appear to be – without all the drama of tabloids twisting things. They’re not the main line, they’re not required to give anything to the press – especially Chris on this one.

            Sofia’s popularity with certain tabloids may be her willingness to share too much and be too accessible.

            Chris is never required to be at any event, nor is Madeleine. She and CP are spares, so she appears to be at events when the family thinks she should be.

          5. This is in response to the March 16, 2017 at 3:22 pm post.

            Madeleine’s rep can say she’s not on the royal dole all he or she wants, doesn’t make it so. However I actually disagree more about the claim that Carl Philip and Sofia are draining the Swedish taxpayer. Yeah an argument can be made that they are extraneous but they are extraneous like all royals are, but if you can accept that there are people who do royal work and get perks and status for that work, then why get your panties in a twist over Carl Philip and Sofia? The bottom line is that Carl Philip and Sofia are working royals, and it looks to me like in 2016 Carl Philip worked significantly more than his sister the Crown Princess. So Carl Philip can go visit troops in Mali, he and Sofia can visit their duchy, visit the area where Sofia grew up, hand out awards, plant trees, cuts ribbons, etc. and we are supposed to begrudge them the basics of royal perks, living in a palace and wearing tiaras and sashes. And Madeleine is to be applauded for having a tax payer funded crash pad for the handful of times she’s in Sweden but give Carl Philip and Sofia the stink eye because rather than following the precedent set by Madeleine and Chris and moving into a bigger place when their family expanded, Carl Philip and Sofia chose to move in with Carl Gustaf and Silvia.

            Also Carl Philip and Sofia do have outside interest both business-related and philanthropic, it seems to me like they should be applauded and not derided because they carry out duties in support of the monarch but they do not have all their eggs in one basket, namely Carl Philip also is a co-founder of a design firm and is a member of a car racing team.

            Sweden is an anti-monarchy country, there are often polls in Sweden (and other countries with monarchies) where people express disapproval of the notion that someone is given status and privilege due to an accident of birth, but then when it comes to actually throwing the bums out they prefer the devil they know.

            As KMR stated Madeleine received negative press long before Sofia came on the scene.

            Negative articles about Madeleine have not come from a single source, one of the biggest brouhahas involving Madeleine was initiated by a journalist from her duchy who called her out for not being accessible.

          6. Actually cp didn’t work significantly more (I counted days) he was at 59 and Vic at 56. But that was a yr she gave birth so I went back to 2015 and Vic did 108 to cp’s 51
            Engagement #’s are probably different tho
            I always like Vic and considered her a hard worker but sheesh when you look at the number of days she’s just as bad

          7. I did a rough count from a calendar listing and the gap between Carl Philip and Victoria was wider. Of course the reason the Carl Philip worked more than his sister the Crown Princess was because Victoria had a baby in 2016, but my overall point was to show that Carl Philip and Sofia do significant royal work.

            I actually consider Carl Philip and Sofia part-time royals and don’t expect them to work to the same degree as the King, Queen and Crown Princess couple but they are working royals and are serving the people of Sweden.

          8. In a system where traditionally the spare go into private life and get off the dole? They are extraneous and happy to keep living in palaces and off the taxpayers. The mix of part-time royal, part-time trying to start businesses based at the Palace and using palace advisors? Dicey and headed into Inaki and Cristina territory.

          9. Come on, there is no long-standing tradition of spares going into private life. The long-standing tradition is for spares to go into the military, marry a foreign royal and relocate or become a working royal. Regardless of which path was chosen, it was not uncommon for the spare to get an income from their home country, in Britain it was called the civil list, and many got housing. So the tradition is for some spares to do royal work in their home country and for other spares to not do royal work, but in either scenario they usually got money from the government, i.e., were on the dole.

            Spares going into private life is a relatively new phenomenon, and while not rare, I don’t consider it the norm.

            Carl Phiip and Sofia are no more living off the taxpayer than any other royal. Carl Phiip and Sofia do royal work and get royal perks. Overall they do not do the same amount of work as the King, Queen and Crown Prince couple but they do not get nearly the same level of perks they do.

            I don’t get the parallel with Inaki and Cristina.

  4. I like what Sofia is saying but I do find it sort of pathetic a woman who didn’t even graduate high school is considered some national ambassador because she went after a man. I don’t get why Sweden supposedly needs Carl Philip and Sofia to work as royals, it’s such a small country; I can understand when Victoria is MIA which mostly it not acceptable to me, but at least Victoria is educated.

    I love seeing what Childhood does through Madde’s work with them. It seems like a really worthy charity and something she is so passionate about and rightly so.

    Victoria looks lovely and professional, not to mention quite queenly. I thought it was nice her brother went along with but man, he always looks like a dude-bro with his greasy hair and beard.

    1. Hmm.. I get what you’re saying about Sophia. But for me, I think that gives her a bit more credibility. School isn’t for everyone. There are a many successful people who didn’t finish school. It shows she tries. Look at Kate. She’s got a degree from a top university and she comes off as dumb as a post. Things like the “how interesting” comment when talking about children who have been mutilated or the “faberge eggs” comment. She’s an art history major! You’d think she’d know something about that. I may not like Sophia’s past, but she does try. And I’ll take that any day over someone who’s an entitled lazy brat. Besides, everyone has a past and has made mistakes. It’s all about what you do about it.

      1. Spot on Miss K. Totally agree.

        PS. Off topic. I do not like conspiracy theories or I read Tumblr blogs as many, but I showed the new photos of Harry and Meghan at the beach to my cousin. She studied photoshop, worked with photoshop and she seens some really good and seens some terrible… She said: “these photos are totally funny! They are fake to the ass….. have a good laugh at the people who think they are real.” Not even US Magazine or Australian magazines pic up those photos, I wonder why.

      2. I think Kate went to university because of the relations , like in the 19th century. It is quite obvious that she never intented to work for her money and her mother clearly supported her in simply finding an husband.It’s the most snobbish thing you can do and as I said before, I’m sorry for those young men and women who can’t afford such schools and universities but would make the best out of it.

      3. She ditched school to go do nude modeling and then to New York.

        She’s been so airbrushed and whitewashed there’s nobody there.

        I find she just has no credibility. Like banging on about children’s rights and girls’ education and rights, or bullying, when she herself has said some very dumb to awful things.

        1. If only perfect people were allowed to support causes, there would be no one around to support causes.

          1. You’re right, KMR. People don’t have to like Sofia’s past but I like her as a person just because of one reason: You can see, she is ashamed of the silly things she did and tries to do it better now. She is smart enough to know that there will always be negative comments about her, but I’m glad she is not the arrogant type of person who just doesn’t care what happened. Plus, she has little Alexander now who she clearly loves and takes care of. People should be more indulgent to her now, she is aware of her past actions.

          2. I don’t expect anybody to be perfect, but I always have a bad taste in my mouth regarding Sofia and a lot of the things she has done and said–which she has said she doesn’t regret. Not just the nude modeling underage (which makes me question the judgement of her parents; considering her sisters both are well-educated), but all the rest that has been covered here and elsewhere. Her current actions don’t really indicate anyone willing to admit they were wrong or did the wrong thing or whatever; ie the bullying, or all the sketchy accounts and her charity funds going into her personal bank account, not to mention all those blog posts while living in New York, living off sugar daddies, and like Kate it seems her goal with Carl-Philip was to land a prince and be rich and famous. She may be a perfectly nice person but her behavior indicates otherwise, IMO. I know a lot of people here like her and I’ve tried to warm to her and not be so judgmental but I just can’t.

            Carl-Philip seems like a lovely man, a bit dim yet very in love with his wife and gorgeous little boy. (I want to see more of that chubster.)

            I feel the same about Kate and Mary, just not to the same degree as Sofia, though Kate has certainly said loads of damaging stuff as well like the mental health garbage.

    2. They aren’t needed, and not supposed to be on the gravy train and working as royals.

      Madeleine has gotten the message and is off apanage. CP and Sofia are still draining the taxpayers, instead of supporting themselves in private life as they should. Yes, the sexist king may be behind a lot of that, but CP should have enough respect for his sister to get out of the way and stop increasing the problem.

      1. Madeleine is no more off the apanage than Carl Philip. Madeleine and Carl Philip have the same arrangement, they are compensated by their father the King via his apanage when they carry out royal work on his behalf. So depending on how you see it both have an apanage or neither have an apanage.

        Madeleine left Sweden in 2010 when her engagement to Jonas Bergström ended and yet she has a royal residence in Stockholm and moved to a bigger royal residence in 2014 with the taxpayer funding the renovation.

      2. I’ll give you a dollar if you can show me even one royal in any country that’s actually “needed” in this day and age.

        1. +100

          Thank you KMR.

          The SRF continue duties for tax funds they received. The British entitled ‘I am a Prince’/keen funded with several millions for family of four plus in laws, could learn from his own royal family and other hardworking sincere royals. Whiny lazy bill and chutney middleton goal is to damage/get rid of the monarchy before he is forced out the Line.

    3. I had issue with Sofia handing out the nursing degree awhile back!! As someone who has worked hard for my degrees why would they think it’s good to have someone who has no higher education, got where she was by just marrying a guy?! That was poor planning on their part.
      Opening a hospital? She takes no real skill

      1. The previous person who was honorary president of Sophiahemmet was Princess Christina, who, as far as I am aware, doesn’t have any higher education and only got the position because of whom she was born to. A lot of the royals across the various houses are honorary presidents or patrons of various organizations even though they have no training in that industry and no reason to hold that position other than whom they were born to or whom they married. That’s how royal patronages work. If we’re going to yell about Sofia then we have to yell about the whole idea of a royal patronage.

        1. I overlook the older generation because almost all of them have no higher education men went into military and women married but times have changed. If they were going to have a younger person hand out degrees they could have picked someone with one.
          I don’t need them to have a background in the arena for them to be involved in their charities but if your passing out degrees you should have other accomplishments to your name then you married a prince

          1. I always find Beatrix interesting because of this. She went to university and earned a law degree, and she’s only 10 years younger than QEII.

  5. I know that this is KMR, but your reviews of other royals are always fun and fair too. As ever, I’m getting serious hair envy looking at Madeleine

  6. While I loved Sofia’s speech and interview, I just can’t stand that blouse! And can someone please explain to me why her and Kate suddenly started dressing like Puritans, with the high necklines, once they had their first child? Geez, they gave birth, they didn’t turn 90. Are they trying to look “serious” or more “royal”? I think they look more “dowdy” and “frumpy”.

    1. Hi Queen Lauri, we are on the same page with this.
      While the change in clothes style may be helping Sofia, it does nothing for Kate since she does not do anything unless pushed or have any intellectual curiosity or interest in bettering herself. I despise those high necked blouses with those bow ties on anyone young or old, and every time I hear them referred to as “pussy bows” I just cringe. Where did that come from, is it a European/UK name for that style?
      All in all, CP Victoria, Madeleine and Sofia do their jobs with class and grace, there is more to them than their fashion choices.

      1. “pussy bow” is short for “pussycat bow” and is an early 20th century invention.

    2. I agree 100%. That blouse looks like something my mom wore in the 80s with the high neck (no pie-crust collar?) and limp bow. If she adds chunky jewelry and shoulder pads I’ll know she raided my mom’s closet.

        1. I guess we are not supposed to speculate on such things, but in that last photo of Sophia outside with the black jacket opened over that blouse, she looked quite expectant to me.

          She has never been one of my fave of the Swedish Royals. I do see that she is trying to do her part, but there is something about her, something I really distrust. I do want to give her the benefit of doing work, but I just don’t really like her.

          As for Maddie, she does seem to be invested in her charity and I admire many things about her. She picked herself up after a bad relationship and found a nicer man to spend her life with. Now, they have such dear children and both she and Chris are hard workers who seem to be decent parents, too.

          Gosh, I hope nothing is wrong with Daniel. He, Victoria and their children are a wonderful, loving family.

          1. Ok, I concur. I think she looks pregnant in the picture outside. She is walking like a pregnant woman, too. Her upper body is adjusting to the weight of the baby. I guess, as ME says we should not speculate, but I agree that she does look pregnant. I want to change my vote on the poll from a while back. I did not think she would be announcing another pregnancy until next year.

            I don’t want to be a gossip, but truly, I agree that she does look pregnant in this particular photo. Good for her and the Prince.

        2. Diana wore those types of blouses didn’t she. I think I have seen photos of her wearing them. They draw attention to the neck area.

          1. Those pussycat bows just look like limp penises dangling around the neck. I don’t like them. They look somewhere between frumpy and frail.

    3. I think in Kate’s case she thinks dressing like a frump equals seriousness in her role. In Sofia’s case, I think she is trying to erase memories of her past.

        1. Queen Lauri, I think Kate tries to emulate HM. HM is always in a coat and a hat. What does Kate wear? Endless amounts of coats.

          1. Well Kate certainly does dress like an old lady sometimes. I think that most of the time Kate is playing a role which would explain the posh accent, sometimes bizarre wardrobe and lack of styling. She doesn’t have any idea who she is anymore or what she likes because she’s spent her whole adult life worrying about what William wants, is he happy, etc, etc, so instead of being herself she defaults to playing “Duchess”.

    4. Why is it the bad fashion that comes back around? What happened to the sleek sweaters and calf-length straight skirts of Caroline Bessette-Kennedy circa the mid-late 90s? Why can’t those come back instead?

          1. 80s fashion was terrible. So was a lot of 90s fashion. And early 00s fashion. A lot of fashion is terrible.

          2. I just remember all those huge wide-leg jeans in the early 90s and also the late 90s-early 00s when us middle school gals wore our cool chokers and weird hairties with beads…oh god…

  7. I think Princess Sofia is definitely making headway. Turning up, touring the hospital and making a speech with statistics and giving her own opinion. Yes it could have been written for her but Princess Sofia does take time to speak. I am not a fan of her past but to be honest just looking at what she does now in the Royal Family. I am not a fan of the blouse but for the hospital visit it is appropriate and I like the polka dots pattern and the small hoop earrings.

    Princess Madeleine is a sweetheart. I like how she concentrates on the children she meets and uses words to describe the youth as ‘brave’, and that Madeleine admires them.

    Looking at Carl Phillip and Victoria they are the personification of dignity and respect. Queen Sofia and King grouchy I mean King Carl have raised three adult children who have a healthy and optimistic outlook.

  8. Was Daniel there with CP and Victoria? I’m worried that perhaps something is wrong with Daniel at this time. He didn’t look himself recently.

    1. No, Daniel was not there with Vic and CP. He was never scheduled to be. His upcoming engagement schedule: 2 engagements on March 20 (one with Vic, and one solo), one on March 23 (the official dinner), solo events on March 27, 30, 31 and April 5, 27. He has 4 joint and 3 solo engagements set for May.

  9. I don’t have much to add to everyone’s great comments, except I love Victoria’s whole outfit. She looks so polished and refined!

  10. I cannot help myself for changing the subject but, do you think Kate will show up tomorrow for the Irish Guards? I keep thinking she will not, just to get back at Prince Hip-Hop. I know that would cause a media frenzy, but I am sure they will not let her ditch the Paris trip even if she wanted to. If I were Kate being around my husband right now would not be a high priority.

    1. I think she will because she’s scheduled to. But also because it would be the stupidest thing in the world for her not to attend. Right now, the heat is on William and Kate is getting some “poor Kate” comments. But if she skipped any of her engagements this weekend the heat would be back on her for ditching work commitments. Also, it would cause more tabloid scandal because “there’s a rift in the Cambridge marriage”. They don’t want that. They should both attend all their scheduled commitments.

    2. I figure we’ll either get over the top affection or cold shoulder demeanor. I think they’re going to try and act like everything is okay.
      She’s usually the one touching him so it’ll be interesting to see if he does more.
      You just know he blames the media and not his own actions

  11. I’ve been re-reading these comments and I have a question: do we (including myself) have a different standard for the married-ins vs. the born royals?

    I’ve noticed that on sites like royaldish, there seems to a lot of vitriol for the “cinderellas” who caught their prince, and sugary views on the born royals. Here it is more mature, but do we have a soft spot for those that grew up in the spotlight? Do we like them better because we’ve seen them grow up so that familiar seems like family? Do we think they have been sprinkled with royal fairy dust? Which group do we think has more advantadges? Just wondering…

    1. Personally I have less of a “soft spot” for the Royal born compared to the married in’s. Imho, the born royals should have a better grasp of what is expected of them, proper behavior, impeccable manners and so on.

    2. I think people focus on royal women more than royal men in general because of fashion and whatnot, and for the youngest adult generation of royals most of the born royals are men so the married-in royals get more attention and more criticism because they are women. But it does seem like the born working Royal women get more of a pass than the married-in working Royal women, and that the older women get more of a pass than the younger ones. Like, Victoria, Sophie, Maxima, and Letizia mostly get a pass for stuff. But Kate, Mary, and Sofia don’t. I think the born Royal men mostly get passes (with the exception of William) because people just pay way less attention to them in general.

    3. Interesting question, Fifi.

      I think women are more inclined to be suspicious of the married-in royal female, thinking the innocent prince has been pursued and trapped because of his wealth and position. Women are bombarded, from childhood onward, with the concept that their worth lies in physical attractiveness and deference to such men and that they need to compete for the ‘best’ men (ie wealthy, with status) to take care of them.

      But then, that narrative appears true when we think of Carole Middleton’s machinations to position her daughters to meet the ‘right’ people until they could take up that work for themselves ie associating themselves with only wealthy and influential men, the change to St Andrews etc etc. In the case of Sofia, I’d suggest people read LoveLola’s chilling account:

      Those born to a royal family become familiar to us, and in the case of William and Harry, we feel protective given Diana’s demise. Now, of course, it seems that both men have used the ‘mummy card’ to delay responsibility and disguise their laziness, so a sense of betrayal is felt and manifested in extreme reaction to choice of potential mate (Harry) and weekends away (William). I think they are touchstones for larger public unrest.

      The ‘fairy dust’ comprises the beautiful physical trappings of wealth and inheritance as well as the castles of fairy tales. And because they have these possessions, it is assumed whoever possesses them also has the best manners, standards and so on. This fairy tale is strenuously upheld by the BRF’s PR juggernaut. If we move those beliefs to one side, very ordinary and flawed people now occupy the constructed role of ‘royalty’ and for the institution to be upheld, an aura of mystique must be spun.

      On another level, as KMR points out, it’s about what royal women wear. Interest always falls on younger women because of society’s fixation with youth and beauty.

    4. We criticize new members of a royal family for the same reason as the King or Queen of this family does; because they are not born into it and some can’t stand all this hype or the demands that bring this life. On the other hand, common people mostly know how people think, they were once one of them(Daniel, Sofia had a different life than Chris, but Chris surely seems alright) of course there are different characters and we hope they marry out of love, not because of the status(british royals). The swedish royals just show how important good education is, especially at home. As I said before, Sylvia did a great job with her children, they clearly can connect to the people.
      So to speak, it doesn’t matter if you’re royal or not, it’s all attitude. In Sweden, the husbands and wife of the royal children are far more down to earth than the british royal spouses.

  12. Fyi, Royal Central is speculating that the Paris trip might be cancelled due to a homemade bomb that was sent to the IMF Paris office today. Not to cynical but wouldn’t that be convenient for William and Kate?

    1. If the bomb threat is real, the trip will be cancelled. Convenient though. But this was just a rugby game dressed up as diplomacy and a grab for some easy CC numbers so nothing lost really.

      They’ll go if all is safe to do so, with plastered on looks of happiness to allay fanciful stories of marriage problems. I think their time away from each other – and let’s remember, Kate takes off to Bucklebury more often than not – is their way of coping with each other.

  13. It warms my heart that you included the wreath-laying ceremony, thank you KMR. I am so grateful to all those volunteers who put their own lives at risk and helped us Finns fight the Sovjets. It meant a lot for a small country facing a mission that seemed impossible.

    And what comes to the jewelry, I love Lapponia! They make really nice things you wear to your every day clothing. I even have a Lapponia necklace myself, so finally I can say that I wear the same brand as royals ;D My necklace wasn’t quite this expensive though.

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