More Harry & Meghan Jamaica photos published by Italian magazine (update)

More Harry & Meghan Jamaica photos published by Italian magazine (update)

Italian magazine Chi, which is notorious for publishing candid photos the royals don’t want seen, has published some previously unseen photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in Jamaica two weekends ago.

The cover of Chi features a photo of Harry and Meghan in the ocean with an inset photo of them wearing bathing suits and holding hands. Then there is another photo from Tom Inskip’s wedding where Meghan is giving Harry a kiss.

I guess these are the “steamy” photos that were rumored, but I’m meh on the photos I’ve seen so far. I hope more photos come out that are much steamier, because these are rather boring.

UPDATE: Here are some more photos from Chi. These are super boring. Meh.

148 thoughts on “More Harry & Meghan Jamaica photos published by Italian magazine (update)

  1. Italian publications are famous for their hyperbolic trashy prose: “All the pictures that infuriated the Queen” and “Prince Harry of England takes a wife.”

      1. +1

        I will not comment until there is an official announcement of an engagement. I don’t comment on “bump watches” – a phrase that makes me crazy. I don’t speculate on engagements and don’t care who single people are dating.

    1. I definitely agree with that. William’s dancing was hilarious. These pics are boring.

    2. Yaaasssss, dancing William is beyond awesome. When I see the video or gifs I find myself chanting, “da roof, da roof, da roof is on fire!!!”

    3. +1

      Looking decent and appropriate about it. No bare private parts exposed, sunning, etc. MM wore her beach coverup while with friends. All/both seem mature and beautiful together.

  2. Zzzz. Not so steamy and pretty boring.

    I’m just not interested, haha, is that weird of me? If he and Meghan are happy, great. I don’t like to read into it but she seems definitely more into it than he is, with him standing there stiffly while she kisses him, but who knows…

    1. Yes! I always notice their stange body language in the pics we get of the 2 together. Seems like she is super attached to him and he is just like… neutral. I don’t know how to properly describe my feeling it’s just that I don’t think she’ll be Harry’s forever… their body language just seems off (it is usually her giving him a kiss, leaning towards him, touching him,…)
      Just my two cents based on photos, we will see how things turn out 🙂

      1. I completely agree with you…the media is making this relationship into something it isn’t. I liked her in the beginning but the picture of her smirking at the paps is rubbing me the wrong way. I’m starting to wonder about her sincerity and what her “end game” is…..

          1. I think that’s the actress/celebrity in her. Where no news is bad news. She went from an obscure nobody to the most googled person around.
            So whether this ends with the two of them together or not all of her bases are covered so to speak

          2. Imo her liking the attention is a major plus. Can you imagine a private person under this level of scrutiny? She understands media is important and won’t be constantly whining about the press intruding in her life. Harry should definitely learn a thing or two from her and try to relax.

          3. Mary gets a lot of shit for her love of being photographed, although Maxima seems to be immune to that type of criticism.

          4. Yes, that’s why I said “a certain level”. We all seem more interested in the women than the men. Both of their spouses are easily out-shone by their married-in wives, so sometimes the women have to dial it back.

            It is helpful in Belgium, where Mathilde is comfortable in the limelight but as boring and bland as her husband. The Belgium royals need to be bland to survive.

            It can become a problem somewhere like Lux. Claire, wife of the second in line, seems to love the limelight. She outshines both the heir and the heir’s wife – and enjoys it. May become problematic in the future.

          5. Well re Claire of Lux – it would not be hard to outshine the heir and his wife – neither seem very savvy on how to engage people etc. At least Claire is in France and not popping up everywhere iin Lux.

      2. Seem like a friendly challenge to kiss PH – all were smiling!.

        Sort of those friends relationship thing -” kiss me…for all to see”. Especially PH status, or maybe one is private and behind close doors is the opposite….

    2. Prince Harry was only behaving like a mature (possible heir to the heir grooming), Royal in public. More into him than he is – makes little sense, considering he made/ make severall trips of thousands of miles, for a few days – openly, live together at at royal palace -KP from time to time and the least is his formal global declaration – is huge! The wedding was the first time Meghan was allowed to reciprocate show her feelings in public.

      HRH Prince Henry, HM and POW are the lead.

      Meanwhile, the lazy, workshy whiny and chutney ordered to showed at St Patrick’s day honour. The Irish Guards must be t…. two insincere useless showed up.

  3. Prince Harry has his hands down at his side in two of the pics and doesn’t look like he’s interested in Meghan who is making all the effort to make them appear like a romantic couple but he is not going for it.

    1. Margaret, I noticed the same thing and it’s really no surprise. Harry is naturally more reserved as he knows that paparazzi aside, in this day and age–where there’s a cell phone, there’s a camera. I also agree that Meghan seems to be making some sort of statement here.

      1. Judging by all these pictures of her all over him at that wedding and him just not responding, I have no doubt in my mind that she was the one who leaked this relationship to the press. She wanted everyone to know they were dating.

        1. I don’t know that… but something is weird. She wears all the branded clothes and position them in such a way that it screams the brand name.

          She is aware of the cameras at the wedding and is smiling and trying to act intimate while clearly Harry is acting cautious. Everything about their relationship is out in the public while this was not the case with his two other serious relationships…. Something weird is going on.

          In her old interview, she called her neighbourhood racist….she has a white father and she should have been more cautious.

          She is not going to earn respect because she is biracial, it needs to be earned. Obama earned ppl’s respect.

          1. Why is she supposed to be cautious when explaining her own experience of her neighborhood? Because her father is white? Why on earth is that a reason for her to keep her mouth shut about her experiences as a bi-racial person?

          2. i am also mixed, I don’t go flat out calling ppl racist.

            I have dealt my fair share of racism by two racist men that literally destroyed my career but I am still mindful. Sharing experience is one thing but labelling everyone in one category is another.

          3. Did you live in her neighborhood? Then you don’t know what she experienced, or why she came to the conclusion that it was overall a racist neighborhood.

            Most people who grew up in my home town would know it was incredibly elitist and entitled under the disguise of being welcoming and free-spirited. Someone from the outside might take years to come to that conclusion, and would be surprised by it because it is so contrary to the public image of the place.

          4. I am a biracial person and I have also experienced the same type of racism that Megan has described. She has every right to explain her personal feelings regarding being biracial and the many drawbacks and positives that comes along with it. Megan hasn’t labeled everyone she has just related one happened to her. Harry seems stiff in these photos because he knows the cameras are on him and royals are trained to be NO-Touchy when out in public. The steamy pictures on the balcony were supposed to be private and the hotel off limits to the cameras, but some one violated that private space so naturally he is upset about it. I love them together and can not wait until they marry (if that is what happens) just to silence the vicious trolling.

          5. I live not that far from that area. And, when I said two men who I dealt were racist, one of them was not even white.

            And the this woman is dating wore a Nazi uniform!

        2. Rebecca I totally agree. She was a nobody unknown actress. Overnight she became a name most would reconize. I think all this touchey feely she laying on Harry is for the PR. As if to say look at me I’m the Prince girlfriend. She has seen the life Kate has and she’s wAnting a piece of that pie. A struggling actor does not make a lot of money. It’s tough until you become known. She may see stability in Harry. Who knows.

          1. what do you mean she was a nobody unknown actress? Just because you didn’t know her don’t mean she was a “nobody unknown” actress!! I don’t know Meghan myself but that don’t mean she was not famous pre Harry, consider the people that noticed “the girl from suits” when she went christmas tree shopping with Harry and did not evan notice Harry at first!! Just because you don’t like a person doesn’t mean they are a bad person!!

      2. Well, I think we saw him way more affectionate in previous relationships (like with Chelsy Davy), he was always leaning towards her, touching her,… maybe this was because he was still younger in his 20s, who knows? But his body language eoth megan seems odd to me… megan really seems to try to get close to him and look like an uber happy couple whilr harry is not responding, I agree withyou Margaret.

        But again, photos often don’t tell the whole story, my assumption is just based on pictures 🙂

    2. I can understand Harry’s reticence to display affection in public if he knows the press are there; he doesn’t want to give them anything. Fair enough. But why didn’t he advise Meghan to do the same? That would make sense to me.

      1. I think it is against protocol for royals to display affection, not commoners so the same rule doesn’t apply to Megan. She can touch him but not the other way around.

  4. These pictures just show a typical couple. Nothing steamy at all. So I am not sure why there was such a fuss over them. I guess maybe because it is rare to see royals kissing? lol.

    So since these were so boring, I was just thinking (sorry to change subjects), but I find it odd that the palace hasn’t released a schedule for the Cambridge’s Paris trip yet and it is in a few days. It makes it seem like they are struggling to find things for them to do since this is a glorified rugby trip.

    1. I, too, find it odd that KP didn’t release a detailed itinerary for Paris.

      PS. Yeah, I don’t know why there was any fuss over these photos since they are so tame. Unless there are more steamy ones to come this whole thing seems like a non-starter.

      1. I think it is probably for security reasons. There habe been many terrorists attacks in Paris and they would be a target for like ISIS. Paris/France in general has real safety concerns/problems with islamic terrorists… remember what happemed at Bataclan?

      2. I think there is chaos right now in the PR office with the William video and press about his ski trip. Jason probably can’t deal with all the fires and finalize the Paris trip. Who knows how cooperative Will or Kate are right now too.

        1. @Nic919
          Damage control already started……pics of William in DM playing at being helo pilot. How stupid do they think we are.

          1. i think damage control began when they started adding events to their calendar. The one with Charles and Harry was just the two of them now all of a sudden William is joining them

      3. I wondered if there would be meeting in Paris with French prosecutors or someone connected to the trial, to ensure that more intimate photos of Kate and William were not brought up. However, this latest William event has meant that his activities might be looked at more closely now and might be hard to explain, if a meeting is on the cards.

  5. These pics are so anticlimactic! The way they were described made it sound like they were caught doing sex acts on the beach! I guess I should have guessed that when they used the word “frolicking” to describe two adults walking on the beach. I’m guessing KP made such a big deal about them because Harry felt his privacy was invaded. If you go back and look most of the British newspapers have actually pulled all the pics of them at the wedding reception and pics of Harry the next day on the beach since they were taken while Harry was on private property and have kept only pictures of them outside the church. Probably KP was behind the scenes threatening legal action or IPSO complaints if they kept them up or published any others. But I have to say, I think Harry should pick and choose his battles. These pics seem relatively harmless to complain about.

    1. Harry def needs to pick his battles. These and the wedding reception pics are tame and harmless.

      1. I think what Harry and the Palace are up in arms about are the Balcony pictures. Pictures from the beach is one thing, but pictures from your hotel room balcony? they have a strong argument about privacy. I am sure that the press has the Cambridge’s France pictures lawsuit in mind as well. Ps Can you imagine how expensive those balcony pictures are? But whether Harry likes it or not the pictures are going to come out… so he needs to get over himself.

        1. Chi doesn’t care at all about what the BRF want published. They also published pictures of Diana’s car crash. I have a feeling that the balcony pics must not be super steamy either or Chi would have printed them with this exclusive. The care about their bottom line not Harry’s feelings.

          1. Chi also printed Kate’s nude photos and photos of her in a bikini in Mustique a couple months after her first pregnancy was announced. They really don’t care about the palace’s wishes.

          2. No – they have zero interest in what the Palace thinks – no-one leaves home without thier mobile phone – so there are cameras everywhere. I’m with KMR – these are boring photos

      2. I don’t understand why Harry doesn’t just proudly show her off. Then there would be nothing to talk about. This scurrying around being irritated at every snap is ridiculous and petulant. The guy is never in the moment; I would hate to be his girlfriend.

        He needs to grow up and accept his position in life (since he’s happy to accept the perks), not just when it suits him. He is Willy Mark II. He’s not that special.

        1. He issued a public statement defending her. He took her to his best friend’s wedding. He was photographed a couple of times with her in London in the last few months.

          He made it clear, after Cressida, that he was going to try to keep any future partners out of the news as much as possible. He’s keeping to that promise. He isn’t hiding her away like some dirty little secret, he’s trying to keep their private relationship away from prying eyes.

    2. My guess, and I don’t know the guy personally so i don’t speak from any position of authority, is that Harry just like the rest of us wants to have some semblance of privacy and not have every bit of his private life plastered all over newspapers or websites all day long 24/7. The reason why we all pull curtains when we are in our homes or whatever is because this is our private life and we each is entitled to some privacy whether its Harry or someone else. Look at how people are taking this couple apart and all is from observing some pictures, so people now “know” if Harry or Meghan did this and that then it means this or that!! This guy can’t win, because every single woman he dates gets torn down before even he has a time to wink and before you know it, the woman quit relationships with him because they get tired of the abuse..I don’t blame Harry, its getting way out of control.

  6. More pics published today. They may not be as steamy as some hoped, but they make a great couple imo. I’d rather see those pics, than some teenage make-out session. Two people in love enjoying their time together, laughing with friends, looking like any other couple.

    However, everyone actually said that the balcony pics which have not been published yet are the more steamy ones anyways.

      1. I think that’s part of why he seems a bit cold; he knew they were being photographed, and being it’s at a private thing,I can see why that would annoy him and he wouldn’t feel like putting on a show.

        1. I think he was aware there were paparazzi, especially at the wedding reception- yet he still showed some pda- it’s not like she forced him to hold hands. In the beach pics you can see that he clearly is proud to have her on his side and seems much more relaxed about it. These pics were taken the day before the wedding, so they might have not been aware of the paps then? I didn’t see anything wrong with the wedding pics and I don’t see anything wrong now. If anyone wants to see what anticlimatic pics are they just need to google “Prince Harry and Cressida”.

      2. There are two pics of them infront of the villa. I suspect the were taken by a drone far far away from them. I could see them kissing passionately if they weren’t aware those pics were taken. They changed location after the wedding on Sunday morning, the paps certainly played a part in that.

    1. Yes Abs, I saw the new pics, and the “best one” is Meghan directly looking at the paps with a slight smirk.

      1. I agree! I really liked her as I watch Suits and she outed Harry byposting the picture of that bracelet till the media caught on.

        Also, in Canada, the Jamaica story was broken by Ben Mulroney and Lanie on entertainment channel who are Meghan’s friends. Lanie posted about these pictures on her gossip column which are anything but steamy a few days back. She knew of these pictures… Ben Mulroney’s wife posted a picture of MM with her kid and then deleted it. It is just media baiting.

        1. At this point I have to believe that anything she does has Harry’s approval because otherwise he would break up with her. And that is why I can’t take him and what he says seriously anymore. He bangs on and on about privacy but then allows leak and after leak about the relationship into the press and plays media games. It smacks of he wants to have his cake and eat it too.

        2. So it was someone from her camp that started the “steamy pics” rumour? I wonder if this was a response to everyone saying that they didn’t look very loved up in those first pics.

          1. Who knows! But she is defiitely Ben Mulroney’s wife’s friend, they were strolling just recently out in public…. They are pictures on internet. Something is just weird given all the details that are out in the media.

  7. They look all cute and loved up! Nothing to see here. William’s video yesterday gave me the best laugh I’ve had in a while. I get that they want to be private, but their obsession with it results in candids which results in them getting into a huff. Relax, W+H. You’re normal guys, right? This is what normal folks do.

    Thanks for this post, KMR!

    1. I know, right. Normal William and Normal Harry need to get over it if they want to be Normal Blokes.

      1. I always felt that if they were a tad bit open, they wouldn’t be papped so much. If you are forthcoming, then it drives the price down.

  8. In almost all of the photographs I’ve seen of Prince Harry and Meaghan, he appears to be passively engaged with her. Look at Meaghan’s body language vs Prince Harry’s, and she is the one with her hand on his back, or leaning closely into him. He looks as though he’s just putting up with her. It’s odd. It gives the appearance that she’s the one driving the relationship. I keep expecting to see photographs that show his love and devotion to her. After all, the message in the media is that he is smitten with her. Maybe the balcony pictures will show a different side.

    1. You will they are slowly going to come out…. these are snaps, not showing the full picture, but I understand the assumption. More today came out.

    2. To be fair, the media narrative with Cressida was exactly the same. He’s so smitten. Engagement is right around the corner. The press will write whatever will get the most clicks and most money. American actress about to get engaged to Prince Harry sells more than Harry is currently seeing an American actress who knows where it will lead.

    3. There is a another picture when Harry hugs Meghan. I think that he knew that paparazzi are here and he is more cautious.

      On a superficial note, I like her fedora and the color of her bikini

      1. Ugh, I couldn’t imagine trying to get into a bikini in March, hell I don’t know if I’ll be “bikini ready” in August 🙂 But yes, I like the bikini and the fedora is super cute.

    4. It looks to me as if he spent the entire time throwing a tantrum because the paps were there and she was trying to cajole him out of it. He looks like a *lot* of work.

      1. All three of them, Charles, William and Harry, seem to need their emotional temperatures taken on an hourly basis, *yawn* I just don’t have the energy for that kind of work anymore.

      2. She does look like she’s working hard, doesn’t she? My first thought was try-hard also when I saw the first pics. In Canada-haven’t seen any balcony pics. Never saw Kate’s pics (won’t go looking for them, either!). What I’m trying to say is William’s dud dancing appears to have overshadowed H&M’s romance. Wm is the heir. It’s more important to us Commonwealth folk that Wills steps up.

    1. I would really like this relationship to work, I would like Harry to have a family he is great with kids and would love to see him with his own. I like meghan. I hope they make it.

      1. I’d like him to end up happily married to someone who is good for him and good for the family firm. If she’s it, lock it down quickly and move forward.

  9. I am glad these are boring. If they end up together long-term and marry, steamy photos is one less thing the media and the public will be able to blackmail and shame them with.

  10. Jen, sorry not been in touch but managed to break my tablet. Had hoped it would’ve been back by now but no so have borrowed my cousin’s to give you a quick up date on Kate’s breakdown.

    BAGS total 54, costings
    Clutch 47
    26 – £8637.00
    12 – $11,499.00 ( have left as $ as don’t know exchange rate at time of purchase
    9 – N/A or Bespoke
    Totes 7
    1 – £5.00
    4 – $5408.00
    2 – N/A

    Hats total 53, costings
    21 – £11,133.00
    1 – $599.00
    28 – N/A or Bespoke
    1 – Baker Boy £50.00
    1 – Cowboy – gift
    1 – Base Ball – gift

    Scarves total 15, costings
    13 – £2140.00
    1 – N/A
    1 – Gift

    Belts total 12, costings
    4 – £1661.00
    5 – $3275.00
    3 – N/A

    Footwear total 92, costings
    Trainers total 5
    1 – £89.00
    2 – $168.66
    2 – N/A
    Wedges total 6
    2 – £335.00
    3 – $902.00
    1 – N/A
    Wellingtons total 1 – £220.00
    Boat Shoe total 1 – $95.00
    Shoebooties total 1 – UFO (pre-engagement buy
    Sandals total 8, costings
    4 – £1915.00
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    Boots total 16, costings
    7 – £2158.00
    2 – $1750.00
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    Walking Boots total 1 £149.00
    Cowboy total 2
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    12 – N/A or bespoke
    Flats total 2
    1 – £175.00
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    Coats/Jackets/Blazers total 104, costings (43 worn once)
    46 – £39,723.97
    22 – $37,015.00
    19 – N/A or bespoke
    5 – Pre-engagement buys
    Ski Jackets total 2 – $450.00
    Maternity total 10
    4 – £2254.00
    2 – $4426.00
    4 – N/A or bespoke

    I was half way through dresses & the figures are not good. Will update when I get my tablet back. Hope you had as much fun with the skirt suits…?Thank you KMR for all!owing me to post this.

    1. Thanks for the info. I purchased *yet another* coat yesterday and was feeling a bit guilty. Today, thanks to your list…not so much.

    2. Holy cow. And what bugs me is that so many of her clothes are interchangeable or forgettable. Her budget isn’t really my concern, but shouldn’t she look better and more interesting after spending that kind of cash? Buying boring (shoes, for example) makes sense as a way to anchor an outfit and be cost-effective. But she’s expensive and boring. And those outfits need some personality somewhere! Thanks for all the work you put into this.

    3. Thank you for taking this on, it is a big project! I don’t know why but I always find the prices paid by all royals for footwear and handbags astounding.

    4. Poppy – just got this. Thanks very much. I’ll have my totals done in a few days. But oh dear, the money spent…

  11. Yeah they do look happy, it’s sweet she’s really pretty and he looks like a grumpy bear, they are an attractive couple.

    It must have been a difficult situation for MM, big society (British!) wedding, new people to meet, no privacy from outside and the knowledge your every move is being watched. It looks like she did very well. I’d be completely nervous and I can excuse Harry’s demeanour due to the above. I’m hoping he was anxious for her and ill at ease due to the paparazzi. I really hope she is the one, that she makes him happy and he her. I like her as she adopts dogs. And I want a Happy Ever After for Harry.

      1. It would be so funny if Harry and Chelsy would marry. They really seem to like each other, also in a way friends do and that’s always a great base. It’s also a plus that she didn’t want him to marry because of the whole protocol and paparazzi. She didn’t was his girlfriend because she wanted to become a princess but probably just because of him.

    1. I thought this is what really happened. Prince harry broke up from MM and its all over. When MM came to know about the Jamaican wedding , she went there uninvited. This shocked prince harry and he did not know what to do and hence he made a reaction of not reciprocating to MM.since MM had sensed that PH is a easy going person , she would asked him for a second chance and possibly that is why these two look like as if they are a happy couple. This relationship will not work .This relationship is pursued by MM not PH hence this relationship will break up.though I hate gossip , I could not resist writing this.

    1. Really? I was thinking that Harry, who doesn’t dress particularly well, looks better in his clothes than out of them. But they seem to work well as a couple.

      1. Yea the cover shot is definitely photoshopped to make him look like he has nice abs! The other pictures show that he has a bit of a pouch.

        1. Don’t think it’s photoshop. Even in that pic of him – the one of side view where he looks a bit paunchy, you can still see the muscle definition in his abs.

        2. paps have been going on and on about Harry’s bod and abs, check out TMZ. I don’t think it was photoshopped, but each picture taken from a different angle gives a different view.

  12. Total snooze-fest, but Prince Dad-Dance must be happy since it takes the focus off of him for an hour or two. He is really being raked over the coals in the media.

    1. Yes, there is a piece on mail online saying he has only worked 13 days this year, and the queen has worked 24, calling him out for being works by.

          1. I just checked again and the Prince Reluctant and Duchess Do Little title was gone but I think this was the article.


            here’s another


            and one more


            This is all so stupid of William and what’s so frustrating this that it was totally avoidable. All he had to do was show up to the CW service or at the very least pick a less known resort and nobody would have been the wiser. *shakes head* The press is having a field day with this and of course this will overshadow their Paris trip, similar to the topless photos overshadowing the Asian tour. When will these two ever learn?!

          2. Laurie, I learned from the Christmas story of them having William say George was naughty, then they changed it, to copy/paste the headlines in case they go back and change them.
            They’re sneaky like that

  13. I don’t have anything to say about the pics but do have to say
    Beware the ides of March! =)
    Yay Shakespeare! And march 15?

  14. Both the young princes expect their “women” to kowtow to them- who is the fairest in the land after all lol- not Snow White but 2 snowy white pates in the making. Spoiled, silly, redundant men. Harry was “normal” with Chelsea but never since. No hope for William, that was clear even while his mother was still alive.

    I no longer feel sorry for their chosen princesses. They have stepped in their mud puddles eyes wide open.

    1. Harry’s two public relationships were with independent women who had careers and career goals. He isn’t the brother looking for a doormat.

      1. They may approach it from different angles but I believe they both think the same way about the women in their lives and what position they are expected to fill. One is just a total dolt as far as the eye can see and the other has both shares of natural charm.

        1. I think Harry understands there is a job to be done by his future spouse, he has spoken of it in interviews. William appears to think the best person to marry is someone completely unfit for the role.

    1. I can’t believe there are 3 separate videos out there now of Will dancing. On one hand I kind of feel bad for him that he was taped in the club, but on the other hand I’m not since the videos make me laugh so much. Gosh, he sure looks like a single guy out partying 🙁 

        1. Ya, that was one of the 3. I am sure he is just trying to hear her, but I wouldn’t want my husband putting his hand on another woman’s waist. A shoulder is better option.

          1. He didn’t need to touch her at all to lean in to hear her. Maybe it’s just me (I’m certainly not a touchy feely kind of person), but I don’t touch people when I lean in to hear them.

          2. You are right, he didn’t need to touch her. I am a touchy person, but I don’t touch strangers and since I’m married, I am careful about how I touch men. I definitely would not touch a waiter though, if that is what she was. Oh, William, William, William

          3. His touching her is completely innocent.

            I don’t know if you guys have ever tried to have a conversation in a nightclub, but yhe level of noise makes it impossible to talk to each other. Shouting doesn’t cut it either.

            The only way to do it is right in someone’s ear and often times you find yourself touching the other person to anchor yourself.

            The stills from the video imply something salacious, but the video shows that it was a split second encounter, not worthy of comment at all. He leans down to pull her closer to his ear, and she holds his arm on the same side to speak into his ear.

            Their bodies are not angled in any way that suggests sexual desire nor are they touching except for their arms.

          4. It’s probably completely innocuous but I’ve always defended his not really touching Kate in public as him not being touchy feeling/into pda. Even in official pics with groups he’s usually hunched into himself not touching people.
            So here he is touching a complete stranger this way and she didn’t need to reciprocate
            Could be the beers loosened him up but the optics don’t look good

          5. @Hera, I don’t think any of us thought his touching her was due to sexual desire-that was only at the DM. I thought it was an innocent thing, though I still say it is not appropriate to touch a waiter that way.

            When I went to clubs most people would lean in close to someone’s ear to talk to them and cup their hand around their mouth-never touching the other person unless you knew them. Btw, I was a bartender in my early twenties and it was totally inappropriate to touch a waitress when ordering.

            Anyway, no one here thought his touching her waist was sexual-at least no one said so. I think we just thought it was inappropriate to due to a waitress from a married man, innocent as it may be. Who knows, maybe she is not a waitress. Regardless, this weekend did not make William look good

  15. I knew it was only a matter of time before Harry and mostly the Cambridge’s actions (or lack of) would finally be called out in the press. They have no one to blame but themselves.
    I wonder if Charles or the Queen now feel it is necessary to have some words with W & K as I know this is not their way. I wonder if the conversation will have a lot of “we told you this would happen” moments.
    If Harry, William and Kate were intelligent and capable of some deep reflection, they would realize that the time has come for them to think on how they want to be perceived in the future(which I think is probably impossible, because all 3 of them have been surrounded all their lives by people who have made them spoiled, entitled and arrogant) It is time for the 3 of them to grow the F up and at the risk of causing major upheaval, maybe William just needs to tell the public, WE are re-defining the role of the Royal family for the future and WE will be limiting our appearances and participation in national events. Of course this would mean they would have to probably accept less monetary support from the public coffers and I am not so sure H, W & K would be willing to give that up.

  16. Just want to add my two cents worth. I searched for those Chi photos because they look doctored to me. The depth of the water is at odds with the shore and the with the people floating who are in the frames with the couple. It doesn’t make any sense that the photographer would be able to capture part of Meghans arm so clearly under the water. How far away was the person taking the pics I wonder.
    I don’t know why it wouldn’t be real but it bothers me if there is some skullduggery going on.

    1. I saw those photos and like you , something feels off to me. As an artist, some of the proportions and depths are off enough to make me wonder if these have been manipulated I don’t know why someone would do that but I can’t shake the feeling that they have.

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