Kate in button-y Catherine Walker for St. Patrick’s Day

Kate in button-y Catherine Walker for St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Prince William and Kate Middleton showed up for the Irish Guards St. Patrick’s Day parade today, March 17. They will next head out to Paris for a two day trip.

Kate with the Irish Guards St. Patrick's Day 2017
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William, who is Colonel of the Regiment, and Kate were at Hounslow visiting the 1st Battalion Irish Guards and watched their annual parade, and Kate handed out shamrocks to the Guards.

The Irish Guards were formed by Queen Victoria on April 1, 1900 in recognition of the Irish soldiers participation in the Second Boer War. The wolfhound mascot was first presented in 1902, and their current mascot is named Domhnall.

Kate pinned a shamrock sprig on Domhnall, who never seems to like Kate very much.

Kate wore a new, bespoke Catherine Walker dark green coat with two rows of large, shiny buttons and velvet trim in a dark green at the collar, cuffs, and fake pocket flaps.

I like parts of it. I love the color and the cut; I think it fits Kate very well. But I can’t stand the shiny buttons, and I don’t particularly care for the fake pocket flaps or the collar. I’m not one to usually care about Kate’s color-coordinating or care about the colors not matching, but the different greens between the coat, earrings, and shoes are giving me pause today. Overall, I think Kate looks really nice here, but I would do some tweaking.

Kate in Catherine Walker at St. Patrick's Day 2017
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kate has a very similar Catherine Walker coat which she wore on arrival in New Zealand in April 2014.

Kate's Catherine Walker military-style button coats s

Kate wore the Irish Guards Gold Shamrock Brooch, her Cartier watch, and her Monica Vinader “Siren Wire Earrings” in Green Onyx which she debuted in Canada.

Kate’s hat looks ridiculously similar to the green Lock and Company hat she wore on Christmas 2015. It’s the same green shade, overall saucer shape, and poinsettia on the side. But the Christmas 2015 hat is pointed whereas this one is rounded. I know I was a bit of a Kate-apologist when it came to Kate’s two Rebecca Taylor blue suits, but for this one I think it is ridiculous if Kate bought a second green hat that is so similar to the first one that she’s only worn once. But it wouldn’t shock me if she did.

Kate’s green suede pumps are Gianvito Rossi. They are new. Kate also carried a clutch which I haven’t seen good photos of yet.

An update on Kate’s schedule:

On March 23, Kate will attend the launch of a series of Best Beginnings maternal mental health films with Heads Together at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. Kate is supposed to make a speech at this engagement.

On March 28, Kate will attend the Portrait Gala at the National Portrait Gallery. Kate previously attended the Portrait Gala in 2014 wearing the Queen’s Nizam necklace. I’m hoping for more glamour and jewels at this engagement.

Photos of Domhnall, because he’s the best.

234 thoughts on “Kate in button-y Catherine Walker for St. Patrick’s Day

  1. That close up…..she looks very tired. Wardrobe…… same old but new. Hair looks good though. Mood…..William does look subdued. Not the surly Prince I was expecting today.

    1. He was surly looking in the heli photo when back to work yesterday. Today he looks resigned. KM seems to repeat the same robotic expressions at every event.

      The dog is gorgeous.

      1. I thought that photo of him in the helicopter in the recent article was old.

        1. I thought it was old too. The article talked about how he was back at work at EAAA, but the photo was from an earlier shoot of him sitting in the helo posing for an article. So we were told he was back at work, no photo proof as we’ve been given at other times.

      2. The William hard at work pics make me shake my head. So is he only at work when he’s being photographed or are we to believe these are random pap pics that just happened to luck out?
        To me these clearly aren’t pap shots so just another pr spin. See he does really work here type.
        Is his contract up in march or the summer?

    2. Though in the group picture, he looks like he’s trying to take a dump. She definitely looks tired and a bit resigned. She’s trying to put on a show for the crowd, do the engagement, tolerate her husband, knows she has to go to Paris with said husband for the weekend but is groaning inside at the thought of it and she’s simply over it all but realizes she can’t let everyone know how or what she’s feeling. (I apologize for the wordiness and how clumsy my words seem. I know what I’m trying to say but good gravy my brain is scrambled right now. TGIF!)

      Also, she’s not showing the usual manical crazy grin, which is good, IMO. Last, I saw a picture on Kensington Palace’s IG and it has them standing on guard. The distance between the two of them, wow!! That caused my eyebrows to shoot up a bit!!

      Bonus: that is one big beautiful dog!! I’d want to just hug and cuddle him!!

      Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all who celebrate!! Are you wearing your green? 😉

      1. The DM ran a photo of the crazy grin, but half the article was about Will’s weekend exploits. His boys’ weekend is still the dominant story. Let’s see if it overshadows Paris too.

        And Domnhall is simply gorgeous. I’d bring him bacon to encourage friendly relations.

        1. I agree. Not a very flattering photo. Her head looks huge. The neck area is aging rapidly, too.

          Her grin is so over the top, too! I hope that is the photo you were pointing out to us.

    3. The close up shows her eyes which look tired/sad from a distance she looks pretty good and almost sweet in the pic of her handing the shamrock to the soldier.

  2. I wished she could find a balance on her style; she either dresses too old or too young. She needs a modern flair on her clothing but I think a lot of the royalists like her traditional style.

    1. I liked her style better in her early Duchess years, when she dressed a bit younger and wasn’t so buttoned up.

    2. It’s a very buttoned-up wintery look. She has some much nicer green coats (esp the Hobbs ones), although I’m a sucker for a velvet collar. My favourite part of the outfit is the green earrings. William is about the only man alive who doesn’t look even slightly sexy in a ceremonial military uniform.

  3. Hate the buttons, dislike the non matchy but trying to be matchy greens , fed up with paying for wardrobe duplicates.

    The basic style of the coat is good, but it’s the same old same old. Looking at the older photos on twitter there is no reason for her to wear green every year and this profligacy is annoying. This country is in a state of flux and she and Will seem to have no respect for the concerns of the general populace.

    I just love the dog though what a fabulous mascot.

    Thanks for the fast post looking forward to Paris!

    1. It is theme dressing for St Patrick’s Day, but not wearing the blue from the regiment instead. HM and Queen Mum tended to wear blue with them, while Anne wore an old green coat.

  4. Wills appeared to have his clenched jaw face is several pictures. I like the coat but not the collar? She didn’t appear very happy go lucky either, minimal smiles. I wonder how they will appear at Paris.

    Also, I want a pet dog like that!

    1. A friend of mine has an Irish Wolfound. Sweet and gentle. He would put his giant head in your lap and happily be petted for hours.

    1. But the article was critical of William, so why would the comments be moderated to show support of him? I’m tired of all the commenters saying to give the man his space and let him enjoy life before becoming a full time royal.

    2. I’m sure they are. Anytime the top comments are all positive with a bunch of green arrows-like a ridiculous amount, means it is normally manipulated somehow. It is odd

  5. When I first saw the pic with the diagonal red velvet rope, I thought it was part of the coat and I liked it. I’m fine with the coat and it fits. But she needs to get her hands at her sides, pull in those shoulder blades and stand up straight. She looks like a hunched granny. I think some of the problems are caused by those heels which make her s curve her posture to compensate. Her look is not helped by her hairdo, which looks like those wigs the women wore in “Fiddler on the Roof”. With this perch hat she could have been creative with her updo.

    1. The wigs the women wore in Fiddler on the Roof are called “sheitels”. After marriage an Orthodox Jewish woman would wear a wig for modesty and respect to God. It also serves as a signal to unmarried men that they are married. This is still true today, although some women choose to cover their heads with a scarf when they are outside of their home

  6. I think she has upped her makeup game a tiny bit here with more dramatic eyeshadow and longer lashes. Also happy to see no eyeliner on the lower lid. It’s good, I like it.

    1. Good observations. I think it was two steps forward with her makeup, but one step back with that pouffy hairdo.

  7. Kate’s outfit was a total win for me today. Loved the coat, the hat (I have the same shirt in 6 different colours so I understand the comfort in having many pieces in the same look. Just not funded by the tax payer though). She gets a W for win for me today.

    On another note, even these are just photos/just moments in time, their body language is tense. It reminds me of when they went to a polo match or something just before one of their breakups where they displayed similar attributes.

    I understand that Kate knew what she signed up for, but being embarrassed so publicly cannot be easy for anyone. I know I am going to be beat up and that is okay, but I do feel a smidgen of pity for her and definitely for the children.

    1. They probably lead separate lives to an extent, the proviso being discretion. So the cover of happy, devoted, perfect family is blown… but did we ever really believe it anyway?

      There’s been evidence aplenty of William’s poor treatment of Kate. And clearly, no other woman would have a bar of him, also a clue. But Kate and her family wanted the goodies attached to a prince and in this instance there was a price to pay. There’s no need for her to be embarrassed for being married to a spoiled oaf, only that she has bad taste in men.

      It will be interesting to see if there’s more, as Tanna is hinting via tweets. Personally, if I had a smoking gun, I would not announce it lest KP use its muscle to pull publication, as it has done many times before.

      I’m not surprised the body language is tense. I pity the poor guard between them in the photo, eyes closed in a ‘let this be over soon’ pose. The dog is gorgeous, and yet again, is not impressed with Kate. If dogs don’t like you, what hope is there, I ask you.

      1. I bought the fairy tale at first but then I found this blog and my eyes were opened. You’re totally correct. She knew what she was getting into.

        I am so interested to see how things in Paris go.

        1. I didn’t buy the fairytale once a few years had passed of them dating.

          It’s no girl’s fairytale that you date for years and years and eventually he puts a ring on it seemingly because it was put up or shut up time.

          The fairytale for me was gone long before they married. The more the relationship dragged on the more the gloss wore off of ‘ordinary girl meets prince’

          And their marriage is just a re-run of the dragged out nature of their dating where she is waity kaity and he’s behaving like a spoiled child.

          She’s still waity kaity.

          1. Correct! She is Waity Kate, simply waiting for William to turn into a half-way decent husband.

            Except, I think now more than ever, there will be a pregnancy announcement by the end of the year. They really need to keep up pretenses.

        1. Niraj Tanna is a professional photographer who the Middletons courted to take photos of KM during the gf times when W was sick of her. After the engagement, the Midds distanced themselves from him because W hates him. Ultimately, the Midds used him (as he did them). Others know more about it than I do.

      2. I agree, Jen. The most painful aspect for KM about W’s idiocy is that we now see for sure that the marriage is less than the perfect marriage that K and Carole have been so desperate for the public to believe.

    2. No one will beat you up for feeling pity for Kate or the kids because Will acted like a jackass, in public. I feel sorry for her too, even the lazy, spendthrift, ignorant woman that she is. But I would be surprised if she grew a backbone and told Will to either shape up or she’s leaving.

    3. No beat up from me. Just because one knows what one is signing up for, doesn’t necessarily make it any less painful. Especially if Kate signed up for this stuff from William to remain private, and then it gets plastered all over the internet.

    4. I don’t have sympathy for her because she has a choice- she can do something about it and she chooses not to. She’s not a victim here. I’m not willing to deny her her agency. Hurt and humiliation is the price she’s willing to pay for the goodies and the status . Meanwhile she treats others like lesser beings not worthy of her time.

      Her world is different from ours. Money and status are her coinage, not human decency or emotion. I can certainly share and understand that impulse to feel badly for her, but I will not excuse her. People even say, well he should have been more discreet. Why should he when, as a Prince, he will do anything he likes knowing she will tolerate it, that she will acquiesce? They’ve made a devil’s bargain and these are the consequences.

      1. We don’t know what her life is like in private, what her mom says to her and has said to her for years, what William says to her and has said to her for years. We don’t know what kind of thought process and thoughts about herself have been drilled into her head by the people around her. I understand why people say she knew what she was getting into and she’s willing to pay the price, etc, but not all abuse is easily able to be seen. There are many women who deal with emotional abuse and end up staying in terrible situations because of that. I’m not saying that Kate has suffered abuse, I’m just pointing out that we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. Without speaking directly to Kate about it, then we don’t know.

        1. I actually think Kate exhibits signs of a verbally abused woman. The constant looks of approval the “jokes” that she can’t do anything
          I’m not saying it’s true but it would help explain the drastic change from gf Kate to wife Kate.
          I used to blame her for a lot of it (and she’s still culpable to some extent) how hard is it to push a button sheesh! But that scenario makes sense to me. We know William isn’t a great guy to begin with

        2. With manipulation and verbal abuse, there’s a gaslighting effect that often gets even worse after marriage. She may not have realized that and now is just very literally stuck. I mean, really, can you believe the amount of pressure she’d face from William, let alone both of their families, if she even made a move like attending the Commonwealth event without him? I’m not “sorry” for her per se. But really, we don’t and won’t ever know what their life is like but I sometimes wonder if she’s a pawn for her mother and William.

  8. This coat looks like all her other coats. Another matronly hair do by her hairstylist.
    Do you know what the stone is in her earrings? I’m sure they’re kiki’s but I actually think I could like them. I’ll have to try and find a close up.
    Thanks for the pics of the dog! He’s the best part of it

  9. Williams face is like his mother’s, emotions all over it. Kate is like Charles nothing happening here. Some of the papers here​ in the UK, have it seem like he had an affair. They both are just upset they were caught. Karma’s a bitch ?

    1. I don’t think he had an affair but it’s easy enough to twist it that way. He’s not doing himself any favors. He’s getting a lot of criticism from some American websites but in the comment section lot of people are defending him. American outlets are already focusing on the Paris trip.

      1. There are more than one way to cheat on a person. The fact that this is happiest we’ve seen of William in a long time would be devasting for me, if I were her.
        People stay in/put up with bad behavior for a variety of reasons.
        We know that Kate is firmly in the invertebrate column and would need a spinal infusion for her to finally say she’s had enough. whether she’s in this marriage for herself or her mother is anybody’s guess so maybe it’s when Carole has had enough that she/they’ll leave and she can find someone who can respect her. But that saying you have to respect yourself first is true too

        1. Carole and KM will never leave. Even if there is a separation, they will always be right next to W. Carole’s spent her entire life dreaming and scheming about about belonging to the royal family and W. She long ago assumed their reality as her own.

        2. Yup! You can also cheat on someone physically and emotionally. William is guilty of both forms pre marriage and (as of right now) emotionally cheating post marriage.

  10. I guess I was wrong, Kate showed up, but as many of you pointed out, her absence would have made things worse. The Lord of the Dance does look kind of subdued (for want of a better word) and I think Kate’s behavior is the same as usual, except there were no pics of her with that maniacal open mouthed smile. I am sure she had a few conversations with Mummy, who advised her on how to conduct herself today. Kate will weather this she is not going to give up the “prize”. Funny how the DM said in the first sentence of their article that William was ‘forced’ back to work, which we know is not true because this engagement was already on the books. Kate’s coat fits beautifully but those buttons. looked odd and shiny, their reflection may have been sending signals out to other galaxies.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Happy Evacuation Day…..it is a holiday in Boston because today is the day the British left Boston in 1776.

    1. ‘Lord of the Dance’. LOL!

      Celebrate the day the British left Boston; at least 241 years later you are not paying for Lord of the Dance and family, something to be grateful for.

    2. Happy Evacuation Day to you, too, BostonBrahmin! I, too, live in the Boston area, and love our unique holidays. Can’t wait for Patriots Day–it’s my favorite.

    3. Agreed that Kate will never give up the prize. She has a backbone and claws made of steel when it comes to hanging onto the prize. If Willy is ‘Lord of the Dance’ (good one!), Kate is a ‘Wolverine’.

      1. “The Lord of the Dance!” Priceless. I can’t remember laughing so hard of late!

        I think Kate looked sad and subdued. Did not see the maniacal grin others talk of.
        I give her credit for showing up and putting on a good face. William is just clueless! What a jerk!

        I guess he is proud of himself for showing up to honor the Irish Guard, and she had to go this year because she took such flak for not going last year. How cruel of him to make the days leading up to today, such a hard time for her. What kind of a husband/father is he?

        Kate’s coat? I did not like the buttons at all. Too much green elsewhere, too. Did like the cut of it, but it is like so many of her other coats. Still, I don’t want to pile on with negative comments today. She has been through enough and no woman deserves to be embarrassed like this in public. William is no Prince, that’s for sure.

        Wishing everyone a Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Oh, and I also love the dog!!!!

        1. To answer your rhetorical question (“What kind of a husband/father is he?”), I’d call him a sh!tty one but that’s just me. 😉

      1. Omg Indiana Joanna! When I saw in my e-mail your comment I was like “he’s handsome whaaat?!” but then when I opened up the comment and saw who you were referring to I went, “whew!” 😉

  11. To be totally shallow…….I know that eyebrows are not totally symmetrical for anyone, but the person spray painting on Kate’s eyebrows is making the one over her right eye much thicker.

    1. I wonder if Kate or her mom are now doing her brows? I don’t know any aesthetician who would habitually let someone’s brows be off. It’s started since November/December that I’ve noticed them being consistently being wonky
      I don’t anyone who would keep going back for a Bad job unless it’s family/friend doing them

  12. Not a fan of the coat. I like the color and fit, but I hate the buttons. It ruins the look. It annoys me that she bought an almost identical hat, especially because the hat is not that exciting to begin with. You definitely only need one of that hat.

    Am I the only one that didn’t think William’s weekend was THAT big of a deal? Yes he was irresponsible and truly idiotic for not getting back in time for the Commonwealth service, but other than that I feel like the press is making a much bigger deal out of this trip than it warrants. I view it more like a symptom of his bigger problem of constantly shirking work, not some bombshell revelation. No one should be surprised at this point.

  13. I really like this coat except for the buttons. I think black ones would have been better. Really sick of all the hats that look like something growing out of her forehead. Kate’s hair looks like a wig from Gone with the Wind. She kind of reminds me of Melanie Wilkes.

    Kate’s St Patrick’s Day look has always disappointed me. I know it a bit of a cliche but I always think of Kelly green for today. She is always wearing such dark, almost depressing, greens. A brighter color would be more cheerful.

    While my opinion of her has dropped over the years, I feel a little sorry for her today. I doubt that this the first time that William has partied like this since the wedding, but it can’t be easy having all of the pictures splashed everywhere. Then to have to go through 2 days of engagements with him would be horrible. If I were her, I think I would have called a locksmith to change the locks on the doors while he was playing co-pilot!

  14. The dog is so gorgeous, has more gravitas than Ken and Barbie.

    Kate looks very subdued. No manic grins either. Willy looks stilted and looks like he wants to be elsewhere. Good. They brought the bodies and that’s it. No anointing others with their royal fragrance this time. Good.

    Kate’s outfit is meh, and I hate the hat. I wonder if she’s shopping her brains out to fill the emptiness. Good luck with that, Waity. On a plastic note, my gosh but her face looks lumpy.

    I wonder if they’ve demanded some spa/me time while in France.

    My popcorn is at the ready.

    1. There actually was one huge manic smile in the Daily Mail during a meet and greet. It was not natural. Huge and very forced.

  15. This coat looks waaayyyy too similar to coats Diana wore in the 80s that were also designed by Catherine Walker, which may be intentional on Kate’s part. But I wish she would find her own identity.

    Did anyone read the Jan Moor article? I agreed with much of what was said in it. https://www.google.com/amp/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4322442/amp/How-Prince-William-s-ski-trip-exposes-Duchess.html

    I trust my dogs’ opinion when meeting new people. I find it interesting that this gorgeous dog never seems to like Kate.

    1. Honestly, I put that on Catherine Walker more than Kate. Because this coat was based on one that already existed from CW. If CW is still doing the same stuff she did in the 80s, that’s on her to get with the times and do something fresh.

      1. The brand is still run by her husband since Catherine died so I expect much of existing core are in use. That said when Kate wore CW for her solo engagement in the Netherlands I could have cried it was such a creased state. CW herself would never have allowed that to happen.

        1. Oh wait, Mrs BBV. I didn’t realize CW passed away. So the brand is just creating designs she had left over from the 80s?

          1. Breast Cancer. There was an article in one of the papers this week re. how he still has all the original toiles and how many they used to go from paper to finished product. He’s still producing staples from their heyday. There has been a renewed press interest in the brand because of the KP exhibition.

      2. Yes, but Kate could choose a different designer. She wears many things that look like carbon copies of what Diana wore. But then again I also would have wanted my own engagementry ring. I would have worn Diana’s ring as a cocktail ring. Looking at Kate today I can’t help but feel the engagement ring plus the Catherine Walker coat screams Diana circa 1985. It’s too much. We know Kate puposely dresses George in replicas of William’s outfits so is she doing the same thing with Diana? I think it’s deliberate.

          1. I agree some of the designs are dreadful, the wedding dresses in particular.

            It’s not a very imaginative house and I agree with the commenter who says carole is shopping there for kate. Very much older style. Pity kate didn’t take advantage and get herself a classic Chanel suit.

          2. That’s a tiny bit harsh. He’s carrying on CW’s work because after she died many of her loyal customers asked him to repeat clothes she had made for them while she was alive. It’s that client base that convinced him to keep the brand going. He’s never professed to be a designer himself. He was the financial director of the brand when Catherine was alive.

        1. He is not doing as good a job as his wife. CW used contrasting colors with the collars, cuffs, faux pockets and buttons. The hat and shoes would often be dyed the exact shade of the contrasting color, and jewelry would compliment the overall look, not detract. A lot of gold jewelry, or pearls. The effect made Diana visually interesting and professional looking without looking over or under done.

          Kate’s look is too dark; there is not enough contrast between the body of the dress and the accent pieces. This would be good for a funeral or somber occasion. But the buttons are super shiny, and the earrings don’t match anything so they stand out for the wrong reasons. She should have worn shiny gold earrings. This is Kate’s go-to silhouette (this and the 70s covered-up dresses with the limp bow). I’m really tired of it.

  16. Well, I am glad they both turned up to honor the Irish Guard, However, William is on my s –t list! I do feel sorry for Kate to have to appear with him and suck it up after his partying without her. I know she signed up for this and had to know he is a scoundrel, but I still think she is suffering greatly and that is sad. I wish she would tell him off and pack her bags and those of her children(impossible, I realize) and get out! Or, kick him out! Again, not possible.

    The style of the coat without the buttons would have impressed me more. I did like the way it fit her. Didn’t like those green earrings. Perhaps, with a different look. So much green with the coat, hat, shoes, etc. Did she really need the earrings, too?

    The shamrock pin was nice. And, I join in by saying that I love the dog! What a sweetheart!

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all and yes, Kimothy, I am wearing green. And, Madeleine is, too!

    I’m making a beef and Guinness Stew tonight. The heck with Corned Beef and Cabbage. Watching the NYC parade now. It’s fabulous, as usual.

    1. I am too! A friend invited me over to her home tonight for spaghetti so I guess the corned beef, potatoes and carrots will have to wait until the weekend. I found a slow-cooker recipe via Betty Crocker and it looks fairly easy. I went to the supermarket and bought the ingredients for it (super easy, just needed the corned beef, potatoes and carrots–everything else I already have plus, the corned beef has some seasoning/spice that’s needed so yay!).

      Also, green is the color for organ donation awareness! Yay!!!

      Last, I’m 6th generation Irish-American on my dad’s side (his maternal grandmother’s great-grandfather came to the US in the 1800s!). I’m also a bunch of other stuff but today, I’m embracing the Irish in me.

      Does anyone here listen to Ed Sheeran? There is are a couple of great songs off of his latest album (Divide) called “Galway Girl” and “Nancy Mulligan” that have an Irish/folksy lilt to it. Fun songs with sweet lyrics! 🙂

      1. Oh, have fun, Kimothy. Spaghetti sounds great!!

        I didn’t know that green is the color for organ donation, too! I will remember that!

        I will have to get that album. Thanks for the heads up! My Irish eyes are smiling and bet yours are, too.

        Now, I want spaghetti, too. However, I have all the ingredients for the stew! And, I need a Guinness!

        1. Let me know if you’d like the slow cooker recipe. Of course, I’ll let you all know on Monday or so how it turns out Hahaha!

        1. Warning – watch the time and the browning. I cook it in an old-school cast iron frying pan (I have two, one black and one silver). When I do it in the darker pan, crust gets much darker. I also cover it with tinfoil for the first half of the cooking time, uncover so it can brown up, then check about 10 minutes before the instructions say it will be done.

    2. Ooh, will you tell me more about your beef an Guinness stew? I will always love cabbage with thyme, which my grandmother added, and our rather cake-like version of soda bread. But Guinness stew sounds amazing.

      1. http://allrecipes.com/recipe/234534/beef-and-guinness-stew/

        I made this for the first time yesterday and it turned out really well. Toward the end of the cooking time, I poured in about a cup of frozen peas and let the pot continue to cook for about six minutes. I have another recipe that I got off the internet years ago, but can’t find the link. When I have time one day, I will type it here, if you like.

        I like the other recipe better. So does my husband, but this one was very good!

        The joke in my house is any stew can turn into a Guinness stew, if the cook drinks a Guiness while preparing it. I’m not a fan of beer, but in the stew? Fantastic. It does cook down, however.

  17. I love this coat! It is really hard to find a good dark green coat in the real world-I have been looking for awhile. But seriously, another new coat Kate? Especially a green one that we will hardly ever see again. Every engagement she is wearing multiple new things.

    Those shoes must be comfortable since she owns them in several colors. Does anyone own them?

    1. No….I have never seem in half the colours she has them in so I wonder if the brand dye them to her spec? Given that they are the same price as Manolo Blahnik I tend to go for MB as they are a bit more adventurous. She did have a blush pink suede pair that GV retailed which were absolutely gorgeous but I very rarely buy suede these days……too much effort to keep looking new and unlike Kate I have to wear mine more than once.

        1. I know you can get that shoe in various colours, it’s a staple like BB 105 from Manolo Blahnik but some of the colours she’s worn it in I have never seen those specific colours retailed. Maybe from previous or future seasons? She has enough clout to have them in any shade she wants. I still don’t understand why she uses this brand and Prada so much for a basic suede pump.

    2. I have some and looove them! Louboutin’s hurt my feet. I don’t have the issue with them or jimmy choos style before comfort =)

      1. Louboutin has said that shoes are about looks not comfort, so I am not surprised you had issues with Louboutin. That is great to hear they are so comfortable. Do you find them true to size Sarah? Maybe someday I can afford a pair.

        1. Traveling and shoes are my single girl pleasures =) I buy 1/2 a size up in those type of shoes, my friend buys them true to her size. They recommend going a full size up. You’ll just be forced to go try on a pair =)

    3. But she also wore this coat to Paris too. So according to Kate, this coat pulled double duty today! It totally justifies a brand new coat, in another emerald green colour, while the rest of the UK drowns in austerity.

      1. If there was one time to not be austere I would think it would be this trip. I was really, really hoping she’d have on something lovely for the arrival.

    1. So funny. Mary Poppins!
      Babbalou, a new resaturant is opening in my town called Babalu. Different spelling, but I thought of you when I saw the sign! Need to go back and check the sign again . Maybe, it is Babalou, not two bb’s together.

        1. Those photos are from the side, though. From the front, the hats are different shapes.

          1. I see in one head on shot that it appears to have been worked on a little in that area in question. I’m sorry I can’t upload the link, I will try later on. I think that they just re shaped it slightly in that area. Perhaps it was distraction so the curved it up a little more.

      1. Given that she purchase two nearly identical blue-and-white suits, which are also nearly identical to the blue-and-white long coat she bought? I’m going with two very similar but different hats.

    1. I think it is the same hat from Christmas, but she had the front rounded off. It clearly had a point before, but just looks like she had it modified. I like it better rounded

  18. Good morning,
    I think the Duchess looks nice today. The coat may be mature looking and some parts of it you might not like but overall well done. I love the color, she looks much more well groomed, hair is spot on today neat, stylish. Makeup is softer and more sedate, lovely. Nice earrings.
    More importantly I am really pleased to see a couple more engagements on her schedule. especially March 23rd, something more of substance and important.
    William well what can you say?

      1. I think I do…..it’s quite severe but it’s a real attempt at dressing younger and it’s not Erdem.

        Bit over accessorised with the jewellery and the belt but she’s tried a new shoe style, a new jewellery style and it’s Alexander McQueen in a style I’ve never seen her wear before. I’d certainly give her 10/10 for effort. I was surprised at the sleeveless given it’s March but it’s a cocktail dress so why not?

          1. Whoever did her latest dye job actually did a great job this time. Makes a huge difference and her hair doesn’t have that harsh dried out look to it.

          2. Agreed. I think it looks gorgeous tonight. All soft and bouncy with loads of volume. I think the weight of the extensions often drag it down but tonight it looks really young and invigorated.

        1. Why did she keep her watch on though? Totally wrong, don’t tell me HM hasn’t got a million cocktail watches, one of which she could have worn.

          1. Probably because it’s Cartier! I have to say I never change my watch for night or day. I have one really classic watch that I wear all the time.

          2. I just commented on the same thing Debra. It is a day watch and doesn’t look good for an evening out, especially with the other jewelry she is wearing.

        2. I don’t like the top of her dress, I like the bottom. I agree with you she looks fresh.
          I prefer when her hair is up but with the context (not many time) I understand that she let her hair (it is more confortable for her)

          For the accessories : a little too much for my taste (pendant and earrings, but the ring not neccessary), but she has accesories.

          I prefer the red dress in Canada.

      2. I Like the dress but not with these accessories. I actually like the jewelry but not with this dress. Are they new? I don’t think I’ve seen them before
        And wish she would pull her back in a nice up do but maybe she would get cold otherwise =)

        1. I could be wrong Sarah, but I think the necklace and ring are “new” (never worn in public, but bought the same time as the earrings). The earrings look like the clip on large pearl ones she has worn several times. She probably bought the matching necklace and ring at the same time? She normally buys the jewelry set, so it would make sense. She has 2 large sets of pearl earrings, the Oscar de la Renta and the Balenciaga. From the photos so far, I think it is one of those, but it is hard to tell

    1. I think she looks nice, minus the jewelry, but I don’t think it is out of her comfort zone at all. She likes tweed with the fringe and instead of a suit it is on a basic black dress this time.

      I just wish she would stop wearing that watch with cocktail dresses. It is a day watch.

      1. I’ve never seen her in a cocktail dress this length, or sleeveless. I think the silhouette is different for her too. Actually I can only think of one other cocktail dress she’s worn and that’s the all black she wore in New Zealand that drained her and was so aging. I can’t remember seeing her with ankle strap shoes either but she one of the few women with slim enough legs who can carry them off. And she has tried to accessorise even if she ignored the French style maxim of taking one accessory off as you leave the house. I think I would have lost the ring and the belt. The more I look at the whole picture the more I think she’s done really well tonight.

        1. I think the black dress sans belt was a homerun. She stepped outside her comfort zone and that is a plus. Was their photo shopping done on her arms? When she was in Canada and wore the preen dress, her arms were not that toned. They were frankly rather bony. Could she have done that much sculpting with weights in such a short period of time — several months?

          Her face looked fuller today in Paris than in the UK earlier. I know her hair was up this morning, but her face looks much rounder in these photos. The ice blue gown was pretty. Liked the black dress more, I think, although both were better than what I have seen her wear in quite a while. I think she really did well! Stick it to William, Duchess. Show him that you are a looker, too!!! Not just those babes on his ski trip! His attitude really irks me!

    2. I think I’ll call this dress a win and like someone else said, it shaves years off of her. The necklace and earrings are cute and give the gown a bit of color, which I like. Also, her shoe game is on fleek so that’s another point for her.

      As for that man she calls her husband? Suit doesn’t really match with her dress (I don’t expect them to be like old farts who are all matchy-matchy but sheesh) plus, pants are wrinkled like an a__, just like him. 😉

      Sorry for the extra bleeps of profanity but he’s been making my blood boil as of late.

      1. I LOVE it! Finally, she looks appropriate for her age, but still sleek and attractive. Kate, this silhouette looks amazing on you. More like this please. But lose the watch.

      2. I disliked William’s suit, too, thought the one he wore for arrival was better. Was it shiny as well as an odd color?

        I thought Kate looked good in the McQueen, sophisticated, sexy, but not aging. I’m not a fan of the tweed, and the accessories, but this silhouette suits her.

        I loved the Jenny Packham. It was soo pretty.

        Her hair also looked good today after she took it down. Did she always have layers around her face?

  19. Coat: Nice, except too 80s and seems very Diana. Love love the color but girl, you have so many green coats! $8k-10k for this?!

    Rictus grin still there. Matronly hair. Shoulderblades cutting through the coat. Nothing on under the coat. Same old, same old. At least they showed up, which is sad that’s a thing to point out, so some credit.

    I feel bad for Kate, even though she knew what she was getting into and I’m sure she has no issue with his behavior–this is why he married her, IMO, she would turn a blind eye to everything. It’s all about image and perception of the happy love story/perfect royal marriage/university sweethearts (which we know is rubbish). It must be humiliating for someone who’s so obsessed with the image they put out, her and her mother, I mean. That and who’d want to deal with William who is by all accounts a total douche and from stories from their university friends and so on he treats her terribly, which we can see in glimpses at events.

    1. They can play this charade but someday the people will lose their respect for Kate. You can’t really blame her now. What should she do? She is married, a mother of two little ones and her husband starts to behave like an idiot because the family life doesn’t satisfy him enough. It’s extremly egoistic of William. He should think of his children and behave properly.

      1. Well, his father never did. Neither did his other male relatives. And, Diana had affairs, too. I guess it comes with the territory. Frankly, I might be naive, but whenever I read books about the Royals, I am shocked by how many affairs they have.

  20. I know we are probably all jumping the gun , but since Kate has a gazillion coats in red or blue, I was surprised to see her in the green coat in France. Surely, there was time for her to make a quick change.
    As far as the evening dress, it’s a nice dress and fits her well. The belt is awful, isn’t that a belt she has worn with numerous coats. I also hated the jewelry, I think it is cheap looking, with all the other jewelry at her disposal, she chooses this schlock? Or is it that no one is offering her any “royal” pieces to wear. I would not expect her to wear one of those big drapey be-jeweled necklaces the queen has but something bit more blingy. The Queen has a nice diamond necklace and bracelet from South Africa that would have been perfect,
    I like the shoes and I think her hair has been cut a bit and the color is good. As usual, no lipstick which just bugs the heck out of me.
    Since, I feel that Kate rarely hits the Wow factor and neither she or her stylists have any idea how to accessorize, this is on target for her.

  21. LOL’ing over here at the video of the two of them sipping their Guinness at the army barracks. The look she gives William after they drink is hilarious to me because in my mind she’s thinking “as if you haven’t had enough beer of late, you asshole”.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  22. They seem different, really strange facial expressions; yes, tensed with forced smiles. But perhaps I think so because we know what happened and the two know that we know what happened. I think they look different, sth changed. It’s sad.

  23. Wait until you see what she’s wearing to the gala tonight. Stunning. Absolutely stunning. One of the best things I have ever seen her wear. Ok it’s very Diana but she nailed it in her Jenny Packham tonight. She actually looks like a Princess.

    1. As far I dislike the dress for the reception (not my taste and overdressing for me), as I like this dress.

      Sorry for the formulation : it is difficult to find an equivalent for the expression “autant je n’aime pas la robe de la réception, autant j’aime la dernière robe”.

    2. It is quite lovely! She needs to get some beautiful aquamarines! She has enough outfits they could go with.
      And both this and the black dress seem to actually fit her. So she either went to fittings, gave right measurements or just bought the correct size! All are cause for celebration because it makes a huge difference in overall appearance

    3. I think the dress is amazing but on Kate it just wears her. It’s a shame as it’s such a lovely dress, I think part of it is no gravitas and she just slouches and looks surly or miserable. Not like I blame her as of late.

      Imagine Madeline wearing it!

    4. This gown is stunning I think she looked magnifique! (Sorry, if I spelled that improperly).
      My goodness, someone really took her under their wing for this trip to the fashion capitol of the world. I liked the black dress, too. Rather dressy, but lovely. I am not sure how I feel about the belt, however.

      Still, Kate really wowed them. Good for her. William is a true idiot, if you ask me. Forgive my rudeness.

    5. I didn’t like her outfit this afternoon other than the shoes, but this evenings dress is gorgeous. She looks great. Her hair and makeup look good too. The only slight miss, since I love shoes so much, was the shoes. I wish she has chosen different heels with the packham dress. Those glitter pumps don’t go with this beautiful dress. I really want to take her shoe shopping to show her there are some great different style out there :). Even a simple silver strappy heel would have looked better.

      1. Agreed, they looked like an afterthought. A simple, heeled evening sandal with a bar across her foot but showing her tootsies would have been perfect. But everything else…..home run. ?

  24. I can’t help but think she looks unwell. The pic of her shoulderblades showing through her coat bother me. I don’t think anyone could have know how married life would be, in the royal family, until they actually were living it. They don’t live with the same rules as we do so regardless of how down to earth William is he still has an air of entitlement about him that he shows more and more.

    Kate may have enjoyed the privilege. She may have given up her freedom for the title but I don’t see her enjoying it these days. I think William is just being William, he was on his best behaviour when they were first married but now he seems to have reverted to type.
    He can’t help being spoiled and it shows. I don’t see them maintaining their marriage garden and that is sad. Kate couldn’t have known what it was really like and from reports her mum is becoming close to the royal family.

    It reminds me of Diana and her grandmothers closeness to the Queen. She didn’t feel supported and was told to basically get on with it and not embarrass the royal family. Regardless of her status I think life for her is not what she expected.

    1. Perfectly said. I think we’re often on target about that she takes everything for granted, and I think she had some idea of what he was like because he certainly did some really crappy things. But the real crap comes out for so many people after they’re married because the deal is done, so to speak. He’s unthinking enough in public that I wouldn’t be surprised if at home the power balance is even more off kilter.

    1. Haha I love the “unlike Charles, Kate will stand up to him” line you know the “source” must be Carole if throwing shade at Charles at the same time
      And the “regrets allowing him to continue the friendship”??? I’ve disliked some bf’s friend but I just tried to minimize my time spent with them this “allowing” is nonsense
      Who’s to blame? William is to blame, he’s 35 yr old capable(?) of making decisions for himself! not 6 being led astray by naughty friends
      I don’t know much about pelly’s wife except family owns holiday inn, is she nice?

      1. I love how people blame other people on William’s failures, idiocy, and so on when he’s a grown effing man.

      2. If this is from Carole I don’t understand why she treats Charles so rudely. It seems it would be in her best interest to treat him with respect. Her blabbing that she is the primary grandparent to the grandchildren must have been very hurtful to him.

        1. Charles reportedly had this great tree house for George, I’d love to see a pic of him with the grandkids in the tree house.

          1. Charles isn’t allowed to spend much time with them, apparently; it doesn’t surprise me.

            Whatever his faults I am sure he really would be a fabulous grandpa. I bet this hurts his heart. It is so cruel to use them as a bargaining chip with their grandfather who loves them.

        2. She knows Charles is getting up in years so she has focussed all her manipulation on Willy. Also, Charles, I doubt, would buy her sycophancy. She works through her daughter to keep Willy onside because that’s where the future lies for her and her offspring.

          And possibly, she is stupid, arrogant and short-sighted enough to not figure out that Charles will ascend the throne and then all bets are off. Charles is not a patsy, and I hear, ruthless. I hope she doesn’t see it coming and is rewarded for her familial cruelty.

          1. Thanks for your response, Maven. Whatever one thinks about Charles, I find her behaviour and how she hoards the grandchildren really cruel. I think Carole is a heartless monster.

          2. I agree about your analysis of Carole but the onus of letting the kids spend time or not with Charles really comes from William and Kate. We know Kate will defer to her mom’s wishes so William should say something but he doesn’t seem close to anyone in his family at the moment. Unless William and Kate are both puppets to her puppet mastery
            My sister doesn’t like her mil for the most part but she would never not let her spend time with them. Grandparent/auntie relationships are special and to with hold that just to be petty or exert some sort of power struggle is wrong.

          3. Though he has his faults (and as we know, there are quite a few), no one can say that Charles wasn’t a loving and affectionate father towards W + H, even before Diana died. All you saw was light and happiness in his eyes with his sons, going as far back to their baby days. To see him being denied the opportunity to have a close and loving relationship with his grandchildren (especially Charlotte) is heartbreaking to see being played out! I hate that Carole has such an iron grip on the children and won’t allow Charles to spend quality time with them. What’s worse is that William doesn’t intervene and allow his dad to see them though I have a feeling William isn’t close with anyone within his family right now (Windsor or Spencer). While Charles most certainly loves William, I don’t think he likes him (as a person).

          4. Very short sighted of her, I wouldn’t want to wrong the PoW. His reign might not be that long but she’s stupid, absolutely stupid if she thinks William will ever choose her over him. Doesn’t matter how bad William’s relationship is with PoW. Blood Royals will always pull the ranks together when the chips are really down. She is, an will always remain an outsider. Albeit she has privileges given her relationships but she’s not Royal, she’s not even Aristocracy.

          5. Regardless of her own bat-shit crazy ambitions, if Carole had any decency and empathy as a human being she would realise that George and Charlotte would benefit from building relationships with both sets of grandparents, putting the children’s needs first. She doesn’t. I shudder when I think of the influence she has on George, and especially Charlotte, given her track record of pimping out her daughters to the highest bidder.

          6. Awful isn’t she? And I bet PoW would be a super Grandad too. He’s got such a wonderful imagination. You could see him teaching the children to garden, love the outdoors, make up amazing stories and adventures. It’s a real loss to their formative years.

          7. Maybe when Harry will have children, she will see this as a competition : with which children Charles have the best relationship?

          8. The Windsor’s have longevity in spades so Carole could well pop off before Charles. Yes, it’s such a shame that George and Charlotte get little chance to enjoy him. Does he see them at all? All parties – parents and grandparents – need to move beyond personal hurts for the benefit of the children.

          9. Yes, the idea that Carole is using her twisted thinking and grasping with her two grandchildren is sickening. As you said before, Jen, she is as mad as a cut snake. Seriously deluded.

  25. My question: Who leaked the photos and videos? How much does a DM or TMZ pay to obtain such information?

    Is there a connection between W’s scandal and the model announcing the next day on Facebook that she lost her phone?

    Didn’t any of W’s friends notice the person(s) taking photos?

    W’s friends sound like immature, insufferable jerks.

    1. They are typical aristocratic boys who never grow up. But the only positive thing I can say about them is that they have never betrayed him, never talked and they put their loyalty to him above everything, including their own reputations. For William it must be very, very reassuring to have his closest friends that he can trust implicitly given the charlatans that normally try and align themselves with Royalty.

      I especially dislike Van Stawberry……he’s been a glorified pimp for William, a total sleeze. Guy Pelly has a dreadful press but I think he’s actually a pretty nice guy but the much maligned fall guy throughout the teens of William & Harry but he’s never once answered back to his critics, fair or unfair. James Meade I don’t know a great deal about.

      1. All four of them sound tiresomely adolescent, with too much privilege and no sense whatsoever. What a bore and a chore they must be to wives, children and larger family.

        1. Van Strawberry didn’t have any children (which probably was a blessing in disguise), I don’t know about James Meade and his wife, Laura, and we already know that Guy Pelly is going to be a daddy any day now.

          1. Guy Pelly has two children doesn’t he? He got married with a child in tow with his now wife? Pelly was behind that party where Harry dressed in the Nazi uniform. He was a drinking buddy.

          2. Guy Pelly whaaaat?! This is news!! Can anyone confirm or deny this?! I thought Lizzie is his first wife!! **jaw drops**

  26. I feel very sorry for her. I’m American so following the Royal Family was something I never did until this whole Harry/Meghan relationship started. I remember thinking Kate looked so full and youthful from when I watched some of her wedding and now when I saw recent pictures of her, my goodness has she gotten thin. Almost in a unhealthy way, and I’m not body shaming she just doesn’t physically look healthy. Not to mention what on earth has happened to her voice?? She looks weary and that’s so sad for such a beautiful young woman!
    So now I’m “people watching” them and he NEVER touches her. Like even to help her out the car or when she’s carrying the baby, I mean does he have absolutely NO manners or respect for the mother of his kids? Now that I’ve found this blog I’m thinking, It’s so disappointing how they interact and you’ve echoed so many of my thoughts. In the end I was hoping this wouldn’t be a “cheat-peat” of like father like son.

  27. She looked fine. OK. Acceptable. Appropriate. But there’s no zing. And all those buttons….again. Thought her hair was quite messy after she removed the hat – spoilt the line of the black dress and impact of the pearls. Are they fake pearls and if they are, why would you wear fakes when you can real anything?

    1. Diana used to wear a lot of fake jewellery. Ok it was from high end stores like Chanel or Dior but she said it gave her a real frisson to have people stood in front of her trying to work out whether her jewellry was real or paste. I don’t think, contrary to popular opinion, that HM has a bank vault in the Palace that the Royal women can just drop into and select a piece they want to wear. Although it would be marvellous if you could just go in and choose what you wanted.

  28. Kate and dazzling hardly go together. But she looked well together in Paris and chose some appropriate outfits. I found the ice clue gown very tacky and frankly aging but at least it was appropriate. Also she must be getting Botox on the regular because she’s looking haggard and wrinkly again with some serious crows feet- her and Will look at least 10yrs older than they are. And why do should they look so tired and stressed, I wonder?

  29. So far what I’ve seen of today, I’m thinking Kate did well. I think the cost is good for the event, although I personally prefer some of her other green coats. I agree with others shiny buttons aren’t great. Her hat and hair is nice for this event. I didn’t think it was necessary to undo it for Paris, as she is representing the UK and can wear a fascinator without anyone raising their eyebrows. The second and third Paris outfits also have some nice elements. Most importantly, she seemed to be as engaging with others as she has been the rest of this year (meaning, more than we’re used to), and that has been a welcome improvement. I find it encouraging she has a few more events lined up for the next couple of weeks. I’m applauding the small steps, but that’s ok. I was worried after such high levels of critical press attention, she would look either glum or too excitable (to show the world that she and William are the happiest). But, she has been able to seemingly carry on and focus on the tasks of the day.

  30. I thought, in the blue gown in Paris, she looked nice – but the hair! The hair! I noticed it has that bun thing in the back, not even pulled back properly! Why would you pay for a hairdresser when they can’t do hair!? See? Gah.

  31. Another day,another new outfit, same old same old.

    Oh, and another hat that’s practically the same as what she already has, what a waste of money.

    You can wear a coat more than once Kate, was this not a Pippatip?

    1. Re: “Was this not a Pippatip?”

      LOL I am dead.

      I feel like the world needs a faux-Pippa twitter account devoted to snarky comments about the royals, a la Suri’s Burn Book.

  32. I just want to point out that most people on the internet think that it is the same hat, and that the reason it looked more pointed on Christmas was because it was at a different angle. And after careful analysis I personally am going with the majority opinion.

    1. Honestly, at this point, I’m way to lazy to change it. I can barely muster the energy to get my Paris Day 2 post written.

      ETA: But thank you for not being rude about it and calling me and the commenters here names. I genuinely appreciate that.

      1. There’s not much to really post about is there KMR? Very little substance or interest to this mini-tour, it’s sort of frustrating for me just watching all this and I’m sure it may be worse for you having to write about so little!

        1. I’ve completely phoned in Paris. It’s just so boring; there is nothing to write about.

          1. And, yet you put together great posts. Ones we all commented on
            with our usual flair!! You, too!

            I guess we cannot expect Kate and William to have awesome trips that will give us all a chance to discuss their wit, charm, grace and empathy and concern for those they meet. They phone it in, KMR, you don’t!!!! Thanks for what you do!

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