Kate wows in blue Jenny Packham on Day 1 in Paris

Kate wows in blue Jenny Packham on Day 1 in Paris

After stopping by the Irish Guards, Prince William and Kate Middleton flew to Paris to kick off a two day trip.

William and Kate arrive in Paris March 2017
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William and Kate made their first stop at the Élysée Palace for a meeting with French President Francois Hollande.

From the Express (typos are theirs):

    “President Hollande remarked that the couple were going to watch the rugby the following day, to which William replied ‘Yes, to cheer on the Welsh’, and made a small gesture of enthusiasm wth his hands. Kate asked the President whether he enjoyed watching rugby – but he suggested he was not a fan.
    “William seemed rather ill-at ease during the meeting but aides said his slightly stiff demeanour would have been due to the formality of occasion. After a few seconds the media were ushered out and the prince, duchess and president enjoyed more than half an hour of bi-lateral talks.”

William and Kate meet President of France March 2017
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kate, surprisingly, didn’t change between the Irish Guards visit and the meeting with Hollande, wearing the same Catherine Walker coat, Cartier watch, Monica Vinader earrings, and Gianvito Rossi pumps. She did let down her hair, take off her hat, and take off the shamrock brooch, though.

William and Kate then traveled to the British Embassy in Paris for a reception. The event is launching “Les Voisins” – a celebration of UK and French links. William gave a speech highlighting the ties between the UK and France. For space, I’m only quoting parts of William’s speech.

    “So much of our countries’ histories, culture and language are intertwined. Those ties of neighbours which run through our history are as powerful today as they have ever been. Most fundamentally, our nations share a set of common values: democracy, free speech, the rule of law, among many others. […]
    “Catherine and I have been honoured to meet many of you tonight. You have all been invited because you remind us that our two nations also share something else in common: talented, creative young people who are already shaping the world around us – whether in science, music, film, commerce, politics, sport, academia – I could go on, as this list touches practically every area of our national lives.
    “Like all neighbours, sometimes our two nations encourage each other through mutual support. Sometimes we attempt to outdo the other through rivalry – as we will see tomorrow when Wales play France at the rugby. But always our two nations continually inspire one another to become better: more creative, more prosperous, more innovative.
    “This partnership will continue despite Britain’s recent decision to leave the European Union. The depth of our friendship and the breadth of our cooperation will not change. So I am proud to be here this evening with you to launch Les Voisins to recount those ties and to strengthen them even further.”

[full transcript here]

William gives speech at British Embassy in Paris March 2017
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kate made a wardrobe change for the reception, opting for a bespoke black Alexander McQueen dress. Kate debuted yet another pair of Gianvito Rossi pumps, this time the “Ankle Strap Suede D’orsay Pumps” ($800). These are different from her other Rossi pumps in that they have a chunkier heel and an ankle strap.

Kate chose her Balenciaga earrings again, as well as a pearl cocktail ring and a necklace with four large pearls (which may or may not be part of a matching set). She also wore her Cartier watch.

I like the outfit from the waist up, but I dislike the length of the dress – I think it cuts her leg at an odd length, and the ankle strap doesn’t help.

The evening ended with a gala dinner at the official residence of the British Ambassador to France where William delivered a message from QEII and Kids United sang “Happy” to William – the song William danced to in Verbier.

Kate arrives at gala dinner in Paris March 2017
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kate debuted her third garment of the day with this ice blue Jenny Packham gown with intricate floral beading and sheer, elbow-length sleeves.

Kate brought back her Oscar de la Renta Platinum Lamé Cabrina pumps she debuted a couple weeks ago, and her Jenny Packham Casa clutch which debuted some time ago.

Kate wore two pieces from HM’s jewelry collection: the Diamond Chandelier Earrings and Queen Mary’s Diamond Bar Choker Bracelet.

I think Kate looks very pretty here, although this isn’t one of my favorite dresses (too much floral for me). It’s always nice to see the Queen’s jewels, and I still very much want those shoes.

Kate at gala dinner in Paris March 2017
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

170 thoughts on “Kate wows in blue Jenny Packham on Day 1 in Paris

  1. I love the McQueen dress, though I’m with you in the length. The Packham gown, though, just doesn’t do it for me. I’ve been loving a lot of the embellished dresses but this one feels dated somehow. And the three styles throughout the day feel really discordant. I saw a triptych on another site and it really emphasized it for me. What I totally would have loved to see is a Chanel suit when they disembarked. That would have been an amazing start to a trip to Paris!

    You know whose gown I really loved? The ambassador’s wife! I know I’ll get shade because it is as up near her neck but it had an opening there, and then a gorgeous cut out on the back. And her dress earlier in the day was pretty adorable.

    1. I liked the ambassador’s wife day outfit the Peter Pan collar didn’t even bother me but I said down below her evening wear was blah and reminiscent of Kat’s bond premier dress that I loathed!! =)

  2. I think the black dress would work better with different shoes – for some reason they don’t suit her, and you’re right that they don’t go with that length of dress. She never will learn to accessorize well, apparently (I think the jewellery is fine, just not with that dress).

    As for the Jenny Packham…ice blue satin? That’s just dreadful.

    1. The shape of the Jenny Packham dress seems all wrong. I get that Kate is thin. I get that she wants us all to know she is thin, but instead of looking like a lissome willow, she looks constrained. I get the impression that the skirt is not wide enough for her to take a regular step at the bottom. If the waistband were removed, I think it would be an improvement. We don’t always need to see where she “thinks” her waist is. It just interrupts the line of the dress. Overall, the large flowers on the waist and around the sleeves make the dress look like a Barbie gown. A bit childish and sparkly. And, we’ve seen this see-through bodice look on her before, so this is really nothing new in terms of fashion.

      I think a better dress would have been her one-shouldered silver gown, which might have been too formal for this occasion.

      1. The ‘waist’ is far too high and looks closer to an empire line dress. A slip dress would have been stylish though probably too daring without a little bolero jacket. Get rid of the frou-frou sparkles of the sheer overlay. I don’t know why a slim, attractive woman looks so drab in clothes.

        1. And the black dress is really overkill for the event. She looks completely at sea in her role–doesn’t understand dress protocol for different events.

      2. It looks like a long, sparkly copy of the blue-and-white Temperley dress she wore in Kuala Lumpur. I’m tired of lace and floral sparkly being used to distract from really basic designs.

    2. Beautiful pieces just not a good look for chutney the useless lazy keen.

      She look so old and awful for a entitled, pampered layabout shopaholic of other people’s money. Also look very worried, as if she is in a downward spiral to losing her carole place/entitlement.

  3. There’s something about the French that is effortless, polished, well prioritized, and yet not at stuffy.

    I have to give KM a few kudos. She has appeared composed even if all she has to does is show up. I wonder if the week’s events will be her crucible and she will come out of it all appearing stronger.

    Although she gets points for wearing something different, I don’t think the black dress and ankle strapped heels were all that flattering on her. And the ice blue gown was pretty, but not stunning on her.

    I loved the look of the wife of the British ambassador to France, Anne Llewellyn. She dressed beautifully without being fussy. And I love her shoulder length bob.

  4. I like both the outfits. I wasn’t a fan of the earrings when she first wore them but oddly like them all together. But not with this dress
    If you were going to wear a black dress in the place that is known for creating the LBD, why not go all in and wear Chanel?!
    I also like the the blue but not with those shoes and would love her to invest in some great aquamarines
    Sadly the ambassador’s wife seems to be wearing a cousin form of Kate’s disasterour bond premier dress!! Bleh

    1. Ha! I thought the same about the ambassador’s wife’s dress too. I liked the black dress but would have had a tiny, thin belt of a contrasting colour, and not had such fussy accessories. Didn’t like the blue dress at all; it reminded me of sequins being sewn on costumes for ice-skating. It seemed dated and fussy. I agree with others – a chic Chanel suit would have done the trick when arriving; Kate has the body to wear it well. The black and ice blue frocks seemed to be out of place – Kate seemed over-dressed. But it’s always the dead eyes that get me – look at the third image from the bottom.

  5. The overall effect of both of Kate’s outfits is a win for me. She really brought her A game to this trip. Look at that black dress. I bet if she didn’t even bother to accessorize with those pearls it would look boring as hell.

    1. I agree. I liked both outfits. I can nitpick here and there, but I wont because I so rarely have anything nice to say about her. I loved the black dress, but I do think that was more of a date-night look, and not a formal evening look, but she looks great in it.

      Side note, her hair in the blue dress. Notice she has it down and back, not pulled forward over her shoulders like a schoolgirl. That looks more mature to me. If she wants to keep that length, I suggest she stop pulling her hair forward when she wears it down.

  6. Does anyone actually believe those two are good ambassadors and charming? I think its Diana who actually was charming the leaders to the countries she visited on royal tours.

      1. What I think is funny is of course the papers are trying to sell it as them being ambassadors regarding Brexit! William and Kate have nothing to do with trade deals or what have you, it’s my understanding that the uk will go to the end of the line. No one is going to say, hey, they sent the duo our way so we’ll bump the uk back to where the were! And all other royals travel with trade envoys if they’re trying to influence/talk trade. So the papers need to stop printing that rubbish
        This is a rugby trip with a few “official engagements” thrown in

        1. I think you misunderstood the purpose of international visits… and international law on its own.
          William and Kate visiting France (and Kate TheHague last year) are perfect examples of how the U.K. government is trying to do damage control.
          Whether they travel with trade envoys or not, this visit is a clear statement; we are still friends.
          William and Kate reperesent the U.K. (whether you like it or not) and this means that any visit of theirs has political layers,bagage, influence, intention etc.
          This visit, and the visit to Poland/Germany has everything to do with Brexit.

          1. The goal of the visit is to remember the partenership : we don’t need them to remember (I speak as a French).
            Honestly it will be very interesting to know if the French people know that they are here (and not just the French people following royalty).
            They have a little coverage on the French press, but not very much. (And it is more the case with the attack at Orly)

            Honestly I don’t think that their visit means that the EU will be more sympathic/easy to make deal. Their visit has intention but not sure about influence. At the end of the day, we speak little about relationship but more about clothes of Kate or their activities (gala with French stars; even if the engagement aux Invalides is the more interesting for my taste).

            I share the same view that Sarah about some engagements around a rugby match

          2. Seveeral reasons given without order :

            1)Because not many publicity in advance for their visit

            2)they are not so popular in France (I think that people know her name, name of her children but that’s all. Prince William is not known for himself, but because he is Diana’s son and grandson of the Queen), they are on tabloid/royalty press but that’s all. Sorry to say that but I think that in general people wanted to see the Queen (know what color she wore and having the possbility to say I see the Queen), see Diana and not interest for the other royal.

            3)because it is the week-end and people have other things to do

            4)because the weather is also bad : waiting under the rain is not great

            5)because we can’t understand how monarchy is still relevant now and royalty is not popular in France

            6)because they are not charismatic or symbolizes history like the Queen

            7)because with the context, security is everything : we didn’t know that they will go to Musee d’Orsay and Trocadero (honestly I don’t think they were at the Musee for 45 min in total) and I think that people were blocked. Honestly people can’t go in the Invalides, in the Elysee or Ambassade, I think that the security for the museum and the fact that the cars don’t stop give less occasion to see public.

            8) The traditional children from school to say hello to royals don’t work today and yesterday they went already at their home.

  7. I really like the Jenny Packham dress. I could wish she would do something else with her hair but pigs will fly before that happens.

    I have mixed feelings about the McQueen. As I have said before, I don’t like McQueen (the brand) – its ugly and grossly overpriced. This dress is not the worst I have ever seen. The first picture I saw was of Kate and William. My initial reaction was that they looked like they were going to different events. (Would it kill William to get a suit in a color other than blue?) Other pictures that included the guests make Kate look like she was overdressed for the reception. I think it might be the odd length on her dress. Everyone else seemed like they were dressed in what they wore to work that day while Kate’s dress said evening wear. I also don’t understand the wonky angle for the bow on her belt.

    1. Hi Sue, I agree that William could do a much better job coordinating his suit with Kate’s clothes and yes please, lose the blue suits!!!

  8. Not a fan of the ice blue gown, I don’t like that colour on her. Her makeup in the blue gown was boring, as was her hair. I wish she would cut her hair into a bob style. I like the silhouette and length of the black gown, but disliked the material, shoes & accessories, those awful pearl earrings must be burned.

  9. I dislike the black dress : for me she is overdressed in comparaison to the other people. I think she should have just one outfit for the meeting with President Hollande and for the reception.
    I like the blue dress.

    If she is angry or sad, she hides it well : interesting to see that during the Happy song, for a moment William looks at her (like he says how are you?) and she ignores him and her attention are on the singer. It is my interpretation. Here’s the link : https://twitter.com/RoyalReporter/status/842869143191932931

    1. I agree with you in regards to the black dress. I didn’t think it was flattering on her. That length doesn’t look good on anyone and she was overdressed compared to others photographed there. I think one of her simple day dresses would have been more appropriate. Maybe she just wanted an excuse to wear this McQueen dress?

  10. If Kate doesn’t wear a Chanel suit tomorrow I will be so disappointed. She loves tweed, so I am hoping she wears one. I actually think she could have worn something by Chanel this afternoon (not a suit obviously)

        1. ME I agree I wanted a classic Chanel suit, like the shared one the Swedes have worn recently! A true classic that she can wear for as long as it fits her. And as separates as well as a suit. Oh I would love a classic Chanel suit! This is just disappointing. Not ugly or awful just absolutely not worth the huge cost I don’t like the Tods shoes but when I saw them later with the red coat I groaned.

        2. Yes, it looks like so many other coat dresses she already has. Who cares which brand she buys if she buys the same silhouette in almost the same colors over and over again?

        3. Totally agree! You can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear. She can ruin the most classic of outfits. The off the peg dress in that fabric is fab.

      1. Oh my gosh!! Finally. I really hope she wears this again because shoveling it to the back of the corner would be such a shame.

        1. You may rethink that statement if you can look for what Princess Caroline wore at this weekends Rose Ball. Her dress is staggeringly awful!!!?

          1. What ever happened to Caroline? She has fallen under the control of Uncle Karl and appears to have no fashion brain left. Maybe she deliberately looks bad so people will notice her again?

      2. I like it sans belt. The belt with the logo is so, so trashy and nouveau riche, I think. It makes me think of girls with Chanel or LV bags with the logo everywhere to show off they bought a Chanel or LV.

      3. ‘I don’t like her face. She should only show her back’- Karl Lagerfeld on Pippa Middleton

        If someone had said that about my sister? Pretty sure I’d pick a different French designer, maybe an up-and-coming female designer, for my PR trip to Paris.

          1. Yes, he is. I personally wouldn’t purchase anything from his brand if he’d said that about my sister. Then again, he said nice things about KM, so many she doesn’t care that he bashes her sister publicly. Always competition between Middleton women.

      4. Yay, I am so happy she is wearing Chanel. Though, I am torn on it. It is not what I was expecting. I would have loved a tailored suit on her. But I think she looks nice. Overall I think I like it, sans the belt.

    1. Why does Kate insist on altering designers’ clothes? I know she would never wear the original of this outfit as it would not accentuate her slender body, but what she ended up with is a kind of 60’s secretary’s dress.

      1. I completely disagree, here. I think what Kate had done improves the dress to one I, for once, would actually consider buying. The original dress looks cheap, ill-fitting, and awful.

      2. From HRHDuchessKate the original was £8,350. Her version is custom, so would be north of that price. All to alter a designer piece into something unattractive and forgettable. Bad enough she does this to UK designers, but to presume to “know better” than a designer from the country she is visiting?

      3. The proportions are off. She altered the sleeves and the waist. Further, this doesn’t veer far from any of her other coat dresses. She’s a happy trasher.

  11. I like the idea of the look in the ice blue gown but I’m not a fan of the gown. I am more horrified by the way her hair is! You’d think it would be a decent half-up/half-down thing, but no, there’s a weird bun thing in the back instead. Why can’t she get a real hairdresser? The guy before–Richard Ward?–did a fabulous job with some updos. Now it’s all Victorian-era matronly chignons (because of all the fake hair), and sloppy.

    She looks nice. I mean, it’s a plus for her. The only reason they’re there is a pseudo-tour so they can go to a rugby game. It makes me think how William got the Kenyan president to meet him when he went to Jecca’s wedding, so taxpayers would cover the jaunt.

    I think it must be hard to keep up appearances. Sometimes the mask slips and in photos she looks either furious or dead bored.

  12. Kate is so strange. She seems happier, more laughing. Maybe she is glad, people saw now what a moron William is. She is not the one who gets bad press.

    1. She’s getting bad press too, for clearly enabling this behavior for so long. It does bring him to heel publicly for awhile, and that always pleases the Middletons.

  13. Kate is a robot. Little has changed. She plasters on the smile and carries on (though the mask slips a bit); this also proves to me again that she’s made of steel and no delicate flower. It’s interesting that W/K were relatively subdued back in England but the wattage has increased considerably once they’re away from the gimlet scrutiny of the British public. In France, it’s business as usual, whatever that means beyond being a subsidised holitour for the rugby game and thousands of pounds worth of new clothes for her because she has nothing in her closet.

    She looks overdressed compared to others and I don’t understand Kate’s penchant for pastels considering her colouring. I like the evening gown, just not on her; it would look great on someone younger and fairer. The McQueen, again, is too frou frou for my taste and the way her ensemble is put together is awkward. That watch- just no.

    One positive- her hair looks freshly darker and the colour really suits her.

    1. I have to politely disagree with you 🙂 I think that the baby blue looks perfect with her brown hair and bit tanned skin. Whenever I (blonde hair, skin as white as a piece of paper) try something in such a light colour, I doesn’t suit me at all

  14. Did anyone notice that she wore a more colourful lipstick than usually with the Jenny P gown? It looks so good!

    I also love that she tried new, eye catching jewelry and love the pearl necklace and matching ring and earrings!!
    I just do not famcy the length of the black dress…

    She looks so pretty in the blue dress, a bit like elsa from frozen (maybe a Princess Charlotte fabourite? ;))
    I still hope for some YSL or classic chanel for tomorrow though…

    Did you notice that Hollande said to William ‘so you were in Verbier or Sunday?’ ?! What an idiot, did he never get a diplomatic briefing or what?! Even the press called him out on this one saying right after he asked the question ‘Ce n’est pas le sujet!’

    1. Is Holland’s signaling his view that W and KM are lightweights and pointless soft ambassadors? I don’t know anything about Hollande, so don’t have any idea why he would say this.

    2. Ooops, I am sorry. I read that on posugar or people or some other gossip page, but apparently Hollande was talking about a rigby match on Sunday or something like that (?)
      Sorry, I was in a hurry and should have double checked if it was true, I can’t even find it on the site anymore. 🙂

      1. If Hollande said that, we hear about it in France, because the press love bashing him! So I don’t it is true.
        Like I said, apart from French following royal news or tabloid, we don’t hear so much about Verbier. So no, the Happy song is just a coincidence

    3. And, the fact that the children sang Happy to him, the song to which he danced with those models — absolutely in the poorest of taste.
      I thought Kate looked better than she has in years. I do agree that the length of the black dress with those shoes was not right. I liked the bodice and give Kate credit for trying something new. She really outdid herself.

      The ice blue dress was stunning, imo. It was well suited for the types of things she enjoys wearing and had a bit more of a wow factor than other gowns she has chosen previously. Sarah, you are right aboat aquamarines. They would have been perfect with the gown!

      William looked so strained in the photo where he and Kate were sitting with Hollande. Kate looked very uncomfortable, too.

      1. I read somewhere that the song was rehearsed in advance- not enough time for the kids to learn a new song in English after that video was released?

      2. Whoa, I just read that Hollande did not know about the ski trip so the choice of the children singing Happy was obviously not purposely a slap in W’s face.

      3. Yes, the song was definitely rehearsed in advance. And the children sang it beautifully. However, one more thing to disgust me about W. I absolutely love that song and he ruined it with his accompanying, flailing dance moves. Despicable him.

      4. This coincidence is something between embarrassing and funny. More embarrassing for sure, not for the children but for William.Serves him right in my opinion.

      5. It’s not in poor taste if no one in France hangs on Willy’s every movement. He may be gossip fodder/a celebrity elsewhere but it doesn’t mean everyone finds him special or even interesting. Clearly, the world does not revolve around him even if he and some others think so. Criticising anyone for the song in this case is misplaced. Nor is he special enough to have his face slapped by other countries. He’s a guy with a crown, that’s all. A fluffy lightweight who showed up for the rugby game.

  15. Y’all are crazy! ? I think that evening dress is stunning, is so very flattering to her body, and complements her coloring perfectly.

    1. I agree. I think it’s one of the best pieces she’s ever worn. The sheath silhouette makes her look so sophisticated and shows off her incredible legs. I think of the red gown she wore to the Chinese State banquet and she looked so dull even though red is her colour and then this, which on paper shouldn’t work, but makes her look like a million dollars.

    2. She looks like swarthy maid that stole her much older mistress’s clothes in that Jenni Packham dress. That dress requires not only the colouring but beauty and elegance to pull off. I could imagine Princess Madeline rocking that gown!

      1. Red Tulip, I can’t put my finger on why KM always looks a little scruffy even with the finest clothes. One guess is that she carries herself with so much tension. There is never a sense of ease about her. My other guess is that she puts very little effort into actually participating in anything. Why can’t she give a little speech in French thanking her hosts (they are paying for the trip, after all).

        No signs of fully understanding how others are generous and welcoming. Empty vessel (sounds lovely in French, if a little arch), indeed.

      2. She goes with these over-the-top frilly, feminine looks that don’t suit her. She is much better in simple, unadorned silhouettes often in heavier fabrics. When she puts in the huge girly skirts, peter pan collars, or all this frilly delicate beading it doesn’t suit her.

        I dislike the sequin Packham she wore after one of the pregnancies, but I think the simple, anti-frilly style suited her better than most of what she has from Packham.


    3. I thought the blue gown was perfect for Kate, as well! She looked fabulous in it and it reallly suited the types of gowns she appears to be comfortable wearing. I don’t think she’s a gown kind of woman, usually.

      I liked the black dress, too. The length was wrong and the shoes did not flatter her, but she took a risk and I like that.

      This trip must be difficult for her. After William’s ski weekend. Still, she is trying to do what she is supposed to be doing, so I give her a plus.

      William seems so stiff in the photo with Hollande. He is not the best representative for his family. I also wish he would have spoken a bit of French. Why not? It is rude not to do so.

      1. I don’t think he speaks French very well. At the Somme last year, the children said that Kate’s French was better. In Canada, he struggled with a prepared speech.

        1. Kate can’t even speak French, which is sad. Here they’re talking about how sh can’t speak French–they also mentioned this in Canada a few years back–yet suddenly, for that trip, Kate’s French is better than William’s? Whose is awful, we know, considering he never applies himself at anything.

    4. I’m with you. I thought she looked great in these two outfits. She tried some new things (like accesorizing) and I think it worked. As others have said, she doesn’t have much charm or presence to push through her clothes, but the clothes themselves were great.

    5. I personally would never wear it but I think it looks great on her. She finally got dresses that actually fit her and that make a big difference to me

  16. On another note, the communication on Twitter is not really great : They post a list of the past visit for the Irish Guard (importance of the tradition) and for me it pushs the memory of Kate’s absence last year.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was residual ill will towards KM because of last year’s childish and pointless snub. But again, the Cambs sullied the event this year with W’s ski trip drama. He doesn’t get that he should prepare and ready himself for upcoming events. Work and responsibility to others is a foreign concept for him.

  17. OMG! She shopped in Carol closet again. It matches her personality icy blue?. There was an article on DM about how Kate is stone cold and a hot temper to William when he does something wrong. My attitude is changing a bit about William. I just want to give William a hug, and say everyone makes mistakes. We will get over it. But to be icy and stone cold not cool, it has been all most a week. He been everyday in the paper over over. He is human. ? He just needs someone to love him truly.

    1. We don’t know what goes on in their marriage and how Kate reacted to the Verbier incident. William needs a stern talking to more than he needs a hug.

  18. William seems particularly awkward on this visit. I don’t know if it’s post-Verbier, or Verbier just emphasising it, but he is terribly uncharismatic. I’ll give Kate points for trying (because the bar is that low).

    1. I don’t the two are charismatic, for me they are “a coquille vide” or empty shell in English.
      First we don’t hear them (I know royals must be neutral…) and they don’t inspire me to do something (help a charity or other thing).
      When I read the speak of Victoria, I inspired; when I look at Letizia speaking with so much confidence I am inspired.

      Another note, I change my post. I don’t think that their programm is not so full.

        1. Yes between the terrrorist attacks and the presidential campaign…..
          I think that in general the situation of the world is not so good.
          Thanks for your vows.

          1. Clem, I love your statement concerning William and Kate being empty shells. So true.
            I also send my best wishes for your safety and for that of your countrymen. I wish you the best and love your beautiful country, too. I think everyone needs to go to Paris at least once in life. Of course, once you have been, you want to go back again and again!!

      1. I also don’t understand how these two really help Britain’s post-Brexit role in Europe. Neither speaks a European language with any skill, knows anything about trade or is any good at diplomacy. In fact they are so bad at diplomacy that William has ensured we spend most of this expensive overseas trip wondering about the state of his marriage rather than working on UK/French ties.

        1. I hear William speaking French : it is bad, and I am polite (I don’t say that my English is perfect.). I don’t understand why people don’t encourage him to speak a second language.

          1. Me neither. Given the time they have, given the access they have to the finest teachers money can buy and given that HM & PoW do I think it’s another example of William’s laziness.

          2. I’m surprised it wasn’t part of his education. Most royals (Europeans in general) seem to be fluent in 2-3 languages. Time to invest in a Rosetta Stone

      2. ‘Coquille vide’ – that’s a very insightful description of William and Kate. They do little except turn up.

        William has access to the best of everything including language experts; surely he’d want to be polite enough to his French hosts and learn to speak a few sentences with aplomb? Particularly as this is supposed to be a ‘diplomatic mission’?

        1. At TV, they are factual : they just say that they meet Hollande, a sentence of William about the fact that even with the Brexit we must stay friend, the meeting with survivor of terrorist attacks, that they are tools for diplomacy…
          They also said that yesterday night was glamour with many stars (Jean Reno, Audrey Tautou, Robert Pires).
          The coverage is limited (in serious written press, only Le Figaro speak about them : Trump/Merkel, presidential campaign, Orly are the main news.) They give photos, remember precedent visit from other royals and speak about Diana and the anniversary of her disparition.
          Other that in tabloid paper, just some photo.

          Le Figaro had an article last year from R. Palmer (is the newspaper from the right/conservative) : but there is paragraph from an article that it is interesting. It shows that this trip is a good thing for William to change the narration around him, to make people forget about his Verbier sejour.

        2. They are Kate’s follower who are very happy to see her.

          On the media, here some commenter :

          -Et là, ça coûte combien ce genre de petite récréation?
          How many money cost this sort of break?

          Critics of Hollande (like always), of this visit, some remark about the “fictionnal job” of Kate and William (cost for the taxpayer and joke with the situation of F. FIllon, an candidate who give a salary at his wife for nothing)

        3. Another media say that “Kate et William jouent (un peu) aux touristes” which can be translated by Kate and William are here as touriste (a little)

      3. Perfect name for these two: empty shells! Monsieur and Madame Coquilles Vide!
        And of course William should speak excellent French – the fact he doesn’t shows a complete absence of any thought to his current and future role.

    2. Sometimes I don’t think Catherine gets enough credit. She does try when she shows up; it’s William who looks like he really doesn’t want to be there. He seemed rather annoyed by the Kids United performance even though he probably didn’t care that they sang ‘Happy’ (an extremely popular song).

      1. I don’t know if it cares about the song or not, but I know that he looks an instant to Kate and that she seems to ignore it.
        Not so sure she is particulary ok with his week-end…

          1. Well I agree from what I can see. He looks at her but she’s not paying attention to him.

            In my mind she was a bit busy preparing for the Paris trip to obsess over the details over the ski-trip. I’m sure she heard about the model and the dad-dancing but maybe not what particular songs he was dancing to.

  19. I love the green coat. The black dress is pretty though I also agree the length is odd. That said it is nice to see her wear something a little more “trendy”. Not crazy for the long blue dress. Reminds me of a mother of the bride dress (actually a grandmother of the bride).

  20. I love the black McQueen dress. It is very sophisticated and Kate wears it well, even the belt. I’m not sold on the jewelry but I love the shoes. I am a recent convert to the ankle strap which I have avoided in the past, despite having long legs. I purchased a pair of Gianvito Rossi Portofino in beige suede and they are fabulous. I know that I am in the minority but I have yet to see a Jenny Packham dress that I like. They look cheap.

    1. I thought the ankle-strap shoes with the black dress was her most chic look in a long time. I figured she’d come prepared for a glamorous trip to Paris.

      1. Agreed. I love ankle straps. They are the only heels I can run in. I thought Kate was going for a subtle French look in that outfit.

        1. The fact that you can run in any heels is impressive! I keep telling myself that someday I’ll be able to quicken my gait but I always feel so slow in heels.

          1. It’s all about the balls of your feet & toes while running. Forget you have heels. Those just get in the way! I’ve had my share of partying days when all I wore were heels. Mind you, I still love my heels. And I think having to wear steel toed boots at work only makes me love them more.

    1. Well the total Chanel bill alone (suit, bag and belt) retails at circa 15K. But had she gone on an official trip to Paris and not worn Chanel or Dior I would have been appalled.

      1. That cost is before her alterations and customizations. She could have worn one of her many existing outfits, and accessorized with the Chanel bag and Chanel jewelry. She’s nearly top-to-toe Chanel, in an outfit that ends up being forgettable.

        1. Of course it all depends what the brand is charging her. The prices I’ve seen are retail. Even a fashion editor gets a 30% discount on retail. Sarah Brown talks about how women in the public eye are charged for clothes in her book about being the PM’s wife. I’m reading Kitty Kelly’s on Nancy Reagan at the moment. Even if freebies aren’t allowed, gifts and rentals certainly are. It’s a very, very murky area, still.

  21. I feel like I’m missing something with this look. The ice blue Packham dress on its own is stunning. I love the Edwardian feel of it. But once again, Kate is leaving me thinking “so close, but still so far”. If she’d pulled her hair into another updo and added a Rene’ Lalique style hair piece? The whole look would have been a *WOW!*.

    Heck, even just the updo instead of the half-pulled back “intern at her first fancy function” hair she has going on there.

    Here are some Rene Lalique pieces if you’re curious about what I mean:

    1. I’ve loved these ever since I watched Titanic and Kate Winslet puts one in her hair when she’s getting dressed. Just exquisite. It would have been a nice nod to her host country too. Xx

    2. Good morning all,
      I agree Quinn I think you are spot on. The WOW factor with an up do and blue evening gown accessorized would have been brilliant. Queen Maxima has that WOW effect with either jewels, accessories etc..
      I think overall the Duchess has improved and points to her. Love the Jewellery with her JP dress. Finally a pearl necklace (with her black AMc dress), you may not like this individual piece, but I confess I am a pearl girl from way back, and it is a start!
      Diana wore so many pearl pieces over the years, even her earlier collection, the Spencer pieces that we didn’t get to see as much of as time went on in favour of more updated selection were just a class act., she always looked stunning in them.

  22. I thought the black dress Kate wore was for the evening, I was all confused with the timing of events, but then I looked more closely at the pictures and saw it was daylight, so while the dress was okay, it was too dressy for the afternoon. I have already commented on the horrid pearl jewelry.
    Now, on to the evening –
    What is up with the Lord of the Dance not buttoning his tuxedos? He did that at the BAFTAs as well. Of course it is harder to bust a move when your suit jacket is buttoned.
    As for Kate, no surprises for me, but I am going to go on a bit of a rant. From far away I thought the dress was pretty enough but not a Wow, at least it was not her typical Jenny Packham look with the flowy full skirt that I do not like. Looking at the dress in some of the close ups, I had to change my mind and I really dislike this dress. I am not a fan of the color, reminds me of like a bridesmaid dress powder blue and I hate the big beading and sequin flowers at the neck and waist . I just do not like huge sequins or beads on a dress, to me they look cheap and slapped on and I am sure this dress was not cheap. That was over kill. There is something matronly about this dress, maybe it is the sleeves. This dress could have been improved and looked more stylish if it was sleeveless and had the same neckline as the black dress or if it the neckline was dropped enough just to make the top be off her shoulders. As you all know, I so dislike when Kate wears her hair this way, so childish, as someone said up-thread, a bob would be so much more sophisticated. We all know she will never change her hair, but I just had to say my piece.
    Once again, Kate leaves no lasting impression.

  23. The Jenny Packham gown is lovely and seems to be the type of dress Kate favors. She did look quite pretty, but I agree, she lacked something. Oh, as others commented, if only she had some aquamarine jewels to wear with that gown. It would have been smashing.

    The black dress was a plus, too. I liked the bodice, not the skirt’s length, though. I thought she went out of her comfort zone to choose it and that is what so many of us are always saying we’d like to see.

    For the most part, she is looking better on this short trip to Paris. Oh, how I’d love to get on a plane and visit the City of Lights, too. Just a perfect place and I wish all the people well. I know there are problems now and I hope safety rules. (All through France and other European nations, too).

    1. Although my only time visiting Paris was with school several years ago, it is such a beautiful city! But I wouldn’t want to visit it now because of the dangers of a jihadi terrorist attack…

      1. M, you must not let fear stop you visiting Paris! That is the aim of the terrorists, my daughter went at New year and she has visited both Munich and Berlin in past year too. Of course there is concern but paris has high security and I would be happy to go.

  24. Question. Why no tiara with the blue gown? Was the occasion not formal enough? Do invites specify tiaras or not? Are tiaras only for state events? Just curious if there are protocols about tiaras.

    1. The occasion was black tie, not white tie. Only white tie occasions get a tiara. Very, very rarely you will see tiaras at a black tie event from other monarchies, but never from the Brits.

      1. KMR, can you explain to me why back in the 80s and 90s Diana used to wear so many tiaras and went to so many glamourous banquets, galas, state dinners, ect… when we fast forward now royalty is not like that anymore?

        1. Because the 80s weren’t hit hard by the Great Recession like now has been.

      1. What bugged me was that Kate wore a cocktail, or evening dress, with the belt from a coat, a “day” watch, and what I would call “daywear” shoes. Styling isn’t really her thing? I’m still a bit confused as to how one of the “sugar” sites could call her look “sporty”?
        Now, imagine that dress with an updo, no watch, no belt (especially one with a wonky bow), and maybe her Sisely sandals she wore in Bhutan on her feet?
        But my main feeling is that if everyone else is wearing day wear to an event then you wear day wear too?

  25. I wish Kate would wear her hair up more, she looks much better with it styled off her face and neck. The evening dress was awful, it’s got a mother of the bride feel to it. So often she dresses like a frumpy over 50year old, or is dressed by one (her mother maybe?). I think her figure looks more balanced when she wears clothes that flare a little, and reduces the fussy details around her shoulders, her hips are too narrow for all the shoulder details she seems to like. If she doesn’t want to be a fashion icon in Paris, stick to classic styles with contemporary accessories- I liked the necklace and ring with the black dress- didn’t like the length of the dress though.

  26. This comment on Tumblr made me laugh but also cringe because it’s so wasteful.

    ‘Kate’s Chanel and Cartier outfit today was about 19 000 USD. All new other than the shoes. She might have spent around 30 000 USD for the past 24 hours. I guess that’s how you do Brexit.’

    1. You know I’m disgusted by this amount of spending. Ok I get that as a Royal you may want a Chanel outfit when visiting Paris and a new evening gown. But was it necessary to purchase a new green coat? A new day dress worn for the reception that didn’t even look professional or appropriate for the event? Can’t this woman invest in a high quality Chanel suit which she can mix and match and wear later?

  27. Obviously it’s a beautiful dress. But the thing is, with Kate there’s a lack of personality, charisma, innate style. A pretty dress is nice. But it’s the woman you should notice first. There’s a pic of Jacqueline Kennedy at Buckingham Palace for a state dinner. She wore a simple pale blue linen dress. Not nearly as fancy as Kate’s. Yet she was a knockout. Why?Because she had real style and class and mystery and beauty. She was born regal. Her dress was always secondary. Kate’s look always falls a bit flat because underneath is a dearth of substance.

      1. This was interesting. The history nerd in me loves all this stuff. Sad and saddest music being queued up! Who knew? I’m not catholic but when the papal conclave met after john Paul 11’s death, I was completely enthralled. White smoke or grey

      2. Been looking for this. Thanks Jen. <3 Fascinating stuff.

        I do love the bit about after, Charles going round the country. Meeting regular folks. Talking to people. I think that will one day be a real highlight of his reign as he does now as Prince of Wales, meeting people in pubs, hearing their worries and concerns.

        1. I love it that Charles does these things and he really seems to be interested in the rural regions and people there. That’s something he does truly well.

        2. I think that will be a significant bonding moment for Charles and the UK people. he already does move about the country, doesn’t he? He knows what’s going on so it won’t be a matter of turning up and not understanding anything about the region. I recall his pragmatism and presence of mind when he not only visited a region that had been badly flooded but also sent hampers of food to those affected.

  28. She did alright. No wardrobe malfunction. I was disappointed in the Chanel, the dangling sleeves and print sort of bugged me and I agree with others that a classic Chanel could have been a knockout. Remember when Diana went to Paris and wore Chanel? The black dress was sort of weird with the ankle straps on the heels, really cut her legs. The evening dress was a pretty dress but not a knock out. I prefer her in bolder colors, but this was prettier than the beige or blush she wore in India. I had a flash back to a scene from “My Fair Lady” when I saw the picture of Mr and Mrs Cambs coming down the stairs. Does any remember the scene when Audrey Hepburn comes down in a dress similar to Kate’s and is greeted by Rex Harrison; that was an entrance. Any way no wardrobe problems and if the style isn’t very interesting to me, she made an effort.

  29. When was it announced they would attend the guards event? I suspect Paris was organised for rugby game & as an excuse for avoiding the guards (with a legitimate work excuse) but William’s bad press necessitated attending as well! With his weekend cavorting and French rugby, he’d be roasted.

    1. It was announced a week prior to the event, before William took his ski trip, that they would attend the Irish Guards event. So the announcement of the Irish Guards event was before William took his ski trip and not in response to his bad press.

    2. Lisa, I too thought that the Paris trip was planned as a legitimate tactic to avoid the Irish Guards again, and then puffed up to be a mini diplomacy tour to increase its importance. But because people started to ask whether they would do the Irish Guards in the morning, recalling the 2016 brush-off, W+K had to add it to their itinerary in the morning. That addition came well after the announcement of the Paris trip. Goodness why they didn’t want to do it – apart from still smarting for being called out for such poor behaviour. I suspect their haughtiness drives a helluva lot with those two.

  30. William could have killed it if he had got up and danced when the kid sang ‘Happy’. Just imagine if he had acknowledged it in his speech and reacted with good humour instead of letting it be ‘the elephant in the room’. And poked a gentle bit of fun at his expense.

  31. Overall thoughts on this trip: I think these short trip lengths suit WK well and if they are going to take on more public roles and do more diplomacy, they should use these kind of short visits to their European neighbors as practice, while also keeping up a busy calendar of engagements at home. But the problem is that Kate sees it as an occasion to buy a brand new wardrobe costing tens of thousands and purchase similar looking pieces like that Chanel coat or dress that she wore. Why can’t Kate invest in high quality or bespoke dress pants and skirts and suits that she can wear many times on these diplomatic visits?

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