Kate in Chanel for Paris Day 2

Kate in Chanel for Paris Day 2

Prince William and Kate Middleton spent their second day in Paris, on March 18, visiting the Eiffel Tower and watching rugby.

William and Kate began their day at Les Invalides, which was created in 1670 by King Louis XIV to care for veterans and those injured while fighting for France, to meet veterans and victims of recent terror attacks in Paris. The royal couple met two survivors of the Bataclan shooting, Jessica and Kevin – you can read about their stories here.

William told the two survivors: “We think you are very strong and very brave, you’ve made amazing progress.”

Kate said to Kevin: “You’re a very brave man.”

The next stop for the Duke and Duchess was Musée d’Orsay, where they were shown around by the President of the museum Laurence Des Cars.

According to the Express, “Art enthusiast Kate, 35, who graduated with a 2:1 in history of art in 2005, asked lots of questions, particularly about Edouard Manet’s Olympia, a nude painted in 1863.”

William and Kate visit Musée d'Orsay in Paris March 2017
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William and Kate then visited “Les Voisins in Action”, an event to highlight the strong ties between the young people of France and the UK, at the Trocadéro near the Eiffel Tower where they met young rugby players and children from the British Council’s Somme project and young learners programs. Kate even got to hold a rugby ball.

One mother Kate spoke to said: “Kate was interested in my daughter’s toy monkey she was holding and said that George had a toy rabbit called Bun Bun.”

Oh, and of course, they posed in front of the Eiffel Tower.

William and Kate pose in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris March 2017
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

It often seems to me like I’m a lone wolf in the world of not understanding why Chanel is such a big deal. I get that it’s an old brand that many famous women have worn over the years, but whenever I see Chanel pieces I think they are either dated or just plain ugly. I just don’t get the appeal.

So Kate’s bespoke Chanel tweed coat (which is based on a $9,800 coat from the SS17 pre-collection) does absolutely nothing for me. In fact, it reminds me of two coats I loathe: the Missoni “Long Snake Stitch Coat” and the Erdem Resort 2016 coat. The only redeeming quality that this coat has is that it doesn’t look like it’s strangling her. If you have to wear Chanel tweed, fine, but does it have to be dark and depressing?

Also, I can’t stand when brands use their logo as decoration like Chanel and Louis Vuitton do, so this Chanel belt is ugly to me. Kate also carried a burgundy Chanel Calfskin Bag with Enamel Handle from the Fall/Winter 2015/2016 Collection. I still like her Tod’s Fringe Buckle pumps, though. I know Kate’s Day 1 looks weren’t a huge hit, but I like them way better than Day 2’s. Day 2 is so underwhelming.

For jewelry, Kate went straight Cartier with her old watch, new Trinity Earrings (£1,640), and new Trinity Necklace (£1,520). I also don’t understand the appeal of the Cartier Trinity line. So yeah, this whole outfit, aside from the shoes, is a bust for me.

Cartier Trinity Earrings s Cartier Trinity Necklace

William, as Patron of the Welsh Rugby Union, and Kate then attended the Wales v France 6 Nations Rugby game at the Stade de France.

Kate wore red for the rugby game since she’s there supporting Wales (who lost), opting for her red Carolina Herrera CH AW16 coat which she debuted in Canada. Kate also wore something with a black turtleneck underneath the coat, black gloves, and apparently the black booties she wore in New York. Kate kept the same earrings and purse from earlier in the day.

Engagements where the royals just sit in the stands and watch sports are my least favorite because they typically offer the least interesting photos. Like any other sports event, this one had lots of photos of Kate giving reaction shots and the two of them chatting and smiling to each other. But I love this photo, where Kate gives no sh-ts about what William is saying.

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  1. I know everyone will be talking about the clothes, but can I just point out that this was supposed to be a soft diplomacy charm offensive? Fail. It was a string of photo ops. Nothing was accomplished, and no one was impressed. What a pair of lightweights.

    1. Is anything ever really accomplished with these types of visits, by any royal? Unless they are a head of state or bring a business delegation with them, just showing up to various sites or events doesn’t really accomplish much of anything except to meet people. Hell, the vast majority of royal engagements by all royals is just to show up and meet people, and nothing is truly accomplished. The royals really don’t do much.

      1. You make a good point, KMR. This visit was a bit vague but that’s on the Foreign Office far more than W&K in this case. They are pitching these two as Brexit ambassadors – I think they’ve done far more for the Paris tourist board in the past two days. It didn’t really focus on British/French links. Could they not have split W and K up for bits? Her to see the museum, him to visit businesses or at least cover more ground somewhere else?

        Kate seemed more relaxed and engaged than recently, William was the usual charisma free zone.

        1. All that would do is increase security costs. No one would benefit and it would split news. What I’d like to see them do is eat at a Mom and Pop restaurant and watch as that business goes through the roof for those who like to follow in royal footsteps.

          1. That’s a great idea. I wonder if shops near the bombings have recovered their trade yet? If it’s still a bit wobbly, it would have been good to patronise those shops, make an absolute point of doing so. If anything would endear W+K to the French and perhaps have the UK better thought of, it would have that act of support.

      2. Disagree. The visit was designed, from my understanding, to reassure the French of the maintenance of warm and friendly relationships with Britain, following the Brexit vote. It is essential long term partners be kept in the family after all. So there was a huge amount of expectation and diplomacy beneath the visit, KMR. Royal visits always bear a strong meaning. You ought to know better, by now.

        1. Ditto. In today’s world a royal visit is still a high honour a constitutional monarchy can bestow on another country (however ironical that may sound). By receiving the royal couple the French government already appreciated this diplomatic gesture of Britain. The best-case scenario of a royal tour is when the guests themselves are charismatic, so not only the government, but the people of the visited country are also impressed (this is what I believe King George VI and Queen Elizabeth had achieved with their pre-war Canadian tour in 1939). It’s a pity that William & Kate are not yet able to deliver optimum outcomes with a royal tour, after multiple practices done in Canada, Asia, etc.

          1. From Clem’s comments I’m not sure the French care about these lazy two. The President didn’t look honoured, why on earth should he? If he’d been so honoured I think he would have joined them at the rugby.
            And I agree with others they should split up and cover more ground, and do something more gritty and less touristy. This is work not a holiday with a chance to show off new frocks.

        2. But NutellaPot, surely having the UK trade minister or even someone with knowledge of international relations and decision making authority would accomplish more than a symbolic visit by part-time royals?
          Granted it may not be as well publicised but it may probably instill more confidence in those tasked with negotiating the post Brexit relationship between France and the UK.

    2. I’m puzzled to see how this visit did anything in the ‘soft diplomacy’ area. It looked like another self-serving, make-work and costly set of soft options to add to CC numbers for both of them and provide photo ops. What are the action points from a visit to a museum, the rugby, the Eiffel Tower, or even meeting those hurt by bombings? Looks very much like a mini-holi tour with expensive receptions thrown in to make it look important. W+K’s responses were sympathetic but empty. And why must Kate’s only conversation point be about George’s toy? Has she nothing else?

      The French papers, courtesy of Clem, saying that William and Kate had ‘fictional jobs’ sums it up accurately.

      1. The remark of fictional jobs comes from comments on an article of the press, and not the French papers directly.
        But on HuffPost FR, they say that Will and Kate were tourists (a little bit).

    3. Did anyone notice the emphasis on nude paintings (in a Daily Fail article I think it was) the duo commented on/asked about? I thought it was a funny dig at them based on their past history there.

      Totally underwhelmed with the fashion sense, but what else is new…

    4. +1

      The lightweight and disregard of these two was so strong, the French could seranade whiny bill with his lack of respect for the Commonwealth, the Monarchy HM POW the power that is GB.

      This was all photo op….and shaming. HM BP made sure to use their own coutiers/stylist to demand chutney middleton didn’t further shame TQ with malfunctions.

  2. My comment to Kate’s coat? That’s Chanel? Really? Maybe it was the way she wore it that made it look uninteresting? If I was buying Chanel I’d buy a classic piece that won’t date, like one of the jackets.
    The Cartier earrings are dull.
    As for the bag? I remember my Mum carrying exactly that bag, in the 1980s.
    And the red coat for the rugby? When buying double breasted jackets or coats it is always a good idea to check where the top buttons sit #nipplebuttons

    1. Yes! The nipple buttons are just weird.

      I don’t mind the coat, but I think it would look better without the tacky ‘look, I’m wearing Chanel!’ belt (and the bag is tacky as well).

    2. Leave it to Kate to ruin Chanel. Chanel has a lot of beautiful and amazing stuff. My mom has a Chanel clutch that I covet and borrow when I have weddings to go to. I give up on Kate.

      1. Of course she ruins everything because her taste sucks. That Chanel “dress” is really a coat and is meant to have something underneath it. And the coat did not have the belt with the logo on it. That was added by Kate and her own trashy taste. It’s bizarre to wear a coat as a dress, especially when she has so many items specifically worn as coat dresses.

        As for the coat with nipple level buttons. Ugh. Again so tacky. This is Kardashian level fashion sense with just a bit more covered up.

        As for Keen Kate asking a whole bunch of questions about Manet? That sounds like someone didn’t actually pay attention to any of her art history classes. Manet is one of the major names that even non art history people should know about. His Olympia picture is well known, especially for an art history major. It would be like an English major asking how many tragedies Shakespeare wrote… if you didn’t learn it in school then you were slacking.

        This trip didn’t have any point to it though. Just bad fashion and awkward faces, as usual.

        1. I think Kate proved long ago that she didn’t actually study with her “Faberge egg” comment. As for comparing Kate to the Kardashians. LOL!!! I remember seeing way back a collage that compared the fashion between the Middletons and the Kardashians. It was so spot on! I wish I could find it. But if you google Kardashian vs Middleton style, there are a lot of pictures that come up.

          As for the whole showing off the label thing…. I hate that! It screams “look at me and what I can afford!”. People with actual class don’t do that. They know their stuff and don’t need to make it a point of showing it off. Kate has zero class here.

  3. I really love the Chanel outfit. But what really caught my eye was the missing crotch clutch. I can’t remember when I saw a picture of Kate without crotch clutch. She looks so much better with her arms not clutched in front of her….

    1. “She looks so much better with her arms not clutched in front of her….” Agree Greta, it is always a surprise when I see Kate walking with her arms beside her. I like it. She should do it more.

      1. I agree. I never understand how she crotch clutches. It’s so awkward and unnatural! I tried it once just to see what it’s like and couldn’t even do it for more than 5 steps.

  4. Why the burgundy with the coat? Also why the tacky Chanel logo belt? Gah. I like the coat, though. The bag looks identical to one Diana had, I remember seeing loads of pictures of her with it. At least it’s a real bag and not a clutch! I’d have done red or turquoise to match the colors in the coat and no belt.

    It’s just photo ops and pretend work for these two, I doubt they can handle much else like some other tours–ie Charles and Camilla have gone on visits to other countries visiting companies that work with the UK and so on, or places with a British influence/interest/where ex-pats are, why couldn’t W&K do the same? Or stuff heavier hitting like Camilla visiting refugee centers and sexual assault centers and women’s centers but that’s not possible for Kate I guess to do anything on her own. It’s a shame because they could these things, they just don’t have the ability or care to do so. (I loved Camilla’s big bold statement on their visit to the Middle East with her AMAZING female body guards! Imagine Kate doing something like that. Such a statement, but she’s too self-centered I think…)

    $30k+ on clothes and so on in two days. Appalling, friends.

    1. The Chanel fabric with its composite colours was beautiful; however, Kate’s re-design of this outfit was just dreary. The original version of this suit was far more edgy, but would Kate have wanted the draping fabric to obscure her slim body? Don’t think so. The jewellery is so bland; why even bother? The bag matched no colour in the suit. I honestly think Kate has too much time on her hands, too much money, just spending to alleviate boredom. I’m sure she’s forgotten about most of the wardrobe she has already acquired. So wasteful.

  5. You’re absolutley right, KMR, that’s the same thing I thought about the Chanel coat, it’s indeed depressing. Why not use an elegant, good-to-the-eyes colour? I like the bag though you have to hold it in an unnatural way, I ‘ve always loved those shoes and still do.
    Les musées in Paris are beautiful. They have great exposés there, and of course la tour Eiffel!

  6. The price of a bespoke non-couture dress starts at £15 k. Also, Chanel has been such a mess the last 5+ years that I’m not surprised the look failed. Posing in front of the Tower, how cheesy.

  7. Immediately following the Bataclan Kate took a secretive trip to France for ??. I can’t separate the two. Not much royal sympathy then. They are charm free, so to imagine them as envoys is ridiculous.

    1. Sorry Lisa, I don’t understand. Are you saying Kate had a private visit somewhere after the Bataclan meeting? I agree, though, that W+K are indeed charm free.

      1. Oh sorry, I meant after the actual tragic Bataclan terrorist attack, didn’t Kate do a private visit to France (private jet? possibly sans William and children for, it was rumoured, a private family party or for a ‘refresh’). Possibly I have misremembered but I thought kate was insensitive to jet off to France at that time, not to help but for private fun, when the whole country was in mourning. Now I think of it, was it immediately after the Nice attacks? Horrible to say, but there have been so many devastating incidences. Possibly I’m completely wrong on Kate’s timing and visits.

          1. I remember that, there was speculation that:
            a) They were visiting the Nanny’s family over the border
            b) Kate was visiting her own family
            c) Kate was getting a face lift
            d) The children were with her
            e) The children weren’t with her
            f) William and the children were with her
            g) They flew on the Duke of Westminsters private jet

            Then something came out about the hotel they stayed at, there were pictures but not of them. It was in the Daily Mail and I’m sure it was discussed here also.

        1. I just recall that Kate/family went after a terrorist attack had occurred and their trip would have diverted French police from where they were needed to be security for the Cambridge’s. Anyone not self-absorbed in their own pleasure would have postponed the trip, given the circumstances.

          1. The press reported on the airport they used in Spain and the hotel they stayed in France… the issue was them going to France so soon after a terrorist event and France having to provide them some security.
            I would suspect it was a facelift or some kind of surgery. Her face looks tighter in the last few months, and that cannot be fixed without some kind of surgical intervention.

          2. I can’t imagine they read newspapers or watch the news.they don’t appear to be well informed on many issues. Or they do live in a bubble and think with their protection they are safe.

  8. http://www.gettyimages.co.nz/license/654773544



    She looks very tired and very troubled in these unphotoshopped pictures I found on Gettys, either she is just exhausted after all the activities or else there really is trouble behind the scenes. Very interesting to see photos of Kate that have been taken by a foreign photographer who hasn’t felt the need to digitally alter them, she looks so very ordinary, and like a woman in her fifties. I figured her photos were usually photoshopped, but I didn’t realise they were altered to quite the degree they are, it is a great shame because it concerns me that young and impressionable women see her photos and think you can be so thin and still be healthy and glowing when in fact they are looking at photos of an unhealthy looking woman whose image has been altered beyond recognition.

    1. Wow! That double cheek is impressive! I just tried to move my face in every possible direction to recreate that Kate effect, but no double cheek. What am I doing wrong??? Not enough starving? Not enough fillers? What is it?

    2. Yes, the photoshopping is amazing. Takes 15 years off her face. She has deep nasal labial fold lines, which are greatly softened in photoshopped photos. She looks at least 40.

      Fat is what fills out the face, so when you diet you lose body fat (yay) and facial fat (boo). It’s why skinny people look older, they dont have fat to keep their faces plump. And fatter folks tend to have more youthful faces. You can’t have both (naturally).

      1. Isn’t the French actress Catherine Deneuve who said at around age 40 one must choose between one’s derriere and one’s face. Kate is close to the age decision and I think she has chosen both. The consequence of that is apparent

      2. I read some where (pretty sure it was celebitchy) that she is probably a closet smoker because she was during the girlfriend days. It would help explain her skin as well. Someone on here mentioned that they had met her in person and she was beautiful so maybe she doesn’t photograph very well

        1. we need some of the U.K. Posters to actually get us a visual and report back! And get us some up photoshopped pics! I was going to trek up to Canada and see them but bought a fab pair of boots instead =)

        2. A friend of mine who worships Kate said she looked haggard, drawn, much older than she should look, and very thin; she was SHOCKED. Met her in Australia.

  9. I thought this was a dress rather than a coat, but I suppose with Kate they are one and the same. She didn’t take off her coat when meeting the President yesterday which seemed rude to me. Either way for the price this is disappointing, I would much prefer the classic Chanel suit which I think would look great on Kate’s slim, straight figure.
    A boring weekend overall, but thank you for keeping going til the end, and thanks to Clem, whose local knowledge has been very interesting.

    1. She had nothing under the coat except perhaps a very short dress or slip judging by it flying up at the Irish Guards event.

      1. I agree Ellie but that’s strange isn’t it? A warm winter coat and nothing on underneath . She had lunch at the Guards ….did she leave her coat on?

        1. Not only that, she traveled to Paris in it and met Hollande. The fly-up of the coat didn’t reveal a skirt; it would have been ultra-short if so.

  10. I like her Chanel coat but that’s all (I prefer this at the Missoni coat)
    I hate her jewellery (I prefer Letizia jewellery in general : color, variety of style….)
    Like KMR and others, the logo Chanel is not my taste.

    I am happy that France wins the game after 100 minutes (normally it ends after 80 minutes)!
    Honestly apart from the Rugby match and the Invalides, the other engagements lasts less 45 minutes (I think)

    For the photos at the Tour Eiffel, my obsession of symetry wants to move Kate and William to left.

    Birdy : on RD, people make the remark taht Kate keep her green coat because when Diana comes one time in Paris the first clothes that she wore was a green tailor.

      1. Not much coverage : on TV and on the press.
        I wonder if we ask French people that they were in Paris and what they did, what will be the answer.

        1. Yes, I’m in France and it was only mentioned in passing on the news. Everything is dominated by the elections.

  11. I am very turned off by this tour and Kate’s Chanel did nothing for me. The coat was very blah, and a grand display of wealth in my opinion. Just blah. The belt was cheap looking and the bag didn’t match. Blah again. I agree with Karen, that I don’t get it about the Chanel. There are a ton of French designers and Chanel honestly seems tacky. I live on Los Angeles right now and all you see are those overpriced bags dangling off a crossbody style. Tacky. I hate Logos too unless they are more of a pattern, but the letters are a big no for me. I refuse to be a walking advertisement for Louis Vuitton or Gucci and Chanel, well I can’t even afford it but no way. Not even if I won the lottery.

    Red coat was “Look at me, look at me.” nice, but just don’t get why she had to wear red.

    For Kate to tell the survivor “You’re a very brave man.” was generic and although I didn’t hear it on videos, it makes it sound like she’s already ready to get out of there.

    Overall, her hair looks nice but nothing special.

    1. It’s so generic a response for somebody who is apparently well versed in mental health. She could at least be specific, that he is brave for meeting with them and talking about what was a devastating and traumatic time for him. Nope, inaudible murmurs instead. At least, she didn’t bring up her kids.

    2. Re. the red coat. She didn’t wear it to scream “look at me”, she wore it because red is the colour of the Welsh rugby team which she was there to support. So in my opinion, it was a well chosen colour.

    3. I don’t buy logos either. Like with Coach, I will buy a purse that isn’t covered in their emblem. I don’t like Kate’s belt because of the cheesy logo. Some people see it as a status symbol. They want the world to know they are wearing a designer brand. And since most people can’t tell who others are wearing the logo shows off the designer brand. I think it is totally tacky. They are paying a to of money to advertise for the designer, lol

    4. I don’t buy nice things so I can be a walking advertisement for the company. I buy them becuase it’s usually a piece that I hope will last and paying for (hopefully) superior workmanship/quality. My aunt bought me one of the LV bags with the LV all over and I only use it when I home and know I’ll see her. I would have exchanged for a different piece if it wouldn’t have hurt her feelings, now I have a nice purse I almost never use
      I also have a problem with paying $30-40 for something like a basic tee. I want something to wear under my scrubs or just around the house, I want something that cost $10 hello target!

      1. +1 I hate spending a lot of money for something super basic. I also hate spending money for something designer when you’re really paying for the name rather than quality of work.

        1. It’s why I buy everything on clearance at nice-ish shops like JCrew and Banana Republic. Good quality, but you can get a tee for under $10! I got an amazing dress at JCrew for $12 that was marked down from like $150. lol

      2. That’s why I’m always hitting up the thrift stores for shirts that are a few years old. Women’s t-shirts keep getting made of less and less fabric, and I want a t-shirt that goes down past my hips.

        1. I normally go for men’s tshirts because I find that they only make fitted short tees for women and if I am wearing a t shirt I want something comfy.

    5. I think she wore Chanel to channel Diana: on her first visit to France, Diana was, apparently, very nervous, and thought of just wearing Chanel head to toe to offset her inexperience and lack of French. This is a rather blah attempt to both be Diana 2.0, and to spend £££ on bespoke Chanel that does not stun.

  12. I really like the Chanel outfit ( sleeves are a bit big though) and thought she looked great. The jewelry was pretty boring by itself though. Her hair looked nice. I liked the red coat but the nipple buttons are kinda tacky.

  13. The picture of Kate resting her head on Will at the rugby is sweet, I do the same thing when I’m out with my husband and I’m bored/tired/want a cuddle. As others before me have said, a classic, fitted Chanel suit would have been worth the money and could have been worn as a separate as well as together. I love the colours on the coat, perhaps not spring appropriate but elegant, classic colours. Hopefully she will wear it to death, as a Chanel coat should be.

    1. I think there will come a time (hopefully soon) that top end designers will disallow Kate bespoke items. Maybe they already have which would explain the poor tailoring we regularly see? I always love to see the comparison between outfits as the Designer intended (on the catwalk) and Kate’s efforts. She really does suck the life out of them and this Chanel suit is a case in point. Why oh why does she take really good, exciting outfits and make them so boring? I can’t imagine Karl Lagerfield is a happy man after this weekend…

      KMR – that would be a good topic? The catwalk originals versus Kate’s ‘style’? I appreciate she can’t wear anything too revealing (sarcasm!) but goodness knows there are enough clothes in the world she can choose something else instead of butchering couture. How anyone can wear Chanel and not look awesome is a real achievement, Well Done Kate! I have zero interest in fashion but I was excited then disappointed at this. I remember when Carla Bruni visited the UK a few years ago, head to toe in Dior and man, she rocked the look! She looked incredible. Kate is so meh in comparison. What a waste of money and fashion!

      1. I myself was wondering the same thing. Did Chanel re-do the coat for her or did Tash get out her sewing machine? I don’t think KL and team at CC would like that very much. Like any of the great French houses. I think Kate and her sycophant Tash think they are impressing everyone with their “whack it off” tailoring. I can see Carole’s influence there too. They have this “spent lots of cash at Herrods/Selfridges/Zara’s et al, and the sales clerk says this works ” idea of what style is…if it doesn’t make her look skinny, or it detracts in any way from showing off how slender I am; then lob it off and sew it up. Because Kate will never have have the personality to pull off real Chanel and Carole is still dressing in her off-royal time like a 20 year old. It’s all about showing off their slim body; which they equate with youth. Trouble with that is all the starving, and workouts actually make them look older and gaunt. A woman Carole’s age who is grandmother of a future King should not be wearing hiphugger jeans in her off camera time..they are, really just clueless when it comes to style. I know more stylish people who work in our VA Hospital for 30,000 usd a year. Just like the Vogue portfolio, she’s just plain a afraid of “fashion”.

    2. I don’t think she is resting her head on William’s shoulder. She has her black gloved hands around her face and is rather behind William’s shoulder. Similar like her faces and gestures at Wimbledon.

  14. I know that I am probably in the minority here but I liked both outfits Kate wore. Chanel is a nice nod to the country they were visited and I actually find the pattern nice and befitting the occasion. After all, their primary visit was to Les Invalides and they met with survivors from the terrorist attacks. It was subdued, not screaming look at me. And I think the colour of the bag and shoes looked great with the coat. Much better than going with blue all over.
    I also liked the red coat as red is the Welsh rugby team colour so it was appropriate to wear it.

    1. Their primary visit wasn’t Les Invalides.

      It came out first that they were going for a rugby game because William is Patron of Welsh football and he was supporting his team in their final game in the annual six nations tournament. If the game had ended up in Scotland, that is where he would have been this weekend.

      After that came out, the Foreign office stepped in to add some engagements to the trip and that’s when it expanded to more days and a mini tour.

      1. Sorry, my mistake 🙂 I was actually reading about this “tour” with a side-eye if you can say so. Didn’t pay much attention but I remember Les Invalides catching my eye. Anyway, this doesn’t negate my opinion that the outfit she chose was fine 🙂

      2. So that explains the hodgepodge feel of this holitour. All very piecemeal with no clear intent or message. They were stuck on thinking they would just attend the rugby match.

        1. There was still enough time to prepare properly for this tour if they would have bothered.
          I think their PR staff asked the Foreign office to ask the Cambridges to add some engagements in order to make them look more busy and important.

  15. I like the Chanel coat but don’t love it. I hope it is a piece she wears again (and again) as it is a lot of money and is high quality. The belt is too much, I would say even tacky. I Like the change to a handbag. But, I feel if she’s going to wear Chanel either highlight the coat or bag. I do like the thicker heel both here and the black ankle strap on the day before. The Eiffel Tower pictures look like two kids told to stand in front of something famous but they’re not interested but do as they are told since they don’t want to cause trouble. I remember my parents taking us as tweens to Disney and we have pictures standing in front of various characters with the exact same stiff poses and smiles. There was a picture with them in front of the Eiffel tower with rugby kids which was far
    better. The CH coat is a lovely coat aside from those weirdly placed buttons. I think all of Kate’s choices were nice this trip. I’ve read some terrific praise, but I’m rather neutral. Thankfully, No odd quotes this trip that I know…I am glad George’s stuffed rabbit has a normal name he obviously chose. I think these short trips in Europe are a bit more understandable than 2 weeks in India for being ambassadors of the U.K. The BRF does better with far flung destinations with Charles and Camilla, who bring up difficult topics more often. Harry’s Nepal trip was great at highlighting tough topics too. I’d be really curious to visit an art museum with Kate. I want to see how interested she appears and what questions she asks, as she is an art history graduate.

  16. The art museum visit highlights a personal disappointment I have with Kate. I was really looking forward to her being a duchess since I was imagining a huge focus on the arts. I thought she would be highlighting new artists, attending plays/dance/exhibits/museums, maybe doing a documentary on art in the palaces. I know she does the Art Room and we’ve seen her do crafts with kids, which is cute. But, I was sure she’d be regularly visiting schools and interacting with kids encouraging investment in the arts in school curriculum and encouraging families to develop passion for the arts in their children. So far, big disappointment. It’s led me to believe, fairly or not, that her dedication to art history was more of a convenience than a true interest. Seeing the inside of KP with the Obamas made me even more aware. Others chose the paintings for that day, and one was inappropriate for the visit.

    1. Didn’t she choose Art History because that’s what William choose. I’m not sure what she’s truly interested in except for hockey and tennis.

      1. Many classmates have said that she used to copy notes from other people as well as their test answers. Kate has asked the stupidest questions about art since the. to confirm she is not a bright light and really didn’t learn much of anything at St Andrews except how to catch a prince.

        1. Yes I read on Jezebel that she used to copy answers from her classmate but acted dumb when the girl gave her homework to copy.

      2. Yes, she did AH because William did. He did so poorly he was going to drop out (they’d never boot him out), so they let him switch to Geography; he did better but the 2:1 degree, from what I understand,was given to him when he hadn’t earned it and probably got into the bottom third.

        1. That is true Ellie. I just read that the headmaster said they didn’t want William to leave, so they switched his major and made sure nothing stood in his way. William was having difficulty with the work load at University, so they altered everything for him. It sounded like he didn’t really earn his degree, but the school didn’t want to loose him, so they just catered to him-like everyone else in his life.

          As for Kate, supposedly Art History is the easier degree and women take it when they are going to University to just find a husband. I think Kate probably doesn’t care that much about Art, she just wanted the easiest subject at University.

          1. Hey don’t knock the art history degree! =) I loved my classes (not a major tho) I’m thinking I should go back and get one becuase i’m thinking retired me would like to be a docent in a museum
            I Just want to be a professional student!

          2. It is a common misconception that Art History is an easy degree. It isn’t – it requires a lot of work. Not just on the art itself but also on theory, history, etc. (and some of that cultural theory is very difficult to read). Furthermore, you ought at least to be able to read French and German besides English. The latter is not an official demand (especially in the English speaking world) but it was an unspoken requirement where I studied in Copenhagen. We had texts in English, Danish, Swedish, German and French in our curriculum from year one.

        1. Firm believer in lifelong learning and bettering oneself too ? One of my goals is to do my Masters in English Literature and focus on Middle English and even Old English.

  17. I think she looked ok. It’s a nice outfit but for Chanel, I expected more. I’ll give Chanel bigger fail than Kate here.
    I guess the Foreign office was forced to call this a soft diplomacy tour by KP. It is so very, very, very light and touristy.

    1. I wonder if BP/KP struggle to find things that William and Kate are prepared to do? This latest Parisian sojourn seems like a vanity exercise – soft diplomacy, Brexit ambassadors – when W+K have no skills or experience to offer. What did they achieve?

      The trip came across as some well-placed adults having to entertain them. The rest is a rugby game with touristy things thrown in to pad out the day. Expensive for the taxpayer. Did the crowds seem small? It seemed to be mainly children dragooned in to wave flags or do an activity.

      The saddest image in the DM was when W+K kept their eyes firmly focused on an official when one of the soldiers they’d been speaking to became overwhelmed and broke down. No stopping to comfort him. I do find it objectionable that vulnerable people are trotted out for the royal photo op.

      1. Hey can you give the link ot that image?

        The event with children playing rugby : I am not sure that it is specific to Kate and William. They are often events like this before a great match or a championship.

          1. They should leave veteran events to Harry, he’s much more compassionate than these two. They embody the Brits are cold fish saying. there’s a difference in being professional or just being a robot

      2. Wow I hadn’t seen that photo with the crying soldier. How sad. I think it’s difficult to find events for these 2. Apart from wanting to do the minimum amount of work, both of them aren’t comfortable interacting with people. They are closed-off, William sometimes comes off as arrogant or insensitive and Kate as unprepared and insecure. The palace officials have a tough case on their hands. But if I were them, I would scrap mental health and anything requiring some detailed reading or empathy. They are more suited to things like sports and ribbon cutting. Heck I would get Carole in the act, have her be part of the planning meetings. Maybe she would be so happy to be included that she would push these 2 to do more or at least her daughter to do more.

        1. I think William thinks that because he lost his Mother at such a young age, he is the only person who has been through that horrible experience. No one else’s pain could possibly mean as much as his. Part of being coddled all these years as the heir. He just walls off because he was never really forced to accept the fact that other people loose their Mother’s when they are young. For me, it has made me more compassionate and helpful to those I meet who are going through it. I may or may not feel sorry for him, I still haven’t decided if his assinity is his own fault or of the powers that be, that created the monster!

          1. I think that W is a petulant child because he can be. Nobody to call him on his arrogance. Instead loads of people who enable his stunted emotional growth. That for a short time he was a good looking young man who was the center of the universe for his spoiled rich kid friends fuels this conceit. Now look at him, an underachieving joke of a “man.” Even if he had not been left motherless at a young age I doubt W would be any different than the shifty, idle primadonna he is today.

        2. How very painful to witness the poor soldier’s pain. Surely, it was one quick photo and then tell me, please, that W and K responded with kindness toward him. I could not bear to think otherwise.

          They do seem rather closed off. Yes, William lost his Mum years ago and the pain, I realize does not leave, but he must have some kind of empathy for the pain of others. Or, am I naive? And, Kate? I am saddened if she did not reach out to this man. Just looking at the photo made me want to comfort him and W and K were right there in front of him!

          1. There were photos galore in that DM puff piece; if W+K had comforted the soldier, I’m pretty sure they’d be a photo… If they had done so, I would give them kudos a thousand times over.

          2. Harry lost his mum at an even younger age and yet he can still interact with people and be sympathetic. William is just an entitled ass.

          3. And, Harry has a totally different personality. He is his Mum in that arena. Still, I am shocked that William and Kate did not console this man. Shame!

        1. I know, it is. And these two idiots ignoring it. I hope they offered some comfort. A touch on the shoulder. A hug. Stuff Harry would instinctively do. Even Charles would for his reputation for being strict/stern/and into protocol.

  18. So now we know that France and Britain are still friends courtesy of W & K.
    Is the Chanel Kate wore a coat or a dress? Not that it matters, because she made it look totally dull. Also just because you wear Chanel clothing does that mean you have to put on a double C belt and carry a Chanel bag? The jewelry might have been Cartier, but like the majority of Kate’s jewelry not statement making. This is the best Kate can do.
    The CH coat, just more of the same style from Kate but with less buttons.

    1. I remember a fashion columnist writing it is incredibly gauche to wear head-to-toe designer. Try hard and screams fashion victim.

      Wear one-two pieces, then fill out the rest of the outfit with inexpensive, non-designer gear. A classic Chanel suit paired with a plain shell or even a t-shirt, simple non-designer accessories, etc. Black trousers and black shirt paired with a black-and-white Chanel jacket. Don’t be a walking logo with every piece you’re wearing.

      KMR, I don’t get the Cartier trinity stuff either but it has been around a long time. Both Diana and Fergie had the trinity ring as a pinkie ring.

      p.s. KM/Tash. Burgundy accessories do not “go” with the bright red and light pink in the suit fabric.

      1. Kate has chose the most boring pieces of the Trinity collection. Furthermore the Trinity collection is rather bland – the Cartier Cactus Collection or the Paris Nouvelle Vague Collection are far more interesting aesthetically.


        There are some very good contemporary jewellery designers in France and I find it a shame that Kate went for expensive but bland jewellery from a famous firm instead of unique pieces from a lesser known jeweller. like fx Lydia Courteille, Susanne Syz or Delfina Delettrez.

    2. The handbag was ridiculous the way she semi-clutched it. She seemed totally lost without her usual clutch bag.

      The Chanel coat/dress, was so boring. The classic suit would have been so amazing! This ensemble, might have looked better in a softer color. The look was just awful, imo.

      Whenever I think of the classic Chanel, I remember studying photos of Jackie O when she was First Lady. She knew how to wear designer clothing Those Chanel suits are timeless and have an elegance that take one’s breath away.

      Kate in the red coat with the matchy matchy buttons was back to the norm. She did so well the other day fashion-wise. I’m bored again by her choices in these photos.

      1. I liked the Chanel, but I also can’t stand fashion logos on clothing so the belt spoiled the outfit a bit for me. Still, thought it was her best look. If she would cut her hair in the same style as Anne Llewellyn, she would look so much more alert and attractive. The long, dead looking strands detract from whatever she wears.

        1. I agree about the haircut but I also think this is the best her hair has looked in a long time, dye job is good and her hair doesn’t look as dried out as usual. I’d almost put it back to hair-glorious days.
          I wonder if a bob would actually emphasize the harshness her face now has? Maybe a lob?

          1. Sarah, I say a bob because if you look at her over the top hairsoooooooootyles, they actually would look gorgeous if she lobbed off six inches. IMHO

        2. Kate would look great with a cut a la Scarlet Johanssen. She is clearly of the opinion that the hair is what makes her look, even though some of the hair isn’t hers… But her face is hard, and the long curls really don’t work with that. I’d hope that a radical cut would also see her ditch frumpy matron and up her clothing game to Charlene standards. However, Kate looked fresher in Paris and with the Irish Guards so something’s working, unless the pics were digitally altered.

      2. Jackie Kennedy is a perfect example of dressing beautifully by dressing simply (although she also was roundly criticized for her spending on clothes). However, Jackie brought so much more than how to wear clothes. She spoke French and Spanish fluently, and used those skills to great advantage on foreign trips. She also loved art history and used that passion to meticulously restore the White House to its historical beauty and with a great understanding of history. KM has none of these skills and doesn’t care about anything because it’s paramount to her to be taken care of, never to give back.

        1. Yes, Indiana. And, she brought the focus back to the arts. She offered so many great musicians the opportunity to play at State Dinners. She was elegant, educated and a fashion icon. She also had an aura of mystery about her. She didn’t give all the crazy interviews so many American “celebs” do. And, she was celebrated. I always felt that she was someone who worked hard, but was into her privacy and more into her children. Despite the fishbowl existence and the horrific death of the President, she raised decent kids. She would have died if she had been alive to witness the tragic loss of her son. The Kennedy curse is just too much for some of the family members to bear.

          As for Caroline Kennedy, she does little to wow me in any way. I think it is so sad that her parents and her beloved brother are gone. I am sure she adores her children, but I wonder how happy her marriage has been.

          1. Yes, I was thinking how she brought the arts to the forefront during her time as First Lady. Pablo Casals performing in the WH among many other greats.

            I guess my takeaway when people talk about her as a fashion icon is that yes, I love looking at photos of her fashion, but she really was so much more. No matter who you are, if you don’t have substance and inner vitality, no fashionable frock will transform you into someone interesting.

            I also read that in the beginning Jacki felt she was a disappointment to JFK because she wasn’t interested in politics. She even called herself a dud. But she found something to be excited about and contributed a great deal. KM is nothing like that because she has no interests beyond making sure she is taken care of. I do feel sorry for her children..

          2. Hi, Indiana:

            I have always been interested in reading about Jackie. You are right, she was more than a fashionista! She was someone the country looked up to for her ability to bring the arts to life.

            The White House was a shambles when the Kennedys moved in and she worked so hard to restore it to splendor. My mom remembers watching a tour that Jackie gave of the President’s home on TV. She was just a girl when it aired, but she said, the nation was riveted to that tour.

            And, to have been so dignified and such a comfort to her countrymen when her husband was so brutally killed! Everything I have ever read shows that she honored his memory, but also lifted the hearts of the mourning Americans, too. She then tried to slip off and have a private life. Not too easy for a widowed First Lady!

            In the years after her children were older, she went on to pursue a career in publishing and live the life she may have wanted when she was younger. She also was a champion for neglected landmarks in NYC. Her work to save Grand Central Station will always be remembered. She understood history and beauty! She lived a life of grace and charm. I think her biggest achievements, though, were her children. She loved them and tried to give them the best — not just money-wise, but in every other way, too.

  19. KMR, thank you for your superb coverage of this trip.

    Someone posted on another site that W&KM always look like two children attending a Bring Your Child to Work day. They don’t seem to have a clue what to do. I kind of doubt that it’s the fault of the Foreign Office. People with imagination and verve take the raw material of a trip or project and stamp the task with their own signature talents and personality. With W&KM they don’t have any interests or intelligence to offer. The BRF is stuck with two duds who suck the life out of everything.

    So little is expected of KM that if she shows up there is a sigh of relief given her erratic penchant for not creating expectations of any kind. W is the bigger disappointment given he was born to the life. His lack decency in not polishing his pathetic French is just plain arrogance. KM’s question about the names of the toy bunny is pathetic.

      1. After, experiencing the vast wasteland of William and Kate on weeklong tours, it looks like KP has figured out that William and Kate are only suited for these 2 or 3 day foreign visits because after that it just gets boring.They just mouth platitudes and exhibit no credible enthusiasm for anything.

  20. Unpopular opinion: I think Kate looks really nice and on this Paris trip she has been looking healthier than she usually does.

    1. I think I and many others agree with you…she looks nice. But for £30K +++ for 24 hours I would expect and hope for more. That is more than the average annual U.K. Wage.
      She does look well, but so would I if I only worked 1 day a week and had multiple servants.
      We expect so much more of her. This trip was not a disaster, no flashing , remarks were not quite as inane as they can be, but there’s just nothing that to me as a UK taxpayer justifies the exorbitant expenditure.

  21. I think Kate did things wrong clothing wise. Instead of wearing the black Alexander McQueen or Jenny packham evening dress, which looked good on her, she should have either worn a LDB from Chanel or one of their evening wear gowns. I’ve seen pics of Blake lively in some lovely Chanel gowns.
    I don’t hate the Chanel suit but the belt ruins it for me. The one item thAt I loved from the Canada trip were the Tods shoes, so happy that she’s been repeating them.
    The red coat dress would be nice if the buttons didn’t start her breasts area
    Again, Cartier makes so absolutely beautiful pieces yet kate pics the most bleh of the line.
    I love the Orsay! They needed a pic with a bronze degas dancer. Considering that Kate has an art history degree and William started off on that track, you’d think they would be more knowledgeable on the subject.
    Haha love the last pic, we could start a caption this thing =)

    1. I liked the pic of them both in silhouette at Musée D’Orsay (I think) where they are both staring out at the landscape, whispering to each other: “When do you think they’ll let us go home?”

      Honestly, they appear to be so dim. The amount of money spent on this jaunt would be so much better spent on services for UK folk.

    2. A simple LBD for day in a beautiful material instead of the McQueen would have been a master stroke. Instead, KM looks like she took inspiration from Downton’s Lady Mary au courant costumes in season 6.

  22. I don’t know about other Chanel stuff since I would never be able to afford them. I never can get why a girl likes to wear a rug, albeit it a tailored one. I like the shape of the suit but not the colour and not the tweed. Love the shoes. Something interesting.

    From the shamrock post, I hate double breasted coats with rows of brass buttons which the Duchess seems to very much favour. I just hate shiny brass buttons, brass door knobs etc…

  23. So what was the point of this trip? Honestly I think I am correct that Diana was great at being an influential ambassador.

  24. PSA for all the Hamilton lovers Amazon has the Ebook version of Hamilton the revolution on sale for $4.99!!
    I don’t know if I’d like it in the e-version but the price is right=)

    1. Not in Australia! It’s A$24.99 for the Kindle version. I have the hardcover which is lovely, cost c.A$45 but a real treat. I was annoyed with myself: I saw on youtube that someone had taped the complete Hamilton from the Broadway production. Should have downloaded it then and there. Of course, when I got round to it, it had been taken down due to copyright infringements, no doubt.

      1. I read a review that said the e-version’s not that great. I perused the hard copy and loved the pages (so colorful) which I think make it. The hard copy is on sale for 24.99 here so might go for it. The sale is only for 24 hrs so I have a few more hrs to make up my mind. I’ve spent my bk budget for the month ($5 I could justify)but if I don’t buy one next month….
        So if anyone has e-version let me know if it’s any good

  25. Here are snaps of a couple of tourists being feted and visiting interesting sites and colourful people, like the survivors of terrorism. I imagine it was all a blur for them. Imagine trotting out survivors as if for show and tell- “Here’s Manet, here’s the Eiffel tower, here’s some victims”. WTF are the deadly duo going to do about any of it except dole out platitudes? “Coquilles vides”, indeed.

    As for the *point* of it all besides being a free holitour? :crickets:
    More likely a serendipitous distraction from Le Scandale.
    Could this have been anymore of a tour dripping in cynicism?

    Wearing the Chanel logo is beyond tacky. That’s the real Kate. Arriviste.

    1. +2 MaventheFirst. I read an article where the French President asked Will about his recent trip to Verbier? If true, that’s so shady and hilarious!

  26. Doesn’t Kate have the big trinity necklace and earrings too? I think maybe wore it with blue roland Mouret outfit/event. Where the necklace was expensive enough that they came out and said she bought it with her own money (first time she wore it)or something like that?
    So she essentially has the same pieces in small and big?
    She should have gotten some van cleef & arpels instead of duplicates =)
    Found it http://katemiddletonreview.com/2016/06/09/kate-middleton-finally-visits-sportsaid-again-for-their-40th-anniversary-dinner/
    FYI thanks for making your site easy to search KMR!
    It was the 50000 earrings she wore

    1. Oh gross. They’re not my taste when it comes to jewelry but I cannot fathom paying so much money for the same pieces in different sizes.

    2. Bought it “with her own money”? And what money would that be? The savings she acquired during her 5 month part-time gig with Jigsaw 10 years ago? Impressive, indeed. This was not a dig at you, Sarah: just snarking on whichever dolt thought we’d not realise that the “bought with her own money” claim was an obvious falsehood given that Kate has never really worked in her life.

      1. None taken! I don’t remember the exact verbiage, just that there was a hullabaloo made when she wore it.
        And we all know it was Charles’s money that paid for it =) but for that amount money she could have at least bought something pretty! She and I have very different taste in the jewelry department!

  27. New Cartier jewelry…hmmm…is this the equivalent of a “push present”? Maybe a “shush present”? The timing is certainly interesting. Anyway, in terms of her fashion- what an exhorbitant snoozefest. ***Get help already!!!*** You clearly haven’t a chic bone in your body but you can pay people to make you look like the second coming of Babe Paley. Please, before you purchase one more thing confusing designer label with fashionable and flattering.

    And Wills needs new glasses. Something retro- a modified 50’s horn rim maybe. Just not the 90’s college student profile. They are dated. And easily run over or sat upon or accidentally crushed by a “carelessly” tossed heavy purse hint hint.

  28. Wow, looking at the last picture and I have to comment that Kate’s brown eye shadow and strip of blush isn’t doing her any favors.

    I rather liked the Chanel dress but the belt ruined the look for me, it just looked like a cheesy knock off. I also like the purse but felt like Kate was just piling on the Chanel for the sake of it without any regard to how the outfit looked. Again, I like the Cartier pieces but really how much new and expensive stuff did she need for a 48 hour trip? I would imagine the truly fashionable Parisian ladies are snickering up their Dior sleeves at all this conspicuous consumption and desperate attempt to be fashionable.

    1. I love labels. And I have saved a lot of money to buy several purses, but nothing that screams “look at my *insert label*”. And if you’re gonna do a label, make it the focus. The Middletons are nouveau riche. And this whole wearing labels for the sake of labels is evidence of that.

    1. Wow! The Sun is of course a rubbish paper, but this article hits very close to the bone. I think many KMRers will agree with much of the sentiment. I especially like the phrase ‘authentic passion’ about Harry and why that allows us to forgive indiscretions. There is nothing that I feel either Will or Kate are genuinely passionate about except themselves.

    2. Bwahaha I love how it throws shade at his intellect
      William is not as bright as his father, but he does have the armour-plated self- confidence you pick up at Eton. Was it really a good idea to send him there, ­followed by the picturesque snob factory of St Andrews University?

      “He’s turning into a mix of Norfolk squire and dim West London Sloane in red trousers,” says one social commentator. “Think David Cameron minus a few IQ points.”

    1. Ouch! That article really gave it to Carole! They made sure to refer to her as a former air hostess and the line asking how anyone was able to get on and do the holidays before the Midds came along! Wow!!!

      Way to market your company, Carole! I wouldn’t buy anything from that site. What a way to use one’s relationship with the Royas. She’s shameful!

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