Royal Round Up: Letizia, Camilla, Madeleine, Charlene

Royal Round Up: Letizia, Camilla, Madeleine, Charlene

Queen Letizia went all of 2016 without wearing a tiara, but she kicked off 2017 with a bang, wearing the biggest tiara in the Spanish Royal Family collection for her first State Visit of the year. Also in this post updates from Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, Princess Madeleine, and Princess Charlene.

Letizia Argentina State Visit 2017 banquet
[Casa de S.M. el Rey]

On February 22, King Felipe and Queen Letizia hosted a State Visit from the President of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, and his wife, Juliana Awada. There was an official welcome at the Royal Palace of Madrid during the day, and in the evening there was a State Banquet.

Letizia brought out the big guns for Argentina, opting for the Fleur de Lys Tiara for the first time.

The Fleur de Lys Tiara dates from 1906, when King Alfonso XIII of Spain bought the tiara as a wedding gift for his wife, Queen Victoria Eugenia. The diamond tiara was made by Ansorena and features three large fleur de lys designs connected by scrolls of diamonds. The fleur de lys is the symbol of the House of Bourbon and features on their coat of arms.

The tiara was last worn by Queen Sofia in June 2014.

Letizia Fleur de Lys Tiara
[Casa de S.M. el Rey]

Letizia wore a simple black velvet Felipe Varela gown which showcased all the diamonds and sash she was wearing. In addition to the Fleur de Lys Tiara, Leti wore a pair of large diamond earrings, two large diamond bracelets, and a diamond fleur de lys brooch. Leti wore sash and star of the Order of the Liberator General San Martin (Argentina), which is very wide.

Juliana Awada wore a dusty pink embellished gown and the sash and star of the Order of Isabella the Catholic (Spain).

For just the dresses, I like Juliana’s gown the best, but overall nothing can beat Letizia’s tiara.

On February 22, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall launched the Great Get Together with a reception at Clarence House. The Great Get Together encourages people to get together with their neighbors one weekend in June to celebrate Britain’s diverse communities. It is a collaboration between The Big Lunch and the Jo Cox Foundation. Camilla is Patron of The Big Lunch.

Camilla got in the Clarence House kitchens with celebrity chefs Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Jamie Oliver to ice some cupcakes. The cupcakes were then given to guests at the reception.

Clarence House released the cupcake recipe if you would like to take a look at it here.

In a short address at the reception, Camilla said:

    “I don’t want to make a speech but I would like all of you who have got a glass in their hand to raise it and drink a toast to the Big Lunch and The Great Getogether and may it go from strength to strength. I also hope and know that wherever Jo is now she would be looking down proudly and seeing what a wonderful job you are doing.”

After stepping in for her sister on Monday’s State Visit from Canada, Princess Madeleine jetted off to New York City for a Childhood USA board meeting.

Madeleine Childhood USA board meeting Feb 2017 1
[Princess Madeleine’s Facebook]

Madeleine wore another Vilshenko shirt, a black floral embroidered blouse.

Madeleine Childhood USA board meeting Feb 2017 2
[Princess Madeleine’s Facebook]

Of February 24, Princess Charlene attended the AMREF (African Medical and Research Foundation) gala in Monaco. The gala was a partnership between AMREF and the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation to raise funds for a common project which concentrates on teaching children in the Kilifi county, located on the Kenyan coast, about water hygiene as well as being safe in and around water.

Charlene gave a speech at the gala, saying:

    “It is great to be with you all this evening in this beautiful venue to raise funds for the Kilifi Project. As you know, I care passionately about putting an end to drowning. It is excellent to be working in partnership with the AMREF Flying Doctors and I thank everyone here for supporting this exciting initiative. Currently we are working in six schools in Kenya – delivering programmes in hygiene education, learn to swim and water safety. As we enter phase two of the project we are now looking to consolidate and expand our work in the region. Together we will save lives. Thank you.”

Charlene wore a gold sequined gown from Akris which looks fantastic on her. She also wore some gorgeous diamond earrings.

44 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Letizia, Camilla, Madeleine, Charlene

  1. All four royal ladies seemed engaged at their respective events. I just adore Letizia’s look for the state visit and Charlene’s golden gown. I also wouldn’t mind Madeleine’s blouse to wear to work.

  2. I love Charlene’s dress! And she wears it so well.

    While I love the big bling tiara, I think it may be a bit large for Leti. It just looks like it’s a little too much for her. JMHO. In the stories I saw of the visit it appeared that Leti and the first lady were getting along very well.

    Does Camilla look a little thinner to you? Maybe it’s just the angle with her icing the cakes. Her face looks a bit thinner to me.

    Maddie manages to work and give us cute pictures of her kids. Too bad she can’t give Miss Kate some tips.

    Great round-up KMR, thank you!

    1. I agree, Camilla looks really glowing these days. Very polished and trim. And I love listening her lovely voice.

      Juliana Awada is stunning. I had to Google her profile because I didn’t know anything about her. It’s great to see Letizia and Juliana, two confident women, enjoy each other’s company. But I agree that Letizia’s tiara seemed to over power her slight frame.

    2. A lot of those bigger tiaras don’t look good with the more modern hairstyles that many royal ladies use today. Camilla pulls off those giant tiaras because of the way she styles her hair. Queen Sofia pulled off this tiara because of the way she styled her hair with lots of volume. But Leti’s hair is much more sleek and so the tiara looks a bit giant on her head. Plus the giant sash does make her seem even more tiny compared to the sash and tiara.

      1. You make a very good point about volume of hair vs size of tiara.

        I think it also applies on volume of the dress vs size of sash.

        Letitzia always looks sleek because it works on her tiny frame, but wearing such a big sash/hair would have worked better with a big dress and big hair.

      2. I agree, Camilla can wear those waste basket tiaras more easily with her bigger hair (I’m looking at you, Greville). It can also be related to how the tiara’s were designed to be worn. It looks like this one was originally made to go over part of the wearer’s forehead and partly down the side of the head.

        There must be other examples of tiaras that are difficult to wear with modern hair, but can’t think of any besides Maria-Teresa’s Wonder Woman emerald tiara. Where is Art Historian when we need her? 🙂

        1. I think Melissa Percy’s wedding tiara qualifies for your observation.


          The restrained hairstyle was completely wrong for the volume of that tiara, and perhaps wearing it further back on her head might have helped. Or like in your linked example, big hair to balance the tiara.

          In reverse of that thought, i didn’t like Zara’s wedding hair coupled with her tiara. The tiara felt like an afterthought and just sat on top of her head.

          Compared with how her great grandmother wore it

          1. That Percy tiara definitely qualifies as a waste basket. I wonder if it is one of those that is either really wide, or you can close it in the back but then it perches on top of the head?

            I agree about Zara. Even though it is a simple tiara, the Greek key looks better with a softer hairstyle. Anne puts a big teased poof around it, but that’s how she wears most tiaras.


          2. I’m swooning over all the great pics with properly worn tiaras. Those women really knew how to wear the (big) bling and set it off to perfection. I wonder why styling seems so awkward these days for the younger generation. I would probably be looking for inspiration from past wearings.

          3. KMR: in isolation, liked her hairstyle, but not the way it was worn coupled with the tiara.

            She wore the tiara as an afterthought, placed on top of her head after hair and veil had been secured as if it were a hat instead of incorporating it into her hair as part of the hairstyle and veil.

            I had similar thoughts about Sophia’s wedding tiara placement vs hairstyle.

          4. Partly, I think, it was the amount of hair, not to mention falls, rats and switches the Edwardian ladies had to work with. During the twenties, when hair styles were bobbed or sleek, the tiaras went down to headache band territory. Still, Swedish ladies seem to make the tiaras work with their hair.

      3. I agree KMR that Leti’s sleek hairdo might not be the best hairdo for this tiara. I wonder if Letizia would consider altering this tiara so that fit a bit better?

      4. I noticed that too. I wonder if our generation will embrace the older, poofier hairstyles that our grandmothers wore as we get older, or if we will keep the flatter styles we grew up with. I think these large tiaras will go unused for a while, until poofy hair is in again. The one benefit of Kate’s long hair and extensions is that she could pile it on top of her head and wear one of those big tiaras, like Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady, although she may dislike the comparison.

  3. Letizia’s tiara seems indeed huge, but nevertheless really pretty, especially the lily in the front.
    Jamie Oliver was there too, how nice. Yes, Camilla seems again engaged.
    Madeleine’s blouse looks swedish, just in black which I like too.
    And Charlene wears an elegant dress, the earrings too.

  4. With apologies, i want to leave a message here for MrsBBV regarding Diana’s dresses.

    This morning there was a programme on BBC2 focusing on Diana’s fashion evolution and the proposed exhibition at KP. The programme will remain up on BBC iplayer for 30days, and i’m sure someone will download it to youtube.

    ETA: just had a look at youtube, and someone has already downloaded it!!!LOL

    Here it is for everyone else

    1. Thank you so much for this link. Boy, do I wish I could see this in person.

      I love Leti’s look, and think it is so smart to go sleek and understated in dress with such a statement tiara. I’m not such a fan of Juliana’s dress, which reads a little pagenty to me.

      I also love Charlene’s dress.

      Madeleine’s blouse is pretty, but what is important is her serious work for this charity. This what William and Kate need to emulate.

      1. The link has been pulled down already.:(

        For those who can access BBC iplayer, it’s called “Diana, Designing a Princess”

        It covers most of what we know about Diana’s attitude to clothing, but it principally discussed Diana using clothese to convey messages and why an outfit was not judt an outfit.

    1. I guess I am in the minority, but I hated the gown and look that Charlene put together this time around. DId she just get her hair cut again, btw? Too severe! And, the brown against the goldish dress sans red lipstick, was too boring for me. I am used to a blonder Charlene and brighter lips. I like her better in vivid gowns, or white, or silver. This dress did nothing for me.

      Loved Leti’s look. That tiara was some wedding gift for the original owner! And, the Argentinian First Lady is gorgeous, too.

      Camilla is the best when it comes to such warm events. She just is very welcoming a lady and seems to enjoy herself immensely.

      Nice round-up, KMR. And, I don’t want to forget saying that I loved Maddie’s blouse, too.

      1. The unfortunate side effect of Charlene’s short hair, which i can’t unsee, is the sharp relief of all those fillers and botox and other cosmetic changes she’s made to her face.

        It’s all too much.

      1. Agree with Jenny above and Sarah, below. Just didn’t like the color of the dress on Charlene And, her hair is too brown. No red lipstick, either! I think of red lips and blonder hair as her signature look!

        Leti is one sensational looking woman. That tiara is amazing! And, the Argentinian First Lady is so beautiful! Loved her dress!

        Camilla continues to win me over. She seems to truly enjoy herself at these events. She puts on no airs. Just enjoys herself and makes sure others do, too.
        A very confident and relaxed woman!

  5. Kate’s hair Kate’s hair yadda yadda blah blah. On Kate’s hair’s best day it couldn’t hold a candle to the glorious mane on Madeleine’s head.
    I also loved Madde’s NY outfit. Casual in pants! Without cutting off circulation! It *can* be done ?

    1. Back in the day Kate did have a great mane of hair. Now older, 2 kids in, restrictive diet and constant extension wearing have all played a toll. Add poor color job and it’s all kind of wrong of course the media and Kate still act likes it’s what it used to be
      Madeleine does have great hair. And letiza has some of the best styles around of all the Royal ladies, she doesn’t seem afraid to experiment which I like

  6. Thank you for this wonderful post KMR!!!

    I love everything about Letizia’s look here! I will admit that the tiara and sash are a bit too big for her sleek hairdo and tiny frame but my goodness the overall look is just perfection! I’ve been practicing my best Letizia posture lately and I have to say that standing up so straight and tall does make a difference in how I feel not to mention that this posture really activates one’s core ?

    Wow, Charlene looks fabulous!! She really can pull off these sleek, sexy styles!

  7. Love the picture of Mad in work mode – office attire, coffee, pen in hand, papers, etc. This type of candid speaks volumes about involvement and dedication, not to mention the fact that she flew in to the US for a board meeting. We’ve seen plenty of photos like this of Victoria, Mary, Marie, Mette-Marit, etc. You know where I’m going with this…I don’t want to compare, but it’s so hard not to!

  8. That tiara is massive but Leti knows how to dress for it. The simple black gown was a perfect choice, allowing the tiara and sash to be without competing with a dress. I read on another site where some commenters said she should have worn more of a ballgown but I think a wide skirt with that sash would’ve made her look squat, like a cupcake. You’d never see Kate being so warm and comfortable with anyone, especially not with her arm around them and laughing. Hell, she’s stiff as a board around her own husband.

    Camilla always looks so delighted to be meeting the people she sees during her engagements. I love reading about her and seeing photos of her events. She seems to be so invested in her causes.

    Madeleine has got this princessing thing down. She doesn’t have to do anything with her position but she recognizes her ability to effect change with her platform and I love that.

  9. I actually like the big tiara on leti. She rarely blings out like that so it was a nice surprise! Now I think the sash looks like it could swallow her whole
    Did Charlene cut her hair? It looks different. I like her better in red slipstick, this color isn’t working for me and I’m not a huge fan of the dress. Luckily I can be distracted by the earrings =) those I love
    I saw on twitter the cute pic of Camilla on skis in the snow. Made me smile.

    1. Thankfully, I am not alone. See my comments above, Sarah. Glad you feel the same way about Charlene’s new cut and lack of red lipstick. Not my fave look of hers.

  10. I am generally a huge fan of Charlene’s but I don’t like this look – I don’t care for the dress and I like her hair somewhat longer, blonder and prefer her in red lipstick. Sigh…
    Letizia, on the other hand, looked beautiful! I liked the simple dress with the tiara and the jewels!

  11. Letizia is always classy and wonderful but all the black is very somber. One of her gowns–like the one worn to William and Kate’s pre-wedding party (you know, where they didn’t deign to even show up)–would have been lovely. Glad to see her bringing out the big guns. I hope they go to the UK for a state visit soon now that the government situation is settled.

    Love seeing Camilla do her thing. She’s so warm and generous.

  12. Good evening everyone,
    What a wonderful review. Thank you KMR.
    Queen Letizia looks stunning. The dress may not be to your liking, but I think she is the complete package. Dress, makeup, jewellery and accessories. I love the brooch on her blue sash. Her tiara is gorgeous on her and she can carry it off. I must say she has perfect posture. Her back is very straight.
    Juliana looks beautiful, her dress is stunning. She is a very naturally pretty.

  13. Can I give a shout out to the Clarence House media team? I think their use of social media and their willingness to work with traditional media has been instrumental in helping Camilla raise her profile and popularity. I think CH get that social media offers a chance to see behind the scenes of a royal visit and to capture C and C’s personalities a bit more. Their team has been very effective and making Camilla seem down-to-earth and with a good sense of humour. It also helps fill in extra information about the causes, which is really important.

    1. Echoing the shout out. Whomever Charles hired this time around understands social media and how it can be used effectively. Harry would be smart to move to the Clarence House team.

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