Sofia in Amethysts, Madeleine in Aquamarines for Canada State Visit

Sofia in Amethysts, Madeleine in Aquamarines for Canada State Visit

As previewed, Princess Madeleine stepped in for the absent Crown Princess Victoria on Day 1 of the Canada State Visit to Sweden. Princess Sofia was also in attendance and wore a new-to-her tiara for the occasion: the Amethyst Tiara. My favorite tiara!

Madeleine Sofia Canada Sweden State Visit 2017 Day 1 lunch

King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia welcomed Governor General of Canada David Johnston and his wife, Sharon Johnston, at the inner courtyard of the Royal Palace for the official welcome ceremony. The national anthems of both countries played before the King and GG inspected the royal guard.

They then moved inside for a gift exchange and lunch, which was also attended by Madeleine, Chris O’Neill, Prince Carl Philip, and Sofia.

Sofia wore an Agnona “Bell-Sleeve Shift Dress” (which originally cost $1,890 before being discounted to $472). She carried a Salvatore Ferragamo “Bow Saffiano Leather Shoulder Bag” in pink ($689). Sofia’s dress is nice, although nothing special. But I do like the gold leaf headpiece she’s sporting.

Madeleine wore a Giambattista Valli Appliquéd printed dress which she previously wore to the King’s 70th birthday celebrations last year – I’m not a fan.

Madeleine Sofia Canada Sweden State Visit 2017 Day 1 lunch fashion

In the evening, the royals hosted a State Banquet for the Governor General and his wife at the Royal Palace. Guests were welcomed in the White Sea, and the dinner was then held in Karl XI’s Gallery.

The menu featured: a first course of fried scallops from Fröya with tuber melanosporum, chervil and cauliflower cream; a second course of lightly fried cod with parsnip, oscietra caviar, chive oil and oyster beurre blanc; third course of fried dry aged filet with smoked marrow, onion symphony and long pepper sky; and a fourth course of mousse on toasted chocolate with pomegranate sorbet, salt, chocolate cream and iced hibiscus tea.

Madeleine Canada-Sweden State Visit 2017

Madeleine wore a new Temperley London “Crossbone Lattice Dress” (which originally retailed for $3,900). The dress features an a-line silhouette with a deep v-neckline and an open back, crystal embellishment on the bodice, and gathered sleeves.

I dislike the gathered sleeves, but I like the color and the embellishment. That open back, though. Too risque for a white tie royal event? I think so. I don’t even want to know what I would say if it were Kate wearing this. For a different event, it would be fine, but for a white tie royal event maybe skip the open back.

Madeleine wore the Swedish Aquamarine Kokoshnik Tiara, which she’s worn a few times now, along with gorgeous aquamarine earrings, the Order of the Seraphim and Portrait of the King. I love this tiara on Maddie, so I’m glad that she’s continued to wear it.

Madeleine aquamarine tiara Canada-Sweden State Visit 2017

Sofia wore my all-time favorite tiara, the Swedish Amethyst Tiara. She also wore the diamond earrings she wore on her wedding day, a little brooch over her Order of the Seraphim, and the Portrait of the King. I’m so happy that Sofia is debuting more new-to-her tiaras, since I dislike her wedding tiara. I love this tiara and think it looks great on Sofia.

Sofia amethyst tiara Canada-Sweden State Visit 2017 s

Sofia’s blue gown, on the other hand, is just kind of meh. UPDATE: Sofia’s gown is by Lars Wallin. This designer has previously dresses both Victoria and Madeleine, but this is the first time Sofia is wearing one of his designs.

Carl Philip, Sofia Canada-Sweden State Visit 2017 cs

Silvia went normal Silvia. She wore a rather pretty blue gown which I could have sworn she wore before, but I can’t remember when and I can’t find it in my archives. She topped her head with Queen Sophia’s Nine Prong Tiara, and wore a diamond necklace, earrings, and brooch. She also wore the Order of the Seraphim and the Portrait of the King.

Silvia Canada-Sweden State Visit 2017 cs

Here is a short video of the royals walking into the banquet.

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95 thoughts on “Sofia in Amethysts, Madeleine in Aquamarines for Canada State Visit

  1. State visit of a GG…is that usual? He is not the HOS, that is HM. When I saw State visit I had assumed it would be Trudeau.

    1. I’ve never seen a State Visit by a Governor General in the time I’ve been covering royal State Visits. I’ve only seen monarchs, presidents, and prime ministers. So it is unusual by my data.

      1. Interesting that the reason for the State visit was the Govenor General of Canada and his wife visiting , but you left Sharon Johnston out of the fashion descriptions! She probably wasn’t wearing a designer dress, but a picture at least would have been appreciated and respectful.

    2. In theory, the GG is a placeholder for HM in the territories, so doing a state visit is similar to being visited by HM in their role as HOS of Canada.

      1. So two stand-ins met each other? Isn’t the point of a state visit for the two heads of state to meet? Why have the event if neither VIP can attend? Also, why plan a state event when Victoria was going to be on vacation, or did she plan her vacation after this event was booked? This seems strange. It’s like if the US Secretary of State met Prince Harry, which is not worthy of state-level formality.

        1. The Govenor General of Canada is not a “stand in.” He is the representative of the Queen and part of the Canadian government. The King and Queen of Sweden issued an invitation to the Canadian government for a state visit, and the Prime Minister asked the Johnstons to attend. They have an extensive itinerary over a period of about 4 days, and have taken a number of prominent Canadians with them. A lot of trade and business happens for both countries on state visits by the GG.

          1. Marion, as a Brit I’m fully aware of the role of GG, and know how important it is. My comment was simply that I had never heard of any GG doing the full State visit before and I was curious if this was usual or unusual.

          2. The GG OF Canada does several every year. Sometimes just 2 , other years 3 or 4. They don’t get a lot of press, but I think bring a lot of business deals and trade.

          3. David Johnson actually knows what goes on in Canada as opposed to the British royal family. The Queen sorta knows because she prepares, but she can’t know all the issues and she isn’t Canadian. In the past Adrienne Clarkson and Michelle Jean also conducted state visits when they were GG. In short, Canada doesn’t need the British royal family anymore. We have far more qualified Canadians to choose from.
            Since repatriation in 1982, the Queen as head of state is merely symbolic. She can’t realistically act for Canada’s interests in soft diplomacy if they conflict with those of the UK.

            Will and Kate need to understand this. They are easily replaceable in Canada. I imagine in Australia their GGs are also as competent.

          4. ” In short, Canada doesn’t need the British royal family anymore. We have far more qualified Canadians to choose from.”

            I’d also add accomplished to qualified. And yes, the above applies to other Commonwealth countries as well; I’m sure the BRF understands that things will move after the Queen dies.

  2. She needs to watch how her in-laws place their tiaras. Just like her wedding day, the tiara is too far back; a centimetre or two and it probably would’ve fallen off. Everything else: meh.

    1. The person who does Sofia’s hair is someone she was on that reality show with. They sure don’t know what they’re doing!

  3. I love Madeleine’s dress and tiara together. I’m not sure what the protocol should be for such an event but I don’t find it offensive, most of her back is covered. I agree KMR, the amethyst tiara suits Sofia.

    1. I was a bit surprised by the open back but wasn’t too bothered either. But then I thought about what I would say if Kate wore an open back dress to a State Banquet and changed my thoughts. If Kate were to wear something like that for a white tie function, there would most certainly be upset people. Look at the response to Kate’s skinny jeans.

      1. I think Madde looks classy and beautiful, as always. It’s a bit too low cut for my tastes, but the open back is interesting design; I would applaud Kate for wearing something less frou frou and more interesting, myself.

      2. I have different expectations/standards for what Madeline wears vs. what Kate wears because Kate is in line to become a future Queen and Madeline is not. That is very significant, to me anyway.

        Different positions have different standards of behavior.

      3. The dress is beautiful and Madeleine is a class act. She could even wear skinny jeans (not on this occasion but in general) and look appropriate in them. If a piece of clothing is considered as classy and/or appropriate often times only depends on the right attitude. Kevin Aucoin once said “No amount of makeup can mask an ugly heart.” …and no amount of fabric can cover a lazy a***

        1. Princess Madeleine has worn skinny jeans quite a few times and even to work related appearances. She also favors them in her everyday, non-official wardrobe.
          Here she is at the official launch of the Thank you campaign of the The Childhood Foundation in skinny pants:

          Here she is at an innovation seminar:

          I don’t have a general problem with Kate wearing skinny jeans from time to time, especially when there are physical activities involved. I thought she looked very appropriate with the black skinny jeans, red blazer and boots at the Air Cadets visit. My problem with her skinny jeans is that they look way too casual… like something I would wear around the house or for a quick walk to the grocery shop when I don’t want to wear my good jeans. Buy a presentable pair of skinny jeans that don’t look faded, droppy or stretched from wearing, pair them with sensible shoes (skinny jeans and wedges don’t work, imo) and I will be happy.

          1. The first appear to be leather and the second are straight leg, as opposed to jeggings. I agree that if Kate feels the need to wear jeggings that they be in good condition and styled appropriately. My problem is that she wears them on a continual basis and not just as a one off to a sporting event. Then when she does wear them it’s the continual tugging and pulling to show off her assets. Quite honestly I’m just tired of Kate not doing her job properly when she bothers to work. Just my opinion however….

            As far as what Madeleine is wearing I didn’t know that she would need to not show her back, so I wouldn’t have commented on Kate doing that at all. Madeleine, however, isn’t a full time royal who is supported in an extravagant lifestyle by the Swedish public. That’s the main problem I have with Kate. She wants all the perks of being royal and none of the work…or very little…that irks me.

          2. The trouble with Kate’s jeggings is that they are getting on it age, they look faded and from the way she had to keep hauling them up it makes me think that the elastane has given up. It’s the same thing with her shoes, she lets them be scuffed or just plain dirty. I thinking of those dirty trainers she wore shopping in Chelsea and those horrible boat shoes.
            She can dress however she wants when she is off duty, but when representing my Queen and the British Royal Family then I have an expectation that she be polished and well groomed.

          3. My problem with Kate’s skinny jeans is they are painted on a so uncomfortably small she keeps pulling them around (my guess is they are giving her a wedgie), as if her shirt wasn’t short enough, showing her private parts and her buttocks even more when she is on “work duty”. I don’t care about her ugly and old skinny jeans if she is out walking the dog or taking out the garbage (as if she would do that) but to be photographed and representing the BRF, ouch!

            I think Maddie looks great in those skinny jeans because (1) the length of top + blazer almost completely covers her butt (2) the white skinny jeans are not so tight nor transparent that I can see the outline of her crotch.

        2. Great quote from a great man I just splurged on a Kevin Aucoin lipstick and love it! Hope my heart is as beautiful as the lipstick is!!! He was a true style master!!

      4. KMR: once again you forget that the different royal houses have different protocol rules. What is OK in Sweden is not necessarily OK in Britain and vice versa.

        Therefore there is no comparison between Kate and Madelaine as far as what is allowed for state banquents.

        And if you want to know what is required for BRF, here is an article by Rita Wilson detailing the dress etiquette rules sent to her by BP for a state banquent with the Obamas.

        If the Swedish protocol is OK with open backs at State Banquets, as it clearly is, the British can’t bitch about it because those are Swedish rules not British ones.

        And yes, Kate has broken BRF protocol for state banquents by not wearing white gloves on the occassions she has attended.

        1. How did different houses develop different protocols? And how would one know which protocol to keep when they’re interacting with one another?

          1. Usually the Palace in your host country discreetly advices you on protocol requirements. It might be a note included in your invitation like you do for wedding invitations, or if you are unsure, you call up the appropriate person at the Palace. In Britain, it’s the head of the royal household ie the Lord Chamberlain. All invitations to royal events involving the Queen come from their office so they would be the person/office to contact for clarity on protocol and etiquette.

            I presume Sweden and other royal houses have a similar person.

            Protocol in most countries comes from above ie the monarch. Exception the Japanese imperial house which seems to have decided on protocol a million years ago and is enforced and imposed by the courtiers on royals and guests alike.

            For western monarchies, as it comes from the monarch themselves, you end up with a level of eccentricity according to the personal tastes of the monarch. As an example,the monarch may want to incorporate their country’s traditions or simply love gold knickerbockers and make everyone wear them – it’s that wierd.

            That’s the reason protocol is different in the different royal houses.

            Most monarchs change it completely when they get the top job. For that reason, based on current showing, i don’t think William and Kate will have a super formal court or protocol since they always seem embarrassed when they are required to dress according to current protocol. The only bit of protocol Kate rigidly follows is the wearing of tights and closed toe-d shoes. Strictly speaking, if her engagements and appearances ate for her personal charities and interests, she is not required to wear tights or closed shoes, but she does.

            For the BRF, The Queen has simply kept the protocol of her father, grandfather and especially her grandmother. Any changes have come about because someone in the family complained about it and she acquiesced. Overall this is why the BRF traditions and protocol seem so old fashioned. She has barely changed them.

      5. Personally as long as Kate’s dress had support for the girls, as Madeleine’s did, then I wouldn’t have a problem with her not wearing a bra. The dress she wore the Bond premiere certainly didn’t appear to have any support built in which is why it was so noticeable that she want bra-less.

      6. I really think the skinny jean comments were called for, but it’s your blog, KMR.

        The open back on Maddie’s dress did trouble me, but in the long run, she is far more stylish and appropriate than I think Kate is. There have been so many wardrobe malfunctions for Kate, that frankky, I find it hard not to criticize her when they occur.

        I also don’t like her taste in clothing, but she wears what she likes and that is how it should be. As long as she has decorum befitting a Duchess, that is.

        1. I don’t like the open back either. But from the front it reminds me of dresses Diana wore in her early days. The frilly, girly dresses by Bruce Oldfield and others that were often pastel shades with sparkles and bows.

  4. Good evening everyone,
    Thank you KMR for wonderful coverage
    The ladies tiara’s are stunning. Yes Sofia’s is a fair way back isn’t it!
    I love Madeline’s earrings, beautiful. The color of her dress suits her so well. The combination highlights her eyes. She continues to impress me with the work she is doing. I thought is was terrific she read to the children at the newly opened children’s library room at London’s Southbank Centre, a few weeks ago. She seems so natural and down to earth, comfortable in her own skin.
    Possibly Sofia’s gown would look nicer in the flesh, I’m guessing. I like the silver handbag breaking up the color.
    I have the memory of the Duchess of Cambridge on tour in India when she wore the blue evening Jenny Packham gown at the Bollywood gala, it was a sea of blue, dress, handbag, earrings, cape and the shoes I think from memory were black, was overwhelming.
    Part of the trick is to not only be able to wear a gown/ dress comfortably but it be put together properly in the first place.
    Queen Silvia looks lovely, very pretty, color suits her. I have to confess, I always love her accessories and jewelry. She can carry it off with style and grace, like Queen Maxima.

    1. Hello, Sophia. Nice to see you commenting more frequently, again. Also, joining others on the previous threads, to send good thoughts your way and to your daughter!!! I hope she continues to do well and that you are able to find programs that will assist her and you! My hat is off to you for the loving care you provide you girl!!

      1. Oh thank you very much Mary Elizabeth what a lovely thing to say.
        Words of encouragement like that can help so much when things get overwhelming, sometimes you just have to dig deep and keep putting one foot in front of the other. I think there are a lot of people out there who have all sorts of stresses and demands in life and you always find someone else doing it tougher.
        That is why this blog is so good, it puts your mind space somewhere else for a while, and honestly some of the comments are just so lovely and funny, just so lovely to read, not to mention informative.
        Very good for the mind!
        I send you good wishes Mary Elizabeth

        1. Hi Sophia
          It is nice to see you posting again.
          I’m happy to hear that you are settled and your daughter and you are both well.
          Sending you both a cyber hug from New Zealand

  5. The Aquamarine-tiara Madeleine was wearing is electrifying.
    The dress I most liked is Queen Sylvia’s, the sleeves are really pretty, also her first ensemble looks really elegant.

  6. The Queens dress is a modifed version of the one she wore at the nobels in 2012×465/f02c3565120630358b858c9d46c74342/158087499.jpg_one.jpg

    I love Madde, and I love aquas, and I love how they make her eyes pop! she shouldve worn her aqua chandelier earrings and the necklace she inherited from Lilian however, lots of blue hehe

    with the amethysts its all about placement placement placement! she should’ve looked at how Madde wore it at the nobels in 2012 or Victoria at Martha Louise’s wedding in 2001

  7. HI KMR.
    Queen Silvia wore this dress at the Nobel Ceremony in 2012. One of my favorites. 🙂
    I agree Maddie’s gown was a bit too bold for a state dinner. But those aquamarines suit her so well. She is glowing.
    I wanted to see the amethystes tiara on Sofia, because I kinda think this tiara belongs to her. The stones suit her perfectly, and I loved the way she wore the tiara pull back just like Madeleine in 2012 at the Nobels. But I think Maddie’s hair was best on that occasion with this tiara, maybe with a bit more volume. Sofia’s midnight dress is pretty, but the look ended too much dark for my taste.

    During the welcoming reception, I think Sofia won. Simple dress and the golden headpiece it’s gorgeous, maybe for a danish jewelery, since Crown Princess Mary worn a very similar piece during King Carl Gustaf’s birthday celebrations last April.

  8. I love Madeleine in the Aquamarine Kokoshnik. I think it’s the perfect tiara for her. It works wonderfully with her eyes and she knows how to style her hair with it. I like her dress (minus the sleeves, those are just ugly) and I don’t mind the open back. I wouldn’t mind an open back on Kate as well. It doesn’t seem too risque to me. Plus, Victoria has worn an open back gown to a Nobel Prize banquet and those are white tie as well, aren’t they?–VictoriaBackNobelCeremony.jpg
    On the other hand, Sofia’s gown choices are usually a miss for me. I can’t remember her in a gown that I liked. Other than that, I found her pretty and I think that she can rock the Amethyst tiara if it was placed better.

    1. I love the aquamarine tiara. It looks lovely, as said, with her amazing eyes. Aquamarine is my birthstone, so I am partical to it.

      Maddie’s gown was stunning. I am not sure if I liked that open back, though, but as others pointed out, she is not the future Queen Consort. I think she had built in support in the bodice, so that was elegant. Sofia’s gown and the placement of her tiara bothered me. Silvia is elegance personified. I think she is also a most loving woman and her daughters inherited that from her.

  9. Princess Madeleine looks simply gorgeous.
    Everything works so well together – her dress, tiara, earrings, hairdo, makeup, all this seems to enchance her beautiful eyes and smile. Perfect.
    I do not mind her back. She’s not baring herself indeceantly. She’s been covered up to her neck at most recent white tie events, so its nice to see her wearing something young-ish and fun.

    1. +1
      I don’t think I have ever seen Madde overly “exposed” in her outfits, so I don’t mind the open back. I think she always looks gorgeous, but I truly like her and Victoria so…
      I actually liked Sofia’s look too. Quite conservative but I like that new tiara on her and I think her makeup was nice.

  10. Thanks for this post, KMR, I agree with much of what you say.

    I don’t like Madeleine’s gown, not because of the open back (which does look a little odd with the order sash), but because I don’t care much for Temperley. For me, the dresses are often too fussy and girly. But I love the aquamarine tiara so much that I don’t notice the dress.

    I don’t mind Sofia’s tiara placement, but maybe I’ve just been watching too much “Victoria”. I don’t think dull is terrible for an event dress; better than too tight, too low, etc.

    I just can’t warm up to the prong, but I think a queen with a uniform gown style is not a bad thing. Fashion isn’t the point for her.

    1. I think dull for Sofia is safe, considering her past and the absolutely awful things people say/have said about her. I honestly liked the dress but it’s not a favorite.

      1. +1
        I think Sofia has been dressing so conservative because of her past. Had she worn Maddie’s gown it would have been *scandalous* and I can imagine how mean her detractors would have gotten.

        1. That was my point in bringing up Kate. That if someone people didn’t like and much as they like Madeleine had worn this dress, people would have had a much different reaction. If Kate had worn it, then she would have been called an exhibitionist. If Sofia had worn it, then she would have been called a skank.

  11. I remember people calling Kate out for obviously not wearing a bra under her gown for the James Bond première. And that was not even a royal white tie event, but ‘just’ a movie première! There was a big amount of criticism for Kate for that.
    I think that many won’t mind Madeleine in this dress, so this just again shows the double standard that kate and other royal women are being held to. Very bad.

      1. Madelaine is wearing a dress with with an inbuilt bra. You can clearly see that her ladies are supported in the cleavage and not flopping everywhere nor can you see the outline of her nipples.

    1. Yes but Madeleine’s dress appears to have some type of built in support, whereas Kate’s dress did not. However regarding Kate’s Bond dress, I think if it didn’t swim on her and her posture wasn’t so hunched it would have looked much better and the fact that she didn’t wear a bra would be a non-issue.

      1. Yes, yes, yes! Maddie was totally supported in that gown. THe color and the flow of the skirt was just perfection on her. The aquarmarine tiara so fitting considering her incredible blue eyes, The open back? I am not so sure I thought it was appropriate, however the dress overall impressed me!

        The two street length white dresses — Maddie’s and Sofia’s did nothing for me. Maddie’s dress was not flattering to her figure and Sofia’s? Those darts pulling against her bust line were terrible!

      2. I love Madeleine in a gown plus tiara! That dress was a surprise when you see the back but she looks great in it and as others have said, the “girls” are well supported so problem.

        I also think Sofia looks pretty too.

        1. +1
          I clearly see some support in Maddie’s dress and no nipple obvious.

          I think part of the issue with Kate’s bond premiere dress was that perhaps because she went bra-less she looked so insecure/hunched.

  12. It’s all about a person’s comportment for me. The fabulousness of the clothes are secondary when someone is intelligent, kind. Maddie radiates openness and generosity. I really don’t care much about what she is wearing. That said she looks beautiful. Silvia looks beautiful. Sofia looks beautiful.

    And I absolutely love Madeleine’s appliqued dress. Swedish style — love it.

  13. Princess M is not the Duchess of Cambridge, Britain is not Sweden. I have no problem with holding Kate to a different standard (some here are calling it a “double standard”) than to other European royals. Different countries, different cultures, different protocol.

    Madeleine looks nice IMO. If we’re doing a direct comparison to Kate’s backless gown for the Spectre premiere – she’s not swimming in the gown, it has built-in support and nipple coverage (with just a hint of cleavage, which is hard to pull off with girls like those!), M is standing up straight, and it doesn’t even expose her whole back – the open part ends at the natural waist, so it’s not showing the small of her back.

  14. I love Madeleine’s evening look but agree with the sleeves comment, don’t like the cinched off area. Not a fan of her day outfit
    I feel weird saying that I never noticed her chest area but she either her support system is pushing them out, she’s pregnant or I’ve never noticed how busty she was before because she’s very busty in this outfit!
    Sofia, I like her day outfit sans the weird hair ornaments!
    Hate her evening look. The dress is terrible, dumb middle part going on, tiara looks too far back and askance? Why is she wearing amethyst? Her dress looks blue to me, so think either diamonds or sapphires would go better
    Sylvia looks lovely too

    1. Madeleine is naturally busty (as is Victoria), but seems to have gotten bigger since having the two children.

      They don’t dress to draw attention to it, so it isn’t the first thing to notice about them.

      1. Thanks becuase I never noticed before but after thinking how beautiful she looked, I thought Wow the girls are really front and center at least she looks well supported =)

      2. I concur. I had noticed Maddie is busty but she covers up nicely and we are not naturally drawn to her breasts (as they are never exposed?).

  15. Sorry to deviate from the current topic – however – has anyone noticed that photos of Pippa and/or Carole Middleton have become incredibly rare since Pippa’s engagement? Has there been legal action taken? Or for some reason has the demand for these photos died down?

    1. Carole is reining any behavior that will upend Pip’s May wedding. Apparently also ordering the randy brother of TR James to avoid the limelight. The France trial in May must be excruciating for her as it will overlap the wedding hype.

    2. Interesting that you bring this up Karen as I was thinking just a few days ago (yeah, I don’t think often but when I do Look Out!) that we got so many candid shots of Kate and George or Carole and George when Kate was pregnant with Char but since then, nothing not even a little blip. I wonder if the Middleton’s did in fact set up those shots but William found out and but a stop to it?

      As for the lack of Pipps pics, I agree that Carole has asked (demanded) that the family lay low until the wedding in order to increase demand (and dollars).

  16. I am not a fan of the dresses worn by Madeleine or Sofia at the welcome ceremony. I do not like the sleeves on Sofia’s dress and the hem looks like it needs a good pressing. Madeleine’s dress is forgettable…kind of a mish-mash of nothingness.
    I really find Alice Temperley’s designs just kind of unexciting and I did not like Madeleine’s gown, it looks like a fancy negligee that a 50’s movie star might have worn….minus the open back. I think the sleeves are atrocious…I believe that type of sleeve is called a leg o’mutton sleeve. The tiara and earrings are stunning on her, so that deflects the attention away from the gown. Also, not a fan of Sofia’s gown either, especially the prissy peter pan type beaded collar, but I love the color on her, it makes her eyes look very blue and that tiara looks great on her. From the neck up, she looks very pretty.

  17. I’m offended at the open back ….on an ugly dress. I don’t know what the Temperley appeal is. Ugh. It also seems rather inappropriate for such a formal event regardless of protocol.

    I do like the amethyst tiara as well as the kokoshka. Bring on the bling!

  18. Maybe I just don’t like Temperley dresses. I don’t like the sleeves or the material of Maddie’s dress. It looks like a nightgown to me.
    Considering she is wearing amethysts I would have thought Sofia would have worn a purple dress instead of blue to make the tiara stand out more. But I agree it is a gorgeous piece. One of my favorites. Maddie’s jewels are also gorgeous.

    I can vaguely recall Queen Letizia wearing a backless cocktail dress to a formal reception. Let me see if I can find the pic….

    I thought Kate did wear backless to that James Bond premiere? I remember the Daily Mail making some stupid comment like “She is going BRALESS!!!” and I remember thinking it was disrespectful. I guess the Daily Mail don’t realize that there are special bras and inserts a woman can wear when wearing a backless dress.

    I agree that most people would have criticized Kate for wearing a backless dress to something like this. But I am more bothered by the fact that I just think it isn’t a very pretty dress. That blue dress Maddie wore for the Nobels and the tea party last year would have looked better.

    Does Chris pay for her wardrobe, BTW? Or taxpayers?

    1. I am under the impression it is Chris paying for the gowns. I think I read they get reimbursed for travel and are given a palace when in Sweden for official duties.

  19. Since we’ve been talking a bit about foundations and support wear, I wonder if Kate, and the other royal women, always wear a regular bra or perhaps they wear some type of bustier/corset thingy? I’m asking because I rarely see any type of bra line on Kate and while I wear nicely fitted bras sometimes there is still a bit of a line or a bulge showing especially in the back.

    1. I think Kate is under the (misguided) mindset that she’s small enough to go without. Works for some of her outfits but not all.
      KMR did a post of met merit (sp?) Norwegian royal and she needed to be fitted properly her girls were lacking support. My sister is very well endowed so I know it can be a pain/expensive to get the right fit but she’s someone who can have the best, so no excuse

      1. Yeah, and that one dress when she was in India–wasn’t it Temperley, too? the teal one–it’s clear she wore nothing and it really made the dress fit poorly.

        I’m small but I always wear a bra. You can see the outline of it on my clothes. I’d rather the push-up and support, so who cares about seeing my bra strap under my shirt or whatever. 🙂

        1. Yeah Ellie, that Temperley dress without some support was not a good look. I wonder if designers cringe when their beautiful creations get mucked up due to poor styling or lack of the proper support.

      2. No, I think most of the time she wears some sort of bra or support. I’m just really intrigued by an under garment that doesn’t leave lines or bulge. I’ve noticed it on other royal women as well, their dresses or blouses are form fitting but nary a hint of bra strap.

        I’m certainly not saying that seeing a strap line or a bulge is indecent or wrong, it’s just the lack of them is making me curious.

    2. I often see a bra line on Kate (across her back, and often the clips on the straps show, too) but I don’t say anything because that’s so hard to control. And with Kate, wearing underwear calls for praise. I didn’t like Maddie’s dress, but thought the color was lovely on her. I also thought it was a little low cut in front, considering the open-back, but white tie actually means that more skin showing is fine. I once read a memoir from an upper-class guy who said that in the 30’s he could look along the chair backs at a formal dinner party and fool himself into thinking that the guests were naked, there were so many bare backs on show. Even allowing for exaggeration, Maddie’s fine.

      Not to comment on Victoria’s vacation, but I remember from The Final Curtsey that Margaret Rhodes took off on something of a world tour for her honeymoon and ended up being gone on holiday for nearly a full year. Amazing. She wrote of it as the last gasp of a different era, as I recall.

      1. Hi Graymatters, I wasn’t asking in order to criticize Kate just really curious how one wears under garments without getting some sort of line or bulge. I remember when they were on the Canada tour or something right after the wedding and was shocked and very curious as to the lack of bra lines, I mean I would kill to find a bra that fit like that 🙂 Maybe it’s because she doesn’t have any padding that would cause a little bulge?

        1. I’ve had good luck with t-shirt bras that have a very wide, smooth chest strap. They don’t last very long (I usually wear my bras for far longer than the recommended time because I hate bra shopping) but I look lifted and smooth for a few months at least. Assuming I have good posture, of course!

        2. Greetings from New Zealand Queen Lauri!

          Good haute couture has the “Underpinnings” built into the dress. I’ve had the opportunity to study closely garments from the 1950s from Dior and was amazing by the structural work that lies beneath. It seemed like they all had a corset (Merry widow type) built in. As Madde has a bust then I would say that a corset type underpinning was built into this dress. As even smaller busted girls had them in the 1950s then I’m sure Kate would find this arrangement helpful too? And it means there is no need for “tit tape” either.

          1. All good designers of evening wear incorporate support underpinnings in the dress.

            Some underpinnings will go as far as including knickers eg Versace incorporates a bodysuit such that no matter how flimsy the material, high the slit, plugging the neckline, nothing shows and body is supported. An external observer might think dress is risque given their style, but in reality there is no danger at all.

            Only cheap, mass produced dresses from mass market retailers forego this design element.

  20. I don’t particularly like Princess Madeline’s dress, but she does look quite elegant – per the usual.

    I’m pleasantly surprised to see Princess Sofia in the amethyst tiara. It suits her, and I think it’s lovely that her in-laws would allow her to wear such an iconic piece. I don’t like her dress, though – and I’m curious as to why she’s been dressing so conservatively lately.

  21. Sofia wins for day wear. I might like Madeleine’s day dress if the giant black flowers were removed.

    Sofia looked fantastic in her gown and that gorgeous tiara. The amethyst tiara is a difficult one because the base is high and open. You can’t really nestle it in the hair without some serious pouf. It looks awkward in every appearance, save for that later one from Victoria with the raised front and back of the updo.

    Madeleine’s gown is just pure perfection. I wouldn’t personally wear it but it works on her. I don’t have any quibbles with it at all, especially not with that big honker of an aquamarine dream!

    All I can do is shake my head and sigh at Sylvia. Am I the only one who thinks she tends to dress much younger than her years? Always fun to see the party antlers sparkling, anyway.

  22. Hi KMR,
    While I always read, I rarely post. I enjoy your blog and the coverage you supply to us royal watchers.
    In regards to Silvia’s gown, I think it looks like her 2012 Noble ‘s gown.
    Thanks for all your time and efforts, very appreciated.

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! You’re right, Silvia’s gown is from the 2012 Nobels. I remember looking at it for when I did round ups of Victoria and Madeleine’s Nobel style – that’s why it was so recent in my memory.

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