Princess Estelle turns 5 + Sofia out for Canada State Visit Day 2

Princess Estelle turns 5 + Sofia out for Canada State Visit Day 2

Princess Estelle‘s 5th birthday was yesterday, February 23. I’m also including Princess Sofia out and about on Day 2 of the Canada State Visit to Sweden.

Princess Estelle 5th Birthday
[Anna-Lena Ahlström/]

Two new photos of Estelle were released to mark her 5th birthday. They seem to be taken at the same time as the two photos that were released at the beginning of February. Estelle was very staid in those photos, so it’s nice to see a great big smile on her in these snaps.

Princess Estelle 5th Birthday
[Anna-Lena Ahlström/]

After donning my favorite tiara for the State Banquet on Day 1, Sofia was out and about for Day 2 of the Canada State Visit to Sweden on February 21.

Sofia and Prince Carl Philip joined the King and Queen and Governor-General and his wife for lunch at Stockholm City Hall. Sofia wore a Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini “Printed Twill And Lace Mini Dress” which is a major eyesore. Her shoes are cute, though.

In the evening, the Governor-General and his wife held a response dinner at the Vasa Museum, which Carl Philip and Sofia attended.

Sofia wore a pink Ida Sjöstedt dress with flower applique all over. I dislike this one, too. Sofia carried a new Dolce & Gabbana Sicily bag.

Sofia Canada-Sweden State Visit 2017 Day 2

Sofia’s earrings feature an aquamarine stud with a pearl drop and a diamond in the middle. They are by Emma Engelbert.

Sofia Canada-Sweden State Visit 2017 Day 2 earrings

38 thoughts on “Princess Estelle turns 5 + Sofia out for Canada State Visit Day 2

  1. Estelle is really adorable.

    I’m not a fan of Sofia and Carl Philip. But at least Sofia carries herself with dignity and grace. I don’t dislike her two dresses here as much as some seem to.

    1. Estelle is a happy child 🙂
      I liked the dress in the first picture a little bit more. Also the shoes. I think some earthy colours would suit Sofia’s skin tone better (olive green or maybe orange, gold).

  2. OMG Estelle is really a joy. She always is happy and not at all anxious.

    I don´t like much of Sofia’s choices of fashion but as Indiana Joanna wrote at least Sofia carries herself with dignity and grace. T

  3. Estelle.has a smile that can make anyone melt! I love the last picture of her. You see her personality and a little.mischievous on the back of the chair. Victoria and Daniel have done a good job.

    Sofia’s outfits were dreadful. She has had some hits.before. Even though the outfits are horrible, she wears them versus them taking over her. I also wish she ditch the center part. It’s so severe. All in all, she seemed confident, which is all that matters. I do have a bit of a soft spot when it comes to her.

    Thanks for the review, KMR!

    1. I agree with Rhiannon about Sofia, her clothing choices have been really bad lately and maybe she is overdoing the prim and proper thing to be taken seriously, but she does carry herself well and it is evident she is working hard to be good at her job. So, I like her for that.
      Estelle is so sweet, I just love that we get to see pictures of the children of the SRF regularly. This is a family that has a good PR machine! Too bad, the Duke and Duchess of Dimbridge do not do this as it would certainly make them just a bit more likeable.

    2. Agreed. Estelle looks relaxed, happy and natural in those photos.

      I also think Sofia’s clothes have gotten worse lately. The first photo looks so mismatched. I would like it better if the stripe on the bottom skirt was the same black fabric as the top half.

    1. I read an interview in which Queen Silvia said Estelle has the same joie de vivre and ease as Victoria had when she was a child and that she is the mirror image of Victoria.

  4. Estelle is adorable, Victoria & Daniel certainly make gorgeous children. I’m sorry, but what was Sofia thinking especially with that first outfit. Young Royal Ladies ( I’m thinking specifically of Sofia & Kate here, but I’m sure there are others) need to realise that runway fashion does not always transfer to real life! I don’t really mind the second (pink) outfit, apart from the neckline. I agree with rhiannon, her hair style does nothing for her either. I’m afraid I don’t know much about Sofia so I don’t know how she usually styles her hair or whether this is the norm for her?! Well guys this will make you chuckle, don’t know if you’ve seen the headline for the mail online but according to their knowledgeable reporters, Queen Elizabeth is taking styling tips from Kate!!! Apparently she is following in waity’s “sartorial” fashion footsteps…..heaven help us!

    1. I read that article. Basically they say HM is taking styling tips from Kate because the two women happened to wear the same colors. The clothes look nothing alike. The comparison is built entirely on the colors of the clothes.

      1. Only the DM could come up with a headline like that just by looking at a couple of pictures. Must be a slow day in the office. Could you imagine HM stepping out in a version of that red & white frilly tiered dress Kate wore in Canada…?! I wonder if HM has been made aware of that story – I would love to eavesdrop on that conversation between the Queen & Philip.

        1. I don’t know, but if I were Kate I’d be changing up my wardrobe asap. Why would any 35 year old want their style compared to a 90 year old’s?

          1. I’d back HM as well, just think back to her in her younger days. The Queen’s got more fashion knowledge in her little finger than Kate’s got in her hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of chocca block wardrobes.

        2. I also saw that apparently William and Kate don’t hold hands becuase the take their cues from her!!!!! Bwahaha I didn’t read the article just saw the headline but it made me laugh and eye roll at the same time.
          When the media is starting to make excuses for their cold behavior it never bodes well. They have to make William into a caring husband because he puts his hand on her back, uh no, it looks more like he’s guiding her more than anything. Puhlease

          1. I saw that article about Kate and Will not holding hands too! I probably should not have read it online, in the library, though…

            As for William putting his hand on her back? He is definitely doing it to lead her in the right direction and to angle her into the right position. It must drive him nuts that after all this time she still does not know where to walk and where to stand?

          2. William pretty much shoves her along or outright ignores her, like when she got her heel stuck when she was pregnant and struggled to catch up.

            HM and Philip gaze at each other like they care about and do love one another. I’ve only seen Kate gazing at William like he’s Jesus Christ come to earth to save just her. He always looks irked at her, or right past her…

  5. Oh, I have such a soft spot for Sofia. I just can’t help but root for her, but I just don’t understand this schoolmarm aesthetic she’s latched onto lately. I think she’s being deliberately conservative in her in her dress sense, which is fine – but more often than not her look is severe – the tight pony with the middle part, super high necklines, shapeless dresses…

    Anyway, I kind of like her first outfit. If she wore her hair loose and soft, I think the look would be less severe. I guess the same could be said of her evening dress, too. The dress is OK, but her shoes are all wrong. I would have done a peep toe or a d’orsay with a dress like that.

  6. Estelle lis a darling girl! Happy Birthday to her and many, many, more happy and healthy years.

    The photos are charming and capture a very special child. Her parents have done a wonderful job and I love that they share milestones — and other moments — with a loving public.

    As for Sofia’s choice in clothing — it’s a disaster. Really, she is in need of a stylist. The first number was a wreck and the pink dress in the evening was a bit better, but still not to my taste, or most others’, it seems. I take it back. Just looked at the pink dress again and it’s horrific.

    The center part is not flattering as rhiannon pointed out. Remember when we saw the photos of her with the side part? Everyone was thrilled!

    She does have a sense of dignity, though. And, always puts her best foot forward. Still, I would so like to see her in more flattering and stylish clothes!

  7. Oh, what a sweetie Estelle is. A very happy and genuine child. I hope she has a Happy Birthday and a life filled with joy and health. She really has touched so many hearts!!!

    Sofia’s taste in clothing is terrible, imo. I just think she looked horrible in the photos. — clothing wise, that is. She and Kate could make use of top notch stylists.

    Still, Sofia, does try to do her best wherever she goes. She takes her role seriously and deserves applause for that. I wish she would reconsider the side part!

  8. First the cute, love estelle’s pics! Her little smile what fun
    Now to the dreadful. I said the other day it’s like some one is dressing Sofia in some conservative manor which comes off as a huge fail. I liked some of her outfits before if they were a size larger. Some were waayyy too tight
    THe first outfit was a huge WTH outfit. I don’t even know what else to say. Maybe the skirt sans the matching top would hVe been better? Whateves, it is terrible and should be burned immediately
    The floral appliqué is way too much. Similar to Madeleine’s Nobel dress. Like mad’s dress would have been better with a solid corset type top the same might be said of this dress. A solid top with out all the flowers. It’s too much to look at especially with the bow thrown on top of it all! Yuck
    I wonder at what age ladies start going with the helmet head hair do. Almost all the older Royal ladies sport it. Is it something I need to start bracing myself for?

  9. I agree with you all about the incredible cuteness of Estelle, and she seems so well brought up.

    I am just baffled by Sofia’s first outfit. Can’t think how the two pieces would work, even separately, but I, too, love the shoes. The appliqued dress would never win my approval; I hate fussy, and this is worse than all lace. But Sofia does seem engaged; she doesn’t grin, and she carries herself well, so to me she’s only guilty of bad fashion choices here.

  10. Happy fifth birthday Estelle! What an adorable not so little girl. I too like the fact that Victoria and Daniel and Chris and Madeleine share these milestone moments. It is delight to watch them grow up.

    I like the second photo of Estelle smiling. Just a couple of natural photos.

    Sofia in the pink dress actually I like. With a good ponytail. Very neat. I am not keen on the first outfit it looks rather a strange choice. However Sofia is still learning but she shows up and does her bit.

  11. Sofia is very pretty, but her hairstyle is so unflattering. Always the rigorous centre parting and rigid style. Not a fan of the outfits, but she carries herself well and looks elegant.

  12. I really do love Sofia! Mostly because she almost always looks so happy and she obviously has embraced her role. Her clothes can be hit or miss but I still love her!

  13. A www, Estelle is such a little ball of light and joy!

    I really hope that these two dresses represent Sofia playing around with her look and trying some fun and funky fashion. But I am a bit worried about her recent penchant for high necklines and bows? hopefully this phase will pass. I do like her t-strap shoes though and her posture and poise is very nice.

    1. If Victoria hadn’t taken so much time off then no one would have had to fill in for her.

      1. Yup, she should be there. Part of me wonders if something is going on with Victoria and Daniel health-wise or something or if they’re just being lazy.

        But I bet this is Carl Gustav’s dream. His rightful heir by his side and all.

        As you can tell I do not like Carl Gustav one bit.

  14. Estelle is a lovely and lively girl. It’s so cute that she and Leonore, who are reported to be close, also have their birthdays so close to each other! Happy Birthday to Estelle and Leonore!!!

    Sophia doesn’t know how to dress. It’s like her outfits come close to being a stunner, but there is something missing or there is too much embellishment or it is too tight in the wrong places….at least she has good posture.

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