Kate plays pool at Action for Children

Kate plays pool at Action for Children

Kate Middleton is “miserable” at pool, you guys, and she showed off her “miserable” pool skills while visiting Action for Children projects in Wales yesterday, February 22.

In her first engagements as Patron of Action for Children, Kate stopped by two of their projects: MIST (a child and adolescent mental health project which works specifically with children who are living in care with foster families or birth families) and Caerphilly Family Intervention Team (which works with children with emotional and behavioral difficulties, problems with family relationships and those who have or who are likely to self-harm).

Kate first visited MIST in Torfaen where she met families who use the service. She also took part in a creative session and a quick game of pool. She was then given flowers by two young girls before leaving.

Action for Children is a 147 year old charity which helps disadvantaged children across the UK by providing early intervention support to stop neglect and abuse, fostering and adoption services, among others. Their 7,000 staff and volunteers operate over 600 services, improving the lives of 390,000 children, teenagers, parents and carers every year.

Kate meets families at Action for Children Feb 2017
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Kate then visited Caerphilly Family Intervention Team (FIT) to learn about their work with children with emotional issues. Kate met families who use the service and viewed FIT’s family therapy work which helps families understand the reasons behind certain behavior.

A spokesman for Kensington Palace said:

    “The Duchess of Cambridge is incredibly proud to follow Her Majesty The Queen as Patron of Action for Children. The Duchess firmly believes that every child who needs it should be given the best support at the earliest opportunity, and is pleased to support their important work. She is looking forward to getting to know the people that make Action for Children such a success and meeting the young people they work with.”

For her trip to Wales, Kate wore a repeat. She chose the burgundy skirt suit from Paule Ka which she previously wore in 2012. Kate’s Kiki McDonough Citrine and Diamond Cushion Drop Earrings made their second ever appearance. She also wore her Stuart Weitzman HalfNHalf Stretch Rider boots again, that black turtleneck she’s been loving this year, and her Cartier watch.

I actually really liked this suit when Kate first wore it in 2012 – enough to put it at Number 19 on my Top 25 Fave Kate looks – even though everyone on the forum I was on at the time hated it because the skirt was so short. I prefer her 2012 styling, although I understand why she would add the turtleneck and boots because of the time of year.

I guess there was a little bit of wind when she arrived at one of the projects, because she had to hold the skirt down.

Kate greeted members of the public who had come out to see her.

Here is a lovely video of Kate’s interactions with people. She calls herself “miserable” after taking her first shot at pool, and apologizes for her poor performance. I like that she loosened up a bit and was willing to try playing pool, but I wish she wouldn’t apologize. If she’s anything like me, saying “I’m sorry” for things one shouldn’t apologize for is a defense mechanism, and one must break that habit in order to have confidence in oneself.

Kate also spoke to two young girls about taking the flowers they gave her home for Charlotte, and about how old George and Charlotte are. Both girls gave Kate a hug before she left.

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  1. The first time Kate wore that suit I didn’t mind it too much even though the skirt was short. This time though, I thought it was inappropriate. The first time she wore it, she was inside and around adults. This time she was pictured outside with the wind, and she was with children which requires her to bend over. It would have been better to wear a longer skirt, a pencil skirt, or pants. At least she held down her skirt and avoided a flashing incident!

    1. Agree Carter. Kate hugging the girls is really awkward. I at least notice her discomfort with the act, but I also know that a lot of people do not like being hugged. This is a personal matter. OMG, Kate SHOULD give up that way of talking. She is so worried about speaking with that posh accent that her mouth countracts and the voice sounds too forced, not at all natural.

  2. I actually liked this suit the first time she wore it, even though it was short. I didn’t mind too much with the tights. However, this time around, I don’t care for the skirt. I like the blazer, but I don’t think a 35 year old should wear a mini skirt. Plus, I just don’t care for this kind of skirt that flares at the bottom-it isn’t flattering on anyone. Plus it looks more like something a college student would wear.

    I love the color though and it was nice she wore flatter boots than the normal 4 inch kind. This outfit is so similar to the one she wore last week. The same color combo, burgundy/black, and the same turtleneck/boots. The only difference is a skirt instead of jeggings. I am not saying anything bad or good, just an observation.

    1. When I saw the first grainy, only-from-the-chest-up photos on Twitter, I actually thought she was repeating the outfit from last week. That blazer and this suit have a very similar color. Plus she wore the same turtleneck and boots, so yeah there is a definite similarity there.

  3. I think this suit is quite pretty, but the skirt is totally inappropriate for an engagment with children.. I don’t mind for her to apologize, in fact I think she’s very genuine and doesn’t care to show her own limits..

    1. Personal preference I guess. I used to say “I’m sorry” about a thousand times a day for every little thing, things I shouldn’t be apologizing for, because it was a defense mechanism for me because I was so unconfident. But then I stopped doing that, and it now annoys me when I hear other people say “I’m sorry” as some sort of defense mechanism when they shouldn’t be apologizing. By all means confidently joke about how terrible you are at pool, but don’t apologize for being terrible at pool. There is no need to apologize for being terrible at pool. I liked that Kate joked about being “miserable” at pool, but the “I’m sorry” irked me.

      1. I took her saying “I’m sorry” as she was apologizing to the boy she was shooting for. There were 2 boys playing against one another and she shot for one of them. She didn’t sink a ball, so she was apologizing to the boy for messing up his shot since she shot for him. I thought it was quiet genuine. I don’t think she was apologizing for being terrible at pool, but rather for not sinking a ball for the boy who was then 3 shots behind the other boy-the one who had sunk 3 red balls in a row. It didn’t seem like a defense mechanism to me, but rather just something most of us would have said if we had messed up when playing for someone else and not scored. That is how I took it.

        1. Oh, I didn’t know she was shooting for someone else. I thought she was playing for herself against the guy. If she was not playing for herself, and was in fact just doing one shot for someone else, then yeah I can understand why she would apologize. None of the articles I read or KP’s social media accounts said she was just shooting once for someone, so I assumed she was playing for herself. My bad then.

      2. I also think saying I’m sorry is inherently a woman’s issue/problem. What I don’t like is Kate constantly saying she’s bad at things. Whether it’s playing pool, cooking or pushing a button! I’m all for self deprecating humor but enough already. Maybe we all think Kate is terrible at everything she does is becuase she’s constantly telling us she is! For once, I would love her to say “I totally got this or I rock this” type of statements

  4. She’s tall and slender and has an enviable clothes budget, so should look fabulous. I like the colour, but somehow the overall effect is very uninspiring. Nice not to wear towering heels, but I was worried about the wind and that little flippy skirt. I have decided to apologise less too, KMR

    1. I think “I’m sorry” has also become a way to state a differing opinion. “I’m sorry, but ….” as if one should apologize for having an opinion. It is lazy speech, and has given rise to “sorry, not sorry” which I really despise. I study speech waaaaaay to much (especially for someone living in Texas) and have realized a lot of people say words and phrases they don’t understand or even mean. I’m not saying this about you, Bea. Your comment just got me musing.

      1. Jet, I love regional lexicon. Being from ok I had a twang(unnoticeable to me) until I went out of state for college. I dropped the accent but few words I can’t shake y’all, fixin to, and all carbonated beverages are Coke.

        1. Regional and national variances are amazing. I’ve given more than one British reader a giggle wondering why the Queen never wears pants!

  5. Kate’s clothes look really classy today. I would wear this myself.
    Kate becoming the patron of this organisation is a big step. Perhaps the Queen wants to test Kate if she can handle “it”. (to be able to give her an order).
    The picture with the girl who hugs Kate is heartbreaking. That is the reason to be a good rolemodel, children need this.

    1. I thought the photo was heartbreaking, too. But, because the child obviously needed to feel close to Kate and her response was so stiff. I do realize that some people don’t like being hugged, but when the child reached out that way, I so wish that Kate would have warmed up a bit. Her body language showed major discomfort and that is not what the child needed, imo.

      I also hated that suit. She is 35 years old and such a short skirt was inappropriate for a Duchess at an appearance. If she likes to dress like that, use the suit when having lunch with friends or family, or for a more private engagement. I think there is something within Kate that is crying out that she is a child, too. She is so used to be taken care of by others. She has mentioned that so many times. It’s sad, actually. I blame Carole and William. But, for goodness sake, Kate, move on!

      I did not mind the pool comment apology, because I also thought she was apologizing to the boy she was playing with and saying in a way, “Oh, sorry, my skills are terrible here.”

      I am the worst at pool, so I can relate to her and just going on with it showed that she was giving it her all. Good for her.

      1. Yes, the skirt is in fact a little bit short,
        although I like the suit in general (perhaps for private use then).
        I too think that Kate is a little bit stiff around children and I wonder why. It’s mostly a sign that she is no adult at all, as you have said it.

        1. I wouldn’t say that not liking kids is a sign that she’s not an adult. I generally don’t like being around kids. I do enjoy some and in different engagements even more. It wasn’t really until recently that it became more acceptable for women to openly acknowledge that. One of the docs I work with always wants me to admit that if I find the right guy I would change. He doesn’t get that the right guy for me would have a vasectomy =)
          I love the geriatrics’s tho, get me in a room with them and I completely melt.
          I don’t think I’ve ever seen Kate engage with the elderly tho. So it’s a crap shoot. Not good with kids, not good with the elderly, not good with the sick.
          What does that leave you?

          1. Ha thanks Indiana! Luckily I’m cool either way. I did tell my sister that I’m leaving everything to my nieces with the stipulation that they make sure I’m waxed/tweezed and get my hair done when I’m sitting in the nursing home =)

        2. How is not liking kids a sign she’s not an adult? There are many, many adults who don’t like kids.

          1. It’s an interesting point to think about in my opinion. I know there are many children who don’t behave properly but it has nothing to do with children in general. There are many, many adults I don’t like because of their mean behaviour but in general, I like people.
            So, I think Kate likes children but she can’t open up to them, don’t ask me why.
            When you grow older, you learn to appreciate children, they see the world with their own eyes, often in a more relaxed way. Watch old people, there is not one who isn’t happy to see little ones (or animals).

          2. We’re going to have to agree to disagree. I’ve met plenty of old people who dislike children or find them very annoying. Just because someone dislikes children doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with them or that they are somehow not an adult. Some people are people people and like interacting with others, and some people aren’t and very much dislike interacting with others. People dislike other people for a variety of reasons. Not every woman likes kids or interacts well with kids, that doesn’t make them any less of a woman or an adult. That’s just their preference.

          1. Yes, I heard about Emotional Intelligence.
            I don’t want to argue with you, KMR. Of course, there are people who don’t like children.And I met women who don’t want to have children themselves. It’s perfectly fine. Better than being forced into something they don’t feel comfortable with.

  6. This outfit looks like she’s stuck in a time warp and is a university student. The blazer also looks too small, like she accidentally bought a petite size, but decided to wear it anyway.

    1. Agree LizB, and she has no clutch, Miracle, but I looked at the videos and she seems lost without her clutch. And in the DM article, the pics are hilarious. Sometimes I think DM hates Kate and choose the worst pics to print. But of course Kate helps with all those daft faces.

    2. They say people will, get stuck in a time they think they look best whether it’s make-up or clothes. I think Kate is the perfect example of that.
      She hasn’t evolved much in some sense. I actually think her college days are some of her better looks. She looked happy and healthy. What you wear in your 20s you shouldn’t necessarily wear as a women in mid 30s.

      1. Agreed. She shouldn’t wear this type of skirt anymore. It is for little girls up to 20-somethings. A short, flirty skirt looks silly on a mature woman. Pencil skirts can be sexy, I don’t get why she doesn’t wear more of those.

    3. If only she looked as good as her college years: healthier, happier, authentic. She really seems stuck in that era. I too thought the blazer looked like a petite. Maybe that’s why the skirt is so short too. It looks pretty silly on her, but at least I don’t see pictures of her fidgeting with her hair.

  7. She dresses like she’s in her twenties. Probably when she was happier. It’s also too short– the jacket, the skirt. If it fit better I’d say thumbs up, I love the color.

    The video of her hugging the girls is so, so awkward; they hug her and she stands there, pats their back, and walks away and the facade fro a moment drops and she looks abjectly miserable. She just doesn’t want to be there.

    I think the ‘I’m sorry’ thing is a very British thing. I heard so much profuse apologizing for the smallest things when I visited. Also I think it plays into Kate’s act of being deferential and little girl lost, poor me, I’m sorry, etcetera,but that’s just me.

    AFC seems like a great charity. I wonder why they released a statement instead of Kate saying anything. At least the charity got some press today. I just wish there was more substance, as I think we all do. There’s not much to talk about besides her clothes, ever. It’s sad. She is so cold and standoffish to people, including children. Why they try to push the ‘People’s Princess’ and ‘Children’s Princess’ stuff with her is beyond me. She’s not like that, it’s fine, find something that suits her besides Ben Ainslie…

    1. Re the hug: When my cousin was young like those girls are, I hugged him the way Kate did those girls (although I used both hands since I wasn’t holding flowers). I always felt so awkward because he would go in for a hug before I could react, so I didn’t have time to bend down to hug him. So I stood there and just pat him on the back.

      Re the facade drop: It could be that she didn’t know where to go or who to go to, and that’s why her face fell so hard. It seemed to me like she was looking for Rebecca, but Rebecca wasn’t there, so Kate had to figure something else out. Or she just didn’t care. But it did seem like she was a bit lost when leaving.

      Re “Children’s Princess”: Because it’s easy PR. Also because of the notion that women have to love kids and be super great with kids.

      1. Weird Rebecca wasn’t there! You’d think she would be with Kate on every engagement as that’s kind of the job, to not only organize the visit but to be there and prep Kate (because, I’m cynical, I know, I doubt W&K ever prep and need people to hand hold throughout the whole engagement).

        I just find it weird with Kate how she always towers above children and rarely gets on their level. She just bends over to talk to them, doesn’t really crouch very often and seems very standoffish. She’s just not one for kids, which is totally fine, but them pushing her into it is annoying. I just see her standoffishness as indications she never wants to be out there, she just is forced to work when she does work. Unless it’s Ben Ainslie. 😉

        1. I’m sure Rebecca was there on the engagement, just not standing right where Kate was looking/heading. Rebecca was probably standing elsewhere.

          I saw old photos of Diana where she would bend over like Kate does to accept flowers.

          1. Yeah, accepting flowers is one thing, but I notice Kate always does this with children or people in wheelchairs–just stands and doesn’t get on their eye level. I think it would be better if she did that more often, looming over people and bending over them to talk to them doesn’t look good and is a bit rude IMO.

          2. I actually asked my mom, who is in a wheelchair, about whether people should crouch down to talk to her or just remain standing. She said that for any conversation that was under 5-10 minutes, she preferred people be however they would normally be, but that if the conversation was over 5-10 minutes, she preferred people to take a seat so they could chat. So for a quick conversation with someone, she would rather people just keep standing and not crouch down to talk to her.

            I know that’s just one person’s opinion, but I thought I’d mention it.

          3. Ah, that’s interesting! For me I always like to see how Harry gets down on someone’s eye level. It always seemed unnecessarily patronizing to loom over people when you talk to them.

          4. In order to reach a child and show them that you are interested then you should always get down to their level. It shows that they are valued and will actually show you more respect in the long run. Just a little child psych 101, but many just do their own thing. 🙂

    2. The “Children’s Princess” never took. Though closer to the mark, she can hardly be badged as the “Hot for Sexy Men Princess”.

      Identifying Kate with children was an obvious PR move, but she didn’t get off the starting blocks as a royal fast enough (despite promises to the contrary) or carve out that niche for herself. Nor is she naturally warm or interested in children other than her own. The hug looks awkward because she has little empathy and couldn’t intuit their needs. But if Kate’s visit focuses attention to AFC, people need to be content with that. After all, that is her job.

      I’m pleased Kate wore a repeat outfit though I am convinced she is channeling her 20’s. I like the boots, turtleneck and black tights; wish she had worn that skirt used for the HuffPo day to complete that look, with maybe a bright yellow scarf or bag. I think she has outgrown the red suit, figuratively and literally.

    3. It’s clear to all that Kate is awkward around kids and the sick so this was a terrible move on their part to tote her as the children’s princess.
      The one organization I thought she would be great at, the scouts, she dropped as soon as possible and did what, 1maybe 2 engagements with them? In theory it would be perfect, being outdoors and kids.
      The thing is, I honestly don’t know what Kate would be great at so I don’t know what type of charities would work for her.
      I think they gave her Wimbledon becuase it will silence the criticism about how she can’t work but can show up there. Although, now that it’s work will she go?

    4. The façade drop was so obvious in the video. Similar to how you feel when you’ve been in a job interview and it hasn’t gone so well, or the dentist and you’re on your way out the door as fast as possible. She does not enjoy this job she went after and its a pity. If she practised more at developing herself and working in the long years as a girlfriend she could have seen it wasn’t for her. She and William seem to think their job is separate from themselves; it’s not. My whole life, didn’t the Queen say?

  8. I thought this was another good engagement for Kate – she seems to do better on engagement’s when she’s by herself nowadays – but suppose literally treading in the footsteps of Her Majesty she had to pull a good out of the bag! I was bit taken aback by all the security used by the Welsh Police for her visit though, was there some sort of threat made against her?! Put the flags out, she re-wore her 2nd outfit of the year. I like this suit & have done all along. In fact I don’t know why she hasn’t brought it out again before now, although she still hasn’t learnt to put weights in her hems. I like it teamed with the long boots & dark tights but think I preferred the jacket first time round. Let’s hope she doesn’t leave it a year before her next visit.

    1. AFAIK they use local police regularly on engagements. When William lived on Anglesey he diverted a lot of police from doing their jobs to guarding the house 24/7.

      1. But apparently they had more police armed with tazers and had brought in drones to keep an eye on things. It all just seemed abit over the top to me considering she took several armed bodyguards with her.

        1. Do we know the reasons why they brought that extra stuff in? It seems over the top, but there may have been a reason that we are unaware of.

          1. All the DM article says is ” Police stepped up security efforts as officers armed with tasers & drone operated cameras stood by for her arrival”. Speaking as a former police officer, it seems slightly over the top. Last time I saw measures anything like that taken were after 7/7 attacks!

  9. One thing I found weird on the AFC press release is saying how Kate sat in on a private family therapy session. What the heck? That seems so…wrong, to me. It bugs.

    1. I think it would be up to the family. If they agreed and felt comfortable with having Kate there, then there is nothing wrong with that. If they didn’t agree to her being there, then that would have been very wrong.

      1. I figure they were fine with it in the sense of, well, that was the plan for the engagement so find a family who’d do it, but it just is weird since I can’t see much happening in a therapy session with an extra third wheel. I wouldn’t say a darn thing, that’s for sure. My opinion is most likely colored by how my therapist as a teenager would pull that on me and it was always a mess.

        1. Oh I would never let some random person sit in on a therapy session. I also would never want some random person listening in to a helpline call, like William has done a couple times now. But that’s just me. I have very severe trust issues and can’t open up to a therapist normally, let alone with another stranger in there.

          1. Yes! It really bothers me because of that. Therapy is supposed to be helpful and having some random stranger there… That won’t get any use out of the session. Same thing with the helpline calls. That’s one thing that bugs me about these engagements. These things should be private not with an audience.

          2. Maybe they didn’t have an actual “therapy” session, but were willing to share the reasons/causes behind the therapy and how it helped them cope? I can’t imagine them going through the full disclosure of feelings and stuff in front of a stranger, even a famous one.

    2. It’s inappropriate for anyone, let alone people undergoing therapy, to be used as props to satisfy some PR objective for a member of the BRF or by the charity itself. Incredibly invasive. And why do these people have to open up their wounds like this? Bad call on the part of the charity.

    3. She should attend a therapy session for herself, not gawk at one and then talk about reducing the stigma. Everybody could benefit from having somebody to chat to at some point. The therapist, if they are a doctor, would be bound by confidentiality etc. Doing, not watching, Kate. Like Harry and the AIDS test. All her speeches, congratulating herself on not needing therapy because of her awesome childhood just reinforce the stigma. I’m sure the family gave approval but I wonder how comfortable it really was for them.

  10. Good evening everyone,
    What a worth, inspiring charity / organization. Such a fantastic group of facilities provided.
    When you see what this charity is supporting and the services it provides, I started to think wouldn’t it be terrific if this somehow spurred the Duchess on to be more involved and proactive.
    To get right in there and make a difference.
    Help, support maybe even improve on what is currently on offer. Bring a little sunshine into what can be a very isolating existence for some regardless of what situation or demon they are facing.
    When you watch the two beautiful little ones embrace the Duchess, it tears at the heart.
    So much could be accomplished and achieved with some motivation and foresight.
    Have to agree the skirt is not appropriate for bending etc… even with a slim figure, age appropriate I think at some stage needs to be considered especially at royal functions.
    Even playing pool, I may be old-fashioned, but there were adolescent boys in the pool room area. They looked a lovely group of young ones.

    1. My youngest is 19 and she won’t wear a skater skirt. I tried to buy one for her because I thought it would be cute and she vetoed it saying that it might blow and would barely cover her panties. That’s saying a lot that Kate thinks it’s appropriate but my boy crazy 19 year old won’t.

  11. Kate seems very awkward around children. She does seem to be a little uncomfortable, especially leaving. She looked a little lost and just turned around to say “bye everyone”. It felt a little awkward.
    I think she is trying but she seems very insecure. She needs to do more engagements to become comfortable with them, she probably gets very anxious. I would too, there are a lot of people there and press and they can say wonderful things or nasty things. Kate’s evading the public eye and doing the least amount of engagements she can get away with is a bad move, not only for PR but for herself too, as putting things off only makes anxiety worse and worse. She just needs to get more involved and in no time she will be far more comfortable.
    I like the skirt suit but I do agree it is a bit inappropriate for this occasion. She had to bend down a lot, which you can see towards the end when she was talking to the two young girls, she was trying to get to their level without flashing the entire room!
    I love your blog so much by the way! It’s so good and entertaining! Thank you for being so up to date!

  12. I thought that this was a great engagement. Kate seemed involved and i love the fact that she was willing to have a go at pool. I didn’t think the hug was awkward, more she didn’t have time to respond by the time she stood up and the girl gave her a hug. For some people, like me, hugging isn’t natural so we just have an awkward response to it.

    The outfit was pretty, and i love the colour. Although the length may be short especially if she’s going to be bending down to play pool or talk to those girls.

  13. With the greatest respect to you all I feel like I can be hardly bothered to comment. Another day, another unsuitable outfit unsuited to the occasion. Another stilted, half arsed interaction with children. I’m not trying to undermine her confidence but if I kept coming home with school reports that said ‘AJ makes the same mistakes time and time again, she shows little interest for the task in hand and shows a suspect attitude to her work’ my parents would have put a rocket under me. Effort and and learning from one’s mistakes is everything even if you can’t excel.

    1. +1

      Mrs BBV, I thought this was a good visit, but what we are seeing from KM is as good as it will ever get. Not charismatic, not good at anything in particular, not articulate, not connecting to people or issues, not especially thrilled to be there. She is better now at following directions on how to act among people at the events, but there is no spontaneity or confidence.

      I was glad to see that she wore a repeat outfit and low heels. Even though the skirt was short she at least added black tights. Still there was near miss with the wind wreaking havoc. I wish she would cut and style her hair in a beautiful shoulder length bob, but ho hum.

      Yes, no real progress because you must want to improve. KM plateaued long ago in the personality and effort department. She is working more because she is forced to.

      1. I think it’s the plodding along in 2nd gear and not really giving anyone full value that is so tiresome and exasperating. You’re absolutely right in that this is probably as good as it’s going to get and the being there feels like she’s under duress. What a waste of so many opportunities to give and help those that need it.

        When you find your cause in life there is no better feeling that delivering on their behalf. I speak from experience. I was a call handler for the Samaritans for many years until my own ill health prevented me from carrying on. After a 12 hour all night shift I never left there without feeling high on the most amazing surge of adrenaline. Not that I could help everyone and there were horrific things to deal with but knowing I had given other people all my attention and put them before me and my blessed life was a feeling like no other. Diana got it, Camilla gets it but Kate still doesn’t realise what giving of oneself is all about. Moreoever she probably doesn’t even really care.

        1. No, and KM never will get it. She’s not a vibrant full-fledged adult. She has been manipulated by her mother and now W her entire life. KM achieved her goal to capture W. She’s incapable of wanting to be a person in her own right.

          And I like your analogy of plodding along in second gear. To find a vocation that makes you feel like your real self and totally alive is what most of us look for in our lives. But KM doesn’t understand or even want that.

        2. I don’t think Kate is the only one who has quit “growing”, William seems to be reverting to his snarky, angry teenage years more and more. It’s sad that they don’t push each other to be the best they can be instead they, sometimes, seem to bring out the worst in each other.

          1. I think just realizing that the life they really want to live is not the life they’re ever going to get is enough to bring out the doldrums in both. I also believe this issue is much more serious for William. He wants something he can never have and that must drive the man who will be king crazy. Social media alone will never allow things that could have been glossed over or had the history rewritten a generation ago. I think instead of bucking the system yet still having it all he will have to put up or shut up. Big decisions either way…

          2. Queen Lauri, Yep, W plays a huge role in KM’s lack of growth. In what way I don’t know. I do know that being with a spouse or friend or co-worker who wants to do well helps one to learn to be better person. W&KM are suited in that neither has any ambition or interest in upping their royal game. It’s sad that Carole and KM spent all that time, energy and tears pursuing the prince nobody else wanted. Once they got him did they realise that he wasn’t that great of a catch? In any event, W is definitely part of the problem.

          3. Hi, Ray, but so many people finally wake up to the fact that they are not going to have the lives they thought they were going to have. If William does not want to be King, step aside. I’m sure the relatives would get over it. They have given him enough passes on other things since Diana died.

            I know this is a sensitive topic to the people in the UK and there would be shock if he stepped aside, but perhaps, there would also be a sense of relief. People do tend to think he is yet not up to the job.

            I truly can’t understand or condone the shoddy way W and K tend to their responsibilities. It gets old and tiresome to see the same mistakes over and over again. When they do knock it out of the park, good for them, but true to form, they relapse the next time out of the gate.

            I’d have more respect for William if he owned up to the fact that he doesn’t want the throne, if indeed, that is true. Right now, he is so irritating! So very irritating! So is Kate.

          4. He may not want the thrown, but he certainly wants the money and lifestyle that come with it. And he would NEVER give that up.

          5. I doubt William could step aside. He has no sense of duty but the sense of it is what he is–a royal, better than us, born to be King, blah-blah. Also him stepping aside would probably damage the monarchy far more than his inevitable poor job at being the sovereign.

    2. Mrs BBV, I feel the same way as you do. There is really nothing to say about her, other than she did an engagement. I have come to the conclusion, that Kate is very socially awkward and she has refused advice on how to help herself or she sees no issue with her own behavior. She is just unable to cultivate an aura of warmth and empathy, and she will rarely wear an outfit appropriate for the event she is attending. This is as good as it will ever get for her. To me, she is a mess and has no presence, once she is gone, she is gone. To be totally shallow, when I compare her to other royal women in Europe who do many engagements, she just looks shabby and unkempt. A total lack of polish. Kate has this air of immaturity about her and she needs to accept that she is not 22 years old anymore and it is time to be a woman.

      1. I have a very similar opinion. But do you think there is actually anything she can do to cultivate an air of maturity or sophistication? I feel two things are preventing that – 1. She doesn’t appear to be “growing” or learning from her experience over the past six years. If you compare video from 2011 and now, you might think that today’s event was actually one of her first. Except I do feel she actually appeared happier in the past. 2. I’m not sure that anyone can learn to project an air of maturity. Either you have matured based on your experience, or you have not. Simply put, it’s just unfortunate that the wife of the future King of England is not slightly more extroverted. As we’ve often pointed out, if she conveyed passion about her work, we would not pay quite as much attention to the wardrobe.

        1. That is a hugely intuitive comment Karen because it was through growth and thirst for knowledge that Diana built on her core to became what she was. But the learning / self development bug came to her too late to save her marriage. I often wonder what would have happened had she lived, to her relationship with the PoW because I think an intelligent, more intellectually accomplished Diana may well have made him finally find the love and respect that were missing in the early days of their marriage. He certainly wasnt blind to her talents……that’s where his envy stemmed from but I often wonder if he would have found her more companionable as she matured?

      2. One more quick comment – I actually think she had MORE presence and confidence when she was 22. Take a look at some of the pap shots from that time. She always seemed very comfortable in her skin (and her clothes). In my opinion, that was her moment. Some people do get stuck in those years. She may be one of them.

        1. I agree Karen, she did seem much more comfortable during the gf years than now. Maybe because then there were no pressures or responsibilities? I think back to the first year or so of W&K’s marriage and imho, they both seemed very happy and relaxed when out in the public, William seemed more genuine then too but then something happened that affected both of them, they are much less relaxed, more hesitant and closed off.

          1. I think you are hitting on something very interesting and important. Perhaps one day we’ll discover what exactly happened. It really is the elephant in the room to those who observe it. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t feel Kate will do a sit-down, tell-all interview, but I do think someone will write a book that sheds some light.

          2. I think that when they were young adults in their early 20’s, people looked at W&K and thought that they were doing well. They both had respectable grades from a respectable university. Will was on good terms with his father and grandmother. Will trained with the military and appeared to take his commitment seriously. Kate looked good and got to party with her rich titled bf, so why wouldn’t she be happy. Her middle-classness, which might have been an issue, was being spun as an advantage for Will and the rf. I think they both thought they had it figured out. The public, though, thought it was a good start. They haven’t done much in the ten years since, so the public is annoyed because the good start hasn’t led to anything and W&K are frustrated because they think they already gave the public their best.

        2. KM has plateaued in character, emotional growth and interests. She is who she is. When she tries to be someone she’s not–eg enthusiastic about her patronages–she feigns over the top expressions of riotous laughter and goofy facial tics. It’s painful for her to pretend and painful for those who watch her. That’s why I think her muted motions during this event were a win for her.

          I think it best to accept her for who she is, which is someone who is married to W, someone who is not curious about others or anything that doesn’t serve her, likes to garner male attention by flirting and by occasionally lapsing into exhibitionist behaviour. She will never be the charisma laden, passionate woman everyone wants her to be. Never. It’s kinder to just accept that she will never be anyone other than the person she has shown herself to be for the past 15 years. At least lately she is making regular visits to charities, even if it is under duress. That’s a huge step for someone like KM.

      3. Hi, BostonBrahmin and Mrs. BBV, and all!

        I am so in agreement with the comments about Kate just not getting it. It’s sad, actually. She really needs a giant boost of self-confidence and I don’t think she will get that from William. He is the one who needs to always feel in charge.

        I think Kate should really work with someone who is caring and understanding, but who will move her in the proper directions. She does seem out of sorts at these events and it is almost painful to watch her sometimes. I am giving her a thumbs up for playing a bit of pool and her apology, I think went to the child she was playng against.

        The way she stood so rigidly when the girl hugged her tore me apart. That child needed comfort and I don’t think Kate gots that. How I wish she would have bent down to the girl’s level and chatted kindly with her for a bit. I realize that she is not one who takes to hugging, but in this instance, oh, how that child needed a moment of kind concern.

        The suit was a huge no-no for me. So short a skirt and here she is a 35 year old Duchess. God, I cannot imagine Diana reverting to her school days when meeting children. Or, anyone else. Kate is trapped in an eternal childhood, or schoolgirl role. She needs to find sense of purpose and really enjoy herself. Mrs. BBV, a major compliment to you for your work helping others. I am sure it was often very hard to hear sad stories, but the idea that you were there to help someone else is just awesome.

        And, Boston, your comment that Kate is not 22 anymore and that it is time for hr to be a woman is very spot on. When will that happen, I wonder. Soon, Charlotte will be emotionally older than her Mum, it seems.

        1. Hi Mary Elizabeth, you know what I found strange? She didn’t know how to play pool. What the hell was she doing at University on her nights out? It’s almost rite of passage. Was she too busy man-to-man marking William to never even have a game of pool? Princess Anne did a male prison visit and played a game of pool with some of the prisoners and cleared the table. Now that’s style.

        2. Hi mary elizabeth , I still think Kate knew what she was getting into when she waited ten years for W to marry her , and had a better or calmer family life than that of W’s turbulent one , all with his parents’ divorce and the terrible things that led to it and the scandalous stories that surrounded it later on , all make me believe that he is a man who is fighting his own demons and needs a good supportive wife instead of the other way around , but Kate’s definition of princess “being taken good care of by her husband” is an indication enough of her personality , and I don’t think you can teach people empathy , it’s there , either one has it or not , Charles was not a supportive husband , and Diana did not lead a pampered life , but she had empathy , and the circumstances that would have turned others into a bitter person turned her into a star , all because she loved life and loved people , and people felt it and loved her more

          1. Mrs. BBV, I am interested in your comment on pool. Goodness, things are different in different countries. I have never played pool –oh, I tried and was terrible — so, I find it intriguing that it would have been part of her college days.

            Alia, your comments were intriguing, too. What struck me as so “kate,” was her admission to the child who asked what it was like to be a princess, that she replied, “My husband takes very good care of me.” Say, what?

            She also seems to be taken care of by Carole and I think she mentioned how the Queen was always looking out for her comfort, too.

            Who doesn’t like to feel cared for, but my goodness, she is a perpetual child. I doubt she will ever grow up. It’s rather tiring to see the same patterns over again in her behavior.

          2. Most British pubs and every Students Union Bar would have a pool table. It’s the easiest to learn out of Snooker, Billiards and Pool and tends to be part and parcel of going out for a pint. Working class pubs tend to have Darts although that does now have a Royal following with Zara, Mike & Harry regularly going to World Championships. I’m staggered that Kate really had not a clue and I guess guarding William from other ladies was more important to her.

          3. I’m even bad at darts!

            Love what you said, Mrs. BBV, concerning Kate keeping the women away from William. Ah, yes, that would have made it difficult for her to shoot pool, wouldn’t it?

    3. Mrs. Bbv, I actually thought of you when I read a ny times article on Diana. They had stories from Catherine walker’s husband, Donatello Versace and the vogue hairstylist who cut her hair. The stylist said he asked her once why she did it (always getting her hair done and going all out for events) and she said no one wants to see an off duty princess. I thought that was very true and is something Kate lacks. Look at hair for this event!!! I hope she didn’t pay her stylist for that “do”
      If Kate and William were just average joes no one would care. Diana got that it was part she played. Kate can be her boring self the rest of the 302 days out of the year

      1. Thank you for thinking of me. Some days it must have taken some really guts to pull on the ‘Princess Armour’ and face the world. This understanding of giving the people what they need and expect has not reached Kate yet……for that I blame William who’s taught her to give as little as she can for maximum return. The pair of them are stunted.

  14. I didn’t remember this suit, and though it is cute, cute is not a look for a thirty-five year old royal. I wonder if it could have shrunk in cleaning, as the top is inches too short in the waist and the skirt also looks as it is short and wide. Why does she always pick outfits that are inappropriate for interacting with children, not to mention sitting in a chair and shooting pool? KMR, you were circumspect with your choice of pictures, omitting the ones where the skirt was plastered against her rear, revealing everything including a worn spot.

    I think it is Diana’s legacy that the royal family tries to build popularity with events with children. Diana genuinely loved children, working with them before she dated PC, and it showed. Kate is not the same, and they should pick events that highlight her interests, whatever they are. Fergie also tried to rebuild her reputation with children’s charities with the same results.

    Were the crowds as small as they looked in photos?

    1. Never. Even Harry’s crowd in Newcastle yesterday is a fraction of what used to turn out for Diana. And the amazing thing about Diana’s crowds were that they weren’t just made of up of your typical Royal followers and children. Thousands would turn up to see her and in part it was what drove her to wear her ‘Princess wardrobe’ and give them full value. She knew people got satisfaction from seeing her out their doing her thing. Although I have to say these visits were Pre 911 and Al- Qaeda terror attacks so they were were more widely publicised in advance back then.

        1. Have a look on You Tube Kitty. In the foyer of my local Hospital which Diana opened there is a photo of her arriving……thousands turned out to see her and you know what, nearly every single person in the photo is smiling, and I mean beaming with happiness.

          1. I went to London for Diana’s funeral, I was amazed at the range of people there many of whom were bereft. People of all races and religions, women, men even a group of new age travellers. Diana was loved for her heart and her flaws. Nobody hugged like Diana and she was magic with children, the disabled and old people. Harry has much the same connection but Kate and William don’t. they look awkward

          2. Oh Debra what a memory to have. My sister still talks about the smell of flowers in London when she came out of the tube station for the week prior to the funeral. I so wish I’d gone but I couldn’t get the whole Saturday off work. I remember driving to work after the funeral and there wasn’t a car on the road. I won’t make the same mistake with HM. I went to Althorp the year the exhibition opened and took my flowers there.

          3. People like Diana, who still captivates the public imagination today, are very rare. We all know she was a human being with flaws, but she was genuine. I feel the same way about Marilyn Monroe, like Diana, she had personal issues, but something about her drew you in. For better or worse, Kate will never possess this aura, it is just not who she is, but if she was just warmer and more empathetic that would be wonderful. I do not expect Kate to ever achieve icon status, but I wish she was more likeable.

          4. There will never be another Diana because that kind of star power just doesn’t exist today. It’s a different time. Even big stars from years ago can’t open a film nowadays. The “movie star” is not a thing anymore, and it’s the same for something like Diana. Even someone with a ton of charisma and everything else, wouldn’t be able to draw and hold the attention the way Diana did because it’s just a different time. If Diana had lived and were alive today, her star power would have decreased dramatically from what it was in the 80s and 90s because times have changed.

          5. KMR, I am interested in your theory. Times have changed so much that such star power could not survive in today’s world? Why do you say that? Is it because the internet captures one’s every move and people are forever tearing others apart?

            I think that this particular millennial generation — of which I am one, sadly, is to be blamed for many things. So many people in positions like Kate’s are lazy and just skate by. And, many don’t have charisma, but have a strong work ethic, or an empathy for others that is laudible. But, charisma is something that I think some folk will always have. How it is cultivated and viewed by others is intriguing.

            I think, had Diana lived, she would have continued to fascinate people worldwide. IF she made a marriage that most found unsavory, I think she still would have survived their criticisms. There was something about her that was bigger than life and somehow, I like to think that such magic can still occur.

            It’s a burden, for sure, to carry such “stardom,” but my theory is that those who are so charismatic like Diana was seem to die very young because they just burn out! Their light is so very bright that it can’t shine perpetually. It shines in their memory, though. I am not sure if I am expressing my feelings in an understandable way.

            I am eager to hear why you think such stardom can’t make a consistent go of it in today’s world. Could you please explain a bit more?

        2. I was cleaning out some things at my mom’s house and came across one of my many stashes of Diana magazines from back in the day and literally everything she did was covered in the media. BUT, that was well before social media and instantaneous access to people around the globe. If Diana was alive, I’m sure she would have her own social media, too, to promote her causes, so crowds might be smaller because they would be in more constant contact than we had back in the day. You can bet that I would get out of my recliner to go stand in a crowd to see her if I still could! She was my main reason for wanting to travel to England. I’m finally going in August, but it won’t be quite the same…

          1. MrsBBV, it was a very sad day, one that I will never forget the whole of my life. So many people, and I sat in Hyde Park,after watching the funeral cortege pass by.
            Everyone stood and clapped at Earl Spencer’s speech.
            It was obvious Diana had touched so many hearts and lives.
            I disagree crowds would not be as big for diana now, I would go to see her, but I didn’t bother when WK came to my home town. They just don’t have that special something that Diana had. btw I would go and see charles and Camilla.

    2. I thought it was odd that the top part of the suit didn’t seem to fit well either. She needs to wear a longer blazer and stop with the peplum and her obsession with trying to make her waist look higher.

      The concept of a repeat was fine as well as no heels, but a pair of dress pants would have made this outfit much better.

    3. Fergie was an amazing Patron according to her patronages. But it didn’t reflect the media narrative to tell the public that’s why they carried on with the the Fergie bashing similar to what a the dear Yorkie girls get now. By all accounts she was hugely generous with her time, her own money and went above and beyond repeatedly. I can believe that…..she may be a bit of a loose canon and free spirited but she does have an enormous heart. Always been a bit sad about how awfully Sarah got treated by just about everyone.

    4. I’m not sure why you think Fergie wasn’t good with children because that isn’t true. Her personal charity, Children in Crisis, is still going strong to this day.

      She frequently does documentaries to highlight the plight of children in crisis in UK and in Europe. Her interaction is loving and wonderful to see.

      ETA: Mrs BBV talks about Fergie’s media problem, so i guess i understand where your comment came from.

      1. Yes, that it didn’t help with her image.

        It’s interesting that we know about most of the royal’s interests and hobbies, i.e. Charles’ gardening, but I don’t have a clue about Kate’s. What does she get enthusiastic sbout?

    5. I did not see the photos to which you are referring when I was browsing thumbnails on Getty.

  15. Thanks for a great post KMR!!

    Well, it looked like everyone had fun today and the hugs from the two girls were adorable!

    On to fashion, I like these pieces individually just not together. I think this jacket would have looked great with a pair of slim fitting black or hound’s-tooth trousers and the block heeled J Crew burgundy shoes she wore in Canada. The skirt would have looked great paired with a chunky, cable knit sweater with the same boots she wore today. Or she could have accessorized with a fun necklace, something, anything to break up the kind of dullness of this outfit.

    I wonder if Kate did her own hair today? Maybe when her hair is less curly and bouncy are the days when she’s done versus her hairdresser? While I like the half up/half down look on her, it just seems to be a bit messy today.

    On the plus side, without the clutch there seems to be much less crotch clutching today which makes me very happy. And while her posture still isn’t great, especially when seated, it was much better today with her clutch pulling her shoulders forward.

    Good job you.

    1. Ha I just commented up thread how much I dislike her hair and hope she didn’t pay her stylist for it it. She needs to find better dos. I think letiza has the best hair stylist around.

      1. After yesterday’s stunning photos of Leti and my tiara I’ve been practicing my ballerina posture! lol

        Yes, Leti has lovely hair although I miss her shorter bob cut, it really framed her face and worked so well with her delicate features. CP Mary has a great cut that I think would work wonderfully well for Kate. I liked Kate’s hair when the length was just below her shoulders. When it gets longer, like today, it just starts looking messy and in need of a good brushing.

        1. Why is it that when Princess Madeleine, CP Mary, Leti or Maxima wear their hair down it is not as annoying as when Kate wears her hair down. Is it because the others do not think about their hair as much and with Kate it is what she thinks defines her? Or I could be way over thinking this…LOL When Kate wears her hair with the two front long pieces pulled back it just reminds me of how everyone, including myself, looked like in high school in the ’70’s. I saw a picture of Emma Watson today in the DM at some premiere and she had a great hair style, would love to see Kate try that look.

          1. IMHO all of the people you mentioned have professional-looking hairstyles at all times. Their hair complements their overall look – it doesn’t distract from it. For some reason, Mad can pull off the length. Bottom line, I think Kate’s hair is simply too long. A shorter cut would draw more attention to her outfit and her accessories, and it would frame her face nicely.

          2. For me, when the other ladies wear their hair down it’s usually neatly contained not flying all over the place and they don’t fiddle with their hair or “advertise” it. Also, they each seem to have their own “signature” cut and style, whereas Kate’s hair has been all over the place, shorter, with fringe, without fringe, bouncy, curly, straight, messy, windblown, matronly updo’s, tweeny sausage curls, etc. I think she needs to find a style that works for her as a woman, mother, Duchess and rep for the Queen and stick with it.

      1. I know , because that was exactly how I felt yesterday . I always look forward to your comments . Wishing you a lovely evening dear Mrs BBV Xxxx

        1. Mrs. BBV, I have a lump in my throat after seeing the footage of Diana meeting children. She was one of a kind and what great loss that she was taken so soon. Her kind ways and good heart were gifts. I know you were proud of her and admired and loved her deeply. So many people around the world did, too. Her light shines on!

          Thank you, alia. I so enjoyed watching the video, even if it made me cry!!!

          1. Another tearful thank you, alia.

            And Mrs. BBV, I’m with you, if only Diana and Charles could have held together longer they might have been able to recapture their beginning happiness. So much would be different.

      1. Oh, yes, thank you for posting the link to Diana meeting with children. She touched so many lives and I can only imagine how wonderful it is for everyone she met to have such a memory to cherish.

        Kate is a far different woman and comparisons are not fair, I guess. However, I wish she could forget her own discomfort when at these appearances and truly focus on those who meet her. If one child needs a hug, even if you are not a warm and fuzzy kind of woman, Kate, please fake it. Give a bit of yourself and you will gain so much in return.

        1. jenny , one can fake empathy , but it shows , Diana was a natural , that’s why she was loved by people from all over the world , like a star that keeps on shining even after its death for millions of years

        2. I agree – it’s not fair to compare. And I don’t think we can expect Kate to be what she isn’t. She’s not a people person. She’s never going to be a people person. And she’s not a natural actress, so maybe she just can’t fake it.

          1. I think it would be unfair to compare if Kate actually worked really, really hard as Diana did. Then one could say that she’s just not a natural and that’s not fair to compare. That would be an honest assessment. Unfortunately Kate barely works so we compare her to everything, since we know what she should be doing. Having a different work style is normal, but considering her whole entire job is basically taking care of others and bringing the spotlight to these charities she needs to seriously up her game and it’s fair to compare her to other royals.
            I think of Anne who to me doesn’t seem like a really warm person but she rolls up her sleeves and works hard.

          2. ‘…her whole entire job is basically taking care of others and bringing the spotlight to these charities…”

            Ah, and that’s the nugget we’re all searching for to make sense of Kate’s attitude. Kate expects to be the one to be taken care of and to be the centre of attention, not the other way round. She’s not built to serve others, but to be served.

          3. @Springsmom – it’s unfair because the very specific comparison being made in this instance is between Diana’s natural warmth and comfort with children versus Kate’s more…aloof demeanor. Kate is more reserved – that’s just her personality, it’s who she is. You can’t expect her to change that anymore than you could have asked Diana to be more formal or stiff.

            You can compare Kate’s work ethic or fashion sense to Diana’s, and that, in my opinion, would be perfectly fair because what Kate wears and how hard she works is perfectly within her control. But her personality – her essential self? It is what it is. She’s not a people person (at least she doesn’t appear to be) and it’s not fair, in my opinion, to compare her negatively to someone who was.

          4. I totally get what you’re saying, lobbit, but I do think it’s fair to say that Diana was better suited for her royal role than Kate is; just as the outgoing personalities of some people make them better salespeople, spokesmen, ministers, etc, than reserved folk. Also, I think unfortunately for Kate, Diana defined what people expect the royal spouse to be, and Kate will never be able to match that specific expectation. And, unfortunately, Kate does not have the life experience or self confidence or work ethic or perhaps even vision to redefine that role in a positive manner.

          5. I don’t want to compare , because while as Lizzie said here , Diana defined what people expect from the royal spouse , worldwide , she was a trend setter with all the meaning of the word , Kate on the other hand is taking girls who look up to her years behind , she is not even a modern role model , no achievements , no work ethics , all she cares about is how she looks , and even that is being missed sometimes .

    1. I think the only British royal that could live up to such a comparison is Harry. I don’t mean to deify the man, but he really exudes all the warmth and genuine empathy that his mother was known for.

        1. Fake it til you make it. I believe that is possible. Diana was a natural, but Kate can learn to show a bit more understanding — especially to a vulnerable and sweet child.

          I just flashed on her suit again and it would be more appropriate for Lady Louise than for the 35 year old Duchess.

          1. I think people can change at any age. If they truly want to change, that is. Obviously, at this point in her life, Kate doesn’t seem to think she needs changes.

            My grandmother used to always say that “It ain’t over til’it’s over,” meaning you can learn new things at any age and address issues, too. You can change if you truly want to change. It takes discipline, though . And, maybe, Kate does not have that.

            PS. My grandmother only used “ain’t” when saying that expression .Otherwise, she spoke most eloquently.

          2. You’re grandmother is so right jenny ; how I love the wisdom of old ladies , and I changed a lot through my thirties until now , and I am now fifty , but they were tough times , and I said it before , tough times turn a person either into a better or bitter one , and hopefully I’m better now , but Kate has been living a pampered life all the time , remember she did nothing for ten years , which turned her into a self centered person who expects people to take care of her , and changing her now into the giving and caring princess is going to be a bit difficult , but maybe she can be persuaded into making more effort , for the sake of the RBF . When I was in England I went through the trouble of going to see the queen , whom I love , but not Kate .

          3. Hello, alia. My hat is off to you for your ability to change. As you said, one must want to do it, though. YOur statement about some people becoming bitter in older years is true. I would hope that Kate will make attempts to make changes in her life. Changes that will benefit others. She has such an important position in life and how wonderful it would be if she really reached out to help and inspire others. One can hope she will try, can’t one? Best to you!

  16. Something off about the boots or maybe it’s the angle of the photos. They look odd. I wish she dressed more sophiscated or took risks like Maxima.

    Off topic: Queen Letizia looked great meeting up with the Argentinian first lady and president.

  17. She is as stiff as possible when that young girl hugs her. She really comes across as very cold and reserved – although her flashing would indicate otherwise. She’s a mystery, I don’t suppose she will change. If she doesn’t like to be hugged she could wear trousers and kneel to greet children and hold their hand before they come in for the hug or something while she chats to them. Then her personal space is not invaded. Otherwise she looks as if she’s thinking about dirty fingerprints on her fine clothes which is not a good look – people want to see Lady Bountiful.

    On leaving she is also a little too quick to drop the smile and look for the exit.

    1. I just watched the video and you are so right,she certainly does drop the smile way too quick and look for the door. She almost has a look of contempt on her face. She could at least wait until the cameras are off.

    2. Yes, the video was most telling. I think she was very eager to get the heck out of there.
      She did seem to drop the smile rather quickly. What a shame. People wait for her arrival and plan things to go so smoothly for her. I don’t think she really gets that fact!

      Lisa, is that you? Your color print used to be blue and I have not read many comments from you of late. I hope all is well. I remember your saying that your Mom passed away. Such a difficult loss! I hope you are doing well and that you are remembering happier times that you shared with her. .

  18. Hera, I think you were the one commenting that your hx bk didn’t really cover Africa except for Egypt. PBS has your answer, it starts Monday and they usually will put shows on their YouTube channel. I think it looks great. I saw previews for Meroe, gondar, Timbuktu, Ile-Ife and Great Zimbabwe I can’t wait =)

  19. This outfit is up there with that couch fabric floral Erdem gown.

    I hated this suit when she first wore it in 2012, it just doesn’t seem to fit her figure properly, and the skirt is too short.
    I also hate those boots, from the first time she wore them, so combining them with this hideous suit, this was a massive fail.

    The boots are also too chunky to be paired with this skirt suit.

    Ugh, is all I have to say!

    1. same here. Massive FAIL. Both in her fashion (or lack thereof) and her verbal responses. This woman is out of her comfort zone, you can see that when those kids hug her. Her reaction is stiff and cold.

      This suit needs to be retired forever. It doesn’t fit her, the jacket is too short-waisted, the skirt is too short for a future Queen Consort. Kate looks really tacky here and she should be embarrassed like I am for her.

      1. Kate ***is*** sorry. Personified.
        wretched, poor, useless, or pitiful

        It made me angry when after ‘hugging’ that little girl, or accepting a hug when she turned away her facial expression changed immediately. She didn’t show the slightest sign of being a ‘hands on mummy to me’, and had that been Diana? Those flowers would have been handed off and those little girls would have been in her arms. Ok, she’s not at ease with children, so pick another ‘pr point gathering cause’ and and stop using children. I’m ****not**** sorry for my thoughts about this woman/child at all. She gives no thought to her ’causes, the choice of them’. It’s all about what looks good for her, and children are a sure fire win, and hurt children get into the hearts of almost everyone, including big strong law enforcement officials. She’s using them. I detest her for that.

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