Crown Princess Victoria & Prince Daniel in Rome & Milan

Crown Princess Victoria & Prince Daniel in Rome & Milan

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel took a trip to Rome and Milan from December 15-17 with Minister Anna Ekström to promote health and cultural issues and to promote Swedish business.

December 15

The first stop of the day on December 15 was a meeting with the President of the Chamber of Deputies of Italy Laura Boldrini. During the meeting, they discussed the current political climate in Italy, as well as environmental, health, and gender issues.

After the meeting, Boldrini showed Victoria and Daniel around the Italian Parliament Chamber of Deputies, and specifically La Sala delle donne (women’s hall).

The second stop of the day was a visit to The Birgitta Sisters in Rome at the convent Church of Santa Brigida.

Birgitta Birgersdotter was a Swedish woman, born around 1303 in Uppland, who traveled to Rome in 1349 to seek the Pope’s approval to found a monastery. In 1370, Pope Urban V granted Birgitta approval to found two monasteries in Vadstena: one for women and one for men. After her death in 1373, her former home was converted into a monastery.

In 1391, Birgitta was canonized by Pope Boniface IX. And in 1999, Pope John Paul II appointed her patron saint of Europe.

Victoria and Daniel spoke with Mother Tekla and Mother Fabia before signing the guest registry.

The third stop of the day was a visit to AS Roma at the St. Peter’s Pontifical Oratory where General Manager Mauro Baldissoni showed them the project “Calcio Insieme” (Football Together) where children with disabilities are given the opportunity to high-quality football training.

In the evening, Victoria and Daniel attended a reception at the Swedish residence hosted by Swedish Ambassador Robert Rydberg in Italy.

For the day events, Victoria wore a new Filippa K dress, Acne Studios pumps, and Kreuger Jewellery poppy earrings. Victoria continued her recent trend of wearing her hair in a ponytail instead of a bun.

December 16


The second day of the visit saw Victoria and Daniel visit the Swedish Institute in Rome where they visited the library and viewed Gustav VI Adolf’s dig diary.

The Institute was founded in 1926 by Crown Prince Gustaf (VI) Adolf to promote the ancient science, and serve the humanistic research and artistic interests. The Institute is the base for the Swedish archaeological excavations and scientific activities in Italy, and has a research library with about 60,000 volumes.

Day 2 continued at the Food and Agriculture Organization Headquarters in Rome for a meeting with FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva. After the meeting, Victoria took part in the seminar “Step it up together with rural women to end hunger and poverty”, where she gave a speech.

For space, I’ve cut her speech down a tad. She said in part:

    “For many of us, this is a special season. As the year comes to an end, people around the world prepare to celebrate Christmas and other festivities with their families and friends. It is a time of joy and expectations. But also a time when the inequalities of our world become especially clear. While some throw away edible food just to make room in the cupboard, others struggle to feed their families. Some get sick from eating too much. Others from starving. This is the food and health paradox of our time.
    “The world population is growing rapidly. Five years ago, the world welcomed its seven billionth citizen. By 2050, we are expected to be more than nine billion people. First and foremost: This is good news! Thanks to improved health care and affordable vaccines, more people get to enjoy long and healthy lives. More mothers and fathers get to see their children grow up. However, a growing population also places greater burdens on our ecosystems. While the number of mouths to feed is growing, the number of planets that we have to our disposal stays the same. We only have this one, where resources like land and clean water are limited, and where climate change is making the future very difficult to predict.
    “In the next 30 years, we are facing a 50 percent increase in demand for protein. Producing that much more meat will not be an option. We will have to look to other sources of protein. The United Nations has declared 2016 the International Year of Pulses, such as dry beans, dry peas, and lentils. This kind of crop, with strong nutritional benefits, is a critical part of sustainable food production.
    “I would also like to underline the importance of sustainable seafood. Fish is already the largest source of animal protein in the world. Half of it comes from aquaculture, the other half is ocean harvested. But while the global population is growing, the growth rate of fish production is on decline. Almost 60 percent of all stocks are already fully fished and 30 percent are even overfished. So the situation is urgent. All fish, whether farmed or wild-caught, must be produced in a sustainable way, the alternative is not “un-sustainable” fish, – it is in fact no fish at all. In essence, life below water and life on land presents us with the same challenges and responsibilities: increasing productivity while strengthening sustainability. Because we have no other option! […]
    “To end hunger and poverty, we also need to work toward gender equality. Women play an important role as smallholder farmers and fisherfolks. Their participation is key to rural and economic development. Still, women often have limited possibilities to own land or to invest in new technical solutions. If female farmers were given access to the same resources as their male counterparts, food production could be increased by 20 to 30 percent. This would mean saving about 100 to 150 million people from living in hunger! In building a sustainable future, rural women represent a resource that we simply cannot afford to overlook.”

[Full transcript here, in English]

For this part of Day 2, Victoria wore a Dolce & Gabbana dress which she previously wore to King Carl XVI Gustaf’s 70th birthday celebrations.

The rest of Day 2 was spent in Milan, where they visited the concept store Frip, which sells Swedish fashion in Italy.

The day ended with a reception at the Swedish-Italian Chamber of Commerce Assosvezia.

December 17

[San Raffaele]

Day 3 of the visit was spent entirely in Milan. They first visited San Raffaele Hospital, and also met with representatives from the Swedish company Getinge, which supplies surgical equipment to the hospital.

The Crown Princess Couple then visited Volvo Group to take part of the company’s work on sustainable transport. Victoria was given gifts for Estelle and Oscar.

The final stop for the couple was a visit to Björk Swedish Brasseri which serves Swedish and Nordic food in Italy.

Victoria and Daniel brought Prince Oscar along with them to Italy for their three day trip.

34 thoughts on “Crown Princess Victoria & Prince Daniel in Rome & Milan

  1. Great to see a Royal and Spouse out promoting their country and their country’s businesses in another country. The other couple who do this are Maxima and Willem Alexander. You just don’t hear of W&K doing the same thing do you.Like Max&Willem , Victoria and Daniel were there to do a job.

  2. She defines “royalty” – polished, poised, dignified, sincere, and intelligent – professional but never cold or aloof. She’s just so impressive.

  3. My goodness!! In that pic where she’s looking upward (wearing the belted tan dress) she looks JUST like Estelle…or I guess Estelle looks just like her! Wow. Twins!

  4. I’ve been looking forward to this post all week, thanks for publishing it. Victoria personifies everything an heir should be, she’s so poised, professional and easy to relate to. She doesn’t pretend to be something that she is not and accepts her fate with grace and humility. She should run a master class for our relunctant duo, they would learn so much.

  5. Victoria is really into her work, she knows what she is saying. She also seems rather strict with herself which is great for a queen to always rethink oneself.
    A great rolemodel for young women in her work!

    1. I think she’s a good role model for the up and coming female heirs too. Elisabeth, Catarina-Amalia, Ingrid. Both the pitfalls (anorexia) and standing up for yourself (marrying Daniel).

      1. I find it interesting that she essentially had to fight to marry Daniel and yet for the most part there were no qualms about Sofia??

        1. I think that is a reflection on her parents and favoritism within the family. Both parents have always said that they preferred Carl Philip to remain the CP. As a result they have always held him to lesser standards. While there was some initial objections to Sofia, the King constantly changed protocol where she was concerned: the court acknowledged the relationship, she was allowed to attend royal events before they were married and she spoke about the king and queen to the press.

          In the first nine years, Victoria and Daniel where together, the court did not confirm the relationship. Likewise neither of her parents spoke to the press about him until the engagement. When they finally got engaged, Victoria said that she had forgiven her parents.

          1. “When they finally got engaged, Victoria said that she had forgiven her parents.” Did she say she forgave them? During an interview or something?

            I don’t speak Swedish, but I have heard rumors the King is sexist. Is it true that Victoria was given such a hard time? How very unfortunate. That must have been very difficult for her. She has proven herself to be intelligent, hardworking, warm, and capable. She is a great public speaker, in multiple languages. She is a good mother and loving wife and takes pride in representing her country. She will make a great Queen.
            Carl-Philip on the other hand…well. I am glad Victoria is the heir. I don’t think he is as capable, IMO.
            How special that Victoria, as a female heir, can help guide her daughter as a female heir apparent. Maybe that contributes to their special bond? A mother who will support her daughter and guide her through her adolescence to help prepare her for the day that she becomes crown princess and then Queen. Victoria has a unique insight into the challenges that Estelle will face.

            I always feel bad for royal children having to grow up in the spotlight, but I feel it may be even harder for little princesses like Estelle or Princess Charlotte. As a woman, I cannot imagine going through puberty and the teen years with the whole world watching you and picking apart the way you look. Charlotte is only one and people already talk about what she will look like as a grown woman.

            Victoria appears to be determined that Estelle grows up as a confident girl with a strong sense of self esteem who will hopefully define herself by her personality, intelligence, and integrity and not just by how she looks.

            I hope Estelle never loses her confidence. Because it would be hell to be a girl growing up on the world stage with social media and the internet picking your looks apart.

          2. “Both parents have said that they preferred that Carl Phillip would remain CP”.I thought it had only been King Carl Gustav.I wonder why?Is it like the Queen’s case with Prince Andrew?
            Well,families sometimes have favorites.However,as a royal watcher I prefer both Princess Madeliene and CP Victoria over Prince Carl.They are both more impressive in public duties and charity work.It is kind of like how I prefer Sophie and Harry from the BRF.

          3. And CG himself has been known as a philanderer who frequents clubs and stuff, so he would probably be fine with someone as shady as Sofia entering the family.

            As you can see I have no respect for CG and find him totally disgusting. It’s amazing Victoria and Madeleine have found such wonderful men to share their lives with, CG being their example of a husband and father. Yuck!

        2. She was the trailblazer, as many older siblings tend to be – she fought so her younger siblings didn’t have to lol! But seriously, she is the crown princess, so her marriage was far more consequential than the others.

          1. I had edited the post to comment further. But it’s more than Victoria is th CP. The court and Sofia made a concerted effort to minimize her past ( as in no one commented on how she has supported herself – tax records are public in Sweden).

            Everyone knows that Daniel is not the type of person Victoria’s parents wanted for her. Although, the queen appears to have a close relationship to Daniel now, the King has a distant one compared with his relationship with Sofia and Daniel. There was also discussion in Sweden as to why Stenhammar Castle will be inherited by a Alexander instead of Oscar.

            In my opinion, favoritism of his only son stands out when Sweden advocated gender equality.

          2. Yes, and Sofia has done lots of shady things with her money. Like Project Playground funds being funneled into her own personal bank account. If Daniel had done stuff like that he’d have been utterly eviscerated…

        3. Because Carl Philip’s inheritance was taken awaaay so he gets everything he wants and is the beloved only son. He’s just as spoiled and petulant as William imo.

        4. Prior to Victoria’s marriage, when a Swedish royal woman married a commoner man, her titles were taken away. So there was that big hurdle they had to overcome, because prior to Victoria there was never a female heir apparent. They had to work out all the logistics of how her marriage would work.

          For Carl Philip, those logistics had already been worked out many times over because he’s male.

          Maddie also had it way easier than Victoria did for her marriage because they worked out those problems with Victoria.

    1. He did a great job stepping up during her pregnancy with Estelle. She cancelled a trip to DC & NYC. Daniel went (with king, queen, Madeleine). He did several solo events for those 3-4 days. I think he also visited a school there, answering questions from students about how he met this cute girl who happened to be a princess.

  6. Victoria is an amazing woman. Dignified, dedicated, loving and kind (She also has a sense of fun about her, when needed). I love following her and would have known little about her and the Swedish Royals if I had not ventured upon this site. Thank you, KMR for the lovely coverage you give them.

    Victoria’s speech was very impressive and true. She is a polished professional who can inspire others to take action and realize what is at stake around the world.

    Daniel is also a wonderful partner and their marriage, as well as their beautiful children, are a joy to follow.

    I wish everyone here a very peaceful and happy holiday season . Let’s look forward to a more tranquil and happy world in the coming year.

    Best to everybody.

    1. Her speech was great and very informative. Oscar is the cutest!

      Happy holidays, mary elizabeth! And happy holidays to everyone here!

  7. Thanks for this post! It’s a mini swedes-in-Italy hiistory lesson!
    Victoria did a great job and love the interactions she has with people around her. I saw a pic with her hugging one if he nuns and it was so sweet.
    I liked most of her outfits but on the day one, wish she would’ve added a pop of color.
    And thank you KMR for all your hard work! I discovered your blog this year and it’s brought me such fun and learning and enjoy all the insightful posts, even those in dissent
    Merry Christmas, happy Chanukah and happy fetsivus to all here at the blog

  8. I love her burgundy pants suit with the navy blouse, see how fun and fresh and cutting edge cool pants can be Kate? They aren’t your mom’s slacks from the 80’s anymore.

    That last picture is just so awesome- my day is made 🙂

    Merry Christmas everyone!!

  9. Vic and Dan make me smile from my soul. They work, they are gracious and they look to be pleased with meeting people. Sweden has a gem in her. And Daniel has proven to be an excellent partner. And that picture of him holding the shirt up to her….swoon.

    I, like others, see Victoria’s clothes as secondary. She wears beautiful clothes. They don’t wear her. I was so happy to see the pony!

    Thank you so much, KMR, for your continued coverage of the SWF.

    Happy Holidays to all!

    I agre

    1. Happy Holidays Rhiannon

      I hope you are recovering well and you will be back to running next year?

      (Or have you hit that goal already?)

  10. I love seeing Victoria and Daniel together. They seem like a lot of fun but also professional and classy.

    I think she’ll be a good queen one day, whenever that happens for her.

  11. I hope ten years from now I will have a husband and children like Victoria does. She is glowing with contentment and happiness. Look at that picture of her sitting in the car and how bright her smile is. You can’t fake that. Victoria, Daniel, and the kids just seem so comfortable, happy, and normal together. The picture of Daniel holding up that shirt to Victoria is so sweet. He is supportive of her, letting her take center stage, yet he still seems like a valuable presence in his own right.
    It is beyond adorable that Oscar has that perpetually surprised look on his face.

    I also love that Victoria wasn’t afraid to repeat an outfit on a tour.

    I have been so irritated and annoyed by Will and Kate’s refusal to even release one simple Christmas card that I have been really thrilled to see the Swedes. We have that lovely video that Victoria released, plus Madeleine shared a picture on her Facebook as well. The Monaco royals released adorable pictures of the twins in front of a Christmas tree with Albert and Charlene, too. And Mary and Frederick visited a homeless shelter. Lots of royals are doing great events for Christmas.

    I haven’t made any comments about this yet, so I just wanted to say that I hope the Queen and Duke of E are well. I know there were security concerns beyond the fact that they have colds, but at 90 and 95 a cold can become serious and has to be monitored carefully. The Queen has been looking more frail the past two years or so and so is the Duke.
    I wonder if, God forbid, this was PP or the Queen’s last Christmas if William would feel bad for not spending it with them. I don’t want to rehash the fact that we got all these reports that W and K wouldn’t be at Sandringham, but maybe in light of his grandparents’ health scare William may change his mind at the last minute and at least attend church Christmas morning.

    If this is the last time I get the chance to comment until after Christmas, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah everyone!

    1. I hope too that The Queen and Prince Philip both get over their colds quickly. As they are getting on in years it is a worry. And I hope that William will be there ate Sandringham for his Grandparents. His last words with his Mother were harsh ones so it would be very sad if he missed out on his grandparents last Christmas? He’s hoping he is able to rethink his decision? Or maybe DM go tit wrong?

  12. Thanks for all the hard work you have put in with this blog this year KMR.

    I hope you have a safe and happy Holiday Season?

    Best wishes and Happy Holidays to all the regulars who comment here

    I hope you all have a safe and happy break and here’s to 2017!

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