Swedish royals at Swedish Academy’s formal gathering

Swedish royals at Swedish Academy’s formal gathering

Every year on December 20, the Swedish royals gather for the Swedish Academy’s Formal Gathering. This year, King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia, Princess Madeleine, and Chris O’Neill attended the event which marks the end of the Academy’s working year.

Silvia wore a repeated blue gown we’ve seen before. Victoria also wore a gown we’ve seen before, a black H&M gown she wore in 2014 to the Childhood anniversary dinner.

Sofia wore a new purple gown, and Madeleine wore a new gown from Self Portrait, the “Moni lace and chiffon gown” ($615). I dislike this brand as a whole, and dislike this dress – although the earrings are nice.

Everyone except Chris wore the Order of the Seraphim; the men wore the Order of the Polar Star; and the women wore the Portrait of the King.

On December 21, Princess Sofia attended the Christmas concert “Christmas in Old Town”. Prince Carl Philip was scheduled to go, but didn’t attend due to Prince Alexander becoming ill. Sofia brought her sisters, Lina Frejd and Sara Hellqvist, instead.

Sofia wore a new dress from By Malina, the “Amina” in dark blue ($326.00), and earrings from Ebba Brahe Jewellery, the Feathers 18k yellow gold & silver with blue sapphires (26,000 SEK, or about $2,800).

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21 thoughts on “Swedish royals at Swedish Academy’s formal gathering

  1. Also not a fan of Madeleine’s dress but I love what I can see of Sophia’s. The flutter sleeves are lovely. I’m most excited, though, by the lack of a center part by Sophia! I love her simple hair (I’m an unabashed fan of long hair) and it looks so much better with a side part!!

    1. Hi,Em, I was justg going to say, “Is that a side part? I love it!”

      I also thought Sofia looked lovely. Her dress was very elegant. I did not like Maddie’s gown at all and in one of the photos, she looked so much like Katie Couric! Wow!

      1. She must be reading this blog ; ). I’ve never understood why the middle part has been so popular in recent years. Maybe because it makes people look younger? I think a side part is a million times more elegant.

    2. Sofia’s hair was the first thing I noticed, it’s way better than the middle part she usually sports. She seems to have gotten a new haircut, it looks more modern.

  2. I think it is nice that Prince Carl Philip stayed at home with his son. While I think it is normal for both parents to taking care of a sick children (and children in general) but I know for a lot of people this comes across as very modern.

  3. All I have to say is “Wow” about Sofia’s look yesterday. She looked so lovely. I hope she nevertheless goes back to that side part.

    Thank you for your continued coverage of the SRF.

    1. i actually agree. I don’t always have nice things to say about Sofia and hate the middle part of hers but this shows how nice she can look without it! Also, it appears she has gotten rid of the tacky ombré hair color! So also like the color =)

    1. The Swedish Academy founded in 1786 by King Gustav III, is one of the Royal Academies of Sweden. It is known for making the annual decision on who will be the laureate for the Nobel Prize in Literature, awarded in memory of the donor Alfred Nobel.

  4. I love Madeleine and Sofia’s earrings!! On the instragram post, you can see another image of Sofia with her sister at the second event. Not a big fan of lace, but her sisiter looks very chic.

    I think it’s wonderful that CP stayed behind to tend to the baby.

  5. Sofia’s hair does look nice.

    KMR, are you planning a round-up of royal Christmas greetings? There are some nice ones out there besides the Swedish adorable video which you covered.

  6. I love madeleine’s earrings! I think aquamarines are lovely. My guilty pleasure is going to 1st dibs and searching for amethyst and aquamarine jewelry =)
    As much as I love the swedes, I do wish they wouldn’t wear fur. There are nice alerternatives these days

  7. I enjoy these big year end events from some of the Scandinavian houses, like the Nobels and post-Nobel nights.

    As crazy and OTT as their spending can be, I look forward to the big Danish New Year events every year. Gowns, tiaras, velvet capes, bring it on. I’d even welcome Margrethe’s Golden Poppies at this point. Something to brighten the bleak mid-Winter.

  8. I was slow to warm to Sofia but it seems that she is coachable and is making her way. I think she’ll be refined and polished within the next year or so. Unlike another duchess who shall remain nameless. Killer side part, girl. Get it.

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