Christmas photo of Princess Estelle & Prince Oscar

Christmas photo of Princess Estelle & Prince Oscar

I’ve been waiting for this! This year’s Christmas photo from the Crown Princess Family features Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar at Tyresta National Park.


The Christmas photo features Prince Daniel, Estelle, and Crown Princess Victoria walking on a trail through the Park, with Oscar in a carrier attached to Victoria.

Here’s a close up of the kids’ faces to get the full Permanent Surprised Grumpy Face effect.


The Court also released a video of the family hiking through the park and roasting food over a campfire. My favorite parts of the video are when Daniel puts his arm around Victoria’s shoulders (0:20), and Oscar’s cough (0:50).


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  1. I love them, the cough at the end is so cute! Victoria and Daniel are so in love, it is beautiful to see that!
    Oscar looks so much like his sister

  2. *quietly passes out at desk from cuteness overload*

    I love this family. Yes, it’s PR, but they do it so well and with a great balance.

    1. Agreed. They look natural and happy, like a normal family. Not all done up, looking like they just stepped out of a salon and spent 10 minutes trying to capture The Perfect Shit.

      Those kids are unbelievably cute!!!!!

    2. +1 It’s well done PR and makes them relatable to us. This is what a normal family looks like. And Oscar coughing at the end is everything!

    1. First Victoria said they might find something (maybe an animal but it wasn’t clear). Later on Danial said you shouldn’t walk backwards but more like in a teasing way. When Estelle walked on the log Daniel said, this is a serious situation (maybe he was in some fantasy play with Estelle). Victoria mentioned there was a little bit of ice on the lake and then Estelle asked the camera if we’d like some (food). Then they talked about about stick bread (I an not sure if that’s the right word but it’s when you grill dough on the camp fire). Victoria said it turned out pretty good but a little crispy on one end. Estelle replied saying that she loves it when it’s crispy and Victoria said she did too. At the end, they wished us all merry Christmas and a happy new year.

      1. Thanks for the translation. I love this royal family. I don’t care if it is PR. There are royals out there who would not spare a minute from their lives to make a video, let us see their children, show themselves walking in nature (without a hairdresser in tow), and remember to wish others best wishes in the New Year.

        1. Yes, thank you for the translation. And, KMR, thanks for this wonderful post.

          This family has so much love for each other. Sharing the photos is just wonderful and I’m with LizB. I nearly fainted from happiness at my computer.

          Maybe, they could give Kate lessons about cooking outdoors — even if it was not raining!!!

          Estelle and Oscar are too cute for words and their parents are so in love.

      2. Another thanks for the translation; I thought they were grilling potatoes! It is wonderful to see such a close, loving family. Victoria and Daniel are doing a terrific job raising their children.

        1. And, another thank you. Loved knowing what they were saying.

          This family is a joy! I hope all their days will continue to be “Merry and Bright.”

          And, the same goes for each of you. Enjoy this special time of year.

  3. Thank you KMR. I do love this royal family. Estelle is so confident and playful. I agree that Daniel’s affection towards Victoria is adorable and Oscar’s cough and little expressions melt me. It is nice seeing them just having a family day out doing general activities. Estelle really enjoyed roasting the apples.

      1. Oh and just noticed Victoria’s little skip right at the end, this is one happy woman, bien dans sa peau. Contrast her demeanour with that of KM rocking the constipated shoulder hunch and crotch clutching for all her might at today’s engagement. Media saying Harry miserable missing MM, going out with the colourless and cardboard Cambridges mustn’t be helping.

        1. Hi Debra, I try hard not to compare the Cambridge’s, especially Kate, with other royals but the SRF and specifically Victoria and Daniel sure to make it difficult. The contrast in not only demeanor but many other things is so blatant when seen almost side by side.

          1. Agreed! So hard not to compare! Congratulations to the SRF for truly understanding PR, personal branding, and mass communications. They really know how to use video to speak to the public and to represent themselves. Perhaps the BRF doesn’t do video Christmas cards because they don’t want to overshadow the Queen’s Christmas Speech. Or they just don’t feel it’s needed. Who knows.

  4. Estelle and the walking stick. Dan and Vic all loved up. I needed to see this sweetness. They are all adorable.

    Thank you for sharing, KMR. I hope you have a lovely holiday.

      1. I’m doing better. My right leg is still weaker and my ankles are taking their time too. I’ve been released from PT. I managed to get in another race. I walked a 5k in under an hour without my cane. I am so proud. That makes 13 races this year.

        1. Yes, Rhiannon. Well done, for certain!

          Thirteen races this year! You are amazing!

          Sending love and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

        2. That’s brilliant Rhiannon. Such drive and determination, so admirable. It will all come together in time; of this I am sure. You’ve made such progress. Be proud of that, and confident that there will be more successes.

  5. So lovely, they are so natural, relaxed and joyful. I get such a loving, supportive vibe from this.
    Estelle is amazing, so happy and confident.
    WK need to watch and learn, this is how you bring royal kids up, not hiding them away in Norfolk. No wonder George is already fearful and nervous in front of the media, as we saw in Canada.

  6. The Swedes should host a retreat for other royal families and give them a master class on how to do PR. They are simply the best at it, because it feels authentic and meaningful and uses the kids in a thoughtful way.

    Oscar might be my spirit animal.

  7. Just too wonderful. This is one of the few times I’ve heard Daniel and his gentle fatherly joshing with Estelle is so sweet.

    Of course, Estelle is the star. Love her bringing the marshmallow up to the camera and asking “Do you want one?”

    The video reminds me that trying to present a perfect scenario just doesn’t suit children. Instead, the hiccup, the stroll at one point where Estelle holds back from the family–all that is makes life seem fresh and astonishing. It’s a bit of a ballet.

    Nobody looks more natural on camera than the Swedes.

    1. Gosh, do you remember the hand wringing and sniping when it was announced CPV was marrying her personal trainer! And yet he has turned out to be wonderful. He is clearly a loving, supportive husband who to my knowledge has never put a foot wrong.
      He appears to be a loving, caring dad and CPV and Estelle clearly adore him.
      I love this little family, they all have a twinkle of mischief.
      Perhaps Harry needs convo with Victoria about marrying a massive outsider and how well that can work out, if there is enough love and a sense of shared duty between them.

        1. Me too. It’s lovely to see, I would love to visit Sweden and see SRF up close. My friends daughter has met Norwegian crown Prince and said he was lovely and friendly. I’d like to meet Mette Marit too.

    2. Totally agree–so natural and fresh! Just beautiful! Not staged and manipulated to the nth degree. And how great that they are out enjoying a public park in their own country–not a photo from a foreign tour or from a secret, luxurious holiday that few could possibly enjoy. They clearly love each other and their country!

  8. OMG, I love Oscar’s little laugh at the end!!! Wow, what a sweet family and how nice of them to share a bit of themselves with us during the holiday season. It really is these little, personal touches that makes me feel “closer” to them.

    I have never seen an apple roasted over the campfire, has anyone else? It’s making me want to give it a try 🙂

      1. Can’t get enough of them either, Mary Elizabeth. I also love in their Christmas videos that they’re doing something different every year, an activity, rather than a static picture in a sitting room e.g. Their videos’ production, especially editing is truly wonderful.

        Most of all, this loving family’s hiking makes me want to go out and enjoy the winter wonderland with my family too! Best wishes to everyone for this time of the year.

    1. I agree with you. You get to “know” them, but they aren’t giving anything away. I love watching them interact with each other. So genuine. So loving.

  9. Did they do the hiking video in lieu of cookie baking video?
    I know the swedes are generally big outdoorsy peeps so I think this is a nice reflection of that plus showing them doing normal family activities. We also get to see Estelle acting like a girl her age would. She always does so well in the official engagements, it’s nice to see the kid side of her too.
    Thanks for this post KMR

    1. They do different activities in their Christmas video every year – they’ve done cookies, tree decorating, whatever flatbread thing they did in the cabin last year. This year is hiking!

  10. I’m sure you’re going to cover the event KMR but I saw where William is of course saying George is on the naughty list.
    You never hear Madeleine saying Leonore is a hellion who runs amok all the time, she laughingly says she’s full of energy!
    As much as I disdain hearing how smart my friends kids are (all apparently qualify for MENSA) and how extraordinary they are =) I also get tired of how naughty George is. He’s 3 of course he’s going to be naughty. Apparently he’s been opening presents. In my family, we call those teaching/learning moments

    1. This sounds strange to me. I do not have children, so if the parents at KMR would explain this to me, I would appreciate being educated about Christmas gifts for three year old children.

      First, why put gifts under the tree and expect a three year old not to be enticed by the colorful paper and ribbon. Second, does this not mix up the whole idea of Santa/ Father Christmas visiting on Christmas Eve?

      1. I think every family has their different traditions. For mine, gifts under the tree are from us but Santa does our stockings and for munchkins the big santa item.
        So for my mom, sis and I, we love filling our stockings, almost more than the other items.
        But my niece’s have never opened before hand and my sister and I never did either. We were told if we opened them before, there wouldn’t be any to open on Christmas Day. There is also an advent box that the “advent fairy” brings to help with some of the anticipation tho. Children do understand “no” they have to be told it tho

      2. My son is two months younger than George and we have not put any presents under the tree yet. My son would (probably) listen and not open them, but it would be a daily, if not hourly, conversation about it and so the gifts are going to stay in the basement until it’s time for Santa to come. I think a lot of parenting at this age is a balance between teaching kids boundaries and not unduly tempting them. Every kid is going to come out somewhere different in that respect. Anmer hall is probably 15 times the size of my house. If I can find the space to hide the gifts, they can too!

      3. When I was growing up, presents from aunts, uncles and friends went under the tree when they arrived but gifts from Santa didn’t get put out until after the kids went to bed on Christmas Eve.

      4. My husband’s family open presents on Christmas Eve. My family does it Christmas morning. Either way, gifts from Santa and items in the stockings are opened Christmas morning, since Santa comes at night. I have a 4 year old, a 2 year old, and a Great Dane puppy. Once I wrap the presents, they will stay on the dining table until Christmas Eve. My 4 year old can withstand temptation, but the 2 year old and puppy can’t. They’ve already pulled all the decorations off the bottom third of the tree. I swear they are in cahoots to mangle my decorations.

    2. Sarah, I don’t know how entitled W can give his longing for simplicity speeches in a developing country (Vietnam, where being middle class means earning $1500 a month) and then turn around and talk about G getting into all the presents already stacked before Christmas. W and his Midd posse disgust me with their arrogance. And to bring up again that George is a bad child really irritates. Put the gifts away–he’s only three years old. Carole, W and KM are supposed to be adults. But I guess it’s another cloying, jolly detail that we are expected to find adorable.

      1. Remember last year when he wouldn’t tell anyone what he got but that it was too much and he was spoilt?!?? 1) how hard is it to say he got a train, books or whatever little boys get but it’s that mentality of must not tell anyone about our lives and it makes him appear even more like a tool 2) as a parent you can ask (nicely) not to over due it gift wise, especially in their circumstances 3) I can believe he’s naughty. He’s 3 and they don’t come out perfect little beings. You have to raise them to be respectful and about right and wrong. I’ve said before ny niece had the terrible 3s but I knew it was a stage and would (hopefully) out grow it. The difference is, I didn’t go telling publications about her little melt downs and how naughty she was.
        I love the British humor and how self deprecating it can be but their’s isn’t funny, more mean. No wonder Kate has such issues and can’t push a button without Willaim

        1. I just find W, KM, and the rest of the Midds so opaque. Their communication is meant to be straight forward but they all end up being quoted as saying things that are lacking in genuine feeling and are self serving. Why they communicate like this is the question everyone tries to figure out. But I think that when someone consistently gives you conflicting, vague, empty messages, you can surmise that they are not interested in being truthful or forthcoming. They are trying to hide something.

    3. That sweet little boy. I feel sad that William talks about him like this all the time. He’s clearly a sweet little guy, from what we have seen of him. William’s constant complaining about his son is not funny, and it is not nice, even though people guffaw at him because he’s royalty thus always funny instead of cruel…

      I bet Charlotte’s on the nice list. She’s the girl they all wanted. :/

      We have presents out, but my son who’s about a year older than George has more self control this year. He loves guessing what’s under the tree! (We don’t do Santa, but his big gifts are going under the tree when he’s in bed Christmas Eve… a huge toy kitchen and all the trimmings!)

      1. Guess every family does things differently. My mom and dad always put the gifts from family and friends under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve while we kids were asleep. Our gifts from Santa were lined up in front of the fire place to be opened on X-mas morning and there was a row of gifts for each of us. My husband and I will be doing the same this year for his sons and our daughter.

        I think it is way too much of a temptation for little ones to see gifts and not want to open them way before Christmas.

        Don’t laugh, but I am wondering if the little handmade slippers the woman who hugged Kate in Canada sent George ever got there. I hope he wears them and they weren’t added to the Cambridge bonfire!

        1. I know, Jenny. It’s such a pity most of these gifts are going to the bonfire. Especially the personalised and the handmade ones that people put so much effort on. I wonder if at least they donate the ones that are not marked with the intended recipient’s name or title.

          1. Hi, Elina:

            Am catching up on this site, but must jump offline soon as I am in the final stages of getting the house ready for company.
            I think your idea about donating the gifts to people, but letting people know whom the gift was initially intended for is a perfect idea.
            The thought of burning the gifts leaves me cold.
            Wishing you a wonderful holiday. Everyone else, too!

            Peace on earth!

  11. I watched this video early this morning and it made my day. I look forward to it every year and I love that this is Oscar’s first Christmas video.

    I love that Estelle asked the cameraman if he/she wanted a bite. That was very sweet.

    I love that Victoria and Daniel are affectionate with each other. They hugged each other last year in the Christmas video where they were making that Swedish bread, too.

    Overall, this is just a sweet, loving, awesome little family. And I think it is great that they aren’t afraid to share their children with us a little bit. I feel that Estelle and Oscar probably live a protected, private life. Yet we still get just enough pictures and get to see them for family events so we all feel an attachment to them. At least I do.

    Having worked as a nanny for years, I have a good instinct for children. Estelle is a good egg. She is confident, sweet, and lovely. Victoria and Daniel are doing a good job.

    Can I also just say that I appreciate that Victoria is actually dressed for a hike, not a Vogue photo shoot with her hair down and impractical shoes? I love that Victoria is down to earth enough not to be too vain about always getting a picture perfect moment. This felt very natural to me and the kids are dressed appropriately, too.

  12. Finally got to watch the video with sound. Even though I dint understand them, I could hear the warmth exuding from their words. You can tell they’re a very loving family.

    Estelle is very confident and not camera shy. This is how you raise a child in front of the camera. George had so much spunk during the Australia tour. What happened? Oh right. Kate & Will’s smothering. Charlotte seems like a spunky kid too. I’m afraid she’s gonna end up like George, all cautious and weary of the media, because of the 2 nim wits.

    This is how you generate good PR for your family. It’s so easy! Put out a short clip and pictures and the media love you. The SRF get it. Even some of the BRF get it. It’s just Kate & Will.

    I don’t like to compare, but it’s so glaringly obvious that Kate & Will are lacking as royals. I used to like them. I can’t believe I bought into the whole fairytale crap at the beginning of the marriage.

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