Prince William, Kate Middleton & Prince Harry at charity Christmas party

Prince William, Kate Middleton & Prince Harry at charity Christmas party

Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry were out and about yesterday, December 19, for a Christmas party at The Mix, a Heads Together partner.

The Mix offers confidential support to people under the age of 25 via a phone helpline, online chat, and social media. Their website also offers advice on various topics from mental health, to money and finance, and sex and relationships. I read one of their articles and it was quite interesting and informative. I was a bit surprised to find it as informal as it was, but I think that probably works well for their target audience of people under 25.

The three younger royals were at The Mix as part of their Heads Together campaign for a Christmas party honoring The Mix’s volunteers and counselors. When they arrived, Kate was presented with flowers.

William and Harry joined a group session where volunteers and counselors shared their knowledge and have training on various issues, while Kate joined a live online chat about counseling with volunteers and young people from across the UK.

[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

William, Kate, and Harry then chatted to young people who use The Mix’s services.

William and Kate then joined the Christmas party by making decorations and gingerbread houses, while Harry spoke to some volunteers and staff.

[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Seven of The Mix’s volunteers were presented with awards in recognition of their achievements this year supporting other young people. The royals presented George Yeorghaki with a Volunteer of the Year Award.

Here’s a video from the event.

Kate debuted another new designer for this outing: Vanessa Seward. Kate chose the “Cai floral-print silk-jacquard dress” ($623), which has red flowers and green leaves over a black background. The dress is a knee-length design with a button-fastening neckline and side slit pockets. Kate cinched in the waist with her Alexander McQueen belt we’ve seen many times.

It’s… festive? Eh, I’m not big on prints, and this doesn’t really do much for Kate, in my opinion. It’s fairly drab.

Kate wore her Catherine Zoraida Fern Hoop earrings. She went with black accessories, opting for her Mulberry Bayswater clutch in black suede and her black suede Gianvito Rossi pumps.

During the party, William spoke with KISS FM DJ AJ King about Prince George. The DJ said afterward:

    “I had a really nice chat with Prince William who told me that this was their last week at work, as it were, before Christmas. He said they were all really excited about it and that George is already opening his presents. He thought it a quite funny. That’s kids for you, even the ones that are princes.”

Am I missing something? It’s everyone’s last week before Christmas (and last week at work before Christmas if you work). As for the rest of the quote, I mean, okay. I wonder if it’s a “George found the present stash and dug in” type of thing. I did that when I was a kid; I’d go searching through my mom’s closet to find where she did my presents. I was a bit older than George, though, and did it secretly, and as far as I am aware my mom never found out that I peeked at the presents early.

Here’s another video from The Mix’s YouTube channel with more footage from the visit, in which the CEO of The Mix, Chris Martin, says:

    “Heads Together’s been hugely important for The Mix, mainly because Their Royal Highnesses are so well identified with our demographics, and it’s really allowed young people the opportunity to begin thinking about mental health with talking about their mental health.”

“Their Royal Highnesses are so well identified with our demographics” Does he mean people under 25 can identify them, or identify with them? There is a big difference there.

277 thoughts on “Prince William, Kate Middleton & Prince Harry at charity Christmas party

  1. Wow. That is a matronly dress. Especially close up. It looks like Christmas wrapping paper from the 1970s.
    Harry looked miserable at this event from the various videos and pictures I have seen.
    I am surprised that you haven’t covered William’s speech at that Sports Personality of the Year Awards thing (unless I missed it). I heard that he fumbled his speech but I haven’t seen the video yet.

    If a kid George’s age finds Christmas presents early he probably wouldn’t have the self restraint to stop himself from opening them, so Will and Kate would need to hide them if they didn’t want him to open them. I think what people objected to was Will saying George was “naughty” this year. Sometimes it almost feels like he picks on George saying he is a ‘rascal’ and ‘naughty’. I know he is just joking and means it in a playful way, but it gets tiresome IMO.

    1. Unless I missed it, I didn’t see where William said George was “naughty” in this instance.

      Harry dropped off Meghan at the airport the day before this engagement so maybe that’s why he looked miserable.

      I didn’t cover William’s speech.

      1. @KMR why would he look miserable for dropping her off? He can literally see her anytime he wants. I think he looks miserable because once again he is being wheeled out with those two pairs for their lack of popularity. Or maybe he is miserable that the british public are not warming up to his current GF. I mean that letter was idiotic.

        1. William, Kate and Harry are all popular. Harry may be the most popular of the three at the moment, but all three are popular.

          1. Have to beeg to differ here. Harry’s had some of the toughest press I’ve seen in a while thanks to statementgate and the Cambridges are as unpopular as I’ve ever known them. What with Kate’s dress bill for 2016 and William’s dire performance at SPOTY Awards as well as the Christmas snub to their elderly grandparents who have made it their lives work to sacrifice for the good of the nation, W & K approval ratings are through the floor if you look at public commentary. Not a good year for the Cambridges at all.

          2. At any given moment in time, or should I say news cycle, a royal can be unpopular. Overall William, Kate and Harry are popular royals, or at least they were according to the polls I’ve seen which came out this past Spring or before. There was one poll that cited that William’s popularity took a hit but he was still well ahead of Charles. Actually his unfavorable number did not significantly increase, rather all but one of the favorable points lost went into the “unsure” category. This particular poll seemed to only be tracking the Queen, Charles and William, no other royals are mentioned.

        2. Harry is never himself when he goes on engagements with these two, he’s much more contained. IMO all three of them are much more relaxed in solo appearances, I don’t know why they insist on this trio thing.

      2. Harry may also realize that he got some negative press for that hunting trip in Bavaria, the one where the DM said that Meghan was a ‘part time vegan’ who wouldn’t be happy with Harry’s hunting.

        1. How in the heck can someone be a part time vegan? You either are or you are not, there is no part time.
        2. Harry looks like a hypocrite again because he spent part of the summer in Africa trying to save rhinos and elephants from poachers but then he goes off on a shoot ’em up trip to Bavaria.

        1. I thought the same thing about part time vegan.

          Harry perked up a little bit when he was inside interacting with people. He looked pissed when he was walking in and being confronted by the press. I think Harry is fed up because he is getting terrible press right now. They are not letting him off the hook for that statement. And he made himself an easy target with the Toronto detour and the hunting trip. Honestly it all stems from the terrible handling of KP with his relationship. I will never understand why it happened the way it did. They went about the introduction of Meghan to the public as his girlfriend in such a bizarre way.

        2. I once had some one tell they were a vegetarian. That they didn’t eat red meat becuase they didn’t like it. As the conversation continued they ate poultry and bacon. I told them that wasn’t being vegetarian, it’s that you don’t eat red meat.

          1. I’m a part vegan though i prefer to call it nearly vegan.

            I escew ALL animal products, except for milk in my tea.

            I’ve tried every other type of milk, soya, hemp, rice, almond, etc and it is rank. Disgusting and gag-inducing.

            It’s a stereotype, but a cuppa with milk is the best and i can’t bring myself to give it up. The day i do will make me 100% vegan.

          2. I’d give you credit for that tho! I could do the vegan lifestyle but I love dairy too much! I grew up with a milk allergy so didn’t get to have it when younger. I went to college and my fridge was stocked with cheese and ice cream.=) I’ve out grown the allergy but still can’t do real milk. I think it’s because I’ve really never had it. I’ve had it when cooked into things but not as beverage. I do the almond milk on my cereal now.
            My British friend drowned my tea in milk the other day! We about had words!! =)

          3. I’ve never liked animal products. Even as a child. My poor parents were utterly flummoxed to have a child that loved their vegetables and no meat products of any kind.

            Milky tea was the closest they ever got me to try diary. Not Milk alone or even added to cereal or porridge.

            The horror of being forced to eat flesh!!!

            A butcher/fishmongers/any purveyor of meat/diary products is my worst nightmare.

      1. I saw the DM throw the word “naughty” around, but it was part of their own writing not quoting the DJ talking about what William said. Do you have a link to the article where William said George was naughty?

        1. It was in the original DM article. I almost copied and pasted when I brought it up the other day….=( they had William saying he was going to be on The naughty list, that’s kids for you even ones that are princes (or similar verbiage)

          1. In every article I’ve read from various outlets the “naughty” comment hasn’t been in there, so I don’t know what to say.

  2. That belt looks awful with the dress. And the hair was too much. I didn’t even realize that she was wearing earrings because of the mop of hair.
    I saw the dress without the belt and it looks better, but still the obvious red and green Christmas theme is just predictable.

    And I agree Harry did look miserable when he first walked in, but was more animated when he was speaking to the volunteers. I think he is tired of propping up the other two and probably isn’t impressed with the parallel Xmas party and shooting.

    1. The belt did look awful. Nothing would/could help that dress, though! I hate prints, too, but this one DID look like Christmas wrapping paper. And, the style was just so matronly.

      In the photo of the three standing together (William in front of the Christmas Tree), the belt seemed to ride up and Kate’s tummy looked bloated. Or, else……?

      I am frankly tired of the threesome attending Heads Together-related events. I guess we complain when they do nothing, but what they actually do for Heads Together, besides these appearances, is something I would like to learn of. I just feel like it’s always the same with them Harry, on his own, does spark interest, though.

      As for this being the last week of work? What work? Is William talking about his Air Ambulance gig and don’t his colleagues have to work during the holidays? People still need medical assistance, don’t they? I guess another perk for His Highness is getting time off from his “working” existence. Too bad other regular people don’t.

      George opening gifts is cute, if he’s finding them in closets, or other places. But, if they are left out now, what does Santa actually bring? I guess Santa will be at Carole’s on Christmas Eve, stuffing himself down that chimney and then stuffing himself on Carole’s famous cheese and toast tidbits.

      I still can’t get that dress out of my mind, btw.

      Happy wishes to all!

      1. That particular photo was taken at a bit of a low angle which is why the belt looks to be riding up. It’s not. In every other photo the belt is where it is in that photo, it’s just that that photo was taken from a different angle so it looks a bit higher. I don’t think she looks bloated or pregnant.

    2. I thought from the neck up she looked great, I love her hair right now.

      The neck down- channeling Mrs. Doubtfire. Or maybe it’s a nod to a Santa suit, what with the black belt? Can’t think of any other reason she’d throw that on with that dress. I’m confused by this outfit. It’s not so good for the price she paid.

  3. I took William’s quote as meaning that George is opening the presents under the tree. He probably sees the presents and opens them. My nephew loves opening presents. He even wants to open other people’s gifts. He cares more about opening them than what is inside. He just loves wrapping paper. So, I took his quote as George just opening presents under the tree. Pretty typical of little kids :).

    As for Kate’s dress, it did her no favors. Long sleeves, buttoned up to her neck and no shape. It just hung on her. And I hate that belt. I think boots, a different belt, one button at least undone, and hair pulled in a fun ponytail would have made the dress look better. It is not a great dress, but with some style it could look decent. The problem is a dress like that has a lot of personality, so it needs someone with some spunk to wear it or else it wears the person-like in Kate’s case. Kate is too much of a wall flower to pull off a crazy print. Drew Barrymore wore it and I am not the biggest fan of hers, but it looked good on her. It fit her personality and she styled it better. It is also another way over priced dress that Kate will probably never wear again.

    1. We really don’t know what William said exactly since this is a second hand telling of what William said, and have even less clue what he actually meant. I’d like to know, though. If the presents are already under the tree then I’m not surprised George is already unwrapping them.

      I didn’t think this dress looked good on Drew, either. I just don’t like this one.

      1. I didn’t mind it on Drew at all. I still don’t love this dress. But Drew wore block heels, sleeves rolled up and her hair was in a bouncy ponytail. All things that made the dress less garish. Plus, with Drew’s personality she didn’t blend in with the dress. She handled the print better if that makes sense. But to each their own. 🙂

    1. Agree with you on the fabric…at least she has her beautiful hair! I think there is something to the three of them together. Let’s face it PW and Kate need PH. They are so boring….PW throws PG under the bus again!

  4. First of all; Kate is in her early 30s but dresses like she is in her 50s. I guess we all thought she would have the charisma and magnetic charm Diana had but I guess not, Harry does not look happy(maybe he is upset at the fact his gf is not well liked by the public idk), and well William is William(doesn’t look like a future King as well).
    Off topic, but does anyone else think once Harry marries and has kids he will get a huge APT. at Kensington Palace? I ask this because apparently the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester currently live at APT 1 which has 21 rooms, and no offense but a minor royal shouldn’t be living rent free in a huge place like that. It should go to Harry. I mean if Will and Kate can live in the biggest APT. why can’t Harry?

    1. I’m more curious if people would react the same way to Harry and his wife kicking out the Gloucesters as people reacted to William and Kate kicking out the charity that occupied 1A.

      1. @KMR hmm… I don’t think so. Harry is well liked and more popular than those two and no offense to the Gloucesters, they are only minor royals and The Queen pays their rent. Don’t think Charles would be willing to do that once he is King.

        1. The Gloucesters may be classified as minor royals but in 2015 they carried our more than 400 engagements on behalf of the Queen. The negative PR will not be that Harry turned out a charity, rather that a much older royal couple, who do mostly thankless and faceless royal work, got turned out of their home to make way for a higher ranking royal who works far less than them.

          1. Not to mention that they picked up a lot of slack for the Queen when her children were too young to do engagements. People forget how public the Kents and Gloucesters used to be early in the Queens reign. I don’t see her loyalty to them faltering and kicking them out of their home at their old age. She remembers their service better than anyone.

          2. @aaa but Once Charles is King he says he’s going to streamline the monarchy. The Gloucesters can stay at another residence in Kensington Palace. APT 4B has 6 rooms.

          3. Why should the Gloucesters be made to moved into this space? If it is available and Harry is looking to move and wants to stay at the Kensington Palace complex then he can move into 4B.

            I wonder if Clarence House is also an option, once upon a time both the Queen Mother and Charles, along with William and Harry, lived there, so it has accommodated two royal families in the past.

            Buckingham Palace is likely an option as well. ETA: Oh wait, BP is falling apart, scratch that.

          4. @aaa, IDK I feel as if Clarence House for raising a family with other people living in it would be too little space. Also why is it William and Kate get the largest Apt. at Kensington but are barely there. They want their cake and eat it as well.

          5. William and Harry were raised at Clarence House. Prince Charles and Princess Anne lived there too.

            Multiple families live at Kensington Palace, so I don’t see why Clarence House would be disqualified because other families live there. The Queen Mother had a lot of accoutrements and I am willing to bet that her space at CH was considerable.

            I am unclear why you would question William and Kate having a large apartment at KP after advocating that an elderly set of working royals should be turned out of their apartment so that Harry can move in.

          6. @aaa I meant it as a trade. Say Harry gets Apt. 1 while the Gloucesters get Apt. 4B without rent to pay. Also I think its annoying how WK get a huge apt and are barely in London. Taxpayers paid for the renovations.

          7. I’m not sure Charles lived with the Queen Mother in Clarence House. I thought he and the boys lived in St. James Palace, where I think they did make a senior courtier vacate so they could have the apartment.

            I remember the Gloucesters and Kents got a lot of coverage in the 70s and 80s. The Duchess of G was one of my favorites because she wore a lot of Franka dresses, which I loved. I agree that they will not be moved out for Harry.

          8. @Fifi,
            I wasn’t saying that Charles lived with the Queen Mother, rather that they both had their own self-contained living spaces at Clarence House but I was incorrect, it was not until after the Queen Mother’s death that Charles and his sons moved to Clarence House. I wrongly thought that Charles moved to Clarence House after his divorce, but as you stated they lived at St James’s Palace, specifically York House.

          9. Lol Kitty. You think THIS is too small to raise a family or three?


            That is Clarence House. Excluding basement and attic floors.

            This is the streetview. Sentry is standing next to the ‘birthday’gates where the Queenmother would receive public adulation on her birthday.


            Plus it has a HUGE garden which makes WK’s private garden at KP look like a tiny porch.

            Here are some pictures of the garden




          10. Gorgeous pictures Hera. CH is architecturally spectacular. One of the best pieces of Nash’s work. What with the gardens I reckon on an open market it could go for £250 million. It’s exquisite.

          11. Kitty: that sounds like tabloid fanfiction. The kind that has a drunk Camilla plotting to murder the Queen and divorce Charles so Camilla can be Queen herself.

          12. Clarence House is beautiful. I am so sad we arrived in London the day Charles got back so we couldn’t go there, but we went to the gates to look at it! Next time!

            Didn’t Charles have an apartment at St James’s, York House? So its own little complex there. St James’s seems massive as well.

            Thanks for all the pictures, Herazeus, I love it. 🙂

      2. I don’t think so KMR, mainly because they would be kicking out another rich couple, where as Will and Kate kicked out a charity. Two very different circumstances. Now if Harry kicked out a charity, then I think he would get a tone of flack and rightly so.

      3. No one is going to kick out the Gloucesters. It’s one thing to kick out a faceless organisation (charity from apt 1a) or people not related to you( Anmer), it’s another to kick out your cousins especially a set of cousins that are close to you.

        Just because HM or Charles don’t flaunt that relationship doesn’t mean they are not loved.

        Their mother, Princess Alice, was a beloved aunt. Our Prince William is named after the long dead Prince William of Gloucester who was worshipped by Charles.

        Not to mention the superb job the Gloucesters do for the Queen in terms of royal duties. They are practically her entourage in the past few years that’s how often they are included – see them in the background of so many photos.

        Plus she is more sympathetic to them for the fact that they reflect her own path to the top job. Before Prince William’s death, Prince Richard was destined for a quiet life away from royal duties. He married thinking that would be his life. Prince Richard has proven a good Duke of Gloucester after his brother’s death changed the trajectory of his life, and thst is something the Queen values.

        She has never thrown out anyone who was related to her. If Harry wants their apartment, he will have to wait. By the way Prince Michael of Kent and the duke of Kent’s lodgings at KP have access to private gardens too. They might be paying rent, but there has been no suggestion whatsoever that they move out. Prince Michael’s apartment is next to Diana’s apartment which would put them at risk of a nostalgia led eviction.

        Further, i think everyone forgets that Charles and Diana knocked together 2 apartments rather than throw out all other tenants despite the need to create a family home for their family.

        There are plenty of other appartments that Harry can take and or knock together without family being evicted.

        Kitty is simply obsessed with an impossible idea.

      4. I think there would be a very poor reaction to such a suggestion, precisely because William and Kate kicked out a charity to occupy Apartment 1A, only not to live in it, instead decamping to Norfolk. Meanwhile they ran up huge renovation bills for an extravagant residence they barely occupy. The residual memory would carry over to Harry and wife, should they demand the Gloucester’s residence, and doubtless, many renovations. I doubt Harry would be so foolish and selfish.

        The Gloucester’s are elderly and have given service for decades; in return they have been given accommodation. They have performed far more service than the Windsor boys and Kate combined. My guess is that people would think it honorable for them to live the remainder of their years in their home, after which it would be re-allocated, should a monarchy persist. If not, I presume all non-Windsor owned properties would be returned to the state?

          1. Why should they move? And why single out the Gloucester’s? There is no reason why they should vacate their home. I am sure there is an agreement or understanding in place to secure the apartment for the rest of their lives or until they choose to relinquish it. As others here have pointed out, should Harry and wife require something other than Nottingham Cottage, there are several suitable residences available.

          2. @Jen I mead Apt 4B is available but I’m choked that they get a 21 room and no offense Harry is a senior royal and I bet once he has a wife they will do far more than William and Kate who is heir to the throne.

          3. When the time comes, Harry and wife can choose from the available stock, from which there seem to be plenty of agreeable choices. It has often been said and observed here that Harry is either not allowed to, or chooses not to, out-work his brother because of optics. Since the Cambridge’s do as little as possible, it would follow that Harry and wife would have to do even less. The younger royals may be ‘senior’ in terms of status but they have yet to step up to the workload shouldered by the Gloucester’s.

          4. Kitty, for whatever reason, Harry refuses to/won’t/can’t publicly outwork his brother now. So why would it be any different once he marries?

          5. What rumor? Harry doesn’t work publicly more than William now. I highly doubt that would change once Harry marries.

          6. @May, sorry for my misunderstanding I meant a trade. Harry gets the second biggest Apt. While they get another one which has lots of space but smaller than the 21 room. Also, Maybe he will get Clarence House when Charles is King.
            @KMR, I just have a feeling that will all change once he has a wife and kids.

    2. I am sorry Kitty but i don’t understand why you would want the Gloucesters to be kicked out of their home? They pay rent, not the Queen. They do engagements for HM. They are not on the Civil List. I believe it is their only residence. OK, it may have a lot of rooms, but it does seem similar to someone saying Granny can go to a rest home, she doesn’t need to live in a house, she only needs one room.Sorry but I think that is not right. It’s their decision to downsize if they want and any fair minded people would feel the same. And don’t go on the number of rooms, I’ve been in parts of KP and some rooms are tiny! Like broom closet size!

      1. As if the Queen or Charles would kick out their favourite cousins. William is named after Prince William of Gloucester who was beloved and adored by the Queen AND Charles.

        The Queen loved their mother so much that she made her a Princess in her own right despite the clear rules on the subject.

        And the Gloucesters carry out many duties for HM.

        Kicking out strangers is one thing, but beloved family? You’d have to be a special brand of callous and we know Harry is not.

        Besides, there are other apartments available. There is no need to fixate on the Gloucester home just because you (general you) love Harry.

          1. I think after kerfeffle of what the kent’s were paying, they all supposedly pay “market value” on their places. I don’t believe they do tho, I’ve been looking at real estate in the U.K. and checked out the if I become a kazillionaire places and they had some apartments/condo in the area that were going for upwards of £25 mil.
            I’d love to know what Eugenie is going to pay on her place and who is doing the assessment of market value
            If I remember correctly, the queen ended up paying the kent’s for a chunk of time so she could very well have paid for the Gloucester’s as well.

          2. I thought that the people who actually work for the monarchy get their homes for free (as a sort of payment for their work), but the other people living at KP who don’t work for the monarchy (like Prince and Princess Michael of Kent) have to pay rent.

    3. I expect he will fill dead men’s shoes. I can’t think for one minute HM would turf anyone out of their lifelong home to make way for Harry and a wife. Can’t think Harry would even want her too. There’s enough office space and grace & favour housing in KP & SJP to make a decent size home until one of the more salubrious appt. becomes available. I still think Harry will one day inherit Highgrove as his country retreat.

      1. Harry cannot inherit Highgrove it is owned by the Duchy.

        The only way for Harry to get Highgrove would be for Charles to purchase it himself from his private money and gift it to Harry. This would have to be done before HM passes, because the second HM passes, William becomes Duke of Cornwall and controls the entire Duchy – Highgrove included. If he doesn’t want to sell it to his father or his brother, he doesn’t have to.

        1. I do expect Harry to be master of Highgrove one day. I’m sure not to know the legalities but whether he rents it off William, it’s gifted, he buys it outright from the Duchy or some arrangement has already been made but I do think Harry will be living in it. Always have, despite the obstacles he has to overcome to own it.

          1. If William the Petulant doesn’t want his brother to either live in Highgrove or lease it from the Duchy, Harry won’t have it. The only way around this is for Charles to sell it to Harry before HM passes away.

          2. Can Charles sell it? Honest question. I didn’t think Charles was allowed to sell part of the Duchy per the laws that govern it. Even if he could I don’t think Harry could afford the upkeep of an estate like Highgrove. Charles has Duchy money to run it. Harry wouldn’t have that. He’s a wealthy guy but not that wealthy.

          3. Carter, he bought it with Duchy money, it wasn’t originally part of the Duchy. Like he bought property in Romania which is now part of Duchy holdings. It would follow that he can sell it, as long as it is fair market rate so the Duchy doesn’t lose money on the sale. An investment property if you will.

        2. Didn’t realize that Highgrove is actually property of the Duchy and not Charles himself. So all of the improvements and changes he has made to the house and to the gardens were financed by the Duchy, too? Has he spent any of his own private funds for any property he enjoys?

          1. Charles made Highgrove the property of the Duchy so William and so on and so forth could have a country residence. And the Duchy money is technically his, as it is every heir’s. AFAIK Birkhall is his private property, as is the Welsh house I can’t spell because as lovely as Welsh is I sure can’t spell it!

            I expect William and Kate to burn through the Duchy money and portfolios and investments real quick.

          2. Highgrove was purchased with Duchy money, it belongs to the Duchy. Neither the Duchy property nor any profits from the Duchy personally belong to Charles Windsor. The Duchy ultimately belongs to the people, just like the Duchy of Lancaster and the Crown Estate.

            His divorce settlement to Diana wiped out his personal fortune, what he had inherited from his grandmother. It wasn’t Duchy money.

          3. But Charles is also trying to have the Duchy moved from public to private ownership (his) which is a breathtakingly bold and greedy move. I hope Brits would never allow this to happen; they surely are not that passive? The BRF has multi-millions; they can afford to buy their own properties from their own funds. No need to fret about their futures.

          4. @Ellie, I can see WK being horrible with the Duchy money, and @Nota, really Diana really wiped him of his personal money? But it was only 17 million pounds?

    4. I agree with Herazeus, HM isn’t going to kick out the Gloucesters or any other family members. This is a woman who hid her Bowes-Lyon cousins in KP and installed favorite cousin Margaret Rhodes in a cottage at Windsor; she isn’t going to toss out the Gloucesters or Prince and Princess Michael.

      Think Hugh Grant in the role of Edward Ferrars in Sense & Sensibility. We hope Harry is the kind of person who would recognize how inappropriate it would be to throw family members out of their beloved homes.

      It doesn’t matter if some members of the public like Harry. He will get less than William no matter what. That is the way the system works and will keep working.

      Harry will likely get the same arrangement as Andrew & Sarah, Edward & Sophie. He and spouse will not get a large space at Kensington Palace. Instead, he would get a suite or double suite at Buckingham Palace and a country residence at Windsor (Belvedere, Frogmore, Garden House now that Margaret Rhodes has passed) or Sandringham (Wood Farm).

      He and family would mostly live in the country, the London apartment would only be a stop-over to accommodate early meetings or late-night state occasions.

      My guess is as the elders pass away, most KP spaces will be reworked into government offices or put up for market rate rent to make big money for HRP. The outcry over Eugenie renting a space there proves how difficult it would be PR-wise to try to keep KP and massive KP apartments for extended family in the future.

      Eventually, the only people who will be housed in royal housing in London will be Charles, Camilla, W&K, Harry and spouse. That won’t require all of BP, KP, SJP, and Clarence House. Those properties will be reworked to earn their keep.

      1. SJP was rented out during the Olympics. I’m sure they’d do things like that on a more regular basis to provide income to keep up the places, and to support the Royal Collection and HRP, and their employees.

    5. Don’t they usually do long term leases for the family members? I think Andrew and Edwards have 50 yr leases on their places. I’d think the same would apply to the gloucesters. Plus, think of e poor optics of kicking elderly relative out of their home, that alone should be enough to deter them. I also don’t think they’re living rent free.

      1. I don’t think they will do the same for Harry. If Charles is King then Harry will also be a focal point in the monarchy. I still think Harry will have the best accommodations any “spare” has ever had.

          1. True but Harry is also a son of a soon to be King, a brother of a future King and he is more well off than Andrew in terms of wealth and a popular royal.

          2. I wouldn’t say that Harry is wealthier, at least not yet.
            The Royals are great at hiding/obscuring their personal wealth, so who knows for sure.
            Andrew has always landed on his feet after his shady deals, there was the profit from the wedding house the queen gifted him and such. He’s also had the benefit of being older, so longer to invest his money into things.
            That of course I’m sure will change once the queen passes. I’m sure Charles and co will be less willing to funnel money his way.

          3. @Sarah that is what I’ve been saying with the whole accommodations with minor royals. Once Charles is King everything will change.

          4. I doubt that Andrew will need money from Charles when Charles is King because the same act that will make Charles King, the death of the current Queen, will also make Andrew considerably wealthier.

          5. I think that Charles will have a greater PR nightmare if he starts tossing out relatives upon assuming the throne rather than let the Grim Reaper do all the dirty work.

          6. You’d think their multimillions would be enough now!
            I’m sure they all have nice trust funds set up now and it seems that the queen has tried to set them up with “private homes” so they’d (and their children) would be set in the future.
            I think they’re all used to a standard of living and not tapping into their personal wealth to pay for it and for some people, it’s never enough.

          7. @aaa, no offense but I think majority of the public would not be up in arms if Charles starts “kicking out” minor royals. Also how would The Queen passing make Andrew wealthier?

          8. @KMR, I suspect The Queen will set up HUGE trust funds to Anne, Andrew and Edward as well as their kids, Don’t think The Queen will give anything to William and Harry though since they will be better off than the rest of the grandkids, But I have to ask will all of The Queen’s personal jewelry like her tiaras, necklaces, earrings, brooches, bracelets, ect… be passed down to children and grandchildren or passed down to Charles? I recall she owns 300 pieces of jewelry. I wonder how much they are worth? Does anyone have an estimate?

          9. I think all of HM’s children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren will receive money from HM upon her death. All of her jewelry and private property, though, will go to Charles in the sovereign to sovereign transfer to avoid taxes.

          1. I think that different deals are in place. I am not 100 % sure but I think that Andrew’s lease can be passed on to his daughter’s but Edward’s cannot. However if I am wrong and Edward can pass on the lease to his children, looking at the duration of the leases, Andrew’s children will not have to look for somewhere else to live until they are in their 80s, but Edward’s children will be in their 50s when they have to find another home. The reason why Andrew has a longer term deal is because the Royal Lodge needed to be refurbished and Andrew paid out of his pocket most of not of those costs.

    6. Women in their 50s? My mom and her friends are in their fifties — a few in their early sixties, and they dress far better than Kate! Let’s not denigrate an entire generation! Most women today are far more with it than Kate.

    7. What about St. James’ Palace? Who is living there? Just Eugenie? Why does everyone want to live at KP? Is SJ not as nice and/or smaller?

      1. KP was built/ adapted specifically as a family home. It is more versatile that way.

        SJP is principally an office building. Technically It’s the official court and residence of the Monarch. Victoria found it too small and moved her family to BP. There was a separation, but over time the lines started to blur such that some ceremonial stuff started to take place at BP too, but no one has bothered to change the official function of SJP.

        Ambassadors, state visitors like presidents are officially received at SJP though state banquents take place at BP. I think that split is due to space. Anything govt related takes place at SJP.

        There remain some apartments at SJP. Eugenie, Beatrice, Anne and Alexandra’s London flats are in SJP.

  5. Fugly dress, it resembles at least another half dozen she has worn on previous occasions, so wasteful and ungrateful. Poor Harry, it must be so painful being the dim duo’s third wheel, I hope he finds a suitable wife asap and ventures out with his other half.

  6. I think Harry looks fine, if a bit not 100% ‘on’ today. It’s the ‘omg get a valet and better clothes’ that makes him look bad, ha ha ha. Seriously. Valet. Now.

    Kate looks so, so ill. That is all I’ll say about that. :/ The grandmotherly dress, the belt, the HAIR… my goodness, she looks bad.

    I wish we knew more about this charitable initiative rather than how aimless and pointless it seems to be. Good idea, and no follow-through, sounds about right for anything with these three together.

    also lol William WHAT WORK you imbecile. Can someone slap him? He gets lots of time off from that all important EAA job, doesn’t he, guys?

      1. I’d imagine not considering we haven’t seen much of his heroics in the media! but who knows. Maybe he shows up when he wants, just like he did in the RAF.

        God knows he gets far more holiday time than his co-workers who will be expected to work Christmas and pull extra weight all the time even when he /is/ there considering they never needed a co-pilot in the first place… IMO they agreed to this farce because William being there meant they got some facility upgrades and new helos.

        1. I think it’s in name only at this point. Come the new year they say something to the effect that he’s going to be working more in his Royal capacities and no longer able to continue with it! =) and they’ll be happy to see him go

    1. I know – ‘last week at work’! Really? Unless he and his RPOs are putting in extra secret overtime at the air ambulance, the last few months haven’t reflected even royal work rates for him, Kate or Harry. ‘Last 2 hour public engagement before Christmas’ might have been more accurate.

      And that dress? One of her red coats over the top might have helped slightly, I mean, it is December. It’s a busy, fussy, frumpy mess of an outfit and she’s drowning in it. By lengthening her hemlines she’s gone for this structureless dress shape which does her no favours.

      1. I’d be pissed if I worked with him! In health care/emergency services it’s a given you’ll work the holidays. They try and rotate and all that good stuff but William doesn’t appear to work any. I’m sure he used the church walk with family as a get out of work card but he was in Africa during Easter and supposedly with the Middletons this one. His coworkers must loathe him

        1. From what I heard in the RAF he was pretty disliked due to jaunting off on holidays and other people having to cancel THEIR plan because William wanted to go to Mustique with the Middletons or whatever on short notice. Ruining family vacations and all that for everyone! Thanks william!

        2. I work the 4 on, 4 off that Will does too. I get 5 weeks of holidays. When I take 1 week off, it ends up being 12 days off. I go on vacation a lot. I already have 3 trips booked for next year. So the optics can look bad. But it’s doable. I just don’t care for the Middletons and their Mustique holiday because it appears that they HAVE to go during a certain time. Seriously?! If Will is serious about his job, they can still get a good 12 day vacation during his off time.

          We can also do shift subs where we trade shifts. This usually happens when we can’t get a particular day off because someone else took that day off or it’s a black out date (there are some days when no one is allowed to take it off). Most of the time, my friends and family joke that I never work. In reality, hours wise, I work a 48 hour week which is more than the usual 40 hour week.

          All that being said, it still cheeses me that Will gets out of everything. Especially the whole only working 2/3 of a full shift. I know what it’s like to work the 4 on 4 off and it’s a pretty sweet gig. Do the night shifts suck? Sure! But I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

    2. I doubt that EAAA factors in William when determining its rosters; the job is just a vanity exercise for William, isn’t it, as well as a vehicle to get him out of royal work – just as university was, and ‘full-time’ parenting is now. He really is a tosser.

      After reading that this event was W+K’s last for they year, I went through KMR’s list of Kate’s appearances. She attended or participated (= moved her mouth to utter sentences) from between 30/45 minutes to a few hours on each of 63 days this year. That leaves 289 days or around 9.6 months of 2016 doing…what exactly? We know it’s not used prepping for engagements (the Cambridge’s preferred style is ‘winging it’) or writing speeches/letters (other people do those). Perhaps it’s used for the secret meetings and visits? These people are way too expensive and don’t earn their keep.

      1. Jen, I just read that a report was released that tallied KM’s clothing for 2016 at more than $174,000.

        KM’s 30 minutes at work here and there can more likely be compressed to four weeks a year. So she spends most of her time with Carole and shopping for clothes.

        I simply don’t understand how she gets away with such waste. At this point, I can’t comment on her clothes because she is so lazy, greedy, and self centered. And her hair now looks like a full wig.

        1. Hey KMR,
          Can you please work out the average cost of Kate’s clothing per hour that she worked in 2016? I think that would be insane!

          1. Using Jen’s comment that she worked about 63 days this year, and Indiana Joanna’s comment that she spent $174,000 means she spent $2,761.90 per day on her clothes.

            If she worked 133 engagements, then she spent $1,308.27 per engagement. Why don’t the papers report this? This seems like an interesting story.

          2. The sad fact is we wouldn’t even care if she was the least bit good at her job. I mean, we don’t expect Maxima type levels (yet!), but looking back she’s given us nothing remarkable or interesting besides what she is wearing and what her hair looks like that particular day (oh, and a lot of boring jewelry).

        2. I’d be interested in knowing how long each engagement lasts. We know of some but I reckon you are right in compressing them all down to about a month’s work.

          Digging deeper, some of those 133 engagements are no more than photo ops, and require Kate to do nothing but smile and wave (Trooping of the Colour, Ascot, getting and off/on a plane etc); others are pointless (looking at pictures of herself at the National Gallery, the Netherlands visit); still others require muteness in playing the hero’s helper when accompanying William.

          Like you, I really don’t understand how or why such greed is tolerated by either Charles or the public. SMH. The lack of accountability, the lack of true disclosure is staggering. And Charles wants even more ie the Duchy, a state resource, to be given away to his family?

          Charles is no doubt trying to appease his son but really, will anything do that?

      2. When you look at their actual numbers and days worked, I’m surprised that more people aren’t upset with this and still justify their behavior/existence.

        1. As am I, though the BRF’s PR machine works to continually embed their clients into the psyche of Brits to the point where they think they represent all that is good and British. It’s largely a fantasy woven to keep the status quo. The level of protection by that same PR machine (and media outlets) afforded royals also contributes to people not demanding accountability for work (what it should comprise, and how much) or spending (ludicrously slack procedures leading to greed and corruption).

    3. Is he still employed there? I was under the impression he was quietly let go so that the EAA could get on hiring someone who would actually do the job. What a burden his prescence must have been to the serious professionals who work there.

      1. Who knows! He sure talks about it like he is, but as Jen said, we all know it’s a jaunt and a BS job to occupy and amuse him and EAA got stuff out of the arrangement so they’ve mostly kept mum and let Willyboy play whirlybirds when he feels like it. Just like the RAF never kicked his arse out for not doing his job there either.

          1. I thought it was one especially for William. That since he wasn’t an actual pilot, they needed one he could copilot? So would it be one they could use after he left?
            Maybe his mysterious salary charity went towards the helicopter =)

          2. Sarah, I hope EAAA gets to keep the specially-built helicopter.

            It was never disclosed, was it, which charity benefited from W’s donated salary? In the absence/ reluctance to provide such details, I concluded that W worked so few hours that the donation would have been embarrassingly small. The full-time salary for EAAA pilots was publicised. When it became clear that William was not working full-time, it would have been a simple task to work out the number of hours worked based on the donation. If there was one.

  7. Dear Kate, why do you hide your earrings under your hair? What’s the point of wearing jewellery if one is going to hide it?

    I don’t mind the dress or the print. Although, IMO there is something odd as to the way Kate is weraing it. Feeling like there is something missing (personality maybe, or the accessorizing; not sure how to express myself sorry).

    Do William and Kate have other announced work engagements before Christmas (excuse me for the question, am too lazy to check it up mayself)? It’s nice to see them out the week before Christmas though 🙂

  8. All I see is wiglet. And a shapeless schmata.

    It’s high time that Harry breaks away from these two. No other royal had to 3rd wheel with others. I think Harry is getting the short end. I will bet the excitement is due to his presence versus W+K. And Jason, please tell Will that his narrative about “Naughty George” is becoming trite.

    1. “And Jason, please tell Will that his narrative about “Naughty George” is becoming trite.”

      I agree. Ever since George was just an infant this has been the way William speaks about him.

  9. It is official : the Queen is passing down some charities to other royal, Kate has Wimbledon : so we already know that she will be here for Wimbledon, much to other causes of her…

    1. The Duke of Kent is still president of Wimbledon. His wife the Duchess also attends a lot of Wimbledon events–not just the matches but meetings and the like.

      1. It’s official from BP. Kate has been given Wimbledon. I wonder if she will show up for every match or range of matchs during the fortnight, especially the early ones with no name players, the veterans players, couples, women.

        She’s going to hand out trophies……..that will be funny. I wonder if she’ll show any sympathy/empathy to the losers like the Duchess of kent used to do.

        1. Is it? I haven’t seen this anywhere.

          Well, at least she’ll get some numbers up. I doubt she’ll attend any matches she doesn’t want to, or any meetings. Just go slobber over the male tennis stars and it counts as work!

          1. Thanks KMR and Herazeus. Now here’s a patronage she’ll actually do stuff with like the Ben Ainslie ones!


            I hope Harry takes over Blind Veterans UK and some of the other charities HM is passing out. And Sophie for NSPCC, she’s gone to charity events for them so I hope she is their next patron; she is so wonderful with children and so kind.

          2. I’d be surprised if Sophie gets the NSPCC despite the recent events she’s been attending.

            Generally speaking, i was surprised that she attended at all because Andrew has been working with them since the 90s. He has several events with them most years despite the lack of media.

            ETA: it’s confirmed that Sophie is their Patron.

            Looking at his website, his patronages centre on Education, Enterpreneurship, science and technology, and of course the military.

            Though it’s extremely entertaining that he is also patron of English National Ballet. Can’t remember the last time he was seen at the Ballet, if at all.

          3. Andrew getting anything puts a bad taste in my mouth.

            The hatred Harry gets should be directed towards a real scumbag like him..

        2. Then I am very disappointed. KM does not deserve it. But royalty is not a meritocracy.

          It’s also been released that she spent more than £174,000 this year alone on clothes, I’m guessing she most likely will never wear a lot of them. I wonder if she buys clothes for her mother and sister with Charles’ funds. Why does this pointless person get everything she wants?

          I am of the thought camp that Harry is simply sick of shoring up the lazy duo. I saw one video in which a young woman handed KM flowers, but before Harry could move asked him to give her a hug. It was a clear preference of Harry over KM and KM said something sarcastic (sigh, guess she thinks she’s funny). So I doubt think KM will have near the grace of the Duchess of Kent.

          1. I’ve also wondered if Kate buys clothing for them with the money Charles gives her. My guess is that once the money is allocated to her, she can spend it how she wants? I don’t know anything about the restrictions on royal funds, though. Either way, she’s quite wealthy now, as is Pippa, so I’m sure they’re all doing quite fine.

          2. @Lindsey

            I suspect W passes along to Charles all bills for Carole’s expenses while living at Amner and perhaps even Bucklebury. I think Carole is a con artist and a grifter. And I also suspect Mike Midd is none to pleased with this graft which could one factor in the rumors of a rift. Mike seems a decent enough sort and I hope he would object to Carole blithely riding the royal gravy train.

          3. Hi Indiana Joanna,

            I just did a bit of math and the 174,000 pounds converts to roughly $214,430 in US dollars. With the 63 days Kate “worked” this year, each day ” worked” cost $3403.65 to dress the Duchess for an hour of “work”. I have no words for this.

          4. And Laurie, let’s not forget the amount spent for Kate’s hair (extensions, wiglets, dye jobs, keratin treatments, blow outs, etc) and for her botox and fillers–I’m sure she considers all of that “work-related” expenses, too.

          5. Hi there, Lauri. Thanks for the breakdown.

            Because the reporting on royal expenses is so opaque and meant to confuse and obfuscate, I think KM spends and wastes much more. But your estimations correctly reflect enormous greed. I do believe Carole and Pips benefit from this misuse of public funds. I just don’t understand why Charles allows himself to be bullied to keep up this graft.

          6. Well does anyone know why William does not pay for his wife clothes? Or he does not have enough money?How rich are the Middletons?

      2. As I understand it, there are two patronages related to Wimbledon. HM had one (royal patron of Wimbledon), Duke of Kent retains the other (*President* of Wimbledon All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club).

    2. Oh, I am sure Carole is doing the happy dance. She’s been campaigning for membership in the All England Club for awhile now, and Kate’s appointment might just allow her to leapfrog over all the other candidates who have been patiently in queue for a coveted spot.

      How Carole and Mike can ever afford such a lifestyle is beyond me–similar competitors to Party Pieces only bring in modest profits and the Middleton family trust (in whatever form it exists) certainly hasn’t set Mike’s siblings in similar lifestyles. If the Middletons do get or are divorced, that will be one complicated financial mess.

      1. Lizzie, I don’t think the Midds can afford their lifestyle. They don’t release annual income from Party Pieces. Uncle Gary financed a lot of it before it came out he acts as a middle man for his guests’ access to recreational drugs and women. Carole cut him out, at least publicly, after reporters wrote about his unsavory exploits. To date Carole has taken large cash gifts from W and Terribly Rich James Matthews to buy Bucklebury and keep the marshmallow enterprise afloat.

        I think the Midds are in over their heads in debt, and thereby feel the need to dip into royal funds for whatever they want. If Mike Midd is half way decent, he would be very upset with Carole’s graft.

        1. So they aren’t as rich. Then why does people say Kate grew up as a rich girl in college? I wonder how much money they really do have? I like GARY because no matter what, he has the whole family by the balls. They owe him a lot.

        2. The company structure of Party Pieces is such that the Middleton’s are not legally beholden to release accounts. So whatever they earn, or if others prop them up, remains private. I struggle to understand how such a business thrives when similar types of businesses report modest profits. It’s been said that PP really worked the mail-order market well before online sales existed and maybe this accounts for the success? PP has been going for some 30 years but still, to have the millions needed to support their lifestyle, they’d have to sell a heck of a lot of cheap and nasty tat.

          1. I heard a big part of PP’s money–and it’s nowhere near what the media likes to go on about–is from selling customers’ information.

            And of course dear ol’ Uncle Gary the tax-dodger.

          2. Hmmm, Now it makes sense as to why The Middleton women marry the wealthy, Look at Pippa! I mean now her family is set for life.

    3. They probably figure if she’s going to be there, might as well count for something other than comments about how she can’t be bothered to do something but can show up to tennis matches.
      She’ll probably stop going now that she has to “work”

      1. Sarah, That may be their reasoning. Can’t think of anything that she brings except her ridiculous title and the barbarians-at-the-gates Midds. Sophie would have been a much better choice because of her presence and enthusiasm.

    1. What a difference. I don’t love this dress, but Drew gave it a lot more personality.

      Also the Tory Burch gown is my favourite from Kate, I adore that dress!

  10. Did anybody else see the itv programme about Harry in Africa? It was interesting and he came over so well. Very charming, kind and generous. What a lovely guy, and a great charity.

    1. I watched it and I was very impressed. Of course there is a Board moving things along but it is clear it has been a hard graft to get the finances and keep it going. And the kids clearly adore both Harry and their own Prince. I think this is his long term commitment (like Dof E awards and Princes Trust.) As well as Invictus. So come on Will, what exactly are you doing ?
      Also I watched SPOTY and my word what an incoherent idiot Will was. Was he drunk or just totally unprepared? It was embarrassing to watch such a poor and unprofessional display.

  11. I am not surprised that Harry looks tired, he’s probably crashing after burning the candle at both ends. He had the Caribbean tour, from there he went on a side jaunt to Toronto, when he got back to London he did a high profile engagement, after that he scooted off to Germany to hunt wild boars, then his long-distance girlfriend came to town for a visit – it looks like they went out most nights she was here, and now he has a public engagement which likely garnered more attention than most due to it being a joint appearance with his brother and his wife, and the increased interest in Harry’s personal life.

    1. What Harry does on his own time is his business but when he is working he needs to be professional from the get go and give his best, as we all are expected to do in our jobs. Many people will have worked hard to put on that event and show up. I am struck by how much non-work time these younger royals have on their hands.

      1. But is not smiling while entering a building considered unprofessional or some other form of dereliction of duty? If that is the case then Prince Philip and Princess Anne need not bother showing up to the hundreds of engagements that they do each year.

        I think that Harry’s sunny demeanor is an asset to him and the BRF but I don’t know if he did his patronage a disservice because he did not have on his game face for every minute of the visit.

        1. Overall, Harry manages his professional image very well; the public persona developed is one of positivity and warmth and because of that, it is what people expect. That persona is a product. I’m not suggesting that it is not a genuine reflection of the man but nevertheless it is a crafted image. Other royals have their images too; I perceive Anne and Phillip as more direct, no nonsense, reliable types rather than just grumpy.

          I don’t think this last event was a dereliction of duty – that’s too strong a response – but if Harry agreed to attend, he would have been best advised to have sufficient rest to hit the ‘play’ button as soon as he exited the car. If unwell, he could have sent apologies. And if William made an unkind remark, best dealt with later.

          The engagement lasted for just 1 hour, 16 minutes – a very short time to keep focus on one’s hosts and their very admirable endeavour. The trio – by any comparison – does very little work and it’s not too much to ask them to be professional and thoroughly engaged when they do.

  12. If Kate had shown up looking as sour as Harry, she would have been savaged. There is no excuse for the expression on his face as he arrived to an engagement. And a man with his wealth should not be wearing dirty scuffed shoes. Both he and William seem to think dressing sloppily is identifying with the masses. I was struck during the Caribbean tour how often the people Harry met were dressed more formally and neatly than he was.

    I really disliked the pattern of Kate’s dress, but thought the event seemed to go well enough.

    1. He changed his expression once he started speaking to people. It seems like something might have been said in the car by either Will or Kate. Probably Will. I can see him being an ass to Harry about his gf.

      1. @Nic919, no offense but his GF not getting the best publicity. In fact the media and majority of the public do not like her!

    2. Not only Harry, but men in general are allowed to look more sloppy and smile less than women. But I agree with you, Kate would’ve been given a lot of flack.

    3. I agree. Men get away with a lot more than women. If Kate (or any woman) has that sour face she’d be called terrible names. Harry (or any other man) gets the benefit of the doubt and gets excuses made for him.

      Harry and Will need to step up their clothes game. It’s either too loose, too tight, wrinkled, etc. They have money! Get some properly tailored clothes!!

      1. Harry doesn’t look sour to me, but tomato, to-mah-to.

        I do agree he and William need some new clothes. It’s not acceptable for them to look so scruffy. I get it’s part of their MO–look how young and hip and cool we are not dressing nicely!–but it looks awful. They could eschew a tie and look classy, not unkempt.

        I wonder why they both look so bad when Charles and Philip always look so well turned out. It shows respect of the people you are meeting when you put effort in. (I don’t think William is one who has respect for anyone but himself, but Harry I think does, despite the hatred he gets everywhere these days.)

        1. My point wasn’t so much to call Harry out on the face because I will admit that he perked up when actually interacting with people. My point was more that women get held to a higher standard than men when it comes to outward appearances.

          Charles is so dapper!! It makes me so sad his sons don’t follow suit.

          1. I love a man in a good suit! ?
            Is saville row still the it place for men’s tailoring? I’m assuming that’s where Charles gets his made? That should be his xmas present to William and Harry, a trip to get some suits made

        2. I wish they’d retire the blue suits and go for some really sharp tailored jackets and pants. Linen shirts and natty wool jerseys. Not sure the polyester look is working for their image. Harry has those groovy blue suede shoes (nice when clean) so he could switch up from there. Their hipster image is in their minds only. No-one would seriously buy it, and anyway, they are too old to pull it off. Dressing well and appropriately for the occasion honours their hosts and that should be uppermost in their minds, in addition to being very well-prepared to engage with intelligence and warmth.

          1. Yes, Jen, that would look fabulous, but too sensible and logical for them I suppose. Is scruffy and unkempt the new ‘thing’? I get wanting to not dress so stuffy and old fashioned but oh, a man in a tailored suit! *sigh*

            Anyway, I agree with you. It’s not cool to dress so sloppily. Kate looks like a schoolmarm or flashes; these two just look lazy.

  13. In my opinion kate needs to do the following – get a decent stylist, one who can dress her age appropriate without looking like a granny. Get rid of half the hair, time now for a grown up hair style, this mop is passe. Look at Letizia her Bob is bang on chic. Or if can’t get rid of the hair then get it up. Victoria in Sweden never looks this messy.

    I hate to compare but with such a surfeit of hard working, appropriately dressed and still glam princesses out there, it makes me cross that Kate can’t get her act together like they do.

    She has being doing this 5 years now! I’m glad she got Wimbledon perhaps that can be linked with youth work too rather than just turning up watching the matches and handing out the prizes.

    1. Kate would look great with a pixie cut or bob: sexy and grown up, like Leti and Charlene. The ever-growing mound of wiglets is disturbing and I assume she is still stuck channeling her early twenties. But yes, a good stylist – if allowed to do her/his job – would work wonders.

  14. Although I’m glad that Kate wore something bright and ?cheery?, the dress is just unwearable. By anyone. The fabric is awful and probably would look better if the background was white. It appears Kate has been consistently wearing brighter tones for engagements over the last year. Kudos to her.

    I have no idea if someone has answered this, but I think Chris Martin meant that Kate and the Princes are popular with the millennials, particularly Kate. I gather that most of the female Kate fans I come across on social media, blogs and forums are in that 18-26 age range. Prince Harry has his fans but they seem to be mixed in age and seem to flux with what he does. I think his female fans have dropped off recently. Unsurprisingly, when he was in the army and after the Las Vegas incident, he had a lot of credit with the male demographic but that too seems to have dropped off. And Prince William, well, he’s Prince Charles to Kate’s Diana so it’s hard to tell what demographic his fans are.

    On the subject of Prince Charles, did anyone see the 90th birthday photograph of the Queen that Buckingham Palace released recently? She looks lovely but unwell. And at the recent Diplomatic Reception photograph she looked again lovely but unwell. And now with her handing down charities, I fear we may not have long with her. Another reason Prince William and Kate should hie their arses over to Sandringham with Charlotte and George and spend sometime with their grandmother in the new year.

    1. It’s a dowdy dress as well as a curiously inappropriate choice for a visit to a young person’s charity. That preppy number worn to the 45-minute HuffPo exercise would have been fine. Kate needs a professional stylist but I’d add the brothers do too. The suits always look cheap – they won’t be, of course, but manage to not fit well. And scuffed shoes? No, Harry, not good enough.

      I wonder if these three are popular with the demographic Chris Martin referred to? Or are just part of the wallpaper of everyone’s lives? Not liked, not disliked, just… there. It’s a genuine question: how does this younger demographic relate to them? Or to royalty in general? William and Kate are in their mid-thirties, are remote and do not get about much or do much. Why are they popular?

      1. Jen, I was struck by this comment about the royals having an impact because they are the same demographic, that is age. It seemed to me a very weak endorsement of the royals (specifically W&KM) and very politic because they have nothing else to recommend them.

        1. Exactly. Apart from a shared age (though the trio is aging), why would anyone relate to these three? I guess it’s polite on the part of Chris Martin; what else could he say? He certainly couldn’t point to any actions on their part.

      2. From what I see people like W&K for being “normal” and apparently, intelligent, down-to-earth, and kind.

        The PR game and white-wash of many years has worked wonders, imo. Sigh. Does the “normal” schtick really work so well?

        For all the criticism of Harry and I agree with a lot of it I do think he has a good heart that is in the right place and cares about people. W&K though being called compassionate–boggles the mind.

        1. They’re considered intelligent?? By whom??? Bwahahahahahaha
          Thanks for the laugh before I go to bed
          Down to earth is just as laughable

        2. The ‘schtick’ works. When people are exposed to a certain narrative over and over, they start to parrot it as truth. Plus the snippets of PR are just enough to give a fleeting impression – images, a headline, very short story – which few stop to investigate further. They cloud larger issues about financial accountability, the purpose of a monarchy and so on.

  15. I. hate. that. belt.

    This dress would look so much better with a skinny black belt (and small black buckle). She could even do suede to match her boring suede shoes. How many pairs of black suede pumps does she own?

  16. Another lazy photo op for the Tiresome Threesome. Dolittle shows up in an expensive, ugly new frock, everyone smiles, they hand out some prizes and play some games. I can hear “keep up the good work” coming. And then they swan off having graced the hard working volunteers with their holy presence.

    If they were truly honouring these fine people, *they would have thrown the party and waited on them*. They reek of passivity and physical, emotional, and mental laziness. Bah! Humbug!

    1. These type of events have such an inauthentic vibe to them – they are there to justify their existence and the obligatory ‘look at how much we care about you’ photos. It’s not as if the trio does anything substantial for these people (or for anyone) on an ongoing basis. I agree entirely with your summation of all three reeking of ‘passivity and physical, emotional, and mental laziness’.

        1. Fancy bending the knee to that one? Not a chance. Tugging the forelock, sycophantic grovelling, learning to curtsey… ugh. I’m sure there’s someone making a buck out of social climbing and deferring to one’s ‘betters’.

    2. Maven, I agree with your label, The Tiresome Threesome. If Harry were smart he would separate himself from the Duke and Duchess of Frumpbridge. I am also disappointed to find out that Harry went hunting in Bavaria, does his love of wildlife only extend to those creatures who are either endangered or just on the African continent? It is very hypocritical. I am beginning to think he is not such a golden boy as people make him out to be.

      1. Agree. But these guys wear masks of sincerity and when they’re dropped, it’s not so lovely. All a game to con the public and keep the perks.

      2. The wild boars are considered major pests and ruining the environment, so it’s nothing like hunting, say, endangered species.

        I don’t like hunting but I won’t criticize Harry for it this time. Sort of like using sport to cull a population I guess. Why do these folks grow up with all the hunting stuff anyway? Do not get it.

        1. I could never care for someone who gets a thrill out of maiming and slaughtering animals for pleasure. Boars may be pests, but then find a humane way to get rid of them. If they are like pigs, they are very intelligent animals, and their terror in the face of the hunt is insupportable. It’s a cruel, sadistic sport. Period. With buckets of blood. I can never like Harry again. Because if you only selectively love animals, then you are not capable of much emotionally and your ‘caring’ is selective too.

          Harry has spent the past while breaking protocol buggering off to see his sweetie, having his sweetie stay with him for a week, and then buggering off for some thrill seeking, slaughtering defenceless piggies. Then he shows up for this looking like he rolled out of bed. Now it’s time for a break from ‘work’. Clearly he has no job. I wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole. He and Willy seem to be 2 peas in a pod. Some ‘prince’.

          1. @Maven I 100%. Another part of me thinks he knows the public is not warming up to her at all and maybe he knows marriage will not be on the cards. Sorry Harry.

          2. Maven, I’m not feeling very kindly towards the tiresome threesome these days. Their participation in blood sports is another mark against them and their unearned position and wealth.

      3. +1 It’s very hypocritical. Killing animals to have a good time is awful, doesn’t matter if they are endangered or not. At this point I believe both W and H know this sends a wrong message to the public, they just don’t care.

        1. It’s awful, and it seems neither of them care about how terrible it is or how bad it looks – but then, why would they? Their forebears – HM, PP, and PC – have always been proponents of hunting. Shameful, imo.

        2. Oh, they absolutely must know by now how bad this looks but they don’t want anything to get in the way of them having a good time.

          How can Harry hug an injured Rhino and post that picture on Twitter and then go off any kill a bunch of boars? I don’t understand it and it does indeed look very, very bad. I can’t take William or Harry’s work with conservation seriously when they do this.

      4. When I found out about the hunting trip and that he left for it after his ICAP charity event, it suddenly made sense to me why he went to Toronto. He wanted to see his girlfriend, but he already had another vacation planned for right after the charity engagement. So it was either see her then or he’d have to wait another week.

        It’s a shame. Harry has such a great potential. He’s his own worst enemy.

    3. An hour and 16 minutes. From exiting the car to getting back in it. That was it. And now they can relax and officially begin their holiday break. I’m sure transporting all those presents that George has found from under the tree at Anmer to under the massive Bucklebury tree will be strenuous. For someone, anyway.

  17. I think this might be my least favorite outfit that Kate’s ever worn. There are occasions where I don’t like her clothes or that she could take her style up a notch, but rarely, if ever, have I ever seen her in anything this ugly. The pattern is dated, it almost looks like the patterns my Grandmother uses for quilting. Not to mention that this dress is ill-fitting and the accessories are horrible choices. I’m sure so many stylists would love to work with Kate because she is so high-profile, I wish she would take advantage of these opportunities and realize the shortcomings of Tash. it seems like they have become too good of friends and now Kate doesn’t recognize that Tash isn’t great at her stylist role…

    1. I agree……..this is just a disaster of a dress; the material looks cheap, it is ill fitting and the belt is way too heavy for the dress. The Duchess of Frumpbridge strikes again. Kate looks a real mess with that floppy stringy hair covering her face. She has no sophistication and obviously no sense of style and those who are dressing her are as ordinary as she is.

    2. And if you’re going to wear such a dowdy dress why not do something fun with your hair?
      Her whole ensemble is terrible. Hair is a big nightmare, why not pull it back into something? I saw pics of Leti’s Portugal tour and her hair was great and changed up constantly.

    3. Yes, quilting fabric! I couldn’t think how to describe the pattern on this dress, but you are right, it looks like the kind of discount fabric you find in a craft store for sewing or quilting projects.

  18. This is a hideous dress and it makes me personally upset that this stupid, worthless woman is spending $200,000 in ugly dresses in one year, when there is so much need in the community! Her wastefulness would be a bit more palatable if she at least worked 3-4 times a week, doing public and private engagements and meetings. But we know she doesn’t do that! I bet the prospect of the Wimbledon patronage was dangled in front of her at the beginning of 2016, if dumb-dumb Kate would appear in more engagements this year than last year- she did that, although she looked sullen and unenthusiastic for most of it…and now she has been rewarded with Wimbledon for her half-hearted effort! The only thing that Kate did with any sort of enthusiasm and tenacity was being a call girl to William and hanging around long enough to get him to marry her and make her a Duchess. I will refer to Kate as ‘call-girl Kate’ from now on, as that is the only thing she has shown any interest and skill in and that is all she has actually done.

    And William is despicable and ugly on the inside and outside! Considering how hard his parents work/worked, it defies belief that he is so arrogant and lazy.

    Really, WK and their unjustified rewards are a slap to the face of any young adult who work hard for the professional and personal successes that they achieve. And William just needs to shut up about work! He doesn’t know anything about it and based on flubbing his speech to Michael Phelps, he doesn’t have the humility to honor those who are hard workers either.

    1. I really agree with your comment about her using $200, 000 for clothes when there is such much need in the community. It’s such a waste for such expense to be used so frivolously. I say that because it’s frivolous spending on what is being purchased and who they’re for. A poor investment when such funds could be put towards charities or at the very least, the BP budget

  19. This dress is…not good. I don’t actually hate the print, but paired with such a frumptastic silhouette, it’s really quite hideous. I don’t hate the belt either, though it does remind me a bit of Santa’s belt lol. Also, I didn’t notice the wiglet until people pointed it out on here and most of the time I don’t think it’s as bad as some commenters do, but it’s really noticeable in these pictures. A good bit of backcombing of her actual hair would achieve a similar effect and look more natural. I agree that a ponytail would be cute with this outfit, but I wonder if maybe she just doesn’t like her hair up? I always wear my hair down for that reason.

    I don’t really have much to say about the engagement itself. It sounds like a really great program that is probably hugely beneficial to those who access it. Hopefully having these 3 make an appearance will bring it to the attention of more young people who may benefit from accessing this resource. Like it or not, KM is hugely popular with under 30’s and we follow a lot of what she does so having her here will hopefully do some good.

    1. “I don’t actually hate the print, but paired with such a frumptastic silhouette, it’s really quite hideous.”

      That’s a good point about the print. I think the print would’ve been tolerable as a blouse with a pair of black trousers or a pencil skirt.

    2. I wouldn’t say Kate is hugely popular with the under 30s. I’m under 30 and no one I know cares about or follows Kate, if they know about her at all.

      1. I agree KMR. I think the firm wants them to be popular with the younger crowd since ultimately they are the ones to keep the royal family around. But no one I know under 30’s, my friends and family, even knows who Kate is. I have mentioned her before and it isn’t until I say Prince William’s wife that they know who she is and then they still have nothing to say. Honestly, the only people I know who really care about Kate are middle aged and it is only because they followed Diana. I don’t think they are even close to being popular. I think most people under 30 could care less about Kate and are much more interested in other celebrities. That would be an interesting street poll

      2. I don’t like in the UK, so maybe my perception is a bit skewed. Also, popular may be the wrong word because you’re probably right, I don’t think most people care about what she does more than they care about what she wears. She gets so much publicity for that, which in turn would translate to publicity to whatever patronage she was visiting when she wore “x” outfit that people are talking about. It doesn’t always have to be good publicity either for it to still bring awareness to a patronage, though of course good publicity would be ideal.

        ETA: I’m listening to a popular (among under 30’s) morning radio show right now and Kate Middleton’s clothing budget is the lead in their celebrity news segment.

    3. I’ve read on Love Lola’s blog that the reasons she doesn’t wear her hair up in high pony tails, buns or braids is because it would show her extentions too badly. Also, I guess it may cause damage as well to said extensions. It’s a real pity because it would be a major asset to her to have some new hairstyle options.

      1. I always thought hers looked more like the adhesive base instead of ones that are sewn in? So she could take it out for a fun modern do.
        I think Victoria uses extensions when she does some of her formal updos but doesn’t use them every day. When she’s sporting her pony tail you can see she has pretty thin hair and it’s not an issue.
        I don’t think she uses her hair as her security blanket tho

  20. She continues to add to her collection of frumpy dresses. Just nothing there to get even interested in except for the lack of style. I am thankful the polyester McQueen poppy dress has not reappeared. Yes William should stop talking about work, as if he has ever worked. Harry, I am ambivalent about you but could you up the dress a little. You are a HRH after all. Honestly I don’t see Carole or Pippa wearing any of the clothes Kate has been trotting out. Their sense of style seems a little sharper.

  21. So earlier today DM said that topless pictures of MM were published online, she was allegedly sunbathing on a beach. But now they have retracted that statement and claim the pictures are fake, they are of another woman.
    I think it is really gross that people are so desperate to publish topless/nude pictures of her and to photoshop fake ones, too. It is really predatory and nasty.

    When I read the first report I though maybe that contributed to Harry’s glum face. But since they are fake….
    Does anyone remember if this much discussion over photoshopped/fake/alleged naked pictures of Cressida/Chelsy ever happened?

    1. I’m glad to hear that they’re fakes. I read earlier that they were taken over 11 years ago, how frustrating to have an event that happened so long be brought up now only for someone to make a fast buck. I know we talk about all the perks and benefits associated with being royal but things like this really highlight the negative aspects of being (or associated with) royal.

      1. Sofia’s past from over a decade ago keeps being brought up because she married into royalty. Kate’s past from over a decade ago keeps being brought up because she married into royalty. If Meghan marries into royalty, then either her past from over a decade ago needs to be brought up constantly or everyone needs to lay off bringing up Sofia’s and Kate’s pasts. Because if Meghan is off limits because she was a private citizen then, then Sofia and Kate are off limits because they were private citizens then. Either all of them get raked over the coals for their pasts or none of them do.

        I’d vote for leaving all of their pasts in the past.

        1. I don’t think someone can/should be judged wholly from their past, especially things that can be described as “youthful indiscretions” or what have you and I do believe that people are capable of change and able to learn from their past but Kate’s past was a harbinger of what was to come. Instead of jumping in to be the hard working modern Royal we are still being told she is, she is just as lazy now as then. If she proved us wrong, I don’t think anyone would mention “the waiting years” we were told that as Williams’s gf she couldn’t work a real job. Now as his wife, she can’t work because???? So her past is brought up.
          Sofia’s past is still in play for me for a couple issues. 1) she’s working with children. She could use her past as a great learning tool, tell them to get an education etc but she sees nothing wrong with her past imo. Her end justifies the means (she got her HRH) this is going to be totally judgemental of me but I wouldn’t want my kids to hang out with someone who has made out with Jenna Jameson 2) she still has questionable business dealings 3) She was once a bully herself and now is riding the anti bullying campaign bandwagon without acknowledging said past. It opens her past up as fair game imo,

          1. Yeah, I find Meghan and Kate’s situations so different from Sofia, who utterly disgusts me as a human being. The stuff on her old blog tells you what kind of person she is and it is not good whatsoever. They tried to whitewash her, but it’s not gonna work.

            Meghan, if she marries Harry, becomes a public figure. She already is because of acting, and now she’s a household name because of her relationship with Harry. I do judge her differently than, say, Sofia; acting is far different than soft core porn and telling girls that they just need to have more self esteem and they won’t be raped and dressing girls in suggestive clothing (a Project Playground thing they did).

          2. That’s not what Sofia said re the self esteem/rape comments. She said the women Project Playground works with who have been raped often suffer from low self esteem because they’ve been raped. She did not say women are raped because they have low self esteem.

          3. I don’t care if her past is brought up. I’ve tried to stay out of the Meghan/Harry fray until/if they get married. Most of my comments relating to relationship have been how it’s handled. I actually don’t know anything of her past.
            Just bringing up my justifications of why Kate and Sofia’s are brought up (at least for me) that their present actions have made their past justifiable in mentioning. That neither have been able to escape it because IMO, haven’t done anything to prove that’s not who they are now.

    2. Ugh and it’s gross that an anonymous woman now has a topless photo all over the internet because they wanted to shame Meghan for having boobs.

        1. He was between a rock and a hard place. One the one hand not calling out racism makes him look like an uncaring cad. On the other hand that statement, officially calling her his girlfriend opened the flood gates. It’s impossible to reign it back in once it’s out. I really think that statement in hindsight made things much worse for them instead of better.

        2. I disagree, I think she would be getting sexist coverage with or without that statement. And while I think both of them are happy with the attention, it doesn’t justify this kind of invasion of privacy.

          1. I’m wondering if the craziness around their relationship would have died out had Harry not released that statement confirming the relationship. The press craziness had already started to die off from the initial news breaking by the time he released his statement. By confirming the relationship, he fueled the media fire. If they had both not confirmed it, then it may have died as just another rumor.

          2. Kitty, to be fair, that statement wasn’t about privacy.

            I think the craziness would have restarted with the first pics/sightings of them together because 1) the British press seems crazy for another royal wedding and 2) Meghan already has a public profile and her PR probably leaks stuff to some outlets, so this keeps the news coming.

          3. I think Meghan wants, and loves, the attention; it’s made her a household name! I can imagine her crying wolf to Harry about the situation because it means he’d come out all guns blazing, and it turns out all those stories KP told were lies. It’s so sketchy, and I still think she’s using him for the publicity. I hope they are happy together, I really do, but something is so off here with her moreso than him…

          4. I too think she enjoys the attention. She is an actress after all and seeking attention is part of the job description. I don’t think she, or Harry, quite realized just how ridiculous the coverage would get.

            The weirdest thing to me about the relationship is that Harry is on video telling a crowd of school children that he hates Twitter and social media because it invades his privacy but then dates someone who has a very active and public social media presence. It seems hard to reconcile the two unless perhaps he’s had a change of heart.

  22. @ cookie, I meant to reply to you but I think I messed it up! I don’t remember there ever being this much discussion about it. But honestly, they were both very young and didn’t have much of a past so to speak when they started dating Harry. it’s possible that they both knew that if they sun bathed topless it could end up on the internet so decided to avoid it.

    The level of press attention meghan is getting is ridiculous. It’s kardashian level with all the articles coming out every day.

    1. That didn’t stop paps taking pictures of Chelsy sunbathing in her own backyard or balcony in south africa. The good news is that she kept her top on, but it was still invasive. Mind you i think the most invasive picture taken of chelsy was of her in the library studying. She might not have been doing anything salacious, but a pap or fellow student took a picture of her inside and sold them to the media which duly ran them.

      1. I remember seeing that picture of Chelsy studying in the library and hearing about the tracking device that was put on her car and thinking to myself that I hope Harry is worth it. I guess in the end she decided he wasn’t.

  23. Off topic: Princess beatrice will vist her patronage The English National ballet tonight. I believe she will see the performance of the nutcracker
    I’ll repeat to events she attended yesterday , On December 19, 2016. Princess Beatrice had arrangements to meet with Hudderfield University and her Patronage Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice.

    Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice. visit:

    I like the I idea that Princess Beatrice brought goodie bags and cookies to the children

    and the Hudderfield University visit:

    She was so cute and friendly with the finalist.

    1. We’ve all been saying she needs to do #1 pronto! I wouldn’t say she needs thicker brows but needs someone to balance them out so are at least symmetrical =)

    2. I just read this article. I actually feel terribly sorry for Kate right now. I know Meghan is new and everyone wants to make her look good, but come on. This is just rude. There is no need to compare Kate directly to Meghan and say “This is how to compete” in order to say Kate needs a style jolt. Yes, Kate needs a style jolt, but there is no need to be this rude about it.

      1. But you must admit nearly every theme they cover for suggested improvement has been raised and discussed on here by us all on many occasions. Maybe not comparing direct with MM but with Mary, Max, Letizia, Charlene, Victoria etc…. Cut the hair, get out of patterned midi dresses like the Erdem, the use of make up. At least they stayed away from discussing her weight. That’s what I found funny…….that they had almost raided our thoughts and comments for the article.

      2. It’s the DM trying to stir competition where none exists. I loathe women being pitted against each other for the great prize of being the more sexy etc. It’s base and demeaning. And we have a preview of what’s to come should Meghan join the BRF. Just a variation on the Diana-Fergie relationship. It’s easy to blame the press here, but we all know that the BRF and Middleton’s plant all sorts of nonsense in the papers, play too many games.

        The issues I have with Kate are that she’s lazy, greedy and self-absorbed; it really doesn’t matter what she wears, or how many wiglets she attaches to her head. There is just no warmth, no-one’s home. Dull is dull. Don’t know enough about the other woman, Meghan, though the roll-out of the relationship has been juvenile and poorly handled by all parties thus far.

        Always a mistake to play the public for fools.

    3. Ho, Ho, Ho and Merry Christmas to you, Mrs, BBV, Thanks for the link. I see what you mean about someone from DM visiting this site. Interesting!!!!

      The comments on DM are also something else! The first one from a major Kate Sugar. Accusing Meghan of showing off her bod, too much? How many times have we seen a flashing, or almost flashing Kate?

      I’m off for the rest of the holiday and wish everyone the best. Enjoy this special time and may good health be there for us all. I am hoping HM and PP are doing well. Bless them!

      And, all the best to KMR, and all the people who comment here. xxoo Jenny

  24. Last week before work? Um.. Will, sorry, no. I work 4 on, 4 off too. We never close. There are no opening hours and closing hours. This is literally a 24/7 job. We work some holidays. We get some holidays off. The ambulance already made concessions for you. Deal with it and do the work if you really want the job.

    That picture where Kate is walking in front of Harry. Holy hunch back much?! I think I’m just gonna give up and admit that Kate’s love of print and my taste don’t jive. I hate every single print she has ever worn. So matronly! You’re 34, not 74. Actually, I think it’s the type of dress she wears. Always the same and so frumpy looking. She used to look way better. What happened?

    George opening gifts is cute. I used to try to take a peak at my presents. I’d shake them and try to figure out what it was. He’s 3. He’s going to get into presents. I’m sure if Kate & Will didn’t want him to, they could hide it in one of the numerous rooms. I have a feeling this is Will trying to relate to us normal folks, but it just comes out all wrong.

    BTW, did anyone see the pictures floating around instagram today? Not sure if they’re from this year. There are pictures of Will, Kate, George & Harry in the car presumably going to see the Queen for Christmas lunch.

    1. Yeah, did you notice William turned the wipers on so the photographers couldn’t get a good shot? Look at the hatred on his face! God. I want to slap his smug, awful face.

      George is a precious little guy. I love those cheeks.

      Thank you for the work you do, by the way, Miss K. I really respect emergency services folks. It sounds like such a rough job but so necessary and you don’t get the kudos you deserve.

  25. I don’t dislike the print. I just think it would have been better as a blouse that was paired with black slacks or skirt. It wouldn’t have been as busy and there wouldn’t have been a need for the belt then.

  26. The Queen should have put her foot down & insist that the Cambridges spend Christmas with the Royal family. They’re showing total lack of respect to their Grandmother who happens to be the Queen!! How can W+K get away with this?After being total wasteful jerks throughout the year, they ended it by being selfish brats. William is just trying to show that he could have whatever he wants & that include breaking traditions & his Grandmother’s heart. Is this the future king?

  27. I looked at the vanessa seward website for the dress and the model wore it better than her, with the original belt made of the same fabric as the dress with a ponytail. and there is another version of the dress like the robe daisy which will yield better on her I think..

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