Royal Round Up: Crown Princess Victoria

Royal Round Up: Crown Princess Victoria

I’ve been ignoring many royals for the past three weeks or so due to the Cambridges’ Tour of Canada and some other stuff. So this royal round up is just to see what Crown Princess Victoria has been up to for the past couple weeks.


On Monday, September 26, Victoria and King Carl Gustaf gave a preference for secondary and education initiative Minister Anna Ekström.

Also on September 26, the King and Crown Princess attended an information cabinet meeting.

Victoria wore a blue dress from Baum und Pferdgarten (£219.00). She previously wore this dress on September 2.


On September 28, Victoria opened Öland’s Harvest Festival. She gave an opening speech. For space, I’m only quoting part of it.

    “Oland has always been special for me and my family. For generations, we loved this island. I am therefore very happy to be here to inaugurate this year’s Harvest Festival, and has really been looking forward to this day. With this party, you have Ölanders created a fine and important tradition, which reminds us that the harvest is a time of gratitude.
    “In earlier times, it was at this time of year, when the harvest was taken, as they became aware of how the coming winter would be. A good and plentiful harvest gave security and confidence. Poor harvests, however, could have very serious consequences. There were several years of famine in a row that led to the first wave of Swedish emigrants to the United States 150 years ago. Not least Oland hit hard by crop failure.
    “Certainly much has changed since then. We are no longer just at the mercy of nature’s whims. But basically we are still dependent on the gifts that the earth provides. We also have reason today to feel joy and gratitude for a good harvest. And that is why we are here, to celebrate the harvest. […] I hereby declare the twentieth Öland’s Harvest Festival inaugurated!”

[full transcript, in Swedish]

Victoria’s coat comes from Swedish brand Mayla. It’s a repeat from 2014.

The Swedish royal family Instagram account posted a new photo of Prince Oscar at the Harvest Festival, taken by Victoria.

A photo posted by Kungahuset (@kungahuset) on

Crown Princess Victoria is Patron of the Pink Ribbon campaign – which aims to fund research, disseminate knowledge about cancer prevention and breast cancer, as well as engage in advocacy – and on September 14, she gave a preference for the Cancer Society at the Royal Palace. On September 30, they released a new photo of Victoria wearing this year’s ribbon.

This year’s ribbon was designed by Oscar-winning actress Alicia Vikander, who says: “For me, the pink ribbon symbol of a community that gives hope that it is possible to be healthy. Buying pink ribbon may seem like a drop in the ocean. But many droplets are together a powerful wave.”

Kronprinsessan Victoria

On October 3, Crown Princess Victoria took part in the Baltic Sea Seminar organized by the Sustainable Seas Foundation. The seminar began with a discussion about Agenda 2030 and the UN Sustainability Goals.

In conjunction with the seminar, Victoria was shown Stockholm University’s new research vessel.

A photo posted by Kungahuset (@kungahuset) on

On October 5, Victoria and Prince Daniel gave a preference for Azita Raji, the US ambassador to Sweden, in Princess Sibylla’s apartments at the Royal Palace.

Victoria wore the pink Ralph Lauren dress she wore in New York on September 22.


On October 10, Victoria, Daniel, and Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia held a preference for Margot Wallström, the foreign minister, at the Royal Palace.


On October 11, Victoria and Daniel gave a preference for the Prime Minister of Estonia.


Also on October 11, Victoria attended a Global Child Forum Partner Advisory Board meeting in the Bernadotte Library at the Royal Palace along with Silvia and Princess Sofia.

The Global Child Forum was initiated by Carl Gustaf and Silvia in 2009 and is an independent platform for informed dialogue on children’s rights. Global Child Forum brings together leaders from business, governments, academia and civil society to promote cross-sector partnerships, knowledge and best practice sharing as a means to further children’s rights.

Silvia gave the opening address:

    “In 2009, the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child had its 20th anniversary. At that time His Majesty the King and I took the initiative to create The Global Child Forum. A new kind of organization to improve the lives of children and young people. The King and I have always had a keen interest in children’s future. Today, with our own growing family, we know how lucky we are. Living in a part of the world where there is peace, freedom and prosperity. And where children’s rights are – at least generally – respected.
    “We do not need to look further than the borders of Europe to see that this is not the case everywhere. War and conflict is destroying millions of lives. Children and young people are the first to be affected – and also the most vulnerable. In ten years, the number of child refugees has more than doubled. Today, nearly one in 200 children is a child refugee. These children are not only uprooted from their homes. They are also likely to face violence, exploitation and separation from their families.
    “As global citizens and responsible human beings, we must do everything we can to protect the rights of children. Governments can’t do everything. And traditional charity is not enough. Therefore, the Global Child Forum is about engaging you – the powerful business and finance sector – in creating a more sustainable future. Our vision is to involve all actors of society. But with a special emphasis on the corporate sector.
    “Global Child Forum is a meeting place for leaders from all over the world to share knowledge and best practices. Thereby creating new and innovative ways to secure a future where children’s rights are respected. Global Child Forum has had a good start. Together, we have achieved a lot over the years. And this is very much thanks to you – our main partners.
    “Thank you all for your support and constructive partnerships. And thank you for joining our meeting today. We have an urgent task ahead of us. So, looking forward to your active participation, I welcome you all and hereby declare the meeting opened.”



70 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Crown Princess Victoria

  1. Yes! CP Victoria is my favorite royal so thank you for this! If my life has even half the purpose and happiness CPVictoria has found, I would be a deeply lucky person indeed. It’s so heartwarming to see how involved the Swedish royal family is in advocating for children’s rights.

    1. She’s my favorite Royal too. Whenever I get an email that KMR posts a new blog about her, I save it for sometime I can study all the photos and click all the links. Victoria seems to be so passionate about making the world a better place. I just adore her!!

  2. Sweden must be so proud to have Victoria as a royal ambassador. So serious about her responsibilities. She’s really lovely.

    Love her Mayla coat. The photo of Oscar is adorable.

    1. +1
      Lovely dedicated, hardworking CP Victoria and the SRF!

      Denmark and Spain Royals seem to be training, instilling dedication hardwork in the young heirs and next in line as well. All for the people, and wonderful Royal Houses.

  3. Victoria has had so many challenges – eating disorders, difficulty in getting agreement to marry Dan, and no doubt many more that we don’t know about. She is a class act totally and should be a role model to women both royal and the rest of us

    1. +1 from me too, Oz Shan!! I ♥️ Victoria and it’s so wonderful how Vic and Dan balance royal work responsibilities and family life and how they introduce their children to the public and give them glimpses of their future roles.

      I really hope that sentence makes sense. ☺️

      1. Prince Daniel is an inspirational man too.Vic and Dan’s story is also inspiring.Oh I just remembered Victoria hugging Daniel’a father at her wedding.It was sweet.

      1. Why did he not want her as heir? I don’t know much about the Swedish royals, but have to say that what I’ve been reading recently (thanks to KMR’s link in a previous post) is giving me a very poor opinion of Carl Gustav.

        1. Because he was/is of the belief that the son should’be been the rightful heir?
          It makes me smile when I read that Vic is the most popular royal in the srf

        2. Because he’s a sexist jerk who did not want his daughter to be heir. He wanted his son to be heir.

        3. To be fair here, the Swedes were in the process of amending their constitution to adopt royal succession by absolute primogeniture when Vic’s younger brother, Carl Philip, was born. He was heir to the throne for just a few months; she was then designated Crown Princess in 1979 after the Act of Succession was approved; it formally went into effect on 1 January 1980.

          King CG’s opinion was that this should only apply to persons born after the date of the Act of Succession, not to the current heir (Carl Philip). BTW, this is how the British agreement works. Theirs was not retroactive (Princess Anne still ranks lower than her younger brothers and their children in the line of succession). It only applied to persons born after 28 October 2011.

          There are valid arguments for both sides (CG vs. Parliament) on this issue. I will say that, in my opinion, Parliament was absolutely correct in choosing Victoria over Carl Philip.

          1. From what I understand about the British law, though, is that it is affective for all persons born after the date it was initiated in the UK, but it was not officially signed until 2013 by all Commonwealth countries. So although it was not made official until 2013 it is still affective since the 2011 date. In the same way, I think the Swedish law should be (and is thankfully) from the date it was initiated, not the date it went into effect. If that makes sense.

          2. Regardless,I don’t care much for King Carl.It’s weird,although I like the Swedish Royal Family because of how they do things I don’t care much for the head of the institution.

  4. CP Victoria is so special. It is hard to explain but I just feel she would be so easy to talk to and wirh….this is portrayed in all.photographs of her and her way of conducting herself.

    She is my favorite of the Royals outside of the BRF and I know it is due to this blog by KMR that I have been introduced to all other world wide royalty.

    Prince Oscar is so cute.

  5. I wonder why nobody criticizes Victoria’s hairstyle. Is it because she works so hard? Regarding Kate’s hair for her Netherlands trip, some commenters were saying how boring Kate’s updo was, saying its the same updo again. But Victoria’s hair is mostly pulled back very severely in a tight, tiny bun and there is no critical comment. I wonder why Kare’s updo is criticized but Victoria’s hair is hardly mentioned.

    1. I believe there is a bit of a double-standard, here. I see a lot of harsh comments about Kate’s appearance that doesn’t extend to other female royals.

    2. Victoria has been criticized for her boring bun in the past, but for the most part people don’t care so much. I think bias does play a part in it: there is a positive bias toward Victoria and a negative bias toward Kate. But I think it has to do with the fact that people focus on Kate’s appearance more than her work, while people focus on Victoria’s work more than her clothes. For me personally, it’s usually so hard to find photos of Victoria’s engagements and information on Victoria’s engagements and information on Victoria’s clothes that by the time I write up my piece I just forget to include my personal opinions on her clothes and hair. But with Kate getting all that stuff is so easy so I have more energy to comment.

      1. This. I have not been told for almost a decade of how glorious and beautiful and enviable Victoria’s hair is. I have not been told she is stunningly beautiful and the owner of an enviable figure and one of the best-dressed women of our age. I have had all of these things forced down my throat about Kate.

        1. Agreed. The British press tells us how beautiful, glamorous, kind hearted and caring she is, but what we’ve seen of her doesn’t support this.

    3. For me, it’s because Vic is more than her hair. Same with max and her sometimes wild hair. These are women that do more than the bare minimum so i’ll give them a pass. When Kate becomes a woman of substance then I’ll overlook (mostly) her hair. Plus her hair is so matronly where at least with Vic it doesn’t age her. I criticize Sophia and her terrible middle part up dos too

      1. Ugh, Sofia’s dreaded middle part. Yeah, she does get criticized for that quite frequently.

      2. I forgot to add, maybe Vic wears her like that so people focus on her work and not her hair. KMR had a pic of her with her hair down at a gala event and I thought she looked quite lovely

        1. And, she looks sophisticated and so professional. Kate gets plenty of nice comments from peoplle on her hair and clothes, but I’d say the majority who visit this site are not happy with the glowing reviews that are forced on us by the media.

          1. Victoria is a bright and shining star in the world of Royalty. I really don’t think she does too many things wrong. She is dedicated to her role as the Crown Princess. She is a lovely wife and mother. She appears to really care about people and wants to use her position to make the world a better place for everybody.
            Sorry, I cannot say the same about Kate. When she does something well, I will remark on it, but lately, it seems she doesn’t do too many things that I can admire.

    4. I was a Kate fan at first: I fell for the fairytale of the Prince and the Commoner, and ate up stories of the two of them. I liked her hair and clothes, it was certainly different from what I’d seen before. But I slowly became disenchanted as her lack of warmth and work ethic showed. I think Kate does so little work, and seems so minimally invested in the little she does that I have nothing but her looks to comment on. But I admit that I and others on this site have criticed Kate for fashion choices I know Diana made, like dressing in one color. Diana did that a lot in her early days. I think it comes down to respect. I respect Victoria for her work ethic, her parenting skills, her choice in spouse, and her personality that shines through it all. I don’t respect Kate very much: not her spouse, her parenting skills, her personality, and definitely not her work ethic. So I’m often negatively opinioned of her.

      1. I think I’m the only one doesn’t mind when Kate dresses in all one color if I like the outfit and styling. There have been many times where I liked Kate’s outfit and everyone else said they disliked that it was all one color.

  6. My favorite! I was touched by her words about breast cancer: “Buying pink ribbon may seem like a drop in the ocean. But many droplets are together a powerful wave.”

    I respect her as much as I like her. She’s hardworking and relatable. You can tell she gives 100% to all that she does. On a purely superficial note – I want that coat. And I want to cuddle Oscar. I look forward to seeing her to continue to blossom in her role. She’ll make a fine queen.

    Thanks, KMR, for continuing to cover Vic.

      1. Me three, I think it’s because they seem to take their work seriously and appear engaged, happy and appropriately dressed.

  7. Hi KMR, I noticed that you wrote Victoria “gave a preference…” instead of say “met with”, is this something that the Swedish court does? I find it a bit unusual but I rather like it, it’s kind of formal and old fashioned. Pardon me if you’ve written this way in the past and I’m just now seeing it 🙂

    1. It looks like that is the way Swedish translates to English. The word used on the Palace Website is företräde, which the dictionary translates to “preference, priority, precedence”. I am guessing in English we would say “had an audience with” or “Person X received Person Y…”

      It will be curious to see the translation when they post these events on the English portion of the site (they are usually about a week behind).

      1. I think the English version of the site uses “audience”. I use Google Translate to translate the Swedish version of the site so “preference” is what Google Translate translates the word to. So that’s what I’ve been using.

    2. It’s how Google Translate translates the Swedish. So that’s the word I use. “Met with”, “Held an audience with” could also be translations. I just go with what Google Translate says. And yes, I’ve always used “preference” when writing about these types of meetings since that’s what Google Translate has always translated it to.

  8. Oh wow! A shining example of what a princess should be. Victoria looks professional, classy, and fashionable at every engagement. I *adore* her Mayla coat. I also love that she’s not regularly shelling out thousands on new Dolce & Gabbana dresses or bespoke coats. She looks wonderful and like a grown-up professional. Because we hammer on Kate for always having the same updo, I will say that it would be nice to see Victoria try out some different daytime hairstyles. However, she works so hard and clearly prepares for her events, so I don’t blame her if she is too busy to get a fancy updo or blowout each time she does an event.

    She is also clearly dedicated to her work. I don’t know how she does it, but she’s consistent with her work on sustainability, yet doesn’t seem like she’s going overboard and trying too hard to make it her issue (like some other royals we’ve seen lately…).

  9. I think she will be a wonderful queen. She’s clearly serious about her work and I anticipate she will have a positive impact on all the committees, including the UN, on which she serves. I love that although fashionable, I never look at that first but read what she speaks about and learn. That picture of Oscar is super cute!

  10. Yes, Victoria is amazing. I was touched by the speech she made about the blessings of a bountiful harvest As we get closer to Thanksgiving here in the States, that’s a message near and dear to so many.

    Her comments on breast cancer awareness and fundraising were most eloquent and important, too.

    She looks and acts the role of a woman who was well inspired by her own special mother. The work the Swedish Royals (women) are doing on behalf of children worldwide is something to be applauded. They inspire others to do things, too.

    Victoria always looks classy and has such a kind and caring demeanor. She is radiant!

    Little Oscar is so cute. Just want to pick him up and cuddle him.

    Thank you, KMR, for such wonderful posts about the Swedish Royals.

  11. She’s wonderful, isn’t she! Always hard working, prepared and informed for engagements, caring and loving when meeting others! And also, her family – the way she and Daniel raise their children is just great!

    One can argue that she has the advantage of being born a princess and ofc she learned a lot from her parents growing up and she was raised as a royal but yet it’s not easy… she also had to found her position in life and within Royal family. Her life wasn’t all smiles either… and to show interest, be caring and work is something you only learn in a castle and many other Royals prove that!

    Victoria is also a good example that her hairdo and clothes daren’t in focus if you do your job! It’s great to see her an amazing clothes, I would like to her with different styled hair, but still I can accept a miss and less new things if one works hard.

  12. I love the pic with Oscar and the pumpkin! I know it’s been stated before but the SRF seems to have found a balance with their kiddos and media/activities.
    With current discussions in many of the countries that have royals, if they’re needed, they seem to get that if people feel connected/invested in the next generation, they might endure a little longer. Plus Vic and and Dan appear to be hard workers and not just in the Royal hard workers sense.

      1. I am in Thailand and yes, we are in a period of mourning. This has been scheduled for a year, and many events have been canceled for the next month. Thais are very sad and the mood is somber.

  13. She’s a lovely woman! I like how they share pictures of their children as well.

    Will you be covering the Belgium royals & Maxima visit to Argentina?

  14. I see a lot of women in that cabinet and I like it. It’s so good that the Swedes are pro women in leadership roles! Isn’t Victoria a great example of that? Some posts ago someone mentioned her extensive education which was particularly focused on her position and duties. I was so impressed. For all I know, King Carl Gustaf should be proud of his daughter and feel safe for his succession.

    I also love Victoria in cobalt blue! I think that’s a great colour on her!

    When did Oscar dropped his grumpy and angry face and became such a sweet little fellow? Either way, he’s such a cutie. I can’t wait to see some more of the interaction between Oscar and Alexander that we saw in Alexander’s christening. Speaking of Alexander, his mum looks right in place in that Board meeting. Good for her. Queen Silvia and Victoria have included her in their circle of royal women working for the children cause.

    In my country we don’t celebrate Halloween but in a funny way, it’s one of my favourite merely because of the pumpkins. Autumn, leaves, harvest, pumpkins are all so dear to me.

    Thank you KMR for this article. Wishing everyone a lovely season, no matter if it’s Autumn or Spring, in any part of the world.

  15. I adore Victoria. I was reading Vic and Daniel often hold informal gatherings at home at Haga. They ask actors, entertainers and people with significant roles in politics and business to a private dinner to keep up to date on current issues and social development. I’ll bet they are some very interesting evenings.

    Here’s one article (in Swedish) from a journalist who was invited to a dinner not too long ago:

    Some sad Swedish news – Princess Christina, the King’s sister, has leukemia. All my best thoughts to her and the family.

    Some odd news – Was anyone else totally gobsmacked that Bob Dylan won a Nobel Prize? Hope we see him at the banquet – the Swedes really know how to do a tiara party 🙂

    1. Yes, I was shocked to see that Bob Dylan won a Nobel Prize for Literature of all things. When I first read the news, I thought it was for the Peace Prize and went, “Alright, whatever”. But then I read it was for Literature and was shocked. I don’t think he should qualify for the Literature Prize.

  16. I loved Victoria’s speech about Oland. If you are ever in Sweden around Mid Summer it’s well worth taking a trip out to Oland, and a sail around the archipelago just outside of Stockholm is worth it too 🙂

    Thanks for including Silvia’s speech KMR. That’s the sort of speech I expect a royal to give. Well thought out, well written and researched. She’s taken on a subject and both her and Madde are following through. I had expected something like this from Kate Middleton and every time she doesn’t come up with the goods and only spouts meaningless drivel or buzzwords I feel let down.

    1. Now on my list of places that I some day I hope to visit. Thanks, Cathy.
      Hope all is well with you!

      I agree with what you said on Kate, too. She disappoints so much. I’ve been thinking about her visit to The Netherlands. She looked so lost. I think her anxiety is through the roof. She has no sense of self-confidence unless William or the kiddies are around her. I really would like to see her get help with that. She is just wasting away. At least, that is the feeling I got when seeing her “alone” on this visit. What an opportunity she had. I am sure the King was very welcoming toward her. I cringed when looking at so many of the photos. She needs to break out of her misery and start enjoying life. She has so many opportunities to take us places with her. Places we can enjoy as we see enjoyment on her face and in her actions and words. She could inspire and educate so many people, too.

  17. KMR Sorry this is off topic, but it’s a request. Will you be covering the visit by Will & Kate to Manchester today. I’ve been following the live feed on the Manchester Evening News website. Thank You

  18. I like the Mayla coat on Victoria and the pink dress. Very feminine even if the bus is severe. However I do like Victoria wearing a bun for work but the ponytail was a fun look on her along with the hoop earrings. Victoria treats her work seriously and shows dedication and is definitely a role model. Little Oscar looks cute with the pumpkin. I have yet to carve a pumpkin but my brother has not that I am envious. Ok a little. We never grew up carving pumpkins.

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