Kate Middleton visits the Netherlands

Kate Middleton visits the Netherlands

Kate Middleton made her first solo trip abroad – over five years after becoming a royal and two years since she bowed out of visiting Malta. Kate was in the Netherlands on October 11 for a day of engagements including a meeting with King Willem-Alexander.

[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

The first stop of the day (which didn’t start until well past noon, Netherlands time) was a meeting with King Willem-Alexander at Villa Eikenhorst in Wassenaar, Netherlands. Kate curtsied to Willem-Alexander which you can see at 0:17 in this BBC video.

Kate’s visit has been described by several outlets as “soft diplomacy” and a bid to secure relationships with EU countries after Brexit, but royal sources say that the visit was put together some time ago after the Mauritshuis gallery invited Kate to view the exhibition of works from the British Royal Collection. The Queen’s most senior aide, her private secretary Sir Christopher Geidt, accompanied Kate on her visit, but royal aides insisted he was there as a trustee of the Royal Collection.

Sadly, I have no idea what they talked about since apparently the press weren’t invited to the meeting (aside from the customary photo op).

[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

The next stop on Kate’s itinerary was the main purpose of the day: the visit to Mauritshuis in The Hague.

Upon arrival at the Maurithuis, Kate was greeted by museum director Emilie Gordenker (who wore a navy Roksanda Ilincic Ruffle Turlin dress which retails for $1,725).

Kate stopped briefly to speak to a few schoolchildren who had come out to see her, but don’t be fooled by the photos, she only greeted a handful of the kids and ignored the rest as she walked inside.

Kate was at Mauritshuis to view the exhibit At Home in Holland: Vermeer and his Contemporaries from the British Royal Collection which runs from September 29, 2016–January 8, 2017. From the exhibition website:

    “The British royal family owns one of the finest collections of Old Master paintings in the world. The collection was brought together over many centuries by successive monarchs. The paintings normally hang behind closed doors in Buckingham Palace and other royal residences. The Mauritshuis has the great privilege of showing twenty-two of them for the duration of this exhibition.
    “The famous Royal Collection, held in trust by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, contains highlights from the oeuvres of famous painters such as Gerard ter Borch, Gerrit Dou, Pieter de Hooch, Gabriël Metsu and Jan Steen. The works selected for this exhibition are all genre paintings by Dutch artists of the Golden Age. Here is life as it was lived: peasants fighting, ladies and gentlemen flirting, loving mothers and common shopkeepers.”

Kate was given a private tour of the gallery by museum director Emilie Gordenker including the permanent exhibits of the Dutch Masters including works by Paulus Potter, Carel Fabritius, and Johannes Vermeer, before viewing the Royal Collection exhibit.

Among the paintings Kate viewed were “The Goldfinch” by Carel Fabritius, and of course “Girl with a Pearl Earring” by Johannes Vermeer.

Kate wore pearl earrings for her Netherlands visit so of course the press were all about “The girl with the pearl earrings viewing Girl with the Pearl Earring”. Planned? Probably. The Express said it “appeared to be a carefully choreographed piece of royal theatre”. And apparently she told fans that “Girl with a Pearl Earring” is her favorite painting in the Mauritshuis gallery.

You can totally see a bobby pin sticking out from Kate’s updo in this photo.

Kate says something about one of the paintings in this video at about 0:30-0:35. I turned my volume all the way up on my computer and I still can’t make out what she says.

While at the gallery, Kate visited the Art Workshop where children were having a painting lesson.

Director Gordenker said in a statement: “We are delighted that her Royal Highness paid a visit to the Mauritshuis. It was a very special experience to show her the renowned permanent collection as well as the exhibition.”

Kate’s next event was a Learning Exchange Seminar on addiction and its impact on family mental health at the residence of the British Ambassador to the Netherlands, with representatives from Action on Addiction, Anna Freud Centre, and Trimbos-instituut.

I am not aware of reporters being there for the discussion, so I don’t know if Kate actually said anything, but KP did release a press release which said, in part:

    “The Duchess of Cambridge will join a roundtable on the theme of early intervention, focussed on how to protect children who are affected by parental addiction and mental health problems within the family. … Addiction and family mental health are two important issues which The Duchess has been working on for some time and Her Royal Highnesses was keen to shine a spotlight on the import at work being carried out in this area.”


I did not bother to correct KP’s mistakes. My god, whoever writes KP’s press releases needs to proof read their stuff.

Also in the press release were statements from the Chief Executives of the three organizations which took part in the discussion. I’m not going to quote their entire statements, but I do want to focus on parts from two of them.

The Chief Executive the Trimbos-institute said: “We are very pleased that The Duchess will use her visit to the Netherlands to raise more awareness for the vulnerable position these children are in.”

The Chief Executive of Action on Addiction said: “We are grateful to The Duchess for continuing to shine a light on the cross cutting and often misunderstood subjects of mental health and addiction.”

I take issue with these two sentences and KP saying “Her Royal Highnesses was keen to shine a spotlight on the import at work being carried out in this area” because no she didn’t. I was actually really looking forward to this specific event because I wanted to hear what Kate had to say about mental health and what she brought to this discussion, but the press weren’t even there so I have no idea what she said. Kate didn’t highlight mental health, she highlighted the fact that she wore pearl earrings to view “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. That’s the headline to come out of this visit, not mental health.

Kate’s last engagement of the day was in Rotterdam at Bouwkeet, which is a makerspace of Bospolder-Tussendijken open to all residents especially young people age 10-15. It’s a creator space where people can work on projects in different areas from wood and metal working to programming and robotics which is designed to combat high rates of crime and unemployment in the area by teaching kids practical skills.

Kate had a short briefing on why this workspace is so important to the local area before touring the space and meeting with local craftspeople who share their experience with local kids in various subjects.

Kate visited a bicycle repair workshop where she helped out by holding the bike while the children adjusted the wheels, brakes, and gears. Kate was even willing to shake people’s dirty hands.

    “Richenel Lensa, 47, a welder from Rotterdam, who volunteers at the centre, led the bike refurbishment class and said afterwards: ‘When I met her I told her my hands were dirty but she still shook it and said ‘sometimes my hands are dirty too.’ The kids are very happy to see that someone important has come here to see what they are doing – it’s great for the kids. They were so excited to see the Duchess they wanted to keep their work gloves that she shook even though they’re covered with grease.'”


Kate visited the robotics room where joined children making Lego robots and had a go at getting one to race along the floor. Kate also watched 9 year old Driss Ben Mira demonstrate a large robot he made called Meganoid. The robot waved its arm and Kate said, “That’s amazing”, before shaking the robot’s hand.

Kate also visited a woodworking class and a knitting class where she attempted to put on one of the knitted hats but didn’t end up putting it on.

Kate wore a new bespoke Catherine Walker suit in pale blue. Unfortunately the skirt wrinkled badly. Kate did the nude accessories thing again with her fave LK Bennett Nina clutch and Gianvito Rossi suede pumps. Kate wore an updo which is nice, but it’s the same boring updo she’s been doing forever.

The earrings are interesting, though. We got confirmation that these Diamond Stud and Pearl earrings are on loan from the Queen. Kate debuted them on day 2 of the Canada tour, but Sophie, Countess of Wessex wore them in 2012 to the Luxemburg Royal Wedding, and the Queen wore them during her Silver Jubilee.

Interestingly, while Kate may have taken her earring cue from Vermeer, she was channeling Princess Diana with her pale blue skirt suit and nude shoe combo.

BTW, The Queen and Prince Philip will give a reception at Buckingham Palace for Team GB and ParalympicsGB medalists on October 18 with Prince William, Kate, Prince Harry, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Princess Eugenie joining them.

Here are two more photos from the gallery.

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  1. So she spent most of her time viewing art- and many of the paintings belonging to her husband’s family. Seems like quite a packed tight day including travel there and back. The round table discussion aka private lunch break??? Why oh why the pearl earrings? She knew she was viewing the Vermeer- talk about setting yourself up for smack- that was so silly I was even a bit embarrassed for her. Truly

    1. The round table discussion wasn’t a private lunch break. She had lunch with Willem-Alexander. The round table discussion must have happened well into the afternoon since she didn’t even arrive in the Netherlands until at least a half past noon.

        1. Agree!

          Earrings and color suit were all Lady Diana, POW. The Curator was much more regal and classy in that beautiful dress, Than lazy entitled. Awful tiny wrinkled expensive suit, nude shoe and aged hairstyle.
          What was the purpose of this KP PR luxury visit to Art Museum in the Netherlands….just an expensive tax payer European single da away from Anmer Forest. Expensive bribe and reward for doing nothing!

      1. Yes, it seems obvious she did. And its about as tacky as you can get. Can you imagine CP Mary or Q Mathilde dressing up to match a renowned art treasure that belongs to the host nation ??!! Maybe it was better when she didn’t “work,” I’m tired from cringing.

  2. I love the idea of the Queen’s senior adviser trailing along behind Kate, grimacing and shaking his head at her antics. It’s a clear signal as to how much she is trusted and respected when she’s not allowed out of the country for an afternoon without a minder.

    1. I’m surprised she didn’t get one of the Queen’s Ladies in Waiting along on the trip too!

      Thought I do hope Kate didn’t waggle any flowers at Sir Christopher Geidt like she did with that big bunch of flowers she waggled at the equerry in Canada!

  3. Wow I am surprised she didn’t get her hair done before going on this trip. I see a lot of roots and grey streaks popping up to say hello.

    1. Between the roots, grays, and that blasted bobby pin (thanks KMR for that closeup!), I am just gobsmacked. It feels like forever ago (was it only just 5 years??) that I thought her glossy dark hair was enviable. I even followed a facebook page solely about Kate’s hair and wanted hair just like it myself. 🙁

      1. She has worn extensions since her engagement or just a few months before. That glossy hair has always been available to you if you pop down to your local wig/extensions store.

        Part of the reason she’s wearing this low chignon is due to the extensions. If she lifts her hair higher, she shows the extension roots.

        1. Her hair looked a bit like it’s old glorious self while they were in Kelowna, but that’s about it. Nothing like it used to be, that’s for sure.

      2. Her hair only looks well when it is professionally colored and styled by a professional stylist. In reality, her own hair is fragile and damaged about six inches up from the ends. She also plays around with extensions so much that I don’t think we know what her real hair looks like. The stylist knows how to apply certain oils and products to make her hair shine under the cameras and indoors. If you look at her hair outdoors, and when it’s an unofficial photo, you can see that it looks unkempt, dry, cracked and messy. I know a great deal about hair, the management of it, and the products required to obtain a certain look, and believe me, her hair isn’t the grand halo that it used to be before the children and the greying and processing of it. I believe that having the two children affected the lustre of her hair – it does with a lot of women, and the constant in and out of extensions and saturation of color has diminished her famous mane. I think that is why she wears it up more now: It hides the end damage. She reminds me of that Austrian Empresses, I want to say Empress Elisabeth, who had waist-length hair that required two hours of grooming by her staff every day. Vanity knows no age.

  4. The first photo I saw from this visit was that of Kate standing next to Willem-Alexander clutching her crotch and looking (in my eyes) very insecure, and that put me off. I still don’t get what the purpose of this visit was as we didn’t get to hear how she actually participated in the roundtable session and what she’s done to shine light on the mental health issues. Which misunderstandigs has she corrected? In my eyes, none.

    What comes to her new suit, I again have to ask if she really needed a new outfit again, and why had it to be made of such an unforgiving fabric, which creases terribly and ruins the whole look? The color is nice, but it would have benefited from proper accessorizing like chequered pattern or leopard or snake print in either bag or shoes, or maroon or purple accessories. Neither did I like the pleated ruffle, vents in the cuffs or the belt, which looked massive. I wonder if we ever get to see this outfit again as she must have noticed how badly it creases. But I’m sure we get to see this same updo over and over again (it occurred to me this will be her go to hairstyle in a few year’s time if she doesn’t want to cut her hair, and we associate it with her like we do with Anne’s hairstyle) as it seems to be the only one her hairdresser can fix, and the same heavy make-up. Again she seems to be wearing so much eye shadow that her eyes look hollow.

    And that “after a new baby” headline in one of the clips made me laugh. So a 17-month-old is a new baby? You could think she went to the end of the earth and not just the Netherlands. At least she looked relaxed with the youngsters she met in the last place she visited. I’m sorry I sound so grumpy today, but when I was reading the coverage of this visit I just thought that I’d so love to finally see what Kate really focuses on and what she can bring to the table. In just a few months’ time she will turn 35 and a woman of her age should be mature enough to show what it really is about to her. Just hearing how intelligent she is and how hard she works without anyone or anything to prove it is just not what I expect from a future queen. I’d love to see her take initiative and be proactive to shine light on her causes. It’s OK to be shy and feel insecure, but why must it be hidden behind empty words we get to hear over and over again?

    1. Neither the Queen, Anne, or Camilla have changed their hair in forever. Diana tried to change her hair once and everyone flipped out. So yeah, I don’t think Kate will ever change her hair – especially after the press made such a big deal about her cutting bangs. This updo will be her go-to hair style for decades to come.

      Lol I noticed the “after a new baby” headline, too, and went, “Huh?”

      I was actually really looking forward to this visit and feel very disappointed by it. It was a real let down not getting many photos, videos, and no quotes at all because the press wasn’t allowed into the meeting and round table discussion.

      If Kate is shy and insecure (I don’t think she’s shy but I do think she is insecure), then I wish she’d tell us that. It would make her involvement in the mental health cause much more personal and give people something about her to relate to and care about.

      1. Oh dear, I just saw in my mind’s eye a very old Kate with that floppy updo and a crown perched on the top of it, and now I can’t stop giggling…

      2. But she tried last year when she had it a bit shorter and a fringe for a while. It didn’t look too bad and much more modern than her hairstyle now.

        1. Sorry, abby, I hated that hair cut. I don’t recall that it framed her face too nicely and did little to play up her best features . To each her own, yes?

    2. Fantastic comment Grace. Agree with every word. Once I believed in the Kate “the savior of thr Monarchy”, but now she is only disappointment.

    3. Crotch clutching at its finest. So sad and awkward. Kate looked like a little girl today. She shrinks next to the King. Not a woman of her status or of the world should look like that. Oh wait she doesn’t get that though. I find it funny the Queen sent her own private secretary to babysit. Very telling in my opinion. So a woman that is a wife, mother of two, needs a babysitter? I wonder if Nanny Maria babysits her too?

      I like the color of the outfit. Not the material at all. It’s very unforgiving in how it creases. Hell of an idea wearing that outfit to meet a King. She looks like a pauper not a Duchess. Kate is a wallflower. She fades into the background and she does not hold a room or have the IT factor. This whole trip was a waste of time. “Soft diplomacy” it looks more like a field trip for a day.

      1. I think Carole can be blamed for so many of Kate’s issues. Still, Kate is an adult and should be trying to become her own person now. Carole obviously, scripted her daughter’s life and encouraged her to follow the script perfectly. Now that Kate has her Prince and two children, I don’t think she knows what to do with herself.

        It is sad that she needed someone to babysit her on the trip. Sadder that she looked so very timid and insecure. Eleanor, your comment was so on target. Portraying Kate as a diplomat was ridiculous. Her little jaunt seemed much more, as you aid, like a field trip. Sad!

        1. Interesting thought about Carole. It really seems that they play roles, without their own characters. Perhaps that’s why Kate can never say something interesting.

    4. Grace, I felt the same way when I looked at the picture. That is the hardest I have ever seen her crotch clutch and she looked so out of her element, too! It’s painful to see a woman of her age and supposed stature appearing so child-like. I think her daughter has more presence than Kate does.

      Thanks for running the Princess Diana photo, too. Now, really, who looks more regal?

    5. I was about to post but then realized that Grace and many others have echoed the same thing. The pictures with King Willem-Alexander clearly (and painfully) show what many of us have been saying for a very long time: Kate is not a confidant woman of almost 35 but an over-grown, dolled-up teenager who has no idea who she is and never stopped developing past the age of 19!

      This solo event has made it obvious that Kate is just not cut-out to be a royal at all. The over-the-top grinning, the “cutesy” hair, the Peter Pan collar (or flouncy dresses) are all just an elaborate package that has been created for the public. We’ve never seen any depth from her at all; there is no passion or fire within her, nothing that lights her up and that is a very sad way to exist but, in the end, she can only blame herself.

      William Arthur Phillip Louis–what the flip have you done bringing this girl (I just can’t call her a woman) into the BRF?!

    6. Grace I completely agree with you. I was 32 when we moved to Germany with 4 children, our youngest was 17 months old, a dog, and a cat. I just can’t imagine why Kate cannot do the basics of anything. It’s as if she has to have every little thing done for her and that a solo overseas trip for a few hours across the channel is such a massive undertaking for her. Can she not even speak or meet with anyone without it being a huge event that she has to work up to? And why oh why would William marry someone he doesn’t appear to be in love with when he knew that she couldn’t handle the responsibility?? It’s as if he married her, knowing she couldn’t handle it, so it would lighten his work load.

  5. I really like this skirt suit on her. The cut is nice and the color really suits her. As you said KMR the skirt is very wrinkled. The sleeve length also looks a bit too long. But otherwise I think this is appropriate. She does always do the same up-do but we have to give credit where credit is due- at least she’s wearing it up!

    1. My friend’s little girl called this updo “a beaver’s tail”… And explained us as confidently as only a four-year-old can that the hair has not been made up, but spinned into a tail!

      1. Agree. Even of she tried to emulate Diana’s classic skirt suit, the pearl earrings are her way of being “cutesy”, and theme dressing yet again. Diana was upset that her hair or wardrobe were the main focus of her engagements; for Kate, that’s all there is! She doesn’t speak with any authority in any subject. If you go back to her massively awkward statement at the UNICEF visit with CP Frederick and CP Mary early in her marriage, she is repeating the same “shine the light” cr@p. Does anyone know anything more about any of her issues than before she took them on as her personal “keenness”?

        1. Also silly because, if she actually knew anything about the painting, she’d know that the Kiki McD pearl teardrops she has are much more similar to the one in the painting than HMs. If she was theme dressing, it was a failure. That plus channeling Angelina Jolie and Diana in a suit by her late MILs favorite design house. Weird.

        2. Totally agree Elizabeth. Kate doesn’t speak with any authority about anything because for the past 10 years (since she left university) she hasn’t done anything beside cling to PW. Kate did not do any significant charity work (something many young women of her background did) before her marriage. Now for public relations reasons, she has her “list” of charities.

          Even PW’s other girlfriends are noted for their considerable efforts in benefiting good causes. Kate is lazy – why should she try when she has everything handed to her for life! She will make an awful consort to PW. No effort in her and it shows. She is just clothes and hair. Lacks substance for her position. C’mon Kate, you got what you wanted, now earn your keep!

    2. Yep, that skirt was a crumpled mess. Choosing fabrics that won’t crease that way — especially in such a straight skirt, would seem to be something that her advisors would take into consideration before sending her out on official visits. But, the crew surrounding the Cambridges — be they PR people, fashionistas, or whatever,– just don’t have a clue about anything. Once again the spell check wasn’t working and the wardrobe patrol wasn’t either. So typical. When will I learn to not expect anything better?

      1. I was shocked that her team didn’t come prepared. Either have her change into the outfit once she got there or come with iron/steamer with them. Considering that Rebecca always looks like a wrinkled mess herself, I shouldn’t be so shocked.

      2. I think this Natasha that Kate claims as her stylist is no more than a best friend. In order for Natasha to be able to travel everywhere with Kate she needs a title. By no means is she a professional stylist. And in my opinion Kate’s hairdresser is not much better. For her to be paid $300 a day her work is by no means worth her pay. Why don’t she try younger updos. She lets Kate go on engagements with roots showing grays everywhere and bobby pins popping out. I don’t understand why Charles don’t put his foot down. Surely he reads or someone tells him how poorly the Cambridges team are preforming. If something is not changed soon PW and Kate will lose all respect of the people.

    3. I also liked the cut and color of the suit. For being custom made, you’d think she could’ve gotten in a more forgiving fabric. I was happy to see her in a proper suit and not a flouncy dress as per usual.

      1. That caught my attention too. A pencil skirt looks way more professional and less girlish, and she looks good in it.

        Doesn’t she always change clothes on arrival when she’s on tour? Wonder why she couldn’t do the same here.

      2. Kate doesn’t go to fittings, she just gives her measurements and they deliver whatever is made. It’s one reason, if it’s bespoke, that her clothes never fit properly.

    4. The V in the sleeve makes me think it was intended to actually be turned back. I have several shirts that are the same because they are to be worn as a 3/4 sleeve with a cuff. If that is the case, it would make her suit look even more like Angelina Jolie’s suit.

  6. Her hair is not looking good. It needs some serious TLC. It looks like a helmet. The color is so beyond whatever her natural color is at this point, and the highlights have been accentuated by the sun.

    She looks much better with the children/bike shop people than she did in Canada with William.

    Not to start something, and I couldn’t tell yesterday, but she looks tan. Could be just makeup, but I don’t know. I don’t think so. It’s October 12th, not September 1st.

      1. Maybe the orange was to emulate the colour that the Netherlands are best known for?

        Honestly nothing is going to change with her. She will only do more if there a crisis and the monarchy is at serious risk. Until then it will be new outfits, surface only interest and bare minimum.

        There was zero need for a new outfit here. So much waste and for what?

      1. Holiday after Canada. Might have just been a couple days but you betcha they had some time off somewhere hot. Hopefully we will find out soon!

    1. I saw some pics of her looking really orange! We can add it to theme dressing. =) because her team is so unoriginal of course she had to wear pearl earrings. We can give them props for making her spray tan look orange to incorporate William of orange into the look

    1. It was, and truly pathetic when you think of the deep and beautiful curtsey Mary of Denmark gave to Maxima (was it outside at an airport…can’t remember) – and those women are very good friends-such beautiful respect shown. Karma Catherine! If you ever sit beside your husband on the throne, you can’t be offended by people dipping and bobbing at you rather than making a lovely practiced curtsey.

      1. Why did Mary curtsy to Maxima? Is it because she’s a crown princess and Maxima is queen? I’m still figuring out all of this protocol.

        1. Yes. Maxima is Queen and Mary is only Crown Princess, so Maxima has precedence over Mary.

    2. I thought the same thing and also thought of Mary’s beautiful curtseys. Kate could use a lesson or two. I hope that the rumors of Kate having to curtsy to princesses of the blood when Will isn’t around are true. She seems to need to be put in her place.

      1. Kate has to curtsy to Beatrice and Eugenie. It was suggested Anne would have to curtsy to Camilla. That idea was dropt as no one dare suggest it to Anne. What I don’t understand is Kate is never seen talking or laughing with the Yorks.

        1. Kate is known to have been quite nasty to Beatrice when they were younger. Inviting her to a costume party and not telling her to wear a costume, making her cry in public. It’s sad because William and Harry were quite close to the Yorks when they were younger despite the divide between Charles and Andrew. I’ve always thought Kate should be better friends with Zara, Autumn, and the Yorks, the fact that she’s not and they all get along so well is an indication to me that Kate is the problem and not the others.

          1. Beatrice and Eugenie in my opinion run rings around Kate. That was an awful incident. It is a pity the Yorks are not close anymore to William and Harry. I agree Lindsey. Zara, Autumn, and the Yorks indicate that Kate needs to work better at friendships. Something is wrong if you don’t get on with your in-laws family.

          2. Yes, and at some event or other not allowing Beatrice and Eugenie to sit at THEIR OWN SEATS in front because Pippa and Kate took them and were mocking them, not moving and making fun of them. I remember hearing about this years ago and how their comments were quite nasty. Mean girls indeed.

        2. I do not think anyone would dare mention that to Anne. Anne is the Princess Royal does that take any precedent over Camilla? Granted Camilla is the Duchess of Cornwall and Charles’s wife. Yet she is not a blood princess.

          1. That idea Eleanor was firmly dropt. I think it was because if Charles wasn’t around. If William is not around Kate has to curtsy to the lot of royal women. I am not sure about Sophie.

  7. Good afternoon everyone,
    The Duchess looks lovely, but have to agree wrinkled skirt.
    I think she tried very hard here, but taking note of previous comments I agree, that the finishing touches eg: hair, bobby pin sticking out, same nude shoes, earrings.
    A different stylist to guide her along I think you would see a great difference.
    She does look nervous and very uneasy, looking at second photo.
    But her first overseas trip on her own, I am sure (hoping) she will learn a lot

    1. Yes, I think she was trying. But still, it was a trip that only lasted for a couple of hours after a short flight, she didn’t need to speak a foreign language and the visit was supposed to be about things she masters – art and mental health. So I just don’t think she should look this insecure after more than five years as a member of the British royal family. I’m sorry, but that’s what I think.

    2. Those nude shoes are her new faves because they are the same, rather disturbingly bland camel color as her feet and legs in stockings. It makes her legs “apear” longer, which is also why her waistlines are always adjusted higher: to compensate for her long torso.

      1. That’s true, Elizabeth, I have read it one hundred times, if you have short legs, wear nude stockings and nude shoes to lengthen the line of the legs. If we see her in jeans and flat (yes, those awful skinny jeans), you can clearly see that her legs are short for her height and has a long torso. I am like that, so I know the tricks to elongate my look.

  8. I totally flashed back on Diana upon seeing this suit. I knew it was a Catherine Walker design, the silhouette hasn’t changed. But the color sure has, for the worse. Catherine Walker used bolder colors for Diana, usually with a contrasting collar, cuff and buttons (see link below). It made Diana very visually interesting. The Queen dresses with the same strategy, with usually a dominant color for the body of her coat, with a dress or blouse beneath in a complimentary color(s). Even in the photo KMR showed, Diana had gold buttons and her golden tan to contrast with the suit. Now Kate can’t literally copy Diana (well, she shouldn’t) but can’t she pick better colors, and more than one? And not such a high neckline? I call the color of Kate’s dress ‘winter sky’ because it looks cold and depressing. And with her hair up in that matronly do, ugh, I’m out of words.


    1. If Kate is trying to channel Diana’s look with that blue outfit, then the difference is like night & day. Look at Diana!! She strode boldly, with confidence, hands by her side, ready to shake hands, hug or just touched & let people feel the warmth of her presence. But Kate…. She looks so timid & fragile. Her whole appearance has this
      “Don’t touch me” look. Sometimes she looks lost & bewildered. This is a working visit & not a fashion show. Maybe Kate looks this insecure ‘cos she hasn’t done her
      “Homework”. So what’s stopping her? Her husband? Her children? Or just her laziness? Time to grow up Kate. You can’t be lost & inexperienced after being in the BRF for 5 years. I wish Maxima was there. She would totally outshine Kate!!

        1. When I saw the pictures my initial reaction was “Oh look, the Duchess of Windsor is visiting the Netherlands but she left all her jewelry at home and she is wearing Angelina Jolie’s suit. Then I started to recall the lovely suits that Diana wore. The fact that Kate’s suit is the same color as AJ’s just shows what a twit Kate is with less than zero imagination.

          1. She has lost some weight and toned up- she looks FABULOUS!!! (Not that she didn’t before, of course, this woman ticks my awesome role model boxes like no other)

          2. ++1000 Eleanorup stream.

            Happy to see Q Maxima someplace else. She may have talked her King to meet with entitled km.

            King Wilem meeting, ahuge favour to the BRF, since lazy middleton is not near the royal status for him to meet her and protocol. She wasnt performing any international agenda, and we have POW, York and Wessexs other hardworking senior royals, to do this.

        1. Maybe Kate is secretly sighing with relief that Maxima is not there. Surely this Dutch Queen will steal her thunder!

  9. Kate didn’t highlight mental health, she highlighted the fact that she wore pearl earrings to view “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. That’s the headline to come out of this visit, not mental health. – KMR, you nailed Kate. It’s just about her clothes, and her hair, because there is nothing there inside her head. They won’t highlight any real causes or comment on anything intelligently because it’s just not within their capabilities.

    Kate looks Willem-Alexander’s age in these pictures without the Photoshop. The matronly hair is ridiculous; so is the suit which is identical to the red one with the black belt. For something bespoke you’d imagine it would look better, it’s Catherine bloody Walker!

    Did you guys see the PR plant (IMO anyway) on social media about look how Kate flies commercial just like you and me? Ridiculous.

    1. “Did you guys see the PR plant (IMO anyway) on social media about look how Kate flies commercial just like you and me?”

      I saw Victoria Murphy from the Mirror tweet about how Kate was on her flights to and from the Netherlands. Is that what you mean?

      1. Yes, and I saw it elsewhere–I think the DM I don’t remember, I’m exhausted so I’m not very coherent at he moment–as a sort of, “Look, just like us!” I’ve never seen royals do that all dolled up, usually it’s far more inconspicuous.

      2. Yes, that was funny how the headliner was about Kate channeling her air hostess mother! (Can you imagine Catherine Walker’s groan over her design being reduced to “air hostess”?!?) Best part: Kate’s facial expressions…”Oh, how charmingly cosy! So *this* is how the peasants fly! Must keep smiling!”

      3. The DM article actually was passive agressive, but the headline referenced Carole’s stewardess days and said “doors to manual”. Supposedly the phrase snobs threw at Kate at school. Also, Chris Jackson’s photos look less photoshopped. I think press relations are taking a downturn.

    2. Ellie, the BRF has self-interest at stake here ie continued privilege and status, so need to make sure the next generation of ‘younger’ adult royals is perceived as relevant for public money to keep flowing. They are mainly idle, let’s not pretend otherwise, but the elaborate construction of their ‘work’ sprayed around a compliant press is what the commoners are meant to unquestioningly lap up.

      This day in the Netherlands seems another ‘make work’ exercise. What is the point of ‘soft diplomacy’ between the King of the Netherlands and a woman who can barely speak? Since neither have official power, why? We have a visit to an art museum, and another to a workshop – pretty typical stuff (looking, smiling) as well as a round-table discussion where no-one was seen or heard. All up, how many hours? Were the Dutch kids pulled out of school to form a crowd, much like the British counterparts? You know, rent-a-crowd, without the rent.

      We’re left with hair that look as if shellac has been applied, the Vermeer look-alike earring thing (so contrived), a crumpled suit with some odd undergarment shapes in the upper torso, big smiling mouth and dead eyes.

      1. I wouldn’t call everyone in the BRF idle, but these two and as much as I love Harry I add him into it too though I know he does a lot of private things and meetings for his organizations, shows up educated, prepared, and engaged no matter what, but you’ve hit the nail on the head otherwise IMO.

        I know she was invited because she’s supposedly interested in art, but it just proves she isn’t interested in anything but herself, which we all know. I wonder when–if!–the facade will crumble.

        1. Speaking of PR, the DM’s Ephraihm hardcastle column has a note about this visit.

          On the surface it is praising Kate for working or being willing to work, BUT it imparts the gem that she’s always been a reluctant worker who has resisted all attempts to make her work in the past. So much for all those sugary PR articles that have sold Kate as a hardworker or someone about to jump into work.


          1. Herazeus, that’s a slap, to be sure. It paints a picture of a very determined madam. Wonder what pressure was applied to make W+K work since they have been adding more of late.

        2. Ellie, this is how I look at it: spending 300+ million pounds per year to keep a fleet of expensive cars running in the garage, but they are only driven for about three months of the year, and even then, intermittently. Is it a good return on investment?

          Even a former PR guy claimed that his principal role was making PC look as if he is busy for the year when it’s really only for about three months. Even allowing for sour grapes, there’s probably some truth in that claim.

          If getting off a plane, or giving birth, are counted as engagements, then it appears that the BRF is struggling to find things to do to make up the numbers. It won’t happen but an independent audit of everything needs to be done.

  10. After looking at dozens of Diana photos, I realize she wore more v-necks later in life. The 80s had the pussy bows and Peter Pan collars, but when she started wearing Catherine Walker regularly, she often had a v-neck, even a slight one. Kate wears so many collars buttoned to her throat, it gets uncomfortable to look at. I think I would like Kate’s clothes more if she exposed her suprasternal notch more. Except for her wedding dress. I think v-necks on wedding dresses just look stupid.

      1. i shouldn’t say stupid, but I don’t like it. A v-neckiline is for sweaters and t-shirts IMO. Most wedding dresses I’ve seen have a boat neck, sweetheart neck, or a crew neck. I can’t recall ever seeing a v-neck on a wedding dress prior to Kate’s, well, maybe on a real housewife of somewhere. The v-neck looks like you are trying to show off cleavage, and I guess I’m old fashioned but I don’t like boobs on the wedding day.

    1. I think a deep V like Kate’s looked pretty awful in the abbey. If it were a rounded neck I think the dress would have been far, far better.

  11. Before the visit I wondered what the point of it was – now it has taken place I still do — I think that means it is not to be chalked down as a success.
    She and Bill have surrounded themselves with an incompetent team and it shows….
    Was ‘the Queen’s man’ there for the Queen to get proper feedback on ‘how Kate does’ when on an engagement?

    I think dear Cathy tries so hard that all that is left is trying – in both senses of the word….

    Yes, I agree with others: as journalists were not allowed in on the events that had actual substance, the bottom line of the trip is “she wore the same earrings as the girl in the painting” – I think her very cunning team thought it was a nice little touch…..

    Yes, why yet more new clothes?

    Oh dear to it all!

    1. Have just looked at the photos again: the picture of her in the drawing room with Willem Alexander: she looms like the timid cat that got the cream.

  12. I can’t really form a judgement about this visit.The videos that are posted don’t hold much value for me if we can’t hear her speak.I consider that to be a problem.If we can’t hear her speak then how does she get her message across to the people?Who to blame?Again communication problem.Why wasn’t the press invited to the meeting?She’s smiling nicely that’s all that I can tell and the people were happy to see her and that’s important but what about the shining a light on mental health?

    1. Given their use of social media, i’m surprised no one on the team has tried using that as a communicator as a way to get round Kate’s public silence.

      Look at Andrew’s twitter. He isn’t going around making speeches, but his twitter actively promotes his causes.

      I’ll add that when Harry occassionally uses the KP twitter, his team do a good job of promoting him or his causes.

      1. As with the rest of their team, their social media people are terrible. They could do so much more to promote their causes

  13. “Girl with pearl earrings views Girl with Pearl Earring” I’m sprry but if that’s what stays in people’s mind and is the nearly only thing media cares about at end of day, some people really didn’t do their job! The most important part was discussion on mental health but how does Kate raise awareness when she hardly works in topic, doesn’t say smt important and thought-out!? What kind of her actions in relation to mental health stay in people’s mind? There is nothing… also the quotes by the organisations are nice but could be about everyone… why can’t KP release a better statement, quotes, smt she said, just something!? It’s rather disappointing…

    And I don’t get why she needed a new outfit here. The colour is nice but makes her kinda old. She is younger than Sophie, Maxima, Mary and others but somehow looks older than all of them. It’s not about wrinkles or grey hair but the way she carries herself.

    On good note, she looked better alone than with William by her side and she seemed to have done well with the kids here.

    P.S. I would SO love a private tour in a museum like this!

    1. I so agree with the private tour! Dutch masters are some of my favorites! When I first went to holland I wanted to see two things:tulip fields and the girl with the pearl earring! The Maurithuis was closed for renevations at the time so I was forced to take a trip to Atlanta to see it. Even more beautiful in person.
      Kate has the luxury to visit most of these paintings whenever she wants. Makes you wonder if she does. As it seems she can only go to the portrait gallery when it’s to views pictures/paintings of herself. What a shame

      1. One can dream…

        No but really, she has so many possibilities due to her position, she can support causes close to her heart, meet all these amazing people, visit so many countries, alone what she can see and learn about the royal family and castles… but it rather seems as she doesn’t care which is rather sad!

        1. This is what boggles my mind the most: she has this amazing opportunity to change the lives of (literally) thousands of people but instead, with every flick of the hair or wave of the bouquet, she’s giving them (and the BRF) the proverbial middle finger and saying “F-You All!”

          1. Hi Kimothy, thanks for answering my question of a few days ago. I don’t know how to find my comments and replies easily on this site. Maybe, there is an easier way to not having to scroll through everything, but I’m yet to find it.

            After reading your reply and what you’ve gone through healthwise, I’m in awe of your courage to keep on, keeping on! You are to be greatly admired! My sincere hope is for you to be blessed henceforth with only days full of sunshine and good health. Stay well and be blessed always.

          2. @ Kimothy, Kate cares *only* about Kate looking like a Barbie doll. Except, that Barbie had a woman’s figure. Everything about Kate is so contrived, which in itself can be draining healthwise. It seems to me that due to Kate’s low caloric intake she can only manage a few hours per week to do anything, and then she has to rest. I think it’s the reason she had to marry a rich man, and have servants. She would never make it in a *normal* household. Her behavior not wanting to change is indeed giving the BRF the middle finger. Lol.

            Kate reminds me of an ostrich — necking bent forward and back humped. Even a humpback whale has more presence.

          3. Vonnie,

            Thank you for your kind words. Hearts emoji! Especially since I came home feeling sad because (long story short) an elderly caller made some very insensitive comments towards me; brushed me off, assuming I’m younger than my actual age (vocally, I sound like the character Bernadette from the TV show “The Big Bang Theory”) and I must have loads of time to get married and have children.

            Oh, if only the old geezer knew my real story and how much I ache for a family of my own….. 🙁

            And yes, Kate is just……I wouldn’t even call her a Barbie doll because at least she had various careers! ( 😉 ) So disappointing.

            I’m sure the BRF is kicking themselves for being so dang hard on Fergie. She might have her faults but at least she’s a caring person who did her best working for The Firm, still active within her charities and has instilled a sense of duty in her daughters.

          4. Hi, Kimothy. I’m sorry that someone was so insensitive toward you. Easy to say that you should write the remarks off, but I can understand that you felt so hurt. Know that you are a woman who inspires us all to lead the most productive and happy lives that we can. You give so much to so many. Obviously, the person who hurt you does little in that regard and that makes the person’s life most hollow. Probably, a tad envious of the light that you shine on the world, too. I would think that may very well be the case.

  14. There’s not one real quote from her other than “Amazing”? Holy shit. Why did the British Press even flew out to The Hague if most of her engagements were private with short photo-ops at the beginning?
    KP is trying so hard to make this woman relevant, saying she brought together all these charities, but in reality one of her staff did and she only showed up for a roundtable meeting that lasted under an hour. Great job Kate, now we all know you are the Princess with the (borrowed) Pearl Earring.

    1. I’d be very surprised if she stayed longer than the photo ops. She has form here. These discussions are billed for a chunk of time saying she or William will attend the discussion which translates to having their pictures taken at the discussion and ducking out of the actual discussion.

    2. They fly out for this one day thing and make a fuss of it but whine they can’t do Invictus because it’s boring…. Incredible.

  15. It is ridiculous to put Kate as a “diplomat” and “a bid to secure relationships with EU countries after Brexit”. The Royals do not get involved in politics, so I believe in the explanation that royal sources said that the visit Mauritshuis gallery invited Kate to view the exhibition of works from the British Royal Collection. I do not know where they invented this idea of “diplomat Kate”. Kate “only greeted a handful of the kids and ignored the rest as she walked inside.” Typical Kate. If the press was not present and we do not know what Kate said about parental addiction and mental health problems, how will she “to shine a spotlight on the import at work being carried out in this area.” Again, no speech. Pathetic. And one more time I say, Kate has such a bad posture even when she walks with her arms beside her.

    P.S. “Kate didn’t highlight mental health, she highlighted the fact that she wore pearl earrings to view “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. That’s the headline to come out of this visit, not mental health.” Oh KMR, you are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. and I never regret every single minute I spend reading your blog.

    1. It’s also an incredible art museum and really how long did she say? She hit Girl with a Pearl Earring and The Goldfinch. I did that in New York in pearls in January 2014 and no one took MY picture. (JK).

  16. Couple of thoughts. Folks noticed a tan… do we have confirmation the Cambridges actually came back to the UK right after leaving Canada? Remember how folks were not allowed to see the actual departure? Perhaps because they were traveling privately either to Southern CA, Mexico, or the Caribbean?

    It occurred to me that this visit was purposely scheduled while Queen Maxima was away — Max has so much charisma and intelligence and is actually at a meeting with World Leaders (United Nations) and movers and shakers. Kate had a nice lunch with the King (distant relative of her in-laws), looked at art with a guide, painted with kids, sat in a room where leaders of mental health program met each other and then toured a community center for teenagers. Pretty much her speed. The juxtaposition between how the two spent their days really says a lot. One is with the best and brightest of the world, and one was hanging out with children and her in-law’s artwork in a gallery. Honestly, it’s the type of work you give to an idiot.

    Finally, I think she looks ridiculous and unprofessional in her wrinkled suit and helmet hair. Just as ridiculous as she looked yesterday in her Barbie hair and 70’s style dress.

    1. “Honestly, it’s the type of work you give to an idiot.”

      “Finally, I think she looks ridiculous and unprofessional in her wrinkled suit and helmet hair. Just as ridiculous as she looked yesterday in her Barbie hair and 70’s style dress.”

      LOL LadyBlueRibbon. I almost dropped my cell phone.

    2. So I’ll admit to fully believing that Kate and Will would jet off to a holiday immediately after “working” in Canada, but the Royal Diary actually states the date of their return with “Miss Rebecca Deacon, Mr. Jason Knauf, Mr. Miguel Head” etc. in tow–making it clear that unless the Royal Duo was feeling unusually generous, they didn’t take their support team along on holiday. The fact that the Royal Diary included this bit of information made me wonder a couple of things: 1) Is this typical for the Royal Diary to include the return home from every foreign tour? (I didn’t take the time to look up past dates); and 2) Is this entry a KP reaction to the enormous amount of very critical speculation that Kate and William will take any opportunity to holiday? Without checking past entries of the Royal Diary, it certainly would appear to be a “haha try again” response to those of us who know what Kate and Will’s priorities really are.

  17. I just want to say that considering this is Catherine Walker Couture the creasing on the skirt was unforgivable and the Giavanto Rossi pumps had filthy heels. The suede was all discouloured around the base of the heel where they hadn’t been buffed properly. Beautiful colour suit but this was not a well turned out lady yesterday. I am also convinced given her light tan that the Cambridge’s had a post tour holiday on the way home from their arduous agenda in Canada. But of course that shall remain secret squirrel in the name of ‘privacy’ and ‘protecting the kids’.

    1. You nailed a pet peeve of mine, Mrs. BBV. I cannot stand dirty shoes. Let’s face it: her shoes don’t get a lot of wear. This tells me that no one cleaned them properly when they left Canada.

      1. Either that or they weren’t home from their Canadian tour & holiday to have them cleaned? Which also puts to bed the idea that she has 30 pairs of each nude shoe. Scruffy mare she is though. My Dad used to clean mine & my sister’s shoes every morning while we had our breakfast……’shoes maketh the woman and all that’! Our current UK Prime MInister is renown for her footwear choices. We went off to boarding school with our own little shoeshine kits too. Scruffy, unkempt shoes is so middle class. No working class (which we were) or upperclass child would ever have dirty shoes. In UK these things still inadvertently indicate class. Not that it matters but if you know, you are in the know. She can put darling George in all the shorts she likes, elocute her voice to sound posh……she resolutely remains middle class so why try and hide it? She should be proud of it and accept that’s what she was born.

        1. I was taught to clean my shoes each evening when I get home. I am so used to it now. I would bet a good chocolate mousse that no royal woman would step out with scuffed shoes.

    2. If she had a proper dresser then her shoes would be looked after. And a good stylist would check the fabric for wrinkling before it was made up. I also thought the fit was a bit off in the shoulders and skirt. My beloved Catherine Walker let me down.

      1. I so agree. You need to put clothes through a “test” before you wear them. Sit, stand, bend, stretch, etc. That way you see how it moves. Yet another example of her team’s ineptitude.

      2. You know that Catherine Walker Couture is now just a trading name and Catherine is dead? One thing is for sure Catherine Walker herself would never have let Diana out in a creased skirt from her label.

        1. Yes, I knew. I still think their tailoring is great. I think it must be true that Kate does no fittings in person.

        2. I didn’t know that. Well, that makes me feel better. I’m sorry she passed on, but I thought her work with Diana was impeccable, I’m happy to see it isn’t her who is slipping.

          Designers should know all about fabric: if they wrinkle, how they hold up in different humidities, if they are easy to sew or snag a lot, etc… I’ve learned a lot about fabric from watching Project Runway.

          1. She sadly died of breast cancer in 2010. Her work was utterly exquisite and so beautifully French. I saw some of her work for Diana at the Althorp Exhibition and it was couture in it’s purest form.

          2. I have several books of Diana’s clothes, and the photos show seams, beading, zippers, all the fine details. Catherine Walker was excellent at putting the right amount of detail in her clothes, without going overboard. I love looking at those books because the clothes look so well made, the colors of her hat and shoes match her clothes, and it all looked effortless.

          3. There’s a great book, Catherine Walker: An Autobiography. It gives insight into her esthetic, design philosophy and relationship with Diana, without being indiscreet.

            I saw part of the Althorp collection when it came to the States. Though the wedding dress was the centerpiece (that train was really long) the clothes by Catherine Walker were awesome. Perfectly finished, I bet inside, too.

  18. I haven’t really anything to add to all the comments about this visit, except to quote last nights headline in the DM (moved down the page now)
    “Just like Mum ! Kate emulates her “doors to manual” mother Carole as she dons a vintage air hostess style collared suit while joining stunned commoners flying back from Holland on a commercial jet ”
    I haven’t read all the comments under this article but one gave me a giggle ” Cabin class Carole ”
    Also how insulting to the passengers on this flight. Commoners indeed !!!

  19. I suspect the art exhibit was originally a private invitation which was morphed into a day of official engagements, just to give an air of legitimacy to the trip. This is similar to Will’s meeting with the President Kenyatta of Kenya which followed his attending of Jecca’s wedding.

  20. Thank you KMR , great report that covered every aspect ; with your skill and ability to talk about every detail and answer all questions , I won’t be surprised if someone snaps you up to work in one of those big agencies .
    When everything is said and done about this bland visit , I still think Kate has not mastered the lovely and graceful way members of the royal families in Europe curtsy to each other .

    1. Quite right Alia. She does a bob which anyone can achieve. A full blown Royal to Royal curtesy requires teaching, inate sense of style and legs like Princess Diana. Sophie Essex does a beautiful curtesy and Camilla given her advancing years manages real depth with hers too. Depth of curtesy is eyeline to eyeline with a fellow ranking Royal or bellow eyeline of higher placed ranking Royal is what she needs to be doing. These nuances of protocol she hasn’t a clue about because she’s never bothered to learn.

      1. True , Sophie and Camilla have elegant curtsies , and Diana was the epitome of grace doing it as she had learned Ballet which had this magical effect on the swan like way she carried herself , but Mrs BBV , as I am not british so I don’t know , isn’t it obligatory to learn such basics when you enter the domain of royalty ? look at crown princess Mary , and queens Maxima and Letizia how they have mastered it even though they all married in their late twenties early thirties , while Kate was with PW since she first started college .
        I might be a bit romantic , but I know if I start dating a prince , curtsying would be the first thing I would enjoy learning 😉

        1. It is expected from Royal houses to each other and I don’t expect many of the upper classes don’t do it but it’s not set in stone anymore. Very much personal choice.

      2. No one looks graceful curtseying in a pencil skirt, including Diana when meeting Juan Carlos. This American thinks they need to let the curtsey go. I think it’s a bit demeaning. Men doing a neck bow still look dignified, but women curtseying in modern dress is silly.

        1. Fifi , just watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agFWF5r1SBs of Diana’s visit to Japan till the end where she curtsies elegantly in a pencil skirt to the empror and empress of Japan . As for what you think about curtsy , well I can’t argue with you because this is your opinion and each one is entitled to his own .

          1. Gosh doggit, I miss Diana. She had her flaws, but this woman worked. Could you imagine a child walking up to Kate and tugging at her skirt? Kate then picking up the child? Nope.

          1. I don’t like curtsying either, but more because I don’t like how it differentiates the genders. I believe part of ending gender discrimination comes from eliminating social distinctions like this that are holdovers from eras of great inequality.

          2. Well as an arab , I come from a culture that does not know nor recognize the concept of curtsying , and like you , would look down on it , arab royal families don’t even curtsy to each other , sometimes men would bow their heads ; and even though I don’t do it , I still find it a part of a beautiful romantic era that is vanishing from our lives , but then this is my opinion and I respect yours as each one is to his own .

          3. There is a tribe in Uganda, East Africa where women and children kneel to their elders and to their husbands. You stay on the ground until the person you are showing this respect indicates that you can get up.

            The adult men bow and touch their forearm to show respect to their elders irrespective of gender of the elders and to people of higher status, BUT if it is someone of special status to them personally and or to the tribe at large eg the King or your FIL, the men lie on the ground, face down, arms out as they greet the person.

            When we lived there in my teens, i always resented having to kneel to myriad people so i would curtsey instead which was just about acceptable though still drew side-eyes from everyone for not kneeling down because they all thought curtseying was not respectful enough. I could get away with curtseying rather than kneeling because we were foreigners and that gave us a pass. Still, they were judgey about foreigners in general so my not kneeling was adding fuel to the fire!!

            I understand the curtseying debate in my English culture, but considering the alternative, it doesn’t seem like a bad thing.

            Although i can’t and won’t curtsey to William or Kate as i have no respect for them.

        2. I would never be presented to my Queen without curtseying or attempting it. It’s my choice to show my respect & devotion to her. It’s personal choice. Royalty neither demand if expect it. I certainly wouldn’t curtesy to Kate but I expect I would ‘bob’ to Harry & William out of respect & esteem I still have for their Mother.

          1. It definitely is a personal choice nowadays Mrs BBV , unless you’re a royalty , and I think people who do it , do it out of respect and politeness more than anything else . I also respect others’ opinions on this subject as they represent the different ways we think and look at certain aspects in life .

          2. I understand what you mean, and I agree for the Queen. She’s someone to be admired and respected.

            For those like W&K (who seem to be bottom feeders), and for the rest of the BRF, I think/feel that it’s not something as warranted as it was in the past. I think a shake of the hand would be sufficient, it’s definitely a personal choice as you said!

            I’m from Canada and a Millennial, so I don’t believe that this family is better than any of us just because they had the luck of birth (or unlucky, depends on how you look at it!).

            I agree with JET on the gender aspect wholeheartedly as well. Excellent point!

  21. I actually loved the shape and silhouette of the suit. However she needed a sturdier material. You would never see HM in a wrinkled suit. Not a fan of the color. Too bad Maxima wasn’t there, at least she would have brought the couture.

    This seemed like a private vacation. What’s the point of calling it a tour when the press cannot do their jobs and report? Kate isn’t doing anything to change the narrative either. At this point, she’s a mannequin that has a bad wiglet and wears ill-fitting clothes. We all want her to be a voice yet she refuses to use it. The best part was seeing the beautiful museum.

    Thank you, KMR, for yet another wonderful post.

    1. Here in Australia, Kate’s meeting with the King was described as “a courtesy call”, with the art gallery tour and workshop event mentioned. No purpose was mentioned apart from the UK looking to open markets with European countries. How this visit did that remains a mystery. It looks as if this is a series of events to keep Kate working and visible. But it still Kate the Mute looking at stuff and people.

    2. There were pictures of Maxima in Argentina yesterday wearing a Givenchy dress, carrying a Chanel bag. She appeared to have lost quite a bit of weight and she looked incredible. That lady really does do style. She looked so Royal but so sassy too. Loved it.

  22. William attended the women’s hedge fund dinner the
    evening before and Kate couldn’t go because she had a busy daytrip for the next day…which is a one hour flight and starts after noon? I don’t understand…if she was doing the Vietnam trip, I would be fine with that excuse, but c’mon.

    She dressed appropriately, but I found the wrinkles odd for a bespoke suit.

    Daily Mail says she was confident but the pictures with the king show body language that says she was very nervous.

    I’m glad she seems to be improving on her interactions with children.

    I’m afraid the purpose of this visit to highlight mental health was obscured by the fact that the press was not oven access to the meetings. in my opinion, a closed door meeting is fine and appropriate especially if they discussed examples of patients. But, there is no excuse for no press statement afterwards. Kate should have made a brief statement to them as she left about what they talked about and her impressions of the day.

    The press had to focus on the fashion, because there was no indication that she wanted them to discuss anything else.

  23. I’m not as down on this visit as most. It seemed an average royal visit, a little here, a little there. What else does one do at an art exhibit but walk around and look at the paintings? She’s not an expert, what was she going to say?

    I’ve said before the diffuse topic of mental health is not a good choice. It is too complex and serious. I think they should have let at least a pool reporter in to the meeting.

    Kate did well with the creative space, and seemed more comfortable.

    The photo op on the plane was staged to show how “normal” she is.

    If her staff (or family) quit putting out ridiculous articles about how she is the greatest diplomatic assest, the incredible art historian, not to mention the most beautiful, elegant, glorious head of hair, it would serve her better. Diana was “shy and giggly” in the beginning, and then we watched her admirable growth into her role. Downplaying expectations is a smarter strategy. And let Kate play to her strengths. She’s not comfortable with small children, she likes sports. Send her to sports events.

    1. I saw that article about the plane ride home, and they took care to say she was hustled on at the very last minute with much security and was the very first to be let off, again with her detail. That was not average Jane hopping a cheap flight home. In the pictures, she looked almost scared and uncomfortable. Guess that’s what happens when you’re used to only flying private in style.

      1. I wondered about the flight to the Netherlands. Where did she go to freshen up? Even after a short flight I need to wash up and fix my hair. Maybe she went direct to the palace and didn’t get to steam her skirt, push in the hairpins, freshen (?) her makeup. If so, poor planning.

  24. This woman is an embarrassment to the British people. She is no diplomat, no future Queen consort, and does not project herself as a person of dignity, intelligence of gravitas. That’s all I got.

  25. Does anyone else not find the shared earrings thing a bit yuck? I know they are cleaned and sterilised etc and are valuable pieces of ‘royalty’ but I just can’t get my head around wearing earrings that someone else has worn. Necklaces, tiaras etc fine but the shared earrings makes me squirm! Guess I’m just a peasant! ?

    1. No you’re not alone. I find sharing earrings a bit gross, too, even if they’re cleaned first.

  26. Agreeing with most all of the previous comments. Kate’s posture is disturbing and because of that I don’t get the impression that she is confident. She seems very meek because she’s slumped over like that. That clutch grabbing at the crotch – so undignified.

    1. Sequin Queen I’m beginning to wonder if Kate may have arthritis of the spine. In my 30s is when I began to slump forward as Kate does. As the arthritis progresses the more it looked like I really have bad posture. Just a thought.

      1. I think it’s kyphosis. I have it and I slouch exactly like her. Mine used to get worse when I was in situations where I felt anxious, probably it’s the same for her.

        This will sound weird, but I’ve been doing physical therapy for a few months now and seeing pics of Kate was one of the things that prompted me to finally get treatment. I never gave much attention to body language, so I never realised how slouching makes you look so unapproachable. I guess I have to thank her for that?

        1. Paula, good luck with the phys. therapy. It’s great that you have been motivated to seek such assistance. I never thought that Kate’s issue might be related a medical concern. I think her feeling anxious could make things worse Maybe, someone at KP will read your comment and pass info on to the Duchess.

  27. I think Kate looks best in tailored suits and not those flowy old hag dresses, that being said, maybe if she wore suits that had longer jackets then we would not see the creases in the skirt. Also, my pet peeve, a little girl fussy collar again, if this suit had no collar she could have worn a nice pearl brooch. I am sure she could borrow one from granny-in-law. As far as the hair goes, I think she must be rapidly going grey, which I think comes from her Dad’s side, so that she cannot help, but someone should be doing a better job of touching up her roots . I have noticed that her hair keeps getting lighter which makes her look haggard. I agree with the person who wrote that Kate will never get rid of the long hair and will probably end up wearing it in those low up-do’s more and more as she gets older. My problem is with this look is that her hair always looks like a helmet when up, there is no sense of movement and I am sure an excellent hairdresser could create a more loose looking up-do that would stay in place. If Kate went with a long bob (just touching her shoulders)that had some layering she would look so much more sophisticated and still be able to have a decent hairstylist put it up n formal occasions.
    She just does not have any presence.

  28. Thanks, KMR for your excellent post. It helped me make sense of this pointless visit.

    I loved KM’s dress and the hair was appropriate if a little too bun wiggish. But in comparing her to Diana in a similar outfit it’s so apparent that KM just doesn’t have any self confidence and charisma.

    But not having charisma isn’t a terrible flaw. The ultimate flaw is KM’s laziness in falling back on copying others instead of working on developing herself. Wearing the pearl earrings and saying Vermeer’s painting was her fav painting is what an unsophisticated adolescent would do. The photo of KM’s pearl next to the painting’s pearl was goofy. Once again, she goes for costumey and gimmicky instead of authentic. Her manic guffawing tries to hide her core of insecurity and inability to connect to others.

    I imagine the queen was more than a little concerned that KM would sabotage this event, thus the senior highly experienced aide traveling with her. The best that can be said is she didn’t do anything awful. And I just don’t believe anything that KP tries to spin about this silly woman.

    She is so out of her depth.

    1. I’m thinking Jason may have come up with the idea to wear the pearl earrings. He, as usual, is thinking like a PR guy, but Jason, show more imagination. Why not focus on Kate’s art education and frame a story around that in regard to her visit to the gallery? I guess becuase her art education was probably not so great — or, her work as a student — was not so stellar, I should say.

      1. I don’t think the pearl earrings were Jason’s idea. To wear them for her visit of the Vermeer painting is too obtrusive and girlish and therefore I am sure it was Kate’s idea.

      2. I thought this too. Typical she relates to the mute subject and not the artist. Surely as an art history graduate (that’s really just a middle class girl going a traditional upper class education route into an auction house ‘job’) would be interested in the artist and relate to that aspect. The earrings are gauche and immature. It seems as if she is carefully positioning her head for the photos, so as to catch the painting and earring in the same frame. That’s what she’s thinking about while pretending to listen to the curator. And why she has no conversation in return; she’s simply not listening. Must. Pose.

  29. These photos were painful to view. Kate is just so out of her element. She looked scared to death in the photo with the King. It made me cringe to see her crotch clutching and looking so painfully insecure. It’s as if she was a lamb being led to slaughter. That was the look in her eyes.

    It’s only going to get more difficult, Kate! I’m wondering why, if William does love her, he doesn’t find someone to trust who could guide her along.

    The girl in the pearl earrings was so insecure in most of the photos. Look at the grace and confidence of Diana and realize that for the late Princess, it was even a tougher world. Yet, she made something of herself and did so much to make the lives of others better. Everyone keeps excusing Kate. Aren’t you getting tired of the excuses. I am!

    The wrinkled suit, the strange comments, “Sometimes my hands are dirty, too.” What? Couldn’t she have found a better way to make the boy feel better? I’m surprised she didn’t add. “George’s hands are usually dirty. He loves dirty hands.”

    And, the photo of her sticking out her butt while looking down at the floor was too much!

    From wrinkled clothes and dirty shoes to bobbie pins popping loose from her updo, she’s a royal mess. Please, can someone take her under their wings and help her move along. It’s as if she enjoys appearing so weak and helpless. “Kate, you will be 35 (or is it 36) soon. Please grow up.”

    1. “Sometimes my hands are dirty too?” What kind of an asinine comment is that? We all walk around with grubby hands, as we carry bacteria (some harmful, some beneficial) on the surface of our skin. Diana married Charles at the age of 19 and was known as “Shy Di”- even her pictures from her younger days show her innate shyness. But as Diana grew older and began to work to carve out her own role within the monarchy and after her divorce, she began projecting charisma and confidence! Kate had years and years to work on her innate shyness (if she is a shy person) or her insecurities and she chose to do neither. She worked on the cosmetics though, such as wearing increasingly more pricey clothes and getting that ridiculous posh accent. Kate can at least start off by working on her posture- it is cringe-worthy to see her stooped back bones poking out of the fabric of her bespoke outfits, when we get a back view of her.

        1. Oh, I didn’t think she sounded gracious at all. Perhaps, if she had complimented the youngster for working so hard (thus resulting in dirty hands) would have been more gracious. The comment rubbed me the wrong way, too.

        2. I’m still in shock over her very rumpled looking appearance when meeting the King How disrespectful. She has been at this for too long not to take some responsibility for looking her best whenever she is out and about. But, for such a special meeting, she looked ghastly. Her “team” need to step up their game, too.

          Kate seems painfully anxious at such meetings and you can really sense her agony in many of the photos. It seems to me that someone needs to help her. After such a long time as the wife of Prince William, however, one can’t help but blame her for not wanting to better herself.

          This trip did little for her image. She just looked so out of her comfort zone and seemed like a silly school girl.

      1. Kate isn’t shy, she’s self obsessed. Natural Shyness like Diana’s disappears with age, experience etc. Diana was naturally empathetic. Kate is exceptionally emotionally unintelligent.

  30. omg, I just glanced at the photos again. If you look very closely at the Emmanuel Dunnand close-up of Kate, it appears that her veneers were given a French manicure!

  31. Haven’t had time to read all these comments, so sorry if I’m repeating someone else, but just wanted to quickly make a few points.

    KP could take a mannequin, put a motor in it, and it would have more personality and presence than Kate. She is just so robotic. And, while talking about motors and robots, it was frustrating to me that the only quote from her visit Bouwkeet was the single word “amazing.” Is that an improvement over “gosh, how interesting”? Anyway, my kids loved competing on Lego Mindstorm teams and I loved seeing how they learned to work as a team to define the goal, and then to build and program their own robots. Kate apparently wasn’t even interested in the process, just wanted to reap the benefits of their work in the photo op. I have no doubt that the royal nursery will be well-stocked with Legos–I just hope she and Will encourage George and Charlotte to imagine, create and build with them–a much more enriching activity than learning to target and kill pheasants and grouse, or whatever it is that flies around royal properties.

    And on a completely superficial note regarding Kate’s posture–it seems to be getting worse, her shoulders more and more rounded, and it can’t be due solely to the weight of the wiglet. Is she just that insecure, that she wants to roll up in the fetal position? And in a couple of pics from the side and back, it really does look like either she’s wearing a bullet-proof vest or perhaps a brace of some sort. Or maybe she is so thin that those shoulder blades just really protrude.

    And thanks, KMR, for all of the time and effort you put into your blog. I really don’t know how you do it–there’s a definite limit of how much of Kate and Will that I can stomach. Hope you treat yourself with something fun and/or yummy as a reward!

  32. I haven’t had the time or opportunity lately to comment on this blog as much as I used to, but I always make sure that I do come and read the current news here. KMR always does a fantastic, thorough job on her coverage and the amount of work she puts in on this mind-numbing duo is just first-rate. It’s just sad that after over five years on being in the royal fold, there’s not much to report on Kate and her efforts, and lack thereof.

    And this is probably of utter irrelevance, but I had a good laugh at the disclaimer that the video contains flashing images. I immediately thought that it was warning viewers that Kate was up to her old tricks again!

  33. Kate said that, “Girl with the pearl earring is my favourite painting”. To be quite honest Princess Eugenie would have more to say on the painting. At least Kate didn’t say that scarlett johansson was the best as the girl with the Pearl earring. I miss Diana. I still find it creepy that Kate swf Diana. The lego robot looks awesome.

  34. I have a question: who determines what gets coverage in the media? Does KP highlight stuff like the pearl earrings or does the press just get inanely excited? And would things like the round table get highlighted more if she stayed longer, or gave a speech?

    1. I mean, I would imagine it’s mainly up to the editors of the papers. The reporters can write what they want but the editors can have it changed, you know. It is of course controlled by what is given to the reporters from the subject, but the editors have final say. I would imagine what gets coverage is what will sell/get clicks/etc. Clearly Kate wearing pearl earrings to view “Girl with a Pearl Earring” is attention grabbing and more click-baity than Kate held a discussion on mental health, especially when the press weren’t even invited to the mental health discussion. The only thing the press was left with was the earring thing.

      1. So if they (ie KP) want Kate to be taken seriously they’d have to actually let reporters/photographers in? I think I see. I wish I could have hope that would happen. I have struggled with social anxiety and want so much to root for her but I just… oy.

        I do so appreciate your blog. It’s something I really look forward to reading!

        1. Yes, if KP wants the focus to be on the cause or charity, then they need to let the press into the events, have Kate give a speech, or say a statement to the press. There have been many times where the photographers weren’t allowed into the event and all they were left with was photos of her clothes as she walked in and out. Not including the press inside the event means all they have to write about and all the photos they have are just of her clothes.

          Thanks Em!

          1. I think the goal is to give Kate the *pretence* of being a serious contender, hence the refusal to include the media. It’s about putting lipstick on a pig.

            It also fits with the Dolittles’ obsession with secrecy in order to control the narrative.

  35. OMG I just watched the video with the kids, as she swipes a rub down her fanny – maybe she forgot she isn’t wearing a flirty short skirt & thong underwear this trip!! As to her aged appearance, she is emaciated and has been for many years. You can see her shoulder blades sticking out under her top. In the images from Canada (whilst wearing skin-tight jeans) you can see her hip bones. Eating disorders are nothing to be ashamed of and the Duchess is obviously in stressful situations fairly often but perhaps she should emulate the late Princess Diana’s courage in addressing eating disorders and step up with authenticity in addressing mental health issues which she sponsors and be a role model for women everywhere instead of a “fashion plate” – obviously she thinks she looks good or she wouldn’t be wearing revealing clothing so often, which is all indicative of a serious problem.

    1. I would venture to say that she has no idea at all that it’s a struggle. I’ve read a few accounts now about her overly rigorous exercise regimens/time spent in that pursuit, sometimes with Pippa, as well as her restrictive dietary choices. But when you’re in the thick of a disorder, whether it’s compulsive exercising or anorexia, you really believe that it’s normative. Breaking out of that was excruciatingly difficult for me. In some ways I think Diana had it easier because bulimia is harder to rationalize– it’s hard to tell yourself that induced vomiting is healthy. That behavior was much easier to break out of.

      1. Sophie Gregoire Trudeau: Why my family speaks openly about mental health
        It’s a wonderful piece that is open and honest, written in letter context. Would Kate ever dare set her pen toward something like this? Of course not. But she should. If she ever cared about credibility and authenticity and lending her voice to support those suffering with mental illness. Never in a million years!

        I haven’t always been a SG fan, but I thought this was pretty great.

        1. Justin’s mother Margaret Trudeau Kemper has also been very open about her mental health issues and has been a great advocate in that area.

          Kate needs to stay away from mental health issues because she is not a well adjusted adult and appears to have issues with extreme dieting or exercise since she has been engaged. Anything she says without acknowledging her issues just makes her a hypocrite at this point.

  36. And interesting timing, is it not, that the vivacious and authentic (and healthy) Queen Maxima is out of the country during the Duchess’s visit, thus preventing comparisons between the two ladies? Hmmm 😉

    1. Possibly a mixture of both. But I’d say more Diana because the color of the suit and shoes is the exact same between Kate and Diana.

    2. Kate was going for the Angelina look but didn’t quite pull it off.They should have sent Harry instead. Kate obviously didn’t think through what would happen after the wedding.Seriously after all those years of waiting Kate only pictured the shopping,vacations,jewels,and being a princess.I think that was all Kate thought it would be,not taking in to account that you have to work.I don’t think she will ever step up and support her charities like Queen Letizia or Crown Princess Mary.Maybe if Kate would have worked instead of chasing William during her 20s she would have some work experience.Kate will continue to due the bare minimum and maybe have another kid to keep from being expected to turn up to charities for visits.

  37. Hm, I’m not sure I’d call this a solo trip if Kate needed one of the most senior British officials to go along to babysit. I’m not convinced this was simply because he is a Trustee of the Royal Collection Trust.

    I do hope the others at the mental health seminar were planning on meeting anyway, because Kate couldn’t have stayed more than an hour. I’d be rather put out if I had done a lot of preparation for nothing more than a photo opportunity and an hour’s worth of chit-chat. I can’t imagine anything of substance could be accomplished in such a short period of time.

  38. Oh man, I love her outfit. I love the color, I love the style, I love the earrings, and the hair. Her main reason to visit the Netherlands was apparently to view the art pieces on loan from the royal collection, so it’s nice to see her adding additional engagements as well. I wish she had more insightful things to say instead of sounding like she’s choosing pre-made comments from a drop-down menu or something, though.

    1. When did you start not receiving emails about new posts? Or, what was the last post you received an email about? Have you checked your spam folder to see if the emails are going to the spam folder?

      1. KMR – I have looked in spam and junk – nothing there. I got all the Canadian trip ones and Quuen Silvia in Germany – nothing since

        1. That’s odd. Both my gmail and yahoo accounts are getting the emails. You’re email is still active in the email subscriber’s list. I haven’t messed with the email subscribers plugin or my web server. So I honestly don’t know why you’re no longer receiving emails. I don’t know what would have happened on Sunday which would have disrupted the emails sending.

    2. Several months ago for me and I still do not but I gave up. Hope your situation can get resolved.

      Sometimes recently when I have posted I have gotten 1 or 2 of the comments but I do not get any comments anymore. I just check the blog periodically.

      Thank you for your very interesting view points KMR. Take care.

      1. Back in April/May I had a problem and had to change servers and get a new IP address, which caused a lot of disruption in the emails. I had to get a new new server to fix it. Which fixed it for most email providers but not all of them apparently. Short of getting a new new new server there isn’t anything I can do about it, sadly. I’m sorry about that, but getting a new server is a huge hassle and it may cause even more email problems if I try and change it again.

  39. Plus, can you imagine Kate in a room with CP Victoria, HRH Maxima, and P Madeleine? I’d pay money to see that footage.

    1. Kate would probably feel so awkward since Vic, Max, and Maddie all know each other very well and Kate barely knows Max, hasn’t met Maddie at all, and maybe was only introduced to Victoria at Kate’s wedding if at all. I’m sure the other three would be polite and try and include Kate but Kate would be so awkward.

  40. I was looking forward to this visit more than the Canadian tour. But after FIVE years of being a royal and only just now representing the Queen on a foreign visit, Kate’s performance was lackluster and anticlimactic. I was hoping for video of a roundtable discussion since she was supposed to lead, I wanted to hear her speak (and preferably above a whisper). But without the roundtable discussion or a speech on video, all we have are pictures of Kate looking at some paintings. It makes it look like a weekend visit to a museum, but it definitely does not have an impactful message that makes you say to yourself “she is working with mental health causes”. Looking at the pictures, the last thing I think of is Kate’s work with mental health, and that should have been the focus. Instead, I just feel like this is a chance for Kate to show off a new outfit and have a photo op with a famous painting. The people who said Kate is becoming a great, powerful diplomatic figure….I just don’t see it. I see a repressed 1950s housewife with no personality or voice who seems lost without her husband and has no identity of her own. Sorry. I keep hoping for something better but I am always left feeling uninspired by Kate.
    And Will, Harry, and Kate’s visit in London for Heads Together also left something to be desired for me. I got the feeling that Harry was not in his best form, like he was holding back or uncomfortable somehow. Maybe he holds back intentionally whenever he is with his brother because he knows William is supposed to be the center of attention and he is more popular than William? I feel like Harry does better on his own, just IMO.

    1. I honestly think that explains Harry’s behaviour. My mum, who is now in her late 70’s, has repeatedly told me, when she as a young girld went to have fund with her older sister, how she hoped that her older sister would get all the attention. The evening would otherwise be catastrophic, if her sister got less male attention. This is a similar pattern I see with Will and Harry. It’s sibling rivalry.

    2. I’ve been thinking. I just wonder if William wants Kate to be the 1950s housewife. He’s so lazy himself he don’t want Kate working more and accomplish more. He admitted out of his own mouth he don’t study up on engagements. I’m sure Kate making herself available 24/7 for William when dating was a big factor in him choose her to marry. And her mom behind the sceans pushing Kate to be available for him. So Kate don’t work at becoming more independent and a successful career woman. William wants her home cooking and tending children.

    3. I wonder if they are even deep enough to understand the image of her as an 1950s housewife. And why it’s completely contrary to their alleged claims to be modern and freshening the monarchy.

      I sometimes think it’s much simpler. William’s friends are all lazy aristocrats without real jobs. He wants to be the same and thinks he’s entitled to it. I mean, there are aristocrats who DO work, and he’s not friends with them. His closest friends universally are country landowners who make their money off their trusts and lands. Even George Percy allegedly has a career, and you don’t see William friends with him. Kate is along for that ride. What was that line that someone said about her, that even in high school all she wanted was to take her children on ski trips to France and have a fancy stove?

      I think it’s quite telling that there are certainly extremely ambitious people at Eton, and Marlborough, and St. Andrews, and they’re not friends with any of them. Rich or not. Contrast that with Charles, who for better or worse was friends with Army officers and men who went on to become MPs, etc.

      All of it is laziness, and also control, which is where I do think the 50s mentality comes in.

        1. Thank you for the kind words! It is something I have been thinking about for a long time. Kate bothers me in particular because she wasn’t born to it. The fact and she, Pippa, and James were given these tremendous educations with no worries about money, etc. and have done nothing with it — I am used to seeing that in the states from really wealthy children, especially women, but not first generations like them. Even Pippa talking about having won an all-rounders scholarship — what a waste with what she’s done with it. Some deserving child out there whose family couldn’t afford it could be in the City, or a barrister, or an investigative journalist, or a doctor, etc. Then last night I was reading something and was reminded about why William really wanted to go to St. Andrews, and why he initially majored in History of Art — because it’s a FOUR YEAR program and not a three year program. That was his biggest consideration — get the most of out of the media’s deal to leave him alone at college.

          I consider it all a real waste and a real shame. And having been a scholarship kid for a long time, even his ambulance reeks of their insincerity and belief they’re doing everyone a favor. They are NOT like us. He doesn’t work at that job to pay his bills. If he was ill tomorrow, he wouldn’t worry about the days off. He already barely works at it.

          They don’t realize that they more they play at being “regular citizens” all it does it lead to resentment of the obvious differences, because they are certainly NOT willing to give up any of the perks. It is play-acting. And play-acting is condescending and insulting.

          1. Excellent, bluejay.

            I think you are absolutely 100% right with your analysis. I’d add that the Middleton kids’ expensive education was NEVER for career purposes as we understand it, just a means to insinuate themselves into the ‘right set’ so that they could infiltrate, marry and leech off others’ earned or inherited money.

            Pippa very quickly worked out at uni who would be useful for her and pursued them relentlessly. I think her trajectory is the most transparent in terms of blatant gold-digging. ” “If she found out that someone had impressive social credentials – the right title, standing,connections – she would immediately pay them a lot of attention where before she wouldn’t have shown the least interest. She would leave notes in the pigeonholes of people she coveted as friends, desperate to arrange a time or date to meet.” (Laura Collins and Louise Hannah, May 2007).

            The 50’s ‘silent little woman behind the man’ act is just a veil to hide behind; it suits Kate to do as little as possible for others and this act (as well as the shy, nervous little woman number) legitimises it. Very calculating woman.

          2. It’s Marie Antoinette as a milkmaid at Hameau de la Reine all over again, playacting at being anything but royal. But at the end of the day more than happy and quite comfortable that they actually are. And really, who wouldn’t want an unlimited spending allowance- count me in for that!

    1. Thank you JET Texas. That made my day.

      Tom Sykes is excellent. I wouldn’t call it a ‘bitchy’ article; just calling out the self-serving fools and sycophants for what they are.

    2. I noticed that in the article Kate is never referred to as the Duchess of Cambridge, but only as Kate Middleton. IMO, just another way of author illustrating the fact she is not worthy of the job and has not earned the respect that goes with the title.

    3. Ludicrous.

      If Kate will be a roving ambassador post Brexit to help encourage trade, then no one is ever going to want to do business with the UK. Why? What comes out of her mouth to convince anyone other than she is the representative of Stupid? It would actually make me have second thoughts about doing business with a country that shows such utter contempt that they send me a bimbo.

    4. Haha! I can’t even imagine what these two numpties have to talk about! We know they don’t read briefings so can just imagine how well those convos could be. I would’ve loved to know what William and Angela Merkle talked about or even what she thought have him.

      I know royals are supposed to abstain from politics but do they actually vote? Does it depend on hiarchy, Charles no but Zara yes?

  41. All in all, I think this is a win for her. Hair up, professional suit with no flashing, no controversial statements, and flying coach – if she did this regularly I think I would have a lot better view of her.

    Also, practice makes perfect. This type of stuff should be old hat for her. Hopefully she’ll increase her engagements and then she’ll start to gain her footing and confidence. I know that’s unlikely, but I think that’s what needs to happen for her to be able to protect a confident image. I wouldn’t expect any more from her given the lack of experience.

  42. Hello everyone!

    First, wish to thank KMR for all the work!

    As I haven’t read all the comments yet, excuse me if repeating what has been said.
    Overall, I like the outfit. I do find odd the wrinkles though, it looks unprofessional in my opinion. She has her hair up, which is a good thing :).

    Although, if am not mistaken, Kate has a degree in History of Arts (Please correct me if am wrong). Am a bit disappointed by what comes out of the Mauritshuis visit. After reading Kate’s comment about how “”Girl with a Pearl Earring” is her favorite painting”, was hoping for more in depth comments coming from someone who’se studied History of Arts…

  43. The more I learn about Kate and her past, the more I think she just doesn’t *like* people.

    I have this same impression of Will, and I wonder sometimes if they bonded over this similarity. Both of them seem very focused on sheltering their children and themselves from the outside world rather than participating in it in a meaningful way. Will seems to use what happened to his mother as an excuse for this attitude, but I honestly think their misanthropy runs deeper than that. Kate seems to have never really fit in anywhere but with her family — after all, no one with a vibrant life full of friends and opportunities would probably be interested in being part of the BRF anyway, with so much to lose. I suspect that Kate was made this way through a combination of her mother’s dominance and social issues in school.

    When you see Harry and Maxima and other royals approach common people in their course of their duties, they seem ready and happy to connect with those people on a personal level and create a sense of a warm bond. Kate seems ill at ease and almost resentful that she has to risk meeting these people who will form an opinion of her.

    I’ve said before that I think Kate feels like a fraud when she goes out in public. She is counting on other people to accept her rather than having confidence from within. Everyone knows that acting royal is “learned” for her rather than innate, and I think Kate is painfully aware of this. I wonder if the marriage legitimized her in the way she had hoped. Whatever she had in mind when she waited for Will all those years, I can’t imagine it was this.

    1. The thing about “royals v married ins” that annoys me is that the royals had to learn how to be royal, too, they just had a huge head start since they’ve been learning since birth. If Kate accepted that then she could work hard and be fine, but instead she lets her insecurities control her.

      1. You are technically accurate, but the entire political theory behind royalty is that they are somehow different from the rest of us, the Chosen Ones. I would argue as well that growing up royal lends itself to a certain acceptance of what is coming that stays hopelessly beyond Kate’s comprehension. I suspect that it would be helpful for Kate to think of her position as a job title, and that she will be successful if she understands the job and does her best. I think that she is hung up on who she is personally — the title is her only real identity — so she is unable to separate her performance in these situations from her core self. That, and she has never really had a job in the real world.

        I think the healthier royals (like Harry, for example) have a sense of identity that doesn’t come from their family or their title, so they go into situations with less sense of anxiety and risk. If Kate had spent that decade she waited developing herself and her interests, she would have more substance to fall back on in situations like these.

        1. You have expressed it really well when describing Kate as never fitting in, with the title giving her legitimacy (aka she ‘won’). Neither Kate nor William have an interest in others or stamina for work; they seem to want to emulate their turnip toff friends. It must rankle that their privilege is tied to public funding and therefore public obligation.

          It’s more fascinating to consider that the man-made construct of ‘royalty’ still flies in 21st century Britain, and why it is clung to by Britons to define their identity. It’s easy to see why the Windsor’s would keep the myth flying, but they don’t exhibit any personal qualities to justify being considered special. More like ‘luck of the draw’ instead of ‘the chosen ones’.

          Hmm… ‘learning to by royal’. Not sure what that means: honestly believing that you are superior to others because of birth? Service to others, maybe, but then countless millions provide hands-on service to others less fortunate (not waving and smiling) and they are not conferred with title, ‘royal’. Nope, it’s just ‘luck of the draw’.

          1. I think the only reason that the notion of “royalty” flies is because there are advantages to having a non-political head of state. People accept royalty because there is essentially no real alternative way to choose a non-political head of state, at least that anyone has thought of yet.

            Her stamina to me is a symptom rather than the problem. Princess Diana didn’t take an interest in land mines and leprosy in order to be taken seriously as a princess — they were issues that really spoke to her conscience and that she probably would have acted on *as a human being* whether she had influence or not. Kate seems to be trying to emulate her by taking on a cause with a lot of stigma attached (mental health) but it seems like she arrived at the idea of doing this by asking how she could be an angel in the eyes of the public, not be being truly moved by an experience.

            If she really did have such a heart for those with mental illness, the stamina would come on its own.

          2. We have not seen Kate driven other than in the decade-long pursuit of a prince. Kate has done nothing with her high-profile position. Nothing. Does she think about others? Not a chance. But she does possess a steely determination to stand firm in pushing away all demands for her to work, a strategy that has succeeded until recently.

            I think it’s a sense of complacency plus massive Establishment pressure that sees resistance to design a system based on merit. That and the public perceiving the BRF as a kind of pre-paid entertainment to poke / ongoing soap opera. But it’s a boatload of money per year to support the already wealthy Windsors in their gilded cage, when there are eminently more deserving uses for those funds, as well as more deserving people to have ceremonial roles, if indeed they are needed at all. The concept of monarchy works against a democratic, merit-based system and that seems incredibly wasteful of human potential. William and Kate prove the foolishness of propping up people devoid of talent, intelligence and work ethic.

            The Republic of Ireland has a Presidential system which seems to work well: the president’s role is largely ceremonial, not political. Citizens vote for this person. The position is term limited so that one cannot get too comfortable. Nominating people distinguished in their respective fields seems a decent way forward.

      2. I think your observation of letting her insecurities sums up my feelings exactly. And it’s a constant feedback loop– the more she withdraws or doesn’t open up, the less her engagements go well, the people don’t connect authentically, and so her preconceptions take on a life of their own on and on ad nauseum.

  44. It’s so very nauseating how much the press fawns over Waity. What’s the big deal with her sitting with the *normal* people? Didn’t she state she wanted a normal life? Well, that’s how normal people live, isn’t it? It would have been more normal if she was made to stand in line and had to find her seat unaided, just like the other passengers who boarded the plane. And then, was made to wait in line again, to disembark. If she had done such, then it would be something worthy of a spot on the penultimate newspaper page, to write about. I suppose someone pays for these little details to be given such importance. The outfit is meh.

    Kate’s attendance at these exhibitions by herself is just an opportunity for her to purchase a new, expensive dress and add ugly accessories. The woman has zero deportment and/or presence. She is very adept at turning her expensive outfits to look like bargain basement knockoffs. Honestly, I find it to be such a waste of money!

    I think this solo visit is a one-off. I may be wrong, but IMO, the duo appearances began in earnest after her visit to Ben Ainslie’s charity, and the paps headlining the flirting, etc., that waity engaged in doing. I remember a while back Charles stated Waity should have a female bodyguard, so that she won’t be compromised. Perhaps, Charles issued an edict *after* that visit.

    1. Kate is a total different person when she’s around Ben. She giddy, jolly, all smiles, leans in when he talks, she reminds me of s high school girl that finally catches the attention of her teenage crush. It just looks silly for a woman her age. I’ve thought it could be she dedicated her young years chasing William. Ben flirts with Kate that’s easy to see. And it just lights a fire under Kate. Apperantly William don’t flirt and give her the attention she’s needing.
      But all Seriously Charles, the Queen someone has got to take charge on Kate’s spending on her clothes. It would be difficult if she was purchasing quality fabric and top notch construction. This young lady Natasha is not doing the job. If she were she would have never allowed an outfit like this light blue suit to slip by her. She should know what fabrics travel well, which fabric can hold up to several hours flight and still be professional and presentable when Kate arrives. And this lady her Hairstylest needs to be fired. Have a meeting with a king and Kate had grays popping everywhere. To many light highlights and bobby pins coming out. So unroyal. After five years you would think Kate would have her team in order. You would think Kate could look at Mary, Maxima, Victoria and see she’s not on the same wave length with these ladies and try to fix what’s wrong. Paying this woman three hundred dollars a day to fix Kate’s hair and it dry, over worked, over teased, gray showing, highlights to light and the same updos most older women wear. I’m not sure Kate will ever make the corrections needed to fix this. I think it will take Charles setting these two
      down and making some hard fast rules.

  45. Nothing major, just an observation really. Why is the press till spewing the “Kate is 5′ 10” ” nonsense? Willem-Alexander is 6’0″, according the Dutch royal website, Maxima is 5′ 10″, and Kate is well below both. If she were 5′ 10″, as has been touted by the press, she would be at least an inch, if not two, taller than Willem in her stilettos. Instead she’s several inches shorter, and that’s with her beloved skyscrapers.

    Kate is no where near 5′ 10″, I’d give her a strong 5’7″ at best. And why this misconception continues to be disseminated, I just don’t know. It must be a comparison to Diana thing.

    1. Google has her height at 5’9″, but she’s no where near that tall. Those shoes she’s wearing are 4 inches. She’s well shorter than W-A in that photo, which means she’s at most 5’6″.

  46. Kate is nothing more then a bag of bones. I would image that the rest of the European royal families would she her the same Maxima is a highly educated women that speaks 4 different languages. Kate cant even speak English. Oh William…

  47. She really does go from the sublime to the ridiculous. Today she’s on away day in Manchester with William with a new hairdo (different ponytail style) and is wearing the most gorgeous Erdem coat in a tweed look and she looks stunning. I’m sure there’s no change out of £4000 for the coat but it’s just awesome. I’m sure KMR will feature this event later but today despite crotch clutch clutching and navy suede heels she looks ‘Royal’ and is having very jolly repartee with the kids in the crowd and looks happy to be there. What a difference when she gets it right. I was actually smiling watching her go through her paces instead of feeling irritated.

    1. Oh, it’s Erdem. No wonder I disliked it so much. Visiting a children’s hospice is not the place for such a dark and ugly coat. I usually am in sync with you Mrs. BBV, but I am with FM on this one . The coat hurt my eyes. I thought she looked dreadful. I could not focus on any of her interactions with people because the coat really disturbed me. Tried to post this after fionamarie’s comment, but it appeared above her. Sorry.

      1. Hate the coat. So dark and dismal. And, to visit children at a Hospice? Ugh.
        I realize she went other places, too, but its overall dark tones did little to interest me. Dull, dull, dull. I like plaids, too, but this one just didn’t even look plaid to me. It’s as if the dye from the different dark colors were bleeding into one another.

        Of course, times change and fashions do, too, but Diana in her red plaid was so bright and full of promise. She must have generated such positive energy when visiting those children.

      2. It would be a strange world if we all liked the same thing. I normally hate Erdem but I am an absolute sucker for tweed. They did four venues today and I thought compared to her last two outfits she looked lovely. Happy, engaging naturally, appropriately attiired for the weather. I’m so bored of plain one colour coat dresses that I was just totally bowled over with this choice. I guess it will divide opinion because it was so unKate like and it’s Erdem but I felt like she’s upped her game and looked modern & stylish. Xx

    2. I am fairly neutral on the coat, but I find that I don’t have the issues with her style choices that many on this blog have. I generally like plaid in any form, so I have to say I like the coat itself, though I might agree it’s a little dark for the occasion.

      I actually really like that Kate’s style is generally simple and understated. I am not a fan of things like animal print — but that’s just me. I think that her minimalist fashion is sophisticated and a nice alternative to the Kim Kardashians of the world. Underwear would be a nice touch, though 😉

  48. Are we looking at the same coat? I thought it was ghastly. So dark and disturbring. It reminded me of one of those ink blot tests that psychiatrists give to patents and ask them, “What do you see here?”? Not what one would expect aher to war when visiting sick children. How about a little color? Something soothing and soft. Forgive me, MrsBBV, I just cannot agree with you on this one!

  49. Hi Shirley: I doubt that neither Charles nor the Queen are able to get Kate’s attention. Kate’s a runaway train heading for derailment. I think that maybe Charles might get Kate’s attention but only if he threatens to take away Kate’s wardrobe allowance. Her spending on clothes is off the charts. Every occasion a new, expensive dress. The situation is that William will do nothing about Kate’s wanton spending because it makes him look like a wonderful, generous husband in his friends’ eyes. Also, he’s in a state of rebellion towards his family, the BRF. As Kate stated in the interview for the Queen’s birthday calebration, the Queen does not interfere in their lives”, (not verbatim). Ergo, W&K are allowed to do as they please.

    W&K have friends in high places, some of whom present them with free accomodations at expensive resorts, plane rides, etc. and W’s job is just something he uses to show the public that he is gainfully employed. Albeit, it has not been announced as yet, I do believe that William will be dumping his job with EAA.

    I agree with you concerning Kate’s inability to speak properly. IMO, it’s one of the reasons that Kate speaks so quietly. She’ll forever be useless.

  50. I like Kate’s outfit very much, but her posture rather tarnishes the way the suit looks. Why can’t she stand up straight, or sit straight? She is going to end up with back and foot problems between the shoes that are utterly unfit to be in for long periods of time, and her question mark posture. That said, I also like her hairstyle very much. It’s elegant. However, why does she persist in wearing make-up that makes her look so orange? Is it a spray-tan or bad foundation? One would think, given her access to the top cosmetic lines in the world, they’d get her make-up right. Also, comparing the two blue suits (Diana and Kates), I think Diana wore a suit so similar, but wore it much better because she had better posture and held herself in a more regal, yet natural manner. That said, at least she didn’t flash the Dutch king, thank goodness.

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