Queen Silvia doubles up the tiara appearances in Germany

Queen Silvia doubles up the tiara appearances in Germany

So I survived my first big hurricane. I was not in one of my city’s evacuation zones and Matthew’s damage was not as severe as I had planned and prepared for – just minimal tree debris. I didn’t even lose power like I thought I would and didn’t need to dip into my power outage stash (though other parts of the city lost power). Thankfully the eye stayed a good 40-50 miles off shore, but the storm surge was still significant for the beaches, and the beach communities farther down the coast. I consider myself very lucky that I did not sustain much damage. Other areas along the coast sustained significant damage and flooding, and nearly 900 people were killed in Haiti. The Weather Channel has a good list of relief organizations if you would like to help out the communities affected by Hurricane Matthew.

Here’s just a quick pick-me-up post because looking at tiaras makes me happy. King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia were on a State Visit to Germany from October 5-8.

Queen Silvia at State Banquet in Germany Oct 2016

On October 5, the royal couple attended a State Banquet at the Schloss Bellevue palace in Berlin. Silvia wore the Connaught Tiara, pearl earrings, a diamond necklace, and diamond bracelet along with a pink gown. Silvia also wore her Portrait of the King, though did not wear any other orders.

This is not my favorite Swedish tiara (that honor belongs to the Swedish Amethyst Tiara), but of the women who have worn this tiara I think it suits Silvia the best.

Carl Gustaf gave a speech – the transcript is here if you would like to read it (it’s in Swedish).

On October 6, the King and Queen hosted a Reply Dinner at Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin.

Queen Silvia at Return Banquet in Germany Oct 2016

Silvia – who was born in Heidelberg, Germany – wore a purple gown with the Baden Fringe Tiara, the same pearl earrings from night 1, and a diamond and pearl brooch. Again, no orders other than the Portrait of the King.

We don’t normally see Silvia wear this tiara, so it’s cool to see her in it.

Both the tiara and brooch originally belonged to another German-born Swedish Queen, Victoria of Baden (August 7, 1862 – April 4, 1930). The appearance of the brooch is significant in that it has not been seen in a very long time; this is the first time Silvia has worn it.

Here’s a close up of Silvia’s portrait of the King surrounded by diamonds on a blue ribbon, which is like Britain’s Royal Family Order but the Swedes don’t call it that. This close up is from a previous portrait of Silvia, not taken during the visit to Germany.

Sweden Royal Family Order - Queen Silvia

The menu for the Reply Dinner consisted of: Cocktail canapés; Baked char with pressed savoy cabbage and lemon; Reindeer steak on potato and celery terrine with pickled carrots and yellow beets and black trumpet mushroom sauce; Three Swedish cheeses with chutney on Drottningholm prunes and crisp bread sticks; Chocolate Drop filled with cloudberry mousse and Solliden raspberry pannacotta.

Return Dinner table setting Germany Oct 2016

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  1. I’m glad you’re okay, KMR. Hurricanes are so frightening. I hope anyone else who dealt with it is doing alright.

    Tiaras! Banquets!

    Silvia must enjoy being home in Germany (didn’t she spend her childhood in Brazil and in Germany?).

    1. She is half-german and half-brazilian, so that’s already 2. Then still English, Swedish and 1 other language.
      She was a hostess at the munich olympics because she was fluent in so many languages. There she met Carl Gustaf.

  2. So glad you are ok and hope others of the KMR community have been equally lucky. Haiti has been devastated with crops destroyed close to harvest. They are still rebuilding after the earthquake. Devastating for the nation.

    Silvia – she really impresses me, always a smile even when her husband is being grumpy, and I love the bright colours and the bling.
    I was going to ask what language they would converse in but obviously German. I wonder if the king speaks German?

  3. Glad to hear that you’re safe KMR. Queen Silvia is hardworking, intelligent and dignified. She has definitely been a positive role model for both of her daughters, Victoria in particular who will be a great Queen one day.

  4. Glad you’re alright, KMR! My sister’s power went out, she had to stay in a shelter, and when the power briefly came back on, it got cit off again because a tree, in her backyard, had landed on a line and started to spark and cause a fire! Don’t worry, she’s okay.

    Now onto Queen Silvia:

    This woman rocks. Though she’s been botoxed a fair bit, her warmth, kindness, love and devotion to family radiates through her. Not only is she all that, she’s also intelligent and a fight and supporter for the underdog.

    I don’t know all of the details of what has gone on for the past 40+ years between Carl Gustaf and Silvia, but I hope he know (and appreciates) the diamond he married.

    P.S. How awesome does she look in that lavender purple?! And the bling she’s rocking?! Woo hoo!! We can definitely see where Victoria and Maddie get their fashion sense and love of jewels hahaha! I heart Silvia!!

  5. KMR,
    As a recent follower of your insightful blog, I did not realize that you are resident of the Low Country. As a former resident of Charleston, I was so relieved that Matthew was much less damaging. However, my heart sank when I saw the surge come over the Battery.
    I don’t mean to pry; but curious if you have lived in SC for most of your life, the Middleton name is a significant part of the Charleston’s long history?
    Thank you for so many hours of enjoyable reading.

  6. Thanks for letting us know you survived the hurricane KMR. I hope the rest of the KMR community are OK? Glad you and your family got through OK too Kimothy,

    Yah! Tiaras! And don’t the Swedes do yummy banquets! The food sounds delicious, and I’d really like to try the cloudberry dessert.

    1. Cathy, I don’t think I ever got to thank you for the kind words you expressed on another thread when I wrote of my kids being ill. Everyone is fine now I appreciate your asking.
      I hope that the others who spoke of family issues have healthy families now, too.

  7. Glad you’re ok KMR. I like the Connaught tiara on Silvia too. It suits her. The dinner sounds lovely. The crown centrepiece is interesting. I see myself combing through previous posts on state dinners just to see what centrepieces they used. I might have missed something 🙂
    Thanks for all your hard work.

  8. Thank you for letting us know you are okay, KMR. I can’t believe you are posting in the aftermath of a hurricane.

    I love the Swedish jewels. Queen Sylvia is amazing. I need to learn more about this lady.

  9. So glad you’re safe and had little damage.

    I wish I could muster interest in tiaras, but I like pearls a lot and Silvia’s pearl earings are beautiful.

  10. Glad that hurricane just brushed by you, KMR.

    Thanks for the photo proving CG can smile.

    Not a huge fan of either tiara. I think the first needs an updo. The second just looks skimpy, but maybe a good choice when her German counterpart is not wearing one. I think it’s a tiara for a less senior royal.

    Boy, that is some brooch. Her dress must be re-inforced to not sag under the weight. You really have to be regal to carry it off.

  11. So glad you made it through, and with minimal impact. I’d been hoping you’d update so thank you! I hate worrying 🙂

  12. Glad you’re alright! Growing up in OK, I’m used to tornadoes and get used to it but I think hurricanes would freak me out.
    Yay for tiaras! I do like the Connaught tiara but I’m with you in the aspect that their amethyst one is name favorite. I ? Purple=) not quite sure if I love the brooch tho.
    I don’t know what cloudberry mousse is but sounds delish!! And thanks for including the tablescape. I love stuff like that.

  13. KMR, I am also happy that you survived the horrible storm and that you did not lose power and there was minimal damage where you are. Hurricanes of such force are so terrifying! Living through Hurricane Sandy was an experience I will never forget.

    My thoughts and prayers are with all who suffered. The loss of life in Haiti is so awful. Thanks for reminding us about ways we can help. Times like this should bring people together for the benefit of those who suffer.

    Kimothy, I know you said the storm would probably not affect you, so I hope that was true. Best to all who experienced this brutal hurricane.

    Thank you for focusing on Queen Silvia. She is a woman who seems to have been made to be a loving mother. Her smile always brightens the day and she dazzles even without tiaras, but with? Wow. I also loved her in purple! The photo of the banquet room with those amazing flowers and the lovely table settings took us along for the night.

  14. I want to credit Queen Silvia for her hard work on behalf of children. Her daughters are a true example of following in their mother’s footsteps.

  15. Thank you for listing relief organizations. I am glad that you were able to withstand the hurricane!

    I have noticed reference to CG’s treatment of Silvia in different posts but don’t know the background. The first I have even heard about the Swedish Royals was on this blog. Anyone able to fill me in?


  16. I am so glad you are safe and sound. Sending my thoughts to all who were impacted.

    I think Silvia radiates love and warmth in her eyes and smile. She can rock a tiara like no other. This was a nice visit with a delicious menu.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

  17. It’s good to know you’re all right, KMR. Like @Sarah above, I’m in tornado alley (at the other end), but my mom moved to central Florida and I vicariously lived through a hurricane with her. Very frightening.

    In a more pleasurable form of vicarious living, I love the tiara posts. I’m not usually a fan of the fringe style, but I thought this one looked very nice on Sylvia.

      1. Mary Elizabeth, thank you for your concern. No, this was some years ago. Thankfully, my mom had a wonderful home health aide who went above and beyond to care for her, not only during the tumult of the storm itself but in the aftermath, when power remained out for weeks.

        1. Hello, Constance,

          I have not had the time I would like to go through the blog of late.
          I just read that your mother is fine and that the hurricane you commented on was one from years gone by. Happy to hear that things are well.

          Take care.

          Mary Elizabeth

  18. Good to know you are ok, KMR. I can’t imagine what must be like to have to prepare to face something like this. And thank you for providing the link with the relief organizations, it’s sad to see Haiti struck hard once again.

    On a lighter note, I must confess I’m not big on tiaras. I like the one from the first pic. That diamond necklace though, that is really something.

  19. Glad to hear that you are okay KMR! Hope all others do well too.
    For someone living in Europe it’s hard to imagine what a hurricane means and what people go through!

    Imo Sylvia always manages to look great! She has something warm and is hardworking too…
    they also visited, like Queen Margrethe the week before, Wittenberg which is a place not too far away from where I grew up. It’s nice to see Royals taking actual interest in places they visit and in people they talk too!

    Queen Margrethe also gifted a homemade altar to the church which looks fantastic imo

  20. The Baden Fringe doesn’t really suit Silvia. Maybe it is just the placement but it looks like it has just been plonked on top of her head without much thought to the hair. Guess the royal hair stylist isn’t with her here as the Swedes usually have great tiara hair.

    I have slowly warmed up to the Connaught Tiara over the last few years. Initially I didn’t like it but I find it lovely now. It is mostly associated with Silvia since she has worn it quite a lot but I find myself liking it best on Victoria who, for some reason, really can pull off very tall tiaras like no one else. (She’s the only one who can make the Steel Cut Tiara work + she also looks great in Princess Lilian’s Double Wreath Tiara, which is one that is very hard to wear).

  21. KMR, so happy to hear you are ok and that the damages from Hurricane Matthew were not too bad in your area. Sending best wishes to anyone else who was in the line of fire.

    I think Queen Silvia is beautiful. And, such a loving and caring person. Her two daughters were raised so well and are following in her footsteps. The work on children’s issues is so vital.

    The tiaras are beautiiful and like Camilla, the Queen can really wear them well.

    The dinner party? The photo of the dining room was beautiful. The apricot/peach roses are my very faves and they made the room so inviting. The menus, you always include, KMR, are so enticing. I want the recipe for Chocolate Drop filled with cloudberry mousse and Solliden raspberry pannacotta. Better yet, I want the chef to come and prepare such treats for my family and me.

  22. Thanks for sharing these pictures of Queen Sylvia. She’s definitely a fave of mine along with her daughters. Glad to hear you are okay after the hurricane and damages were too bad in your area.

    I was reading hello magazine online and I noticed that they showcased the wedding of a Prince from Albania. I wasn’t even aware they had royals. Her dress was pretty though and Queen Sofia and Michael of Kent attended.

  23. I am glad to know that you are ok KMR!!! And thank you still for updating this blog in the middle of what must be a stressful time for you.

  24. I’ll admit I’ve become a fan of the SRF. I love it when they bring out the tiaras. Also Sylvia seems to know her part in everything and appears very comfortable in her role. She definitely knows how to pull out all the stops when the occasion calls for it.

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