POLL: Favorite Kate Accessories from Royal Tour of Canada 2016

POLL: Favorite Kate Accessories from Royal Tour of Canada 2016

Here are polls on Kate Middleton‘s earrings and shoes from the Royal Tour of Canada (the clothes poll is here, and you can still vote in the success/failure poll here). I usually don’t do shoe polls but Kate wore some interesting pieces this time. I didn’t include a bags poll because there weren’t many clutches this time around, and there was only one hat so I can’t poll for that.


1) G.Collins & Sons Tanzanite & Diamond Drop Earrings worn on Day 1.

2) Diamond and Pearl drop earrings worn on Day 2.

3) Pippa Small “Large Gold Kite” earrings worn on Day 3.

4) Soru Jewellery “Baroque Pearl Double Sided Earrings” worn on Day 3.

5) Monica Vinader “Siren Wire Earrings” in Green Onyx worn on Day 4.

6) Annoushka Pearl Drop earrings worn on Day 5 and Day 8.

7) Shelley MacDonald gold earrings worn on Day 5.

8) Kiki McDonough Lauren Leaf earrings worn on Day 6.

Kiki McDonough Lauren yellow gold pave diamond leaf earrings

9) Kiki McDonough Citrine Drop Earrings worn on Day 7.


1) Gianvito Rossi suede pumps in “praline” worn on Day 1.

2) Russell & Bromley red “Pinpoint” pumps worn on Day 2.

3) Penelope Chivers “Long Tassel Boot” worn on Day 3.

Penelope Chivers Long Tassel Boot

4) Gianvito Rossi red suede pumps worn on Day 3.


5) LK Bennett Fern pumps in Trench worn on Day 4.

6) Tod’s burgundy Leather Fringe Buckle Detail Pumps worn on Day 5.


7) R. Soles brown suede cowboy boots worn on Day 5 and Day 7.

8) Monsoon Fleur wedges worn on Day 6.

9) J. Crew Avery Heels in Tweed worn on Day 8.

10) Superga “Cotu” Sneakers worn on Day 8.

11) LK Bennett Floret pumps worn on Day 8.

Just for fun, here’s a close up of the Queen’s Diamond Maple Leaf Brooch as seen on Day 3. It’s interesting that Kate got to wear this brooch again for her second trip to Canada when Camilla did not wear this brooch on her second trip to Canada. I wonder if that means anything or if Camilla just didn’t want to wear it?

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  1. Does Camilla have her own Canada themed jewelry? The reason Kate has to borrow from the Queen is because she hasn’t been given any either from the country (Canada) or her husband.

        1. It’s the symbol for the Northwest Territories, and she didn’t visit there on this tour.

          It would be like wearing a brooch of New York’s state flag while visiting California. It wasn’t appropriate.

    1. Camilla has a badge as Colonel-in-Chief to The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada. Other than that, as far as I can tell, Camilla does not have any Canada-specific brooches of her own. Camilla did wear the Queen’s Maple Leaf brooch during her first visit to Canada in 2009 – she wore it four times – but on her subsequent visits to Canada, in 2012 and 2014, she did not wear it.

      Kate does have her own Canada-specific brooch: the Harry Winston polar bear brooch she received as a gift during her first visit in 2011.

        1. It would’ve been a mistake to wear it because it’s the official symbol of the Northwest Territories, which she didn’t visit this trip. It would be like wearing a brooch of New York’s State Flag while visiting California- it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

          1. Well then I guess we’ll never see it again! Maybe someday Charlotte will visit the NWT and she can wear it…

          2. I don’t think it was given to her with the expectation it would only be worn when visiting the Northwest Territories.

        1. Well, Wills was given polar bear cuffs as well. And we haven’t seen that ruby and diamond necklace ever again from Kate that was a wedding gift so I doubt we will see the polar bear.

      1. I think Camilla isn’t wearing it because Kate has started wearing it. I don’t see a lot of jewelry swapping between the ladies once HM loans them a piece. I could be very wrong though.

    1. Agreed. I didn’t love any of these items. They were ok. I did like the tanzanite earrings because they were bigger than her normal tiny drops, and you could actually see them from a distance. But Kate’s accessory game remains weak.

      1. I liked the tanzanites and she actually had her hair up so you could see them! All her other pieces get lossed in the mass.
        There were pics of Maxima with her hair her usual mess but you didn’t care because she was wearing ginormous pearl earrings and necklace and that’s what your (my) eyes were drawn to!!
        Big bling helps distract from other messes =)

          1. I also think it’s that her hair doesn’t define her. She doesn’t mess/fidget with it when it’s all over the place. She’s too busy being engaged in her event
            Instead of Becky with he good hair, it can be Maxima with the messy hair =)

    1. It was the best of the bunch. I can’t quite believe how Kate manages to drain the life out of every item she wears.

    2. Charlotte, I second you :-(. I believe all the shoes would look different paired with an interesting outfit – all but the tassle things, which I just hate. I hope Kate returns them to whoever the old lady is she’s borrowed them from and we never get to see them again. I liked the colors, but those tassles just ruined the whole impression. And what comes to earrings, I love earrings and just can’t see anything in these.

      I don’t think the Maple leaf brooch thing means anything but an attempt to cement Kate’s role in the future of Commonwealth and to emphasize that Canada should keep the monarch as its head of state.

    3. Me too!

      The white sneakers are the only thing I liked! Bit sad really, I like the Chivers boots but I’d clean them and waterproof them if they were mine. As for those cowboy boots? Just what made her think they were a good idea? Plus they looked a little too long for her foot?

      1. I was going to vote for those too, but I thought “I can’t vote for sneakers”! So I picked the second red shoes. Now I wish I’d stuck to my guns.

    4. The sneakers were the most appropriate shoe for the engagement. Cowboys boots in a canoe – and suede at that?
      Sneakers got my vote.

  2. Loved the Tods heels and J Crew shoes – mostly because they were different.
    Kudos to you, KMR, for trying to find pictures of those forgettable earrings so that you could create this poll.
    And I loved the close-up of that blue hat from day 1. That’s really her best accessory from this trip. Even Her Maj’s brooch looks empty on Kate because she’s so determinedly minimal.

  3. I adore the green onyx earrings. They look different from what she usually wears. And the Tod’s shoes are everything. It’s a different shoe and can be quite versatile. She needs a new stylist for the love of dark chocolate. Her pieces are too simple to wear on its own as it gets lost in the wiglet and basic pieces. Jason, I offer my services. Hmu. I have lots of free time. Heck, I’ll even freelance.

    Thanks for this poll, KMR. I hope Kate continues to venture put of her comfort zone.

    1. She needs a whole new team!
      Once you’re in, you could get her to stop wearing monochromatic from head to toe, get rid of the clutch, hire an actual seamstress, better bling and I’m sure there are others. Plus I’m sure you could work your magic with Harry =)

  4. She really has some nice pieces and I don’t mind her style being rather boring but I think she could combine all the pieces she has way better! Just some different kind of shoes and better accessories and a lot of her outfit would look really good. Also could she learn to dress more “appropriate” for the engagements she does.

  5. At least she had a couple different styles of shoes. I would have worn the Tods with the green dress. The jewelry is pretty but forgettable and the hat was perfect for that outfit but I doubt we’ll see it again.

    1. Will’s shoes were more appropriate for the canoe trip and the style matched the low-key footwear that the hosts were wearing.

  6. I voted for the Tanzanite earrings but I admit I skipped the rest of the list just because I’m from Tanzania and the patriotism kicked in.
    I didn’t like the boots at all and the sneakers stuck out so much against the rest of the outfit. The rest of the shoes were an improvement from nude heels and blue suede shoes.

  7. Really Kate was the accessory herself on this vacation. She didn’t speak in any official capacity and barely spoke at all. Unacceptable for someone five years into the marriage and over a decade in dating and being adjacent to that family prior to that.

  8. I’m not crazy about the Camb family, but that last photo of Char strolling along, unfazed, smiling and looking curious about the crowd gives her an air of self possession that KM can only ever hope to have.

    Tods and sneakers are the least boring. Same for gold and pearl earings.

    1. Indiana, you are onto something. Charlotte was amazing in that photo. Move over, Kate, there’s some serious competition in the family!

    2. Oh, yes, Charlotte is darling. She looks so adorable in the photo where she is strolling so confidently with her Mum And, I agree, Kate does not seem to have that sense of self-confidence.

      None of Kate’s accessories really gave me a huge “Wow.” I don’t think I have it in me to vote. Sorry, because I know how hard you work, KMR. I will say that I don’t think she pairs things well together. For example, those earrings she wore with the red evening dress did little when paired with the beautiful Maple Leaf Broach I mean, try to wear something that might match its brilliance, but be smaller than the earrings she did choose. Let the broach speak for itself.

      Her shoes/boots and sneakers bored me to tears. I feel very much like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas because I have little of anything too positive to say about her clothing and accessories for the recent tour.

      Charlotte, though? She is just so special. I think she is going to shine through more and more as time goes on. It doesn’t seem like anyone will be able to extinguish that amazing light! Thank goodness for her unique and fun spirit. She’s darling!

  9. Kate has a matching necklace for the Tanzanite & Diamond Drop Earrings that she wore on day one, right? I wish she had worn it.

    1. Ha! So would I.
      Does she have some subscription to Kiki? Or some special offer – buy 100 for the price of 1? Hang on, no, that would mean it was not crazy spending – and crazy spending is what she does do ?
      Does she walk into jewellery shops herself? How do all the bits of jewellery get from the shop to her? Or does she buy via catalogue or Internet and things get sent?

  10. Does Kate have a make-up artist in her team? Judging by these close up pics, her make-up game isn’t very good. Her eyelashes look all clumpy in some of them.

    I prefer when she goes for a more natural look: only black eyeliner, no dark eyeshadows. It really suits her best.

    1. From what I’ve read, she doesn’t. Everyone raved that she did her own make up for her wedding. The one event I can think of when pretty much every girl would have their make up done.. and she decides to do it herself.

      1. All three Middleton woman have the same approach to makeup which is overdone; such is their smugness, they don’t feel they need advice on this or anything really.

      2. @Miss K I remember reading that a make-up artist assisted her. But yeah, I’m looking at her wedding photos and her make-up doesn’t look very good, so she probably did it herself.

        @Jen I agree, it’s really overdone and it ages her so much. I wish she would rely on a more natural look, she has a pretty face.

        1. A make up artist did Kate’s make up on her wedding day, then Kate decided to wash it all off and do her own make up instead. So she ended up doing her own wedding day make up.

          1. I’m a huge fan of royal weddings, so I tuned in, knowing nothing about her at the time. Apart from the triumph that flitted across her face which got me into gossip blogs, her clownlike makeup I realised was, er…clownlike. Her decision at that time pretty well forecast her decisions later.

  11. Charlotte: Kate had her held up or held onto like one of her clutches every chance she got. Notice this tour is the first time William has ever held Charlotte in public.

  12. I can’t vote….too boring. Why does Kate wear such small earrings now, before she was married she wore more fashion forward earrings. Does she think wearing such unassuming jewelry will make her more accepted. She is so hung up on fitting into the aristocratic class that she has totally surrendered her individuality. She just disappears into the background. Not a fan of the J Crew shoes, they look like something that the secretaries in the TV show Mad Men would have worn in the late 60’s (which I was present for) to prove they were “with it”. I am not a fan of blocky low heels, designers always try to resurrect them, but it never lasts.

  13. off topic: ehh clebdirty laundry wrote a piece on Princess Beatrice how she only doing charity work is because she’s depressed over her break up. >.< Sorry I just had to complain about that

  14. Kate loves jewelry, though people think she doesn’t just because she doesn’t have anything. If she is offered a loan she will always wear it when she can. That is why she wore the brooch again, Camilla gave it, its courtesy outing her first tour.

  15. Why would you use Botox on just half your forehead? Her lines begin on the top half of her forehead but from the middle to her brows she’s totally smooth. Looks so odd.

    1. Usually you don’t expand out to the other areas of the face until late thirties or forties.

      I don’t know how to do makeup or hair, but I love botox, fillers and skin treatments of all kinds!

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