Princess Madeleine writes about campaigning to end child sex abuse

Princess Madeleine writes about campaigning to end child sex abuse

Princess Madeleine has written a piece for Time about why she has chosen to campaign for ending child sexual abuse and tips for becoming a child protector. I’m also including quotes she gave to People about her kids and on possibly meeting Kate Middleton in the future.

Princess Madeleine 34th birthday photo

Maddie’s article in Time:

    “According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, nearly 60,000 children were sexually abused in the United States in 2014. Globally, 18% of women and 8% of men report being victims of childhood sexual abuse. Despite these astronomical numbers, child sexual abuse is rarely discussed and solutions do not adequately address the public health crisis affecting such a large number of children.
    “We know that children who are sexually abused are at a greater risk for later mental health and anxiety syndromes, including depression and suicidal thoughts. The societal and economic consequences of not addressing the problem, or investing in prevention of, sexual abuse of children are grave. In 1999, my mother decided to use her voice to speak about children’s rights and founded the World Childhood Foundation, which has since funded more than 1,000 projects in 20 countries. I have always admired my mother’s courage and aim to continue her work in combatting child sexual abuse. Now as a mother of two, I am even more determined to help create a world free from sexual abuse for all children in our lifetime.
    “But it is not our children’s obligation to keep themselves safe. We, as adults, have an obligation to ensure that our children are surrounded by child protectors. Child sexual abuse thrives in silence. The first step in combatting sexual abuse is removing the stigma from discussing the abuse, which requires learning the facts, talking about it with our children and investing in prevention.
    “Learn the facts. We live in a digital world and it is crucial that technology is integrated in our fight. The new mobile app ‘Stewards of Children Prevention Toolkit’ provides tools and educational resources for adults to prevent, recognize and respond to child sexual abuse.
    “Talk about it. Create a safe environment to talk to your child about sexual abuse, including body safety, anatomical language and personal boundaries.
    “Recognize the signs. The most common signs of sexual abuse are emotional and behavioral changes, such as ‘too perfect’ behavior, withdrawal, fear, depression, unexplained anger and rebellion. Indirect physical signs can include anxiety, chronic stomach pain and headaches.
    “React responsibly. If a child shares that they have been abused, stay calm, praise the child’s courage and listen.
    “As a new school year begins, let us commit together to keep our #EyesWideOpen and ensure that we keep the children in our lives safe from all forms of violence.”


I don’t have much to add other than I have so much respect for Madeleine and Queen Silvia (who held meetings for World Childhood Foundation on September 27 and 28) for being involved with this cause.

You can find the Stewards of Children Prevention Toolkit here. Below is Maddie’s video announcement of the app.

While doing press for the Wold Childhood Foundation Thank You Gala 2016, Madeleine spoke to People.

Since she and her family live in London, she was asked about having a playdate between her children, Princess Leonore and Prince Nicolas, and Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. In response, Maddie said: “I would love [a playdate].”

Maddie has not met Kate, but said: “I’m sure we will cross paths – and who knows what we will do when we do!”

On keeping Squirmy Monkey Leonore busy: “We try to do a lot of activities because my little Leonore, she has lots of energy, so we have to keep her stimulated and busy.”

On the closeness between the Swedish royal siblings and cousins:

    “We’ve always been quite close – even though I’ve lived abroad – but when you have kids, it’s an extra connection. And the little cousins, Leonore and Estelle, they’re very close – they’re more like sisters. Victoria and I try very hard to make it so they really can see each other and play and have fun. Cousins are great – they are your friends, but they’re family. They can support each other.”


BTW, People described Maddie’s and Kate’s work this way: “Madeleine works on behalf of vulnerable children with the World Childhood Foundation. And Kate has made major efforts in erasing the stigma of children’s mental health.”

Bahahaha! Madeleine actually worked full time with Childhood USA and created two different initiatives (ThankYou by Childhood and #EyesWideOpen), while Kate shows up to a handful of mental health related engagements a year and probably doesn’t even read her briefing notes. Have all the seats, People.

Maddie posted a new photo of Leonore to her Facebook page with the caption: “The fall is here!”

[Princess Madeleine’s Facebook]

Below photos from Leonore’s visit to Gotland, Prince Alexander’s Christening, and the Thank You Gala.

Princess Madeleine retrieves Princess Leonore after running away in Gotland
[Pelle T Nilsson/Stella Pictures]

[SVT livestream]

63 thoughts on “Princess Madeleine writes about campaigning to end child sex abuse

  1. I love Madeleine! Thanks for sharing, KMR. When I was in NYC last week I got to see her PSA on the big screen at Times Square–totally coincidental.

    It makes me angry People is tying Madeleine’s real work to Kate to legitimize Kate’s BS but most people don’t know what crap it is and go with it.

  2. She is easily my favorite royal.

    And I would pay BIG money to see a play date with those two. Can you imagine?! I’m snorting just thinking about it. But hey! Maybe Maddie could give her some shoe help.

    1. I would legitimately pay money to see Kate and William try and handle Leonore for an hour. Also, Leonore and George interacting would be everything.

      1. If Leonore ever got the chance to play with George, it would be the end of the world because–gasp!–she would bring out his rambunctious side! (mock gasp) Heaven forbid! William and Kate can’t let that happen! ?

        1. It seems to me William and Kate want to have this carefully crafted and perfect image of their family. No family is perfect. Let your kids be kids. Let them run and play without being helicopter parents. What is wrong with being rambunctious? They are three and a year and a half. Let them be who they are: Little Kids. Do not pigeon hold who your children for who they are. So you can paint this perfect portrait.

        2. I would LOVE to see a George & Leonore playdate! I believe there even was an article in a gossip magazine shortly after Leonore’s birth that said ‘prince george’s future wife born’ LOL
          I know that was not serious, but I would love to see that happen 😀 Leonore seems like the right kind of lively girl for a shy boy like George – I really hope Maddie and Kate will somehow meet each other and introduce the kids to each other. Maybe it would be great for them to know another prince/princess!

        3. Hardworking dedicated 7th In Line, beautiful Princess Madeline of Sweden!

          There would be no interacting with the Princess Leonore and george. George cambridge is fast becoming like entitled whiny and cannot parents and carol middleton; seem to ignore the people and lack proper royal protocol like the Danish and Swedish royal children. George is nothing like Princess Royal Anne grandchildren, and Prince Edward Sophie Wessex’s children, who are true royal family members and share close resemblance to G/grandma TQ.

          1. “George is nothing like Princess Royal Anne grandchildren, and Prince Edward Sophie Wessex’s children, who are true royal family members and share close resemblance to G/grandma TQ.”


            I understand that people dislike William and Kate, but saying George is not a “true royal family member” is just wrong. George is as much a “true royal family member” as Zara’s daughter, Peter’s daughters, and Edward’s children regardless of what any of them look like.

          2. Can I second that”???”, KMR?

            William has definitely shown himself to be whiny and entitled but George? No way! From what I saw in the Canada footage, he’s probably shy/uncomfortable when meeting new people but, as we saw at the children’s party and especially when they were leaving, personality was starting to show (double wave!) and it was so sweet to see it.

            If anything, any blame of George not knowing how to greet adults and whatnot falls on the parents, not the child. He needs to be taught about his role; he won’t automatically go “oh yeah, I’m in public with mommy and daddy….I have to behave a certain way.” It doesn’t work like that. He needs to be shown/taught how to be a royal and about his public role via his parents and paternal relatives.

      2. I cannot imagine Leonore ever having the chance to get up close and personal with the Cambridge kids! She’d be an inspiration to them! But, alas, Kate and William would never allow this to happne!

        Best wishes to you, KMR, and all your fellow Floridians whether they frequent this blog, or not. Hurricane sounds brutal!

        1. It’s never going to happen. Will and Kate don’t care about other royal families and would look bad anyway. They want to be the centre of attention at all times.

          1. Yikes! The thought of awkward Kate in a room with well presented (and very beautiful) Madde?

            Still, it would be cute to see George, Charlotte, Leonore and Nicholas playing.

            (No helicopter parenting allowed Kate!)

  3. So Maddie is telling people how to combat sex abuse. Whilst listening is good, it always takes more than listening. What does Kate ever say other than talk about things? Even the simple idea of finding a quiet place and making sure kids know the right words.
    And I will be buying tickets for the play date too!! Leonore could teach Charlotte a thing or two…..

    1. She’s also been promoting an app that the foundation released that is supposed to help adults recognize the signs and give resources as well.

  4. Good evening everyone,
    What a woman of substance, very impressive.
    Highlighting a very serious problem. Terrific she has passion and doing her bit.
    She is fantastic !

  5. This is going to sound nitpicky, but I can understand Madeleine with her thick (and beautiful) accent so much easier than I can understand Kate with her fake posh magosh voice. Even though she is not a -fulltime Royal and has a family living on their own independently, I can remember Madeleine and what she stands for without even trying. Kate, I feel like it’s all just insincere flavor of the day buzz words and hot topics. And maybe I’m wrong about actual engagement numbers, but I feel like I see Madeleine or at least the impression lodges in my memory so much more than anything Kate counts as “work.” I’ll never forget her in that beautiful ballgown sitting on the floor (!!!) with all the kids for Min Stora Dag. Not bending over them in towering heels, not leaning over giving them an eyefull of boobs. SITTING IN THE FLOOR. (Not yelling). I absolutely adore the Swedes. I know I always say this, but thank you KMR for bringing them to my radar!

  6. I ❤ Madeleine!!! She’s beautiful from the inside out, intelligent, confident within herself, has a husband who loves her for who she is, knows her children (personalities & quirks), does research on her charities, takes a stand for hard-to-talk-about issues.

    She’s the real deal and I love it when you feature the Swedish Royal Family. There will never be a Kate/Maddie meet up or playdate for the kids because of Kate’s insecurities. Sad but Kate can only blame herself.

  7. Thank you KMR for this post. It’s nice to see a royal take her role seriously and use it to spotlight a very serious problem. The welfare and protection of children is so very important. I commend Princess Madeleine for her time, effort, and commitment.
    I also like how she stated that Leonore has a lot energy. Yes we knew that. Yet she doesn’t see it as a negative. Like we have seen Kate and William do when commenting about George. It’s seems to me that George and Charlotte have been casted in roles. George the bruiser and Charlotte the lady. You cannot restrain and stereotype kids. The are who they are. Madeleine gets it. You can tell she is very in tune with her children. I think William is more in tune with his kids. Kate seems uneasy and hovers way too much. She a nervous mother. I don’t know if that is how she all time. Or its from not spending enough time with her kids. With that being said, I think the Cambridge children are polar opposites. I think Charlotte is the free spirit. George is shy and more reserved.

  8. Thanks, KMR, for covering this. Maddie has my respect for her hard work and dedication. She keeps the focus on the whys, whats, and hows. She backs it with stats and actionable steps.

    Maddie’s description of Leonore was so sweet. No shade no backhanded remarks. I would love for Maddie and Kate to connect. However we all know it won’t happen. I think Kate could find a mentor and friend in Maddie. The differences between them are glaring. On one hand, Maddie is a princess by birth. She sits lower on the line if succession than Kate. However she’s found her niche while supporting other charities. Let’s be honest: do you think we will ever see Kate host a party at KP in a gown with sick children? Nope.

    Thanks for adding the cute pics of our favorite squirmy princess, KMR!

    1. +1 as well, Rhiannon!

      My youngest sister, Sam, was the squirmy one when she was little and back then, Mom called her “Curious Georgia” (for Curious George) because she too was like a monkey, always climbing things and whatnot. In fact, Sam’s first steps were (literally) walking on the kitchen counter….walking off the kitchen counter! Heck, one time she was climbing a dresser and all of a sudden Mom heard this crash. Of course, she went into freak out mode and then heard a faint “mommy….” and lo and behold, there was Sam, with the dresser on top of her but, amazingly, not a scratch on her!

      There is a reason why she was born first and not last! 😀 😉

      1. Oh, Kimothy! Your sister really was the adventure seeker. Has she calmed down?
        You write of the dresser incident and thank God, your sister was not hurt. Sadly, when I was growing up, a little boy who lived on our street was killed in such an accident. I have never forgotten that. I am not a helicopter parent, but that horror story has made me check and double check to ensure that dresser drawers are never pulled out and left that way! Such drawers invite kids to use them as ladders to reach the top of the furniture.

        I also feel fortunate that my girls are not climbers. They have other issues!

        You live in Florida, too? Be careful out there! Hope the storm won’t be as bad as the reports are saying it will.

        1. Mary Elizabeth,

          Sam was so accident-prone when she was little (once got wacked above the eye with a croquet mallet-courtesy of our other sister and still has a faint scar above her eyebrow), that Dad was afraid someone would call and report childe abuse! Thankfully, our neighbors had known us for years and know that Sam was just the kind of kid who got herself into tricky situations, mischief and was just plain rambunctious.

          As for calming down? It depends on how you look at it. Once, when she was 18, she unintentionally gave herself a concussion (her fault, she ran head-first into the van and instead of getting inside she hit the very top! It’s actually pretty funny because it’s one of those where the only thing I can think is “only Sam…only Sam….this can only happen to Sam”) but that was 10 years ago. She now works with animals at a zoo in Melbourne, FL, has a rescue dog (an absolute sweetheart who gets along with my dog) and is currently about the high-tail it to Orlando (or back to Tampa to stay with our nana) to ride out the hurricane!

          I’m in the Panhandle area of the storm so (knocks on wood) I’m out of harms way, but thank you for asking! 🙂

          1. Wow, Kimothy! Your parents have been through so much! Glad your sister is ok. And, how are you? Hope things are well in your life!

            Love the fact that your sis works with animals at a zoo. I hope they are going to be ok in the storm. Glad to know you are in a safe place and that your sister is heading for safety. I remember hearing sad stories about animals in other hurricanes, Maybe, the animals at the zoo are being moved to a safer area? Gosh, I hope so.

          2. I’m alright. Just doing some idea-ing for Christmas gifts and I had a great one for Mom but I may have to drop it because it’s turning out to be much more complicated than I imagined. I’m actually bummed about that because it was a great idea but….sigh….

            I’m also doing a lot of slow-cooker cooking right now since the weather is (finally!) starting to cool down!!

            Finally, I made a post on my FB page about how one of my transplant meds have affected me psychologically/mentally and it surprised people because it’s something they never knew could happen or that it was affecting me in the way that I talk about. 🙂

    2. I love how she called her my little Leonore! =) and how she lets her be active! I think she’s my favorite lil’ royal

      1. Ellie, I have relatives from Jenson Beach who evacuated their home to be with family in Miami. I guess Miami will be safer. I wish you safety and I’m sorry this is the time you are going to be in Miami. Hoping things won’t be too awful! Best to everyone in the area that is being targeted by this storm.

        1. My sister has been texting us since last night. At one point, the National Guard showed up and she’s already back at her rented home in Melbourne. A bit of debris and no power but other than that, everything is fine. She’s now back at work taking care of the animals! 🙂

  9. I completely agree. Maggie’s comment was not all a backhanded comment. She understands her children. She also doesn’t use them for talking points. In comparing her to Duchess Do Little, you hit the nail on the head. In standing she is lower in rank. Yet she a blood princess by birth. Maddie understands and accepts the role she was born into. Uses her station to bring awareness to causes. She doesn’t half ass anything. You can see the work she puts in. Kate could learn a thing or two from Maddie. Yet she is too proud and believes her own hype. Which is dangerous in my opinion. A constitutional monarchy only survives on the approval of its people. So Kate and William can think all the they want they are the “anointed ones” and hold the keys to the kingdom. Yet they do not have them yet.

  10. Sadly Kate has squandered so many opportunities to be more than a clothes hanger. Madeline is beautiful inside and out. She takes her role seriously, does her homework, and speaks with passion and conviction. I’m not sure Kate would welcome a meeting because she knows Madeline would outshine her and her ego couldn’t handle it

  11. Madeleine’s campaign to end child sexual abuse is very impressive. Just like Victoria she is focused and promoting actual ways to address the issue.

    I don’t see Madeleine meeting with KM. Despite being a royal, Madeleine is more humane and relatable than KM will ever be. KM would be to threatened by M’s beauty and accomplishments. I suspect most people outside KM’s small circle find her as shallow and annoying as most of those on KMR do.

    As for People’s stupid pronouncements about KM, they are always so over the top I wonder if it’s a subtle form of mockery.

    1. Indiana Joanna, I agree with you. Maddie and Victoria are amazing. Just like their mother!
      Reading Madeleine’s comments was enjoyable because it really made her sound like she gets the issue. Even if the points were made by someone else, they were just perfect. Looking for warning signs that kids could have been hurt is important for any adult to know. So, is the way one should respond if a child admits something to a parent, or caregiver, about having been hurt by an adult. It’s sad that we need to think about this, but being so helpful in protecting children and offering solid advice to caregivers and parents is such an admirable, vital thing to do. You can tell this is not a one-time shot for Maddie. She is interested and is working hard! Good for her!

      1. I love the ideia of the app. Giving information is essential to fight stigma, something the Cambridges and whoever is counseling them on their Heads Together campaign doesn’t seem to understand. They keep hammering over and over that people “need to talk about it”. Sure, sharing stories is important, but it’s not enough.

        Even if Madeleine isn’t the one making those points, she seems involved and informed enough to act as their spokesperson and lead the conversation, which is what is missing in Kate.

        1. The “need to talk about it” is William and Kate’s go-to phrase. They add nothing to the conversation or the cause. I mean, what are the results of their ‘passion’ in concrete terms? That they can attribute to their so-called ‘work’? I’d say a big fat zero. I really wish they would just stop with this nonsense of ‘passion’ and being ‘keen’ and retreat to whatever they do behind closed doors. It’s best for everyone that they disappear.

  12. What wonderful work Madeleine and her mother are doing . It’s a tribute to the Queen that she has such hard-working and caring daughters. They are wonderful mothers, too. I am impressed by the Swedish Royals and would know little of them if it was not for this blog. Thanks, KMR, for always highlighting them! They make me smile and appreciate what those in the spotlight can do to really help others.

    A play date with Leonore and Charlotte/George? Wow, I’d also pay big money to see that. Kate would need several valium before, during and after, such a get-together. Bring it on Leonore!

    As for what the Moms would discuss… Well, Kate is so keen on mental health. I’m sure she would have some intriguing bullet points from a few of the briefs she has yet to read, which she could mention to Maddie. Poor Rebecca will have to go through a stack of briefs and pull out some well thought out remarks for the Duchess to memorize and re-iterate.

    1. “Poor Rebecca will have to go through a stack of briefs and pull out some well thought out remarks for the Duchess to memorize and re-iterate.” HA, that made me laugh.

  13. This weeks post are a welcome relief from that Canada vacation/tour.

    Madeleine = Real Princess

    Kate = Disney/Downton Abbey/Posh Wanna Be Princess

    As Maddie said, I’m sure their paths will cross at some point. Maddie can look forward to manic smiles, play acting for the cameras (if it’s a public meeting) and probably empty promises to stay in touch. While Carole would probably love to have her royal grandbabies play with other royal grandbabies, I don’t think she would want Maddie to see behind the charade.

    I would love to see Leonore, George and Charlotte rip and run. And Nicolas would be bringing up the rear toddling after the bigger kids. But that wouldn’t work with Kate holding on to Charlotte and micromanaging the playdate. I would also love to see Chris’ reaction to the Cambridge’s. Sometimes you can just read what he thinks from his expression.

    Maddie has found her niche. Like Harry she puts her actions behind her words and her empathy is real. She would be an excellent mentor for Kate, but it’s been proven that she and William don’t take kindly to being taught anything.

  14. Ha, Waity would never agree to hang out with Maddie. Maddie is an intelligent, articulate adult who’s comfortable in her own skin. Waity is a scared, overgrown child who mumbles her way through life and doesn’t really know anything about anything. She knows darn well that Maddie would put her to shame. If they did meet, Waity would hold Charlotte the whole time and use her to hide behind.

    1. She is an over grown child. Who hides behind her kids. I feel bad for George and Charlotte. They are like Waity’s security blanket. If she holds on tight enough she will not be noticed by the adults.

  15. This is a timely post. USA today has an article out about a man who was arrested for sexually violating a 9 month old baby. I couldN’t even bring myself to read it. Such sadness and heartache.

    1. Me three. I saw the headline and was like “9 months old?! WTF?!” I couldn’t read the story because it would just piss me off.

    2. I don’t understand anyone who would violate another person in that way especially a baby. They have to have mental issues or just be evil to the core. Either way they need to be locked away for life.

  16. Unfair to compare the DofC to Princess Madeleine. They are not even close to being in the same league. One works, one doesn’t. One uses her position in life to strive for change in the world, one doesn’t. One talks openly about her children, one doesn’t. One releases regular updates and photos of her children, one hides them away. I have long admired the Swedish princesses – to me, they are the epitome of working royalty. They care about their causes, they engage fully with their causes, they balance work and family life……………

  17. I appreciate Maddie taking up such a crucial issue. Few people today seem to care about acting like powerful adults to stand protectively in front of children, at least trying to prevent exploitation and abuse. She’s the kind of person who is beautiful inside and out, and a credit to her family. I support her efforts 100 percent!

    I’m not going to touch on what Kate does because I’ve already said my piece. She’s chosen, or been groomed, for superficiality and fawning on Will rather than substance. Until she stops being surrounded by sycophants and enablers, Kate doesn’t seem interested or able to find a purpose that goes more than one level deep. Maybe that will work well with Charles in charge.

  18. I love her! She truly is beautiful, inside and out like Victoria.

    Does she pronounce her name like Ma-da-lynn? Or Ma-de-line? I’m so used to the Madeline spelling.

  19. Good for Madeleine, talking about one of the most taboo subjects about human nature. I was told and believed that some people care more about their pets than their children. That is a shocking statement but sadly true. I think there is more to just talking though. Listening to children and believing them and then acting on it is vital. The word ‘silence’, again. Really stands out for me. Leonore looks so cute and full of fun in that photo, wrapped up warm in her puffa jacket and her dress and tights. I like how Madeline lets Leonore explore. Both Victoria and Madeline really are two royal princesses, who are empathetic.

  20. An important point made by KMR is that Maddie actually did press for her cause. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe Kate has ever done press for a cause! We can only speculate why not!

  21. I rly admire Madeleine’s passion for her causes! It’s really refreshing to see some one actually use their position for the good of others…it’s one thing to show up smile ad nod, but creating initiative is a completely different thing and there only a few royals out there like the queen and Madde so god bless them both for doing so

  22. Remember that Madeleine also had a reputation for being work-shy just like Kate. She was not very popular while living in NYC and dating Chris. But people grow, change, mature. Maybe Kate will also. Who knows.

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